JUDD thinks he lost Candice’s Jury vote for kissing Aaryn “She’ll look at it like I kissed a racist”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


3:12pm Backyard JUDD and Andy

Chatting about the jury votes. JUDD jokes that Andy is this years Shelly. Andy says that was his plan all along.
JUDD is worried that he’s lost Candice’s vote because he kissed Aaryn. Andy – “she won’t base her vote off of who you kisses”
JUDD – “She looks at it like that she’ll look at it like I kissed a racist”.
Andy says Aaryn has probably told everyone in the jury house she kissed JUDD.
Andy – Oh my god I don’t want to go to that Jury house”
JUDD – “I don’t want to go this week.. next week wouldn’t be as bad”

THey mention that one of the people filming in the walls wears high heels and she always walks around at 4am.

Andy wonders what the girls were thinking when Amanda and Elissa walked in. JUDD thinks Aaryn was very happy. They agree Spencer does not have too many people against him in the jury house because he spent most of the game on the block.

JUDD says the only reason he wanted to keep Elissa over McCrae was she wasn’t very good at competition. Andy mentions how Elissa was able to get into the zone and win them from time of time. JUDD thinks it doesn’t matter most of the time if you want it or not sometimes you just can’t win it. Brings up the puzzle yesterday how he wanted it so bad but just wasn’t going to win it.

Andy – “This game is better suited for guys.. girls are way too emotional’
JUDD – “Helen… that’s probably why Janelle did so good she wasn’t emotional.. Rachel was emotional”

JUDD says he does kinda feel bad for ELissa because she was a bit in Rachel’s shower. Andy doesn’t feel bad for her she applied for the show she knew what she was getting into to.
Andy – “She wasn’t nice or easy to be around with.. Some days She we joked around but it would always get undermine if you looked at her wrong she would get pissed”
JUDD- “She did.. she would get mad at the weirdest things.. and stay mad”
Andy – “She wasn’t rational you couldn’t deal with her
JUDD – “Amanda was just a b!tch”
Andy – “Amanda was nice to me but she was a a$$hole to other people and I didn’t like her.. there was some days I was thinking I don’t know if AManda is a nice person”
JUDD says his speech is going to be like ” I lied about my profession I’m really a exterminator.. I’m afraid GM will yell out YA exterminators”
Andy laughs mentions how GM was doing cartwheels in the kitchen on a broken toe.

GM joins them.. Start to tell them about her stitches. She says her body went into shock and she started shaking.

JUDD – “Hey GM you look nice.. ” GM says she’s getting ready for the photo booth.

They bring up that Amanda would use 10 dishes to make the most simple thing in the kitchen. GM says Amanda was the worst cook. JUDD agrees says he had tho throw out that burger she made because it wasn’t even cooked.
Andy says the best cooks were GM, Elissa and Candice. GM and JUDD agree.
GM adds that Aaryn was the best at baking.
Andy says Aaryn was pretty good at cooking mentions the quesadillas she made.

They all agree they had no intentions to going on the party bus to the Vegas bash. Andy is glad there is not Vega bash he kinda just wants to go home. GM would rather spend the time with Nick.

JUDD – ‘I don’t want to get blackout drunk..”
GM – “Hopefully Nick and I will take the same flight back”

Andy says he always thought he was the biggest Big Brother fan then coming in to the house he realizes he’s not, ‘I never even watched Big Brother After Dark”
JUDD – ‘Will you get the feeds next year”
Andy – “I think I will.. If I have the time”
JUDD says he watched the feeds for Big Brother Canada.
They all agree Jillian from ET Canada was super cool. Andy says Jeff’s interview was the best he kinda feels bad for rooting against Jeff during Big Brother 13. JUDD liked Jeff’s interview a lot.

