Big Brother Canada Spoilers Talla Vs The Bird

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


9:20am Close ups of the new Gary Moose


9:30am HOH Jillian jokes that she will workout this tonight after the POV Ceremony with Tom.


9:41pm Kitchen Andrew and Peter

Andrew: “by Thursday there will only be 20 days left.. with potentially 6 people”
Alec and Jillian roll into the kitchen.. They start talking about the bird in the backyard that is “Sh1ting” all over the place. Alec: “It’ll be bad news if it gets into the pool” Andrew doesn’t understand what’s so bad about that “bird Sh1t” is good luck.


The backyard bird..


Talla goes to the backyard to check the laundry fully armed with a broom and dustpan *


10:12AM Andrew heads out with Talla so she can check the laurndry again. They inspect couch cushions with bird poo on them.


10:25am Alec starts dancing..

(** random conversations.. some speculation about TOm coming bacK. Andrew shares his story about having a Colonoscopy. **)

The boredom is getting to the houseguests.. random talk. (I’ll just be posting random quotes until something substantial is said)
Andrew: “I want to take a nice long grizzly Adams dump all by myself”
Talking about Random talents they had to tell production during the casting process.
Peter: “Don’t really have one.. Talking on the internets”
Andrew: “Emmett what was your’s drinking milk?”
Andrew: “What was yours Talla.. butt whisperer .. she can fart out the alphabet.
Andrew: “I have a photographic memory but i’m out of film”

11:17AM Bathroom Andrew and Jillian

Some more wild speculation about Tom coming back. Jillian tells Andrew that she talked to Emmett last night and if Tom comes back they are still sticking to the beast Coast.

FYI – It’s a indoor lockdown, They think it’s so production can catch the bird


11:30AM Hot Tub Alec, Peter and Andrew

Still talking about Tom coming back.. Peter jokes that Tom has a twin called Tim. Andrew brings up how Tom must have felt during his HOH he wanted to get a person out but right during the eviction there was the powershift twist. Andrew thinks something like that will happen this week.

Their conversation is all over the place.. Talk about old challenges, The Twist, etc etc..

Around noon Emmett joins them.. Back to wild speculation
Andrew: “150% Chance Tom will be here”
This seems to be the what most houseguests are thinking however some believe TOm will come back with super powers (Topaz) while others think he’ll come back for a finite period of time to just stir up the house (Emmett, Jillian, Peter, Alec, Andrew) Other are too buys with the birds (Talla).

Alec: “The worst thing is when you are telling a story and the person you are talking to is listening but really isn’t and all they are doing is waiting for you to finish so they can say something.. ” (This was directed towards Emmett as Alec has said this in private about him)
Andrew mentions how early in the season it always seemed that people were fighting fort camera time.

Alec: “Liza had some pretty useless stories about Tanning”
Andrew: “Oh MY God about Tanning”
Alec: “She actually says Tanning doesn’t cause skin cancer.. I asked her what studies are she’s citing and she said there was no studies it’s just an opinion.. I’m sorry but there is no opinions when it comes to cancer”

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You go Talla! Go girl! Show that bird who is boss.

Come on now, why is it she has all the mental strength and energy to fight a damn bird but hasn’t been winning any comps? She is feeling too safe. I want Tom to come back and just make Alec shit bricks, Alec annoys me.


Done watching I can’t believe Jillian told Alec they are keeping him in..Jillian and Emmett have just lost the game with that stupid move. Instead of her going to Topaz and telling her about last nights conversation and how alec thru her under the bus once again. So so stupid does she not realize they have the numbers..and what are the chances of Topaz and peter winning head of household…please tell me this is just a ploy to keep alec quiet..

Antony G

At best, it still seems to be the plan to get Alec out but that plan is now seriously being reconsidered by Jillian.
At worst, Jillian has been successfully brainwashed by Peter and Alec with their complete bullshit promises, and she already wants to keep Alec in the game.

I’ve seriously begun to believe that Jillian is nearly as scatterbrained as Talla.


