Big Brother removes all of the food from the house except for SLOP!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 5 2013 930am

9am – 10:05am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Andrew and Alec head into the kitchen. They complain about how hard it was to get up and how little sleep they got. Andrew realizes that there is no food in the fridge or in the cupboards. He goes to tell the others in the bathroom that there is only slop in the kitchen. Alec mentions that the have/havenot competition will probably be the one where you win foods like bread, fruit, etc. Andrew heads back to the kitchen to make a slop shake. He drinks it and says I don’t know what the deal is. Emmett and Andrew go into the storage room and find that ALL of the food has been removed. Peter realizes that the grill is gone and asks where its gone. Andrew and Alec tell him they took it away. Peter says ah now I can’t eat anything! A slop cake is all he will eat. Alec says that they took the garbage too, like we would dig through it for food. Andrew says we probably would. Jillian figures out that she will be competing too even though she is the HOH. She goes to check if she still has HOH food and finds that she doesn’t. They discuss how they need to make sure they go for the essentials like meats, fruits, veggies first before we go for sweats and stuff. Jillian starts cleaning the fridge now that it’s empty.

Big Brother Canada April 5 2013 931am

10:15am Peter looks for food but refuses to eat anything since he can’t make his slop cake.

Big Brother Canada April 5 2013 1015am

10:30am – 10:40am Alec talks to Peter in the living room. Alec says if either one of us go up on the block. Peter says that it would have to be either one of us and Talla. Alec says then we will just go at her full force next week. Alec says if she is putting either one of us up, then I will just take that as a sign she is not committed to the final four. Peter completely agrees. Peter says we have a final four deal with them and there is not reason to not put him (Andrew) up, period. Alec says and I don’t mind keeping Andrew around for another week. He will put me and Topaz up against each other. Alec heads to the bathroom and then into the havenot room. He talks to Emmett about the papers he has written. Alec leaves and goes to the kitchen. In the kitchen Andrew, Talla and Alec talk about how Gary’s task wasn’t real. The instance where Gary told everyone they had to come up to his HOH room with a glass. Talla still thinks it was real. Alec bets Talla he is right and she is wrong.

11am – 11:20am Big Brother opens the back door. Talla gets all excited but realizes that there is nothing out there. They wonder if they are all just on slop for the week. Talla thinks they are punished. Andrew says that he is looking forward to being on slop because I can do it no problems. Alec heads back inside. Andrew and Talla comment on how Peter won’t make it. Jillian comes out and says that they already tried talking to her. She says that she told them to give her some time. Andrew says that the nominations might not be for a while since there’s nothing out here for a havenot comp.

11:30am – 12pm Up in the HOH room: Emmett and Jillian are talking. Emmett tells Jillian not to tell Talla anything because at this point all the votes count. Jillian tells Emmett about her conversation with Topaz last night. She says that she wouldn’t put up Andrew because she made a deal with him while he was HOH. She says that she is thinking about putting up Peter and Talla. Jillian says she wonders what she should say to Alec. They decide that Jillian should tell him that she will keep her deal with Topaz but that Alec isn’t safe. Jillian comments on how Alec and Peter were sh!tting their pants when she won. Jillian thinks that Topaz will fly off the handle if Alec goes up. Emmett doesn’t think so since she could still go up if Alec or Peter win the POV. Jillian says if we get out Alec this week we are in a good situation next week. He is in a showmance and a bromance and we can break that up. Emmett tells her to tell Alec that yesterday was the first time he has talked game with her ..and that she has a better relationship with Peter than him. Alec comes up and joins them. Alec asks if she knows what she is doing with nominations. Jillian asks Emmett to leave. Jillian tells Alec that she might not keep her word to keep him safe. Alec says I don’t think that a good way to run your HOH. Alec says Peter, Emmett and I have been working to keep you safe. They both agree that Talla is a threat and needs to go up. Alec is pushing for her to put up Andrew. Jillian says that she doesn’t think she can put up Andrew. Alec says so that leaves me or Peter. Alec says that he is a human being and needs to know if he is safe.. the longer you take to tell me the more time I have to twist and plot and I have a lot of other options. Alec tells Jillian to trust Emmett and if he doesn’t have faith in our final four then put us up and we will battle it out. Jillian asks so you don’t think you have a fighting chance against Talla. Alec says no. Alec says if you put up Andrew then we have to votes to keep him. Alec says that if Peter goes up and he goes home …then I no longer trust you or Emmett and I would most likely work with Talla and Topaz. Alec says that next week if he wins HOH he will put Andrew and Topaz on the block and if Andrew wins the POV then I will put up Emmett and not you. They shake on him not nominating her at all next week if he wins. Jillian says that she still needs to talk to Peter and Topaz but will let him know what she is going to do before she does it.

