Spencer tells Judd – “Gina is going to be hard to beat in the final 2.” Judd asks “What? Wait she’s going home!?”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations: JUDD and GM
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


7:30pm Andy and McCrae are sitting out by the hot tub. Andy asks if McCrae is okay? McCrae says he is just super nervous. I just feel like I need to win that HOH tomorrow or I am going home. Andy asks why, I wont send you home. McCrae says yeah but if you win HOH and Gina wins veto then I’m going home. Andy asks who do you miss most other than Amanda? McCrae says the old Judd. Andy says he misses Helen. McCrae says yeah me too, although I didn’t talk to her much. Andy says other than Helen, you four will be the people that I will keep in contact with the most. Hopefully people will be forgiving. McCrae says he thinks people will. Andy says hopefully Elissa doesn’t poison me with my true love Ragan Fox. That ship might have sailed. McCrae says he thinks he knows better than to listen to them. McCrae tells Andy if I don’t win HOH, it’s going to be a real tough battle for the veto. Andy tests McCrae on his knowledge of the days things happened in the house. McCrae has no idea and says he needs to go over things tonight in his head.


7:45pm – 7:50pm Spencer and McCrae are alone sitting around the hot tub talking about Judd’s speech during the veto ceremony. McCrae says he doesn’t know where it came from. Spencer says that might have worked earlier in the game but not now. I almost started to think that you and him had a deal and that was to throw us off. McCrae says oh na. McCrae says I am just so worried about this HOH coming up. Judd joins them and the conversation ends.

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8pm Judd and McCrae are alone in the backyard. Judd pleads to McCrae to vote for him. Judd asks has anyone said anything? McCrae says no. Judd says vote for me to stay! McCrae says yeah. Judd asks promise me, shake my hand. McCrae says they are basically telling me how to vote and I don’t want to be left out in the cold and all. I don’t want them to be pissed off at me next week. Judd says it’s not, they won’t be. It’s the final four, it won’t matter what they think next week because the veto and HOH is all that matters. McCrae says the problem is though ..is that I don’t think I am going to win either of those. Like I don’t have any chance at either of those. Judd says yeah you do. McCrae says I don’t my days at all, I don’t know any days. Judd says just do it by 7’s, just subtract or add. Come on dude, if you do and Andy doesn’t then Spencer has to break the tie. McCrae says yeah. Judd says but chances are if you don’t win veto or HOH .. McCrae says that’s the thing I am probably just going to get voted out. Judd says yeah so why not have me so that I can keep you. But don’t tell anyone because then they will vote me out. McCrae says yeah. Judd says don’t let me to have done that earlier (His speech during the veto ceremony) because that would make me look like such a douche. McCrae says yeah. Judd says just don’t let me to have done that for nothing. Judd asks did they say anything about it. McCrae says Spencer thought we might have had a deal to throw them off. Judd says na I told you yesterday. Judd says just do it if you are the only one so that you break the tie. Judd asks what did you say when they said that? McCrae says I just said na, na. Judd heads inside.


Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

8:15pm – 8:30pm Up in the HOH room – Judd talks to Spencer. Judd tells Spencer that he’s nervous. He asks Spencer if he is going to tell Ginamarie she’s going home? Spencer says I’m not supposed to say anything. Judd asks Spencer what percentage chance is it that I will go home? Spencer says zero! Spencer says that he thinks it’s good that the eviction is happening sooner because its less time for him to stress. Judd says he can’t believe Ginamarie hasn’t asked if she’s going home. Spencer says he thinks its because she feels pretty good that she has McCrae’s vote. They talk about how well Andy will do in the question competition. Judd tells Spencer to “keep my a$$!” Judd asks Spencer if there is anything that he can do to distract McCrae from winning HOH this week. Spencer says they kind of prevent you from doing stuff like that. Spencer says McCrae just can’t make it to the final two. Judd says oh hell no. Spencer says if I am in the Jury and you are in the final two with him, I will vote for you. The exterminators in the jury should all vote for the remaining Exterminator if that person is up against McCrae. Judd says yeah. Spencer tells Judd that Ginamarie is going to be hard to beat in the final two. Judd asks what? Wait she’s going home!? Spencer says no ah yeah, that’s what I mean, that’s why we need her gone. Judd says I am trusting ya’ll that I am good and that I am not going home. I think. Spencer says yeah your good and Andy says he is voting to keep you. Judd and Spencer head downstairs.


Judd heads out to the backyard and tells Andy that he is freaking out. Judd says it’s annoying I know for someone to keep asking you the same thing but I just have to and I will again tomorrow. Judd starts to explain how he is stressed about going home and how this HOH is the most important one. I want you or I to win it. McCrae joins them and the conversation ends.

8:35pm – 9pm Ginamarie calls all the guys in for dinner. Judd tells Ginamarie that the way she feels about Candice is the same way I feel about Elissa. They sit down to eat. McCrae finishes eating and heads up to the hOH room to listen to Spencer CD.


9pm – 9:15pm Judd asks Spencer and Andy aren’t you guys nervous about the 18th? Spencer says no, I’m pumped! Andy says he is too. Judd says oh my god I don’t want Helen to find out I kissed Aayrn. Spencer says fuck Helen! Spencer says what pissed me off so much about Helen was when she told me how sloppy my game was. She told me to get it together or I wasn’t going to last long. Judd asks who the hell was she to say that? Andy says Helen had very bad HOHitis. Spencer talks about when Candice took him to Candi-land. He says if I had a gun I probably would have shot her! All four cameras switch to McCrae listening to music in the HOH room.



9:31pm HOH Everyone

JUDD telling them when he gets out he’s going to smoke the E-cigarettes and stop smoking the regular cigarettes. Spencer says Marilyn smokes E-cigarettes.

