Big Brother 19 Week 3 Power of Veto Results “if you talk to him before doing it it’s an A+ move “

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Jason wins the power of veto

12:35am Paul and Alex
Paul is suggesting she put Mark up as a pawn. Her original plan was to use Raven as the pawn. (Was Christmas at one time)
Paul – Mark is the only stickler that is causing paranoia
Paul – talk to Mark first Clarify you want Dom out.
Paul – I thought the Raven Idea was good.. Raven is for sure going to vote Against Dom why take that vote away, Think about that.
Paul – raven is a vote to get Dom out so is Matt.
Alex – I gave him my word I wouldn’t put him up this week.
Paul – talk to him, say I need Dom out.
Paul says tomorrow is nominations.
Paul – if you talk to him before doing it it’s a a+ move

12:40am Dom telling Christmas what Cody told her was a complete lie she had no idea Christmas was going up. (Week 1)

12:41am Paul and Jason
Paul tells him Alex has a better plan an alternate Idea.
Jason – better than Raven
Paul tells him to talk to her later and they’ll touch base. Tells him they have the votes.

Paul – Jason, be real careful who you say sh1t too

12:59am Paul, Mark, Matt and Elena
Elena thinks Alex is going to come after her.
Paul – I’m not banking on Josh’s vote
Mark – You’re going to vote with Alex
Paul – No… fool

Paul points out that they have no power this week so it’ll be hard to persuade people like JOsh to vote their way.
Mark – what are you saying, we go with the house to keep the peace.

1:05am HOH Alex and Jason
Alex says Paul’s plan for mark going up is stupid she thinks they should go with Christmas or Raven. Alex says Paul’s reasoning is so that Mark can’t campaign for Dom.
Jason – go with Raven
Jason – I’m going to use the Power of Veto on Jess..
Alex – we can’t work with Jessica anymore
Jason – I don’t like her..
Jason – If I win HOH that Ramses has got to go.

Jason – why are they still clumped up like a bunch of sea crabs. (see the image @ 12:59am)
Alex – I know that is why I’m nervous about the plan.

Alex says Kevin is playing both sides.

Kevin joins them..
Alex says she’s thinking about putting Mark up.
Kevin thinks that will ruffle their feathers more than Raven.
Jason – yo think they will vote Raven out over Dom
Kevin – Not a chance 10 nothing
Alex says Elena will be pissed
Jason – we can put Mark up there.. it’s either Matt or Raven
Alex – it has to be Raven

Jason going through the safety deposit boxes get’s a “STOP THAT” from production

1:29am Matt, Paul and Raven

Raven complaining about Christmas not being able to compete in the POV. Saying that if they’re lifes were on the line and they needed Christmas to save them she wouldn’t be able to.

Paul mentions how Christmas has been complaining about the pain. He’s wondering if Production will finally decide to pull her from the game. Paul says that the other side is dead set to get Dom out there may not be much for them to do.

Dom joins them.. Paul going on about how Christmas staying in the game isn’t “OK” for her and it isn’t fair for the players in the game.

1:39am Dom and Raven
Dom says she was betrayed by someone in their group. Asks her is she’s betrayed her.
Raven says no of course not you’re in my group.

1:54am Jason and Alex
Jason says Paul wants Mark nominated so they can vote his a$$ off.
Alex doesn’t think they do.
Paul stress that Dom is questioning everyone downstairs. She’s really freaking out.

4:50pm Mark, Elena, Jason and Paul
Paul trying to talk Matt into going up as a pawn.
Mark – someone from our side doesn’t trust me because of what Cody said
Mark – Alex told em that
Paul – Xmas is that person.. who did he talk to , me and Xmas.
Mark – Jason and all them..
Jason says Cody told him is was Mark and Dom.

