Judd ask Andy if he will go up on the block. I will terrorize McCrae and make it a living hell for him here to become his target.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: McCrae and Ginamarie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots

12:30am Andy, Ginamarie, McCrae, Judd and Spencer head out to the backyard. Judd says the feeders are pissed that I’ve been b***hing about Elissa all day. Judd says what if someone was allergic to Elissa? McCrae says yeah. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when the they return all the house guests are inside.
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12:50am Spencer heads up to the HOH room and talks with Andy. Spencer says if we keep Judd, I don’t have to worry about next week ya’ll keeping me. Andy says yeah. Spencer says you see what I am saying because that is a fear of mine. If Ginamarie goes on, I mean I hear what McCrae is saying and I’m not stupid. Andy says I swear up and down that I would take you over her. Spencer says I know you would but it might not be your option, I might not be your choice. Andy says yeah. Spencer says if Judd goes I know McCrae would take me over Judd. Andy agrees. Spencer says that’s why I am torn this week, this could be my biggest decision of my game. Andy says yeah. Spencer say I can’t play for HOH. If he wins it, that’s fine he doesn’t get a vote. Andy says I really do think he would take you over Ginamarire. Like he really does want to send Ginamarie to Amanda. Spencer says yeah I do to but I don’t think he is going to play personal at this point in the game. Andy says but I also think he thinks he can beat you in the final two. Spencer tells Andy he can’t beat Andy. Andy says well it doesn’t matter anyways because we are going to be there at the end. Spencer says no matter what I am playing for second place, there is no time left to make a big move. Spencer asks would you send McCrae home next week if you could? Andy says yeah.


12:55am Judd joins them in the HOH room. Judd says I know I am being a little b***h but.. Andy says I know I understand. Judd says every hair on my head is turning gray. Judd tells Andy and Spencer that he is down with getting rid of McCrae. Andy says yeah I know you don’t even need to tell me. Andy heads downstairs. Spencer tells Judd that he and Andy were just talking about next week and Judd was involved in it. They all head down to the kitchen. McCrae says what would be a shame is if they brought back Elissa next season. Spencer says although I would like an entire new season to hate her just as much as we do. They talk about Candice and think her “My words, my mouth” saying caught on outside the house. Judd asks what does that mean? Spencer says I’m Candice and I’m a b***h and this is what I am going to say because I am going to irritate the f**k out of you. Spencer says my most memorable parts of the season would be how annoyed Judd got at waiting for competitions to get started.


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1:40am – 3:50am The house guests are allowed back outside. They all sit around talking about random things and past events of the season. They talk about how annoying it was when Elissa would give shout outs to her Elissersize webside. Andy says yeah you go there and it actually makes you gain weight. Gina says you go there and you get a computer virus. Spencer says and all proceeds of Elissersize.com go to help spread STD’s throughout North America. Andy says I thought that they went to the Adolf Hitler foundation. Gina says yeah and to the United Negro College fund. Na I’m just kidding. Gina laughs. Judd puts a pillow over his face and says GINAMARIE!! They talk about how they think the next couple weeks will play out. Andy asks McCrae so you think the finale will be on the 18th instead of the 25th? McCrae says yeah I think so. Andy says I thought Amanda was positive it went to the 25th? McCrae says I think that was the day you have to take off till. Like make sure you’re open till the 25th. Judd tell Andy and McCrae I am trusting you guys. Andy asks about what? Just kidding. Andy says well Ginamarie offered me $10,000. Judd laughs and says I don’t want to aggravate the piss out of you guys because I know how it is but I am going to ask every so often. Judd says but both of you are 100%. Andy and McCrae say yeah. Spencer joins them. Judd asks McCrae how long he will wait before he moves to Florida? McCrae says probably a month. They continue to talk about random things.

4am In the rainbow room – Judd talks to Andy. Judd says I wanted to talk to you and Spencer tomorrow. I have a deal to offer ya’ll. I mean I know we are all together and I trust you but here’s my deal and its good for you and Spencer. Judd says if you go up instead of my, I am obviously going to keep you, right but not only that I will be so mean to McCrae that I will be his number one target. Andy says yeah. Judd says so if he wins the next HOH, then I will go up on the block. If he wins the veto and it was me and you on the block he would vote me out. I would be a running target. Like a living hell. I’ll do it! Like I will completely terrorize him. Andy says yeah but I don’t want to go on the block. Judd says but I’ll keep you. Andy says I’ll keep you. Judd says I know, I know, I know you will and I trust you 100%. Andy says you have to. Judd says I know, this is just an offer I am giving because I am freaked out. Andy says I was just on the block two weeks ago and you haven’t done it yet. I know I would stay but a part of me is, I just did it. Judd says um well I did go home but whatever. I want me, you, and Spencer to talk about it tomorrow. Andy says you have to understand why. Judd says yeah I do but game wise it would be good for ya’ll too if I threw a huge target on my back like that. Judd says I am sure he’s tried to make deals with you today. Andy says well we talked but. Judd says he’s going to head out for a few more minutes. He says just don’t mention it to McCrae. You can to Spencer though.



4:05am Judd heads into the bathroom. Judd tells McCrae this is going to be a stressful week. Don’t let anyone change your mind. McCrae says yeah, I won’t. I just don’t see any benefit to keeping GInamarie here. Judd tells McCrae not to listen to what anyone says because I am probably going to have to say stuff you know what I mean. McCrae says yeah.


5:55am McCrae finally goes to sleep after reading the bible out on the backyard couch.

9:45am All the house guests are still sleeping..

10:40am – 11:10am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests. When the live feeds come back – Ginamarie is sitting on the living room couch inspecting / cleaning her wound on her knee. Andy walks by and says awe cute. Okay, I am going back to bed. Judd comes in for being out in the backyard to brush his teeth and shower. Ginamarie goes back to bed. Meanwhile – Spencer is up in the HOH bed still sleeping. Gina gets up again to go to the storage room to grab aspirin for the pain.


11:45am – 12:05am Judd is wondering around the house. Ginamarie gets called to the diary room and Judd asks her if she is getting her shot. Ginamarie says she doesn’t know. Ginamarie heads back to bed. All four cams on Ginamarie in the rainbow room sleeping and Spencer in the HOH room sleeping.

12:20pm – 12:50pmJudd heads up to the HOH room and knocks on the door. He wakes up Spencer and says sorry he didn’t know he was still sleeping. Judd says he is just doing laundry. And says I’ll go back to sleep too if you’re still sleeping. Spencer tells him to give in a bit so that he can wake up. I will find you in a little bit. Judd says no problem and heads downstairs to go back to bed. All the house guests are sleeping..

1:25pm – 1:40pm Judd doing laundry. All the others still sleeping.. Judd heads back to bed.

2pm Judd is back up again. He sees Andy up for a second and begs him to stay up because he is so bored. Andy says he is going to sleep for another half hour. Judd then makes a couple hot dogs and head outside to eat.


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259 thoughts on “Judd ask Andy if he will go up on the block. I will terrorize McCrae and make it a living hell for him here to become his target.

    1. Since Julie Homewrecker Chen went on Letterman and proclaimed that there is nothing about BB’s casting process that needs to be re-evaluated, I really would like to see Judge Clawson’s son’ Spencer (the most disgusting creature ever on TV) win this season. CBS deserves that. Then Andy can move to Conway, he and Spencer can consummate their love. Spencer will relapse and take Andy down into Methworld with him. They will go on Celebrity Rehab, but relapse again , and both will be Dead within 2 years. Have a nice day.

      1. the Chen interview on letterman…

        in terms of racism, was it only aaryn discussed, or amanda, gina etc as well?

        can someone give a brief rundown of the topics discussed?

        did she again protect amanda – refusing to acknowledge amandas bullying, threatening kill/rape comments, racism, homophobic comments, making fun of autism etc?


          1. OK, so I have a few rumor “control” questions (sorry if these have already been addressed)

            -Does anyone have any more information on what the Spencer & “rehab” commentary is about? Did he say something on the BBLFs that elaborated on this?

            -It seems as though Nick has taken the “high road” with all of Gina Marie’s (Glen Close) like behavior? Has anyone read about him commentating directly on what he thinks of GM since getting evicted? On a side note, I seen a photo of him on Twitter watching an episode at a viewing party with some of the other BB guests (evicted HGs) and you could see him watching this big screen in the photo that was GM wearing his blue hat…is this guy not embarrassed? You know ppl have to give this man a hard time

            -Aside from a embarrassing season for these HG relatives, whats everyone’s take on CBS not doing any HG family interviews for the episodes this season (aside from 1 with Judd’s hometown and 1 with Amanda’s dad) that used to be one of my favorite parts of BB episodes…

            And finally in response to another commentators question NO I no longer watch live feeds, in fact I cancelled my subscription this week. Not necessarily out of “disgust” like a lot of posters claim but really out of sheer boredom and non-interest in this final 5. I have to confess I was (and am) a full-blown Amanda-Hater…yet when she left I honestly realized the amount of entertainment value she brought to the show. I at least tuned-in to “hate her antics”…same with Aaryn as well..and GM totally got boring after these other 2 girls left as well. I find no real entertainment in these final 5….I was kinda annoyed by the amount of commentary on these HG on a personal level but even I have to admit on a television show level they are not great personalities for reality TV…

            I don’t even like Judd anymore and I cant even pinpoint where he lost me..SIGH

            1. Wow, you pretty much just summarized my feelings as well. Although I didn’t have live feeds, pre-amanda & elissa eviction i found myself on this website 5 to 10 times a day, now its only once a day. The rest of the houseguests racist, homophobic & disgusting violent comments don’t even surprise me anymore…it’s just like meh.