Andy – “I kinda hope Spencer gets a Pandora’s box just something to pass the time this week”
JUDD – ‘it’s way too late for a Pandora’s box ”
GM – “Usually thieve had four already.”
GM points out that McCrae’s life is probably just like waht he’s doing now. Delivers pizza at night and sleeps all day. Andy – “And obsesses about Big Brother”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


3:46pm Backyard Andy and JUDD

JUDD wishes there was a competition where they could distract each other. JUDD would hold McCrae down so Andy would get HOH.

GM joins them

JUDD jokes if he wins he’s buying GM a big plastic bubble so she doesn’t hurt herself anymore.

JUDD – “I’m officially out of cigarettes”
Andy – “Oh no JUDD”
JUDD – ‘I’ve been 5 weeks without cigarettes before
Andy – ‘why was that’
JUDD – ‘I just quit.. I was very grouchy.. I wish I could trade McCrae something.’

McCrae joins them.

JUDD – “McCrazy.. you just slept the day away”
Andy – ‘you missed the luxury comp this morning’
JUDD – ‘we watched a movie’

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


4:07pm Backyard ANdy, GM and JUDD
GM says the longest guy Amanda has ever been with is McCrae because she was stuck in the house with her. GM says Amanda has a new guys every week.

4:15PM Spencer finally rolls out of bed. Chats with McCrae in the kitchen. McCrae says everyone outside thought he was on the hammock. They kept calling him from the couch outside.
Spencer – ‘Dude.. like GM is so f*** wildcard.. even if she cut her foot off if there is an endurance.. ”
S – “If she made it to the final 3 with us she’s fast..”
Andy joins them asks what they are talking about.
Spencer – “Gm being such a wild card”


4:25pm Showing off their bruises from the POV competition

Everyone is up milling around the kitchen.

They don’t think they will be getting the BBQ back.

4:37pm Photo Booth time


4:45pm Bedroom JUDD and McCrae
JUDD asks MC if he’s voting out GM. MC says yes.

4:46pm Bedroom Andy and JUDD
JUDD asks Andy if he’s voting to keep him.
Andy says yes of course.


5:10pm Photo booth

5:56pm Everyone bedroom
Chatting about how awesome Chef Joe was last season because of all the stories he use to tell. Like the time he said he made up the name for “I can’t believe it’s not butter”
McCrae says once he heard him say that on the feeds he was a insta fan of Joe. (LOL same with me)

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Haters gonna effing hate

Anyone see the commercial for big brother where spencer says “it’s up to the big brother gods as to what happens”…. Meaning production!

Seriously though. I wonder it that’s big brothers subliminal jab to everyone


the best ending for this season will be Julie Chen walking though the BB house door tomorrow, and telling all 5 of these A-HOLES to pack their shit up because they’re all evicted. Julie then throws two middle fingers up and yells “GAME OVER BI7CHES!….EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!”

Botox Pelosi

Why tell them? Just lock the doors and leave.


Judd shut the fuck up already!!! Damn, vote his shady, lazy, stupid ass out already so we don’t have to hear him whine anymore. You don’t deserve to be here, turd. You already were voted out once, remember? Asshole!






Cool ending but a great theme would be like Cabin in the Woods after they realized they were all locked in the house and food water were cut off and it just morphed into a real live Survivor where the last one alive wins the key to unlock the door. I bet that would liven up the feeds to a frenzy.


Great ending.. The problem would be for people who don’t subscribe to the feeds or look at spoilers. Example, from the TV show tonight you’ have no idea about all the disgusting comments directed toards Elissa from the exterminator gang of 4…. Spenser and Judd appear to nice guys who are into playing a half decent game.. GM and Andy naughty but nice gamers.. McCrea the smart player.

King Farouk

Lets see now……no movie or prize trip out of the house, no celebrity visit, not too many prizes, no Pandoras box, you would think that the HGs would start figuring out that they are not being treated as past BBs . I have watched every season of BB and have NEVER seen a more despicable group, I dont mind the swearing , the sex talk , the backstabbing. I draw the line at the vile attacks on family and especially children. I am looking forward to the finale , I’m sure Rachel will have plenty to say if they let her.


