Big Brother 19 Spoilers BATTLE BACK EPISODE

Results from the Friday Battle Back Episode.

Four evicted houseguests compete in 3 competitions to come back into the Big Brother House

They need to win 3 competitions to get BACK into the game.

Cody studies the game.. .

After winning the Battle Back they will compete against a Challenger. The house will vote a challenger out of the players still in the game. If the challenger wins this competition the battle back winner does not come back. If the battle back back beats the challenger they are given a second shot.

Dom says she’s after the snake if she gets back in.

Cody wins the first competitions “One step closer to seeing Jess”

Cameron comes in second. Jillian and Dominique are out of the game.

Billboard Bashers

They each have 10 panels the one that knocks them all down faces the challenger.

Cody beats Cameron and now has to compete against a challenger that is in the game.

Cody gets to decide which competition he will challenge the houseguest with.. He chooses the maze race.

Houseguests vote their challenger

Alex votes for Paul
Paul votes for Alex
the rest vote for Paul (So boring)

Paul is the house Challenger.

Paul says he’s new at the pulley game points out that Cody has played this before.

Cody says even though he’s done this before it’s a different maze he still has to maintain his focus

COdy says he’s coming after Paul.. Everyone “So Happy”

Cody is back in the game.. .Feeds come back at 9pm.. sign up!

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168 thoughts on “Big Brother 19 Spoilers BATTLE BACK EPISODE

  1. It truly is amazing how every single season I complain about the show being rigged for certain houseguests and every single season i still watch the show and most of the time love it but man I really hate how production clearly favors certain houseguests and helps them out

      1. Good-Bye Paul! Didn’t like you last year and like you even less this year. Please put some cloths on, SO VERY tired of seeing you in your disgusting underwear!!!

      1. Cody has a lot of people targeting him. Paul, Alex, Mark, Josh, Elena, Xmas, etc. He is a strong competitor but I think even with Jessica’s advantage he is going to have too many bullets to dodge.

        1. Easy to dodge bullets with production’s help. Might as well give Cody the money now and save us all the pain of watching him and Jess swap spit.

          1. Battle Back was so scripted, so fake, so predictable. Of couse Cody won the Battle Back (scripted, predictable). Of course Jess has the Halting Hex (scripted, predictable). Of course she will use Hex to to save Cody at some point (scripted, predictable). No doubt that either Cody or Jess will win next HOH. Good grief…give me a break.

    1. That second round was close though…
      Cameron almost took him with the boomerang.

      You know production was SCRAMBLING behind the scenes when they saw that.
      I imagine them simultaneously running around, freaking out & ordering the PA’s to hold the doors on the back of Cameron’s billboard closed, lol.

      Seriously though, how boring would it have been if Cameron would’ve been the one to come back?
      I’m glad he didn’t come back, the production scripted lines that he was fed came across unnatural & started to get annoying.

  2. Watching the Battle Back competition and not surprised that Cody is winning. Why not do a luck shot because they want Cody back in. Don’t know why he has no personality and he is a douche bag.

    1. Cody looked like he was marching to his death when he was announced for the Battleback. No personality, no enthusiasm. What a d1ck.

        1. Does everyone forget that this is a GAME and not WAR? Lack of personality, lack of game and treating others (except Jess) as subordinates are Cody’s downfall. I swear he is Neidermeyer (from Animal House) and everyone remembers he was shot by his own troops.

    2. Why would they want Cody back? DRAMA! I love it! I don’t need to like either one of those two to love it. BB should not be boring this coming week.

    1. Can’t believe Paul said he’s not cool with someone coming back in the house when he came back in the house from another season. Can’t wait till they try to evict Cody again and Jessica stops it. This is funny. What are the minions to do? Cody may end up head of house, and Pauls no longer safe.

  3. I think they should have just told the house vote for someone to complete in a very important comp….AND THAT’s ALLL!!!! They should be totally blindsided until the person walks in the door!!!!

    1. Jessica and Cody are like rachel and brendan in BB13 except rachel can win comps. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself and jessica wins it all.

      1. I read on Twitter that Jessica wins HOH, her and Christmas battled for over 3 hours!
        Don’t know,if the source is correct, but, they’re same one who told about Megyn leaving show hours before house guests knew.
        She won’t have to use her hex if so.

      2. I was thinking (re: Paul & Cody) that it was Helen vs Amanda all over again ). I at least got 1 pleasant memory from this. The maze reminded me of the wooden maze box that I had as a child: twisted krona on either side of the box to tilt move a metal ball from one end to another and had to avoid holes along it.