Paul – you’re going to be uncomfortable.. being on the block is very uncomfortable Mark
Mark – three days after Cody..
Paul – just humour a conversation with Matt and Raven

Mark doesn’t know how to start the conversation with Matt/Raven.
Paul says he’ll open it up but nobody better go downstairs and call him a snake head
Jason laughs says the only people that are calling him a snake are dom

Mark says he doesn’t feel safe right now.
Mark asks Jason how does he feel about him going up.
Jason – I don’t think you should be worried.. I don’t thin kit will be a threat to you.. BUT I don’t want you up there either.
Elena says she doesn’t want him on the block but for Mark’s game it makes the most sense.
Elena – I feel confident you won’t go home.. but I don’t want you on the block.
Mark – I told Alex If she puts me up fine.. but I’m not comfortable..

Paul says Raven or Mark go up and Dom goes home. If Mark doesn’t go up as the pawn his game becomes more difficult in the coming weeks. If mark is the pawn his game become smoother in the following weeks.

4:59am Mark and Jason in the HOH
Mark asks Jason if there’s anything he can do to make them want to keep Dom.
Jason says no, Dom has got everyone in the house Topsy turvy
Jason says if Mark tries that it will be dangerous.
Mark – she’s a number
Jason – I know
Mark – this is your guys power, and if you want me up as a pawn find.. .but I’m telling you it’s a number
Mark – get Ramses out of the house, get Christmas out of the house, that’s my take.. You guys are in power.

5:05pm Elena, Mark, Jason, Paul
Mark says he’s fine with being the pawn.
Paul says he’s a million percent sure Mark will be safe.

5:46am HOH Paul, Dom, Mark, Alex and Elena
Paul – – I’m all ears.. but I don’t think snakes have ears..
Dom – that’s cute
Payul – how am I a snake
Dom – did I ever say you were a snake
Alex – you said someone in the room..
Dom – did I say that.. no I said I want everybody in the room when we talk tomorrow..
Paul says she implied he was a snake, “please tell me Dom, how am I a snake”
Dom – Before I address that.. who else did I talk about
Alex – Jason and Elena..

Dom – understand this.. If you want to send me home you’re setting yourself up because there is a snake.. and if they are coming after me and are close to me understand they are going to come after you to.. I’m just letting you know what..

Dom – I confided in you Paul and I told you things that you said you would never say anything to anybody.. I considered you my sounding board because you’re a vet in this game and you’re wise.
Dom – we connect on various levels
Dom adds that she then had a conversation with Elena and Elena holds this specific information that she only told Paul.
Paul – ok.. ok so it’s only me you told..
Elena now saying that Paul has never told her anything that Dom said.

Paul getting heated.. says that it’s their fault he’s in the game they picked the temptation and he was the curse. Paul highlights how honest he is and how he can’t play a devious game.
Paul – I love when people come at me when I’ve played a honest game .. and when I say i’ve played a honest game I don’t bluff..
Dom – just for clarification.. I am not a Mother f*er

Paul is saying he’s heard from 4 people that Dom called him a snake.
Dom wants him to name them.
Paul says they are not in the room, “We can wake the entire house up”
Dom – yes I would love it..
Paul – I don’t need to
Dom – why not if you have nothing to hide.. have the people in here that said I said you were a snake

Paul calls Dom the snake.
Dom asks Alex why is she getting blamed for not voting out Cody.
Alex says people were starting to question it.
Dom asks if those people are in the room.
Alex doesn’t want to talk about it “I’m protecting everyone”
Dom – alright.. cool, for the record I did not call you a snake, I was still accessing the situation I was sharing with her the things that had been said that she has clarity about everything that has been happening..
Dom – for the record this whole interview thing that people use to put a target on my back that was not a strategy .. that was not part of my game.. and if pepole were smart like they say they are they would have figured that out.
Dom – third things is I did vote for Cody.. I am 1 team 1 fight
Dom – the fact that I am targeted.. just wait..