The HGs have wondered why they don’t get extras. But they have convinced themselves it’s because they give them enough good footage so BB doesn’t need to create any with something exciting.


They are all so dillusional it is pathetic!


I commented that this group doesn’t deserve any luxuries. Hopefully, the Andy winning 94 bucks was fixed!!!


Loved the piggys. My hunch the $5000 was in the pink piggy with the Tiara and lace type ballet skirt.. The one that may have reminded him if Elissa.. Then one from each of the other stands
.Wonder if the drill sergeant interrupting Spandy with his letter and then nominations was an attempt to annoy him.

andy's ears make me vomit

i bet in real life Andy is a miserable POS human being.

andys face looks like a bunghole

Andy thinks he is a great bb player and he called himself “adorable”
he thinks he’s all that


2ne1 is da frikken BOMB!

Aj Hollering

k-pop group?

Rat bastard Andy's therapist

Leave it to Rat turd to STILL walk in on conversations and ask what were they talking about. The rat is so paranoid. Doesn’t even trust his own alliance that he has to barge in on every conversation going (like he did all season) and hear what was being said. How pathetic that people feel obligated to acquiesce. I’d tell him to act like a rat, since he is one, and scurry. Fucking snitch.


Amanda is fat


No more so than Candice and Jessie. I wonder if anyone is capable of delivering Jessie’s baby at the Jury House?


I bet you are a big huge ugly ass motherfucker talking about Amanda’s weight I cant stand Amanda but fat is something she is not her chest is big because thast what she paid for you are just like your bestie GM talking about Jessie but if you look almost every time we see GM she is always stuffing her nasty ass fat mouth and every since GM was told that people knew she makes herself puke she cant go do it and all the weight is packing on her nasty cellulite body and her teeth look the way they do because she puke and don’t brush afterwards karma is getting her as back fast for talking about Jessie and Amanda also yes Jessie did gain a little weight but she wasn’t huge and Amanda went down in her weight


I don’t think Amanda is fat. She’s just a skank.


Amanda just has an awkward shape, very V shaped…I think she is larger up-top and that makes for an un-feminine shape. As much as I hate Amanda, I think she has a pretty face..but idk what she was thinking getting breast implants (a butt implant would have served her better!)


amanda is disgusting – inside and out


Hope Judd goes this week, then Spencer or GM and McCrae and Andy get to the Final 2


ughhh – east coast the US Open is still going on. Right before I went back to football they say that 60 minutes will be shown in it’s entirety after the tennis is over. I wonder if BB will be shown on one of the links or will it be delayed b/c CBS hasn’t aired it yet.
Ohhh – looks like Serena just won – now hurry up & get 60 minutes over with or just skip it all together. oh well….back to football.


Hopefully it starts on time or not too late. Have a long day at work tomorrow.

Just finished watching the 49ers win!!!!!


What a great game. Go 49ers! Screw Clay Matthews!


BB will start 8:52 EST
Guess I will catch it next time…Boardwalk Empire party at 9.

Amy N

Got the same issue here…Boardwalk Empire, recording Dexter…I need the Hopper!


BB starts at 8:52 ETon CBS

Has the Answer

CBS and Big Brother posted on Facebook that due to the US Open, Big Brother would not be aired until 8:51/7:51.


just watching the recap on BB tonite, How did MC NOT see AM blame Andy on her way out the door? We know now that AM said it to help the Rat’s game somehow. I’m condused.MC was the one who never trusted the Rat. BTW can someone in production show MC how to tie a bandana on without having a corner hanging out

Elissa's Ass

MC said he knew Any lied but put Elissa up because he didn’t want to make waves in the house…still mcpussy.