  4. Love how Cody came out to the final round and instantly started studying the maze without informing Paul what the heck was going on. Production’ favoritism is at a point where they won’t even attempt to hide it.

    1. There was a freaking maze out there. If Paul wasn’t studying it that’s his fault. He had to assume it was going to be something with that. If he didn’t then he was dumb. Also no other battleback returner had to play a current houseguest to get back in the house so even though he did have a leg up in having done it before he still had a greater chance at not getting back into the house than all previous battleback/buyback contestants before. They all had a 100 percent chance of getting back once they won their competition. Even if you say that playing or already gave Cody a 30 percent advantage he still only had a 80 percent chance of returning versus the 100 percent chsnce of returning of previous season’s buyback winners.

        1. Not talking about Paul. Speaking about how every year for the past 6 or so there has been a battleback. Each one of those once they won their competition they were automatically back in the house. Cody won his competition but then still had to win against a houseguest to actually get in the house

    2. Cody knew what to expect – he’d chosen the game to compete – so not favourtism as you describe it. I am not a fan of Cody, but willing to give him another chance. Let’s see how adaptable he is (not very?) I don’t dislike Jessica overly either (I could use less a** associated with her game), but I agree with others, that she’s got some smarts. This will be an interesting week, no question.

  5. It’s the little things that can separate somebody from being a great BB player or a shitty BB player. Jessica picking Paul one of the strongest competitors in the house to go against Cody is an example of a something a shitty BB player would do.

    1. Maybe she didn’t want to make it obvious by voting for someone like Christmas who isn’t able to do much.

      1. Overall (in terms of the history of BB) you are right, Paul is NOT a strong competitor. But what I said was that Paul is one of the strongest competitors (meaning amongst this group this season only). You can only say so far that Cody and Alex are better. That would put Paul 3rd among say 14 or so people. Upper tier.

        1. Maybe she thought the curse might be that Paul would be evicted and the chance was worth taking. I’d take that risk.

    2. Yes it is. And you’d be the crappiest player out there. When everyone in the house is voting for Paul to compete, might as well not paint a target on your back by going rogue. Have you ever watched BB before? A solo vote means nothing.

      1. I’ve watched BB plenty. A solo vote? Dom eviction was the 1st unanimous vote this season. Also Cody and Jess are suppose to be in a “real” relationship now. Her voting for a weaker player would NOT have been a big deal. But it’s good to know that if you had a significant other or a family member or a best friend, that you would vote for the toughest competitor to battle against them if that’s what the house wants. You would be that person that would vote with what the house wants. Then feel stupid and butt hurt when the house turn on you and want you out.

    3. They didn’t know who they were competing against until after they had voted. If she had voted against the house, and if for some reason Cody didn’t win against the other eliminated houseguests, she would have a target on her back for voting against the house.

  6. I’m not surprised that Cody was the one that beat the other three houseguest. That why they didn’t do a crap shoot they didn’t want to chance the other three getting it. Cody had the hang of the showdown maze now and he will know how to move the ropes even though it’s a different board.

  7. I’m going to stop watching now because I cannot stand Cody and Jessica and their stupid make out sessions. I’m done

    1. I don’t understand all of the comments about Cody and Jessica. Cody was in the BB house for only two weeks. The second of those two weeks, he knew that he was going to be eliminated and that Jessica was going to be targeted because of his actions. For that entire week, both were havenots, both had to wear frog costumes, both had to hop from place to place, and both had to sit only on lily pads at all times except when in the pool or in bed. I look at that entire week as Jessica being loyal to Cody, and Cody trying to comfort her since he would be leaving her alone in the house at the hands of people who did not care for her. I see absolutely nothing wrong with either of their actions. I do believe that they both will be better players because of what they’ve been through.

      1. Do you not have the feeds or maybe you just enjoy watching 2 people lay around all over each other for the summer?

  8. I love that they gave him a maze so people couldn’t cry it was rigged and he still killed it. Was so nervous Paul would win and then his ego would be even bigger.

    1. The same game he just played? Yes, that was so tough for him. He already has the hang of the way the ropes and the board works. That’s really a crap shoot. I can’t believe he won! *rolls eyes*

      1. Lol I’m sure before they battle back you were one of the people crying it would be a physical comp for Cody they did a maze he killed 4 other people in and you’re still crying

        1. Nope. I assumed they would do comps that are both mental and physical. But not the same exact comp as the one he just finished playing. That’s extremely lame. Should’ve been a completely different comp. Its pretty simple.

