Big Brother Canada 1 Flashback Moments Part 2

We’re running a series of posts this month highlighting some of the better moments from Big Brother Canada. With Season 3 only weeks away these are some reminders of why this show is such great fun to watch. In case you’ve missed the earlier posts, the links below.


Freeze task

The house had a task, If they remain frozen Big Brother will give them something meaningful, a prize! If one of them moves they lose the task and the group receives a punishment. Big Brother would randomly tell them to freeze, They would then be visited by various people like Sumo wrestlers, cheerleaders, and Andrew’s twin Pete (@AndrewsTwin). Pete gives Andrew some encouragement (“doing great I am so proud of you… I’m a Huge Fan”) and shows him a video of his nieces, It was en emotional moment. The post that covered these events TASK – Andrew’s TWIN, CHEERLEADERS, SUMO WRESTLERS! .

“Houseguests FREEZE!”

Freeze starts @ 11:40


Gerald was hilarious, Talla was hilarious, Toss in some wine and you get Wave pool.

Gary’s alter ego Gerald does the lyrics, provides the beat and Talla provides the waves by twerkin in the pool. Some of the lyrics…
“Go Girl.. Make a wave pool maka maka wave pool .. make a wave pool maka maka wave pool.. stop drop.. shake it shake it shake it .. make a wave pool maka maka wave pool..make a wave pool maka maka wave pool.. Youa youa a damn fool .. stop drop .. shake it shake it shake it “
Make a wave pool .. Make a wave pool youa youa damn fool.. make a make a wave pool.. youa a damn foo.. Make a wave pool.. Drop drop drop drop.. “

Talla Talla by the pool.. what you gonna do .. what you gonna do.. make a wave pool make a make a wave pool… youa damn foo make a make a wave pool”

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Talla and Topaz partying

Twerking, drinking, bikini slipping, head banging, passing out, puking, getting carried away, and busting sh1t up. Talla and Topaz drunken madness enjoy.

Talla and Topaz proceed to steal some of the alcohol.. Talla pours a 1/3 a glass of triple sec for each pf them while Topaz keeps watch.

Collection of posts highlighting the drunken madness


Topaz votes for Jillian to win says she meant to vote for Gary

The final vote to crown the winner of a Big Brother is in the hands of the Jury. They are told to vote for WHO they want to WIN Big Brother. This is different than the rest of the season’s voting where the houseguests vote for who they want to evict. They’re voting against a person as opposed to voting for a person. Season one finale had Jillian and Gary as the final 2. the vote was split with Topaz’ vote being the tiebreaker. She votes for Jillian to win but claimed she got mixed up and was voting for Gary. Actually says someone switched it up. Post covering the finale BIG BROTHER CANADA Season 1 FINALE NIGHT SPOILERS

“Wait a minute wait what…. no .. no wait a minute… are you guys kidding me someone switched it.. ” -Topaz

Topaz the rules were clear.. I am so sorry.. we have it on tape – Arisa


Jillian and Emmett competition dominance

Emmett and Jillian were able to win their way to the end with a combined 6 Head of Household wins a notable feat. Unfortunately for Emmett he lost part 3 of the final HOH to Gary*. Resulting in Emmett being evicted and Jillian going to finale with Gary.

  • Week 7 Day 43 Jillian wins HOH
  • Week 7 Day 50 Emmett wins HOH
  • Week 8 Jillian wins HOH
  • Week 9 Emmett wins HOH
  • Week 10 Jillian wins HOH

Jillian also won a HOH week 2 and Emmett added 3 POV wins to his name.
*Emmett won part 1 of the final HOH Gary part 2/3

Off the cutting room floor

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Does anyone know how to watch old seasons of BB Canada?