JUDD says the instant eviciton Canada had was complete buillshit. GM has had enough of the Origami she throws her paper. Says they give you 13 steps to make a pterodactyl (See Image).
GM tries to make the on more Ogrami. She ends ups making a cicada.
JUDD would ever have thought it was going to be use that first night. Spencer says no it’s impossible to predict who would make it.

Movie chat….

Spencer wants to tell them a joke about what len bias and Rock hudson have in common. He explains who len bias is. There was this young basketball player that was going to be playing for the boston celtics 2nd overall draft pick for the 1986 NBA season. ONe night he smoked crack and died. “He’s kinda like the story all coaches tell their players.. don’t go out and be f*****g stupid because it could happen to you.”
Spencer “What does rock hudson and len bias have in common.. they both got a hold of some back crack”
Spencer – “You got to OK it or I’ll get trashed”
Andy – “It’s OK”


10:18pm Spencer moving around his junk

10:24pm They get Alcohol. Spencer says considering what is going on tomorrow it’s a miracle they are getting alcohol

10:30pm backyard everyone (Prior to everyone meeting in the backyard Spencer and JUDD were talking. JUDD is worried that CBS will edit him as a douche because he fought with McCrae today. JUDD adds that a lot of people seem to like McCrae. Spencer tells him not to worry)

Talking about the day when Elissa was looking for a fight and started something with the competition balls. (It was the McCrae and Elissa got in a fight)

10:53pm the four guys in the back yard JUDD thinks it’s funny how people think they are going to be famous after this show. JUDD points out almost everyone goes back to living a normal life.
McCrae tells them that he straight walked out of the shower. He wants to ask the DR if that was shown on the feeds. MC goes on to explain to them what the feeds are like with the 4 camera views. He adds that when they get down to just a few people there’s a good chance the camera will be on you.

JUDD leaves

Andy – “Oh my god we can do this guys.. all that stands in our way is GM”
They all agree GM will win against them in the final 2.
Spencer says all GM has to say is she was the only one that had the b@lls to put Amanda and McCrae up and Amanda walked.
MC – “Yup .. Yup.. Yup.. yup”

11:15pm Backyard (Sounds like the players know that this week is different)
MC says that it’s amazing how low his tolerance is with alcohol. Spencer asks MC for a smoke. MC says he’s not as stressed about his supply now that he knows it’s over on the 18th.


11:25pm backyard the guys They tell JUDD that he is endearing. JUDD thinks he’s mean. McCrae mentions all of the times when JUDD lost his temper were off feed cameras.
Andy – “JUDD you are going to be extremely likable”
Spencer hope that he’s shown as funny because he thinks f himself as a funny guy.

JUDD wonders why he cannot get a pack of cigarettes but they gave Kaysar a hookah. They wonder about Jessie and how she was portrayed. Spencer thinks because she was hot she’s shown but not much in the diary room. McCrae thinks the first little bit Jessie was probably not shown much.

11:35pm Backyard JUDD and MC

JUDD apologizes for what he said today during the veto ceremony. MC tells him not to he knew exactly what JUDD was doing. MC mentions he even said it in the diary room he knew what JUDD was doing. JDUD thinks he’s going to be shown as a fool now. MC doesn’t think so.

11:41pm Backyard JUDD is quizzing Andy about the dates. Andy knows them and can recall them very quickly

11:46pm Spencer tells them he thinks the new HOH is Tuesday through Saturday.

After some thought Spencer corrects it he says Thursday will also be an eviction. He figures tomorrow will be eviction and HOH. This will air on Wednesday’s show. Wednesday will be nominations and the POV competition/ceremony. Thursday will be eviction and the first part of the finale HOH.

(We’re almost done)

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Spencer just slip up with Judd lol


Amanda is a giant douchebag


Sheesh get over it.. She’s not even in the house anymore… Wow stalker much..




And Elissa is very close behind on the douchebag scale.


With your jealousy problem for Elissa, pretty sure you should not be calling her or anyone else a douchebag.


Don’t you mean GM because Amanda is not in the house and GM said almost the same stuff to and about Elissa and her family that Amanda did or is this your way of still trying to get people to vote for Elissa to be AFP witch she shouldn’t be I do like Elissa but I just know she shouldn be picked for AFP


Ok, It’s Been Bothering Me, Besides A Rat, I Figured Out Who/ What Andy Reminds Me Of, A Red Headed Pee Wee Herman

Judd is deluded

I love how all these turds affirm each other and say how much America loves them. That’s literally like a pile of dog shit telling another pile of dog shit that they beautify the yard. Judd you are retarded if you think anybody (ie, America) likes you. You whine like a little bitch. And coming from a guy who was already evicted once this season you have some balls to expect any of these shit bags to keep you. You got a second chance, they didn’t. Nobody is keeping you around dickhead.


Shows how dumb Judd is what he should have done is called Spencer out about the GM slip when everybody was sitting down at the table that way GM would be happy with it but would let McCrea and nasty Andy know what Spencer haves planed and Judd should also let McCrea know about what Andy did to Amanda but these people are so slow


Judd no disrespect but somehow I don’t think you are actually in the same world as all of us. You are really slow and very dumb.

Elissa's Duck Lips

Sorry, he did have “BB blood” so production didn’t help him like they did Elissa.


I was cheering for judd before he left the first time. Now not so much! Judd and Mccrae were so busy hating on elissa they couldn’t see past the end of their nose, that she was there only ally. The most dangerous person in this game is Andy everyone should want him gone! And everyone should want to take spencer to the end he is the number one floater out of all the rest of the floaters! so sad!!!


What the heck is MC wearing? Wow alittle colorful today. He’s rainbow bright! HAHAHA! Can’t stand Andy! UUGH!