  9. Sooooooo predictable…all of it. And now Cody isn’t going anywhere anyways because of the halting hex. Zzzzz

    Can we FF to BB20 All Stars? lol

    1. I love this season 19 it stresses me out. Cody is cold but he has heart. He used his HoH to make a big move that would have sent paul home—– back doored. Thats smart but the den of temptation did him in. Im glad he back cause he made his own decisions. The rest of the house is lazy and scared to make real games moves. Im disgusted with jason and alex. They all talk no action. I could careless for the shomances. I want to see someone hungry for it win it. Xmas needs to go home she is injured and needs to go heal. Come back next season. I think she will kick ass but right now she just in the way. Josh is a bitch and. Mark a big baby not loyal to anyone.

  10. Wasn’t fair between Paul and Cody . Cody already had the hang of the pulley system Paul had to get use to it. Goes to show you production wanted that to happen that why that didn’t do a different game.

    1. Friendship LOL. But it was fair that unlike other years Cody had to win another comp to get back in the house? Will it be fair when Paulie gets bounced?

  11. So Paul complains that Cody has played the pulley game before yet he has an entire season of playing Big Brother verses an entire cast of newbies. WTF.

    1. You’re blind by your bias. Paul got 3 weeks of safety, and Cody got screwed. Cody then had to beat 4 other people to get back in the house. You need to be consistent, Paul got a huge benefit, and Cody fought to get his benefit. And you say you’ll stop watching, but you won’t.

      1. Battle back was made for Cody . Why not just do a crap shoot between the four and do a crap shoot between house guest challenger and winner of battle back that would have been fair.

    2. Oh yeah right. Youll be watching like VERY person who says that every year. QUit taking a game show so serious

  12. The first 2 comps were fair and anyone could have won but the third comp was tilted heavily in the returning players favor. Knowing how the pully mechanism works is a massive advantage.
    They should have just played the first 2 comps and have the winner return or play a new game for the third comp.

  13. As much as I don’t like Cody on a personal level, he’s the only one willing to take a shot at Paul who is LITERALLY RUNNING THE HOUSE at this point.

  14. What happened to “if I got another chance, I’d work with Paul.” Liar! Already sucked back in by Jessica. Ugh…

    1. Dom informed him and I’m sure Jess, Ramses and Jason are too. Hope stupid groupie Alex doesn’t get in his ear. She turned out to be a disappointment.

  15. I have a question, let’s say Paul wins hoh and puts up Cody and Jessica and she uses her temptation. Do you think Paul would still be eligible to play the next hoh since the eviction was hexed.??????!

  16. Go Cody ! Can’t stand Paul or Josh hope to see them both go. It’s friendship bro. Lets be frienz and Im so loyal my word is true.

  17. omg .. total fix… i will bet that Pauls ball was of lighter weight .. sure looked like it to me … watching how Cody`s ball bounced off the walls .. NOT .. TOTAL BS .. didnt think i would ever say that ..

      1. to the one that wont use its own name … dont need to be a physics major to know different weight ball react different when hitting a solid side .. try playing a labyrinth game before make your uneducated remark …

  18. So happy Cody is back in. Can’t stand Paul and how he has the whole house wrapped around his finger. He is a snake and plays extremely dirty. Never liked him last season either. While Cody always looks like he is ready to kill someone at least he smiled for a minute when he saw Jess. Hopefully Cody can keep the house off balance for the remainder of the show so that it is entertaining to watch instead of the lame boring seasons we have had the last few years where everyone always votes with the house.

  19. DIdnt see anyone crying RIGGED last season when Victor won 3 times to get back last year. QUit taking a game show so seriously and be happy that this week wont be all sheep following INK BLOT into the pasture on feeds.

    1. Then you must have had your eyes closed, because most people hated that Victor was able to come back three times.

  20. Paul is an annoying loudmouth. While I don’t particularly like Cody, I can say without question that I definitely do not like Paul. He comes across as someone who thinks he is the “end all and be all” of Big Brother. I’m rooting for the Rodeo Clown or the young gray-haired dude!

  21. I am a Paul fan,but he is literally running the house. Which makes for a boring season. With Cody back maybe we can have two or three groups of people battling it out .

    1. I agree. Cody attempted to keep the house balanced where people would have had a better shot then the normal monopoly rules. The shomances contribute nothing. Paul is a loud mouth, cody total opposite. The showdown between the 2 should make for good tv. Raven and Matt and mark and his groupie have yet to show they have a brain. Josh omg he turns into the hulk and then starts crying im sorry i respect you. I wish there was a way for the house to find out kevin took the 25,000. Thats what i want to see not a jury but like now. Kevin would shit himself.