              1. Julie said on David Letterman that the casting process works and doesn’t need changing. Ok! So we probably get a repeat of this next season because of the huge ratings. I get it, but I just wish Gina would say more Asian jokes. Like just do my nails, or get me some rice, or I know yellow is your favorite color. Then when Julie tries to interview him/her they tell that b&&ch to STFU. Yep, if we are going to have this type of comedy in the house now, lets get Julie involved with her Asian heritage in on the fun. CBS got all the money from these house guests despicable behavior, I mean jokes, and the network kept it’s hands clean. So the network gives these house guests personality tests and they pretty much knew there would be a few issues. It was the network that chose these house guests to play. However, CBS wants to be completely absolved of any blame then then make Aaryn the fall guy for this hate filled season.

                Why was Aaryn the only one thrown under the bus? Amanda made very inflammatory comments that were never seen of TV. Amanda was featured every week on BB. I thought it was the Amanda show for a long time. They made Amanda look like she was funny and smart. Where was Amanda’s comments about Jews and the holocaust? It never made the edit, I wonder why? Where was Spencer comments about how he uses women or Judd’s hatred of women. These comments and more never made the edit for public viewing. We find out during these Diary Room sessions that the house guests are told what to say and how to say it. We learn that they are coached and have lines to say when they are outside of the Diary Room as well. So BB couldn’t have taken control of this situation before it got of hand? It rather seems they chose to let it go because it was a money maker and brought in the viewers.

                So if CBS knew what they had on their hands and allowed these house guests to spew all this hate. Why was Aaryn comments the only one that got aired. Why was Aaryn made to be the face of racism. Aaryn said it, but CBS shouldn’t be given a pass. CBS needs to be criticized just as much or more. However, CBS is right, as much as we complained about this season, we are still watching and will watch next season. Because in reality…hate sells.

              2. This is in response to “Yellow is the New Pink” above…are you Aaryn’s Mom?

                Yellow is the New Pink says:
                September 8, 2013 at 2:24 pm

                Julie said on David Letterman that the casting process works and doesn’t need changing. Ok! So we probably get a repeat of this next season because of the huge ratings. I get it, but I just wish Gina would say more Asian jokes. Like just do my nails, or get me some rice, or I know yellow is your favorite color. Then when Julie

                  1. and i forgot to mention obviously bb canada is covered very well here, if you were unaware, with extensive youtube clips of feeds posted…all episodes are on youtube

                    season 2 is next february to may

                    bb celebrity uk and bb australia seasons are currently in progress, quite different format and rules compared to usa and canada, but i enjoy watching them

        1. Everyone seems to forget that not only is Spencer a racist, vile, ugly human being…he also is a pedifile! He spoke early on about having sex with 3 and 4 year old children in dark basements. It doesn’t get any worse…Andy…horrible too. They way they talk about Ellissa is horrific. Nobody deserves that.

      2. Why Spencer, when the only person who deserves to win this year is Andy.

        He’s dominated this game (especially over the last 2 weeks). He’s a saavy gameplayer, with great social skills and very smart. He’s just playing these people and will win the 500K.

        I would think any BB fan wouldn’t mind Andy winning it. He’s about to place himself in the top 5 all time BB players. I can’t wait to see him in a BB All Star edition.

          1. Thanks Billy. I don’t know why all these people on this board are so negative. Some are as bad or worse than these houseguests.

            I agree that Andy has went a little far (not overboard) with his Elissa hate, but she looks down on him because he is a homosexual. She speaks of “being a christian”, but she can’t just love her neighbor.

            Thanks C. I just like good gameplay and that is what Andy has provided us with. If it was someone else playing how Andy is, they would be upset, but these homophobes on this board call him a rat and hate him because he is a homosexual.

            My guess from all the thumbs up for Elissa is that the Brenchel fans on this board are mostly racist and vile people. You are doing exactly what Elissa did and it’s NOT OK!

            1. “Elissa looks down on Andy because he is a homosexual”, what an assinine remark to make. What proof do you have to back that up???? The ones who looked down up the RAT Andy and his homosexuality were the racist group consisting of Aaryn, hood rat racist GM, kaitlyn, david and jeremy and that came to light when spencer told andy in front of others, Elissa being one, that they were making fun of him because he was gay…….Andy got upset and who got up and sat next to him and consoled ELISSA, nobody else but her. So shut the heck up with your stupid remarks, you sound just like the white trailer trash left in the house……Andy is a vile disgusting woman hater who has a sick and creepy obsession with Elissa. And to think he is a professor teaching a class in which females take…..I hope at the finale that rat is confronted by Elissa’s family for all the vile and women hating remarks, “c***, being one and for sitting back and not laughing at the vile racist remark made about Elissa’s 8 year old son by the hood rat racist GM. He wasn’t ok for people making fun of him but in his warped mind it’s ok for him to make fun of Elissa and her family. He is a hypocritical, digusting, deplorable, person.

            2. Like so many people out there, I am a person who is right-handed. My best friend happens to be left-handed, and my brother is left-handed too.

              Now replace the words right-handed and left-handed with straight and gay, respectively. That is a pretty good representation of what being gay means to me, and I’ll bet that’s true for the majority of people in this country today.

              I have called Andy a rat at least 100 times, and I also called him a duck floater–Andy Duck. If people are calling Andy a rat, it’s most likely because he’s the biggest liar in the house this season and not because he’s gay or for any other reason. Well, wait a minute there, he does kind of look like a rat, and when he puts his glasses on he kind of looks like a human mole.

              Try not to read more into it than that, m’kay?

        1. Richard, I have enjoyed your entries the last few days…good counterpoint, I wonder if you would agree with this; before Andy switched his allegiance from Amanda to Spencer, he was basically a player.But since pairing up with Spencer, he has become more hateful. I don’t remember him being so nasty before this exterminator business. Good luck.

          1. I disagree. Andy is a rat turd. I don’t remember all the seasons of BB but I remember enough of them where in the final two, one was a lying rat and the other was slightly more likeable. And even though the rat was the “better” game player, the jury handed the $500k to the lesser player. That will happen if Rat boy makes it to final two. And deservedly so. His play this season was despicable, especially in the last few weeks. He’s not worth a bucket of shit let alone any cash prize. Then again you can say that about any of the remaining five.

        2. TOTALLY agree Richard. I would play the same game he did. He lied FABULOUSLY… everyone in this chatroom seems to think that you should be a boyscout, but boyscouts dont win big brother. I mean, well Ian did… BUT THATS IT! ;)

          1. You have a convenient memory. In season 2, Lisa beat Danielle. In season 3, Jun beat Allison. And then Jordon beat Natalie a couple seasons ago. So yes, girl scouts occasionally DO win over the rat turd. The problem with this season is there are no good guys left. Still I don’t think Andy the rat will win against whoever. He back stabbed every single person in the jury house and I doubt they will view it as ‘good’ game play. I don’t get why everybody has to be blind-sided this year. Why can’t you just tell the target they are going home instead of lying to their face all week and telling them they are safe? Not cool in my book.

            1. The problem with telling someone they are going home is that you end up risking some psycho biotch pasting feminine hygiene products to your dresser and getting in your face every waking moment. The most time AmanDUH spent out of bed was when she followed Elissa around the house. Who wants that? Better to keep them in the dark and have a few days of peace.

                1. Really? How then did Helen know she was going? And Aaryn? Because they were told. Amanda flat out told Elissa that Helen was 100% going home. And Amanda told Aaryn that they were voting to keep Andy over her. So, no, you can let a HG know that they are going. But I agree that makes for an awkward week. Plus allows for them to campaign. Perhaps the better course is to just say that it’s undecided. That way at least the nominees aren’t blindsided. I think you owe it at least to someone in your own alliance to tell them if they aren’t safe. But since this is a game where only narcissist egomaniacs play who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves, I’m not surprised the blindsides and back doors were rampant this year.

                  1. judd and others had it confirmed that its against the rules from telling someone they are definately being evicted – something that amanda ignored on multiple occasions

                    you can tell someone how you are voting

                    they are even more strict on it in bb canada

                    bb uk and australia there are not even allowed to discuss nominations, and the public vote to evict or save depending on each season

        3. Geez Richard, no wonder you love floaters because Andy is a floater. He can’t even win s$t!! He is scum as Amanda!!!!

          1. That’s funny, cause I hear Ian Terry, on a podcast, says if Andy wins, he would rank him at number 4 of all time. That kid is a computer when it comes to BB and a former winner, so I think his opinion holds quite a bit more water than yours.

        4. You’re putting Andy in the top 5 BB players of all time?! Here are the top 12 houseguests to ever play the Big Brother game…in no particular order:

          Dr. Will (Season 2)
          Mike Boogie (Season 2)
          Danielle (Season 3)
          Allison (Season 4)
          Nakomis (Season 5)
          Kaysar (Season 6)
          Janelle (Season 6)
          James aka “veto king” (Season 6)
          Evil Dick & Danielle Donato (Season 8)
          Rachel Reilly (Season 12)
          Britney Haynes (Season 12)

          1. I never understand when people pick Mike Boogie, as a great player. I think he benefitted greatly from being the sidekick of the best player, Will, but on his own he was not impressive. He only won allstars by default against useless Erika, but Will got him there. I mean if he had been sitting beside Will would he have received one vote? I don’t think he would’ve beat Janelle in final two either.

