“If JUDD says something stupid about me i’m going to have to crack his **** skull open” -GM

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


6:06pm Everyone in the bedroom.. Random chit chats

They all agree Helen was ruthless in the game and it’s a good thing they got her out. Andy says she use to tell him her GoodBye messages and they were brutal.

Spencer brings up that Elissa said they pumped a gas into the Big BRother house to keep them healthy.
McCrae says it pisses him off when she said that because it was complete BS.

6:23pm JUDD and MC playing pool
JUDD says he hadn’t had a chance to play pool since he’s back so he decide to today.. “Take it all in.. incase you all get shady on me at the end of the week”
JUDD – ‘Nothing is changing your vote right’
MC – ‘No’
JUDD – ‘no way no how’
JUDD – ‘I wouldn’t freak out if you did.. if you weren’t going to.. you are going to right’
MC – ‘what you say’
JUDD – ‘you are going to keep me right’
MC – ‘ya’
JUDD – ‘Don’t think i’ll flip out or something’
MC – ‘ya’

JUDD – ‘I want to start running tomorrow do you want to’
MC – ‘F*** no’
JUDD – ‘I’m outta cigs… pointer to people on Big Brother 16 brings twice the smokes.. and stronger ones’

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


6:37pm Backyard the boys
Chatting about avoiding bars filled with afliction shirt wearing a$$holes. JUDD says he much rather drink around older people. Andy says his favorite bar is a dive bar. McCrae’s favorites are always dives to.

MC leaves to use the washroom. JUDD apologizes for losing his cool yesterday he admits to being a sore loser. JUDD says they had it all figured out to final 4 and like usual something derails it. Andy say that happens every time, He mentions how Amanda won the Zing Bot veto.

JUDD leaves

Andy says the being on the block blues has shifted from JUDD to GM. Andy asks Spencer if anything has changed. Spencer says no nothing has changed JUDD is still going up tomorrow. Spencer- ‘Dude we can F*** do this make it to final 3″

MC – “I’m worried i’ll go out 4th’
Spencer – ‘not if I have the power bro”
Andy – ‘Ya’
MC – “I want that next HOH so bad”
Andy -same”
Spencer – “And I can play in it’
Spencer and Andy say MC doesn’t have to worry about going out fourth they want to take him to final 3.

MC says that JUDD had a second chance and GM was in the dark the entire time. MC doesn’t think GM played as hard as they all did because her best friend won HOH 4 times and she won HOH 2 times this means she had 6 weeks of safety.
Andy – “It sucks because both of them feel i’m 100% solid”
MC – “Ya that is how they feel about me to”
Spencer says their decision on who to get out should be based on who they cannot beat in the next HOH and Veto.
MC – “I keep seeing GM win this next HOH in my head and it’s really scaring me”
MC says it’s going to be the step up step down competition. He would bet money that the competition will be like that. Spencer thinks they can Beat GM easier than JUDD in the before or after competition.

MC says he doesn’t want to push JUDD because he doesn’t want them to think he’s with him. MC says personally he would rather have JUDD in the house.

Gm joins them.

7:08pm BAckyard GM, Spencer and Andy

GM – “If JUDD says something stupid about me i’m going to have to crack his f*** skull open”

Spencer and Andy tell her she has nothing to worry about. GM says JUDD had a second chance and he quit that last POV he doesn’t deserve to be here as much as her.

Andy – “I wonder what this final HOH will be.. I think it’ll be questions”
GM -”It’s gotta be questions”
Andy – “I wonder if days is this veto.. or in the final 3”
MC joins them says days is final 4 veto.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


7:20pm Kitchen Andy and Spencer
Andy says he has 100% in GM and only 90% in JUDD
Spencer wonders that maybe Andy can make a deal with JUDD to throw the next HOH.
JUDD comes in jokes around “You guys talking about voting me out.. ”
Spencer leaves. JUDD asks Andy if he’s keeping him. Andy says yes gives him a hard time for asking him the same thing all the time.
JUDD says he’s going to ask Andy 3 times a day maybe even 5. Andy laughs says he understands.

7:29pm Backyard the boys McCrae says his mom pays for his cell phone otherwise he wouldn’t have one. He usually just uses his tablet and find a free wifi hot spot. Andy is shocked he doesn’t have a iPhone, JUDD says McCrae needs to get one after the show. MCCrae doesn’t see the point because he can do everything with his tablet.
Spencer says he doesn’t have a iPhone he has the Nokia windows phone and he really likes it.

GM tells them her mom knows her Facebook login. JUDD doesn’t use Facebook anymore, “I hate Facebook.. I like Twitter”
GM – “Twitter is boring”
Andy really likes Facebook
GM like Facebook
JUDD – “I hate Facebook.. it;s so slow”
GM – you need a faster computer
JUDD – I use it on my phone
Andy – “I think it’s rare to meet someone that doesn’t use Facebook”
JUDD says he deleted his Twitter because he thought they had to
MG says it was optional they didn’t have to.


7:55pm BAckyard JUDD and MC
MC says Andy and Spencer have some deal it’s obvious because Andy put Spencer up yet Spencer refuses to put Andy up. MC doesn’t want them to catch on how close they are so he suggests JUDD throw MC under the bus.

8:08pm Backyard the boys
Gm is in the kitchen cleaning the fridge.
Andy – Did Jody have a picture on the memory wall..
MC – That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.
Spencer gets up to leave “I’m going to go check on those f*** dogs”

8:37pm HOH Andy, Spencer and MC

Trying to decide who to vote out this week. Sounds like they are leaning more to getting JUDD out. MC says he keeps tells JUDD that Andy and Spencer are working together.
Spencer – ‘I Wish there was a clear cut choice’
MC – “I’ll do whatever you want”
Spencer – “This point of the game we have to put all the bullshit behind us I need you more than you need me”
They all agree GM has been really b!tchy towards JUDD. She keeps harping on JUDD giving up on the POV contest. Spencer ways GM always approaches sportsmanship yet she’s the biggest poor sport out of them all. MC says GM doesn’t understand the concept that they do not need to win every competition.

