Talla FLIPS OUT because the others think she is going to get LOADED AGAIN!

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ALEC & TOPAZ
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 915pm

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 940pm

9:20pm – 9:50pm The house guests get their 26’er of Vodka. Andrew portions it out evenly for each house guest. When he finishes Talla is the first to say I am grabbing mine. Andrew asks did you grab the biggest one? They continue to finish making dinner. Talla leaves the kitchen. Andrew says lets start making bets, that is more than what she had the other night. Talla comes back and starts flipping out that they are talking about her drinking too much. Talla starts yelling telling them that she isn’t going to drink all that now. You think I want to embarrass myself again like that? She tells them that they can drink her alcohol, I am not going to drink it. You can eat the dinner too, I am not eating with you! Talla storms off. Andrew is annoyed that she made such a big deal about it.
Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 939pm

9:55pm Talla talks to Jillian in the storage room about how the others were making fun of her. She talks about how embarrassed she was for getting drunk on TV and how she has to live with her family seeing that. Andrew comes in after and talks to Talla and tells her that everyone wants her to come out and eat with them. Andrew tells her that you should show everyone this side of you that you are embarrassed.. we are all a big family and we care about you.

10pm – 10:50pm All the house guests sit down to their lobster dinner. Jillian shows them again how to open up and eat the lobster. Talla gives a toast to the others and she calls herself the “stain”. Andrew says happy birthday to my dad, it actually is his birthday today. Big Brother keeps zooming in on Peter’s meal of Wings and Fries. (After a half hour it still looks like he hasn’t touched it because he eats so slow.) Andrew comments on how Topaz’s Mountain Dew drink doesn’t look very dewy (because it has so much vodka in it.) Topaz says yeah because last time when Talla was dead weight I didn’t get very drunk. I can hold my liquor.

11:05pm – 11:40pm The house guests discuss asking for more alcohol. Jillian was going to ask but Talla says I think I should because they will give it to me. Talla says she is fine and that usually like last week I would be out by now. Emmett tells her that they won’t give her any more and that she doesn’t need any more. The conversation turns to talking about how Jillian will probably get her HOH camera tomorrow. Talla asks how’s tired is everyone? Andrew asks how’s tired? Talla says my English is so good! Topaz tells Talla that she will go into the diary room with her to ask for more alcohol for the rest of us just not for Talla. Talla says I am allowed to drink! I am just on watch. Topaz & Talla go into the diary room to ask for more liquor. Emmett and Jillian come out of the storage room with milk and cookies. Emmett has the litre of milk in his crotch. Andrew says and that’s what it looks like cold. The conversation turns to talking about how Talla was embarrassed and that’s why she flipped out. Emmett and Alec comment on how they would just not drink then. Topaz and Talla come out and say that they will get back to us about getting more liquor. Peter says and that means we won’t get any more. Jillian says no, they said that before and we got more. They talk about getting drunk. Talla says that her episode the other night reminded her of being drunk and passing out when she was in junior high.

12:10am They continue to talk about their drunken stories. Talla asks Andrew to come into the diary room to ask for more alcohol. Jillian thinks the guys should go asks for more. Topaz tells Emmett to go ask, they like you. Talla asks why do they want us to slow it down, lets have fun!! The conversation turns to talking about the big brother live feeds.
Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 1203am

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I am so sick of Talla, she’s maha annoying. Has no game or any clue about the game. I think she plays the ditsy part in the DR during the “live” shows to get the audience’s approval. Her voice is like chalk on board mixed with loud screeching that grabs your soul and tears it apart (to put it lightly). Finally, I wish they had cast her much hotter twin sister, Tanna (definitely a 9.5 in my books).

ps all Talla fans bring it on xD


You just listed all the things I like about Talla. I think it’s all about expectations. If you’re expecting her to be Dr. Will, then yeah, you’re going to be disappointed. If, like me, you’re expecting her to be comic relief, then she never disappoints.


I actually love Talla. I think she is hilarious! Granted, she can go over the edge sometimes but for the most part I really enjoy her on the live feeds! Honestly I agree with you that her game isn’t very good and she doesn’t deserve to win (unless she does something radical in these last few weeks) but I wouldn’t mind her sticking around till final 4.

Beast Coast FTW 🙂


Talla is a hot mess!! It seems every time there is alcohol she get drunk so clearly she doesn’t kow how to control herself. It is hard to believe that her and jillian are only one year apart she is extremely immuture most people go through this when they are a teen you would think she would grow this by now. She should be embarressed not only do she abuse her body with alcohol to the point of passing out but she did it on national televison nice work!!!


Talla’s sister is frickin gorgeous!


where can i see Talla’s sister?


doesn’t Talla have a twin?


Yes. But apparently they aren’t identical.