I read that McCrae is wearing a t-shirt one of his ex-girlfriends gave him. (I think her name is Charisse).


It was in his HOH basket last week. LOL!!


McCrea is wearing a long sleeved shirt that his ex-girlfriend Jessica made fir him. McCrea’s Mom included this shirt in his HOH basket, no doubt because she really LIKES Jessica.. (hint, hint).


McPussy could have ” two girlfriends ” on finale night!?!
Yeah! CAT FIGHT! 🙂 🙂


Oh my can you imagine Amanda’s face if MC’s girlfriend shows up on finale night?


OMG! WTF!! BFF!!! Stupid stuff about how ugly and dumb everybody is! Can’t believe it! Bunch of ding dong dilly’s! Complain and stuff!


I don’t feel like reading the blogs with these floaters anymore. So whats the general consensus on whos going home?

Elissa's Duck Lips


Foo Fighter Tits

if you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
if you walk out on me
I’m walking after

another heart is cracked
in two
I’m on your back

Elissa for the Win

These losers talk about how Elissa disrespected the game because she said she didn’t want to go to the Jury House. Well these losers are disrespecting the BB House by being the slobs that they are! They have been told to clean up their chit but it’s still so dirty! How can they have all their chit on the floor with ants all over the place? Production/CBS should ding these players for making the BB house a total wreck!


I think Elissa was bluffing Helen at that time. I don’t like Elissa but If that was what she was doing it worked at the time. I can’t believe the rest of the house fell for it.


Elissa said it many times to many people: Elissa said this when they switched the MVP to America’s Choice and Elissa didn’t get MVP at the usual time. Elissa said she wanted to quit the first week she was there because she was not well-received (interpretation).

I like Elissa and hope she wins AF but some of Elissa’s fans are delusional if you think that she did no wrong. I know she was catty and rubbed people the wrong way but those character flaws didn’t bother me with this cast. I think Elissa said some things to play with people’s head and some she said because she didn’t have much of a social skill. Elissa was loyal and she fought for her friends, unlike many of these HGs.


of course she did wrong and has flaws, who doesn’t in this game or for that matter life in general, but she really isn’t the monster devil or manipulating psycho they all seem to make her out to be. if she wasn’t Rachel’s sister I have no doubt in my mind that she would have flown under the radar in the house for a long time and then maybe towards the end, she would have annoyed people a little because of her personality. but that’s about it. I think the houseguests are all jumping on this “I hate elissa so much she is the craziest person ever” bandwagon because it is just the popular thing to do at this point.


She wasn’t not kidding. Her Highness doesn’t have enough gray matter to formulate a plan like that. Maybe Production, in heir ongoing quest to help out Duck Lips, came up with hat brilliant plan. It just pissed everyone off and lost her support except out here in fantasyland where a whole gob of morons thinks that she is some fairy princess.

Whats left

Amanda approached as a last ditch attempt to save herself. McCrae came up with the idea when Amanda was whining in bed that no one had her back. He suggested that the go talk to Elissa, but Amanda hesitated b/c she thought she had done too much damage trying to traumatize Elissa. Later, (but before Elissa went into the DR Amanda approached her and started it off by apologizing for her meanness but was really there to say that should Elissa vote to keep her that she and McCrae would be forever in her debt and Amanda would do whatever Elissa wanted going forward. (All the while she and McCrae had planned to put Elissa on the block the first chance they got to evict her.) So while it looked like Elissa was fed the idea from her DR session, she wasn’t. Elissa took a leap of faith once she got the jewellery from Amanda, but unfortunately Andy had switched teams, and by doing that, Elissa made herself the next target.

At one point I was confident that she was instructed by the show to form this alliance, but saw a few things later on that made it clear the idea was presented by Amanda.


It seems that the Exterminators are not doing a good job of exterminating anything with all those ants in the house.


What about the big rat ?


GM is really sometimes like a little kid, she seemed so happy she was able to make a cicada with the origami kit. She was smiling and showing it to the guys.

GM's low IQ

Considering she has the intelligence of a five year old, putting that together is a major fete. Too bad she also has the mouth and attitude of a five year old.

team Elissa

Since they want to play dirty and talk about Elissa family then we will vote her for America Player people in this house forget that this is as well a social game and the majority of them suck at it, can’t wait to see Andy’s face when Elissa wins hhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You think Andy’s gonna give two sh1ts about Elissa winning brenchal army’s favourite player award when he cashes a half million dolla check? That’s why brenchal army members are delusional keep hanging on to that thread fools oh look how upset Andy’s gonna be yippee!! Lmfao


Of course that superficial, self-centered, pathetic, pathological liar, obsessive, prepubescent, hypocritcal, mean-spirited, delusional, lazy, irritatingly annoying, chew-with-his-mouth-open, RAT will care! Furthermore, there’s no chance whatsoever the RAT will win in the final 2 the way he “played” the game. He was cruel when he didn’t need to be, he was petty when he didn’t need to be, he trashed talked when he didn’t need to be, and he lied when he didn’t need to. There’s no way the RAT will be able to weasel his way in to convincing me that he played a great game. What the heck is he going to say: I know I would hate it and would never give you my vote if I was in your shoes but c’mon, it’s me, innocent Andy.


Well you better dvr it and play it back at super slow speed because that award is announced about 7 seconds before the show goes off the air, so I doubt you will get to see anybody’s reaction.


Thy all know that ole Ducky will win America’s vote for America’s Favorite. It was obvious the first three weeks. It is just sad that a complete floater can win without having any impact on the gam except for one HOH win in which she selected the complete wrong targets. And then attempts to rescue the two headed monster Mcranda from eviction. Helen did almost as much for Duckie as Production did except she could not give her food while a Have-Not, allowed her to phone home, given her a comforter again while a Have-Not, etc, etc. I do not understand anyone’s fascination with ole Duckie. Quack, quack.


