POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 14 2013 320am
3:20pm The live feeds return and Emmett, Peter, Jillian and Talla are in the living room talking. They talk about how they don’t know who will come back through the door. Andrew comments on how he a SUMO WRESTLER came into the house. It sounds like it was a TASK where each one of them had to complete it or there would be a punishment. They aren’t sure what the reward would be. Andrew thinks it could be video messages from home. Peter asks who will be the next person to enter? Talla says that was way too much fun. Talla talks about how Toronto Argonaut Cheerleaders came into the house. Apparently they need to freeze up when someone comes into the house. Andrew comments on how the first time he was in the bathroom with a towel on. Emmett asks what would you have done if your towel had dropped. Andrew say I never get out without me shorts on.. I don’t want to get out and google my name and see naked photos of me. Tom’s d*ck will be out there. Emmett is quite. IN the kitchen Jillian slips up and grabs a glass and takes a drink and spits it out. She tell Talla to get over here and pour me a glass of water. Jillian goes to the living room and is really worried they will be punished because was supposed to get Talla or Andrew serve her. Andrew and Emmett tell her its fine. Talla starts doing a cheerleader cheer.

3:48pm Big Brother tells Andrew to go to the diary room. Andrew says last time this happened.. Andrew starts running to the diary room and then big brother tells the house guest to FREEZE!

Big Brother Canada April 14 2013 348pm

4pm – 4:10pm Andrew’s TWIN brother Pete comes in to the house and comes up to Andrew and tells him he is doing great I am so proud of you. Andrew’s twin shows him a video of his nieces. Andrew starts to tear up. His brother keeps telling him not to move. His brother then goes and walks around the house. He heads out to the hot tub room and then comes back looks at the slop. He then comes back and hugs Andrew and tells him not to move. His brother Pete tells them that this is a once in a life time opportunity ..he is a huge fan …of Andrew. Andrews twin then leaves the house and Big Brother tells them to unfreeze! Andrew thinks everyone is going to get one, it can’t be just me! Andrew starts to cry when his brother leaves. All the other house guests hug him and talk about how cool that was. Talla wonders if her twin sister will come into the house. She doesn’t think it will happen because she is all the way over on the west coast and doesn’t see how they could make it happen.
Big Brother Canada April 14 2013 350pm

Big Brother Canada April 14 2013 352pm

Video is uploading here:

4:15pm – 4:25pm Jillian and Emmett start playing puck ball. Andrew is called to the diary room. Big Brother tells the house guests that they have a 3 minute warning before they need to go out to the backyard. They continue talking about Andrews twin brother coming into the house. Jillian remembers how he said I can’t believe I am seeing you all in real life! Andrew says that he hopes all the other get something similar. The talk about how they said the reward will be for everyone and it will be something super close to home. Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub room. Jillian figures that Big Brother is setting up video messaged for everyone right now.

4:30pm – 4:50pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen. Before the live feeds went out big brother staff were heard talking about trying to plug cords into something to get a video working. It wasn’t working and they talked about rebooting it.

5:05pm Still showing the hush hush screen.
5:26pm Still showing the hush hush screen. The house guests might be getting their reward for completing the task. (Possibly video messages from home.)

7:14pm HUSH HUSH yo

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The U.S. Big Brother could take some clues from the Canada Big Brother They do some unconventional cool stuff the U.S. version would never do


i think theye done a good job of blending different ones…theres some definite similar elements to bbuk too!


It was so nice of Big Brother to give them a taste of back home even if they aren’t allowed to move, I can see how it would help them stay grounded in such a tough environment.


Big Brother Canada (as a whole) has been fantastic and exceptionally better than BBUS after season 7. If only the producers didn’t introduce so many “powershifts”, I would say it was perfect but nonetheless, its a great beginning season and hopefully with plenty more to come 🙂


That actually brought a tear to my eye.


Me too. More than one. Lucky Andrew. His twin seems to have a higher voice than he does. I don’t know if I could have just stood there like he did. Good for him for not moving.


I don’t agree with the above comments. A day or 2 ago most of the bloggers had nothing but complaints about BB Canada and all of sudden today once Andrew’s brother came to visit, its all BB Canada has been so great thus far… No it hasn’t. You guys are just as wishy-washy as the players in the game. Tomorrow you’ll be complaining about too many twists and production interference again. Lame


That was really cool, I teared up. Andrew’s twin is hot.


Im just waiting for Talla to go up as a “pond”. Perhaps she should ask Andrew if she can vote for herself or she should start campaigning to Peter for his vote.. Keep up the good work Talla.


Talla might be the most annoying person on a reality show since Snooki on Jersey Shore. I can’t decide if its funny that she’s such an airhead or if its sad. Representin Edmonton though…WESTSIDE!


I am confused when andrew takes himself off the block talla will go up with peter so why would she campaign for peter’s vote if he is also on the block? Andrew and emmitt will have the only votes with jillian voting if it is a tie unless the jury member returning is there at that time.


Its pawn not pond.