12:15pm – 12:50pm Emmett and Jillian talk up in the HOH room. Jillian tells Emmett the conversation she just had with Alec. Emmett tells her fine throw him and Peter up. Emmett says all you need to tell him is that he was up here threatening you with different scenarios. Jillian says she doesn’t trust him. Emmett says throw them both up. Say that you didn’t even want to put up Peter ..and that you wanted to talk with him but he threatened you. Emmett says that if Alec asks me about I will just tell him you are pissed that you threatened her. Jillian says he is going to make it hard on me this week. He is a social psychologist and he doesn’t even know when to stop, he doesn’t shut up. Jillian and Emmett start making out. Jillian thinks they can trust Talla. Emmett tells Jillian to talk to Talla and tell her that they (Alec/Peter) keep throwing her under the bus and how they are threatening you. Jillian says if Topaz or Peter win next week then we are screwed. Emmett comments on how this week might be another double eviction. Emmett asks would you rather take Peter to the final four than Talla. Jillian says yeah. Emmett says he would too. Jillian and Emmett head down to the havenot room so they can nap. Emmett gets up and head out to the backyard to play catch with Andrew.

Peter tries to drink slop..

Big Brother Canada April 5 2013 1250pm

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Peter is such a babyyyyyyyy!!


For about 30 minutes or so this morning, before the HG’s were woken up, I could hear movement in the house (off cam.) I thought someone was up but couldn’t figure out who. I guess now I know it was Big Brother taking all their food away.

What a shocker to wake up to that, eh? I’d throw a Gary-gets-put-on-slop type meltdown if I woke up to find my coffee had been taken. Lol

I’m almost positive now that Jillian will be sitting in one of the F2 chairs. Talla bascially told Jillian she has her back all the way (this am.) Emmett will be taking her and so will Andrew (I can’t see Andrew taking Emmett over Jillian.)

So, of all the people in the house right now, in my opinion, Jillian’s in the best spot.

I still want to see Andrew win, though. 😉


I think this is a hard call emmitt and jillian are in the best place in the house and that is crazy to me if this was the us version they would have tried to break them up along time ago. Talla says alot of things and you never know until you get there but jillian has won more then emmitt and she has a better social game so if talla won which is a big if she might take emmitt if andrew is gone. Andrew i think would take emmitt over jillian he does realize how likeable she is and of course emmitt and jill will take each other. My guess if they make it to final 3 and if they get past next hoh then they will they will take andrew out because the first two hoh is endurance and it will be easier to knock talla out before the questions then andrew.


You are right Jillian is in a super spot and will most likely sit in the final 2 chair. Even if Peter/Topaz win the next couple comps Andrew, Talla and Emmett will most likely be the targets.

Maybe I missed something but I do think Andrew will take Talla over Jillian.

It’s gotten to the point where Peter might be the best person to take to final 2 to guarantee a win. I’ve heard Gary, AJ, Emmett, Andrew and Talla all say that they would never vote for Peter to win the game.


Right now the Shield (AKA Xfactor) is sinking fast and mainly due to their lack of a Social strategy and weak implementation of whatever Social strategy they come up with. Peter’s social game is abysmal Alec was good in the beginning not so much any more. Add to that they are both going in to panic mode and making mistakes it doesn’t look good.

Peter has no reassembles to Dan other than their shared desire to scream in the DR. He still might survive because he is perceived as week in comps whereas Alec better hope for a POV win or he’s going home by a vote of 3-1

A few days ago I really thought the shield had a great chance of winning but they needed that HOH win.


