Big Brother 19 Endurance on the Live Feeds “so this is basically just standing”

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7:04pm The Head of Household Competition has begun..
Elena – so this is basically just standing..
Paul – just wait.. it’s not going to get better…

7:07pm Paul – it’s only been 10 minutes… pace yourself..

7:08pm Raven gets stitches again.

7:11pm they get hosed down with Cold water..

7:12pm Josh falls

7:20pm Mark falls

Jason – anybody has some chicken they can throw in my mouth.. a hamburger.
Mark – you’re a have not
Jason – even out here.. C’MON

7:39pm Raven drops.
7:53pm Ramses drops.. (WTF)
7:55pm Kevin Drops

7:58pm Alex is fighting…

8:05pm Matt falls..

Andrew drops. Crawls into the space suit.

8:15pm Eye lashes about to drop But Jessica still holding up.

8:18pm Jessica and Dom Drop…

8:28pm They start making deals..
Alex asks Jason for a deal..
Jason Nobody that is currently on the wall doesn’t go up
Alex gets to use the bathroom in the HOH
Jason – I don’t want to go home
Elena – you won’t go hom
Jason – Swear
Elena – I swear

Alex swears to god Elena is not her targets..

Elena drops.. Alex wins HOH

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Why is Jessica and the radio chick not competing in this hoh?


They are


they did compete, now you can in your opinion they didnt try very hard, but you cant say they didnt compete

in fact Jessica looked like she was taking a beating up there before she fell so I think you are very much mistaken


Simon and Dawg,
I would give you guys a five-star ranking everyday


Simon and Dawg,
I would give you guys a five-star ranking everyday


Correct me if I’m wrong but won’t the Battle Back consist of 3 people? I am including the very 1st person voted off the 1st night of Big Brother


Yes, and whom ever is voted out next week


Julie said “whomever” but it should be “whoever” is voted out. You can’t trust the tV with respect to grammar.


Actually, whomever is correct because it is the direct object of the statement and not the subject of the statement.


Not quite. “WHOever WAS evicted will compete again” is the correct form, doesn’t matter if the clause is place before or after the other clause.
Examples of 2 correct sentences: Pay attention to “IS elected” versus “YOU elected”.
1) Whoever is elected will serve a four-year term.
Whoever is the subject of is elected. The clause whoever is elected is the subject of will serve.
2) Whomever you elected will serve a four-year term.
Whomever is the object of elect. Whomever you elect is the subject of will serve.

A word to the wise: Whomever is even more of a vogue word than whom. Many use it indiscriminately to sound cultured, figuring that no one will know any better”. End quote


Not quite. “WHOever WAS evicted will compete again” is the correct form, doesn’t matter if the clause is placed before or after the other clause.
Examples of 2 correct sentences: Pay attention to “IS elected” versus “YOU elected”.
1) Whoever is elected will serve a four-year term.
Whoever is the subject of is elected. The clause whoever is elected is the subject of will serve.
2) Whomever you elected will serve a four-year term.
Whomever is the object of elect. Whomever you elect is the subject of will serve.

A word to the wise: Whomever is even more of a vogue word than whom. Many use it indiscriminately to sound cultured, figuring that no one will know any better”. End quote


The grammar that needs to be fixed is in the diary room! Someone please tell these idiots when to use ‘you & I’ vs ‘you and me’!


Cameron, Jillian, Cody AND the person who gets evicted NEXT Thursday.


Why don’t you have Cameron on the picture board in the corner? Yet you still have Meghan there who doesn’t qualify next wk.


To be fair, Cameron’s picture is not even on the wall in the house, as he was not evicted but replaced

Caren in Canada

It is four however, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but if Megan self evicted, she should not be eligible to compete! I don’t know the BB rules, but I would be willing to bet the popular vote would say, you quit, you were weak, and you do not deserve to battle back! And one more thing has anyone else noticed in the feeds, that xmas pic is now grey, is he or is she not coming back?

Caren in Canada

Nevermind, I was not counting Cam, as his pic was not there, so I assumed Meg was included, but I was wrong my bad! )


4, Cameron,Jillian, Cody and whomever leaves this week.No Megyn !

Team Alex

Lets go Alex! 🙂


Ummm where is Jessica poo?


damn, Mark is suck! already out for 20 minutes


If Cody does come back, will it be just another version of
Helen Versus Amanda?


You’re giving me nightmares!!!


I really can’t believe people actually wanted Cody out. It was refreshing to watch him when he first won hoh. He was trying to make the big moves…not afraid. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for him. I really hope he gets back in the game. These house guests are so lame following Paul around like little ducklings.

double d

Like they were following Cody around the first week?