Dom – you know what Paul the thing that baffles me is you are choosing to believe 3 people over me, how do you know they aren’t lying about me because they are potentially targeting me
Dom – America is going to see that I was the real one.. I am the honest one.. you all will see..
Dom – they came for me and they’re coming for you

Dom calls him out for saying he’s working alone and that he’s dissolving the team.
Paul – I did not say I was dissolving the team.
Dom – I promise onto God he said.. I am now working alone I don’t even know who I can trust
Dom – I’m telling you what he said.. mark my words.. if you don’t believe it that’s up to you
Paul – you can use the bible for whatever you like but what I said at this point I need to retract and reassess who I can and Cannot trust and I said the act of a team is no longer there based off the following reactions of the past few weeks
Paul – so do not tell me I swear to god this is what that guy said .. I’m pretty sure god cannot vouch for you at this moment.
Dom – he wiill
Paul – he will.. we’ll see he’s not here to play this game at this moment
Dom – he is..
Paul – but you are so it’s easy to toss it onto god..
Paul – I’m not trying to bring religion into a make believe TV show .. god does not belong on a TV show
Paul says invoking God holds now wait because he can’t vouch for it.
Dom – we’ll see how much wait he holds
Paul – I’m not questioning god.. you can’t toss I swear to god..

Dom says she was stabbed in the back.
paul – by whom
Dom – smirks.
Paul – you think it’s me but I think you’re wrong..

Paul says all of America has his back in this game.
Dom says he’s being extremely reactive..
Paul is going to call more people up.. “I am absolutely shocked at your behavior Dom”
Dom – me too

6:14am a few more house guests have joined them..

Dom – just to bring up up to speed I had a conversation with Alex..
Dom mentioned to her she wanted to have a housemeeting, “This is the session of temptation.. when you think about it there’s a tempter in the house”
Dom – I told her about the conversation I had with Paul where he advised me to not have individual private conversations with people
paul – never said that .. lets ask god
Dom – he also asked me for his respect.. and he’s saying I never gave him the respect..
Dom – If I’m be targeting for absolutely nothing.. other people will also be targeted the same.

(They been up all night)

6:28am House meeting.. (This has been going on for hours.. I’m in the process of updating)
Dom says Paul denies that he told her not to have private conversations but he did tell her yesterday.
Dom says Paul told her he’s going to dissolve the team.
Paul – I used the word retract…

Dom – why would I make this up
Paul – because you’re on the block
Dom – I never called Paul a snake
Paul – but you implied Paul’s a snake..
Paul – Elena .. Dom went to alex when she was upstairs started talking about this is the season of temptations .. What does a snake do it’s slitters

Paul says Dom was going around saying that Paul was tossed into the house as a snake
Domn – I didn’t say toss..
Alex – you said there’s someone where to tempt us

Alex says Dom was implying that Paul was a snake
Dom – and I asks you to share that

Paul says Dom is making a bunch of false implications in her head..
Paul says he doesn’t f*ing appreciate what Dom is doing.

Dom – I’m done with the conversations.. You guys vote for you you want to vote for but there’s a snake..
Dom – I am not doing what I’m being accused of doing.. I trust as time progresses this will be revealed.

Christmas brings up Dom saying there’s a infiltrator why not Dom tells them who that infiltrators is
Dom says she’s not going to name names.

Paul- whos the infiltrator..
Dom – I’m done

Dom – I am being targeted because of the interview.. She wanted to mention the conversations her and Paul had that were suspicious

Paul – Ohh.. and half of them are found not to be true..
Paul – you called me the snake and I called you out..

Christmas still wanting to know who the infiltrator is
Dom – I’m being targeted by someone internal.

Dom says Paul is good for putting on a show that is what brought him back
Paul – they brought me back because I’m a honest player. (LOL)
Dom says she wants to go HAM so bad but won’t because she’s being recorded.

Paul tells her she has sh1t to say the two plugs she came up here he’s proven wrong.
Paul – Next time you want to imply that Im a snake to somebody in the house you better have your information you can keep smiling you can keep creating gifs for reactions but you know that I’m right and you know you f*ed with the wrong person

Dom – no you’re wrong..
Dom – I don’t have to prove that I’m telling the truth
Paul – you’re on the block hommie you have to prove it

Dom says she was honest and true and she believes that if someone is truthful the don’t have to defend themselves..
Paul – have you ever watched Big Brother

Dom says she’s had conversations that people know things that she only told Paul..
Paul – we’ve been waiting for hours for you to say
Christmas – Paul let her finish

Christmas wants to get to the bottom of who are the infiltrators in her group that are targeting her.