Spencer says he thought it through last night and the 18th must be the finale. They are all expecting Elissa to win the 25K, Andy says he’s going to be sick.
Spencer – ‘If you can trust JUDD and say throw the HOH and we’ll keep you.. but you can’t trust him”
MC – “I dunno.. you guys can decide”
Spencer – “I really want you guys to decide”
Andy – “JUDD can do better in the next competition”
Spencer – “I agree”
MC – “Ya yup”

MC – ‘we’ve all had our facets of the game that we played really well” MC start saying how JUDD and GM do not deserve to be in the house.

JUDD comes in for awhile.. things seem uncomfortable for a couple minutes and JUDD decides to leave. McCrae, Andy and MC cannot understand why JUDD is acting so jumpy.. Andy says he’s acting like a baby.

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:30pm Andy and Spencer They agree that it’s getting tough having to see people they like in the game go. Andy wishes the house was filled with people he hated that way evicted them would be easy.

MC joins them and they start talking about Elissa wanting to quit the game if she was going to be in jury. MC says even Helen started to really dislike Elissa after she said that.

MC brings up a time when Elissa told him and Amanda how much she cared about the game, CBS and the opportunity of being on the show yet she was telling everyone she was quitting if she was sent to Jury.

Andy and McCrae agree ELissa was the only person in the house that they personally didn’t like.
MC – “Those are the people you actually want to puke on”
Spencer – “I wish there was a way to get JUDD and GM to agree to throw the HOH”
Andy thinks there’s no way anyone would do that.


9:44pm JUDD screams down “HEY C***Suckers” they get Alcohol

9:46pm JUDD and MC MC tells him that Andy and Spencer have noticed JUDD is really worried. JUDD says it understandable anyone would be worried if they are going on the block this late in the game.

JUDD – ‘You know me I got tricks up my sleeve brother.. you’re not telling them things I tell you”
MC – “no”
JUDD – “don’t get mad if things get crazy.. something just doesn’t add up.. I sound like Amanda right now
MC – “Just as long as I don’t get in trouble i’m fine”

Spencer and Andy join them

Spencer says Jeremy told him he made all his money for his boat selling drugs. MC thinks it was a true story.

10:00pm Spencer and Andy are cautioning McCrae about moving to Florida.

JUDD offers MC a beer for some smokes.
MC says sure he’ll throw in a fourth bonus cig.

10:08 backyard the boys

McCrae is talking about a girl that he broke up with right before coming on the show.
MC – ‘I feel that I am totally a lover .. Im f**ing like what I said before.. I never feel like I have loved because I don’t know what the F*** means, what it is.. what is love.. all that stupid sh!t”
MC – ‘I don’t know what I feel for anyone ever at any given moment.. I don’t know what the F*** i’m supposed to like… I dunno.. to me it’s weird.. I feel like here we’re in this vacuum.. no one knows what the f*** is happening in the outside world all there is is this.. theres nothing else outside of this world’

(Spencer and Andy are really working McCrae to be extra careful with Amanda)


10:51pm Andy is running, McCrae playing pool JUDD chatting to them both.

Spencer joins them in the backyard with a pair of pliers he tries to fix the slinky.


11:21pm Storage room Andy and McCrae Andy claims he doesn’t know what to do he feels that he keeps flipping between who to get out. McCrae mentions Spencer is right if they can convince GM to throw the next HOH it would be perfect. McCrae doesn’t think this is possible though. Andy says he wishes GM would have won the HOH and gotten GM out that way it would be all three of them playing in the next HOH.

11:23pm Bedroom JUDD and Andy

Andy says JUDD is safe this week he doesn’t have to worry. JUDD is worried that McCrae and Specner had planned something. Andy says he trusts Spencer 100%. JUDD – “I don’t know what McCrae is going to do i’m banking on Spencer”
Andy – “Ya you should”

11:37pm HOH Spencer and Andy

They are joking around in a perfect world they could get McCrae to use the veto to save GM and they would vote MC out. Spencer says in return for MC using the Veto on GM she would throw the next HOH competition.
Andy – “his cocky a$$ thought he would make it to the end with Amanda”
Spencer says if McCrae uses the veto on GM he’s a dumba$$ and McCrae isn’t dumb. Andy thinks McCrae is suspicious of them.

Spencer says if something could be done and save the exterminators I want to do it”
JUDD joins them.
Spencer “You can come in dude you don’t need to knock”

Spencer brings up all the weird sh!t GM has to do with her hair. Andy knows he’s never been around hair extensions before.

JUDD leaves..
Spencer – ‘I feel bad for him.. we’ve almost made our decision but we haven’t told him 100% this is what we are doing”
Andy – ‘McCrae is such a wild card in my mind.. I don’t know what he will do’


11:54pm McCrae and JUDD

MC says Spencer and Andy think they are working together.
JUDD – “I’ll stop that real quick tomorrow (JUDD winks).. are they thinking they want me out”
MC doesn’t think so
MC – “You have to make f*** sure they don’t think we are working together”

JUDD says GM has been acting funny lately. He thinks GM is actually a really good game player. MC agrees.

MC – “You have to make them think you will always take them”
JUDD – ‘ya for sure everyone is making deals right now”

JUDD – “I got your back I know you have mine”


12:00AM HOH Spencer and Andy

They decide they are going to try and convince McCrae to use the veto on GM. They will tell McCrae its the only way they can make a deal for GM to throw the next HOH. The hope would to make MCCrae think they are loyal to the final 3 with him and they would vote to keep him. Secretly this is the only way they can think of to keep the exterminators in the final 4. McCrae would go home. Andy and Spencer don’t think it’s going to work but are going to try a bit anyways

McCrae joins them.

