Topaz: “I need to wax my cr*tch tomorrow… Big Brother don’t zoom in on the pub$s”

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


12:00AM Hot Tub Talla and Topaz

Talla: “Are you scared for tomorrow.. “
Topaz: “Ya.. you’ve never been on the block before but even though you know you are safe you still feel nervous”
Talla: “you haven’t been doing the Sh1t Alec’s been doing.. “ Talla points out how Peter is sticking up for Alec instead of Topaz.
Topaz says that Peter and her are not close they are only close via Alec. Talla: “Do you guys talk.. one on one”
Topaz: “we did talk.. when Liza backstabbed him.. week 3”
Talla: “And he still was fighting to keep Liza in the game.. what does that say”
Topaz: “I guess he was in love.. honestly i’m telling you right now we wouldn’t be allied with him if it wasn’t for Alec.. we are 2 different people”

Talla: “Do you have any idea what Alec is doing.. do you know”
Topaz: “I haven’t seen it but I have an idea”
Talla: “If you say what I see.. “ (Talla is tipsy she drops in and out of making sense)
Topaz: “We don’t have to work out every day to compete”

Topaz mentions how Alec told her he was hoping it was double eviction and both of them were sent home on Thursday so they could spend the time in Jury house. Talla is shocked Alec said that to her.
Talla: “I cannot believe you take all that sh!t from him”
Topaz: “I’m not taking any sh!t I ‘m enjoying the cuddles and the blah blah blah.. I’m sleeping in the bed to satisfy myself not him”
Topaz: ‘It’s a rocky A$$ relationship not one I will carry outside this out and NOT IN JURY”

Talla comments how useless Peter is in the game. Topaz points out he pulled himself off the block.


Random chit chat.. Topaz says she’s really happy she made it onto this show but she “Hates the Alarm Guy”

Talla says she’s surprised by the lack of stars in Toronto. Topaz comments about Talla living in Alberta and how Topaz only feels that beside Toronto and Vancouver everywhere else is just “BLA”

Talla: “Alberta is the best they have the oil, money and the best beef.. sales tax is only 5%”
Topaz: “There no one I will have sex in there cause I don’t want to up my count”
Topaz: “I’ve gone over a year without se$.. I know it’s available but I don’t need it”
They briefly go over Topaz’ speech for tomorrow. Talla suggests she say “Well there is lots to say and he’s said it” Point to Alec
Talla: “Ohh THATS GOOD.. BAM” (they high five)

Topaz wants to know that a chunk of people respect her game. she doesn’t want to leave and hear people never respected how she played. Talla points out how nobody will understand how different it is in the house.

Topaz: “I need to wax my crotch tomorrow.. going to put on a sexy dress and look cute”

They head inside..
Topaz tells her that there will be a lot of opportunities for Talla when she gets out of the house. “I also think there will be a lot of opportunities for me”
Talla agrees “Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam “

They start doing their hoochie dance.. Topaz: “Big Brother don’t zoom in on the pubes” (Watch the video near the end and you’ll see their dance)

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1:18AM HOh Emmett and Jillian

Big Brother over the speakers “Houseguests Please stop talking in CODE”

Everyone else is sleeping.. Emmett and Jillian chit chatting.

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I want Andrew to win this game


I want Topaz to win this game


I want anybody but Alec/Peter or Topaz To Win.


I wanted Dawg to win the game, but Production didn’t cast him! 🙁


Thanks Jim! Maybe next season they will be brave enough to cast the dawg!


I want Peter to win. Thumps up? no?! k bye.


I want emmitt,andrew or jillian to win in that order. I don’t think topez played the game except that she road gary’s and the sheilds coattails so i think it would be let down if she won. Talla would be a joke if she won she had probably the worst game in the house. Peter’s big problem he thought he could play like dan but he isn’t dan or as cleaver where down was able to con the house without them knowing everyone knows what peter was up to. Peter is another one i don’t want to win.


I don’t really care who wins as long as its not Emmett or Jillian


The only person that can win this besides Emmett and Jillian at this point is Andrew. He just needs to go back on his east coast alliance the next time he gets the chance. This week being a double eviction he probably wouldn’t have the time to make that decision winning HOH, so he should probably throw it. Hope that topaz or peter win and that they target the power couple.

I understand he’s friends with them, but at some point he has to realize it is a guaranteed win against Talla for him, and there is no reason for him to keep Emmett and Jillian to the end. E/J are going to be happy to take him to final four at least, if not final 3. So Andrew will have the opportunity to take them out in the next two weeks, and by doing this he can give himself the best chance to win.

I was a fan of the shield when it first came out but clearly Alec and Peter didnt know what they were doing. They caught up thinking they were running the house when really the whole house was making decisions as a group. I wish they had voted out Andrew, but they kept trying to get through the game by putting out weak players instead of the strong ones. Now that is going to cost Alec his game and Peter most likely as well. They wanted to be like Chilltown, but Chilltown made big moves and they just went along with the house.

I don’t really care who ends up winning this season. I just want to see someone make a bold move, and find a deserving winner in the end. Im hoping the final few weeks will provide the cutthroat moments this first season of big brother canada has been missing.


Why is it that every hgs think they will get famous on bb that it will open doors as talls said once the hype of the season ends life goes back to normal. Have any of them ever watched the show the only ones that have gotten any where due to the show was jeff and jordon and that was mirgial. I think talla is dillusional but danielle and gary thought the same thing. Danielle is a wannabe actor being on a canadian reality show won’t help her careeer.


I am not and have never been a Topaz fan but I hope Peter wins and if he can’t win then Topaz. The rest are turning into idiots. Andrew can win my favour back if he takes out Emmet and Jillian.


To Andrew, Talla and everyone else who speaks on how useless Peter is and how he’s done nothing…’ll be surprised when you find out that production has centered the whole show around him.


Do you have the late night clip of E/J’s convo? Thanks.