Dom finally says that Paul is the infiltrator, “Watch out”
Christmas – how is he the infiltrators..
Dom – he’s been lieing.
Paul – to whom ..
Dom – he is denying some of the things he said in our private conversations

Paul is accusing her of he said she said..

Paul- Can I at least have the vouch of you people in this room (Alex, JOsh, Mark, Xmas) that if she tries to pull any fast shit you have my back
They say yes.

8:00am Paul and Mark
Paul says he hopes this argument and game with Dom doesn’t ruin their relationship outside the house. He’s going to talk to her tomorrow and smooth things over. If she tells him to f* off then he knows the type of person she is.

8:10am Josh and Alex
Josh says they have too reduce the other sides number. He proposes they put another one of their numbers up so their voting power goes from 6 to 5. Now their side has the majority of the vote this week.
Josh – I completely trust Paul..
Josh – this is a vital week..

Josh says the house is terrified of Jason and Alex because they are competitors.
Josh – there’s no room for f*ing up .. we have to stick together

Josh – this house flipped and this is our cahnce to run with it..
Josh says it’s funny how it’s Alex’s HOH but it feels like they are running it
Alex says she likes it.. because they are playing it all out in front of her. She’s just been sitting back watching it. Everything is getting exposed and is on display.

8:40am everyone finally sleeping

8:45pm Dom reading the Bible in the dark..

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Leave noms the same, why rock the boat this week? Take Dom out.. You c an take Mark out next week.


If she puts up raven it will prob make Matt and raven raven blame mark and Elena for cutting a deal and mark will prob vote to keep dom so that will still get dom out and cause more riffs in their alliance


If Jessica isn’t taken down She will leave. I believe that is Pauls ultimate goal for this eviction. He will get his cult members to vote her out. He will start working on Alex and Jason to keep nominations the same.


Can someone please tell me what’s happening on Sunday? Paul at around 2am told Jason and Alex not to be shocked and someone is going home on Sunday. Sorry but I’m confused . I wondered if that’s why The played the veto last night.
Simon? Someone lol?


Paul believes that because they played veto on Friday night instead of Saturday it must be a fast forward week. He has been telling people this since some time around the veto. According to the schedule and lack of announcement from Julie on the last episode, I doubt that is the case. It’s just know it all Paul jumping to a conclusion.


I think Paul just believes that because they played the veto earlier than usual. The special battle back episode …where someone will come back into the house will air on the 21st. My thought is production needs time to film those competitions (especially if it is like last year… 2 competing at a time). …. and that is the reasoning for playing the veto early


Take Jessica down, replace with one of those cabbage patch couples & Voila perhaps this season might have potential! Alex we know you have it in you. Don’t let us down!


Alex figure it out!!!! Stop letting Paul railroad you and the house! Grrrrrrrrrrr

Sister Mary George

Apparently this is the alternate universe the house guests are in: Paul is just a really nice person who genuinely wants everyone in the game to do well, and because he is unable to tell a lie, and wouldn’t want to anyway, he is genuinely hurt when someone accuses him of that. He’s not in the house to play (much less win) the game — he’s there to help and counsel everyone else, and they should trust him.


Not have cody gets back in. Repeat of the last week. Only chance to save the season, is get rid of jess and then cody comes back and makes more big moves and blow up games. He may not stay long but could help the season.


I agree. Jessica and Cody in the house together is really pretty annoying. I don’t need another season of two people laying in bed the entire game again. If Cody has to come back, it would be worth it if she’s gone.

Plus it would be fun to watch them battle each other in the battle back.


Seriously, how is no one suspicious of Paul? I’m sorry but he’s a playing an infuriatingly flawless game…Cody set up Paul’s game by going after him prematurely, now everyone is afraid of even thinking in Paul’s direction. ugh, who knew friendship is a strategy


The house should wake the f up and shun Paul and send him packing as soon as his safety is over.


I’m loving the way Paul is playing.

Derek DA Man

Absolutely. Paul reminds me of Derek in the way he manipulates people. He’s louder than Derek and a d!ck head half the time but the control is unbelievable. Can’t wait to see those two battle in All-stars next year.