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Andy, if you say something about Jeff or anybody. He will definitely bust your mouth like a little b$tch!!!!

Andy the racist

Someone living in Chicago needs to teach Andy a lesson


I want Mcrae to win to show America how much of a GOLD DIGGER she is . If i had left my GOLD DIGGER wife alone i would still be in the NFL . Now i am sitting at home watching Big Brother . Hey if you work for Dallas Cowboys call me please .


Amanda has said on multiple occasions that she plans on being McCrae’s sugar mama. Not sure how she is a gold digger if she told a broke ass pizza dude she wants him to move down and live with her.


she will only want him if he wins money…then she will spend it all…then dump him, because thats the kind of person amanda is

she is currently frantic on adderall in jury trying to convince the girls to vote for mccrae if he is in final 2 so she gets at least a 250k payout(half his winnings)

i think its doubtful mccraes family and friends would want him associated with her after the show, and he might realize he is better off without her

Chicago Here

been hoping I run into Andy here, and let him have it.


Andy will run and hide. Oh yeah!! He will begged for mercy but Brendon hold him while Jeff punch him right at his mouth and bleed to death. Andy, you should say any crap about jeff or anybody.

Judd's huge ego

Judd, shut the fuck up already. You are sounding like a broken record with your constant belly aching. Your retarded ass should have been evicted (for the second time) weeks ago. You are so cocky. Why? You’re a pile of shit. And you are accusing McCrae of getting shady? I fell on the floor laughing about that. You are the shadiest asshole in this game. And your line that you quit Facebook because it is too slow? Actually asshole, YOU are too slow for FB. God I can’t wait til your ugly stupid ass is blind sided this week. And don’t kid yourself about Aaryn kissing you. She only did it to get your vote to keep her. I have a feeling she burned her lips and rubbed listerine over them the minute after you left the room. Asshole.


Are you kidding? Look at who is left……….
Andy who is the biggest floater EVER. Andy thinks he is making huge game moves and he is NOT. He thinks he says the most clever things which are really worse then listening to Judd complain.
Spencer who is absolutely repulsive with the way he talks about women. He is disgusting and I literally want to throw up every time he talks about women like they are a piece of meat.
MC who basically made it this far because he chose to hook up with a bully. Not a game move, a move made because he can’t play for himself.
GM who doesn’t understand English……the language she speaks and is a lunatic stalker.

And you say you can’t wait for Judd to go to jury? He is the only person in there that deserves to win. Give me one good reason anyone else in there deserves it.

Good-bye Judd

Judd is not worthy of winning the game. To be honest, none of the top 5 are really deserving of winning BB but McRae probably has the best case. McRae was a competitor but other than the first competition, hid that fact for the first half of the game. He was smart by letting Amanda be the bully and fight the battles for them both. He also, hasn’t said as many rude things about people like Judd has. Everyone think Judd is this nice, sweet guy but with his treatment towards Elissa and constant complaining, we have seen his true character. Also, the fact that he used his relationship with a couple of girls to get himself further in the game is degrading and disgusting.


Well then, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! I think you are taking bb too serious there my dude!

Ollie dumps April

Does anyone else think the eye looking in in the opening look like Judd’s?


I do not know if any of you watches the tv show survivor, if you do what is up with them bringing back Colton for another season his racism and bullying makes Aaryn and Amanda look like angels. I am now thinking CBS loves the controversy.

This Season Blows

Probst is even worse than Grodner with bringing back players and twists that nobody wanted to see anymore (i.e. Rupert and Redemption Island being brought back yet again). I haven’t watched Survivor in ages, hopefully Grodner can either be fired or drop her obsession with lame twists and the Reilly family soon before I start to feel just as apathetic towards BB.

king Farouk

They will do the same thing with Rupert that they did with Boston Rob, keep brining him back til he wins, I hate you they say Rob was the greatest survivor, sure…..they gave him enough chances.


I agree about survivor enough is enough! I liked Rupert first time but come on? Boston Rob got on my nerves, he sounded so fu#$ing stupid, And talk about bullying? wow Rob was was doing this Charles Manson head game with everyone. New Game, New people!

In my humble opinion

I’m with you on that. I hate ANY time when a former player comes back for another season (be it Big Brother or Survivor). I hated all-stars and I didn’t like the coach aspect of BB 14. And I don’t like when they bring someone back for a cameo appearance (Jessie in Pandora’s box, Ian to host a competition, prego annoying Britney at the start of this year’s season, etc). It’s lame. Those guys had their 15 minutes the years they were on. Let somebody new shine. I haven’t watched Survivor in years either. This may be my last for BB. CBS really needs to re-invent these games because they’ve become so predictable with the same competitions, almost to a tee each season. Savvy HGs know what’s coming and prepare for it. The element of surprise should be there every time. Also tired of the political correctness and people getting in an uproar if somebody says something ‘offensive’. When you start censoring speech, or rebuking one for excercising their right of it (as in the case of Chen with Aaeyn), it’s no longer fun to watch. Maybe it’s time to just cancel the series and forget the reality tv angle.


I understand where you’re coming from about former house guests coming back but are you kidding me? You didn’t like all stars? That was absolutely the best season big brother is ever had other than season 2 and possibly season 8 all Stars rules I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t like that season a lot . Wow

who cares

cbs should have a look at this….especially the part about the rules. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0M41mUHix8&list=PLB51FC8D6D9EC8AD7

cbs sucks

cbs has an obsession with families…. the Hantz, family and the reillys.. enough is enough get some fresh faces in there and forget about past house guest.. I for one am sick at looking at the same people year after year on bb and suvivor..

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

This final 5 > Elissa and Rachel. FACT.


I agree 100 percent. All this racism that being portrayed not only on big brother but in main stream media is crazy. BB15, Oprah’s controversy, Oscar Grant, Zimmerman trial etc…For CBS to broadcast this bullshit is insane. It is almost like they are condoning it purposely for ratings.


