Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


7:06pm Hot tub Andrew and Emmett
Sounds like they were awarded drinks tonight “Girly Drinks” Andrew says it is obvious who they like in the house… otherwise they would have given them a Keg of Beer. Andrew suspects that they would get a Dance show from Talla tonight because of all the drinks they have.

Andrew brings up that Andrew mentions that Alec is already working on Topaz saying he wants to give Topaz a vote so that it’ll save him next week. Andrew says he was straight up with his nominations he gave them both a chance to win POV. Andrew points that Only him, Topaz and Gary actually tried for the Power of Veto. Alec and Peter said “F*** it” adds that Talla didn’t do well but she’s just not good at those types of competitions. Emmett Agrees

Andrew says that Jillian has a name fore their alliance but she hasn’t told them yet.. Apparently she suggested “Nova Scotia Pride” which has been nixed by Emmett and Andrwe. Emmett suggests they call it “Halifornia” (Really hard to hear if that is what he said.. doesn’t make sense to me.. It’s in the video attached to this post if anyone wants to give it a try)
Andrew has been calling Peter and Alec the “Vancouverites”

Emmett says it’s come down to Country against City..

Emmett at one point thinks someone was sneaking up on them and he runs out of the hot tub to check.. “Can you imagine if we saw someone there.. “ Alec and Jillian join them. Not long until Peter and Gary roll in..



7:10pm Kitchen Talla, Gary, Alec and Peter Looks like they got a 26 of vodka and a 26 of triple sec to make martinis. Talla is trying to calculate what amount of Alcohol they each get. Peter has chosen not to drink any of the alcohol. Talla: “We want them strong to get it on” Topaz joins them. They also got pink Boa’s to wear. listening to Talla trying to calculate the alcohol per drink per person is tough…

Everyone except for Talla and Topaz Eventually leave with their drink to hit the hot tub.

Talla: “I have something to tell you.. When you stay this week there is a good chance I’ll be joining someone on the block next week” (Talla is tipsy basically saying her and topaz are being nominated next week)
Topaz: “I know”
Talla says that if they are both on the block she won’t campaign against Topaz she doesn’t mind heading to jury to “hang out with AJ”

Topaz: “If you go on teh block you’ll have one day that you won’t want o see anybody.. ”

Topaz instructs her if there is a twist and Gary or Topaz is taken off the block Talla has to vote whoever the replacement nominee is. Topaz says Talla needs to stick with Gary and her. Talla asks if there is a chance Gary will be safe this week. Topaz doesn’t know she’s just been praying for it. Topaz: “Trust me Gary has your back.. we know you cannot trust people.. ” Talla starts talking about the guys being in an alliance. She’s certain they will take her out Asap because they know an Endurance HOH is coming up and she’ll win it.

Talla and Topaz proceed to steal some of the alcohol.. Talla pours a 1/3 a glass of triple sec for each while Topaz keeps watch. Topaz is a bit nervous about drinking so much asks Talla “What percentage is it” talla doesn’t know.. Talla toasts “cheers to us in the game and out side the game”





(Video Uploading)


7:50pm Drunk Talla, Topaz, Gary Andrew and Jillian are also in the kitchen with them.

Topaz tells them that Talla is cut off. Talla says she’s only had 2 glasses and wants her third.. Talla goes berserk starts kissing Topaz.. Jumps on her lap and starts gyrating.. Talla grabs Topaz’ chest.. jumps on the ground and starts booty shaking.. Talla keeps screaming “BAM BAM BAM BAM” in a drunken rampage.

Andrew laughing Talla have you ever drunk Alcohol before..

Gary comes back from the Diary room says that they caught Topaz drinking some of Andrew’s drink and there was Pop in it. Topaz: “Sorry Big Brother” Gary says it’s OK they just don’t want it to happen again.

Talla’s voice is so slurred you cannot really understand what she is saying..