And JMac – I would love to see JMac in an Allstars. I wouldn’t mind seeing Derek again, but he’d have to win more comps this time to make things interesting. I could handle seeing Paul again, but ONLY in an all Vets scenario.


JMac won’t come back, now that HGs can’t sleep between 10am and 10pm


Paul, James, Frank, Nicole, Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Evel, Rachel, Dan, Brenden and Brittney returing over the last 7 seasons can tell you All Stars 2 is never happening. I had hope too, but with the 4 returning last season, and Paul (being a big AS draw) returning this season…put a fork in the All Star 2 talk.


Oh I forgot to mention that Derek’s season was the worst season ever.


There will never be another all stars season because production loses control, which they won’t let happen like they did in BB7


Um, he was granted 3 weeks of insane protection by production and “America.” Just like with Jason in BBOTT, people are afraid to go against him because they’re afraid of being on the wrong end of both of those things.

Paul’s success is largely artificial.


Friendship: a way of life


Alex is smart. Put up Raven so others don’t flip to save Dom.


I like that. I think she could have put them up like that from the start. Time to break up the dating game and this exposes Mark/Dom connection if he votes out Raven. Did Dom really play the race card as soon as she went on the block? Damn I thought she was above that stupid crap. The extra bonus for Alex would be if (when) Cody returns he will be in debt to her for saving Jessica. They all team up an give Paul some time to reflect on the block.


Why is dom a target to Alex, and who have Alex say are her targets?? Just curious y she is not running her HOH. PAUL was good last season when he was the underdog, but this season I’m on the fence with him.


Finally my boy Jason wins a comp. Alex use your Damn brain there’s a reason Paul wants Mark up not Matt and raven out one of them fuckers up tell dom what Paul said and flip this f*cking house


thank god, dom didn’t win. still not sure these idiots will be smart enough to take down jessica and putt up a showmance next to dom, but at least it’s a possibility.




Paul playing hide and seek as he spreads the friendship dust LOL… he’s doing too much, at this rate one of these numnuts is going to figure him out.


I think Dom finally has. I want her to stay and go HAM


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel bad for Mark, I wish Jason could slip and out Paul. Congratulations Alex for handing over your HOH to Paul. Next…


I think she should of put up two of them as pawns just like paul did to them. Matt and Mark. Then Jason use it on mark and put up Chistmas. Than paul and them would have to decide who they want to be loyal to Chistmas or Matt. If Christmas goes out it will be hard for her to battle back so Cody has a good chance and I can’t wait to see their faces especially Josh’s if cody comes back. If they vote out matt it will be a good battle back and Matt wil be pissed his group voted him out. What does voting Dom out do. Nothing, she was out of the picture most of the time till this week. I kept forgetting she was even there until she would pop out.


Then she makes enemies of half the house. Dom is a good choice because nobody will be mad. She has to watch her own future this early in the game and taking out one of the big five is a no go.

Marlon 23

If she saves Dom she gains another ally.And maybe can get Mark to join her group.You get rid of Jessica you have a chance to get Xmas.So you could possibly get 3to 4 people to join your group against Paul.And to get Paul out.


Dom needs to repent.


I would be totally fine with Matt going out because he’s so bland and trashes Jason all the time (I like Jason), but Raven out would cause a much bigger disruption, forcing Matt to do something (maybe) and hurting Paul’s game ’cause he’d be minus one adoring minion. Plus, (as stated before), I just can’t with Raven anymore. Even having Raven on the block (and Dom leaving anyway) would cause some good curfuffle amongst the “couples”. As long as this scenario doesn’t hurt Alex’s game overly (she’s my #2) , Raven out and/or on the block is my first choice.


It would hurt Alex game next week too


I’m so disappointed in Alex. For once I agree with cowboy


They let Paul take over. By the time they get around to him, the numbers won’t be there. Dummies.


Next HoH comp will be timed. Xmas will sit it out on pain meds with her enormous cast elevated. Everyone but Ramses and Jess will just stand there and watch the clock run out so Paul can win. Ramses will come in second and say, “I’m sorry, Paul. I meant to throw it!”