2ne1 is da frikken BOMB!


What prize do I win as I called it, “Eviction Episode” for the 9/11 show…..I just hope its GM that goes, will help McCrae’s game the best…

Mccrae You BB Fool

Haha If Mccrae does not go into the final 2, I believe he is the worst bb player of all time, he knew Andy was lying but he said he wanted to go with the house and get rid of Elissa. Mccrae why would you do what the house wants with your Hoh IN the FINAL 6!!! Sending home your only alliance member because the house wanted her gone is the worst bb move of all time for me unless he makes the final 2

i agree

OMG i agree and i know it will not happen but wouldn’t it be awesome twist and may save the season a wee bit if they brought back Amanda and Elissa and push the finale to the 25th. I know it is late in the game for Pandoras box but production has been running everything why not make that an amazing twist. This whole time Amanda and Elissa been watching feeds seeing what is going on awwwwww to dream … this could save the BB15 because right now it is horrible.

just Thinkin'

I watched BBAD last night…for as long as I could stand seeing Andy, that is. McSlug was in his typical flat on his back pose but he actually spoke words. Of course he can’t say a sentence without the “like” being thrown in every 2 words (picked it up from Elissa no doubt) He was on a rant that Elissa said she was not going to Jury House and how despicable that was and he wanted to puke. Did I not hear Amanda say that too?…. If Amanda thinks she is going to put some energy and clean hygiene into McSlug, she is wrong. He is happy in his world. GinaM, considering her mouth utterances, even hated being chained to him because “he is the dirtiest one here”.
Spencer Spencer Spencer. You are one lucky SOB if Marilyn really did send you “sugars”…I have to believe that girl has never watched BBAD and heard you speak about women and watched your disgusting behavior. Watching you pick your nose last night went to an all new level…and I swear that when the drops of yogurt left your beard, the contents of the nose were added.
As for Judd, I never know what the hell he is saying.
i don’t want anyone to win…


If they send GM home, who is going to clean up after the pigs?


Tas….when BB first started Helen and Elissa were the only 2 that cleaned. Then Helen went home and Elissa did it all until BB told the rest to clean up(they did a half ass job with Andy walking around from room to room and in circles) Then Elissa went home now it is Ginamarie doing it all. As to your question who will clean up after these pigs? No one will. I can just see them literally being carried away by ants. Every year they have an issue with ants all over the place. You would think that they would learn. I laughed one night when Elissa cooked a huge meal for them. They all sat down and ate and then walked away and left her to clean up. Talk about being inconsiderate. If I cook a dinner than someone elsee will clean up. I get so tired of seeing that room where Homanduh and Mccrae used. Can you imagine all the condom wrappers under the bed? Or even more gross the used condoms? They should put in the contract that they sign when they enter the house that if they dont keep the house clean than money will be taken from their stipend. Hit them were it hurts….in the wallet. I cant even see any of the men doing any chores. Homanduh even washed the sheets for the first time since the show started because she even said it herself that mccrae wouldnt do it after she was gone.Heck McCrae doesnt even shower or brush his teeth daily which is soooo gross….and she kept kissing him….ewwww. This BB season has been the worse for messy pigs in the house. Who can go to bed and leave all that food and garbage on the counter?


I’m not crazy over anyone in the house, but I can deal with Mccrea. But what really bothers me with this group is The men have no balls! When GM was HOH Amanda asked her if it was a tie would she vote to keep her. GM said plain out “NO”. Why all this lying just say you dont figure in my game. Sorry! All the guys do is lie. All a bunch of wimps! I give credit to GM. If I had my choice I would want GM and MC final 2.


So who does it look like will be evicted? GM or Judd?


g.M needs to go.

Big Bro 16

Little bro 15………..you are boring.

MC to win it

I honestly have never seen so much double talk, my head hurts trying to make sense of who is really lying and who is telling the truth on their alliance. I don’t care anymore who wins, but if I had to make a choice I want MC in the end get it, so he can tell Amanda to screw off, and go party with all his friends and family in Minnesota. It sounds like his family needs the money.


Mic to win it:
It’s simple. They are all lying about everything all the time… No breaks. It;s never-ending and constant..They even lie about their lies.. They are afraid to tell the truth because, Andy especially, needs to avoid a confrontation.. They have all lied so much and often that any truth could ruin the game for any one of the exterminator alliance.. . I think the exceesive lying along with the MVP really messed up this season
If McCrea can win his way to final two then all the lies back-stabbing, betrayal would have been for nothing.. Because in the end the jury controls who wins..


The way they have voted this season, my guess would be Amanda and Helen controls who wins. If GM and Judd were smart they would approach Mcrae and tell him about the not alliance, then get mcrae to convince Spencer not to play for second put up Andy. Then get rid of Spencer and Mcrae


most jury votes are going to be unpredictable

i want to see the fights in jury right now

aaryn v candice
aaryn v elissa
jess v amanda
jess v helen
candice v amanda
elissa v amanda


What a snoozefest.


Do the Amanda/Helen threat…..tell Spencer if he doesn’t put Andy up, they won’t give him his vote, or whoever stays will vote him out if he doesn’t win the final 4 HOH/POV. Andy needs to go!!!!!!


Duh, Mc has no say in who is going home this week. Andy and Spenser will decide and it looks like they are set on voting out Judd. Too late MC you got rid of the one person who would have voted with you!!! Another Helen move.


Those five that are left are so lame. i still say the fish are the best ones left in the house. Give the money to the fish !!!!!!!! And Elissa for America`s Favorite.


Sorry but I’m a little confused about the votes. Does McCrae plan on keeping Judd? Thanks in advance for answering.


In an ideal situation, I think McCrae would rather keep Judd.

Elissa for the Win

It’s Game play! If McPussy votes to keep Judd and the red rat bastard votes to keep GM, then Spencer has to break the tie. Sounds like Judd is going next! Don’t really care–he could have had Elissa as an ally but he was too dumb to figure it out. Now he’ll be talking to the Chenbot on Wednesday and Elissa can smirk upon his arrival to the Jury House!


