Big Brother 15 News and Rumor Roundup Part 2 “More Floaters Please”

Can you believe it? Big Brother 15 is Starting in just 2 weeks!! As the Big Brother rumors run rampant we struggle to determine what’s real and what’s fake. ;) I’ve been into Big Brother long enough to know whatever Julie Chen, CBS commercials, Grodner, twitter account z, twitter account q, blog A, Blog B etc etc.. say is borderline fiction so take everything with a grain of salt. With that said bring on the crazy rumors!! In case you missed it check out Big Brother 15 New and Rumor Roundup Part 1

Julie Chen tweets

Recently the host of Big Brother, Julie Chen was asked on twitter if there were any “juicy hints or teasers for the upcoming season” and her reply was that this seasons “twist makes it a no-floater summer!” So appears that the much hated floaters are going to have a difficult time “floating” to the end of the game this year. A couple ways to decipher this:

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The Big Brother 15 LIVE FEEDS EXCLUSIVE Content is NOW LIVE!

The PREMIÈRE of Big Brother 15 is just 15 days away and today the Big Brother Live FEEDS are activated! Everyone that signs up for the Early Bird discount get access to the live feeds 2 weeks starting today before the première.

As of right now on the live feeds you get exclusive access which includes:

  • Videos:
    • Big Brother – Outrageous Moments
    • Big Brother – Memorable Showmances
    • Big Brother – Memorable Blindsides
    • Big Brother – Crazy Costumes

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Big Brother 15 Rumor Roundup

Preseason Big Brother is always a thunderdome of rumors about the upcoming season. With only three weeks to go we’ve got a nice collection of Big Brother 15 Rumors that has precipitated out of the internets. Take these with a grain of salt regardless of how many reliable sources they originate from. Please add your own rumors in the comments because I’m sure you’ve heard something crazier than the list below.. and don’t forget to vote for Dawg.

1) No feeds in Canada unless you use a VPN
2) Early Bird pricing 23.99 for the entire season!! Big Brother Live Feeds
3) Feeds similar to what Superpass offered: Chat, Flashback functionality, IOS/Android Support, Multiple Cameras,
4) June 26th – The Big Brother 15 Premiere airs at 8pm on CBS
5) Afterdark moved to the TVGN and 1 hour less.
6) Big Brother 15 starting earlier and going longer

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How to Get Big Brother 15 Live Feeds in Canada

OK.. So CBS dropped a HUGE bomb on us Canadian Big Brother 15 fans today when they released the live feed information. CBS has decided to block the live feeds from Canadian fans for reason that are beyond me. Last time I checked Big Brother 15 is airing on Global this June. As a regular US viewer of the live feeds you should witness nothing different from previous years the service appears essentially is unchanged. It’s still the same great feeds but are now CHEAPER! so win win for US fans. As for the Canadian fans we need to jump through a couple hoops to enjoy our favourite summer entertainment.

How can I watch the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds in Canada?

You have to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and purchase your Big Brother Live Feedssubscription

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Big Brother live feeds ad

Big Brother 15 LIVE FEEDS NOW Available & What to Expect in the NEXT 3 Weeks!

With the Big Brother 15 PREMIÈRE just 3 weeks away, the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are NOW available for all of us CRAZY Big Brother fans to sign-up for our summer obsession!
Recently CBS took over control of the live feeds as they were previously managed by RealNetworks / SuperPass.
We have been promised that it’s a “New Season. New Home. SAME FEED. Offering 24/7 Real-Time Live Feeds with the same unscripted, uncensored, unrestricted access you crave. In addition to being able to catch up on new episodes, play games and chat with other Big Brother Fans.”

** Also Multi-Device / Multi-Platform
The Live Feeds are available across multiple devices and platforms. At home or on go, the Big Brother house travels with you – anytime, anywhere.

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Big Brother 15 “We’re STARTING EARLIER, GOING LONGER! Big Brother’s 100 DAYS Of SUMMER!”