            1. Dr. Will is BY FAR the best player. Watch BB: All Stars aka BB7. He dominated that show against the best of the best. Chilltown made it look easy that season.

          2. How were these the ‘best’ players ever? I’m not even going to comment on most on that list because I totally disagree and it’s not worth my time. But I will say that Britney was one of the WORSE players I’ve seen. Nothing but an annoying loud mouthed cunt. She did nothing to merit ‘great game play’. I was so glad when those guys sacked her pathetic whiny ass that season. Definitely NOT deserving of all-star status. If she ever appears on another season of BB I will not be watching that season. I think Elissa, Aaryn, and Amanda should be considered for a future all-stars season but of course political correctness will reign and you won’t be seeing Aaryn or Amanda again, despite their great game play.

        5. There is a reason why Andy is called a rat. He may not have instigated the disgusting filth being said but he was a willing and eager participant in it all. His social skills consisted of him being a squealer and tattletail to Mccranda. His own delusions a grandeur about being a legendary player are laughable. He is in for a rude awakening when he gets out of the house and finds out how much he’s hated.

    2. he was definitely already going up. I mean, everyone loves Andy! and no one seems to realize that sitting next to him in the end guarantees you second place.

      1. exactly glass box we all know hes a rat but the jury even the ones he screwed it was not vicious like the women they will take it as game play because no matter who he is against is not thought well of maybe judd would come close maybe

    3. Judd is where he’s at because he played bitterly, not wisely. He talks about Jessie and others being a bitter jury but the ones I believe would be the WORST are Judd and the Rat.

      Judd came back into the game with one mindset: get McCranda out! Judd put all the blame on McCranda and gave a pass to the Rat. Judd would’ve went right back to the jury if it wasn’t for Elissa so how did Judd reward her? By being a rat-in-training and ratting out Elissa’s every move. He couldn’t see that she was the only one who truly had his back. Couldn’t care less who goes: Judd or GM. Too bad it wasn’t the Rat!

      1. It is funny he hates Mccrae so much but Mccrae is the only one of the knock out alliance won’t put him up on the first double eviciton and cried like a baby after that.

        Andy/Helen/Amanda in fact pushed the hardest about his first eviciton.

        It explains a lot thatAndy is really a professor of communication making almost everyone trust him so much.

        1. I can’t believe the balls on Judd. This stupid asshole doesn’t seem to get that he ALREADY lost this season. Why the fuck does he think he deserves first or second place? That’s the problem when CBS brings an evicted HG back. Not only is it blatantly unfair to the HGs who haven’t been evicted but it puts into the mind of the one coming back that their ouster was a mistake and that they deserve to win. Judd was a shady mofo before and he still is even after coming back. You are a bitter asswipe with a sense of entitlement. And now you are mad at McCrae for Spencer putting you up? Fuck you! You are in no position to be making any deals with Andy/Spencer right now. And they would be crazy to keep you. Get out you dumb asshole. And go learn first grade over again. And learn to talk right. Maybe Candace can give you lessons since she does speech therapy with children. Whiny jack off! Biggest turd this season.

      2. If Judd would’ve saved the ONLY person nice to him when he came back, the ONLY person to be happy to see him, the person who refused to put him on the block, they could’ve voted out the replacement and had a 3-2 advantage. 3-1 in the following HOH comp. Instead he was loyal to Andy, and had an issue with Elissa because she wouldn’t nominate GM. If she had, GM would be gone because Andy would not have gone against Amanda at that time so it was the right move. To top it off Judd said he made a mistake being loyal last time, and then he was loyal to someone he knew had been playing both sides for most of the game. Moron.

    4. I don’t get JUDD’s logic. Can someone explain it to me? The only part I get is that he don’t want to be on the block. And if he rats out Andy, then Spencer and Andy still have the votes to get him out. I don’t understand, I thought he had a final 2 deal with Elissa. JUDD is at the bottom and Noone told him about the lie of his final 2 deal with Elissa. Elissa said herself during the Julie interview that she don’t make alliances only 2 week deals, which messed up her game with a bunch of floaters making a final 4 alliance. JUDD didn’t think the different scenerios all the way through. Andy kept the house divided so noone can compare notes. BB15 turned out to be a game about having the numbers of vote on your side and not about winning the most comps. I hate to say it, but I think Andy will make final 2. The exterminators and McPu$$Y wants to protect the rat. Noone will go against him. I bet JUDD or Gina will go out the house without mentioning what the exterminators did to Amanda to McCrae. McCrae is so dirty, he plays with rats at home that’s how much he trust Andy. My hope is that jury remembers the zingbot and call Andy a floater and he gets 2nd place. I can imagine Elissa or McCrae coming back on BB16, but I can’t imagine seeing Andy coming back next year. I definitely don’t want to see any of these vile people on BB Canada!

      1. Spencer had already talked about getting Andy out in final 3 with GM.(Hence Judd is going to jury house for sure)

        Mccrae can win over any exterminators in final 2 because he can evict the other three which is very impressive and by that time he will at leasT win 3 HOH and 3POV or 4HOH and 2POV.But he has to win the next HOH or POV + final HOH.

    5. Geesh,

      All this stupidity and wishy washy procrastinating by Spencer to make any decision and by the others to really stick to any type of decision – its no wonder Amanda had such an easy time with getting everyone to “vote with the house.” She really did not need to be a mastermind at all.

      And enough with the wining and complaining about Elissa and Candice. That bunch is worse than any other player that was in the house. They can’t follow basic analytical thoughts. We have seen/heard (constantly) that it is beyond Spencer or Judd mental capabilities. Heck, if someone were to even say “Hey Spence let’s analyze…” you know his his moronic mind would drift with the first two syllables – “anal” and off his mouth would go about some disgusting unrelated rant.

      1. Gina is just pure hate. This girl has some serious issues with Blacks. Let me get this right, so all these insensitive comments she is saying about blacks are just jokes. Ok! I got it….Gina is a great comedian. Then the other guys just laugh at her comments which just encourages her more to say the next foolish comment. I know she is mentally ill. I was thinking this whole Nick infatuation was just a ploy by her. However, I think its real now. Julie at the finale is going to put Nick on the spot and say Nick, what does the future hold for you and Gina? I hope Nick is blunt and says there is no future with Gina. Let CBS pick up the pieces of her mental health. They wanted a season with people with mental issues, they hit the mark.

    6. WHY do they KEEP bashing Elissa?? What on earth did she do in that house that makes them all hate her??? because she has class and is not a pig??? This is the worst BB cast ever none of them are worthy of half a million bucks.

      Spencer will be known for grabbing his junk and picking his nose while he floated to the end
      Andy will be known as a rat bastard sucking up to everyone then lying and acting like he is the best bb player ever
      Judd will be known as the mumbler woman hater
      GM will be known as the foul mouthed fartbag
      MC will be known as a filthy pig….

      no fame for these losers only BB infamy as being the worst. cast. ever.

      1. Amen to that!!! These final five are pathetic losers and its gonna be the most boring final days of any BB season ever!!!! Even Simon hasn’t made a feed post since shortly after midnight…..BORING…all they do is sleep. People keep calling Rat boy Andy a rat turd…..I beg to differ…he is NOT a rat turd….he’s the ooze that seeps out of rat turds and pools up underneath!! That how low his pale ass is!!

    7. Judd is a sore loser. GM, Judd, Spencer and MC said that Judd quit during the VETO game. Judd can’t hide his feelings, not only is he too personal and too emotional, he’s too stupid. he had options on double eviction night when MC won the HOH and he won the VETO, and look how taking out Elissa worked for out for him. Judd is about to be exterminated by his own alliance, and now Judd can take is bi7ch ass and join the rest of the woman in the jury house.

    8. I already see them changing there mind will probably evict gm hoping she would stay they already think judd is shady they will wish they cut him he just won an hoh

    9. Yes Andy will sorry but I cant feel just a little for Judd I like the way people like to make Judd out to be a good guy when is not

  1. Judd stop whining I would vote you out just for that. I guess you picked the wrong side. The exterminators are quick to exterminate you. If you would have voted out Spencer you wouldn’t be in this predicament. He would be gone and shortly after that so would of either GM or Andy. Elissa probably would have won this HOH getting rid of who ever was left. You would have been guaranteed final 4 with Amanda, McCrea and Elissa. Instead you went with these idiots.

    1. Judd could save his game if he went directly to Spencer and started talking about sex to grab his attention, and then hit him up with the idea of making a new final two. He could win Spencer over by saying “If we were the final two, and we had to make our pitch to the jury, you (Spencer) would win over me, simply because I was voted out of the game and came back because I beat other the other evicted house guests. Though I did not win the HOH. You would win over me b/c you were on the block 7 times and were able to save yourself through your social game each time. I would be stuck with 2nd place.”

