Big Brother 19 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

What a Fun Week in the Big Brother 19 House! The entire dynamic got a little shake which is always good for the show. Not the SMASH I was hoping for but enough to breath more excitement into an already exciting season.

This is how Week 3 Went Down…

Cody was evicted as predicted but unlike the prediction the the vote was a little off. There was 3 votes thrown at Ramses and they were Christmas, Kevin and Jessica. The Big Surprise was Christmas, as we already knew Kevin was going to as he promised Paul on the feeds. For the houseguests having these 2 unknown votes caused all sorts of drama in the house as they houseguests work themselves in a knot trying to figure out the rogue votes.  The Head of Household Competition was a Spaceship themed wall endurance. Final 3 standing was Jason, Elena and Alex. Jason eventually falls off. It was amazing how well Jason did considering his size, historically the wall competition favours small light people. With Jason out is leaves Elena and Alex to make some deals. Elena offers a deal to Alex where Elena would drop if Alex would promise Elena protection for Elena and “Whoever else she wants safe” . Alex agrees, but later mentions how the “whoever else she wants Safe” is a bit vague and needs to be explained.

The results is a Head of Household win for Alex. What followed that was 48hours + of no sleep houseguests scrambling (it was a fun weekend.. I stayed up through most of it). Jason was advising her to put up 2 big players make sure someone from the other side goes home. He stresses if the vote is f*ed like week one they are in BIG TROUBLE. Paul was pushing Ramses and Jessica but soon figured that wouldn’t work and started pushing for Dominique to go up saying Saturday at 3:30am.

“Dominique and Mark are up to some sh1t and the reason they want Christmas out so bad is because Christmas is onto them”

Alex wanting to play something a little bit more strategic suggests they try to incorporate themselves into the opposing side then “annihilate them from the inside” To accomplish this Alex nominates Dom and Jessica. She tells Jason they need to drive a wedge in the other group because they don’t have reliable numbers.

Alex – I need to convince them that there is a rat in the group.. we need to move into the group we are becoming the group.. I’m saving you trust me.. The more we’re in the group and the more they trust me and you we can attack them later.. We know one of them in their group flipped.. this is our chance to move in their groups and become protected..

Power of Veto

Jason wins a unusually timed Power of Veto. It was at midnight on Friday. What follows Jason POV win is a mind spinning whirlwind of game talk centered around if Jason should use the Veto and if he does who does Alex put up. It was nice to see those showmances scramble. Especially ones as boring as Matt/Raven.

The plays after Veto

Prior to all the Dominique blow ups which I explain below. Paul was trying to get The veto used to put Mark up. Not sure if he was trying to get Mark out or not but he really tried and it was noticed by some players (mainly Jason). Remember that before Cody left last week he told everyone that Mark and him had a ride or die and Mark/Dominique told him they didn’t trust Christmas and wanted to target her. On top of that he said Mark knew about his plans to put up Paul.

Jason at times wanted to use the veto on Jessica to put up Mark or Raven just to make sure Jessica doesn’t go home and the other side losses a number. Jason was suspicious of the other side and suspicious of members of his side (Josh/Kevin). Mark flat out refuses to go up as a pawn.

Then the blow up occurred with Dominique and Paul and the conversation changed a bit, Everyone wanted Dominique out. In the end Jason didn’t use the Power of Veto , He was confident enough in the vote. Alex noted to Jason that Paul was the one that really turned the house against Dominique, especially after the blow up. Jason believed that Paul was telling their side to use the Veto to put up Mark while telling the other side he’s trying to get them to not use the veto to put up Mark.

Dominique Paul BLOW UP

At some point Paul started to really push the narrative that Dom was the person that voted out Ramses. After Dominique was nominated she knew she was betrayed by one of her own, AKA Paul, AKA the Snake.

Early Saturday morning Dominique and Paul went at it in the HOH. Dominique called Paul out for being a snake and Paul called her out for making shit up. Dominique thinks she did enough to expose Paul and how he Backstabbed her warning other players that he’ll do it to them. Unfortunately for Dominique most of the house is so extremely misted by Paul it didn’t do shit and sunk her game. It didn’t help that Dominique used messages received from GOD as evidence of Paul’s snaky maneuvers. Paul gets very agitated by Dominique pressing him about being a snake and many times loses his cool. Alex points out to Jason how fast the other side turned on one of their own.

Mark Josh BLOW UP

Monday afternoon Mark and Josh decided to have a pool game. The bet was loser has to drink 1/2 a cup of pickle juice and 1/2 a cup of hot sauce. Paul prepared the mixture into one cup. The game ended with Josh losing on a technicality, However there was a disagreement on who won. Josh claims that Mark wins matches all the time on the same technicality. Josh and Mark both say they offered to have a rematch making the bet null and void but neither admits to accepting defeat.

In a sign of toughness, Mark takes the cup of juice asks Josh one more time if he won. Josh says no. Mark fakes Josh and splashes the hot sauce in his face. Josh is beyond PISSED at this. What happened next is 2 hours of fighting with as many people getting involved as Josh was able to pull in.

Some say Josh won, Some say Mark won I say we won, with this season. (It’s worth going back and watching this)

The Stupidness and the misting of the BB19 house

I like Alex but I need to include this small conversation from before the Power of Veto Ceremony as testament at how bad Paul is misting some of these people…

Jason- I don’t think you should trust Paul with 100% certainty all the time
Alex – I don’t, the safe guard I have is he can’t lie in front of America
Jason – Yes he f*ing can
Alex – If he breaks that friendship promise, If you remember the friendship bracelets was the whole reason he came back this season . it would totally destroy his fan base
Jason – No it wouldn’t cause they are already fans

The only people that Paul hasn’t misted are Jessica, Dom, Jason and Ramses everyone else is fighting over who can rub his pimply back. Raven and Matt being gold stars in this regard.


Dom will go home with only 2 votes to stay.

Results from the Show

Jessica won the Temptation.

Final chances to sway the votes.
Jessica says she misses Cody. Dominique says she loves Jesus.