Jealous much? Wow!


I’m sure as hell not going to vote for DR’s puppet to win anything. Of course, my vote won’t change a thing. She’ll get it. Duh. She had it won before she ever walked in the door.

And people wonder why the others don’t have the warm fuzzies for Elissa…


Since they and cbs want to talk about people lets show them all let’s vote for Candice and Howard for AFP and since they and cbs want to talk about Asian people lets show then and vote for Helen and I love My Gays but the best thing we can do for them is not vote Andy to be AFP and pray that he don’t win the 50,000k or 500,000k


Andy is a giant douchebag. I hope the final two are GM and MC


I wish it was McCrae and Judd F2 but obviously Judd is leaving… I really don’t want GM to win. She doesn’t deserve to have a lot of money, god knows what she would do with it.


I’m thinking she would start her own make-up line. Basically it would be a box of stick-on phony parts, kind of like Mr. Potato Head….


The poster above is a giant douchebag too.


GinaMarie needs to go back to school and get an education because she is is not smarter than a fifth grader


And that stupid hippy McCrae would know what to do with 500k? He’ll probably blow it on weed and junk food.


So what? It’s none of my business what the winner does with their money.


And you think McStinky deserves it? I would rather GinaMarie, Spencer or nobody win. McStinky has done nothing up to this point except hide behind a woman. And what would this super twat do with 500k, waste it on a super tramp. Truth is the ones who deserve the money are those persecuted throughout the game by the racists and bigots. also compensation should be made to the offended viewers but there is not enough cash there to satisfy everyone for the anguish we had to endure this season at the hands and mouths of these idiots.


The way I feel about it is who wants to see that racist bitch GM that talks about a little 8 kid when shit


I would much rather dumbass Judd and McCrea be the F2 because I cant see a big ass racist bitch(GM) that talked about a innocent little kid winning the money or a big nasty child molester(Spencer) and talking about killing and rape Candice and Jessie and lot of other vile things winning and walking away with money and Andy shouldn’t win just for the fact how he has talked about people yes it’s a game but a lot of the shit he didn’t have to say and he would prob still be where he is at in the game today and I don’t car for Judd or McCrea but I people would be a lot better of if those to went to the end


the only person im going for now is mcrea he the only one in that house desivre it even though he got elssia out in i hated it but i know it was a game move for him in i respect that but the other people make things personal that why they shouldnt win an andy is a school teacher in doing elssia like that is wrong karma i want judd to go home this week cause he did elssia wrong in she did not put him on the block i lost respect for him too thats why mcrea is the only one that im rooting for now yes he got mad but he never talk about people over the top he all about the game go get it mcrea you our last hope

Todd Crane

I read this in another website: “Judd tells GM that the way she felt about Candice is the way he feels about Elissa.”

Wow! I don’t know where he got that kind of hatred for Elissa.

Elissa is a great person and she was nice to others. She did yoga which is good for her mental and physical well being and even tried to share it with others. She cooked for the HGs, she defended Candice when others just didn’t say a word, she prayed with Howard and Helen, she helped GM with stretching exercises when her back gave out (and GM won HOH), she was a great friend to Helen, she cleaned a lot, took showers everyday, etc. But she didn’t sleep all day and didn’t bash people all day long,

Just think like this. If you had to leave your child with someone and it had to be one of these people, who would you leave your child with? (I had post a few days ago about this)

With all the information here, live feeds, and the show, I really have a very good idea about who these people are. My answer to the question would be Elissa, Helen, or Howard.


Leave your kid with Spencer. He would make an amazing role model.


Eissa did have her ways too – she was a little snobbish, talked down to people and felt like she should have been treated better because of her sister and brother-in-law – (I did here her say that Production would bring her back if she was evicted), but compared to these five she is in a totally different class.

The way they treated Elissa during the double eviction was horrible. Judd doesn’t get why Elissa was so happy to see him when he return and then she turned on him. Are you really that dumb Judd?? She WAS happy you came back and wanted to work with you, but you are the one who turned on her. She asked you if you would put her up and you said I don’t know. I don’t think that was the answer she wanted to hear so she was forced to look elsewhere. The other houseguests wanted you gone as soon as you came back! She put a bigger target on her back by not nominating you. You would not be there now if it wasn’t for her. How do you repay her?? You choose to align with Andy, the person who had a huge hand in blindsiding you the first time and you were dumb enough to tell Andy that Elissa thinks he is playing both sides of the house. You should have learned your lesson the first time you were there and kept your mouth shut. You could have saved her like she saved you but you choose to stay with people who you knew were shady. Now you will be bindsided again.

I really think that I think Elissa was starting to see the good in GM and started to like her as a person. She was concerned about her health and wanted to help her. She helped GM stretch out her back, helped her when she fell down the steps, colored her hair etc. GM would have been gone too if Elissa listened to the houseguests and put her up against Aaryn. I can, howerver, sort of see why GM is mad at Elissa though more than the rest of the guys – Elissa did try to flip the house on GM’s HOH.

Andy and Elissa were pretty good friends until Elissa caught on to the little weasel. He cried like a baby when she put him up because how dared someone put him up!! He didn’t seem to care when Helen was crying to him and begging him to help her out. In fact, he got snippy with her when she questioned his loyalty.

I don’t even have words to describe Spencer. He just makes me sick! He needs to take a look in the mirror before insulting others because he is no prize package!!!

McCrae never really did like Elissa for some reason and he suspects Andy was the one who voted Amanda out, but I think he joins in on the bashing of Elissa because he doesn’t want to let on that he knows Andy flipped on him.


GM did not know that San Francisco was in California?? Seriously?