Had Judd used the veto on Elissa, those two would have been on the block together this week. Judd vetoing her would have been far and beyond the dumbest move of the season, second only to that airhead flipping to work with McCranda and Andy.

Why is this a hard concept for the Elissa sycophants to grasp?


VaginaMaracist needs get over herself. Newsflash trash: the other dude on the block has a right to campaign as well.

As for Judd giving up on the veto, Andy said he did as well. They didn’t understand the puzzle and there was no way in hell to beat McCrea, as he was like one piece away. Who the hell cares?


Andy is annoying! Put his ass up!


We have Spencer threatening to sh!t on stage and Andy throwing up if Elissa wins Favorite Player…my vote is for Elissa!


For whatever reason nobody but Elissa has had the nerve to put up Andy otherwise he would have been gone long ago. He’s playing Dan’s game.


Hope the rumour is true and Big Brother is pumping oxygen into the BB House. Those guys are so low energy, they need to be on extra oxygen.


I finally figured it out…Big Brother Slacker Edition!

Bored Viewer

LOL! I’ve been referring to it as Big Brother 15: Crackhead Edition


Don’t even know why they are contemplating keeping GM she has won the most HOHs aside from McCrae, took down Amanda, and has at least one vote locked in. Aside from McCrae she has the best chance of winning.


The thing is, Spenser and Andy seem to have low opinion of women..At least that’s what i get from what they have said.. They assume GM is a dumb dyed blonde. She has injuries and Spandy would rather go up against a female who is handicapped at this time. Plus she has several enemies in the jury house..Judd is a threat to them because he’s a guy. And they assume the jury like him..I’m pretty sure McCrea wants to keep him.. I hope it is a tie and Spenser is forced to vote out a member of this alliance of a**h***s.


Just my opinion but if it’s a tie I don’t think Spencer will keep GM. He would rather take his chances of going to F2 with McCrae. I think he knows that keeping GM is not good as he knows she will fight despite her injuries and he is lousy in endurance. He will think he has a better chance with Judd. IMO

Ok I get it

These guys are dirt poor. Now I understand the hatred with Elissa. Elissa hasn’t done anything to them personally, but she didn’t live in the same world they did. Elissa had the house that they didn’t have. Elissa was not living at home as they were. Elissa had financial stability and they did not. So Elissa had no connection on a personal level with these guys. They wanted one of their own to win and Elissa would never be part of their group.


that’s way oversimplifying the issue. just because elissa had advantages the other’s didn’t, she could have related to them on other, different levels, without talking down to them, or acting as if she was “better”.

i figured insecurity led her to constantly demean the others, it wasn’t needed, and no one appreciates that. at best, she is socially awkward, at worst, she’s insecure and feels the need to beat others down in order to build herself up. that would also explain the ton of cosmetic surgery in her mid 20’s. hate to think 20 years down the road…

Heres what I

Elissa tried to get by in the game without anyone knowing her relationship to her sister and look where that got her. I feel that if they are going to say that she does not need to be in this game because she doesn’t need the money is part of the reason why they dislike her so much. She tried not to talk about her personal life for quite some time, but then others started to attack her because she never talked about her life outside the house. When she did, then she was condescending. She couldn’t win for trying. I do think there are some things that she could have done or said differently such as her ‘disgust’ for people, but once they knew she was Rachel’s sister, she was doomed no matter what she did.


bullsh!t. if she had stood on her own from the start, her relationship to rachel could have been overcome. money is the only reason to be on bb, whether she confesses she “needs” it or not. and, for someone who doesn’t “need” money, she sure talked about it and it’s advantages enough.

even if an appearance is for potential fame it could bring, bottom line is to raise exposure to make more money, and to feed an ego with the attention. she came across fake and insulting, and met her end justly.

Heres what I

Hey North,

Elissa was willing to go on her own, but when she became a target (right from the start) she made a wise move to team up with Helen b/c it took some of the heat off of her. Rarely did they show Helen and Elissa strategizing and out of those times we did see Elissa wanting to make a power play to get some of the bigger players out. However, she did not have the support of others and she was not in a position (HOH) to call the shots, which she was frustrated by. Perhaps if she was, we might have seen her step up sooner. (I can only speculate.)

I don’t think I explained my point very well in the previous post about the money aspect of her game. The other players were saying that Elissa didn’t deserve to be on the show and she shouldn’t win the game because she doesn’t need the money like the others do. It wasn’t Elissa that was saying that. They despised her because they were jealous that Elissa (like Amanda) had someone help her get her foot in the door to be on the show, and once she opened up about her personal life, they considered her privileged. Elissa tried to deny her relationship to Rachel at first, but once it all blew up, people labelled her as a liar and someone who could not be trusted, which is crazy because the entire game is based on lies. However, Aaryn was relentless at finding people to pick on and she did it to fit in with Caitlin, Jeremy etc. So what I wrote is not bullsh!t, it is just my opinion.

And yes, Elissa did make some bad decisions and said some things that hurt her game, but early on in this game, she had an uphill battle. If they knew about Amanda’s in, they would have attacked her too. Lastly, it is interesting how Elissa gets slammed for saying someone is disgusting (and for just cause such as the racial issues she was opposed to) while others are just as bad constantly ranting on every show how much they hate someone.

Elissa for the Win

They want one of their own to win? Are you kidding? Each of them wants to win the $500K and would throw each other under the bus. The game is not based on “who needs it the most” but strategy, lying, back stabbing, and alliances. But being jealous of Elissa and what she has accomplished with her life does not justify bashing her. I hope their families are embarrassed by their sons/daughter’s actions.


