“You crossed the line Mark, I’m going to torture you every day until one of us goes home”

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3:22pm Josh beats Mark at Pool ..

Mark starts getting mad.
Josh – why are you getting mad.. Other people make bets
Mark – I’m not mad..

Mark throws the pickle juice in Josh’s face
Mark You can’t beat me when you scratch the eight ball
Mark – I asked him if he beat me fair and square..
Mark accuses Josh of lying about the outcome of the game.

Josh comes back with ketchup and mayo

Josh – I have hot sauce in my eyes.. That’s f*ed up..
Mark – you just threw ketchup and mayo
Josh get out of my face
Mark – why are you so upset
Josh You f*ing threw f*ing hot sauce in my eye

3:45pm Josh and Christmas (Raven is also there)
Xmas – big breaths chill out
Josh – that is really disrespectful
JOsh – there hot sauce in my nose, in my eyes
Josh – if it was only pickled juice I would have laughed..
Josh – he crossed the line.. Then he started saying I’m not a man of my word that i’m changing the bets..
Josh – if you want to get outed we could go there

JOsh – when I give my word I stick to my word as a man, Last time I checked he doesn’t do the same.
Josh – he lost a friend.. He crossed a whole different line by disrespecting me on television.
Josh – you don’t do personal you don’t touch me, you don’t Attack
Josh – You f*ed up cause I’m going to torture you every day until one of us goes home

Josh – Mark double taps and wins games like that Every single time we play pool.. So now that I did it he loses it. I said let’s redo do the game it’s fine..
Josh – if you can’t take the sh1t talking..
Josh mentions “all these f*ing losers” talking under their breath sticking up for Mark.
Josh – I hear side comments..
Xmas – Calm down we’ll talk later I promise you.. I have your back..
Xmas says what Mark did was not cool “that’s assault”

Mark comes in.. “Josh I am sorry”

Josh – don’t f*ing laugh in my face.. I’m telling you, don’t talk to me, don’t laugh at me.. You f*ed up.. Don’t f*in look at me.. It’s not a f*ing Joke..

Josh – you threw hot sauce in my f*ing face..
Josh – when he’s sitting eating dinner sauce on his head..
Josh – and they’re all laughing.. And Raven’s talking sh1t in here..

3:59pm Josh got hot sauce in his eyes and face

4:13pm Outside Mark and Josh

JOsh – you f*ed up
Mark – the hot sauce in the eyes I’m sorry
Josh is pissed that Mark was saying that Josh isn’t a man of his word..
Josh calls Mark out for plotting against Paul week 1 so he’s not a man of his word..
Paul comes out..
Josh – where’s your word at.. Where’s your word at.. You were plotting against Christmas and Paul week 1… where’s your word aty..

Paul tries to calm Josh down..
Josh says everyone talks sh1t about Josh all the time Raven and mark. When he starts pushing back all the “Little pu$$ies”
get upset.
Josh says he’s always hearing Raven talk about him behind his back.

Most of the house has collected in the backyard..
Josh tells mark go ahead win HOH and take him out next week.
Josh – You know what you did… that’s the word on the streets..
Mark – who
Josh – mark..

Josh starts calling Mark out for plotting against paul and Christmas week 1 with Cody.
Feeds cut..

When we’re back..
josh is telling him he crossed the line..


Josh – you f*ed up ..
Josh says everyone knows when Cody was talking in the interview mark was the only one that knew exactly what Cody was talking about because he was so aggressive.

Elena – I have a question..
Josh – why were you pinching him so much during the interview.. why if there was nothing to hide
Elena’s – so he wouldn’t beat Cody’s face into the wall ..
Elena asks Josh about his vote to keep Christmas.

Jessica jumps in says Josh told her and Cody that Xmas never talked game so he’s voting her out
Jessica calls Josh out for lieing to them about his Jillian vote.

Mark – can I ask you a question.. you said I was plotting to get Paul out Week 1
Josh – Cody was saying that you and other people were plotting to get Paul and Christmas..

Josh calls Jessica out for calling him a “Pu$$y and a Little b1tch” for when he was crying about missing his family.
Elena says Josh’s word is only good when he says he owes it to someone..