Jessica doesn’t use the Halting Hex this week.

Paul Votes to evict = Dominique
Kevin Votes to evict = Dominique
Christmas Votes to Evict = Dominique
Raven Votes to evict = Dominique
Mark Votes to evict = Dominique
Jason Votes to evict = Dominique
Josh Votes to evict = Dominique
Elena Votes to evict = Dominique
Matt Votes to evict = Dominique
Ramses Votes to Evict = Dominique

Dominique is Evicted.

Dom says that Paul whispered “Philosophy outside of the house” Meaning he wants to talk Philosophy outside the house with her. She says she loves god a lot and will have to pray on it weather she wants to speak with Paul again.

Evicted Houseguests are dragged out..

Battle back will be shown on Friday’s show. Where they compete in 3 competitions.

Next Thursday we find out about the curse that Jessica unleashed.

BB19 Live Feed Outage

In case you haven’t heard the live feeds will be down tonight and tomorrow until after the Friday special episode airs on the westcoast. By that time we should know A) who got evicted b) who is HOH c) who won the temptation and D) who are nominated

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Captain Crunch

Just playing devils advocate, what if Cody doesn’t win the buyback and someone like Cameron wins it? That would be awkward lol. The first people evicted and haven’t been there in 3wks with no relationships comes back in the house.

Captain Obvious

The battle back will be set up for Cody to win, production obviously wants those ratings to keep going.

sunny dee

they don’t even have to ‘set it up’ for him to win. there is almost 0% chance that any of these challenges are designed for anything other than athletics. and not a single one of those other 3 will come close. I just remember the challenges that Vic had to go thru, all skillful or physical in some way where that edge can be the win. they haven’t been in the house so it isn’t going to be what happened or how many of whatever happened, so no memory games unless they have the one of photos and remember who is wearing whatever, even then the fastr you move the more chances you have

i would prefer to see cameron come in. i wanted the other 3 out regardless, there is no benefit for me as a watcher to see them go back in. the only fun the comp would have been is if jessica got evicted and we watch the dilemma of cody and jessica deciding who to let win lol

not a fan of the come backs. the ONLY time i ever was was when it benefited Vic last season


Yup, and the reason Jessica “won” the halting hex is to protect Cody incase he’s targeted immediately

oy vey

this is the dumbest comment ive seen on OBB in the last 7 years


Funny how all the polls stated Alex was the top vote. So f’d up.


Absolutely agree. I find it suspect that Jess won the temptation as well. America can t possibly like her….and isn’t there some twist about the houseguests letting them back in? Maybe this is where the temptation would be used? I’m just guessing….but, I was completely shocked she got It! I thought Kevin would for sure!


I’m an American and I like her!


Same here kdoll. I’m an American & I like her too.!


I’m American and I love her….damn she’s fine.


When they talk about “America” they aren’t talking about Americans you dumbsh*ts
They’re talking about the viewers, specifically?, the viewers who vote.


That’s not very nice, not nice at all!


I voted for Jessica. I am not the biggest fan. It isn’t America’a Favorite. I figure she would be the best to have it cause more chaos. Not many people are actually playing the game right now. Like if Raven or Kevin got it they wouldn’t know what to do with it.


I’m an American and I can’t say I like her, but I voted for her because I like drama on BB


As it should.. season would be boring if all the houseguests just suck on Paul and his power.

Club H.O.H

Cody is deserving of coming back and I can’t wait!!!! See how he already started strategizing and getting intel as soon as Dom cake out. He means business! Then with Jess having the Hex!!! Bye Groupies & Betas.

P.S- So glad BBCAN is coming back!


I can’t wait also. Let’s go!
Go Flames! Yeah baby.


I would love this to happen. It would at least be different.


I’m with you on the different. I’m reserving judgment on whether this is good or bad until I see what the Paul/Cody dynamic is. Paul and Jessica do not appear to like each other, so I hope Cody is swayed by Jess to not “like” Paul also and that will be good. If Paul flips to “liking” Jess so he can work with Cody, Paul’s minions will – in the name of all that’s Holy – FINALLY see his game in a truer light, and THAT will be good. If Paul somehow manages to align with Jessica and Cody AND keep his Elena/Matt/Raven/Mark/Xmas minions…that couldn’t possibly happen…could it?


When the four evictees were talking with Julie I realized that Cameron probably has no clue that Megan walked or the fact that Cody and Jessica were even in a showmance…. he’s missed out on so much social game.


That could work out as an advantage. He has no ties to anyone. He could be that floater/swing vote guy who fumbles his way deep in the game.


Dan invented the mist and will always be the best


Since Megan did leave we are still short a person. I’m still hoping 2 people will be walking back in the door. I would love to see all of their faces if its both Cody and Dom. Especially Josh’s and Paul’s. Josh showed his @$$ when Cody left and Paul showed his @$$ while wearing a dress, when Dom left.

Trashy cast members

Most vulgar mouth cast ever. Nasty females. Mark couldn’t bring Elena home to his g’parent for sure.

Al Capone

You must have forgot about BB15


You must have forgot about BB9


Who in Big Brother do you think has been the most frustrating with the misting of the other house guests, Derek or Paul. I say Derek because Paul is more entertaining with it

Bunny Flop

I don’t like either of them. Because both are/were cruel. It’s one thing to play the game it’s a whole other to degrade people’s character. And that’s what both did/do. Although I think Paul is worse. But, these dumb asses don’t know to talk with each other. Why on earth would anyone trust, whole heartedly anyone else playing this game? And, for the love of little green men, Alex! The fans all know Paul is a lying liar, who lies!!
I don’t like how he’s playing, but his mist is powerful. Derick wouldn’t have gotten far, except, those houseguest were, mostly, just dumb. Just completely dumb.

Sensitive Sally

To a highly sensitive person that cares what other people think of them, yes Paul/Derek can be seen as cruel, however to a person that goes in that house to play this “game”, nothing should be taken seriously on a personal level. Far too many people get on Big Bro and then want everyone to just BE NICE to each other.