Elissa was a hairdresser till she became a trophy wife a year ago. look it up


I honestly hate it when every year people say they think “this is the most boring season yet”. But honestly, THIS IS THE WORST SEASON EVER!!!! I have never been so offended by such disgusting-mouthed men and racist comments by so many of the houseguests. It is truly offensive. I am not some naive person who can’t take people being real–there is a MAJOR difference in being real and being perverted, sick and bigoted.

I also could not take Andy’s vindictive attitude tonight. I respect that he is trying to win the game, but he honestly has ZERO integrity. I truly believe this is a major reflection of how he is in the real world.

I have spent the last 10 years watching this show religiously and following the feeds. I have never felt at this point in the game that I didn’t care who won. But I REALLY DO NOT CARE. I have no respect for ANY of the final 5’s game play. They are all so incredibly offensive and poor players (with the exception of GM’s athleticism at times).

And to all of the houseguests who think what we are seeing on TV is not a TRUE depiction of what is going on in the house–you need to get a MAJOR reality check. Amanda, Andy, Aaryn, Jeremy–you guys were the bullies…not to mention the PERVERSION of SPENCER (I cannot listen to him one more second). Elissa was not a bad person (maybe not the smartest player, but ANYTHING but mean or majorly deceitful). Judd is going to freak when he realizes that Elissa WAS NOT in on the first eviction with Helen. That was all Helen and Amanda. I also want him to see how badly she felt that she had to vote with the rest of the house during the first DE. And I cannot wait for McCRae to know the truth about Andy: THE BIGGEST RAT OF THEM ALL. I will NEVER give him any respect for gameplay.

Ok,, I can breathe now. Thanks!


Sally, you said it perfectly. It is EXACTLY how I feel. Thank you

Bored Viewer

McCrae already knows about Andy. He still decided to put up Elissa instead. So now his only option is to win HOH or POV for the remainder of the season since he also knows that the remaining house guests have a final 4 deal (which after this week will be a final 3 deal since one of them is going home). I’ve been referring to this season as Big Brother 15: Crackhead Edition. These people have crackish ways, and don’t know the first thing about game strategy… if Judd and McCrae wanted a guaranteed chance at final 3, they should have aligned with Elissa.

They Folded

Elissa was toast at the DE unless she won HOH or POV – MC played the odds and cut her. Irony of the whole game, they kept playing the house and now Vegas is off the table.


Loved your comment Sally. I feel like that too. And I add, may all these people be treated like they treated others in the BB house.


I think you got it right, and i believe either the fish or clown is the smartest ones left. and you can tell what thay say as goon as Judd.


As GOOD as Jubb. sorry i hit the wrong key.

Bored Viewer

If Judd and McCrae has aligned with Elissa, they would have 3-2 odds because McCrae could have put up Andy, and then they would only have Spencer and GM to win against. As long as one of the 3 of them was able to win HOH/POV they would have coasted to final 3. Instead, the odds are now 1-4 for both of them, and Judd is probably going home this week. Don’t these house guests remember the “crack is whack” slogan from the 1980’s?


Ratandy is still spewing hate out of that filth evil mouth of his towards Elissa. And Pervert too, with McPizza contributing.
Their families are probably just like them, what a piece of work. And to think Spencer’s father is a judge. He’s the one that taught his son all the perverted stuff, how disgusting.

Andy the racist

The biggest racist is Andy the rat


Ha ha ha!!! In BBAD they were talking about jobs and Judd told McCrae to treat people like you would like to be treated!!!!
What a joke for all of them!!!


You would think that people would question why Andy flipped om his alliance with A/Mc. Because he knew he couldn’t win going against a couple. So does that mean Andy thinks he could win against GM,S, and J? if I were them I would be insulted. But Andy makes sure that no 2 people can have a conversation. Good game play, or all the Hgs are not too bright? He gets away with it because they let him. Where did they get this cast???


Did you notice RatAndy sitting at the door when McCrae and GM were hitched together talking game with Spencer through the door. While GM talked to Spencer inside HOH room with Mcrae outside the door, the rat was trying to check to make sure McCrae couldn’t hear through the door. When it was GM’s turn to sit on the opposite side of the door, while McCrae talk game to Spencer, the rat left.


Watching the edit on Andy,s DR sessions made it quite obvious that they trying to repeat that cockroach I mean Cochran survivor bs.” One poor little loser wins” scenario has been done already this year give it a break no more roach turns into a rat I mean “great player”: lol Once a decade would be more than enough


S: So how should I replace Mc on the block, cuz I am a gutless wonder and can’t do the deed
A: Tell me what you are thinking of doing so I can see if I need to tell or twist it to my favor and btw Elissa blah, blah, blah
J: mumble, mumble, mumble, say duh?
Mc: What ever you want boss, whatever you want


Omg I’m soo sick of these people
No one in here deserves the money !!!!!! Everyone in here is such a mean, annoying, lunatic , and crazy people
They have nothing but to talk bad about eveyone else
Lame final 5, none of them deserve the money at all
No point watching this if the money gonna go to one of these people
Someone else deserves this money and I gurantee its not one of these 5
Their behaviour and attitude is disgusting to watch
I’m done with this
I was team elissa and always will be


I think BBAD should go from the house to the jury house when it gets to the final 6…. Watching BB now really sucks, especially the lame house guests that are left in the house. Really??? These people think they are exciting? I believe after they see themselves, they will be very happy to know they all have passports, just to leave the country so they won’t be recognized for a few months…. Do not…. I repeat…. Do not brag about being on BB15… We as seasoned fans will only point and laugh…

Biggest fan

Spencer dumbest move will be not putting Andy up. I can’t believe all the fools can not see how getting rid of Andy at this point is the best move. Spencer=Dumb. I am only talking “game” at this point because this is the WORST final 5 EVER. I really don’t like any of them. Disgust!!!

Doesn't Want to Win

Spencer is playing for 2nd – that’s part of the problem.


decided to turn on after dark, and of course, they are talking about Elissa…I’m beginning to think Andy is secretly in love with her..he just can’t stop thinking about her…these people are acting so pathetic, they just sit around talking about a harmless woman…..pathetic…

Elissa for the Win

OMG..it’s been 4 days since Elissa was evicted and they are still bashing Elissa! They are such losers!