Poor Mark, with a girlfriend like Elena who needs an enemy, Elena made a deal with Alex on the wall, she should just say Mark is off the table, pawn or no pawn. Not that I care about that side of the house taking out each other. Paul Paul Paul ….please share your voodoo


The fact that Paul keeps reminding them that he’s played this before and for whatever reason that makes them trust him even more and want to keep him in the game, smh…they need a coach?? Dumbest group. Cooooody


Japan wants to target Ramses next week… what?? Are you insane??
You may not like Jess and rams but they’re literally at the bottom of everything right now… also why does Alex keep talking about “the alliance” like girl they’re coming after you and Jason next week regardless if you swing this week


Has Dom has finally figured out the bearded serpent? She needs to let go the Elena angle and expose Paul…these people probably won’t listen anyway . Paul wants her gone cz she’s on to him.


So far so good this season for being entertaining … like that Alex won HoH and Jason won Veto … like the back and forth power shifts.

Mark or Matt need to be evicted this week. Cody needs to win the battle back and re-enter the game.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Oh, my gosh what kind of sweetheart deal does Paul have with the house? Alex has to see him on the feeds. Alex picked up on Kevin right away and how does she keep missing Paul as the guy that is playing both sides of the house??????
Come on Andrew time for a rally once you decide to come out of the shadows and get back into the game.


Paul is still trying to run the house. It’s annoying. Do what you said you would do Alex and break up the showmances! Plus production needs to pull Christmas soon. It’s not fair to the other people in the house maybe then can battle back 2 people. To be honest I want to see Cody come back and shake up the house maybe win the HOH team up with Alex get Paul out.

Aunt Nazeeba

Alex needs to pay back the bearded gnome Paul. How soon she forgot how and why she was on the block last week. Thought the girl was smart. NOT!!!!!


Feeds are infuriating tonight. How can they still not figure out paul… he’s panicking so bad.


by 8 am eastern they are still talking about who to nominate.
Jason keeps saying use Raven as a pawn then (much to Paul’s consternation).
In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason’s repeated defiance of keeping his own mind and not bowing to Paul’s wishes doesn’t make him the hive mind target soon.


Kevin. . . “Not a chance. 10 nothing.” Uh. . . .no. Mark would never vote to evict Dom. Maybe 9 to 1, at best.


Paul is preparing to jump ship on his so-called alliance. His safety is coming to an end and those yahoos are even more useless than ever at this point. I cannot believe Boys2Men (I know the proper spelling of the name, but I like Simon’s version and it does not infringe any copyright laws) actually said he was not there to win.

Also, Paul is more than likely aware of the BattleBack and knows that Cody has the best shot of winning it; it is very similar to the BattleBack last year. He went along with the plan to evict Victor but when Vic came back, it was all smiles and friendship. Of course that worked because Victor genuinely liked Paul as a person and gave him a vote to stay. It could work this time with Cody because there is at least mutual respect.

I do not want Cameron to come back for the simple reason he has been gone too long. Big Brother contains too many moving pieces, and one has to be fluid. I do not see Cameron being fluid, and he does not have a read on the house.

What is it with Alex and her intense dislike of Jessica? Girl get over yourself, take Jessica off and toss Matt up there. Taking out either Jessica or Dom does nothing to fracture the core of the showmances. Not that Matt is that big a move, but it is bigger than a BB widow or the talk show host pastor.

more anonymous

Take Jessica out so when Cody wins Battle Back he will not have her in his court or bed


We all voted. Enough with the “Andrew” crap. It is not funny at all and annoying. Go post about Andrew on jokers. Simon and Dawg were in on the vote and said it’s lame and pathetic too. Since that is who you are wanting to see your posts.

K. Moving on. Matt or Mark needs to go. Get it done.


Haha someone woke up cranky.


You just hurt Andrew’s feelings!!!!

Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany called, they would like you back in charge seeing you are doing such a good job of telling people what they can and can’t do….sadly no one is listening to you!!! ANDREW FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

P.S. A little tip…the more something bugs you and you complain about it the more is will manifest into your life until you become a big boy/girl and get over your own ego!