      As for the constant Elissa conversations, they are based on jealousy for the most part. They feel that Elissa’s looks are what landed her in what they view as an easy life and because she talks about her husbands ability to acquire certain things that a man of his age has earned. Elissa experiences it b/c he chose to share it with her. Elissa isn’t just sitting there living off of his money, she is trying to start a business which takes a lot of dedication, self motivation, and self promoting, especially with what she is trying to accomplish. Good luck to her on that and more power to her.

      How ironic is it that the remaining house guests despise Elissa for having a certain lifestyle at a young age, yet they are on a show competing for some quick easy cash so that they could have the same thing? What they hate about Elissa is what they want for themselves.

  2. Once GM is evicted Julie Chen better say something about her racial remarks. She is a vile, nasty person. She is loud and obnoxious. I am so glad Nick says he has zero interest in a relationship with her.

    1. Actually, she better not say anything to GM about her racism… because she didnt say a word to Amanda about it! Who really cares what Julie Chen has to say anyway…. SHE SUCKS!!

    2. Julie called out Aaryn for racism, but not the biggest racist in the house amanda

      what will happen with gina in her interview? if she is called out then its clear cbs are playing favourites and protecting amanda

      either call out all the racists or none of them

      1. Okay all you people whining and bitching about Julie not calling out Amanda about her racist comments. But are the main ones talking let’s vote Elissa to win AFP when she wasn’t having people make racist comments about her because she is white she didn’t have people yelling negative stereotypes at her for the most part she only had 3 days of Amanda nasty crap yes it was bad but now the bad stuff people are saying about her she doesn’t have to hear it or live unlike Candice she had to live with and hear it just like Elissa they say a lot of nasty shit about her

        1. nobody is bitching about julie choosing to not call out amanda for racism, we are discussing it, as its a major discussion topic of the season

          i personally dont like the inconsistancy of the aaryn and amanda interviews, and how cbs portrayed the racism of aaryn, but not amanda

          you replied to my point above, saying most who are annoyed at julie not calling out amanda for her racism are also the ones wanting elissa to win favourite…thats not the case from me, im voting for jessie, she was my favourite for multiple reasons

      1. the protection comes because she is a friend of multiple members of production, including executive producer of big brother alison grodner, and she is a former cbs employee

      2. kman98 bc Amanda and McCrae signed on for
        Amazing Race and its on cbs. Cbs rigged it for them to
        win on bb. Dont see goober making it to the end.

          1. Cute I like The View well now that Elizabeth is gone Im going to Love it.. But great point Im happy that you pointed that Julia is always bringing up some stupid racist Asian shit I will people would ask her or tell her to stop it because its not cute funny or necessary

      1. I wonder if Chen will say anything to the remaining HG about the Elissa bashing. Ask them how they’d feel if someone held up a photo of their mothers to millions and announce their plan to deface, destroy, defecate and urinate on it.. Elissa has children.. To me the lack of simple common respect for her as a person is as bad as the racist.. etc …remarks…Maybe the contestants can’t sue CBS. But i hope Elissa’s hubby is talking to a lawyer about going after the offending HG ( and their prize money) after the show ends…

  3. McRae told him that he was taking a Bible and going to pretend to read it so America would find him more likable. When I heard that i started to watch when McRae “reads” and noticed he never flips the page.

    Personally I think this season shows the downward trend in American society. We have lost control of who we are and now are turning into a nation of McRaes, Spencer’s, GM’s and the worst of us are turning into Andy’s.

    It is a sad day America but after this season maybe we will look at ourselves and rebuild.

    On a side note, does anyone watch the live feeds anymore?

    1. Nope….. stopped watching the live feeds.
      I am disgusted that it will be all boys (no men) in the end…how the fuck did that happen?
      Spencer’s HOH has been the worst. He is spewing the vile that has been in his head all summer and it is ugly.

      1. McCrae didn’t say he was pretending to read the Bible. This is something that a poster wrote so they could start rumors about McCrae and the Bible reading. People make up about half the things we see on the comments.

  4. These people are annoying. All they do is trash talk Elissa and Candice. Little do they know that those two are the most loved people from this season.

    Also I hate to break it to you Spencer but Elissa definitely has the beat chance from everyone this season to be able to return and play the game.

    1. Wow talk about disliking/ hating someone. How disgusting!
      I didn’t like or dislike Elissa.
      I was super irritated with Amanda but lets face it. She was the best player until she was
      Evicted. Yes she was racist and a bully but game wise she was the best.
      I don’t get why people want to vote for Elissa
      To get the $25k when all she did was vote the way whoremanda
      Wanted them too and her big move in the game was getting
      The MVP and waitting to get orders on who to put up. Yes she was the underdog
      And people felt pity for her the first few weeks but besides
      Getting Aaryn nominated and evicted doesnt make you the best player. She thinks
      She’s better than anybody else and when she talked you would think the game was made for her at times.
      I don’t like the way people talk about Elissa, is disguisting but from game point of view
      She was not the best NOT EVEN CLOSE and her eviction week proof what an idiot she really was.

      1. People want Elissa to win America’s favorite cause her sister is pushing hard for it on twitter.

        She don’t deserve it.. she was a horrible player.

      2. I don’t think Elissa necessarily thought she was better than everybody else – though CLEARLY she was! While she may have made some remarks about others’ game play, I didn’t hear her continually saying disgusting, racial, negative things as so many of these other houseguests do. Her downfall was following Helen & also letting people know she was successful – such as buying the arena that seated 5000 people. HOW many times did Andy & Spencer throw that around to other players? Elissa had a beautiful body & soul, was proud of her family & her accomplishments, and tried to stay out of all the vile conversations that the others continually engaged in. That alone makes me want to vote for her as the MVP!!! My other choices would be Candice or Jessie, but they didn’t make it as far & as long, so I’m going with Elissa! And – NO – I am NOT a big Brenchel fan, although even those two didn’t come off as disgusting as this season’s cast.

  5. STILL talking about Elissa and Candice?? This just proves how small your brains are, literally nothing of substance running through them. DR tipped them off about bashing them and they’re SO DUMB, they STILL do it! Lol. How in the world did big brother find such a pathetic group of people all in one place??

    1. And guess who brings up their names? The rat!

      Expect at least the rat to trash Elissa til the end because remember how long the rat talked about Nick?

  6. United negro college fund….. Really? Guess thats why her dumb ass still lives at home and is now out of a fuckin job!!!! Trash should think before she speaks.

    1. On BBAD last night, GM called said something about Chinese Helen. Andy said “she’s Korean” and GM said something and said just kidding. I believe this is GM’s way of being able to throw out racial slurs and shrug ignorance. GM just finish talking about Aaryn being a racist and her use of the word “swarms”.

      Just saying, GM is one ignorant pos.

  7. If Judd and McCrea where smart which obviously they are not. They would find a way to get Spencer to nominate Andy and vote him out. Then they would only have to worry about GM getting HOH and let’s be honest if it is mental she has no shot. Then they could get rid of GM or Spencer guaranteeing them both in the final 3. But Judd is to crazy to get over himself and realize what is the best for him.

    1. I’m thinking McCrae cannot be that clueless, right? Andy voted out Spencer and Spencer is HOH and doesn’t put up Andy? Instead, Spencer puts up GM and will put up Judd as replacement nom? Spencer’s reasoning for putting up McCrae is so no one knows how close they really are? So he’s not putting up Andy to make people think they’re a lot closer than they really are?

      Because it was a double eviction and McCrae hadn’t had time to think, I guess maybe I can kinda, sorta rationalize, justify McCrae’s reasoning for putting up Elissa because they all told that lie about Elissa was always voting out Amanda but said she would vote out Spencer so Amanda would leave her alone.

      I guess McCrae could still know that he was duped by putting up Elissa; I guess we’ll know for sure after hopefully some of his insightful DR sessions but I know I’m giving him and anyone else way too much credit because they’re all pretty clueless.

  8. I think BB should have an America’s Least Favorite vote instead of America’s Favorite. The player with the least votes gets the money.

    That would turn the vote upside down, so Elissa won’t score an automatic win. And I would actually feel good about voting for someone.

    1. I’m sorry, but that makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Why would you reward a person for being the least favorite? They obviously aren’t liked for a reason. With all of the scumbags on this season, handing either of them $25k for being hateful and vile is the same as condoning their outrageous and unacceptable behavior.

      The few good ones in the house deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded for not only playing a legit game, but also for having to co-exist with people like Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Spencer, and Andy.

      1. It isn’t a brilliant plan, but the LEAST liked would not be rewarded.

        The goal, as the original commenter said, is to vote for the person we liked least. Then, the HG with the least amount of those votes (meaning they are, by default, most liked) would get the reward.

    2. if they split the 500k amongst approx 10 million(rough estimate) fans/live feeders/viewers of bb usa who watch the show in usa on cbs/tvgn, in canada on global/slice, and in multiple countries on the internet, we would get a nickel each…give the house guests no prizemoney

  9. yes, I’m glad Amanda finally got booted. That being said, it’s sad to see so many floaters left. Time to flush.

    mccrae – FLOATER, actually he was stuck to amanda’s butt the whole season.

    andy – FLOATER, floating from room to room, picking up and agreeing with any and every conversation

    spencer – FLOATER, albeit a fearless floater. he didnt kick up too much fuss for playing the pawn all season,and when he told amanda “STFU”

    judd – FLOATER, just swimmin around with the rest of the floaters, i dont really know what his plan is. decided he doesnt have one.

    gm – hmmm. for a floater she’s splashed around quite a lot the second half of this season.

    compared to everyone else left in the house, gm is the only one left really going hard. i appreciate the fact that she is the ONLY one to go
    toe to toe with amanda and not only NOT back down, but she sent amanda skulking away in tears. TWICE.

    i didnt expect to ever say this, but i will now

    GM FTW

  10. No Vegas bash, hmmm, can’t imagine why. Could it be no one wants to be associated with over 75% of the cast?

    Sure we’ll see Rachelissa on a future Allstars or Amazing Race.