Not Jason's First Rodeo

He wasn’t trying to make a big move. He was successfully making many stupid moves. He was the first HOH. He set the bar. He had more than half the house in the palm of his hand. His first priority was to get rid of Megan, because he didn’t like her. Wow, real big move there, Cody! Instead of going for the biggest threats on the outside of Cody’s alliance (that being Kevin and Alex), Cody’s main target was a weak player. He also put up Jillian, another weak player. Jillian could have been useful, like an even dumber Victoria. He regretted putting Alex on the block the moment he did it, even though it was a smart move. He wasn’t working with her and she’s a threat. When he gave up on the veto (another terrible play on Cody’s part), he tried to put up Paul, a well-liked member of the house and a member of his alliance. Paul is perfect to keep around so he can play both sides of the house. As long as Paul is in your alliance, one member of your alliance doesn’t get evicted, because everyone (but Cody) loves him. Make a final two deal with Paul, Cody (obviously don’t stick to it; evict him during a week that won’t get blood on your hands and send him to jury so he can vote for you to win). This is Big Brother, not Who Do I Like. You might have to work with someone you don’t like to win $500,000. When Cody wasn’t able to nominate Paul, he nominated another well-liked member of his alliance, Christmas. He went after his alliance members in the first eviction. Wait, let me rephrase. He went after his strongest alliance members in the first eviction. Without consulting anyone. And with the clear intention of getting rid of Christmas, again, because he doesn’t like her. Then he waits to tell Christmas that Dominique and Mark told him to nominate her until he’s halfway out the door, instead of telling this when the crap hit the fan, which was immediately after she was nominated. And he also tells her that he wanted to nominate her anyway! In what universe is this good gameplay? Then he has the nerve to blame everyone but himself for his eviction. It was the Den of Temptation’s fault! It was Paul’s fault! It was Megan’s fault! He worked awfully hard to play the worst game possible and doesn’t even take responsibility for it. It’s shameful.


Not Jason’s First Rodeo is spot on. I just dont get the whole “Cody is a great player” thing.

The only reason people think Cody made a “big move” is because he took a shot at Paul and it created drama. In the terms of Cody actually winning the game, it was an idiotic move. It wasnt a good move at all. If you cant tell the girl you are schtupping, or any other member of your alliance what your “brilliant” plan is… maybe your plan isnt brilliant.

Cody is a strong player, he isnt a good player, and he lacked the social game to dig himself out of the hole left by the explosion of his game. Jessica is/was just collateral damage. There are 1000 things he could have done that he didnt do.

He completely misread the house and their interaction with Paul.
Even after the nominations and his ENTIRE alliance told him what a horrible move that was, he could have mea cupla’d and worked to get Jillian out while trying to restore the trust in his group.

But his ego got in the way. He felt Alex “deserved” to be there. That is fine, but if 14 other people disagree with you, you are the one that wont be there.

Just a general idiot all around when it came to actually playing the game.

If he comes back, he had better win everything, because the second he doesnt, he is going right back out the door.


He played a selfish game…


I give you a thousand upvotes. You have perfectly summed it up….. srsly, what the hell are you Codyiites thinking??? He’s got nothing but ‘alpha male’ logic.
You guys srsly wanna hear him and Messica making out all season?? Cause I don’t!
Not big brother worthy to go back in. He’s total crap at this.


Very well said


Very well said…

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

Agreed. I think it came down to one thing – he simply did not like Paul. He focused on that one thing and ignored everything else about the game. Hurt himself and his entire alliance over one personal feeling. Not a sign of a good player. And if he does manage to battle back in, I’m not so sure he will have learned anything from that mistake. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is obsessed with nothing more than going after Paul again.


“Raven gets stitches again.”



In the name of SILENCE IS GOLDEN, Paul would you PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!


How did Mark Fall? I would expect someone who’s buff as yourself to stay longer because it’s a endurance competition anyways……. Go Alex !!!!!!!! Time to shake things up I’m tired of the follow the leader game it’s time for people who wants to only go to jury to leave the house. This is Big Brother not Summer Camp you are here to win a Half a million dollars not to lay on your ass and hope you’ll get to jury tf they should have 5 people on the jury so people will try to play this game.

Bunny Flop

He’s too big to be successful at the wall. Big guys like him always fall off.


I suspect they are throwing it to Matt, Alex or Jason.

Bolt Uprite.

Mark has so much heavy muscle mass especially his upper torso. Big guys always go out first. Small people, like women or guys like James generally excel at these endurance things. Kudos to a big guy like WhistleFart for staying up there as long as he did. Alex was made for a comp like this.