Yeah Right

McCrae was playing personal. He put Elissa on the block because she put him on the block two weeks ago. That’s why Elissa’s whole U turn of trying to save Amanda/McCrae at the end didn’t make sense. Amanda/McCrae hated Elissa, so why Elissa thought they would ever honor any agreement with her didn’t make sense. Double D also played personal. Elissa wanted to work with him, but he wasn’t having that. He would rather lose the game and work with Andy before working with Elissa. So be it, Double D leaves this week.


Wow that’s really sad how they all ganged up on Elissa 🙁

GM is Frau Farbissina

What Amanda said to Andy as she was walking out was pre-planned. It was to save McCrae’s alliance with Andy and keep him safe so the house wouldn’t think he voted to keep Amanda. They had no idea Andy voted against them and figured it was Elissa who voted to evict Amanda.

Another Liberal Loser

Judd I would worry more about an STD than Candice’s vote.


Judd is counting votes in the house. I didn’t know he could count that high. Judd lets wait to see if you survive this week first before we start worrying about whether you have Candice’s vote.


Freakin’ jerk offs!!!!

Andy the Rat

Ever noticed how much Elissa bashing the rat does ever since she made him cry by nominating him?

Hell No!

Andy irritates me soooo much. He does not deserve to win. True he played a decent social game but cried like a Beetch when he was put on the block. That’s what set him apart as being a good player. It showed his only true skill was being sneaky and lying. When faced with adversity he was the biggest Beetch in Big Brother history, he cried just when they mentioned him going up. Total, Beetchazzness. I never had a favorite to win, however, my “ahhhh, Hell No!” least favorite list to win included…..Andy aka Da Rat, Aaryn, and Amanda.

Neverending hell

Andy and Amanda basically have the spoiled brat way of dealing with not getting their way –

Crybabies, Grow up already.


… and “enzo’d” him in the OTEV comp


Andy didn’t cry, that was a fake cry that Elissa wasn’t swayed by. Helen cried at the drop of a hat to control people. However, she used her crying technique so much that people started being immune to it. Amanda also faked cried a lot but could never generate the tears when she fake cried. Andy watched Helen in action and thought he could replicate it on Elissa. Either he did his fake cry wrong when he tried it on Elissa or she must be a robot and had to be destroyed.


hey rat I don’t like andy but everyon e picture the jury house sitting down for dinner they look up at each other and realize they are the idiots 6 women staring at each other and we fought between each other and if we were together emotional idiots


Should only worry about jury votes when you are in the final 2.


I’m so done with big brother CBS encourages bullies and racist.


We are going to miss you…


Yup, you are still a douche bag.


I am going to miss you to Slopballs. Its so hard to find ignorant people and I found you.


Am I going somewhere? I’m surprised you could spell ignorant… Really.


I wish they would give Andy something to do, or gag him. I think he’s JEALOUS of Elisa. There were a lot more people in the house, and 5 of them are in jury, certainly he can find someone else to talk about besides Elisa. I really hope Julie asks him what his obsession is with Elisa. The others talk about her true, but Andy seems to always bring it up. He is definitely a trouble maker and a gossiper of stirring up crap. He does this to get everyone else to say something negative. He did the same thing to GM about Candice a few weeks ago, but GM wouldn’t take the bait. It’s so sad that he feels he needs to belittle other people in order to make friends and to make himself look good. Seems to me he has some serious issues he needs to work on.

Hell No!

I think his hatred started when she let it be known that she knew he was a sneaky, lying Beetch. She was the only one to figured it out, therefore, she was a threat and needed to go. Even Helen refused to believe it. FYI…The season houseguests were all a bunch of cowards. I find it pathetic that every last one of them sat around and let the bullies- bully and bigots- hate and never spoke up. I have no respect for any of them. How will they explain that to their children/grandchildren? That they old their soul and integrity for the chance to win 500k. I think many of them will look back on this with embarrassment and regret.


Could you imagine after watching this Andy Dude on BB and then finding yourself in a classroom with him teaching?

