Big Brother Canada 3 – Supersized Sponsorship! Get Ready for MORE TWISTOS TWISTS!

The Big Brother Canada 3 première is only 10 days away and in a few days we will learn the identities of the the all new cast of house guests.

We’re all expecting and wanting “good f***ing tv” but with a new press release it reveals a few insights into the coming season. The list of the season 3 sponsors was released with each highlighted as to how they’ll play a part in the season. Returning sponsors such as The Brick, Twistos, Ramada and Pizza Pizza will also be joined with the new sponsors: KFC, OxiClean, and Shomi.

This seasons “sponsors and partners engage through impactful, custom-made activations, challenges, original branded content, digital integrations and more.”

The Brick – Will be back with the $25,000 gift card prize along with providing the furniture for the newly redesigned house.
“returning elements like their weekly voting event (Get the HOH Look) and a new social media contest (Unlock the Ultimate Big Brother Canada Experience) offering fans the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Big Brother Canada finale in Toronto, coupled with a tour of the house, and more.”

Twistos Twists – Is back again sponsoring this seasons twists. Once again the house guests will also enjoy an over abundance of Twistos snacks within range of every camera angle. They’re also offering up the $10,000 trip of a lifetime to anywhere in the world.

OxiClean – Will be “taking down dirty laundry and airing out the houseguests’ dirty secrets in a series of special vignettes on air and online.”

Shomi – Known as a streaming service will be highlighted in a branded in-show challenge. In addition each week the Head of Household will “get the chance to watch and explore one movie or show episode from shomi’s extensive collection”

KFC – Will be treating the house guests to their famous deep fried chicken along with another type of involvement in the season being kept a secret.

Ramada – Returns to plague the live feeds with their ads along with a special fan-feed that is said to give viewers more control over the live feeds than they’ve ever had before. In addition, Ramada will also sponsor a custom in-show challenge during the season. Last season there was a competition that involved matresses

Pizza Pizza – Returns to sponsor a themed task (Marsha The Moose Task?) where they will win a savoury reward if they successfully complete the task.

Source: Shaw Media

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