  22. Now that Cody is back, hopefully Jessica won’t be sticking her fingers in the other guys’ . . . (you know what) anymore.

  23. Does anyone think that any of the other players beside Alex, Paul, Cody, or Jason have a chance of winning this game? I know Kevin is popular and Christmas has game but when it comes down to the end of the game you have to win comps and I don’t think they can.

    Do you think anybody else has a shot?

  24. Oh so now Simon is on the whole show is totally rigged wagon. You my friend are a idiot.

    I won’t go thru again how production steers the show and they have writers like every reality show. Yes we all know that genius.

    But tell me genius how they rigged the maize game? They edited it and stopped everytime Paul was ahead and started the tape over?

    Or no is it rigged because Cody played the maize game once before with a different maize? Which he still had to play and win.

    What was it genius? Yes every single thing on the show is a fraud. Laugh about it. Hehe haha. Well heehee haha I know you havent made jack this season. That is what is hilarious.

    1. If you are going to sh!t on Simon then go to another site and get your info there. You also might want to learn how to spell maze properly. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Buh bye.

  25. I can’t believe that time and time again we watch despite it being blatantly obvious that production manipulates the game.. with that said I can’t stand Cody but I will be happy if he comes back.. evicted Paul then him and Jess get out also. I want Alex to take it all!

  26. Really unfair to do the third comp a repeat of the first comp. Big deal that it was a different maze, Cody had the technique down since this was the second time he was doing it. The third comp should have been a completely different comp. Production rigging it. Also, I dont think jessica eraned the votes for the temptation….she didnt have that many fans. Production rigged that too.

  27. I’d like to see Alex playing both sides while Paul and Cody throw waves at each other like the Battle of Verdun, then take the house away from both of them. Perhaps too much to ask for, but if one is going to dream, one should dream big.

  28. With Jessica’s temptation, they are going to have to put Cody on the block twice to get him out. Did anybody else catch the irony when Paul said “I don’t like it when people get let back in the House.”

    1. Haha! Yes, I did catch that. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we, Paul? How about last season when your friend and ally, Victor, came back into the game and you were THRILLED? And remember how YOU came back this season? Geez

  29. I love how people don’t like a BB player because they play “dirty”…. That.Is.The.Whole.Point.Of.The.Game!!! it would be stupid to watch a bunch of people who never back stabbed, lied or manipulated. No one would watch BB if everyone was sunshine and puppy dogs to each other, so saying you don’t like someone because they are playing the game is ridiculous.
    Paul is annoying, but the fact that he can literally be the biggest target in the house as a Vet and yet have all of these people listening to him, is pretty impressive game wise.
    Cody is annoying, sort of a loose cannon, a bit of a dick, and his game play was terrible… oh sorry… non existent

    it is no surprise that Cody is back, but hopefully he sinks himself just like he did before. He has the personality of wet cardboard

  30. Hey sorry all you Paul fans out there, but i just can’t stand him so i had to help Cody win NOT!! Face it Cody is just a better competitor so get over it.

  31. Great, so now they will target Paul, he will be evicted, and then we get to watch all the showmances target the supposed “floaters”.

    This season just went straight off the cliff with Cody coming back in.

    I do NOT want to watch another season of Showmances doing smoochie smoochie under the sheets as they lay in bed all day fingering each others holes.

  32. I think Cody won his way back in fair enough but I have no doubt the Hex vote was rigged. I also don’t mind him being back to go toe to toe with Paul. Would have been way more exciting to anticipate their fireworks without Ms promiscuous finger there though.

  33. I know people don’t like to read that someone is not watching the show anymore, but I’m seriously not watching anymore. None of these people are likable. Paul is a year older and a year more annoying. He was somewhat entertaining last year (although I thought Victor was funnier). Now everything that I disliked about him last year is magnified 1000 times. I don’t believe for a second that Jessica got that Halting Hex, considering no one likes her. 0% of the United States likes her. So everyone in the house is terrible, and it’s rigged as h*ll. Why would I want to watch that? I didn’t even watch this Battle Back.