This is not how this game works, so sensitive people that have hurt feelings easily…..please for the love of god don’t watch this show, its for your own sensitivity and good.

Bunny Flop

aww Sensitive Sally, so nice off you to watch out for others well being. Thank you, no really thank you. It’s people like you who reaffirmed my faith in humanity. But, truly, you needn’t worry over much.


Stop being a lying liar, who lies!!!


That’s how mist works. You have to tap into the other hgs pack mentality. The Alpha gets everybody all riled up against the person so they become public enemy #1. Then the betas can vote them out with a clear conscious. Junior high girls do it all the time…
And also hyenas…


I have no idea how Derek could be considered ‘cruel’. Sure he applied the mist but does anyone remember him ever being nasty or cruel? The reason he never was put on the block was because everybody loved him. Paul is just an a$$hole. Derek and Dan Top 2 of all time!


It depends on how you look at it. When watching BB we – the audience – don’t get a say so the game is played and some character traits of a specific player don’t influence in the outcome. Derek’s cruelty came out mostly during his interactions with Victoria or when he’d talk about her with the people in the house. That would always get me flabbergasted because I knew he had a daughter and I don’t think he’d appreciate men/people talking about his daughter that way. Also, in terms of nastiness, I thought it was despicable of him to bring into the game said daughter. On several occasions he screamed out loud at people, especially at Zach, about how their moves or game choices were taking food off of his daughter’s mouth. Such a cheap and low move. He had zero charisma and so it is that after BB no one really cares about him and last I saw him he participated in this ridiculous OJ Simpson docu-study case. But that’s the beauty of BB US and CA: you just need to play it well and no charisma is not a deal breaker. If the audience had a say, that season winner would have been Zach’s (or Donny’s I guess, since he won AFP) who was in the top 10 most relevant TV celebrity on social media that year. But Derek’s victory doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is how Cody was such a huge b!tch and took Derek – a much better player than himself – instead of Victoria to the final. The ultimate mist would have been Cody saying: Derek, you are such a great player, but I must beat you to win this. Isn’t it all just a game after all? What would be the odds of Victoria taking the win from Cody? Steve did that to Vanessa the next year and he won. Paul didn’t do that last year by choosing James, and that would have gotten him the 500k, but he still would have won if it weren’t for him not apologizing for some of his behavior in the house to a jury that was composed mostly of females… females that he constantly referred to as “b!tches” during that summer.


Derek was a production puppet, has to be the worst season of all time. Fake strategist. Fake winner. Fake Derek fans. Fake media.

Josh's Tears

How in the heck are either of them “cruel”? SMH. It’s sort of psychological war fare and whether or not people are easily “misted”, or whether Paul is able to morph into a “Bromance” with that moron Paulie – he’s playing the game and he’ll mist his way to the end if people like Alex are too stupid to understand who’s even playing together at this point. She’s all over the map with her covert “strategy”. As creepy as Cody was, I do think it will be fun to watch him come back.

Bunny Flop

Cruel maybe to strong a word. I think that either of them could’ve achieved they’re objectives without character assassination. Simply because these people are easily misted. Both of them went all out with being petty against they’re target. They probably could’ve got the same results simply by getting each one they chose to go home, voluntarily. Because each one’s mist was/ is that strong. I just don’t think you have to play with your food before you eat it. Put the mouse out of its misery.
I agree, if Cody comes back with the agenda of playing against Paul, it will be fun to watch. But, based on his exit interview, he will want to work with Paul. Because, he’s pissed at his alliance. Who turned on him. With Jess having the halting hex, Paul will be very vulnerable.
As for Alex. Sigh, so much promise, so wasted.


Also I think derrick was more effective at misting people and gaining 100% loyalty to him which was boring as hell but a smart way to win. Paul is tying to still be entertaining and misting everyone and turning them against each other. If his last friendship chat with cam is true and he wants to stick with Alex and Kevin it will be his downfall Matt and raven would die for him the others will take him out near the end.

Bolt Uprite

Yeah, I don’t see this character assassination at all. Derrick was well liked (except by Donny, who had his own problems) and never nominated. Paul wants good show. The whole idea is throwing shade and those two are masters, and I’ve seen many other HG who were absolutely mean, vile, clumsy, blunt instruments while Derrick and Paul are brain surgeons.


There have been talks of Jess going home instead (courtesy of Maven and Paul)….I swear if she won this super cool temptation just to go home I’ll be PISSED.


Wait I just remembered she can cancel the eviction after the vote right…? Ok nvm that’s cool. Dom and Jess could stay.


She wouldn’t of gone home anyway her power can stop the eviction after Julie reads the votes! If they would of evicted her it would have not matter.

Halting Hex

No, the hex can only be used before voting starts.


That goes to show you that after Den of Temptation happened Paul guessed it was Jessica then started saying let’s vote her out before the live feeds went down. I was hoping that they would have voted her out.


Paul is SOOO pissed Jessica has the Temptation. I saw him shaking his head pissed when the TV said the temptation was accepted. And the footage at the end of the show, Paul was blowing up to his minions saying he knew Jess had temptation and called her out on it after Dom was evicted….so what?? He got a temptation that saved his ass week 1 and didn’t tell anyone he got it. Why is Jessica not allowed to get it? Because you can’t control her? Because she won’t tell you what it is? Or maybe he realizes Jess getting it means fans want a power shift in the game? I think Paul is playing a decent game but him trying to control every aspect of the game and flipping to who ever has power will be his downfall. Dude spends more time in the HoH than the HoH, how is he not seen as a snake?

Matt's 2 Shirts

I wonder when he’ll realize that all the poking is foreshadowing.


Dawg and Simon enjoy your day off
Get some rest
Thanks!! Enjoy reading site and staying updated 🙂

Diaper Baby Josh

YES! Jessica winning the temptation makes this game a loooooot more interesting. If cody wins the buyback, they will be untouchable for at least 1 week, which could give Cody one more chance at establishing his presence fully in the house.