Josh – no go into the room and start hiding make up stories and reinsert yourself again.. I hope you make it far..

Josh – Next.. anybody have something else to say cause I have all day..

Josh says Mark’s character is sh1t..
Josh – I’ve been a outsider since day one.. i can hear all of you always f*ing throwing little gabs..
Josh – Stop you’re a fool.. you played yourself.. You lost a friend.
Josh – I could go home next week and I don’t give 3 f*s
Josh says a lot of people came to him to watch for Mark. And Mark has proven it to him.

Josh – You got nothing on me
Josh – Next. .

4:49pm Dom, Xmas, Paul and Josh

Dom says everyone in the group was throwing Xmas’ name around as the vote for Cody.
Dom – I promise before god..
Dom – all 6 were throwing your name around I kid you not..

Christmas – what’s your point right now because I am done..
Xmas – you threw my name around and threw me under the bus while I wasn’t here
Dom – threw you under the bus WOW ..
Dom – Ok thank you..

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Wow what a tantrum…


Hate to say it but for as awkward as Cody was…..he pretty had Paul and josh pretty well pegged. And with the way Alex and others from the outsiders are starting to follow Paul he was right also when he said “these idiots are going to give Paul half a million dollars”. Cody went about everything wrong but boy how different the house would be if Paul didn’t have protection and was back doored week 1.


Like Josh hasn’t been called a lil’ b*tch outside of the house! “I was crying & he called me a p*ssy .” It’s like he goes through the re-birthing process everyday. I couldn’t even cougar him; he’d be on my frickin’ nerves.

Yo momma

About time Raven is EXPOSED !


josh is ridiculous, but i would be just as pissed if mark did that to me.



Team Andrew

The Blob (aka Josh), be glad it wasn’t feces thrown in your face. Now sit down and stfu!


Notice how Andrew doesn’t get involved in the b.s.? He’s above it.


When I saw Andrew in the spacesuit on the Sunday show, I was like…’bout time my boy got some airplay!


Who is Andrew

Team Andrew

He is the winner of BB19.


I thought this was BB19


Who is Andrew?

No fave yet

I’m convinced…….an overgrown 12 yo. His lips and tongue are so fat.


Mark should be gone. Hot sauce to the face is a crime. Josh should’ve listen to Xmas and shut his mouth.


Lmao you and christmas are ridiculous throwing a cup of pickle juice and hot sauce on someone is not assault . I love this though really looks like the house is splitting and Alex and Jason should be off the radar for a few weeks.

Judge Judy

Mark intentionally physically struck Josh in his face with hot sauce, it is text book third-degree assault.


i just read on another site that Paul is being accused if making racist remarks to Dom. Has anyone seen that on the feeds? It had something to do with a black mask. I know he has the makeshift snake outfit. did anyone else hear this?


it’s on TMZ..

Peeping Tom

Is saw the snake suit and said he was going to wear a black mask. However, we won’t know if he actually followed through with his plan until Wednesday.


Yeah it’s ridiculous. It’s Bc he dressed up and put on a “black face” and they’re sayinghes being racist Bc of it. He was actually dressing up as a snake since Dominique had called him one. Getting blown out of proportion.

I don

Let’s be clear dressing up in blackface is racist no matter how you try to spin it. That being said as we now know that is not what Paul did. He did say that he was going to do it and that is what was blown out of proportion. He said it and TMZ ran with it. Even though I’m not a fan of Paul i don’t think he meant it that way . I think he meant that he was going to dress as a snake to mess with Dom because he is an idiot who thinks he’s funny. He’s keeping this act going that he is so offended for show to throw all the blame on Dom this is what he does. Com however is not helping herself because instead of saying what she means she’s speaking in riddles and relying on God to get her point across. There s nothing wrong with that but sometimes you just have to help yourself.


I’m on the fence on wearing black mask being racist. I know History says wearing blackface make up is NEVER funny and NEVER right for PC’s sake.

I think something else is more telling: Paul suggesting that no one would suspect an Armenian (Paul) would team up with an Asian (Alex). Really? Paul will have some explainin’ to do when this is over.