8:10pm Talla is called into the Diary room.. Topaz follows to make sure she doesn’t fall.. Andrew makes a joke that Gary now can look at “Uncle Andrew” exposes his nipple. Gary tells him they never talk anymore.. Jillian, Andrew and Gary starts chit chatting.
Topaz comes back and says she was trying to calm Talla down reminding her that her mom is going to watch this so she should keep it a bit PG. They decide to make Talla a virgin drink they doubt she’ll notice..

8:25pm Andrew in the kitchen Making another drink while everyone else heads into the hot tub room. Looks like they got another bottle of vodka.. so the total is a 26 vodka, Mickey vodka, and a 26 of Triple sec..



8:50pm Talla WASTED Andrew has to carry her into the washroom or she’ll puke..
Talla pukes and pees her pants.. video shows the 20 minute rampage..
(Video uploading)

9:11pm Feeds cut
9:35pm Feeds cut
10pm Feeds cut

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I’ve never wanted a twist to save the two nominees more than I have now.
Please production! (*gets 500 dislikes on this comment*)


I an sick of the power shifts it is one thing if it happens here and there to spice up
The game but to have it every week is riddiculus.


Noooooooo. Save Gary. Make Topaz go home and sleep the jury house away


Hopefully it’s Gary! I doubt that BB would tweak with the votes in Topaz’s favor anyway. But really, the Powershift is so predictable. Of course it would be this week when Andrew can actually take out a strong player.


Is this real? I didn’t see this on the slice website


Is that legit? I don’t see it on the website anywhere.

Also, Emmett and Andrew did say Halifornia, as in Halifax, NS but as California. I’m almost positive that some people do refer to Halifax as Halifornia, mostly the younger crowd.


Was wondering why I couldn’t vote


I am confused is talla playing topez because she won’t be on the block and isn’t she in an allience with jill, andrew and emmitt. That girl is confusing!


Your welcome for that simon! i was the one who posted it lol.


No I saw it on jokers updates. I’m kinda sad that it’s not real now!! Ugh. Queen glitter is getting evicted </3


I know they should of never saved Suzette back than, cause shewas never going to go far and it was a waste


Maybe they are just saying is fake but it’s really real.. Or maybe they won’t do it no more since people found out already.. we can hope LOL


Why do they keep giving Talla alcohol? Does production not realize that she has to face family, friends and co workers when this show is over? And makes as person wonder why she is do fixated on Topaz every time she does drink. She doesn’t seem to act that way any other time. Maybe she let’s down her guard and really shows who she is.


Why did BB have to give out another vodka? Talla was already hammered before the mickey was brought in….They shouldn’t have done that….FYI: Keep the booze far, far away from Talla please.


Booooo. Let the house decide!!!!


i just luv to see Talla drunk..too freaking funny to watch


Fooled me!


well seeing the live feeds right now I am for the first time totally disgusted with BBCAN. to allow someone to get that drunk and be around a hot tub is unsafe and it is also unfair to have the other houseguests “babysit” her to make sure she doesnt fall in. And who is missing in the hot tub besides Alec?


Exactly, when Topaz came back from helping Talla to the DR she mentioned that Talla was done and should be cut off because she was slumped in the chair in DR or something. BBCan should have done something at that point. Props to Peter for taking control of the situation and watching over her and making sure nothing bad happens to her.


Talla was passed out cold on the floor of the toilet, and Peter finally opened the door after asking her repeatedly if she was okay. Then, feeds cut! Her body was seriously slumped in a terrible position…she didn’t look conscious.


I caught the same scary scene! Good thing Peter wasn’t drinking and he can get her help from production ASAP.


Getting help from production? Production is responsible for what happened in the house tonight. Not only giving them 2 bottles but after seeing how Talla was behaving they give them a third. Yes she is an adult sand should know her limits but it is obvious from past nights she can’t control herself. From here on in the alcohol should be cut off for everyone. If they don’t do that then do as BBUS does and give a bottle to hoh when they get their room. Just so disgusted with production tonight


Simon your kidding right? If your not I’m going to spend the next 3 days running my head into a brick wall. I’m not going to rant this has to be a joke. By the way that photoshop is way to good.