Hoping Dom wins instead of Cody just because he still looks to be under Jessica’s spell and won’t play for himself


Yes plus i think jess is doing so well on her own. If cody comes in she’ll be the bad player version

Cody back

How was he under Jessica’s spell? He made his own choices when he was HOH and went after Paul without her knowing or input. If he hadn’t thrown Mark or Dom under the bus, Jessica could’ve been out the door. Hope Cody makes it back.


So, in the zeal to monkey wrench Paul and give the temptation to Jessica did anyone stop to say, oh damn, if Cody comes back then we have to listen to Cody and Jessica longer because she’s got this ability? Was that even a consideration? Do we remember what the two of them together are like?


I couldn’t agree more. Hearing Cody say how he is “only going to listen to Jessica and if he doesn’t “she will probably punch him” in his face, is so disappointing. Why can’t he think for himself and play his own game!?! He sounds pathetic. I hope Cameron wins

Hi Its Cody

Why would I listen to Jessica….because listening to my own thoughts got me evicted and turned most of the house on me and showed me that my perception of this game was horse shit. I will listen to Jessica because she is actually rather perceptive of what is happening.

Lady J

Thanks, Cody. You’re the man! (Please don’t kill us in our sleep…..)

Jess Addict

Plus, this was a winning strategy last year — female brains, male brawn. Cody just needs to be able to take a back seat.

sunny dee

she has to stop the eviction itself, as in stop it before voting happens.


The hiatus on Big Brother Canada has been ended. BBCan6 will be filmed in 2018.

Frank spanks his mom

Did anybody else mute raven tonight? And did anybody else see Jess barefoot switching in that dress!! I’m tryna put a thumb in that butt.hahahaha


I liked Paul last season, and can recognize him as a great Big Brother player. But this season it just seems unfair to place him in a house full of newbies. He was already a great player, clearly a much better player now than last season because of his experience. And it’s such an obvious advantage. He’s been leaning on that experience to get ahead, whereas everyone else is new and just learning on the go. And he’s only able to manipulate everyone because they all see him as this great BB veteran who can do no wrong. I would have preferred to see him compete with an All Star cast.

Paul is a Slytherin (and that's a good thing)

Why is Cody surprised Dom followed him? Didn’t he sell her and Mark out to Paul before he was evicted? I’m confused by his shock.


Cody is the main reason Dom is sitting there. Smh. His acting job was hilarious.


I thought he was shocked that the seed he planted actually worked and it wasnt Jessica walking out. He seemed more shocked when dom whispered somthing to him. MAYBE he asked who was hoh, she said alex so now he figures Paul and Alex are working together?


Cody was just trying to act surprised. I thought he looked scared and nervous, certainly because he’s afraid that Paul and Xmas told others, including Dom, what he (Cody) said about Dom and Mark before he left the house.

Hi Its Cody

I’m shocked because I can’t believe Paul actually believed me. I really didn’t think I had any influence in the game even though I threw Mark/Dom under the bus….they actually believed me!!!!


Why is a Cody acting surprised that Don was there? He was the one that threw her name and Mark’s name tin Christmas!!


Insane that Jessica got the Halting Hex. That means if Cody comes back in to the house and people try to evict him during the next three weeks as long as Jessica is still in the house she can block Cody’s eviction. I hate the both of them. If Cody comes back I will stop watching this season. Those two are douchebags that completely deserve one another. I hope they hook up after the show and have twelve kids.

See Ya Bill

Cody will be back and he can relieve you from the anxiety and heart attack you are going to cause yourself from putting so much emotion into a production influenced reality tv show.


Exactly. I don’t care enough about these people to hate them on a personal basis. None of them are that despicable.

I wouldn’t be friends with Cody in real life, but who cares? I just want to see a good season of Big Brother with back and forths, twists and turns. Cody and Jessica remaining in the game and opposing Paul and the showmances make things very interesting.


Except there’s a good chance they’d both be nominated and then what does she do? Save her psycho or herself?

Captain Obvious

The Hex halts the eviction, meaning BOTH nominees are safe….the whole week becomes an illusion, never happened.


Elena is disgusting in so many of her sex comments and rubbing and stroking paul
I feel pity for mark. Man up!!!

A true Man

A true man doesn’t get possessive, a true man also doesn’t tell his “showmance” what she can and can’t do. Im a dude and if my girlfriend wants to flirt with other guys/girls that is her prerogative, she is her own person. People have to stop being so insecure and possess and just open up to be themselves and some people need that flirtatious energy to be released. If one is secure enough in themselves they dont tell others how they can and cant be or act!

Bolt Uprite

She can only save Cody or herself once, then it is gone for good.


Are you mental?
No way Jess would use HER temptation to save Cody, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard, omg


Jessica gets the Hex…………CRAP!


Why the angry picture of Dom and sweet cute picture of Jess?

Stop Right There

I know where you are going, so please take that conspiracy shit out of here

you are better than this

I’ve followed this site for years; it’s the best of the bunch. But I also have this question. We all have biases. The key is to own it when called out. You know this is wrong. Ban me if you wish, but this is blatantly walking the line of good taste.

Capt. Obvious

Thumbs up if you’d rather motorboat Jess’s cleavage;
thumbs down if you’d rather use it to hide your valuables.


There are many of us that have bad pictures taken of ourselves. My drivers license picture is an example of that; it could probably double as a mugshot for Alcatraz

Min O'Pause

My FOID card is pretty badass….

So anyway...

Hard to understand why America awarded Jessica with this. WTF? I hope Cameron wins the battle back.

Hi Its Production

Just so you know…..we “gave”…I mean Jessica was voted to receive the temptation. Why you might ask did she get it…one word. RATINGS!!!!!


Have to agree with you. The fix was in. There was not a single poll that I read yesterday that had Jessica winning the halting. Alex was 1st Kevin was second in all the poles I saw.


I agree because the last two people that won temptation were high in the polls and next in line was Alex and Kevin. America didn’t give that to Jessica production did. Jessica is in bottom as far as polls go.