Let’s be clear, wearing dark makeup isn’t inherently racist no matter how you try to spin it. How fucking close-minded do you have to be to think that on any occasion where you want to paint your face a dark color you MUST hate people with darker skin. It’s fucking absurd

SJW, witch-hunting, “anti-racist,” thugs can go to hell. I hope he found the blackest makeup he could and wore it.

I don

This is why some shouldn’t comment on things that they don’t experience. That’s just like you telling me that it doesn’t hurt to be shot in the head when I’ve experienced it and you havent

Get real and give me some candy!

By that logic of black paint on a face then someone better sue Covergirl and other countless “make up big wigs” because millions are going around parading as Caucasians and Hispanics!!!! And same with all colors of makeup and face paint!!!!!!!


There s no excuse for ignorance one thing has absolutely nothing to do with other. He didn’t say I’m wearing dark makeup he said blackface.


When you use blackface to try to make fun of a black person it is racist period. Like I said he didn’t do that probably because production told him not to. Using a face mask no matter what color it is for cosmetic reasons is a totally different thing that is not what he was planning to do. Why is it when someone says something is racist they become thugs.


There are many words to call Paul…asshole…putz…narcissist…but racist is not one of them. He never said blackface he said black mask….much ado about nothing except smearing him….and i cant stand the little putz but he is pretty smart…great game player but not a racist….that being said he needs to go next week for being too good at manipulating betas

BB Fan

He DID say “blackface”. If you go back and watch the entire video again, you will hear it.


You’re an idiot if you think blackface is not racist

Bolt Uprite.

The “black mask” is the skin crap that Paul uses on his face at night sometimes. He spreads it all over his face, it dries, then he either peels it or rinses it off. There are pics of him with it on, also Alex, I’ve seen it on BBAD. He used it to paint 3 stripes on his face.




This season is soo weird lol #done #donewitchu

Peeping Tom

Today 3:00pm until 5:00pm bbt in the big brother house was AMAZING!!!!
Paul MUST be evicted befor jury
Josh MUST make it to jury(so he can annoy the hell out of everyone)
As of right now, I don’t care who returns

Dr seuss

Josh is a very disturbed young man. There should be some guidelines indicating that contestants should be mentally stable this poor kid needs lots i of help he really isn’t all there


Not this year Josh mark Dom Cody the PTSD girl honestly forgot her name sorry.josh has the mentality of a 13yr old Cody has some issues Dom hears voices mark is an emotional wreck probably from rounds.oh and Raven is some type of head case

Mentally Stable

If all house guests were mentally stable, it would be the most boring show on TV. You don’t think producers want controversial, emotional and highly egotistical people?? I think Big Brother isn’t for the highly sensitive people, those people take everything so serious and believe others should conform to their ways.


I agree. I love me some Josh.
Turn up Josh! Turn up!
Makes the show exciting.


Dude, mark threw hot sauce in his face. I’m glad he blew everything up. If you didn’t actually watch it, then you don’t know. He held himself against the whole house. They’ve been treating him like shit since he’s been there.

Bolt Uprite.

Josh came into that house with a big “Kick Me” sign on his back and nothing he has done since has made it go away.


We all knew it was just a matter of time before Josh lost his sh*t again. And he is right. Every single person in that house has trash talked about him. I really hope Jess goes home but it’s looking more and more like Dom. Ugh.


Never a dull moment in the house this year. Josh is a loose cannon. Mark doesn’t think before he reacts. What next.


Jessica stop talking. You’re on the block.


He’s actually pretty on point. Matt was involved as well in the Christmas/Paul eviction. Jessica is still a mean girl….i was actually starting to like her too ?


How bc she was trying to clear her name in front of the house?? Josh lied to her so he admitted so the house now knows she didn’t lie about it.


He’s actually pretty on point. Matt was involved as well in the Christmas/Paul eviction. Jessica is still a mean girl….i was actually starting to like her too ?


Loving the blow up! Seeing as Josh is a follower and doesn’t really plan his own game moves, if it decreases the target off of Jason & Alex…all good for me, Josh you do you!




Omg this dude josh, come on now, no one believes your straight, you’re a total bottom!