Bored Viewer

Judd seems to be mumbling/slurring more than usual tonight. Perhaps they gave him a pill to calm his nerves.

Stupid, ignorant Judd, dumb country hick

No, please no pills for stupid Judd, let him get ulcers from worrying!


Well, aren’t you a peach.

Stupid, ignorant Judd, dumb country hick

I’m watching BBAD and Andy needs to throw a blanket over his legs, no one wants to see his knobby knees bruised from giving Spencer BJ’s and I’m also scared that there might be a wardrobe malfunction and he might show his fudge packed a$$ on tv.

Judd needs to sit up (the moron is always slouching). I see him biting his fingernails from worry, that’s good! And why doesn’t he make an effort to talk? Judd Is just as bad at butchering the English language as FAT A$$ JaMarcus Russell. Maybe Judd does “Purple Drank”?


Amanda is a giant douchebag


Amanda’s got to Goooooo!!

Bored Viewer

Note to McCrae: just because Andy asks you 5 questions at once, doesn’t mean you are required to answer them. Play the role of the lazy pothead and just say “I don’t know.”


Bigoted. Filthy. Scumbags
Ignorant. Idiots. Unkemp
Gross. Floater. Crass
Turnoff. Karma
Backstab. Egregious. Snoozefest
Racists. Ewwwwwwww
Odor Nasty

The sesaon is so boring I have to entertain myself with Acronyms. Thankfully we have this site to get our laughs from our hosts and commenters.


Yes, the comments and nicknames here have been more entertaining than the show. Maybe you’ll make a list of some of the funniest nicknames.


That’s an acrostic


Acronyms and hypocrisy. Two things I always find very entertaining.


Judd is so wired right now that I’d bet he would hit the ceiling if someone walked up behind him a popped a balloon!!


Is this schedule correct? Does anyone know if all of this will be on live feeds? Thanks in advance!

Wed (9/11) we find out if either GM or Judd gets evicted and who the new HOH will be; we’re down to Final 4.

Thurs (9/12) there will be a live POV and eviction which will bring us to Final 3, plus they’ll do Part 1 of Final HOH comp.

Sat (914) they do Part 2 of HOH Comp

Sun (9/15) CBS will runs a Highlights from the BB15 show.\

Wed (9/18) is the Finale show, Final HOH comp is done and 1 of the 2 remaining HGs are selected by jury as the winner.


he is a snake…I mean game wise…


I meant McSloth


I think McCrea is playing a deep game right now. He wants them to all think he is incompetent and doesn’t remember dates and things. Well my hunch is that he has been prepping that stuff all season under the luxury of Amanda’s protection. Notice how much he reads the bible… I don’t think he is reading it to get America’s favor as he claims. but rather as mnemonic device to allow him to remember all of these details regarding the game. Not sure about this but would be a brilliant move on his part.


Jesus, I hope so. He is acting so stupid.


Since the beginning of the season, people have been saying McCrae’s some kind of nerd genius type. Well folks – he’s just a major slacker wih very little ambition and certainly not been memorizing anything for future comps IMO. He’s a fighter now (physically) since Amanda’s eviction but I think he has been waaaayyyy overestimated.


I believe McCrae’s intelligent but indeed a slacker. Any 24-year-old who makes $136 every two weeks is definitely a slacker.


My internet was down for a week. I come back to find that Judd and GM survived the double eviction. Hooray. Elissa really had gone mad and voted for Amanda to stay. What the heck! McCrae starts winning virtually everything – what were they thinking allowing him to win that Veto a week or so ago. Amanda would have won crap. As expected the Elissa, Judd and GM side of the house imploded leaving a bunch of cretins in the house.

Thought it would take me at least three days to get through a weeks worth of live feeds. But as soon as Spencer won HoH, I knew that McCrae would win POV and he would not nominate rat boy. I immediately lost interest.

Hate that Judd started talking crap about Elissa. Hate that Judd is once again being shit talked behind his back again by people who he genuinely believes support him. Hate McCrae, despise Andy. can’t stand vile Spencer. Hate BB15.


Yes too bad I used to like BB and Survivor but they are getting so bad. The year of the RAT Cochran/Andy is the worst ever and so obvious of course they told Judd to do some Elissa bashing too as he was getting too popular and was taking away Andy spotlight. They must think pll are as stupid as that cast. Are we?


Cochran and the rat are not in the same league. I didn’t mind Cochran; the rat is despicable. Ironic, GM claims she hates rats but she is aligned with one.


Last week, Judd laughed in Elissa’s face when she was begging him to use the veto. He was even mean-spirited enough to tell her “I love you” on her way out, while laughing at her. He’s about to face Karma again. He had the same attitude toward Jessie and got evicted right after. It’s like he hasn’t learned any lesson about not mistreating people who like you, just to fit in with the cool kids. Well Judd, be ready to relive your worst nightmare for the second time: being blindsided, being the first male member of the jury and being the only man among a bunch of women who hate your guts (except for Aaryn and maybe Helen). I bet Amanda has already told Candice all the mean things you said about her.


I lined it up in 2 columns so trying again





Spencer's Beard Fungus

OK, Judd has become an a$$hole……he was so far up Elissa’s a$$ when she won HOH and now he’s trash talking her ? I do believe Elissa will have the last laugh with America’s FP……wanna see if those nasty blue shorts of Spencer will fall to the floor when that happens ..


Helping her get the votes to get her target out = up her ass? Ok! Judd really was being honest with her and trying to secure the votes to get Aaryn out when he suggested her put up GM. It’s not his fault that the flaky bitch freaked out on him.


I agree this season is the worst. I wish they could vote for no one to win! Andy really needs to go, Spenser needs to get axed, gm needs to be fired again from her job. And Judd he is clueless. Mc might be the one to win it all.