    Grodner person. Next year instead of models and wannabe actors, how about some wannabe comedians?

    1. They couldn’t find a sponsor. A real testament to what America thinks of these losers and another first they can brag about.

  11. I often wonder why people read the Bible. As in McCrae’s case he still continues to belittle people for no reason and says disgusting things.

    1. …reading the bible…. it’s an American thing, trying to make themselves look compassionate, righteous and all the other great virtues to those who know a bullshitter when they see one.

    2. Its a Dan thing. Very few of those that read the bible in the BB House are actually religious or practicing Christians. Most of them use it as a ploy or prop and are so easily ready to swear on the bible and lie under oath. That’s why it was so comical seeing Howard swear on the bible this season. Nobody believes anyone that swears on the bible anymore. We have seen how swearing and lying on the bible is rationalized as game play during last season. Just like this season we saw a gay guy control the game for the first time. Andy was disloyal, lied, cheated, played two and three sides against each other. Essentially played a great BB game. However, it will be a long time before another gay guy gets this far again. This season the mantra was “trust the gay guy”. Next season it will be “get the gay guy”. Everything goes around in circles. Gays in fashion this season, out next season. A wise man once called it a circle of trust. Wait, I think it was Jeremy that said that…..forget what I said.

  12. I love this season. CBS you did a great job. Its entertaining to see a reality show keeping it real. I am glad you got a Jew on your program that finally admitted to the world that the Jewish Holocaust wasn’t real and that they love ovens. I am glad you got beauty queens on the show that supports what I been saying for a while, great to look at but dumb as rocks. I am glad you had a man’s man on the show that tells a woman to STFU when he’s annoyed. I am glad you gave the delusional an opportunity to be on your show. We get to see how stalkers are created in the making. All it takes is a smile or a thank you and the stalker will make her yours I love how you kept it real and placed 3 racists in the house and told the black guy go try and win BB. Also great idea of yours for the lynch mob gathering to hang the black guy on those trump up charges about almost raping one of our white woman. Love how someone finally stated the obvious that Asians make the best rice.

    Yep CBS this was a great season. Next year if I could be so bold, have more racists next year. People love to hear our opinion of the world. Because we keep it real. Wait Julie, you’re Asian, how do I make a great bowl of rice?

      1. They may not be mind readers but they really need to vet the psych battery tests they do on contestants to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. One or two slipping through? OK, but the whole damn gang? Totally uncalled for.

        1. So you want nuns and priests playing the game? How boring would that be. If you are so easily offended by the show then don’t watch! But don’t dictate to a player how they have to play their game or what they can say. Otherwise it’s not worth it. Just cancel the series if you have to be politically correct.

  13. I have been having problems j$$king off on camera in the HOH room. However, I just found out that Julie is Asian. I love Asian women, I am just going to try again tonight and think of Julie dancing in the nude to the song “me so horny”.

    1. The Julie of 10 years ago or even 5 years ago, was one fine Asian woman. An Asian woman with backside is rare and she had some backside. All you had to do was look at that Julie and you would of forgotten about those cameras. I am still waiting for a sex tape of Julie to surface. I would buy that in a heart beat.

      1. I agree with you. I always thought she was one of the most beautiful people in broadcasting. I guess her husband thought so as well. Supposedly while in the process of getting a divorce he started dating Julie Chen. I don’t know if she was the cause of the divorce, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a powerful man left his wife for a beautiful younger woman.

  14. I used to like Judd the Dudd, but the more I see or I mean hear from him, the less I like. Maybe they should evict him now before I hate him. If they don’t put Andy up as the replacement and vote him out this week, he wins this game. This is their last chance, if they are playing to win, Andy has to go. If they’re playing for 2nd place then keep him in the game. This is what Dudd and McPussy should be telling Spencehole.

    1. J-U-Double-Idiot is one of the weakest, and dumbest, floaters there ever were. He just feeds into the stereotype of the dumb-ass redneck.

  15. Hey guys. Sorry for being off the radar. It has been one big party at the house. Josh and I flew out on flight to Vegas to make more bets on my Rainbow Warrior Andy. Josh, who I trust more than anyone, told me to go with his Gay gut feeling and I am running with it. We are back at the house and I just want to thank Seth for watching the house with all my party animal friends. There is no doubt in my mind now Andy is going to win the $500,000. I was entranced too much with the beauty of my Jewish Queen Amanda. I sure would like to do a threesome with her and the winner of Ameria’s favorite Howard at the end of the show. Amanda and Mc will not be together. It will be Amanda and Howard. Love you all, especiaaly, my good friend The Captain. I’m really hoping Bob has gone for some major Anger Management. I know deep inside he is hurting, but he is really a good person..

    1. OMG, Shut up already. Andy will get eviction this Thursday. McCrae will definitely will win big brother. He is a competitor beast. Andy sucks because he is a floater.

    2. Chasing bad money Buffalo? You lost with Amanda. You lost with Elissa. You are going to lose with Andy. That will make you a 3 TIME LOSER!!

      1. Dude, the only reason BuffaloBill stole my idea of choosing Elissa because he/she whatever place the bets. That why BuffaloBill should get his own fan. He/she even like Howard to win America favorite houseguest but I vote for Elissa to get it. That BuffaloBill sucks in everything.

      2. Oh yeah, BuffaloBill bet on Andy will win big brother. He/she thinks I’m his/her friend. I’m not his/her friend.

          1. no you can go winless in the 3 part hoh final 3, and be taken to final 2 without winning one of the three hoh parts

            it happened to jillian in bb canada season 1 this year, and she won the season

              1. jill was a deserving winner in my opinion…and should have won by more votes if it wasnt for some bitter jury members

                she was never evicted, unlike her final 2 opponent

                and she was great at comps, and socially…i liked her and found her entertaining, i would have liked to see andrew win, but i was happy with jill winning – she is one of the best overall female bb players ive seen

  16. Judd and McCrea need to work together for real. McCrea should tell Spencer and Andy that he doesn’t know who he will vote for out of Judd and GM. That he wants them both out equally and he won’t know who is voting for until he sits down to vote. Then Spencer and Andy will panic because you know Spencer doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. McCrea should hint that if Andy was up then he would know for sure that he would vote for GM to leave. Then when Andy goes up they could blindside him and send his a$$ packing. Leaving them to only have to worry about GM getting HOH. But unfortunately that won’t happen because no one in the house uses their brain.

  17. Andy “Like, I just did it”. So??? I love Judd’s response “Well I went home”. Andy’s argument is lame. PLEASE let MC put Andy up. He is so smug. If I were Judd I would want to hurt him. Not physically but his game. Judd channel some of your Elissa hate towards Andy!!! Trade info for cigarettes to MC!!!

  18. Dudd is worried about being evicted. Do you mean that Andy who wasn’t loyal to you the first time around, might get rid of you the second time as well? So Dudd comes up with a plan for Andy to go up in his place. Only Dudd would be dumb enough to think that’s a good plan. Sorry Double D, say hello to Elissa in the jury house. We know one thing Double D, you are no Dan and definitely no Dr. Will.

    1. I think the “noone give it to charity” should be removed from the poll because the difference between Elissa and the rest of these vermon is that she WOULD in fact give it to charity. Give it to Elissa to give to charity – so all of them can know she was well liked.

  19. I’m convinced that although they disliked Ellissa, it wasn’t to the degree that they are saying on the feeds. I believe that they are so happy that Amanda and all her drama is gone they want to rant on her. But as long as McCrae is still in the house they not saying anything about her. I would like to see Andy backstabbed this week, McCreep go next week, then watch the 3 stooges play and GM win it. A dumb blonde to beat 3 redheads and dirty pizza boy who only eats pepperoni pizza to mask his BO. That would be a fitting end to this loser season.

    1. She’s not blonde but she sure is dumb. She is a fake, fake hair, fake eye colors, fake personality. And a racist witch to boot.

      Judd’s best chance is to out Andy to McCrea. He should get GM to be in on it since she will be on the block. They can all then force Spencer’s hand to put up Andy and vote him out. Judd’s only chance.

  20. Judd how is that vendetta against McCrea, Amanda, and Elissa working out for you. Not sure why Andy is getting a free pass. I guess you should of thought about what would further your game instead of being consumed with getting those 3 out. Andy you are on crack if you think every one in the jury house loves you.

  21. Andy might be a lot of things, but he ain’t stupid. His best bet is for he and Spencer at F-2.

    Amanda: Best BB entertainment & best player this season.

    GM & MC best for the jury to fight over.

    Elissa: A Stepford wife. She just can’t help herself. Give the robot a break and thank God she wasn’t like Rachel. (If you remember how Rachel really was)

  22. Really Andy. After all the vile comments spewing from yours and Spencer’s mouths, GM mentioning UNCF is such bad form that you hide your face. What a good doobie you are following production’s requests not to make racists comments. Major monumentous Jerk.