Dan was brilliant he had final 2 deals with everyone and nobody was the wiser where peter and alec told emmitt day 3 they would always take each other which was dumb because it allowed andrew to jump in and give emmitt a f2 deal


Completely agree with both of you.. Alec started off in a good spot but everything went downhill when he got out Tom. With Tom being gone Alec became a bigger target (also inflated his ego). I also think that he made a weak move getting Suzette out..he could have easily alligned with Suzette, Gary, Topaz, and Peter and become a 5-person alliance and get out Andrew or Jillian. He knows that Jillian is good at endurance and Jillian has no reason not to put up Alec/Peter


i agree. he’s turning into liza making deals with everyone, with the house getting smaller and everyone talking it’s all coming out. It was stupid of him to try and “threaten” the HOH with i have other options. what options? i hope jillian sticks with it and puts up both alec and peter.


Alec needs to stop talking game with everyone, he is digging himself deeper and deeper in a hole. Does he not realize that everyone he is talking to and telling different stories to is relaying all this info back to each other?

I’m listening to him throw Talla under the bus to Jill one day after telling Talla he had her back. He threw Topaz under the bus to Emmett, whilst still sucking face with her and pretending to be into her. He’s kissing Andrew’s @$$ (now that Jill has told him she wont put Andrew up) after throwing him under the bus to everyone.

Jillian has the perfect ammo to put up Alec with considering yesterday she had no idea what she was going to say when she nominated him. I am 100% convinced that the Shield is going down and their demise is their overconfidence and their love for the sound of their own voices.


I’m sad that Alec has opted not to play this game with a bit of integrity. What he’s doing to topaz is appalling and she’s even asked him to be completely honest with her and he still continues to mislead her. She has no other alliance so he doesn’t have to string her along like that.

I had high hopes for him but he’s been a sinking ship esp since he decided to keep Andrew for whatever reason.


yeah but part of that (maybe a lot of it) also falls on topaz. she’s stupid for going back him after he went against her. as others have said, he messed up her game. who knows what could have happened if andrew went home instead of aj. i don’t buy her argument that she has no choice but to go back to him. She now knows he’s with peter and emmett/jillian are together. she should be trying to get in with andrew/talla.

what i would like to see is her win veto with alec/peter up on the block and not use it.


What were some of you saying about Jill being a bad player??? only riding coattails??? Obvs you are Alec and Pete fans cause anyone who has followed B.B.C would know that is the furthest from the truth…


Jill is actually playing a really good social game as well as 2 hoh wins now. Emmett and Jill both are a lot more intelligent then the house guests as well as ppl watching think. To be as big as a threat as Emmet is, and to also be a dangerous dual, props to the both of them for lasting as long as they have and my money has been on Emmet to win this whole thing since the get go.
Alec and Pete think they are running the house which makes me laugh, they talk a big game in the D.R, but that is all talk. Alec is a P***Y, he is way too scared to make moves as he doesnt want to make enemies, he doesnt want any blood on his hands at all and the same goes for Pete. The only reason Alec won his one HoH was because of the 10K plus the fact that there were still easy targets in the house to go after without pissing anyone off.
Pete is lame, he thinks he is a diabolical genius (which i will add is a joke), if he had half a brain he would have realized the best move would have been to get Andrew out, NOT A.J. Then it would have been: Alec, Pete, Topez, Tala, and A.J Against EM and Jill.
But nope, Emmet wanted A.J gone cause that was better for his game and Pete and Alec followed even thou it was a terrible move for there game as well as showed how disloyal Alec really was to his supposed alliances (Gary and Topez).

Anyways Go Jill & Emmet!!!!! Beast Coast all the way Baby!!!

alec is a douche

You are so right, his biggest mistake was turning his back on topaz.


I use to like alec but ever since tom left he has changed i hate how he is playing topez and him threatening jillian is way out of line. I am glad emmitt took jill side at least. I think game wise her best bet is to put alec and peter up but i think peter will take it better then alec will.

Antony G

Supposed genius player votes to keep Andrew over AJ. Without doubt the stupidest decision of the whole game. Alec really is a complete fool


I smell an old school food competition!


Why has BBC taken all the food? This is the very first time I have seen a BB take someone in HOH food. People that win HOH should never have to go on slop. The people running the show are really controlling everything that goes on it’s a game leave it alone and let it play out.