Gays Against Andy

Andy is obsessed with Elissa. He talks about how entitled she was, but he also seems to have a heightened sense of entitlement that he should somehow have gotten through the entire game without ever being on the block. He acts like, “How DARE Elissa nominate me (despite my lying/targeting/hating her)?”

andy's ears make me vomit

andy seems more like a character than a real person.
or maybe a robot, would explain a lot.


gays against andy YOU nailed it! Thanks for the post! 🙂


Judd I really don’t feel any sympathy for you…KARMA IS A BITCH!

Raid bug spray

WTF! Hideous as hell, trying to watch these worthless a$$holes on bbad!
Watching my newly painted kitchen ( “paint dry” )
IS better entertainment!!
Screw this sh!t……………………. ZzzZzzZzZZZzzzz!!

Stupid, ignorant Judd, dumb country hick

“Judd tells Ginamarie that the way she feels about Candice is the same way I feel about Elissa”

What did Elissa ever do to Judd to make him hate her and talk bad about her and her family?

Judd’s hatred and jealousy is driving him insane. The moron didn’t even grasp Spencer’s mistake. He said something about it, but Spencer corrected himself and stupid Judd, being so full of hatred, couldn’t even see the slip-up.

Worry some more idiot Judd, I want to see your face when you’re told by Julie Chong that you’re going home!


Don’t forget the fact that when he came back into the house Elissa told him that they needed to be allies but not let anyone know. That she would say and do things to keep the others thinking that she couldn’t stand him and they would only talk for short moments when no one was around. And that’s exactly what she did.

Seems that Judd the Dudd forgot about this and its going to cost him the game. He couldn’t see that Elissa was willing to work with her enemy to stay in the game just as he is now willing to work with McStinky (who has now showered 3 times in 3 days–just thought worth mentioning).

If Judd would have just dug through the fog in his drugged out, out of control angered brain it could have been him, Elissa and McStinky in the F3 and then everyone for themselves. Once again he has thrown away his only chance.


Wed. eviction this week. Let’s get this season over with already. I’m ready for Survivor


I hop


Pancakes sound good…




Spencer should b under arrest, those comments are way too crude, now he said he would probably kill Candice

Stupid, ignorant Judd, dumb country hick

That’s what we saw and heard! The cameras switched after that, so I’m sure he went even further in digging his own grave, which we didn’t see because BB switched cameras. BB is probably tired of hearing everybody say how vile these HGs are, so they cut them off regularly and switch cameras.


He wanted a gun so he could shoot her. He probably has one at home. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a picture of him with one hand down his pants and the other with a gun.


You are an idiot.


Gm cooks but doesn’t eat? I know she has been known to have an eating disorder but gosh I couldn’t stand cooking all that food and then not eat it.


Missed how she ended up cooking. Having a big family meal was Spencer’s idea. Figures the woman would cook. Yes, her not eating is actually a sign of an eating disorder.


When GM had just had nine stitches and had a broken foot, she was the one who had to cook. And she cut her hand really bad while doing it. She still had to finish cooking and do the dishes!! And what did these big strong men do? They laughed at her injuries right to her face.


Did anyone check the part tonight where they were rating farts and talking about how often they poop? Give me a break. Lame.

Shiny Happy People

A little shocked that no one has expressed their disgust for Spencer’s comment about shooting Candice. Clearly the cameras shifted so quickly after his comment because production immediately realized how outrageous and psychotic that sounded.

I’ve overlooked a lot of Spencer’s comments in my own mind, and reminded myself that, as with most houseguests this season, their actions are being taken out of context…but you just can’t look away from this. That was way, way over the line.

I don’t usually like to call attention to stuff like this. I prefer to talk game, not personal…but I do feel as though this is mounting evidence as to why Candice deserves America’s Player. She has been bashed all season, and she’s been out of the house a lot longer than Elissa, and the stuff said about Candice has been arguably worse. Not to mention Candice could probably use the money a lot more than elissa.


So, youve never, when talking about someone your upset with, said id like to kill him/her or something to that effect?

Honestly, if you cant tell that that wasnt at ALL serious, well I dont even know what to say to you. smh

Shiny Happy People

Production seemed to think it was plenty serious.

Whether it was or not, I love how we’re going to attempt to downplay Spencer’s behavior NOW, as if this isn’t one more thing in a long line of things that spencer has said/done that are totally rude and disrespectful. This incident hits a new level though, as he didn’t simply say, “i could have killed her” which is a figure of speech, but rather, “If I’d have a gun I probably would have shot her.” is far more insinuating and unsettling. What made your brain go for that image?

I mean, I know Amanda didn’t say it, and I know it wasn’t said about elissa, but that doesn’t excuse what was said.

I know, I also made a case there at the end as to why Candice (rather, any houseguest) might have been more deserving of something than Elissa. My bad.

smh, ttyl bbf omg!

Sick, Twisted, Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals

You don’t seem to mind Andy bashing Elissa relentlessly. That is just part of his game, right? Can’t you see this is just more of the same crap taken to a new level? As they all continue to bash on evicted players, they continue to “up their game,” so to speak and get more and more disgusting and stupid as the game goes on. It’s like a di*k measuring contest without actually having to pull out your package and get a ruler.

I mean, just listen to this crap. Spencer is now making gay jokes and asking Andy to absolve him, like that makes it all A-okay.