They have to talk about Elissa because if they talked about themselves no one would freaking care.


The one factor that everyone including players seems to lose sight of is…IT’S A GAME!!! Can you imagine poker players in Vegas playing twelve hours for high stakes whining and crying because their opponents said bad things to them and don’t like them and calling FOUL and hating them because they should show their hand so they can be liked by everyone? Can you imagine football players suddenly complaining because the opposite team is trying to hurt them and prevent them from winning? Or, a boxer giving up because his opponent is not being friendly and has said mean things to him in a press conference? Even in a simple game of PARCHESI…someone has to win. That is a requisite in gameplaying….there is a winner and there is a loser…or several losers. There is no need for a winner to be liked by his/her opponent…nor by the public. BUT, in all of these shows, like BB and Survivor….players these days just want to be liked. The quest to win is secondary. IMAGINE if the producers actually picked REAL PLAYERS? NOW that would be something to watch! When the BB experiment began years ago, they were heading for that. NOW, they pick head cases, freaks, so we can laugh at them wallow in self pity for months. But ,admire them? HAHAHAHA!


WTF are you talking about? This has nothing to do with being likeable, it’s all about being decent people, of not acting like cockroaches. Someone can be ruthless and still not be a coward. I can’t stand GM because she seems to have stepped right from the gutter but she’s a fierce competitor. She’s feisty, straightforward, she’d rather fight a huge competitor than a weak one, she isn’t afraid; too bad she’s also close to a sorry excuse of a human being. I guess you haven’t played in real competitions: ppl might hate their opponents but still respect them. It isn’t an oxymoron: it’s just the love of a good fight.

Judd's Yellow Teeth

Hope the Staten Island hooker goes then Opie the rat next


its a sad sad night when i would rather clean my house than watch big brother.

Andy the racist

Andy has been the worst racist this season but no one calls him out. He has said negative things about blacks, Orientals, and woman. I’m sick of his attitude and I hope Julie Chen calls him out on his comments when he is finally evicted

Spencer's caboose

Andy won’t be evicted, he’s been slated to win. BB production want him as the first gay winner, cause they are all losers.


mccrae needs to wisen up and campaign for gm to leave. she’s tighter with spencer and andy than judd is and has the proven ability to win hoh comps. most importantly, she has a lot of jury votes (aaryn, helen, elissa, maybe even candice or jessie against the boys). i think judd has less jury votes as he had a second shot at the game and although they are close, i think judd is less of a comp threat as he sometimes gets overwhelmed. judd is also more likely to flip and keep mccrae over let’s say, andy, has andy for sure has lots of jury votes i think.


Wow, how obsessed is Andy with Elissa!!! Omg, if I were her, i’d be scared when I got out. Just makes me want Elissa to win Americas Favorite even more. Seriously if Andy says he is gonna be sick or kill himself one more time if Elissa wins, Geez give it a break. People are so jealous, so sad.

Andy the racist

Andy hates all woman because he is gay and feels that they take men away from him. He feels that Elissa is his competition for men’s attention in general. He also hates blacks because he thinks his c*ock is smaller and it all comes down to what he feels is competition. I’m not sure why he hates orientals but he does. He has made some rude remarks about Helen and also about his roommate who is half oriental. He said she was either Korean or Japanese but said they are all the same

look in the mirror

Wow with that comment you obviously are no better than him homophobic comes to mind.


Really so you are just like the racist on the show. Or more likely you are gay, but don’t want your ignorant red neck friends to know. Because anyone who would say that has a sheet in their closet.


who are you taking to? this comment was uncalled for.

BB fail

who are you taking to? this comment was uncalled for.


Relationship advice from Spencer! Priceless!


Aaryn has been the scapegoat this season for racism. Julie didn’t confront Amanda about it and will not confront GM. She will not confront Spencer and Andy about their utter and vile disgust and hate for women and the constant bashing of Elissa and her family. And of course will not say anything to Judd.
All of these people were worse than Aaryn but for some reason they decided to put all the blame on the person Julie chose because Aaryn made the comment about the rice and Helen, and since Julie is Asian, well you know.
So it’s sad that most people don’t know the truth about what’s going on in the house since they don’t watch live feeds, BBAD, or come to places like these.


Wish they would stop talking about Elissa. Andy is such a scumbag. I hope Elissa kicks the sh.t out of him after the final show. Pretty bad season. Hope they pick the people better next time


How come they barely use the pool this season? Is it that dirty?

Sir Peanut

I think GM is playing for jury, because she certainly is not playing for jury votes. She sent Amanda out with get to steppin, Candice, with my mother wanted me; Elissa with you knew were going to vote Judd out. What’s really sad is the way the sent out Elissa. The final 5 acted like the did not need her vote at all. Should have been nicer, like:( I’m sorry I don’t think you being here will be good for my game) You never know, her vote can be the one to break a tie. (Andy)


McCrae is an idiot. He is talking smack about the one person that was loyal to his psycho gf, when Elissa could have very easily voted her out. If he only knew who stabbed him in the back and was true to this word.