I didn’t know that.. Lets hope Talla wins a HOH so we can find out what she looks like.


According to Talla, she (her twin) has green eyes


ahh much thanks! she is very attractive


Aw come on Talla’s the life of the party! You can talk about her all you want but if she wasn’t there, the live feeds would be extremely boring! She’s the one who makes them worth watching.


After all the speculation yesterday re Diamond Power of Veto, I tried to look it up but thought one of my fellow BBphiles might love to answer : 1: The power of veto we have seen this far (clear plastic); what is that one? 2) What are the Diamond POv, Siver POv, and ….I forgot the other one I found – there is one more I believe. Can anyone help me out. Start with the first one if you don’t mind – the plastic -looking one on BBCanada . Thanks.


We did up a blurb about the Diamond Power of Veto here http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/big-brother-compendium/big-brother-diamond-power-of-veto/
It really hasn’t been uses very much but people still like to spread rumors around that it’s everywhere.. Hiding in the trees, hiding in the cereal, in the socks.. you name it.


ok babybere,
here is a breakdown of the pov’s that i can remember

Silver pov:
This was the first pov to be introduced during bb 3 and allowed the winner to remove one nomination but it could not be used on themself.The hoh would then select a replacement.

Golden pov: (this one is used today)
It was introduced at the end of bb3 and it allowed the winner to veto one of the nominations including themselves and then the hoh would select a replacement

Diamond Pov:
This veto has only been seen twice the first time was at the end of season 4 and then it reapperared in bb12 during pandor’s box giving the dpov to matt. It allowed the holder of the dpov to remove one of the nominations and replace that nomination themselves without refering to the hoh for the replacement. They couldn’t nominate the hoh or the regular pov holder.

Dual pov:
It was only used in bb13 and it allowed one pair to take down both nominee’s and the hoh would select two other replacements but it had to be use on both nominee’s it couldn’t be only used for one.

Golden ball of veto:
This was introduced in bb14 and was part of pandor’s box and it was essential the same as the golden power of veto allowing the winner to take one of the nominee’s including themselves off the block and having the hoh replace them

Coup d’etat:
It has appeared twice the first time was during bb all stars and the hgs competed for the prize and mike boogie ended up winning it gave them the right to switch the current nominations with nominations of there choice. They have three weeks to use it in the end mike chose not to use it. The second time and currently the last time we saw this prize was in bb11 when america voted for who got the prize giving the prize to jeff which resulted in flipping the house. Jeff chose to use the power sending jesse home. The only other rules of the power is that they can chose anyone with the exception of the current hoh and the pov holder.

I hope this helps.


Nicely done thanks for adding that!


Wow Hallie, you know your BB – I think you enjoyed answering too. Thanks SO much. Peace.


i just have to say i love this site!! i go into the fb page and it can get quite nasty. i enjoy coming on and reading everyone’s point of view or their predictions. best of all i love the recap on the live feeds. i have to say i go into withdraw after the season. thank you simon!! i don’t want to come on and hear the ugly stuff people have to say about “characters”. there is good in every person, yes even tom. i love tally and really she is entertaining, she reminds me of my niece who talks a mile a minute. i believe that it truly is an experience that nobody can concur until you actually live in the house.

was thinking would love to see all survivor past contestants play big brother. what do you think? don’t think bb players could survive playing survivor.


Thanks Marie,

You’ve made some great points about tolerance for the players.. how people are inside the house is most likely very different than what they are like outside in the regular world.

Most BB players would get decimated in survivor and I think many survivor players would pull a willie type implosion.


Hey Marie; I don’t know if you ever watched BBUS Season 2 (the only US Season I ever watched). It consists of what you’re describing where the Survivor Contestants come into the house. I won’t give any away as it must be seen to be completely enjoyed. I highly recommend it and it came to me by word of mouth being that it was the GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME. It has the infamous Dr. Will Kirby in it among others who have gone down in the books as memorable. Peace. (The Survivor appearances come at around episode 18 or 20 or thereabouts.)


I love it how Alec follows Topaz around to make sure she has no time to talk to Talla. Look at him in the bathroom right now monitoring further conversations. WHAT A LOSER!


I cannot believe these heffers at the diningroom table. 1/2 don’t even know how to chew with thier mouth closed!

On behalf of all Nova Scotians I sincirely apologize for the “lesson” on shelling lobster. Jillian tried but she was about 25% correct give or take. and for anyone unaware, apparently Andrew, he tried atleast, the cook time is 20 minutes on a rolling boil after the water returns to a boil once the lobsters have been put in the water.
On another matter regaurding diner who freaking butchered the tenderloin? Anything above medium rare is sacreledge! I prefer blue to blood rare personally. The poor cow gave up it’s life for well freaking done!