They are just covering there bases. Emmitt is feeling a little spooked because Production is screwing with them and is trying to guard against the unknown. No way they are going to do a total 180 and start trusting Alec at this point.

Antony G

Is that wishful thinking?


…sounds like wishful thinking to me


How many times has Emmett said he doesn’t trust anyone in the house, he is a strategic player. He made it pretty plain last night that he doesn’t trust Alec, even told him to F-off at one point when Alec started bullshitting about Topaz. All your seeing from Emmitt right now is paranoia.


I hope they get rid of Alec he really needs to go. Topaz also need to be told what Alec and Peter have been saying.


this show is driving me crazy. How do people like Emmett? I don’t understand…he’s done NOTHING in the house. I fully think he’s using Jillian to get ahead. you can tell he finds her annoying – he’s quite often rude to her. He’s not the sweet/sensitive type that people seem to think he is – lately he’s really been letting his true colours show.

I don’t like Jillian, but she’s playing a good game. As much as I don’t like what she did, she busted her butt to win the last HOH, and she shouldn’t be penalized for playing the game properly.

Why is everyone putting Alec down? He’s busting his butt to stay – every person would do the same in that position. he is desperate. Also Topaz throws him under the bus as much as he throws her. She just doesn’t have anyone else, so she chooses to be more loyal to him than he is to her.


I agree with your comments on Emmett; ‘God’ forbid, there be anything negative said about him. He used to be my favorite, but no more. It seems Andrew has the only voice of reason left.


Make up your mind Jillian – My goodness…When she puts up Topaz, she will freak out and Jillian will then tell Topaz it was Peter and Alec’s doing and that they threw her under the bus. She will also say (again) “she is so stressed and doesn’t know what to do”. If she wasn’t so wishy-washy and was to the point from the beginning and stuck to her guns, she would have some respect. Now people in the house and the jury are going to see how she doesn’t have a mind of her own. Because of this week, her chances of winning has gone down in stock…Yes, she has won 2 Hoh’s but both times, people dropped on purpose (Talla and Topaz)…

I like Jillian, but she needs to start cutting some throats….It’s just a game.


I stayed away for quite a few hours since yesterday because I don’t respond to being goaded or taunted by bully comments; I prefer to give said trolls breathing room instead of satisfaction. Anyways, I missed a couple of things; why are they calling it “Gary Moose” and (I’m a newbie and don’t know some basics) – is throwing comps considered ‘cheating’, if you admitted to it or is it just an acceptable part of gameplay?


Babybare – Don’t give the trolls and bullys a second thought – they’re all a bunch of hopeless pathetic losers, without an intelligent sentence between them.


I think Topaz is waiting to campaign against Alec until after the POV ceremony, when it will be certain that she is on the block. It is that this time that I really really hope that Jillian tells Topaz how Alec and Peter were throwing her under the bus. From my perspective, I think its clear that Alec is cutting Topaz over and over and over again. But Topaz is more careful about when she throws people under the bus. She is aware that if she does it too fast and too hard, then Jillian and Emmett will just go back to Alec and Peter with that information. The thing that Topaz really needs to stop doing after she is on the block is feeding Alec information. She really needs to stop doing that!!! It was fine that she did that before the POV ceremony, but after she’s on the block, she will have to go it alone. It just sucks that Thursday is a double eviction, even if she wins, she will be shafted AGAIN and not have the HOH room or whatever. Plus, they had better interview the families of Andrew, Talla and Topaz on Thursday, otherwise I’m gonna be annoyed. Its not fair for production to give Jillian, Emmett, Peter and Alec that opportunity and not the other houseguests. But I guess Big Brother is not a fair game to begin with.


Sounds like the Tom thing was a task and they are getting a fancy meal or alcohol or both out of it. Alec/Peter/Andrew in kitchen talking about how glad they are no one is coming back. Alec and Andrew were mentioning sushi, and talking about peoples’ food preferences and talking about getting vodka and they would prefer beer, etc.


My goodness…all the good food, and plenty of booze in the Canadian BB house. Making me hungry!