The NEWEST Big Brother 15 promotional commercial aired last night promising us the longest season ever! This was not new as we already knew that this season was starting earlier than usual with the première set for just a few weeks from now on June 26th. In this commercial however CBS eludes to the fact that Big Brother 15 could be 100 days long, which would be a full 25 days longer than the usual 75 day season. They state that this season is Starting Earlier and Going Longer which means Big Brother 15 could most likely have the finale near the end of September. Calculating out the days if season 15 actually is going to be 100 days long, which I HIGHLY doubt, would have the première as we know on June 26th and the finale on October 4th. As October 4th is a Friday and the finale’s are always on the eviction night being Wednesday this season, the finale will likely be some where between September 18th and October 2nd. The finale of Big Brother has always been right before the fall TV line up starts so I find it hard to believe this season will go even to the end of September.

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The UNEDITED UNCENSORED Big Brother After Dark Nightly Segment Moves to TVGN

This season for Big Brother 15, the Big Brother After Dark live feed segment that has air on CBS’s sister network Showtime 2 (SHO2) since it was first introduced during BB8, will now air on TVGN (TV Guide Network) which is also owned by CBS Corporation, along with Lionsgate.

The Big Brother After Dark is an unedited / uncensored 2 hour live feed segment that airs on TV to compliment the weekly episode and to entice views to sign-up for the Big Brother 15 live feeds. The 2 hour live feed segment will air nightly starting at midnight on the June 26th première.

Brad Schwartz, president of entertainment and media stated that:

“BIG BROTHER is one of television’s longest-running reality series with a loyal audience, and we are excited to bring BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK to TVGN where fans can watch all summer long.”

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BIG BROTHER 15 Commercial “It’s the WILDEST season EVER!”

The FIRST CBS Big Brother 15 promotional commercial was recently released advertising this 2013 season of Big Brother to be the BIGGEST one yet! This new commercial doesn’t reveal any new information but it’s still exciting to see just how close we are to the première on June 26th, 2013.

Host Julie Chen recently talked about Big Brother 15 on her talk show “The Talk” stating that Big Brother casting producers are still looking for more house guests than EVER before! If you think you have what it takes to be cast on Big Brother 15, then you need to get your application in as there are only 5 days left to apply online!

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Big Brother 15 casting

Big Brother 15 BIGGER Than EVER Before! MORE House Guests NEEDED!

With the finale of Big Brother Canada airing tomorrow on May 2, 2013, we can’t help but feel saddened by the conclusion of the first season. Thankfully with the ending of one season comes the beginning of a new season.

Big Brother 15 premières in just 56 days on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, which is approximately 2 weeks earlier than usual and something that has never been done before in the last 14 seasons. This means this that our summer reality TV obsession is going to be that much longer giving us MORE Drama, MORE Outrageousness , MORE Fights, MORE Showmances, MORE Scheming, MORE Slop, MORE Pandora’s Box’s and MORE Twists than EVER BEFORE!

In the following video Big Brother host Julie Chen mentions Big Brother 15 on her talk show “The Talk” and says that it is going to be EVEN BIGGER with MORE HOUSE GUESTS than EVER BEFORE! She urges fans that although casting locations have concluded you still have time to apply online: HERE

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Big Brother 15 Première Episode Set to Air 2 Weeks Earlier on June 26, 2013


CBS has just released its summer 2013 line up earlier than usual and there is a huge change to the premiere date for Big Brother 15! The 15th season of Big Brother will air its premiere episode on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 9pm on CBS.
CBS stated that:

“Big Brother will have a longer edition this summer, premiering two weeks earlier.”

This early of a premiere date has never been done before as all of the past seasons have started in the first and second week of July. With the premiere date happening approximately 2 weeks earlier than usual it appears as though we are in store for the longest season of Big Brother ever! This could translate into having even more house guests than ever or a new twist that requires additional time to play out. What do you think this early premiere date means for our favourite summer reality TV show? Tell us what you think?

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