“I can ping pong back and forth between my pairs & weasel my way out of anything.” – Paul

10:45am Backyard. Jason and Kevin are walking the yard. Kevin – so everything is fine right? The way we want it? Jason – Damn right! I don’t thing there is any stopping it now. Kevin – unless Matt and Raven win an HOH. Jason – Yeah that would suck. Kevin – because Alex, me, you and Paul… although I haven’t won sh*t. But I can tell you one thing.. if a spelling competition comes up I’ll be ready, that’s for sure. Jason – that’s good. Kevin – as long as the four of us are on the same thing it should be fine. Right?! Jason – yeah. Its seems like there would be no way for it to go wrong but you never want to think that. Kevin – no one is afraid.. at that point its the game you know what I mean. J

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Jason to Josh- you ever have a hurts do-nut .. you want a hurts do-nut ..

Big BRother Spoilers 1:08am Stop that… stop that… stop that..
Jason – you ever have a hurts donut … hurts don’t it
Jason jumps on JOsh gives him a Hurts Donut

Josh complains that there’s a dent in his head now.
Josh – I have a migraine..
Jason – you want a hurts donut .. it’ll make him feel better.
JOsh – my head hurts I won’t be able to sleep

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“People are like, you’re 35 and not married, I never found anyone that was worthy”

Big Brother Spoilers 10:00am Xmas, Jason and Matt
Matt complains that the coffee maker is crap.

They’re joking around..
Xmas – It’s really like lord of the flies in here..
Matt – it’s Elena’s Birthday
Xmas – awwww Happy Birthday Elena.. I know we voted you out but we still wish you to have a wonderful birthday..

Xmas – just make that clear because other people we don’t want to have a wonderful time..
Jason – like dumb a$$ (Cody)
Xmas – I hope they give you a cake.. no not a cake.. Ice Cream.. all your favorite Ice cream..

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HOH & Nomination Results! “Matt, I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association.”

Raven talks about Derrick Levasseur (BB16 winner) coming into the house. Raven – Matty is like a block star right now .. its so funny. Three in a row. If you’re going to do it, do it. Christmas – Someone said that was the most peaceful nomination ceremony. Did you say that? I thought about saying Matt I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association. I was actually having a hard time figure out what I wanted to do. Raven – you did a good job. Raven – I feel like this next competition will be endurance. Christmas – I feel like I won’t be able to compete. Raven – you can’t because you’re HOH. Christmas – Oh yeah.. sometimes I’m just pretty.

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“If I win, I’m upsetting the applecart, Matt and Mark” – Jason

Big Brother Spoilers 12:44pm Kevin and Jason
Their complaining about Matt and Raven.
jason – that’s why if I win, I’m upsetting the apple cart
Kevin – who you putting up her and Matt (Raven/Matt)
Jason – Matt and Mark
Kevin says everyone is going to tell him “Don’t do that”
Kevin – what the f* man
Kevin says Matt and raven are too comfortable in this game.

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“Josh, you have to play the game. Right now we’re doing what I do best.. Mental warfare”

Big Brother Spoilers 5:00pm HOH Paul, Josh and Alex
Alex says Kevin is Sketchy.. “Don’t promise him anything”
Josh – me and Kevin never spoke game.. I never thought I wanted Kevin out at any point of this game until now..
Josh – the way he’s been acting
Alex – shady .. close with Mark
Josh – super close with Mark.. I had your back you don’t have none of our backs you’ve been hanging with the enemies..
Alex – you see how nervous he gets..
Josh – I feel good with us 5 but .. are we going to get rid of Kevin or top 6
Alex – we’ll do it week by week

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“Maybe [Cody’s] trying to get government assistance for PTSD and he’s using this show to backup his argument”

Big Brother Spoilage 1:46pm HOH Jason and Alex
Alex – matt and raven they were up here I tried not top listen to them
Jason – Matt sucks so bad
Alex – they’re annoying.. Matt was up here while I was praying
Alex says they all don’t like mark that is who Matt, Raven and Paul are going for
Jason – I’m just going to tell you right now, If I win HOH on Thursday I’m putting Matt and Mark up. It’ll be perfect

Jason – what I’m going to say is Matt, uhh.. I needed to pull myself off the block for the veto because that was the plan you took the veto from me and then gave it back to me..
Jason – I felt like you were trying to make it look like you did me a giant solid when I had the Veto to begin with. It’ wasn’t a big move. You were trying to make me think you had my back so I’m putting you on the block so you know I see what you did.

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Cody says he’s preparing a speech to blow up Jason and Alex’s game “F* Them”

12:38pm Cody and Elena
Cody is mentioning his speech.. Mark and Elena don’t need to worry.
Elena – I’m excited to hear it .. are you going to throw their sh1t on.. out .. blow up their spot
Cody – F* them
Elena – about their alliance
Cody – I’m going to throw Alex in there, Alex and Jason
(makes a move with his fist)
Elena – perfect.. very interesting I’m excited

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“I am just letting him think that I am that docile girl but yes I am a crazy b***h!”

Paul – Kevin is always telling me that Cody respects me (Kevin) more than anyone in this game. He also said something else to me last night. He said that you’ve constantly got to act dumb so that people will do stuff for you. Alex – he always asks me stupid questions like what is that? It’s a nail clipper. How do you use that? You know how to use a nail clipper like what are you talking about. Paul – but you can’t say anything about that yet. Alex – no I won’t say anything. Paul – especially don’t mention it (that Kevin got the 25K) to this fool (Josh) because if he knows I told you he is going to sh*t.

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Alex “That’s my EX-BOYFRIEND!” Josh “You’re on tv, he wants to get back with you.. F**K HIM!”

Cody – oh yeah, I’m going to compete in the safety competition. Kevin – yeah I guess everyone is. Cody – they’ll have to. Kevin – I know and same as today.. if you don’t people think stupid f**king things. What do you think they’re doing with her (Jess)? Do you think she’s going home or what? Cody – since she is free and clear of the game she should be able to experience it all .. do you know what I mean? Because if we’re in jury there is only so much they can tell us. Like the secrets of everyone but for her she will have unfettered access and interviews.

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Jason – if we all spread them the wrong way then.. umm.. we’re not spreading votes……. is it hot in here?

Big Brother Spoilers 1:45pm Mark and Elena Have nots
Mark says Cody and Kevin were talking and Kevin told him if Cody takes out Mark he’ll get 5 weeks of safety.
Mark – I don’t know if Cody is trying to scare me or not.. I don’t trust Paul at all.. ”
Elena – Jess told me the other day that there’s something from the other side of the house that has been talking to her and telling her stuff, keeping her informed. when Dom was on the block they came to her and offered to work with us..
Elena – she was like no and Paul made an agreement with that side of the house that.. he’s guaranteed safety either way.. and so like if power shifts over there he’s safe
Mark – I see it

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