Omg that’s so so funny .I am going to pee my pants. Josh is a big baby but so is mark …


How Players are sitting in the house….
1. Paul – Credit is due here, everyone seems to be following him
2. Alex – Anyone targetting her? I don’t think so
3. Raven – Seeing as some people want her to win instead of them…yeah
4. Elena – I don’t think anyone’s got her on their hit list, especially with a man to take the bullet for their showmance.
5. Kevin – Who’s going to take the sweet Grandpa, who is playing both sides nicely?
6. Matt – Seems to be fairly nice and good, but not overplaying with his social game.
7. Jessica – She survived her showmance (altho he might be coming back) and it seems others have bigger fish to fry, while she can see the house pretty clearly and is a decent player.
8. Jason – His name’s floated around, but it seems people either have bigger targets or would prefer he stays over others
9. Mark – He’s in a showmance, he has connections, he’s not doing horrible, but he’s beginning to countinue to gain a target on his back
10. Christmas – Combined with that some don’t think she should be there and everyone sees’s her as disposable, I have a feeling no one will vouch for her if someone (Paul) decides she’s the one that’s got to go
11. Josh – He makes drama where there is none (not complaining) but he is going to have people coming after him due to him spewing all this information.
12. Ramses – He dodged a bullet with Alex winning HoH and this recent fight helps his game, but he has the biggest target on his back aside from #13
13. Dominique – Who would have thought? But this is what happens when you play your own game and observe and catch on to the scheming, they have 100 reasons why, but they simply want Dominique out because she’s smart and doesn’t suck up as much, while doesn’t scheme as much to the fellow houseguests as others, she got on to Paul, but Paul already secured her fate

Club H.O.H

Lmao! #hotsaucegate! By rules mark should’ve been kicked out. That’s why they don’t get Clorox in the house. I hate both of them but that was wrong of mark and yes Paul did make tmz and production interfered and made him not do black face just a black diamond on the forehead. Funny how Chen is all quiet about this but was quick to praise Hop-a-long. Cody is going to be entering a fire when he returns Friday!

Julie Chen

I’m being quiet on this because I don’t need thousands of overly sensitive people to attack my twitter! I’m simply the host, not the creator and definitely not a baby sitter to the overly sensitive


Oh dear…they’re both little boys is all I have to say…AND the heat will be off Kevin and Jason for a bit, so I’m good.


Josh just blew up a lot of people’s game. Time for Josh to go. If Josh would have just not retaliated Mark would be going home next week. Watch Paul is going to orchestrate the outing of Josh next week to help save his own game.


Screw Mark he’s a freaking asshole.
Jessica looked like the Jessica of old.
And Kevin is a perv.


OMG! The feeds right now! Geeze! Lol…


So, so sick of Josh. He reminds me of the school yard bully who is always acting out to get attention when all he really wants and he needs is a big hug and acceptance. He wants to belong but his actions scream that he needs professional help.

Dr. Chill

Josh needs more that a big hug and acceptance . . . he also needs his meds.


Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.


Oh for cryin’ out loud! The goats (babies, too) have already been let out to the back 40, right along with the sheep. I’m sure they will keep each other in good company!

Please Leave Jessica

Josh is NOT the bully. Everyone is bullying him because he is emotional, especially Jessica. They do it because they know they can make themselves look like the victim against Josh. Mark literally ASSAULTED him. He needs to grow up but he has EVERY right to be mad. I wonder how you would respond if you got pickle juice and hot sauce thrown in your face

No fave yet

Dom has risen……a miracle or EASTER.


He’ll no! Josh had every right to be pissed.
Mark is a passive aggressive dirt bag . If the situation had been reversed Josh would have been thrown out.
It’s like someone spitting on your face.
Mark doesn’t have the balls to take out his aggression on the people he’s really mad at, so he takes it out on Josh.
Mark is a little man in a large man’s body.
Also, Josh has taken things pretty much in stride considering the shit he’s had to put up with. And Jessica is turning petty all over again.


Are you actually watching the feeds? Mark is definitely not better (behavior wise) than Josh, but Josh is intentionally (and sometimes not intentional but just his “way” of dealing with people) poking the bear. Both Josh and Mark are reactive individuals who need to learn self control (verbally for Josh and physically for Mark)!

I’m shocked by both of them, but I do truly see Josh as the instigator in most of his tantrum situations. His actions and reactions are often impulsive and too unforgettable for their outlandishness to consider him good player. I just don’t enjoy listening or watching him play this game.