My Shirt is Hot

Of course Andy is jealous of Elissa. She was able to look hotter in spandex then Andy. The b$$ch had to go. Never try to out fashion a gay guy.


Andy keeps talking about Ellissa for two reasons. McCrae is still in the house so he can’t trash Amanda. But his more sinister reason, is to convince America that Ellissa was evil and he and he alone deserves their vote for America’s favorite. Just in case these losers wake up from their misting, an vote him out before he wins, which he will if he gets to final 2 with any of these losers.


I’m so done with big brother CBS encourages bullies and racist.


Quit bullying me… I already said we are going to miss you!


Douche bags like you need to be bullied.


Truth / lurker007….. bullying is never good. Must be close to your bedtime, you seem a little cranky.

Go Mets

Slop, did you and Gina go to the same school? Seems like you two are on the same educational level. Are you from Brooklyn?


Truth/ lurker007/ Go Mets….. I’m a West Coaster….. but kind of weird you’re going to give me shit with a screen name of “Go Mets” …. Does your mother know you are up this late?


Anyone for the win except Rat and his Pervert

Andy the Rat

I would love to see Andy’s pitch to the jury, “I only cried a little the one time I was nominated for eviction.”


None of these clowns deserve a Pandora’s box so they should stop talking about it


It’s funny Hw they talk about this game is suited more for men when this season this was ran all season by a woman and they couldn’t even win anything had it nt been for gettin the girls out of the house. I truly dnt want anyone of these guys to win but it goes especially for Andy he just make me sick nd to me rather yu liked past females or nt Rachel would have wiped the floor with them no matter Hw emotional she got!! And Hw the 4 men left in this house gossip they are just a bunch of spineless girls too !!!! Ugh


The house is so boring without Amanda. Don’t care who wins at this point but if I had to choose I guess McCrae or Andy. If Spencer wins I’m going to be horrified.

amanda's under-wear

do you really think listening to an adderall induced b*atch is more interesting..again she can dish it but can’t take it…she could not take the heat it was time to leave…waa waaha!


I was thinking the same thing. I don’t want a pervert or racist to win. I go back and forth on Judd, but he just seems to not be playing a good game.

Adios Andy

You mean like Andy?


Last entertainment I noticed from Amanda was controlling the game from a funky bed, through her sheep “Andy and Helen” aka the only reason McCranda lasted so long, once Helen was gone Amanda’s influence left with her, and from then on it was, “I played such a good game before didn’t I?, it’s not fair that I can’t control HOHs anymore, wah,wah,wah, it doesn’t make any sense I’m not the center of attention anymore, wah,wah,wah, since I can’t get my way I’m gonna throw tantrums then play the victim, wah,wah,wah, McCrae why won’t you stoop to my level, I thought you loved me?”, then she got evicted.
McCrae’s game officially started soon as she left.

Final 5s are always borefests, having Amanda there would not have changed that fact.

Judd's Yellow Teeth

YES !! I avoided the feeds and this site ( sorry Simon and Dawg (((hugs)))) because I was disgusted by the ” Jerkinators ” alliance and see that there is hope afterall…..I know, slim pickins’ …but I wanna see McCrae have the last laugh on these a$$holes……I CAN’T STAND SPENCER, THE RAT AND SKANKALICIOUS GINAMARIE !! Patoohey ! Used to like JuDD but he turned into a jerk too lately

What's Up Doc

Okay, what did production spray in the house – this bunch seems a bit calmer – no doubt they’ve been told how awful they are coming across. And you know they’re not happy about Vegas being a no go…


Anyone else noticed that these guys really have absolutely nothing in common? I don’t think they even know how to have what would be consiidered a normal conversation? They don’t even make an attempt. So small minded!!!n


I think Judd will be leaving Wednesday…McCrae’s only chance of winning is taking Spencer…I believe Andy would win over McCrae because of the fact that jury will tell him that he slept all summer & let Amanda run his game and Andy actually played a mind game with everyone. I really don’t want any of those disgusting people left to win…If I had to pick I guess I would be ok with McCrae winning he doesn’t seem to be as vulgar as the rest of them…I’m voting Elissa for $25k…just to piss all of them off!