He may need to talk to Andrew, Andrew’s a great listener and always gives great advice.

Have Fun

Fun just called and it looks like you need some in your life! Cheer up, all these first world problem people on here, so hysterical. Enjoy your first world problems on BB that will forever complicate your life!

Andrew's Momma

If Christmas had a right to be there so does Andrew!

OBB Nominations

Hey GeneGenie, you are up for eviction this week as your game play on here is resembling that of Dominique this week. Going around having a “god complex” thinking you can dictate what others do here on the OBB message board. Silly you….have a seat on the chopping block!!


Alex needs to realize that Dom is no threat to her and neither is Raven. Thought Alex would be smart enough to do what’s best for her game instead of Paul’s. For her, since Paul is still protected, Mark and Matt are the real threats even though they are just floating in the game currently …. down the road, they will become bigger threats. Dom, Raven and Christmas (paperweight) aren’t. Would never trust Mark when he says he wants to work with Jason and Alex now …. the guy is a big emo wreck and will flip on you at the last minute like he did with Cody. Jason is also right about using Jessica. Alex needs to get over Jessica wanting her out (for jealousy reasons) for the time being. Jessica is no real threat at the moment but can be better used as an asset. Best case scenario … Mark gets nominated and Alex uses Jason, Kevin, Jessica, Josh, Ramses and Paul to vote Mark out and let Elana, Matt, Raven and Christmas vote to evict Dom. Thing is, Paul and Josh may vote out Dom instead. But still, Dom or Mark getting evicted is better than Jessica, Raven, or Christmas getting evicted right now.


OMG the feeds were wild ALL night long!!!! It almost 7 AM BBT and they are still going at it. So much for the idea that things would be boring with Cody gone.

Ravens Vagina

Matt is the best BB player ever.


Anyone else hate the “hi gorgeous” Jessica says before her live vote, and Elana with her creepy wink after her vote, and lastly how fake raven acts like she’s so sweet. So annoying.


You are bothered by another person’s actions….wow has this world really come to this where people get upset by another saying “hi gorgeous”. What kind of world would you like to live in….one where people just say nasty mean things about each other… hilarious saying nice things bothers you!! LOL my goodness people these days are so hateful and whiny


Watching feeds Paul talking to Matt and Raven No one going to vote against someone with a terminal disease…Raven “yeah the dying girl” absolutely rid. It’s news to her family and close friends that she is dying! Her Iliness is not terminal. It’s manageable. Just like diabetes… if you don’t take care of yourself with medical supervision then yes you could die. She is not dying some slow death!!!!


I’m liking this Dom nom! People are freaking!


Hopefully all this Paul acting sketch will get people to start figuring things out!

Gail Lessard

What is HAM?


I dunno, but I’m loving it!


hard as a mofo

Team Andrew

It’s a kind of lunch meat.


I believe this is the smartest move Alex could have possibly made. It drops a number for the other side and makes them question everyone in the group. Dom is going to keep talking and blowing up the “groups” game. Dom was in the group but not a main player so it doesn’t cause Alex to make to many waves by taking her out.

Uncle Teddy

Exactly. It was perfect

Uncle Teddy

And this is why Alex’s noms were smart.

Btw, Ramses and Jessica sleeping soundly in their beds and no where near the danger they were in 3 days ago. Amazing how this game turns

Expect The Unexpected

This game changes constantly, sure a few days may go by with no much action, but it always heats. I love the people that watch BB week 1 and think they know everything that will happen and come on this board and start whining and complaining that “this season sucks”. The best action happens when a larger group starts to crack and then all the finger pointing, excuses and cover ups happen.


Cody is coming back most likely and they are all dumb if they don’t see how bad they need to get Jessica out or they will both be back in the house together. Which means it would be a complete waste. They would probably stay huddled up together like a Cody & Nicole 2.0. But if she’s gone then maybe he would try to shake things up and who knows, I’d like to see the interaction with his real crush Alex.. haha


I had a bit of insomnia so flipped the feeds on and watched this whole thing play out. It was classic Paul doing what he does best talking in circles. If he wasn’t safe this week he wouldn’t be talking so bold.

