Big Brother Spoilers Talla the morning after “You puked on Topaz and the Bed”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


9:22AM Bathroom Talla, Peter and Topaz They are giving her a rundown of what happened last night.. Highlights after she passed out include puking all over place including the bed.

Peter gives her a short play by play about the hot tub when she jumped in and told everyone she was peeing. Topaz: “People starts jumping of the hot tub”
Peter: “Andrew picked you out of the hot tub like a child and handed you to me.. you may have bumped your head on the way out.. I’m sorry”
Talla: “My head right here” (Where she was bumped)

When Peter opened the bathroom stall door she was passed out on the floor in her panties. Topaz came in to help him, they had to cover her up as Topaz took off her dirty clothes. Peter was holding her as Topaz cleaned things up. Peter comments on how lucky they are that she’s so light.
Topaz: “I had to take off your wet pants and panties..”

Topaz explains that shew had to sniff the new panties to make sure they were clean.
Talla: “I was on my period”
Talla: “dude was I passed out”
Peter: “Passed out the entire time”
Talla: “I puked that much?”
Topaz: “You puke a lot!” Talla: “My head was spinning”
Topaz: “Putting on the sports bra was really hard”
Talla: “Were did you change me.. underneath the covers?”
Topaz: “YA”
Talla: “Thanks for taking care of me”
Peter: “we tried to feed you bread than you puked on the bed.. we tried to give you water but you puked on your hand”
Talla questions how she walked to the hot tub with Gary.. “How did I get so drunk” talla almost start puking talking about it.. says she has to stop the conversations
Talla gets up to leave tells them she never peed in the hot tub.
Talla to Topaz “So you saw me naked”
Topaz: “Ya.. now we’re even”
Jillian comes in tells them that the house is a mess.. Talla heads out side to put some towels in the washer apologizes to a bunch of people. Andrew tells her it’s no problem they have nothing to do today beside clean up.


9:50am backyard Andrew, Talla, Alec, Topaz, Emmett Talking about the drinks she had.. the truth comes out that she had a extra drink of triple sec with Topaz. Topaz says they were trying to catch up. Andrew: “That was it that pushed you over the edge” They go over the entire night again.. Apparently Big Brother told them all they have to clean the house out. Andrew wants them to stop talking about it .. Topaz tells them that Talla puked a lot so much that it was just bile coming out.
Talla thanks them all for taking care of her. Emmett says he’ll clean the bathroom but Talla has to clean up the puked up toilet.

Jillian joins them and they start to break up the cleaning jobs.


10:10AM backyard Talla and Topaz
Talla asks topaz if they are going to show last night on the show.. Topaz doesn’t think so tells her everything was on live feeds. (Sounds like they didn’t know the feeds were cut for the second half of the rampage)

Talla seems really worried that what she said in the Diary room is going to be shown on the live feeds or the the show. Topaz tells her they do not show the Diary room sessions on the feeds and they will just show the cute parts on the TV show.

Talla says she wishes she had lasted longer because her and Topaz had a whole dance routine planned.


10:21AM houseguests cleaning up the house.. Sounds like there is still a throw up bucket in the bedroom. From teh looks of it Emmett, Jillian, Alec and Andrew are celaning the bedroom and making the beds while Gary sites at the mirror putting on his makeup.

Peter is in the bathroom cleaning up. Talla is resting on the bathroom couch thanking Peter for his help.

Talla: “Live feeders must have had a hoot last night”


10:44AM Cleaning up


11:05AM Still cleaning

Gary at one point approaches Emmett tells him he was going to do the vacuuming. Emmett: “It’s done now” Gary: “well that’s not fair you took that job away from me” Gary heads back into the bedroom to put more makeup on.


11:18AM Emmett still cleaning.. Gary still putting makeup on


11:23AM Bathroom

Gary doesn’t understand why Emmett was vacuuming.. they had a group meeting and it was decided that Gary would do the vacuuming.
Gary: “We we are not on Jillian and Emmett’s time.. ”
Talla: “say something”
Gary: “I don’t want t target on my back.. it is a big deal because everyone has to do what Jillian and Emmett want.. I want to do my face then I was going to vacuum why is it a big issue”
Gary cannot understand why Emmett started to vacuum Gary was going to do it.. Gary calls Emmett a a$$.
They start chatting about past big Brother players that got really drunk on the feeds. Rachel and Janelle’s names come up. Gary: ‘I love Rachel shout out to Rachel”

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I have to give the house guests credit, if I were in the house and everyone was busy cleaning up and Gary was just sitting there putting on makeup I would lose it on him!! What a lazy arse!! I am sure he did he fair share in making the mess!


Gary has done nothing all season but put on makeup and get glitter all over the house. I would have lost it on him by now.


Gary is a lazy ass.. I hope he is gone.


No – Gary is a queen – pardon me – THE Queen – HBIC. Sorry to crush his dreams eh?


Topaz does nothing around the house, either. If someone wasn’t cleaning up after themselves I would secretly grab all of their dirty dishes left in the sink and throw them on their bed, clothes, whatever. Lazy-assed roommates are the worst.


Gary should not offer to clean,he’s on the chopping block yet again.Let the cool kids clean it.


why are people bashing gary emmett took over– whats he supposed to do grab the vaccuum from emmett??

gary just do you girl!


Gary does his makeup instead of cleaning. Emmet vaccums. Gary calls Emmet the ass for vaccuming?! Gary has got to go!


Andrew ,Emmett the new Tom ,hello douche bags.


Emmett the new tom? I dont think so, Emmett is pretty good at his social game, yea Gary’s pissed cause he vacuumed for him, but really thats just what comes with living with people in one house. I cant count the amount of times my sister and I fought about cleaning and who gets credit for what. Other than that Emmett is pretty good at maintaining relationships with everyone in the house. No one hates him.


Gary puts his makeup on…..why he needs makeup on to do chores baffles me…….and then you see lazyass Topaz sitting down doing nothing as usual. Maybe she thinks she is still hoh and doesn’t have to???? Gosh I can’t stand her. And after Gary threw that hissy about being on slop made me lose any respect I had for him


2 hours later Gary is still doing his makeup…

Bob Hemsworth

I am hooked on Big Brother Canada !