If BB were to toss Mark, they’d have to toss Josh, as well, for his equally inappropriate behaviors since day 1.

Mark apologized, but laughing at Josh the way he was is just adding a fuel to the fire in my book. Both of the boys have yet to become men.

Sadly, BB often just brings out the worst in the HG’s. It sure would be great to have a show that brings out the contestants’ best. I think that in this day and time, it’s impossible to do that unless BB recruits the average Joes and Janes. Wannabes just don’t make for great ethical game play, but rare finds do exist (Donny is just one example). I love watching “real” people play.

Paul’s hope was that Josh would win this latest HOH and get the blood all over himself by going after whichever HG is currently “threatening” him the most. But, he was the first to fall off the wall. *sigh

Funny thing is, he has set himself up as too great pawn for any of the other HGs to drag along as far into the game as possible. None of the jury members would vote for Josh to win the game. It’s actually really sad for me to watch Josh digging his own grave deeper and deeper. He could get far if he played his cards right. But, he doesn’t even know how to hold the deck, and he keeps shuffling the cards when he doesn’t even know how to play solitaire.

I don’t mean to come off as judgmental…it’s all just based on my own observations, and is my own personal opinion. Josh would do better on something like “Price is Right” or “Let’s Make a Deal”. This game is just not for him.


If this was the first time Josh went kablooey, I’d probably give points to Josh on this one.
This isn’t the first time. When Raven finds out that Josh was throwing her name out there, since she arrived late and doesn’t know he outed her game, she’ll no longer be saying we should keep Josh around as she is to Paul and Matt after the argument.
Paul is trying to shift himself and Kevin into a reasonable position between the two sides.
He knows Alex and Jason are suspecting Kevin of being the vote sabateur.
The Matt Raven Christmas side is looking a little weak. Elena and Mark will bouce if they try to add Josh. Add Josh? he’s pretty much been a big mary in every comp so far. Add Kevin? He’s throwing everything including hinky votes. Add Jessica? Not if Cody returns.


I don’t like to complain about the show but I do think some things are happening that are not right and I think it’s productions fault they did not make Jessica where her frog hat they letting Christmas play even though she really can’t. Mark has no right to throw hot sauce in someone’s eyes and get away with it ..Josh is a baby yes he is a big man baby but you cannot throw hot sauce in someone’s eyes and I like Mark but he should be off the show now


I like Mark but you cannot throw hot sauce in someone’s eyes he should be gone if someone thrown hot sauce and raven eyes they be kicked out of the house


I fricking love this season!


Ok let’s get things straight here… two wrongs don’t make a right but Mark initiated the first attack so he got it right back. About Josh blowing up, he probably shouldn’t have let so much out about the game in the heat of the moment. At this point, Jessica is the best target to get out of the house, she was so quick to attack Xmas with crutches and now Josh with an injured eye!!


I’m glad Josh did what he did. He held his own against the whole house. They’ve been treating him like crap the whole time. Let’s see where these chips fall. Jessica sounded stupid trying to call him out.


Isn’t Ramses black? Dom doing her crap, addressing us little people, saying, I don’t like to play the black card, but it’s funny that I’m the ONLY black person in here and I’ve been targeted. .. something along those lines…


Ramses said he isn’t black


I don’t care who you are, what background you are from etc etc.
You do not throw anything to someones face. That’s as good as hitting someone.


Josh seems sincere and somewhat sweet…but is so emotionally high maintenance! I’d be avoiding him if I were there. Molly coddling him won’t help him grow up.

Please leave Jessica

Will Jessica just get over it that Josh changed his vote?!? Everyone literally ALREADY KNEW that he voted out Jillian and she is STILL going on and on about it


That wasn’t the point from her comments. She was calling josh out on his stuff bc he was being hypocritical


Josh is very sensitive (and close to my least favorite person in the house) but he shouldn’t be disrespected by having anything thrown in his face. Mark was wrong on that front.

It won’t be long before Paul capitalizes on that so if Mark or Elena doesn’t win the next HOH, he’ll most likely be on the block.

I’m honestly having a hard time at this point picking a fav to win. All I have right now is a long list of people I don’t want to win.