Great Post Howard!

Andy the Rat

Andy won’t win over McCrae he has one HOH and he cried like a bitch when he was nominated for eviction.


I would love to see how Andy responds to Elissa’s question. He will probably be kissing her a** by saying you we’re the only one smart enough to figure that I was working both sides of the house so I had to get rid of you. I love you as a person though and want to be friends with you when this is over. I do hope he does not make the final two though.


Agree Howard – but MC has to win the next HOH for the plan to stand a chance.


I noticed McCrae is taking showers, but he forgets to wash his body. I only see him was his hair. No wonder his feet smells bad, you got to get in-between those toes with soap and water. He also closed the POV box using his feet as hands. I wouldn’t touch that box with gloves on LOL…


i dont want mccrae to win because that gifts 250k(half his winnings) to the blatant racist and mean spirited bully amanda

if given the chance to vote out mccrae at final 4 these guys would be dumb not to


Well it’s 5:00 p.m. BBT & 40% of the house guests have been up for less than 2 freaking hours……Seriously, my newborn niece sleeps less than these slugs !!

Counting the Days

From the slips the HG have made you know that they have been warned to stop with A: Comments that could be perceived as racist or confirm racism in the house. (Should have used a hammer) B: Personal attacks on departed HGs, their family/children especially Elissa. (Followed with a 2 by 4) C:Talking about (flipping off) production (Hey Judd maybe giving them the finger is why they said “Hey maggot give me 75 sit ups, 100 jumping jacks.) A sledgehammer?? Anything to get the STFU point across. So I have to believe that the biggest party after the show wraps will be production. You know they are counting the days.c


Andy is nothing but a puppet….excuse Me I mean Howdy Dowdy. Pull his strings and He will follow you any where.


GM – the exterminators are getting rid of the rats. lol
Wait until learns about Andy.

Debra S

I have never seen a group of such hateful people. I must move in rarified circles. Is this what the U.S. has become? No doubt taking this reality show too seriously, but really, Chen saying that no changes need to be made and certain personalities/behavior could not be antcipated … it is obviously what CBS and Production wanted to boost ratings. Chen and CBS/Production are just as culpable as the HGs.


It’s what CBS wanted, an entire season filled with bigots,bullies,drug addicts, and uppity people. They just got rid of one bigot/bully/drug addict and the uppity bitch Thursday, one of the bigots left will win 500k..

Debra S

The edit tonight made them all look like a bunch of G-rated lovable Disney characters. I guess you can fool most of the viewing public most of the time. 🙁


i have friends who don’t follow the feeds and they have no idea why i don’t like GM and when i try to explain it they roll their eyes and say she is funny. they have given her such a good edit it’s ridiculous.

I was a BB fan

Does anyone else think we will finally see more of the jury house now since a bunch of duds are left in the house now? no one cares about where hitler loving spencer came from, racist gm, or andy or mcrae came from. we already saw judd since he has a personality. Now it will be more of the jury just because they actually have a personality. just give this years half a million to charity!


I wish they would run Sunday’s whole hour-episode from the jury house. If they have a normal flashback episode with the final three reminiscing fondly about evicted houseguests, it is going to be so fake– get your vomit buckets ready!!

SpongeBob SquarePants

Hey Judd, don’t worry about kissing Aaryn. At least you didn’t kiss Andy like Spencer did.

100 percent

Homophobe. Heaves for in a straight guy and a gay guy be friends. I’m sure you’d be much more comfortable if Spencer beat him up for being gay


This fucking rat of Andy! He just admitted it: he hates Elissa’s guts because she was onto him. She could see right through him. McCrae knows that Andy’s a fucking lying dirtbag so I’m Team McCrae from now on. The kid’s way smarted than I gave him credit for.
Oh Richard, you can include me among the homophobes of this board. If it comes to cheering on, rooting for or respecting TV people JUST BECAUSE they’re gay, well I’d go for Neil Patrick Harris or Anderson Cooper, because you can see that they’re decenf human beings, which I can’t say about Andy.


