Big Brother Canada Have Nots get a Penalty – Give the Haves a 60min Pedicure

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


6:38pm Bathroom.. Talla saying her arms are not looking as good as they use to.


6:55 Storage Room AJ and Talla

Talla is really wanting to get Topaz out of the house. “My two friends are on the block because of this girl that does nothing” Talla points out that all Topaz does is lay around the house and if she’s able to pull this off who knows what else she can do. Aj is telling her to slow down and wait until the next HOH is played, “Remember one thing we still have to make a decision with Tom and LIza”


7:11pm Kitchen Random chit chat.. Alec is talking about Big Brother UK. They all start making their way to the living room in preparation for Gary to give them their penelty

7:14pm Gary tells them about the Penalty for the Have Nots.

Gary: “Canada has voted to give us all ‘HAS’ a very special treatment we are all being treated to Pedicures.. we’ll be receiving our pedicures from the Have Nots” Emmett, Jillian, Talla and Alec will each be given a pedicure kick. (Talla looks PISSED but she doesn’t say anything, Jillian makes it known she’s not into this at all) Jillian starts saying that it’s not fair because she has no energy.. Tom: ‘i would prefer a little asian lady in the Mall”

Jillian walks away.. Emmett meets up with her in the Have nots he tells her to calm down about this..

Jillian is really complaining up a storm about have to do this.. Alec: “You don’t have to do a good job I have no intentions” They ask Jillian why she’s mad at them. Jillian: “I’m not mad at you guys I’m mad at Big Brother” Jillian keeps whining and whining about this, she’s just doesn’t have the strength to do this. “I don’t even want to talk for the next 5 days” Andrew: “You don;t need to talk just make my feet look fabulous”


Big Brother Says that each pedicure has to be a complete job. Gary explains the instructions and it’s pretty much a full pedicure that takes 60 minutes total. (This is insane) Big Brother warns them that they have to do a complete job.


7:30pm HOH Topaz, Talla and Gary

Gary is pissed off at all the complaining that Jillian is doing. Topaz tries to explain that this activity is design to make people mad. She adds that Gary is the HOH so he’s suppose to be Happy. Jillian is a have nots and has no power she’s going to be pissed by this. Gary just thinks that Jillian’s reactions is ruining it for the “Haves”

7:35pm Gary goes over the pedicure rules


7:40pm Looking forward to their pedicures


Emmett starts right away on Topaz. Emmett: “You have very soft feet topaz”
Tom is helping out by reading aloud the long ass instructions





8:02pm Emmett and Gary Gary asks him if his brother gets pedicures (Emmett’s brother is gay) . Emmett: “No way” Gary: “What.. doesn’t a mo**/* f**** want clean feet”

Gary: “My feet are my g-spot.. Emmett I’m worried i’ll have a orgasm” #BBCAN
Gary: “All my friends have great T!Ts”

(nobody but Tom is talking to liza)



8:53pm The first round of Pedicures is almost done. Emmett did Topaz, Alec did Suzette, Jillian did Andrew and Talla did Peter.

(Video uploading)


9:33pm Pedicures continue
Jillian is doing Liza
Alec has Big Tom
Emmett’s on Gary
Talla has AJ


9:42pm Tom’s enjoying the pedicure..

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Shakira Stan

In order for Glitter to stay, Tom has to go home asap! Emmett should follow him on Wednesday! I’m pretty sure that Liza and especially Jillian (Geez, I hate this bitch) will become so weak, then they can get rid of Jillian next week because she’s more of threat than Liza. Glitter FTW!!

There are too much game talk in the feeds, I just can’t keep up with everything!!


You Gary stans are annoying, keep calling women bitches and praising all the guys in house. When Tom and emmet leave that over the top mysoginist Gary is leaving right after.

Shakira Stan

Oh please, don’t get so worked up like like that! Jillian is super shady! The only reason she sent Danielle home was pure jealousy, she wasn’t a threat to any of them. Only if Gary knew how much she wanted him out (lol for no reason)… I wish she was on the block. I can’t stand this girl, she has go back where she’s from. This is a game, you have to play THE GAME! Tom and Jillian are playing personal. As a BB fan, I do not appreciate that. I respect Liza more than them because she’s actually playing the game.

Glitter has a bright future, he’s here to stay. He just has to be careful with Peter and Alec, that’s all.


Omg talla is all over the map one minute she is all about getting emmitt out now she wants topez out this girl can’t make her mind up. Maybe she should actually win sonething before she starts barking orders lol


BBCAN: Pedicures and POWERSHIFTS. Slowly, BBCAN is losing me.


At least emitt and alec are being good sports the girls are acting like babies.


OK what happened to Alec’s legs?


Do you mean Andrew’s legs?


Yes I meant andrew


Andrew injured his legs in the “Batter Up” Have-not comp. That was how long ago? They’ve been getting progressively worse. Andrew spoke this morning about how painful and itchy they are, saying things like, “I’d rather have a bone sticking out”, “I woke up in the middle of the night wanting to rip my flesh off.”

If you’ll notice, this HG who is known in the house for being quite pale, has actually been looking rather flushed of late.

I actually tweeted BBCanada this morning about how he really needs to be checked again. I spent a month putting daily dressings on a patient whose leg had gotten cellulitis…which is what I’m concerned Andrew may be getting. (A month of daily dressings…infections like that are not something to play around with.)

BBCanada tweeted me back with “Andrew has received medical assistance and is okay. Thanks for your concern.” (aka: bug off. Lol!)

I’m keeping an eye on his knees and what he’s saying about them. I’ll continue to tweet BBCanada if they continue to get worse. If they get better, great…I’ll shut up. But, I am concerned…not as a fan but as a human being. He looked sick this morning (to me), but I have seen a slight improvement in the colour of his face this evening (as in, he’s getting pale again…losing that flushed/feverish look.)

Hopefully, they’ll provide him with some more dressings, and continue to keep a close eye on them (maybe even give him a course of antibiotics, which might be smart.)

But…that’s what happened to Andrew’s knees. :)


Wow, the show leaves so much out. If you don’t watch live feeds and/or read spoilers, you’re not really watching Big Brother.


Simon and Dawg,

Do you guys have a tumblr? You need to make this a tumblr post so I can reblog it!

Gary: “My feet are my g-spot.. Emmett I’m worried i’ll have a orgasm” #BBCAN