Houka Inumuta

Let’s go Cameron!!!! Beat these people and get a chance to play the game. Team up with Ramses and dominate the game!!!!!!


This! This is life…..

“Final chances to sway the votes.
Jessica says she misses Cody. Dominique says she loves Jesus.”

Simon and Dawg, enjoy the small break.

Waiting for #BatteBack

BB Fan

Jess with Temptation Cody back in the house no longer the paul show. Don’t particularly like either but they are the only one’s not drinking the paul kool aid.


In the above group shot of all HGs, everyone is wearing a frown. Why? (I’m Pacific time, so the show is on in an hour.) Also, Julie Chen in ripped jeans?!


Jason isn’t drinking that Kool Aid….and I don’t believe Kevin is drinking it, either.

Alex was in good shape until she accepted Paul’s purple haze and guzzled it in one gulp. :-/


You’ve just listed my fave 3 in one post! I still like Alex, but she’s #3 now, behind Kevin and Jason. I’ma hoping that Jason and Kevin can rope that little filly and bring her in line, double-team style soon. By the way ‘Granny’, you and I do the same work offline. 🙂


Wonderful JJ! Nice to meet you!

Many don’t understand my “ability” to participate in this so much. I’m thrilled to meet another fan that gets it. 🙂

Truth is, we really live this drama during the school year, don’t we? I suppose watching others (as an outsider) live it in the summer serves me both as needed break from my own reality and as a reminder that we are all just human moving through this life. Many doing the best we can, and others learning how to.

Granny (((HUGS))) for you!


Absolutely to all that. I look forward to your future posts, especially the story-telling.
(((HUGS))) backatchya!


I think Kevin is sipping on the Kool Aid just a little……He DID vote for Ramses because Paul told him too and now Paul has something on Kevin should he ever need it.


That is so true. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.


Cody still an arrogant,smug jackass.
I prefer Paul over Cody any day.
Cody and Jessica will go back to double teaming Josh again.


And nonstop making out. Ugghhhh


I like Paul better than Cody so I would like to see Dominique go back in and not Cody. It would make for good TV to see Dominique take take out the snake. ( aka Paul )


Could the twist be that two players return from the battle back? Wouldn’t surprise me since they lost a player.

And did anyone on here actually vote for Jessica to get the temptation? Just curious because I have only seen one person on twitter. Kind of shocked she got it.


I did. All 10 votes every day.

Same Ol Same Ol

I voted for Jessica to shake things up. Hopefully! So tired of the Paul Show.


I am seeing more people saying they voted for her on twitter now. Not because they like her, but because it would add to the drama. I didn’t even vote, so I can’t talk lol. I would’ve liked to have seen Kevin get it, just so he’ll be safe for awhile. Guess I should’ve voted 🙂


I don’t think Kevin was eligible to receive the temptation. He took the first one, 25 Gs and the curse was Paul coming in.


That maybe true about Kevin, but when he went into the Den, his card never read like that others that received a temptation?? You may be correct but why wouldn’t his card read that he isn’t eligible?


Paul is the only only so far to break up a showmance and Cody will be back and the wiredest showmance will continue


Yet another scam perpetrated by production. They, not America, gave the temptation to Jess. And of course she did not use it, otherwise they could not have the scheduled battle back tomorrow without a fourth evictee.


You may be right about prosucktion, but we can’t forget that most BB viewers only see the televised portions. They do not all see the live feeds and/or blogs. BB painted Jessica a victim last week, and America loves an underdog so it wouldn’t surprise me if Jessica actually did receive the temptation based on the votes.

Not a fan of that showmance, but the truth is that Cody put Jess in a terrible position. It’s plausible that America (average votes) took the bait and decided that poor Jess deserved a chance to play her own game.

House of idiots

Why did people vote for Jessica?!?! Dominique getting the temptation would be the PERFECT sign to Paul that no one likes him. I think people have forgotten that Cody and Jessica together are awful people and now they will have an extra week of protection together if he comes back.

Capt. Obvious

No one likes Paul??
He’s ranked 4th out of 12 house guests on this sites polls.
Are you suggesting Simon is falsifying the data?
I think that’s a disgusting accusation.

House of Idiots

Some people rank off of personal feeling and others off of their game, and Paul without a doubt has the best game in the house. And I am certainly not accusing Simon of that, so I apologize to Simon if it came off that way


There’s a are many many more people that don’t see/read this site. So these polls don’t say much.


Unless we are missing something (Julie Chen did say the comp would not happen as it usually does) Dom would be the only real physical competitor to be against Cody. That is why it is perfect that Dom was voted out instead of Jessica


I think it would be neat if the curse for the rest of the house would be, when Jessica uses the hex, both people on the block are taken down, which we know will happen, and then everyone else is put on the block and the two taken down get to determine from the rest who is evicted.


Interesting! That would certainly shake things up.


Last week Julie said that for the first
Time the house guests will influence if a person comes back or not. So maybe they do the battleback and the houseguests vote on whether they want them back in ?


I think they will do the battle back comp, the winner of battle back wouldn’t be allowed back until the halting hex is used or another temptation is taken. My guess anyways. It’s odd they haven’t said what the curse for Jessica’s temptation is yet.

Min O'Pause

Anybody else notice how creepy Cody’s eyeballs are?


God created him that way.


in His own image.

Min O'Pause

*still rootin’ for that Carradine fella from Joyzee*


Voting on the halting hex started before Alex became hoh, while Cody was still on the block. People were saying give it to Jessica because she will be against Paul for evicting Cody. It wasn’t a sign that anyone particularly liked Jessica. After the blackfacegate, the votes probably swung to Dominique. There were, i believe 10 days of voting or more(correct me if i’m wrong). blackfacegate started 3 days ago. So. If the vote was swinging for Jessica for almost a week before anyone was saying save Dominique three days ago, i’m not surprised. It may add drama, but it also is giving Jessica a sense that viewers actually like her. Like Jessica with an ego issue is something anyone needs to see.