  23. I like Judd, even though he’s a bi-polar mess. However, his game play is atrocious. All season, I wanted to give him the benefit of doubt, since he was a super fan and clearly wanted to be there – also, he wasn’t nearly as offensive as 2/3 of the house.

    Quitting on a comp and being an ill-tempered jerk following it, doesn’t endear the other HGs when it was 50/50 Judd or GM leaving. After that display, they have really talked themselves into keeping GM and her nasty knee gash. Since Judd is so unstable, there is no telling what he will do with HOH or his votes. I do not see any way they keep him after all of this – at least with GM, they should be a little more comfortable with her direction if HOH is won and her voting.

    Judd’s solution last night was just a last-ditch pathetic attempt at building up his tarnished candidacy. It’s over, dude.

  24. Spencer is in such a position of power now that an exterminator has to go. He should make a deal with the two people left for next week.

  25. I wish Production/CBS would ding these disgusting, vile HGs everytime they bash Elissa so that after the show is over, they end up with nothing from their stipend, including the BB winner! Disgusting, horrible scum!

  26. Andy says I thought that they went to the Adolf Hitler foundation.


    Another revolting statement by the despicable rat. Spencer mentioned AH at the beginning of the season too. Those two must belong to some secret Nazi organization.

  27. whats wrong with these people…….i dont know if there really stupid people or is cbs paying them to be that stupid……..those people are the scum of the earth…i hope cbs is proud of these misfits….. i cant belive cbs thinks this is good tv….. if cbs thinks this is good tv , then cbs thinks the people who watch there programing is no better than these people….. cbs is in trouble for letting these people hurt other people and push there sick views on the america and then believing america will vote for them… wake up cbs you screwed up

  28. The remaining house guests in the Big Brother house who pretty much do nothing except bash Elissa 24/7 think that the most memorable parts of this season are going to be something Candace said or how Judd the dudd got nervous before competitions. No, no, no neanderthals. The most memorable part of this season is going to be watching Julie Chen announce the winner of America’s Favorite Player when she says, “Congratulations Elissa.”

    Two of these knuckle dragging idiots are going to walk away with first and second place, and it remains to be seen which two of these bottom feeders will rise to the top. However, I think it is safe to say that the remaining three are going to lose to a player that is not even remaining in the house: Elissa. If you allow your obsession with an evicted house guest to interfere with your game, I’d say the evicted house guest is winning. Keep talking you neanderthals, I wonder which three of you are going to lose to Elissa?

    I’m really hoping against hope that Andy and Spencer are two of them.

  29. Dawg,

    Is that fourth picture down with the pillow a suicide attempt by Judd to get away from all these losers?

  30. Is nobody going to ever put the fairy up on the block? We can only hope that everyone in the jury house has now realized how much of a snake this queen really is. And Spencer, he needs to go too. He is a vile human being. I can’t see him doing much more than sitting on the couch, picking his nose in reality. These two are by far the worst cast of characters that have ever been in the Big Brother House!!!

  31. Gina says yeah and to the United Negro College fund. Na I’m just kidding.


    With every statement she makes the hole just keeps getting deeper. Can you imagine the much higher level of vulgar and racist comments she makes when she’s in the real world and pissed to the gills.

    Must be disgusting to be around, unless that’s the type of crowd she rolls with.

  32. I don’t get it. Has CBS decided to punish them for the way they have acted this year. They haven’t had any former players come in to the game except Ian. There has been 2 or more Pandora’s box every season since bb11. And don’t one if usually get to go outside of the house for some sort of event. They haven’t had a movie night in the hoh. Now they don’t have funding for Las Vegas. Sounds like this may be the last season of BB.


  34. In the BB House, things are so confused
    Figuring out who will win, who will lose
    With the next vote, one thing is for sure
    Remaining houseguests will be, in the the final four

    They will congratulate each other, on how far they got
    All the time scheming, for the next have and have not
    All their energy, everything that they do
    Will be to get themselves, to the final two

    So wait you must, for another edition
    And the results of the next, HOH competition…

  35. Hard to believe that these monsters think they are THE BOMB!, that they are doing a GREAT JOB! OMG! we won’t see their reaction when they check all the blogs, twitter etc but I know it will be PRICELESS! the RAT will cry for months to come. All of them deserve to be flush down the toilet, oh well I’ll a pass to McCrae, ridiculously naive trusting them…

  36. hello OBB commenters. missed interacting with you (my favorite part of the website) but i can no longer read the updates due to how despicable i think the remaing HGs (especially the boys…not men) are.

    skimmed the main page? pretty sad what those fuckers will do just because of a picture of a HG no longer in the house. if any of you doubted what i said before about their lack of class, hope you dont doubt it any further.

    finally, if/when i make a comment here i’m going to end it the same way. vote elissa for america’s favorite if only to piss off those 4 pussy ass’d guys left in the house (in everyday life and else where on the internet i never cuss, but thats how much i hate all the remaining HGs). they have stated how mad they’d be if she is named america’s favorite. well, those 4 boys pissed me off the bulk of the time i read about them here, so i’m going to do the little i can to return the favor to piss them off and hope you will think about doing the same thing.

    1. Lurker007…Spoken like a 10yr old….. boy, I’m so glad you took the time to preach to me….I’m so happy you honor us little people here on the board. Take your ball and go home because your picks didn’t win. Wah!!
      Nobody will miss you.

      1. and you speak like one of the dickheads left in the house. where did i say rooting for elissa? all i stated was i dont like anyone left in the house so much so much, that i wanna piss them off by helping elissa get america’s favorite. if i had a favorite among all the HG, it’d be jessie.

        and WTG on spamming the thumbs up/down on the comments here.

    2. Elissa was not liked saying she thought she was better than them. Well, she is. She has class. So what if she had money. I don’t take her as bragging she just was happy and sharing how her life turned out well with her husband and child and steps. I will vote for her and so hate that these booger picking racist rude poor excuses for humans have made it this far. None of them would ever be in my circle of friends…if nothing else these hgs need to learn respect for themselves and others.

  37. I want to see the Jury house. I want to see the look on Helen, Jessie etc…, when Amanda walks in followed by Elissa. It will be priceless!! Helen, Amanda and Elissa wanted a girl to win but because girls all get jealous of each other it will not happen this year. It was all set up for a girl to win and then it went haywire. Now we have 5 floaters left and only one girl. She might go on Weds. Why women get jealous of each other is beyond me. If the women would just stick together they would win every year.

    1. there are 6 girls right now in jury, zero dudes…if gina evicted on tuesday it will be all 7 remaining girls, zero dudes…all girls except for kaitlyn

      i would pay good money to watch jury house right now

      they should really consider to a jury special once a week – even air it on the cbs website as a bonus, or on showtime2 or tvgn, it wouldnt have to be on cbs if there was no free slot, and they could edit it to ensure no spoilers of who each is voting for

  38. The contestants on big brother ” grew up ” watching the show when it was relatively decent. Now….future generations of players will hardly exist ( unless their families allowing their children to watch, are of the same ilk as these people) my daughters and their friends will no longer allow their kids to watch. It’s a sad day when much of the programming needs bleeping out due to profanity…and the rest can not be watched due to bullying…and all this during prime time. When you think it can’t get worse….omg.

  39. Will production wake these lazy a$$ people up!! It’s Sunday so people are available to watch the live feeds but who would pay to watch these people sleep all day. There is a major POV at stake but do we see any game play? No. Do we see anyone doing anything except bashing Elissa? No.

    If BB suddenly put the jury house on live feed I would pay for it right now. Oh well I guess I have to settle for being happy that the Vegas bash is off. Can you imagine the train wreak that would have been?

  40. Why make any deals if Andy is part of the group?? Andy is already backstabbing Spencer with MC. Spencer has already caved and talked to Andy that he knows he will go up on the block with either Judd/GM ( whoever survives this week) if MC gets HOH. WHY?? Spencer!! Buy a clue! IF you could take your hands out of your pants long enough you could see that your BIG MOVE in the game would be to backdoor Andy. That could be your launching pad for a shot at the big $$. Otherwise at this point you don’t have a shot no matter who you make it to F2 with. I think GM or Judd at this point will promise you anything and MC might appreciate a good game move as a super fan, plus the fact that you did not let Andy play him for a chump. If all you are playing for is second place you have lost nothing. This is your last chance to play for first.