Mark also has a hurt finger from first HOH Comp. not saying that was the problem but it could have been since they had to hold on.


Come on Jessica lol


Please tell me Andrew hasn’t already fallen!!!




Andrew in the astronaut suit? I missed it!


Andrew for the win…this season!


Which one is Andrew?

Team Andrew

The one in the spacesuit.


So, not a real player.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Yes, Andrew is a real player.
Come on keep up with the game. Andrew so far has the best chance to win this thing.


He’s been a huge disappointment.hardly notice he’s there

Fruit Loop Dingus

That is his game stay in the shadows and keep out of the other house guests lane of fire and not be a target.
Go Andrew!!!


Notice he’s never mentioned as a target…


They were following Cody around before he went against his alliance, then they followed Paul the vet around. If Cody ever watched the show he would’ve known vets get protection the 1st few weeks. Cody’s Ego got the best of him & it will again when he wins Battle Back. I just hope Jessica will be the next to go next week to see if Cody will run over her to get back in the house, to hat will be for great TV.


It’ll be a very interesting week if Jess wins.


I don’t think this competition is well suited for the big guys…that’s a lot of weight to be holding at those angles. Seems like the smaller players do better at anything requiring them to hold on.

Team Jessica

Jess is a bad ass

Bring Back Zac Attack!

Would make an awesome week if Jessica won and I wouldn’t have to worry about Alex, Jason, or Kevin! Jess is hding out hope for a battle back and since she can’t get out Paul, she’ll probably try for Christmas or one of the girls.

I didn’t think Jess had it in her when I saw the wall but now I’m rooting for her hard! Saves blood from Alex or Jason!


If Jess wins she would be smart to try and evict someone Cody can beat.


So who is Andrew?


Andrew is the king of lap dancing! He’s sneaky, you don’t see him until he’s suddenly sliding around on your lap.


Jess and Alex can run the show this week. What was up with Christmas voting to keep Cody.


Who’s Andrew??

Bring Back Zac Attack!


#Team Andrew

No not Andrew!! I was hoping he would get HOH and evict Xmas!!!


I just knew Jess was going to try to start a showmance with Andrew now

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

Yay! Alex your going to be a great HOH! Like rupaul says, ” don’t fuck it up”!

#Team Andrew

Elena giving the win will piss off her alliance. No different than Cody giving veto to Alex.


I don’t think it will matter Alex will prob prove her allegiance and put up Jess and Ramses also I’m sure they’re all as shocked as I am that she made it past 10 mins


Yes Alex!


Yes, Alex! Now just put up matt and raven and we have a game again. please don’t wimp out and put up josh and jessica.

Jimmy 64

That little girl Alex is tough


Well she did come in second in the first HoH. She won the veto and last week there wasn’t a real comp so who knows how she would have done. Although I believe she did her best in the veto.

Paul's White Nipple

Um, no!

She came in 2nd for the first competition involving those not gifted with friendship bracelets.


So what’s with the battle back winner may not get to go back bc the houseguests can stop it from happening? 10 bucks says if Cody wins it somehow he won’t get to go back.


They’ll have a buy back no matter what. They may plan on doing a similar comp as they’ve done the last couple seasons where the evicted house guests compete with the rest of the folks and the last evictee in the comp stays in the house and if they win they are also HoH.


Christmas is probably watching from a hospital bed right now thinking ” Yep, my BB experience is officially over “. – And it should be ! Alex should ask them to play Jingle Bells in the HoH room all Week long !!! Put Christmas and Raven up against one another. Now that would be fun. Stitches against the broken foot !!! LoL


Alex won’t make big move this week. i bet it


yeah, that’s my fear too. best move for her game is matt vs. raven, but i’m thinking she’ll put up jessica and a pawn.


Yup, she h.a.t.e.s. Jessica…. I can see her pulling a Jessica and Ramses, to placate the bigger numbers.


New drinking game. Take a drink every time a houseguest says “literally “

Team Alex

Yay!!!! Go Alex!!! 😀


Wouldn’t be nice if Alex went after the showmances?
I can only dream.

Impractical Joker

where are the updates? who is still on the wall?
I dont watch the feeds LOL

I didn't mind Cody that much

Alex winning does not really excite me as much as Jessica winning would have. Even though I like Alex I think this is going to be another Paul hoh with Alex toeing the company line. Jessica winning would have really shook the house. Alex will probably put up Jessica, Ramses or maybe Josh these are people that she should trying to pull in.


Alex Won!


We need Jessica to win and Cody to get the Battle Back Belt.

Also we need Dominique to still host the interviews with her not so secret motive ( cough cough gametalk) interviews.