Anna. Neil Patrick Harris or Anderson Cooper isn’t playing Big Brother. Andy is, so of course he going to lie (that’s his game). He never said he isn’t a liar or anything. He’s trying to win 500K.

King Farouk

So Richard, its OK for Andy to call Elissa a Whore and a C**t and insult her children because he’s just trying to win the game?

I hate Andy

I HATE Andy’s pasty skin, gomer voice, gumby arms, rusty hair, and most of all his rat personality.


i hate Andy….you forgot about his grrrrrrrrooooooooossssss chest hair that he’s always trying to flaunt. And oh lord please help him learn how to sip a drink through a straw! It drives me batshit watching Andy drink from his BB sippy cup. For being a teacher, I’ve been really surprised that he has no problem throwing around slang expressions “I’ll kill myself if she wins HOH”, “I just wanna die”……that are too morbid for tv. Just seems wrong……..


Omgsh I feel the same way…I also hate the way he sips lmao…


I hate when CBS does a close up on Rat Face Andy. He looks more like a lizard than a rat. Andy is what you get if you cross a rat with a lizard, he’s a rizard. Zing, Zing…

Andy the Rat

No wonder Andy is Gay..he couldn’t get laid in a monkey whore house with a bag full of bananas.


(Andy – “This game is better suited for guys.. girls are way too emotional’) REALLY ANDY, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT EMOTIONAL AT ALL !


Haha. That one is funny. Andy is a cryer and it’s funny. He’s very emotional. That’s what makes him even more adorable. 😉


I was watching a video someone made about all the BB evictions from BB1 to BB 14. I knew I had watched three seasons some time ago but didn’t know which ones. So it was great to see the video because as I saw the people being evicted I recognized them. I saw Seasons 3, 4, and 6. And now season 15.


This show promotes too much negativity and this season has been more apparent than ever.

Too Tall

I’m glad that there is no big bash in Vegas this year. Hope that even the backyard party is cut short and all these BB HG go home and are never seen again.

There are absolutely no all stars out of this bunch, maybe some all a$$es, or all cowards or all snitches or all racists or all fairies or all perverts or all morons!


When I saw that Ian said they could not get the funding for the Vegas bash this year, I thought it was very clear that no one wanted any part of the racism, vile and disgusting behavior by certain houseguests.


60 minutes is always behind on Sundays!! Very annoying and delays big brother….


I just watch this episode on Sunday where Andy told Ellisa she is lying regarding the vote for Amanda. Andy is really great at lying, I actually would have believe him if I didn’t know better. After seeing that, I now would want McCrea and Judd to win.


A lie is a false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the whole truth, intentionally. Andy I hope you learn the meaning of this lol


Andy is a disgrace to the Gay Community no morals at all he is plain old disgusting and with a foul mouth.


Who wants Rat boy to win?


Pot calling the kettle black Gm is saying McCrea is nasty wow , when she farts and burp and smell the whole house up.


Pack of pigs all of them.


I definitely stopped caring about this show after amanda and elissa left – its simply too boring and there’s no one left to root for.

I’ll be back for finale night, thanks so much for the coverage on this season, Simon and Dawg !! Your posts definitely kept me entertained during my office job this summa and I hope you’ll be covering BBCan this winter 🙂


i stopped bothering watching after jessie left

im going to watch on dvr to skip through everything except for to just watch jury moments of the cbs eps, and jury interaction and vote on finale, i have no interest in the rest of the show


Andy’ll looked like voldemort.