Twist, twist, twist. Hearing that word so much nowadays I feel like I’m back in the 60’s listening to Chubby Checker!! Get over it people. The 1st season of BB Canada was a mad science experiment that thus far has not worked out too well. There were a few good moments, but because of complaint after complaint about twists and excitement the game has turned into season 7 of Survivor. Exactly…. Anyone that can even remember season 7 of Survivor definitely needs to rethink their life! Just think logically for a second and come to the realization that blogs likes this that exist, are being viewed by the producers of BB Canada and they will continue to tweek the show based on the comments and feedback we give them unknowingly. No 1 person or situation can turn this game around now. Its too late. Just ride out these last few weeks and see what happens. If BB Canada even thought about saving someone again instead of making them fight or politic to save themselves it would be like a NFL playoff game that has already been decided before its even played. Total disrespect to its fans.


I agree saving someone once is a twist to do it again feels more like production cheating enough already either find a new twist or let the game play out fairly.


I am embarrassed for Talla, once again she has made a complete fool out of herself. This chick can’t handle alcohol but keeps wanting more. I can only imagine how fun she must be at parties, getting wasted after a shot or 2, puking over the floor, passing out near the toilet. Good times!


Hoping not to come off sounding like a prude, as I love my “drink”, but……I think tonight’s distribution of alcohol was irresponsible on BBC’s part. It is one thing to allow them a few drinks, but they should perhaps have to go into the DR to get their second, third, etc. BBC could take some responsibility and cut them off when they feel they have reached their limit. Talla will surely be torn and extremely distraught when she finds out everything that was shown on the live feeds. From this point forward however, she should take responsibility for herself and pass on the “booze nights”. Clearly, she cannot handle it.


I was basically thinking the same thing. Way to much alcohol in the house. It’s kind of funny as BBusa cut way back on booze after a season of excess drinking. I remember on the forums that someone made a very good point about cival liability in the courts. The US may be much more litigeous than us but if someone gets seriously injured BBcan may have a liability issue IMHO.

For Simon

I have a question regaurding the points game on slice. I saw the leader was way over 40K. I was wondering are there bonuses for using facebook or something else if you know.



Thank You Simon for taking the time to answer.


I think Talla needs to see herself in that state. BB should show her what she looks like and then punish her. Make her an alcohol have not. She just gets out of control so quickly.
Other than that, though, I’m in favor of giving the HGs extra alcohol. It usually provides drama.


April Fool


I say vote Gary out. Everyone knows topazs game now anyway, might as well get the tougher opponent out


Hahhaa poor Peter.


I think it was a task! I really do! I think Talla has to convince her houseguests that she fainted (or something along those lines).

*and in reward, Gary and Topaz are off the block!* LOL jk


hahaha Halifornia might not make sense to you…but to a girl from Halifax in Nova Scotia it makes PERFECT sense and not such an obscure name….side note: it is hard to break east coast bonds!


Halifornia is slang for Halifax


I think this is the first time I’ve seen Peter do something. He was very helpful and nice to Talla. I like him a bit more now. I don’t know why production didn’t do something before Talla got that bad. They step in so much but for this, they let her drink herself unconscious? Makes sense to me.


Awe Pete is so sweet!


Why? What did he do?


I don’t care what anyone says about Peter, after what he just did for Talla I hope he wins this game. He is the smallest guy in the house and he has to be the nursemaid and carry her in because the rest of them are too busy to stop partying or too drunk. He could have just stayed in the hot tub and left her alone as well but he didn’t because he is a nice guy. Good for you Peter your family should be proud of you.


Peter is so nice. It makes me question why he isn’t in a showmance unless if he already has a girlfriend back home in Vancouver


That’s creepy the weirdo helped an drunken unconscience lady lol….doesn’t look good and Talla is sleazy drunk and should come out of the closet


Trish – you’re a nasty specimen.