  41. This house is booooring…. I guess it usually gets rather dull when its down to this many ppl. But it feels extra pathetic when all they do is b*tch about the evicted ppl… Bashing Elissa’s website/business?…. wtf??… I don’t get it. I get that its a “reality” show and there’s always bitching and backstabbing and straight up dislike towards people but they seem to take things to such extremes this season. Or maybe it’s just me being overly emotional due to pregnancy hormones? lol. I dunno. If I was there I know I’d probably have my little digs towards people I didn’t like or didn’t get along with etc, but I (would like to) think that there would be some lines that wouldn’t be crossed. I understand talking about the actions of people, the personality flaws even the physical flaws…. but there comes a moment when an actual intelligent conversation or even a funny/bitch session conversation just turns into straight up ridiculousness… I find myself cheering on a new HG ever few hours and then not being able to stand them shortly after… I don’t think it’s ever gotten to the point in past seasons where I just gave up and didn’t really give a F who wins or loses.
    I hate to join the BB bashing group…. but man, this season is painful.
    GM could have been a favorite to many this season IMO… It’s a shame she has the flaws she does… STRICTLY based on GAME PLAY guess I’m cheering for GM now….. That does NOT mean I agree with anything she’s SAID all season!
    I made the mistake of saying Spencer was kinda growing on me a few days ago… And apparently according to the wise ppl of the interwebs that meant I was a pedophile! LOL Who knew eh?… Cheering for a HG does not mean you agree/condone every action, every word that comes out of their mouth. Just saying…. I’m choosing the least smelliest pile of sh*t at this point…. (I think that’s how the saying goes)

  42. Two things:

    1. Judd’s attitude is NASTY. Get him out. He does not deserve to win squat.

    2. Andy should win it all. Love or hate him, he’s played the best game out of these 5. What won me over was the Amanda vote plan went his way. That was huge. Like I said before, being a rat isn’t illegal. This is BB.

    1. I have said before, Andy played the best. But look who he was against. These people are clueless. Up against a real BB Player, the whole house would be gone. It’s ridiculous that they are still being so vile. It’s not about good game play, but making themselves feel big because the can say these things about someone not even there. Uggh… I disliked everyone this year.

  43. I really want to root for someone. I want it to be McRae at this point, but how can he be so obtuse?
    And Gina Marie is a 33 year old with the emotional intelligence of a 15 year old.
    I wish too that I could root for Andy, but he takes duplicitous to a whole new level.
    And the other two….ugh.
    Just wondering is so right….the women could rule BB if they got past the initial ego/insecurity stuff women tend to do.

  44. BB should make next summer an all-star season and bring back Rachel and Ellissa! I would love to see this season’s cast’s reactions when that happens. They would be so angry that they brought Ellissa back for all stars and not them! I’m getting so sick of this season now. All they do in the house is bash someone that already left the house! Are they that jealous of Ellisa?

  45. I am still mad about how this season ended up…how in the world did the final 5 end up with five of the biggest floaters in BB history? Especially Andy! If Andy and spencer end up in the final two, I won’t even bother watching the finale. This season has got to be one of the worst seasons I have ever watched. My favorite season of all time is season 11 with Jeff and Jordan. There weren’t as many floaters and the cast mates were WAY more interesting than these duds. I will say, however, that I will feel bad if Judd gets blindsided twice in one season…the least that that rat Andy could do is tell him that he is going home.

  46. In my head finale would go like this the winner is announced nd they are so happy I mean yu see the happiness on their face then Julie walks over with the check and then announce “Ladies and gentleman as yu well kno anything can happen on the show and this season the check will be donated to the incredible Simon and dawg of online big brother for out of the kindness of their heart listen to the vile and disgusting things that came from out of your mouth just to keep the ppl that who is to disgusted to even watch the show happy. So thank yu Simon and dawg for your consideration so now let’s forget this season ever even happened and we’ll see yu next season, oh and Elissa in a landslide yu won 25k for America’s favorite houseguest.”
    All the houseguests mouth drop open as andy shouts “I thought it would be me” and spencer almost pulls his pants down but is hauled off by security. Jtfo if only dreams could really come true

  47. I wonder if Andy wasn’t gay would more people think he is playing a very good game. He has weaved incredibly well in and out of everyone’s alliances without getting caught and masterminded and set into play some very successful backup plans in case he does. He’s still there and others aren’t. The only somewhat interesting F2 would be Andy and MC, particularly if Andy fesses up the truth to MC about what he has done when theyare the only two in the house.

    1. Gay have nothing to do with the reason Andy is not getting the support from fans. It is how he play the game backstabbing, floating can’t keep his mouth shut, always in everyone conversation a liar and the vile things that come out of his mouth.

      1. Lying and backstabbing are part of the big brother game. What makes him so unlikeable is the viciousness which has NOTHING to do with gameplay and everything to do with what type of person he is…

      1. andy being gay is not the issue andy being gross and a bitch is the problem. not a good decent person and his whiny voice is way too much to handle. then he gets close to spenser who is a horrible person with no ethic and terrible morals and on and on.

  48. When all this racism and woman bashing hatred started we all made a big mistake but it can be corrected. As much as we hate the vast majority of the cast which was hand picked by CBS people such as Allison Grodner, the advertisers are also to blame for continuing to pay to hawk their wares this network TV show. Now lets hit CBS and their advertisers where it hurts most- their wallets .

  49. Remember it was Amanda who first talked to Aaryn about her racist comments, Amanda wanted her to stop.

    If McCrae was smart he’d split the vote so Spencer would have to vote out Judd himself, That would be a smart game move since McCrae still would be the target no matter what he does.

  50. Now we know why no one stepped up to try and stop Amanda from acting like a bully to Elissa.. They are all degenerate bullies. Can understand how CBS thinks this has some sort of entertainment value.. Just have to say something about such disturbing behavior..
    As for game play and moves.. Judd’s only big move is to try and terrorize McCrea. duh.. Like that would work.
    Spenser playing for second place.. At first just wanted to be in the jury.. Spenser pls. STFU
    Andy assumes everyone is stupid.. Including the jury. . Maybe he’s right.
    McCrea just wants to survive..He’s holding the power. The veto.. Tell both GM and Judd what they don’t want to hear. >> One is leaving and both being lied to by people they trust.. No.. McCrea just goes along with the nonsense. Not smart enough to stir the pot.. Take the target off his back.
    As for GM.. Stop trying to be one of the guys.. Stop being their doormat.. Take care of yourself first. Why do you feel you must be loyal and protect and support them..Screw them.. Now you lost your job for being less than ladylike you’ll need the cash…
    I believe the Elissa bashing borders on criminal behavior.. Harrasment. She’s no longer in the game.. Therefore, no longer fair game…

    1. vote for jess, because it will annoy the hell out of amanda, it really would be funny to see the look on her face, jess winning more money than her, and jess being americas favourite… it would an awesome moment for finale night

  51. I don’t think Andy deserves to win this season he has done absolutely nothing besides be Amanda and Mcraes puppet rat Even Dan who is one of the best BB players thinks hes a rat floater all he did was gather information and report back to Amanda like a good puppy dog and all of a sudden he hates Elissa because she put him on the block and he acted like a complete whinny bitch about it THATS BIG BROTHER MUFFIN i’m sorry but if i had of been in this house ANDY and SPENCER would of been my targets because everyone deserves a chance to be there WHO FIGHT FOR IT not sloth there way to the end I cant wait for them to get out of the house because reality is gunna bitch slap them hard

  52. Bourdain. I would think Andy is playing a good game if he could have let his comments and gossip stop at game play. I really don’t care if he is gay and none of my comments have reflected that and nor have I given any thumbs up to anyone who has used derogatory terms or jokes directed at Andy for being gay. I .dislike his game because fair or not I would have thought that being a member of a group fighting for their civil rights to be recognized (marriage) he would have been more of a moral compass. Instead he has portrayed himself (not the gay community) as a vicious, arrogant, fake, disloyal hate stirring gossipmonger., He STILL can’t stop stirring the pot to get people to spew ugliness at DEPARTED HGs!! There is something to be said being for a gracious winner. IF and I think it is a big IF he wins (never should have let is arrogance get the best of him for telling AM in his parting message that he backed stabbed her- Has he MET her??) then I hope he uses a BIG chunk for therapy. He really needs it.

  53. You Brenchal fans are nuts. You’re talking about the same Elissa who teamed up with Helen and supported her stupid strategy to have the house all vote the same making for a dud of a season, you’re also talking about Elissa the person who supported Helen’s other moronic decision that it was always to early to put anyone up on the block and always too early to vote anyone out making for a thud of a season.She’s no favorite, she was the biggest help to ruin the game.this season. Hope to never see or hear from her again.

  54. Did Elissa win this game, they can’t get her out of there minds. Forget all who are in jury, it’s done, move on. Damn stupid people here.

  55. smt, I am not referencing you or any others who are not anti gay, but you must admit there are many people who are and do not like Andy for his sexual preference which might overshadow their objectivety. I am in no way suggesting that Andy does not have his faults.

  56. We’ve all been talking about the trash they been saying about evicted HGs which is disgusting but what about the guys laughing at GM’s injuries? Yes GM is a gutter rat and whatever happens outside the house as a result of her behavior she’ll get no sympathy here. But what kind of males are these that will laugh to her face when she is so injured? She has a broken foot and a busted knee on the other leg. And she cut herself cooking last night. What? One of these guys couldn’t make her something to eat?

    These males are the worst example of Y chromosomes I’ve ever seen.

  57. Probaby cBS will go the same route but will definitely include in the contract that they will have to be obedient to Production or they will not recieve some of thier stipend or some way to get them to be more pliable and less rebellious. The Dorks ( Andy Judd) hijacked this season and SEE B. S. screwed up by rigging a predeterminded final 2 and a trying to build a season around them. The MVP Killed some of the most interesting and powerfull players immediately and sank the season down to catering to the predestined. Eventually the natives got restless and did not like being used to eventually get voted out so they Hijacked the season ( I dont blame them but they suck ) They suck as people and players. They are boring as 4 Middleschool boys. As the ratings drop through floor and CBS has to defend themselves in multiple court cases as each of these creatins realize that cant be employed. Cbs can reevaluate which kind of bottom dwellers they will get for next season. They will not change the kind of people they recruit but they will Legally protect themselves with a contract resembling the type for MTV reality shows. CBS hit pay dirt. Now they have to figure how to mine without it caving in on them. It is up to each House guest wheather they will get in the house and be pond scum and CBS will remind them of the ramifications and then pick those with the least self control for ratings sake. NEXT season there will be threesomes and actual fights more name calling, bed hopping and the such. Yup tune in.