Bored Viewer

He does know it was Andy. He thought it would be a better strategy to vote Elissa out (with the house) as opposed to putting Andy on the block. Crackish strategy… they were going to target him regardless, and having Elissa in the house would have increased his odds. He and Elissa both win, but he went the other route, and now has to win HOH or POV in a 1-4 scenario as opposed to having an ally in the house.


he definitely does know that andy voted out amanda but he still targeted elissa as he never trusted her as an ally. he really disliked her and did not trust her and knew that everyone else in the house would be mad if he didn’t put her up. at that point, he also did not know about the exterminators. he did NOT know that everyone would be targetting him regardless of what he did, i bet he still thought he might have andy (he may have voted out amanda, but mccrae doesn’t play this game personal), spencer and maybe judd. andy, spencer and mccrae had previously talked about a final 3/boys alliance and spencer definitely has talked about wanting gm out, so I don’t think it was a terrible decision from the information he knew at the time to target elissa. people seem to assume if elissa stayed she would have been his ally, but i can easily see elissa putting mccrae and andy up had she stayed.
if mccrae put up andy as many on here wanted him to, i really doubt andy would have left over gm, spencer would definitely voted to keep him, i think judd too? judd won veto, so most probably gm would have been evicted against andy. if mccrae didn’t put elissa up and she stayed, mccrae would have been up with elissa instead of gm this week and mccrae won the veto regardless, so elissa would have been evicted, unless elissa won hoh (which was a puzzle, i doubt elissa would have won..) and the exterminators would have tried to convince her like crazy to put up mccrae. she prob would have put up mccrae and andy, realistically and again, mccrae would be in the same situation having won the veto, i think elissa would have put up spencer as the replacement nom and who knows who gm would have kept? im not sure if she wants spencer final 2 or andy final 2, maybe spencer as she calls him her “new nick”. damn, actually, maybe andy would have gone home this week if elissa would have stayed and won hoh, but i highly doubt she would have won that puzzle.
all that to say, i highly doubt anything would have changed had elissa stayed after this week. mccrae would have still been on the block no matter what and mccrae won the pov so he was safe regardless. elissa probably would have gone this week if she didn’t get put up last week just based on the comps.


I can’t believe Spencer and Andy are still there they are a waste of space please get them out neither of them deserves even $50,000! It’s really ended up being a bunch of floaters making to the end! I would rather GM, McCrae and Judd in the final 3 but look like that’s not happening!

Mad Hatter

I’m watching Big Brother right now and BOY they all think their crap don’t stink… They are going to have a rude awakening when they leave the BB house.

GM: All her racist comments got her fired
Spencer: Got the F.B.I. called on him because of his disgusting comments about Children.

Andy: He thinks America hates Elissa and since he got her out he’ll be love-HA!
I was watching the first episode of BB15 a few days ago, Remember when Andy said something like.. “I teach my students too lie and I can lie to your face and have a big smile on my face when I do it ”

Andy is turning out to be the biggest idiot of this season (And that’s saying something).

The Biggest disappointment of this season will be if Andy doesn’t go to jury and have to face Elissa and Amanda!


I bet Judd regrets not giving Elissa the pov. She would have won the Hoh and not him on the block.


I’ve decided to ignore the bad language from these guys…they remind me of fraternity brothers etc….What bugs me is McRea saying LIKE constantly!!! The poor guy can’t formulate one dang sentence without a string of “….. like..I don’ know..like…”!!!!!! GM cracks me up..she really needs the $$….. and Howdy Doody keeps the conversation going….Ol’ Spence throws in his pearls of wisdom…so I pick GM, Howdy, and Spence for F3.


I bet Judd regrets not using the POV on Elissa. She would have won the HOH and Judd would have been safe. Andy the rat would be getting evicted.

Bored Viewer

BBAD just ended. This crackhead season lacks strategy on every level. It seems like both Spencer and Andy are playing for 2nd place. Judd is playing for 5th place, GM is playing for 4th or 3rd (because McCrae can actually win stuff in spite of his terrible decision to vote out Elissa), and McCrae is just hoping to win enough competitions to stay in the game. Andy hates Elissa because she was wise to him, but no one would have believed her because they all hate her, so keeping her in the game would have been good strategy. By keeping Amanda in the house, she would have continued to trust him (so would McCrae), and the house guests would still not believe Elissa if she told them what he is about.

Instead, Elissa is in the jury house right after Amanda, and can fill the jury members in. Amanda will be able to back her up because Andy told Amanda about the Exterminators in his goodbye message… How does he think he will be able to win 500K now? At this point, it seems that anyone in the final 2 with Andy will win the 500K leaving him with 50K and his tank-tops.

His best bet would have been to keep them both in the house and win an HOH or POV when they reached final 4. Then he might have a chance at the 500K… However, he knows that he cannot win any competitions, but seems to think that America is rooting for him, and that America thinks he is adorable. Those delusions of his have ended the possibility of winning the 500K. Then again, the crackish ways of the house guests could still result in them voting for him.

I hope he does not make it to the final 2. Chicago has a very large gay pride parade every summer, and if he wins anything, they will probably give him a float and feature him in the parade… And his already overly inflated ego will receive a boost. If that happens, I just hope people bring lots of tomatoes with them.

All of the house guests remaining have crackish ideas. Andy has a crackish strategy of verbal assault. He is vile, his mouth gapes open, his eyes dart around and protrude from the sockets, his face and neck turn red every time he opens his vile mouth to spew hate, and he wears tank-tops. He needs to be voted out on Thursday. McCrae winning competitions seems to be the only way to get Andy sent to jury, so GO McCrae or JUDD (if he really has a trick up his sleeve). Even Spencer and GM winning the 500k or 50K would be better than Andy winning anything, and they are already experiencing real world consequences for their behavior (even though they don’t know it).

BB15: Crackhead Edition continues to disappoint.


they all look like idiots, Andy has more final two and final three deals than
Helen did at her apex. i feel the odds are 50/50 Andy will be in that parade!


Andy is just as bad as all the racist things being said in the house. He allowed Amanda to personally attack Elissa just for his own vendetta. He’s a coward

Hey Kaetlin

Prettiest woman in the House contest ? My pick is Kaetlin Barnaby Kaetlin Barnaby is my pick .


looked a little mannish at times


Just shows how plain stupid dumb the Exterminators are thinking McCrae would use the veto on GM….Sheez, the latest episode of BB shows that McCrae knows Andy voted against Amanda but he is just keeping it quiet for the game….

So hope McCrae wins this game as the rest of them are just floaters and wannabees