Cameron can come back in IMO. He didn’t get any chance at all.


I hope Dominique wins battle back I can’t stand Cody. I don’t understand why Jessica got the haunting hex because last two people who got the other temptation were high in rankings as favorites on the polls ( Paul & Christmas ) the last favorites in rankings I seen on the polls were Alex and Kevin. I was hoping for Dominique because I know she would have went after Paul . I think it was just handed to Jessica because if you look at the rankings She is in the bottom as a favorite HG Kevin has her beat as a favorite HG.


There are millions of people who voted. This site does not show millions, so you can’t go by what you see here. Many don’t even know about this site, so to use this as reference is not a good idea. This site shows you only the thoughts of the readers.

Only can wish

This season is predictable. I was right about Jessica getting the temptation. Cody is going to win to go back in the house. It will be Jessica/Cody against Paul/Alex with Jessica having the advantage. I knew Dominique was leaving. I just don’t understand how the HGS thought she was a threat, when there are 2 power couples (same alliance), which adds up to 4 to 1. I’m disappointed in Mark because if he was a true friend to Dominique, he would not have turned on her and at least gave her a sympathy vote.


Mark had no choice hes name was being tossed around like dom plus he is in a showmance he would have a huge target on he’s back

House of Idiots

I am highly considering jumping ship on the season. I can barely stand any of them

Paul: Everything that needs to be said has already been said

Jessica: One of two people who should have been kicked out of the house after her sexual harassment of Paul. Also, she can’t shut up about little things in the past. And her and Cody together might be worse bullies than Paul is

Matt: what he said about how he wants people to think he is special needs is unacceptable and inexcusable. Also I don’t think he even wants to make it further than jury

Raven: she is a SCAMMER. She is spending all that Gofundme money on $40k cars. I could rant for days, but let’s just save some time. Look up Raven exposed party on youtube if you need more of an explanation

Mark: the second of the houseguests who should have been kicked out. I don’t care if he won or lost, THROWING HOT SAUCE IN SOMEONES FACE IS ASSAULT.

Cody: He might be my single least favorite of the season. People want him to come back and cause drama, but Dominique can do that just as much without being a tool. His and Jessica’s behavior towards Josh was unacceptable no matter how much he needs to grow up. If he lied to you, then just stop trusting him WITHOUT being a literal bully towards him.

Elena: I don’t think she cares about the game

Jillian: waste of a spot on the show. Also complains about how she went through more than anyone else to get there, but she literally only had weight loss surgery and THAT’S IT.

Christmas: I don’t hate her or even really dislike her, but she needs to leave Jason alone. He really felt bad about what happened and thought it was his fault even though it was a team effort.

Megan: I felt bad for her, but she got a spot on the show instead of Cameron who I think said it was his dream to be on the show, and then she threw it away

Here are the people I don’t dislike

Josh: this one is controversial but I just feel bad for him. He has to take everyone else’s crap and gets blamed when he tries to fight back. But he REALLY does need to grow up. Also, his behavior towards Megan was intolerable, but he sincerely apologized and realized what he did was wrong which is something no one else did. Mark did apologize but he still laughed about it afterwards which shows he didn’t really mean it

Alex: I won’t say I like her until she stops being Paul’s minions, but she is the brightest out of the minions

Jason: he is not smart, but a rodeo clown is still playing a better game than mostly everyone else

Cameron: Not enough info

Ramses: he is okay but I would like if he made more moves and became involved

Dominique: not a fan of her game but is the only way we can get drama back in the house through the battle back without bringing a douchebag with it

Kevin: Simply put, he is the best. He is funny and can see through Raven’s lies. And I thought it was funny when he didn’t know who Nicole was

This season has been without a doubt not only a step down from last season (one that literally Nicole won and had Paulie) but a tumble down the stairs. I just don’t see how CBS tolerates this behavior. I mean it’s not the worst in show history, but I would think they would learn from their mistakes

Min O'Pause

Absolutely love your name BTW….

House of idiots

Hopefully I will get to change my name next season

House of idiots

Oh I forgot one

Andrew: Forget what I said about Kevin. HE is truly playing the best game. And it’s not even close


Andrew is the best!

Team Andrew

Gotta love Andrew!


I really enjoyed reading this. Spot on! I really like enjoy watching Josh. Some of his behavior does make me cringe a bit lol. Im going for the “outcasts” always. Raven, Matt,Kevin and Elena are a waste of game. Please let better casting happen next year.

House of idiots

I agree with about everything you said except that I do like Kevin. I think he is a much needed comic relief in a house with people like Raven, Matt, and Elena


You are pretty spot on.

I will fairly give credit to these HG’s, though. I mean, they were hired to play this game and entertain the viewers. Many are not playing the game at all,…but, I do find them entertaining.

For example, I love that Ramses was doing his dance move prior to his vote, and I can’t get enough of the Kevin and Ramses banter. It’s a riot.

Still, I wish BB would flip the applicant process and let America vote on all the people to enter the house. I do wish BB would not put vets and newbies together because of the unfairness. And, I wish BB would give those HGs more to do during the week (social challenges, mini competitions, chores, tasks, etc.) so we could get the chance to get to know them through more candid interactions.

House of idiots

I completely agree with what you said. It was a terrible idea to put Paul in a house of newbies. And seeing more interactions through competitions can only be a good thing


Josh has issues. It’s not okay to go completely nuts and then come back and apologize and it be ok. He needs to control his anger. I don’t care how sorry you are after the fact. This is part of his problem…I’m sure his parents allowed it and thought well he is sorry so it’s good. No it’s not, he has issues and you need to deal with it. There was nothing wrong with Jess calling him out. He had just said he never lies and is a man if his word. Well he did lie and is not a man of his word and Jess reminded him. He also never should have said Mark was targeting Paul when it was hearsay. This guy will not last in this house with his issues.