Lady Gaga

Come on, Peter was very helpful, but that doesn’t make him deserve to win, he has to work harder than that


I hope Talla is okay.


We have already had too many twists!! Enough already!

Also Talla is absolutely hilarious when she is drunk. Have you seen her on the feeds?


Yeah, I don’t really like Peter as a game player, I really can’t think of one game move that he made or instigated or even manipulated that resulted in someone being voted out. Although I really dislike Alec, he has really been carrying the shield. Maybe this is how Peter is game playing, but being passive will only get you so far. If you can’t show the jury some really clear game moves on your part, then you will not win, unless the person beside you is really hated. BUT, I have to agree, I like Peter a bit more now, after seeing how he took care of Talla. That was really nice of him! I hope Talla’s ok… its probably nothing, but you never know. I hope BBCAN is checking in on her.


Feeds are finally back up and thankfully tallas okay. Aw Emmett checking in on her


– Simon, Thanks for the videos!
– I missed the peeing part when it happened live, I only saw when Peter carried Talla back to the house. I’m afraid I have to retract my prior post where I said that I believe this is a task or a prank.
– If it is, then Talla is an amazing actress, but I don’t think so.
– If it isn’t then Talla is a dumb, irresponsible 15 year old. She’s cute in her out-of-this-world way, but at her age, she should know how much alcohol she can handle. Unless Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton (remember her?) are her role models.
– I might get wasted from time to time, but I wouldn’t choose a job interview or lunch with my GF’s parents as the right moment to do so. She has 50+ cameras following her every move!
– She already had at least 2 moments of drunken “misconduct” in this house after which she seemed genuinely worried and asked everyone “do you think they will show this? My mom is going to see this!”
– I agree, the other houseguests should have done more. They apparently all had a buzz, except Peter who didn’t drink. Andrew, Emmett and Jillian did repeatedly tell her not to go in the hot tub, and asked her if she was ok, but I guess they didn’t quite know how to handle this situation, maybe thinking Talla and BB would be thankful if they just downplayed what was happening. When she finally fell in the hot tub, they all cheered, but that sounded a lot like “ok, let’s just roll with the punches” to me…
– Peter did the right thing, but you can’t tell me he wasn’t thinking “This is great for my image! Canada is going to love me!” this whole time. Genuine is not a word I think I will ever associate with Peter while he’s still inside this house.
– Sounds like a great idea to me to show them all the footage of Talla’s behavior, but I’m afraid BB will want to behave like this never happened.
– The others are going to be pissed at Talla if this means no more or much less alcohol for everyone.
– To those who called AJ useless in this game: This would NOT have happened if AJ was still in this house. Keeping Talla from embarrassing herself was his main job in there, and he was as good at it as she would allow. I really miss him there now! 🙁
– Does BB just use every excuse now to cut the feeds for an extremely long time? I wish I had their job! “Talla’s drunk. We have to stop working for 12 hours now!” I’m pretty sure she’s been sleeping in her bed for the last 2 hours. Why can’t we see the others?


I lost a lot of respect for Gary and Topaz over this fiasco. Talla was obviously past the point of having any reason to be awake and he’s pushing her to smoke and taking out to the hot tub and saying “Fuck it lets take shots”. Peter really stepped up and tried to take care of Talla and as the smallest guy in the house ends up carrying her around? Really? Where’s any of the other big physical threats like Gary, Emmett and Alec? Topaz really just sat there as Talla made a fool of her self and laughed at her? I really hate how all of the house guests just let her do that. Maybe it’s cause the camera was on Topaz so much but god, that made me mad.

Shame on Big Brother for giving them that much booze anyways. A little tipsy if fine but you should learn your limits. Talla obviously doesn’t handle her alcohol very well based on 2 or 3 previous episodes. Big Brother Canada is as much to blame as Talla.


OMG don’t you hate sloppy drunk women , it’s a wonder that girl has any friends at all, can you imagine going out to clubs with a pig like that?
Peter better be careful , he is showing people that he is a nice guy!