If you ever listen to Talla talk she always calls it pond instead of pawn so the person who posted the comment was correct


Even Gary said “pond” and people want him back in the game LOL. Well he will definitely be entertaining for a short burst and then back to annoying while working on his brand.


Tasks have been great
The power shifts not so much.

Also, I like the “punishments” for not listening to BB.

Overall, I’m proud of what my country has done with our BB. Has there been flaws? Yes, but that’s to be expected.

I’ve enjoyed this more than the last few BBUSA’s


I agree with the power shifts…….enuff already. Almost every week there is something. If not a power shift than a double eviction or an instant eviction.

I hope AJ is the one to get voted back into the house. Even tho I wasn’t as fan of his I feel he was the one not really given a Chance to fight or campaign to stay.


Instant eviction was dumb, really dumb. Filming Topaz “thoughts” was pretty hilarious, but that hilarity doesn’t make up for that dumbass of a twist.


I agree if there is a power shift once in awhile it is interesting but when it becomes the norm of the game it is just makes the game fustrating and boring and makes it seem that the show is doing it to cheat more then a twist in the game. As for the returning jury i think that twist should have happened earlier in the game then it would be more interesting now depending on who it is doesn’t seem much of a twist.


Another person they should bring in the house as there task should be the great Canadian wrestler Bret Hart, he’ll put Jillian in a Sharpshooter and tell her to STFU and stop complaining about everything….and then he’ll tell Peter that he will never be in the wrestling business so stop trying.


Perer should get the wrestler, he already stated he doesn’t miss his family.


Even if it isn’t Bret Hart, at least bring a Canadian icon in for a visit. If production really wants to embrace the “Canadian” aspect part of the game it would be awesome to see someone like Gretzky, Howe, Ricky Ray or Geroy Simon come in as a task but the odds of any of these athletes coming are slim to none so whatever. I cant believe what Peter said either, I know he’s trying to be suave and sneaky player of the game but that was cold, if my mom ever heard me say that i’d get a backhand when I got home lol


I agree..


Whoa they are identical that is absolutely unreal ! They should bring talla’s twin


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Post yours so we can all follow


Pete says “Glitter on the Floor” while he was walking around. I think he was trying to hint to Andrew that someone (probably Gary) was coming back.
Andrew will never pick it up cause he was too excited to see him but it was a very good attempt.


People need to cut BBCAN some slack. This is the 1st season so there is bound to be some oddities and some things that don`t work. I remember when BBUS 1st brought in the POV and everyone complained then that was a stupid idea now everyone likes it. The only thing I didn`t agree with BBCAN is the fact they showed Topaz talking while deciding who to put up during her brief HOH. They will figure out what works and what fans like and adjust for coming seasons. I would have loved a different Host such as Cheryl Hickey but I also think Arisa is getting better. We don`t watch the show for the host anyways.
I also think they will get better at casting for coming seasons as well just as BBUS did after their 1st season.
On another note show your love and donate to this site they do a great job at keeping all of us updated. I am sending my donation at end of month. Even if its only 5.00$ I am sure every little bit helps. Thanks Dawg and Simon !!!!


Thanks BBAlias your support is much appreciated.

For their first Season BB Canada has been tons of fun to watch and blog about. They should have dialed back the twists a bit but all in all it’s been a great season.



Tasks > twists.



1 maybe 2 twists are alright but for the most part Tasks > twists


Yes! Except I’d prefer Rick Mercer to host.


Can you imagine Rick Mercer hosting the show;? If we think Andrew has great one liner’s…Rick’s would be hilarious!


Andrew doesn’t need a writer.


That was really sweet. I’m glad they allowed it to show on the live feeds.


I don’t get it? They can’t even move or talk while in FREEZE mode? That is so stupid.


The show on Slice is a repeat – Arisa says “now Talla has been accused of being a ‘jumper'”. Ok. This term gets under my skin. I don’t mind Arisa at all. Does anyone else feel this way about this name?


@BBAlias…I agree! Cheryl Hickey would be fantastic as hostess!


The surprise house guest visit was so cool – really fun & clever way of doing it. Reminds a bit of the time in BBUS when Rachel came back into the game for a visit at the same time Brendon was out of the house for a reward.

While it looks like everyone is going to get a family video, I’m wondering if BBC decided to give the in person visit to Andrew because he’s been such a good sport about being a “servant”? Not only whole heartedly throwing himself into it with that good ol’ East Coast spirit, but also humoring Talla out of the snits she keeps falling into.

Someone mentioned in the comments that they heard Pete say something like “Glitter on the Floor” – anyone else hear that?


What a cool way to do a visit… in the back of my head, I kind of think they lost an opportunity with the twins, though. Like bring Andrew into the diary and release the twin in the house and see how long it takes the other house guests to say that it’s not him (and get a reward or punishment depending on how long it takes)… but otherwise, this was a really nice touch, BB Canada.


i wish they would do a segment on andrew’s hilarity and use “the stooges”. he’s clearly going to stay and may have a chance at hoh nexty week so i don’t see why they wouldn’t feature him.