House of idiots

This is something I didn’t make completely clear which is my bad, but yes I actually agree with what you said mostly. I was not trying to defend his wrongs, but more just trying to defend him when he gets blamed for someone else’s issues. I just feel bad because a lot of times it is other people provoking him and he is always portrayed as the villain by them when they are just as bad or much worse. He does have issues and he was spoiled as a kid, and probably shouldn’t have been casted. He needs to admit when he is wrong such as when he lost the pool game, but I’m sorry but I don’t think that is nearly as immature as Mark throwing hot sauce in his face because of a game. As for Jessica, she was right but she was also just trying to add fuel to the fire. If not, then I have never seen another big brother houseguest hold on to such an irrelevant lie so long. The fact remains that whether Jillian stayed or not, Cody was going to leave


I agree with most of your houseguest evaluations except for Christmas. Exactly how is Christmas making Jason feel bad? She has told him on multiple occasions that this was an accident and she alone is responsible for her decision to engage in the horseplay. Yes, Jason showed some guilt when Christmas announced the nature of her injury but he sure got over it quickly. If I were in Jason’s situation it would take me a long time to overcome feelings of guilt, even knowing it was a freak accident. Every time I saw Christmas elevating her foot, using crutches to get around the house, and being forced to skip competitions would feel like a punch in my gut. Since the surgery I haven’t seen Jason do much of anything to help Christmas with daily living activities.

House of idiots

I don’t know if she still is, but I saw that she was blaming it on Jason. If she’s not doing that anymore, I have nothing against her


I agree. It seemed Xmas was doing a lot of blaming, or ignoring, or subtly trying to make Jason feel bad for quite a few days. Any reasonable person (and full grown adult) would have viewed that as a unfortunate accident that they were 50% responsible for. As ‘HoI’ says, if she’s kicked that to the curb, then fine.


Please don’t jump! We need you to help make sense of all this chaos.

House of idiots

I am going to keep reading here because I think Simon and Dawg’s hard work deserves to be read. I am probably going to be commenting less because I won’t be paying as much attention, however

House of idiots

You’re welcome. I could never have the patience to sit there and watch the feeds, so I appreciate you guys let us know what’s going ob


I think matt always has that shirt on because me really likes his arms or he is just stupid …I swear he gives me the creeps . He’s the kinda guy that gets money from sell his seed to one of those banks …

Guy From Canada

He only owns two shirts, orange and blue!


That’s his gimmick. He’s actually a rapper who’s trying to get discovered . . . 2 Shirtz.


there is a pic floating around of matt wearing a brown shirt yesterday.
he probably had to borrow it. while orange and blue were being deloused with extra strength raven-off.

Guy From Canada

The blue shirt just needed washing…..

Matt's 2 Shirts

There’s also a few picks of him wearing a pink shirt. He’s killing me.


Jess makes many of you so pissed she is in the house it makes me like her even more!

And guess what Jess haters. She is going to be there longer than your fav Alex. And I will laugh and laugh:) jk. Well kinda. I do love Jess and want her and Kevin F2.

And Cody saying “I’ll do whatever Jess says” is being a good bf. Give the cat a break. What’s he supposed to say “I’m going in and just gonna take down Paul with my hot babe on my arm”

Nobody ever has done what they said they were going to do when they re enter the house. Cody and Jess are both better players than most of you think. Stay tuned.

Also if you think a Jess Cody break up isn’t in the possible plans of the writers…..well. I won’t piss you all off anymore.



P.S. anyone else notice Jess looks even prettier sans the eyelashes and make up? Hate her game or personality all you want. But u just a jealous hater if you dnt admit that girl is naturally epically beautiful. And smart as well. So there. Ha.


I could possibly stand Jessica, but without Cody. The thought of him coming back and the two of them isolating themselves again and making out 24/7 is not something I’m the least bit interested in seeing.

I love the game of big brother, but can’t stand it when some players try to turn it into the bachelor. I have zero interest in the bachelor. The other two “couples” aren’t quite as bad as jess/Cody or like Nicole and what’s his name last year. The other couples still annoy me, but at least they socialize well with the other players. Cody and Jessica did not. That’s why I hope Cameron comes back, but I doubt that will never happen.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Cameron couldn’t even outmaneuver Jillian.


How do you know? You’ve never seen him compete. I do recall him saying he was going to “hide his athleticism” as long as he could. He may surprise us. Then again, maybe not. Lol. Besides, it will most likely be a mix of mental and physical. Maybe Cody will stink at the mental aspect.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Sure I did. I saw him fall in the first competition that led to him being on the block. I saw he was unable to convince people he was more useful to their game than Jillian.

But, what do I know, I can’t even make a pile of shirts.


That’s one short comp. Paul did terrible in the first comp, but he’s a good competitor. We have to see more than one to judge. And you’re bringing up Cameron’s social game, it would still have to be better than Codys. lol

Matt's 2 Shirts

Of course I’m bringing up Cameron’s social game. That was the whole point. The comment I was responding to talked about the couples’ social skills, and then wanting Cameron to battle back, like he somehow developed a social game while sitting alone in a room for X weeks.


Last line = priceless. Thanks!


I’m not sure why you are assuming she’s not liked bc of her looks but I for one am not a fan of hers but I don’t “hate” her either. I myself am a former model and without sounding some type of way.. Jealousy is not an issue. And I don’t think that’s the case for most as well.
For example of the top of my head I can think of a few including Janelle and Dani Donato.. Both very beautiful and great competitors. Most ppl on here loved those two as well. So clearly it’s not that.. I’m not completely counting her out just yet but from what I’ve seen there was zero game play and she stayed in Cody’s lap for the entire time.. Respectable game play would have been to keep trying every angle to get back in the game.. She did nothing. And I could be wrong but she seems to come off as a girl that thinks all other girls are jealous of her and that by itself makes for an annoying personality trait.. There have been several way hotter with strong game play and I haven’t seen it from her.. Jus sayin.

Judge away

Jessica is absolutely naturally pretty. Her character is uglier than can be described. Her kindness is as fake as much if her. America didn’t vote for her to get the temptation. The producers did.