Drama drama drama ftw.

Also the house needs to turn on and target Paul.

Drama ftw.


I like in respect alex a lot she a great player
I hope she do not nom this way matt an raven
I hope she goes this way mark an matt
forcing elana an raven to battle in forcing pual to chose
if he wins pov I like pual or alex to win this whole game they are the best players in the game


The bigger they are, the easier they fall.


I tend to agree that Cody was the only player so far to show a willingness to play BB like it should be played. However, I can’t root for him to come back, nor can I root for Jessica to “carry on” his legacy. Cody and Jessica seemed to constantly harass, bully and mock people in the house. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the explosive season we saw a few years back, but I can’t support anyone who acts like this. There are deceiving and strategic ways to play this game—breaking someone down for the way they look/act is not one.

That being said, I’m hoping Alex is willing to step up to the plate and make some big moves.


Like it should be? He tried to force everyone to prove their loyalty to him week one. He didn’t keep even his “inner circle” in on shifts in his plan. He isolated himself in the HoH with the bed warmer. He noticed Paul and Christmas getting closer and Paul’s growing influence. Paul as a target made sense but Cody should have known people aren’t going to do what you say just because you say so. Cody tried to play this game as if his word was supreme and the house had to do what he wanted. He then freaked out when they decided Christmas was staying and he again isolated himself (Jessica’s latched onto him like a male angler fish) in the have not room even before being named a have not.

Cody targeting Paul was logical but this is a social game and Cody needed to lay some groundwork to make sure people were on board first. When Paul showed he was safe and Christmas went up. Cody should have campaigned to the house as to why she should go. Instead he went up and banged Jessica and called it a week.


Why did Kevin vote for ramses in the eviction? Is he trying to make it look like someone else is doing it?


Paul told him to, to make it look like there is a crack in the alliance.

Fruit Loop Dingus

He is a secret Paul minion! Paul wanted him to do it so they could build a conspiracy against Jason so he would stay a target to keep Paul’s game alive.


Alex’s stated game plan: go with the flow of the numbers until the big alliance fractures so that she’s safe the next week.
Therefore Alex will target Jessica (who wanted her out for talking to Cody week one), Ramses (who she isn’t sure about but doesn’t trust) and Josh because he’s Josh.
She isn’t going to make a big break up the big alliance move because it is week three and as long as she and Jason (and possibly Kevin) move forward safely after her hoh, she isn’t going to do anything that makes a large group of people want to take her out next week.
I’m not sure if she’s fully ingesting the koolaid, but she’s playing nice. I don’t expect that to change.

jessica's annihilated g spot

OK, I know she has an illness, but Raven is seriously overacting for the cameras. She spends the majority of her time preening, posing, baby talking and checking herself out in the mirrors. Watch her, she makes Kewpie doll faces and checks their effectiveness in the nearest reflective surface. While Christmas manages to get around the house with a severely injured foot, Raven must be carried upon the back, or in the arms of the nearest house guest to get maximum effectiveness out of her situation. It’s a cut, not a mortal wound suffered at Iwo Jima. I’m not sure why this suddenly started to irk me, but the more I see her, them more I think she deserves an Emmy.

And BTW, Xmas, what up maverick?


Raven may have health problems but has become her entire identity.She gets jealous if anyone else has an injury even complained Xmas talked about her foot to much.being carried like a baby now.please don’t let this girl slide by on sympathy.thats her game

Joe Kerr

Yeah…who the hell is Andrew?!

Paul's Mouth

SO…….how long will it take for Paul to try to RUN Alex’s HOH ? Sorry FOOL Alex will do what she wants to do ……..too bad you still have safety!!!! Wish we could say SO LONG SUCKER this week!!!!


Cody kind of won me over after he got evicted tonight..I hate to say it, but I actually liked him. I liked him stirring up the house..Him Paul and Alex are really the only three who are/were playing. I’d like to see him come back because I think by then there will be enough cracks and he can start working with people..maybe being on a little less of a cocky power trip though!


agree he totally won me over, wouldn’t a Cody Alex Paul trio be a tough alliance to beat …


Give Alex the Den of Temptation. It’s the last one…which by the way, why is this the last one?


Perhaps this is evil thinking but I would like to see Josh voted out next week for one reason only…watching him get beat by Cody in the battle back.

Jess eyelash

Eye lashes about to drop But Jessica still holding up. Lol
Is there anything real about this girl???


She is REAL Silly! Jess needs a better quality lash, a better glue, a better trimming scissor, a more skilled hand and much better taste in men. But, I really enjoyed that lash “caterpillar” sliding off her face!