Marlon 23

you keep Dom in the house she becomes a ally along with Mark.And you get rid of Jessica you may get Xmas.You just gain 3 people for your group and your protected.And Cody if he comes back loses his girl.


Before the fireworks, this would have been a really good plan (one I didn’t see). I don’t think this will work now because the whole couples side will be anti-Dom (as per Paul’s influence) and will vote her out. Taking Dom off the block will hurt Alex and Jason’s game more than help it. Unless Alex and Jason can see they really wouldn’t need the other side anymore. Dom would have to come off the block and anybody else up, and Jess would be out with battle lines redrawn. I don’t think Xmas would come over though – she doesn’t like Jason and for whatever reason likes Paul. They might even get Paul over to their side – which would be hysterical!


I haven’t had a chance to catch up on all the posts, but WTF is going on?
Everyone is against Dom because of the “talk show”? Or is there more to it than that?
Does everyone want Dom out or just Paul? What’s going on!?

On a side note, I can’t stand how much power Paul has. He’s so annoying. He grew on my last year, but this year he’s getting worse!


The talk show excuse is a red herring. Paul has been worried about the relationship between Dom and Mark for a while. To be real, I am betting that Paul’s original motivation in pushing for Mark to nominate himself was to get people to evict Mark. Josh, Jessica and Kevin might have gone for that. Christmas might have gone for that.
Motivation for breaking the bonds in the showmance alliance: his immunity ends. In order for him to have at least a couple weeks where that announcement isn’t such a big deal, there has to be a lot more anger, suspicion and paranoia in the house so that other fish seem like they are bigger for frying.
Too bad the production department gave the recruits last season to watch, because it’s quite obvious these yahoos aren’t feed watchers. They think Paul played an honest game. A product of last season’s episode editing. Paul was a snake on feeds.


Well, I just gave Dom a 5-star rating on the ranking for this! Way to go, Dom! I will probably mean you’ll be evicted unless the POV replacement changes that, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


I really want Raven up as the replacement, just because she annoys the f**k out of me.
Now this whole Christmas thing is way out of hand now, Production needs to pull her from the game. – It is affecting the game, because she can no longer play in the Veto Comps and help win for players that may need her or stay out of a Veto Comp if her name gets drawn. BULLCRAP send her home. All she does is sits there like a bump on a log. La Ti Da


I agree. She should have told production she’d leave but for them to agree to bring her back next year or for a future season. Now she’s wasting her chance on BB.


At this point U would love for Dom to stay. She’s a smart lady. and She’s on to Paul. She could shake up his game.

Go to therapy. We will pray for you

You say others shouldn’t obsess on the game or show. Well idiot. In case you haven’t noticed this is a message board deovoted to said show. Now ask yourself why you are on a message board about a show bitching about the posters talkin in depth about the show the site is devoted to. We all have lives in real world and this is a brief get away from that. “Well don’t let a show affect your happiness” Posting observations of a show on a site devoted to it is quite normal Only someone with a extreme mental illness would say something about inner happiness on a BB website.


if I’m production, and I’m still trying to help my separate contract veteran player:
his immunity ends after this eviction.
Hold back the temptation. This change to preconceived order will cause confusion. Make the curse that goes along with the temptation the return of an evicted house guest.
Change the time of the veto from Saturday to Friday. Disruption of order in the environment heightens any existing levels of paranoia.
Make Paul the host of the veto. Perfect time to tell him to float the fast forward week crap.
Once that is in the collective consciousness as a possibility, watch the fireworks as everyone tries to condense a week into two days of campaign plot and cajole before realizing that nothing has changed for the week. The extra days after all of the running and plotting will cause any alliance fractures to grow. New targets spring up, and production has done it’s part to help their special interest to stay past his immunity date.


You all keep forgetting, Elena made a deal with Alex to put Jessica up. The only reason that Jessica is up is because Alex is keeping her end of the deal to Elena. Alex could care less about Jessica at this point. But in order to stay good with Elena, she’s keeping Jessica still up.