Spencer – “You got to OK it or I’ll get trashed”
Andy – “It’s OK”

Uh, no, Andy and Spencer, It’s not okay, IMO. What Spencer said is in poor taste, and he knows it or he wouldn’t need the gay guy’s approval for saying it. That’s just dumb and stupid and not funny, IMO. Andy is a back stabbing rat and a duck floater, IMO, but his sexual orientation or color or anything else has no bearing on my hoping to see his game ended soon. I think Andy is the catalyst for so much of this type of trash talk going on in the house. It’s disgusting, and he’s one of the main reasons it’s going on. He never misses and opportunity to egg it on or start it up out of thin air. IMO, Spencer shouldn’t be looking to Andy for absolution for making gay jokes like it makes it all okay because Andy says so. Spencer is now hoping the “Brenchel Army,” as he calls them will all commit suicide and is saying he would shoot Candice. Sick, twisted, and disgusting, but it’s really no more sick and twisted than Andy’s psychotic fascination and relentless bashing of Elissa. Andy wakes up in the morning and starts right in bashing Elissa. Hard to believe it’s game play because it’s not anymore at this point. Is Andy still trying to convince somebody he hates Elissa as part of the game? Uh, if you believe that and give Andy a pass, then you’re delusional. It’s way past proving anything. He’s just being himself, and it’s disgusting. Ditto for Spencer, who might actually be worse than Andy, but that’s actually what he’s going for, and ditto for Judd and GM and McCrae. I will have to say I think McCrae does a lot less of it than the others, but he’s sure pitched in some too.


But he said if he had a gun he would have shot her. He didn’t say he wanted to kill her as we sometimes do.


He’s intelligent on some things but it’s overridden by his good ole boy mentality. From this guy’s conversation and how he talks about women it’s clear he has less respect for them than for men. Most of the mob mentality cast is disgusting and entitled. Look at how they keep the house in there.So sure why not jest about shooting someone over something in the game. He murmured to McCrae one night that he wish he had a gun to shoot Gina Marie. I know he’s joking. But what’s disturbing about this group is that they constantly rehash, lie on people who are gone, and bash people that are out of the game. It seems like people putting hm on the block several times would be worse than that stupid meeting Candace called to call him out on. But if they are bashing one of the women somehow than I guess their day in there isn’t complete.

Sir Peanut

Yeah1 I’ve noticed a lot of fish lately. A lot for 5 people.


Oops accidentally gave you a thumbs up. You’re just an Elissa hater in disguise trying to sway votes from her. It won’t work, twitter is a much bigger platform and “Elissa for America’s fav” is trending. Even a lot of the past houseguest are tweeting it. Andy handed it to her, pretty much everyone dislikes him so a lot of people will vote for her just to spite him. Like me….


Amanda: Look babe! I can fit a bottle up my p*ssy!

Mc: Well done darling. Now can you wipe it and reattach it to the watercooler please?

Stupid, ignorant Judd, dumb country hick

That last comment about BBAD wasn’t meant to be a reply. Maybe watching these A$$ES is bad for the brain?

Bored Viewer

Am I the only one who thinks the house guests are aware of what is being said about them outside the house? I wonder if GM, Spencer, Amanda, and Aaryn know about their real life situations by this point as well. This may be the tamest episode I have seen. They are also cursing so infrequently that their conversations are audible. This is the least crackish episode I have seen in this ongoing Crackhead Edition of the show.

In fact, for a split second, I almost felt bad for some of them, almost. Then I reminded myself that they know they are being filmed 24/7 and still behaved like belligerent, vile crackheads all season.

The Truth

Spencer should win.
GM second.
Mc 3rd.

Americas favorite-Kaitlin- she was the hottest and thats the best reason I can come up with for any of them.
But Ill take anyone except Amanda or elissa.
Amanda was just ridiculously obnoxious,rude, and nasty.
elissa was a terrible player. Elitist, condescending, judgmental and only on BB/popular because of her sister. Her exit interview showed how clueless she truly is.

And let me add I hope none of the players lives are ruined or struggle for employment because of BB. No more Shelly Moore type incidents.
Let he who is without sin…….Turn the other cheek……Do unto others……….Hate the sin, love the sinner………..
These are thing that made this nation great.
Pity the people who said something that offended you and try to help them be better. Teach your children the correct way to behave.
It seems today everyone wants vengeance and a pound of flesh for being offended?

This pc, though/speech police attitude is too naziesque for me.

Truth out.

Andy is a vile disgusting rat

If any of their lives are ruined or struggle for employment it’s all on them and nobody else. They were the ones making the vile, disgusting, racist, threatening,and bullying remarks 24/7. They knew what live feeds 24/7 meant and they are adults making the remarks that they did. What we heard and saw is exactly who those pigs are and whatever happens to them when they leave the house and head back to reality is all their doing…..karma is a bitch.


I can only hope someday you will see the error of your ways.


So when one of these five players, who you HATE so much, win the $500,000 I guess thats Karma rewarding them?

And your Karma, for wishing hateful things, must be in real trouble.

What say you hypocrite?


I honestly can’t bare to root for any of these people, they’re all disgusting in their own way.
worst final 5 ever. such a waste of a season.


GM in the HOH room eats a huge piece of that chocolate cake. Then its on to the cookies followed by crackers and dip. She just keeps eating then tells everyone she had so little to eat today. Time to purge. ugggggg


Judd is just the most recent in a series of liars who could not discern the truth in Elissa’s arguments because she presented it without guile, in a simple straightforward way. McCrae even admitted he could tell Andy was lying to him. Still, because it was Elissa telling him the truth, he let go of the only person who was willing to work with both him and Amanda, in favor of Andy, who had, just moments before voted to evict his “meat shield,” (his words, not mine) Amanda.

Had Elissa been a better liar and more of a chameleon, she would have fit right in. She lacked the grasp of gameplay to be one person inside the house and someone else on the outside. I think it ironic that this seaon’s cast actually preferred the well-spun lie to the simple, unfettered truth.

And in the case of virtually every jury member, the price for rejection of whomever the truth-telling messenger cost a fee of $500,000.