They will not be bringing anyone back into the house there are to many left in the house for the amount of time is left in the season. This Alec is should be very ashamed of himself for using and abusing Topaz the way he has in this game. Topaz needs to take off the blinders, if she watch’s after the season is over she will see the real Alec. Peter and Alec think they are in total control of this game and everyone playing it. Neither one of them have any integrity.

I live in the west but I want to see Beast Coast go all the way.

Alec really needs to learn some manners the way he was talking to Jillian up in the HOH this morning was appalling how dare he threaten her. Alec, Peter both need to go.


Seems like a lot of us westcoasters are cheering for the beastcoast.

I haven’t seen the ALec/Jillian HOH conv yet just read dawgs update.. going to have to watch it when I get home tonight.


Alec needs to tape his mouth closed because it’s getting him deeper and deeper in the sh@t pile!

The Shield is officially now a joke. Peter needs to run as fast as he can away from Alec if he wants even a remote chance of staying in this house.

Watching Alec fall all over Topaz last night was pathetic. And then basically threatening Jillian today?? Umm Alec, clearly you are too in to your own head that you don’t see you are 7 days away from hanging with your boys Gary and AJ!


Everyone on slop is hilarious, they are delirious from lack of food and saying the funniest things ever. Especially Emmett, he’s all fired up about there being honey (not a have-not thing) but no sugar (have-not thing), its very entertaining.

The Watcher

Alec has to be the biggest twat ever!!!

I want him gone so badly!

He kept telling Jillian what would be the best way to use the HOH for his OWN game? WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Jillian doesnt change her mind and put him next to Peter! Two Cry Me A River guys on the block sounds like fun.

She should also tell Topaz about Alec trying to trow her AGAIN under the bus.

Bill from Halifax

Production people were caught in the food room:


Nice.. thanks for adding this


I hope they’re doing a food comp. I miss those:( BB used to be so much better

Pretty Trickster

Why doesnt Peter eat food??

I think the Shield is too much of a wanna b chill town. Peter is annoying me more and more…

go andrew go!

ShowDown Throwdown

I am so done with Alec and Peter, they need to go down. Alec is sickening and the stunts he pulled are just beyond. Who even knows if he was actually even bothered by the stunt Tom pulled on him or if it was some sick plot to get rid of him for sure.


Alec has the worst game in this house! He’s telling Jillian about the alliances he made and how he turned his back on both Gary and Topaz?!! What makes him think Jillian is going to trust him when he can easily turn his back on her too? He’s doing more harm than good by dragging everyone’s name through the mud .He made the huge mistake of keeping Andrew over AJ because all that did was push Andrew towards Emmett and now they have the strongest alliance in the house. He’s fake, lacks integrity and I hope he’s out the door next week!


Alex shows up for the HOH comp with not one but two shirts instead of being naked from the waist up like he usual is. . Like a kid trying to steal candy and thinks no one can see him. Very funny..
And him and Topaz demanding honesty from Jillian. Don’t recall anyone being honest enough to tell Gary he was going to jury house…..
And Emmett. No shirt.. Sitting down. Yeah he really wanted to win.
Sorry guys, but this BB is not about the best moves. More and more it’s about who makes the most and least mistakes. All the players are into this BB-101-speak. All Talk Talk Talk. ..Really nuts
Newsflash Peter. The shomance is thinking of taking you to final 4..So time to get your game face on.. Oh sorry Gary took all the makeup.


I wanted Emmett to win from day one. Of course Alec used Tom’s opening the shower door to have everyone feel sorry for him
and jump on his side. That way he could convince them to evict Tom who he could not control. As for Topaz, she is playing Alec
as much as he is playing her. She wanted to ride someone’s coattails to the end. Alec was the easy sucker. Topaz made this
big scene when Tom opened the shower door on Alec but laughed about her boob showing. Real class.


finally some of you are waking up and seeing what I have said about Peter (Alec) all along.

Go Jillian <3


I couldn’t stand Chill Town can you imagine what I think of the Shield? LOLLLLLLLLLLL losers go home!!


The reason the shield voted AJ out over Andrew is, they are so arrogant ,that they actually think they are running the show, they planed on using Andrew to get rid of another player they wanted out, so they would be blood free again, then just swoop in and get rid of Andrew later, wow, that was smart.

Go shield, right to the jury house with AJ and Gary, well done,,, notttttttttt , brains my arse lol

Please Jillian, send them both packing.