  58. Thanks Bourdain. I can admit that homophobia could a factor. I’m not gay so I can’t really relate to what anyone who is has to deal with. And that being said I guess I am being naïve when I just assume everyone is just judging Andy for his BB behavior. Peace.

    1. Most people ARE judging Andy on his behavior! I have seen a couple of homophobic comments and I (and most others on this board) have given those comments thumbs down. I can’t stand Andy because he has participated in and encouraged the bullying and racism. His being gay has nothing to do with it.

  59. As a huge fan of the show it sucks because all I really want to watch for now is to see if Andy and Spencer get voted out. I hate that one of these five people are going to win this mess.

    My highlight of the season was when Elissa laughed at Amanda when she was trying to get her to save her and also when Andy tried to barge in on conversations and she told him to get out.

    The low points were the non stop bullying and racism. A huge disappointment was Julie’s failure to call out Amanda on her crap. CBS should be ashamed that they did not step in and put a stop to these actions.

    I will not be surprised if next season is not an All Star edition to get this taste out of America’s mouths. Hopefully none of this years cast will be invited back and if you do keep the MYP twist please let America vote for it. In fact it might be interesting if you had a season where America voted for one or more of the evictions.

    1. Julie would’ve grilled Demanda, but they didn’t have the time, because of the DE. She should’ve went she was MVP nom, but the sheep saved her.

      1. there was more than enough time to ask about amandas racism, etc and call her out

        julie chose to word it “do you regret anything you did or said”

        she had time to laugh and joke at one point of the interview

        and the serious julie chen face of the aaryn interview was nowhere to be seen, they were like old friends catching up

        very weak

  60. does anyone else think it is funny that we all call andy the rat, a much deserved nickname and he is in a alliance called the exterminators with the 3 dumbest people that entered the house. seriously do not like andy and im a gay dude who wanted him to be different when his only forends were helen and ellisa and allt he other called him names and talked shit behind his back.
    sorry andy you are gross. and we like elissa because she is a good person not because of her sister who i never knew anyway.

  61. PUT ANDY up, why would Spencer want second – and Andy telling Judd will I was on the block two weeks ago, Who cares, your a loser, I want him out but like Spencer said Puxxy is a strong part and he is playing like one

  62. Job Losses on BB15:
    Aaryn – dumped by her agency. Racist comments not allowed. Bet her parents and family are in hiding.
    Amanda – I am not sure that she even sells real estate because there are videos of her on reality shows before BB15. But I can’t imagine that her family run real estate agency will fare well after hearing her foul, racist comments and seeing her disgusting actions. Bet her parents and family are in hiding.
    McCrae – he better move to FL. I suspect if that pizza place has watched the BBAd they will have heard how he keeps his car full of trash, and that he barely showers.
    Spencer – I know there is a union involved in his railroad position and they’ve said they will take all of his actions under their union contract requirements but ten to one they will transfer him to a lowly desk job, cut his pay in half and in less than a month find a way to get this foul mouthed, vile disgusting person out of their sight. Not to mention he said he smoked pot on the job. Sheesh.
    Andy – I wouldn’t be surprised if he is out of a teaching job. He is vile, and has said some things about the houseguests that are just revolting. (same as Spencer)
    Judd – I am not sure what Judd does, but with the hate and filth coming out of his mumbles, I can’t imagine he would keep any job.
    GinaM – she’s been dumped by the pagent for racist remarks. After that we saw gutter language and some very very hateful things said to people. In one second she is a little girl bouncing with enthusiasm and the next she is spewing farts and hate and racist comments.
    This is the household as of now. I think they all will be out of jobs for a long time but it appears at least one will win the big bucks and a second will come in second and win some bucks. They better save those dollars because they are going to need them.

    1. Aaryn–Her mother has hired a PR Firm and their first action was for Aaryn’s mother to apologize publicly then blame Julie Chen and BB. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      Amanda–Her real estate license has been placed on inactive. In FL a Broker must activate a license. If they end the business relationship with the agent, the license goes inactive until another Broker activates it. After a certain amount of time it’s revoked. Amanda worked at the same Broker that her mother did–Prudential and her license was active when she went into the house. So now well see if any other Broker will allow her to work for them. In an interview, her father blamed Candice and BB.

      McCrea–We saw his mother was not thrilled with the showmance and since he told Demanda that she is just like his mom’s side of the family, I think he has some explaining to do. His friends will give him grief for how he played and I’m sure he won’t be delivering pizza win or lose. As far as going to FL to be with Demanda, if he does then he deserves whatever hell comes his way.

      Spencer–If he’s not outright terminated, all they have to do is change his job to something in a small windowless room with a camera. He’ll be gone within a week because workplaces have rules about putting your hand down your pants while on the job.

      Andy–He’s a “Professor” at a community college with only one or two classes a term. So he is a term to term employee. It’s most likely they won’t renew his contract next term.

      GM–She worked kiddie pageants so no one is going to let her any where children after this. She’ll be lucky to find a job asking if the customer wants fries with that order. But we know it won’t be at Wendy’s because the late founder was adopted and was a strong advocate of adoption.

      Whatever these HG’s win they will have to pay both Fed and State taxes so whatever they have left they better save because their future is not looking real bright.

      1. Yes, in make-believe world Amanda and Aaryn were provoked to do what they did on the show.

        I’m not surprised at all, I expect people like them to deny responsibility. Yea, blame it on the show, CBS made you do it, go with that, and watch them not bother calling you back ROLMFAO

      2. Spencer’s mother has claimed that he is not actually racist, homophobic, etc., just making inappropriate comments to fit in with the other house guests who are actually racist, homophobic, etc. While that statement is somewhat laughable, I have to say that his mother certainly has a creative PR spin for his behavior. The best Aaryn’s mother could come up with was to bring up that her prom date was African-American, which is the go to excuse when people labeled racist don’t want to be viewed as racist… it’s always, “I’m not racist, homophobic, etc., some of my best friends are ____.” Fill in that blank with any ethnic/minority group.

    1. I’m guessing they’ve been bored for the past 8 weeks like the rest of us… Very small amounts of entertainment spikes here and there, only thing that gave this season high ratings was the “bigotry” of 95% of the HGs.

  63. Andy is not giving the gay community as good name at all. The way he talks about Ellisa and the other girls is so degrading that I think he hates women. He is one weird little guy and I would not like him teaching my kids. The comments that come out of his mouth are not a good example for any students. He seems more like a college student than a professor.
    I think at this point we have to choose the lesser of the evils. I think it would be McCrea. I just hope his family will surround him and talk some sense into him about Amanda. If he wins, she would spend his money for him if he does not get some sound financial help. He could open his own pizza parlor. But that might just be too much work for him. He seems pretty lazy to me…lol.

      1. Probably the lawyers telling them the legal department will have less headaches if they just let them sleep threw the rest of the season.

  64. I knew you would be back because, well, you’re an enormous douche.

    lurker |?l?rk?r| noun
    a person who lurks, in particular a user of an Internet message board or chat room who does not participate.

    With that being said… how about a little less participation from you?
    Oh, and I always cuss, so I don’t have a problem saying STFU!

    Since you’re an expert in pissing people off, how am I doing?

    1. That comment is for Lurker007 whose thoughts we all treasure for the gems that they are…. now go back to listening to your One Direction CD.

  65. Call it a premonition or an epiphany, but something told me not to get the live feeds this year. This was the first year, that I didn’t get sucked in to purchasing it and by golly, I’m doing the happy dance!!

    I am, however, glad I found this site. You sum up all the basics and neccesities to know. So one good thing came out of this year and that is finding this site!!

  66. So Judd you talked crap about what Amanda did to Elissa yet you would turn around and do it to McCrea. The stupid part is Amanda and Judd would have both been doing for Andy. McCrea, Judd, Spencer and GM don’t drink the Andy koolaid.

  67. Ginamarie didn’t mind Elissa dying her funky ass hair but bashes her when she leaves. Take a lesson from Candice and keep it real, boo.

  68. If big brother wants to maintain a fan base after this deplorable group of house rats, they should enforce punishments ie:

    1/ every time you say the f word…you get a demerit point. 10 demerits….slop for 24 hours
    2/ every time you use other profanities most foul…like the c word ….cold shower and Have not beds…additional 24 hours
    3/ continue to use the above, points stack up and your name disk will be pulled from draw to play in p.o.v.
    4/ for the houseguest that have ” a do not care attitude” second nominee on the block and let the remaining house guests decide if you stay or not

    These are just examples. I am sure CBS and bb can come up win with their own. I remember watching bb Canada, and after a couple of days I remember a house guest said she or he had been reprimanded for excessive use of bad language….it calmed down considerably…although none of them came close this bunch of foul mouthed illiterate, perverted, bullying, disgusting, embarassing citizens of America.

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