It would be virtually impossible to be some sort of chameleon in the house with this group of people. They hated her from the beginning and there was no overcoming that. Besides, most of these people especially the men that made it were spineless and “didn’t want to make waves”. So I think it’s easy to say what certain ones should have done. But the hate level and the low class mentality was so high unless you were like that in some way you had a hard to making it far with allies especially after Helen’s reign when the house flipped.

Oh my :)

Mendacity, Prevarication and Obfuscation: Who could ask for more …


Andy: Knock, knock,

Who’s there?


Jwanna who?

Jwanna stick ur peni$ inside me?


Andy just said in bbad, I use the gulp method


…this “season’s” cast…


I generally don’t like to talk trash about HGs and rather focus on game play but Spencer is just over the top disgusting. If he makes it even to final two I will barf.

andy's ears make me vomit

andy seems more like a character than a real person.
or maybe a robot, would explain a lot.


Here are a few stats, as of 9/9/13:

HoH wins:
GM, McCrae-2
Elissa, Spencer, Judd, Andy, Helen – 1

POV wins:
Aaryn, Spencer, Judd, Andy, Amanda, Jessie, Kaitlin, Jeremy -1

McCrae, Aaryn, Amanda, GM, Candice-3
Judd, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Helen-2
Andy, Howard, Nick, David-1

Have Nots:
Amanda, Helen-4
Andy, Judd, GM, Candice, Elissa-3
Spencer, McCrae, Aaryn, Howard-1

Grand Total – HoH, POV, HN and NOM’s added together:
Elissa – 11
Spencer – 10
McCrae, Aaryn – 9
GM, Amanda – 8
Helen, Judd – 7
Candice, Andy – 6
Kaitlin, Jeremy – 3
Nick, David-1

Cash + Prizes:
Spencer – $10K + trip to Bahamas
McCrae, Candice, Judd – $5K
Andy – $94.83

Remaining HG’s
Spencer 1POV/1HoH/7NOMS/$10K+trip/HN1
McCrae 2HoH/3POV/3NOMS/$5K/HN1
Judd 1HoH/1POV/$5K/2NOMS/HN3
GM 2 HoH/0POV/3NOMS/0 cash/HN3
Andy 1HoH/1POV/1NOM/$94.83/HN3

Elissa Rocks

For someone who the HG’s say didn’t deserve to win she sure does have some awesome stats!!
They are all just poor white trash left in the house! LITERALLY! That is not racist bc I am white! LOL 😉

Long time watcher

Andy i just want to knee in the face… Spencer i believe cruses elementry schools in a panel van.. …Ginamarie has classified ad that says She is available for bachlor parties….Judd well he just wants a carton of marlboros and the trailor house fixed up…McRae Cant wait to get up at the crack of afternoon and hit the Xbox and smoking some florida weed

Five little piggies!!

Wait!…. What?!?, you say Spencer cruses elementry schools in a panel van? So you’re basically calling the disgraceful fat slob a pedo bear? OK….. as GM would say, I GOTCHYA!!

Seriously though, leaving all BS aside, this season blows! Where are the ‘real’ comps this year, like the flying swing, body slamming, the big log roll, just to name a few?…. instead we get ballarina bowling?…REALLY?? Evil Dick is laughing his ass off!

Five little piggies!!

CBS says no partying in Vegas kids, due to your own demise we are told by the City health officials we need to condem the rat-infested house no later than the 19th, so therefore we must save the funds for a new shiny healthy house! Remember kids ‘Expect-the-Unexpected! No luxuries, Pandora’s Box, or a special Power Veto! See you losers later, you filthy little pigs just got punked by the hairs of your chiny chin chins!…… Have wonderful life!

Yours truely, Julie Chen


Just now Andy was dissing Elissa for her inability to show emotion saying she wanted to cry but couldn’t. Well, Andy, that’s because Elissa decided ahead of time to play with heart (whatever that means), and NOT with Emotion. She didn’t show emotion because she didn’t play with emotion like the rest of you dudes.

Bored Viewer

Tonight’s episode of BBAD was just odd. The house guests really seem to be editing themselves (somewhat), but it looks really forced.

At one point Spencer asked what time it was and then said something about “telling them later.” So he is aware that BBAD is being broadcast, but not that the live feeds are on pretty much 24/7. I can only imagine what he wanted to say since he said plenty in this episode. I don’t necessarily believe that he was serious about anything he said, but I’m just saying… it is one thing to make crass jokes among friends in the privacy of your home and another to make crass jokes in front of a camera while being recorded.

McCrae was concerned about the possibility of being seen nude on the live feeds. Really? After having sex all over the house all season? I have never understood why anyone who has sex while on any kind of reality TV show (particularly BB with the live feeds) doesn’t understand that they have officially made a sex tape (even if production never releases it), or why anyone who walks around naked doesn’t understand that any viewer watching has seen them naked.

Judd was high the entire episode, and then drinking beer. Someone needs to fill him in about the dangers of mixing prescription medication (in his case xanax [if he is really on xanax]) with alcohol.

GM and Andy seemed to take a “back-seat” this episode. I guess production told them they are liked the least?

I’m not sure which is worse… watching them spew vile filth or watching them attempt to converse and “behave,” even though that is clearly not what they want to do.

At this point, I don’t know what to say about this cast that I haven’t already said or that hasn’t been said by someone else.

BB15: Crackhead Edition! 9 Days remaining.


Spencer is a VILE fat a$$ pediophile. That joke about Len Bias was horrible. I saw Bias play in college. He could have been right up there with MJ with his abilities. I know this isn’t a sports board but I had to get this off my chest. That Mother Fu##er needs a serious a$$ kicking.


You are pathetic!!!!!

Boo-hoo, Spencer said something I dont like so now he must have violence visited upon him…….
What a sad piece of trash YOU are.