Jessica got the temptation because everybody voted for her before we knew it was a better decision to vote for Dominique. Plus she got the good girl edit on the show.


Best face and figure combination by far, Christmas.

So Confused

Above, Simon wrote “In case you haven’t heard the live feeds will be down tonight and tomorrow until after the Friday special episode airs on the westcoast. By that time we should know A) who got evicted b) who is HOH c) who won the temptation and D) who are nominated.”
A) will someone will be evicted in the next 24 hours in like a fast forward?
B) is an HOH comp going on now then another after the battle back airs? Although if Friday show is not live, then battle back probably going on now to allow editing time. Then HOH, then noms by 12am Saturday?
C) Are there any more temptations?


I think the curse will be next week is a Triple eviction. Chances are Jessica will be up for at least one of them in which case she ends up using the HEX. Therefore only two go home, the numbers are back on schedule and the HEX is over.


Weekly recaps are so very much appreciated guys!


I agree, and this one was very well done.

Elena's Bra

Is it just me, or did anyone else find it fishy that Jessica got the temptation?


yeah, this is mostly a popularity contest, but then again i think paul’s misting of alex and kevin cost them votes. everyone else meanwhile just isn’t that interesting.

Hex was Bullsh*t

You can see Jessica’s popularity in polls is one of the lowest. Kevin or Alex would’ve gotten the most votes so clearly production played a hand in it to keep her for more drama and it’s ridiculous because if a guy was running around saying or doing the inappropriate crap she is they would’ve been kicked out the house. She’s offensive and trashy. So for everyone who complained about production helping out Paul well here you guy they just helped the other side. It’s so annoying.

Say what you will about Paul but at least he’s playing a game which very few people in the house are right now. You might not like it but it seems like almost no one knows there in there to compete beside him and Alex. Maybe kevin and Christmas. Everyone else is just hanging out and it’s a joke. I miss when the house was filled with players. Thank god for Paul’s scheming or this would be so boring!

And totally agree with comment above regarding Cody being shocked to see Dominique when he specifically threw her under the bus. What an a$$. I’m rooting for cameron or Jillian that’s how bad the choices are. So sad!


Can’t believe Dom didnt get the hex and Jessica did. Only in America! If this was Big Brother Canada Dom would of got it. Jessica is a shallow human being, she didnt deserve it at all


Not bb19 related but BIG BROTHER CANADA 6 IS COMING BACK 😀

Anonymous Me

I think it’s hilarious that Julie keeps telling Cody he needs to have a social game and he never seems like he gets what she is saying. It will make the game more fun if he actually develops one but it seemed like Julie’s comments went completely over his head.


Kraken Hour, please
Simon, Dawg and Nick
Chaos showcase, you guys are the best,
Do It
for your fans
We Love You!!!


Wasted HOpH on my black sista Dom!!! Ramses you are next my brother…..#loveudayvonne


I just cannot imagine anyone coming back into the game that will have more impact than Cody. Cameron would be clueless and would be easily manipulated. Jillian would still not be a factor other than being a pawn. Dominique would spout more cryptic bible bs and would be targeted immediately again by everyone except Mark. Cody would shake things up. I look forward to seeing who Cody would work with aside from Jessica and who he would target should he get back into the house.

On a side note, I find it hard to believe Jessica was America’s choice to receive the last temptation but honestly, she was the best person to get it for pure game excitement. I can just see Paul working his magic to get Jessica on the block as a nominee with a pawn, then get veto control and replace the pawn with Cody (if he comes back) and thinking he is once again the king …. and then KABOOM ….. the look on Paul’s face would be priceless.

My curiosity is over what the curse will be. What could change the game for everyone? ….. hmmm

Mel T

I read somewhere that the twins are coming back this season. That would make an interesting curse!!


I don’t believe the votes came in as Jessica winning the temptation, prove it CBS!
America doesn’t feel sorry for the annoying couple. However, the other 2 temps were most likely true winners. They want the ratings to stay up, sucks for the real players in that house.

Matt's 2 Shirts

She may not have won the popular vote, but the electoral college made her the winner.

B.B. Knocker

Literally laughing out loud!!!!! Wow enjoyable reading while feeds are down. CBS did show Jessica as a victimed underdog and I do root for the underdog but if you watch the feeds you see her for who she is. People have talked about the raven and Paul connection but there must be a connection between cbs (for ratings) and Jessica. My daughter would like to know whose jewels jess has been pleasuring because she was never penalized for not wearing the toad head (except while in the diary room). And I believe in God but also have a weird sense of humor so don’t kill me but….. I am so elated to finally have proof that God not only exists but he is in the house and I finally know his true name…ANDREW. Also if anyone could crack doms code of her tongues prayer we will have the power to change the world. Remember she works for the government and probably used a high level security language so we just need someone to crack the code… something to occupy us when the feeds are down.

B.B. Knocker

Literally laughing out loud

Anonymous Me

What real players? They seem to be missing this year.

For Real

Kevin probably got the most votes. CBS intervened. Cody will come back for sure. Only thing redeeming about this eventuality is the look on Codys face when he learns his girlfriend is prodding Paul. Oh wait, Cody has no facial expressions. He probably looks the same at a wedding, a funeral, during an orgasm, if he’s shot in the foot.


I love every year ppl bitch that polls show one thing and who wins the Americas Choices on the show another.

First off the polls here and other places online do not represent the full viewership of BB. Do you realize we on sites like this and those who watch the feeds are a very small % of those who watch the show. The majority who vote watch only the CBS show.

So please enough with the “polls clearly show production rigged who won”

On another note. Many of you hated Vanessa in Season 17. Can you imagine her in the house this season. Gold. And I promise you Paul wouldn’t have the whole house under his manipulation game play.

Poll I want is who we want on All Stars nxt season. Nessa is #1 on my list of needed in the house or the last season of BB ever will be a total failure. I have no definate knowledge it will be last season of show but rumor has it CBS is planning to go a different direction on a Summer Reality Show.


By far the best season in a long time . Paul sucks