Andy looks like Smeagol not Voldemort…

Mccrae you fool

Mccrae said he knew that Andy was lying but he wanted to go with the house and get rid of Ellissa, YOU FOOL

Botox Pelosi

I was surprised that he didn’t use his veto on GinaMarie to show how much he trusts Andy and Spencer.

Todd Crane

If Amanda had stayed and McCrae had left, she wouldn’t have put up Elissa, and they would have both stayed in the house. McCrae would be out and probably Judd or GM.

Tood Crane

I’m watching BB right now and I felt so bad for Elissa. This woman was so nice to these people and they treat her like crap, especially Ratandy. Even McCrae said he knew Andy was the one lying about Amanda. Bunch of losers. I wish that the things they have done and wished upon Elissa happens to them. Golden Rule!!! Just being fair.

Adios Andy

Yeah when the Red Rainbow Rat was saying she lied was a bully move. I hope his karma is a bitch!


I cant see them allowing Spencer; GM or Andy in the f2. My theory is that they will persuade mc & Judd to team up…have Judd tell mc about the exterminators esp ratfink andy and assist them in making it to the end. They cant have BB be won by a racist who has already been terminated by her employer…a person who is known for making creepy pedo comments….or a rat who just keeps getting worse in his commentaries. The safest for CBS is having Judd and mc in the finals with Elissa Americas favorite. Lesser of all evils with the least amount of uproar.

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

Asshole of the year Andy

Runner up asshole GinaMarie

Pevert asshole Spencer

Asshole in training Judd

it’s official I’m now team McCrae. I know it does not look good with the asshole alliance in charge but he is the best of this lot of bad apples.


were you an alternate for this season?

you sound like one of them

surely by this stage of the season their behaviour comes as no surprise

i want mccrae gone asap, so amanda(the worst of the 16 by far – racist, bully, talked about killing elissa/candice/jessie) gets no major dollars off mccrae


Just watched BB. McCrea you are an idiot. You knew it was Andy who flip but you didn’t put him up. Now you have no one to blame if your a$$ gets sent packing. It could have been 2 against 3 instead of 1 against 4.


Well we know if he didn’t put Elissa up, they were all going to go after him next. That’s the main reason he did it, but he has also participated in the Elissa bashing so he doesn’t like her either. But he knew she was saying the truth and not Ratandy.

I just felt so bad for her when I saw her sad face and all of them telling her stuff that wasn’t true, and Judd not honoring his word and using the veto on her. Those people are so malevolent.

God bless you and your family Elissa.


Watching the CBS show MC admits that he was sure Andy flipped, No more excuses for his stupidity not targeting ANDY. Judd totally screwed Elissa and Andy was the BIGGEST A-hole. No surprise. I was feeling sorry for Judd but I guess his karma is coming to bite him this week. I keep trying to see this game as a strategic chess like game but DAMN!! I am starting to despise these people. All the diary room mouth diarrhea has convinced me that I no longer care what happens.

Judd's Yellow Teeth

Spencer makes me sick
Howdy Doody Rat -fink makes me sick
psychotic trailer trash GM makes me sick
Judd makes me queasy
McCrae makes me mad because he didn’t put Rat A$$ up instead of Elissa……….so I guess, for health reasons, I’m gonna root for McCrae for the win


Ohh ma god dees big btches so nnoying like ohmygawd get Andy the faaaaaaaaaaag out


Seriously Andy girls aren’t good at the game because they are to emotional. Then I guess that makes you a girl because you have cried the most in this game. You are the one who hated Elissa because she didn’t buy into your bs and you still can’t get over it even though she is gone.


Must Andy be in every single conversation? I’m even sick of reading his name..

Just a fan

Spenser winning HOH is the definition of those who are left—- A bunch of loser floaters. BB has truly turned into a disappointing show. They should have some way of ensuring those who never win any competition don’t make it beyond about 3/4 of the way through the season. Floaters won this season, and I have never said this before, but based on this season’s results, this show just lost all it’s draw and I won’t be watching next year.