  34. If you didn’t know Cody was coming in before these comps..come on…they need Cody on the show. I was NOT a fan, but I’m sick of watching people in a house do nothing. I miss old BB when people actually played the game…everyone hated Derek in his season, I loved him because again he actually played…thought out plans and executed them. Love or hate Paul, he’s been doing the same, and he’s he only one in the house doing it. So although I wasn’t a Cody fan, I’m glad he’s back to see more GAME PLAY…I think him and Jessica will tone it down and play a different game. They would be stupid not too(their original game didn’t play out too well) I’m excited there will finally be action in the house again. Who cares if the comp was “rigged”. We all already knew this stuff, move on

  35. Whatever happens I pray that the freaking showmances don’t take over the show. It makes it too predictable for one thing, and makes it really annoying watching couples lay in bed all day whispering in each others ears.

    I know it sounds cliche, but if i see it leaning that way, I really will stop watching.

    1. I don’t think Cody will work w Mark anymore.
      I think he’s the type to hold a grudge. Also, despite what she was saying to the girlminions, I think Jess won’t forget/forgive them anytime soon.

  36. Really can’t say I’m shocked Cody “won” the battle back into the house. It’s also super convenient that Jessica has the temptation so the house can’t vote him back out.

    Also, Cody reminds me of Tom Cruise. Both oddly creepy, zero personality and a weird hold over women.

  37. I am glad cody came back he is the only one, that wins competition and makes his own decisions. Everyone else are floaters and followers. Cody should havevsent Alex home she is weak minded. I thought she would would be the one to give em hell but her lips all over pauls rear end. Mark has no loyalty to no one but his own tears and josh is weak. This season is full of drama. Xmas i like her but she is injured and needs to go home and come back next season. Jason acts like he going to make moves but does nothing Alex going to cut his throat. Paul needs to go he has done enough damage. Raven sucks, matt sucks

  38. Production never ceases to amaze me. If their agenda is to keep Paul alive, then tailoring the BattleBack to Cody was NOT a good move on their part. This reinforces my theory that all they care about is creating good television, something that’s always been a hit or miss since Grodner and Co. took the reigns.

      1. I meant to put “good television” in quotation marks, because Grodner’s idea of good TV never matches up with the general consensus. Maybe so in this case since fans were super thirsty for a Cody re-entry

  39. As soon as Dom walked out and Julie announced the Battle Back… I knew Cody was coming back. In hind sight I think it would have been better to evict Jessica… because Cody might not have come back. As I watched the feeds last week I realized that simple logic is not any of their strong suit.

    Dom, Alex, Christmas and Paul fell right into it. Cody and Jessica told Christmas, Alex and Paul that Mark and Dom were the ones that knew about the plan to get rid of Paul then Christmas. Dom screwed herself during the interview… confirming what Cody and Jessica told them. People got paranoid and a new target was made… Dom or Mark.

    If they had evicted Jessica, Cody might not have come back in the game or if he did, be completely isolated in the game. Cody might win HoH… but next week Jess will do the stop and the game will change. My guess America will be the ones voting to evict and no one will have prepared a strategy. As a fan if they did that it will ruin the show, because it will be like Season One after the Veto is played…. They will start doing the gimmicks to get votes and be fake all of the time because they will know America see’s everything. I hope that does not happen. If they had evicted Jess the Temptation would not be in play.

  40. Everyone keeps saying its all unfair that Cody won the Battle Back, However, He had Paul out in week 2 and……… Paul was saved by the Den of Temptation. No one seems to care about that anymore. IT’S BIG BROTHER EVERYONE. and maybe it’ll be interesting again now. I just on’t want a boring season of “Paul Says”…let’s have fun and enjoy it while we can.

  41. Production already planned on Cody coming back. Paul could not win the battle back because that was not in the script. This season started with production favorites, not actual fan favorites. Get rid of Raven, Elena, Matt, and Josh and then we have a game.

  42. I am glad cody is back he the only one not scared to make big game moves. He was smart to target paul and get him out. Paul had the advantage being a vet. Cody went for it. He had balls to do that. I was pissed when his team members turned on him for going after paul. Lol Dom learn her lesson. Alex is a disappointment all talk. I thought she would be one to look out for but her lips stay on pauls rear end. Jason omg he weak too. Alex going to cut his throat. Mark is a big cry baby, loyal to his own tears. Josh ugh you can tell he a mama’s boy with little intelligence. Dom should have blown up alex and jasons game. This season the drama is nonstopped its a trip to watch. Jess i feel deserved that last temptation. She suffered and the house broke her down. Put Alex and paul on the block. Then mark and Elena. Then matt and raven and the survivors of that battle for the game.

  43. I would have loved to see Cameron back…..why didn’t CBS consider what he could have brought back into the game? It pisses me off this was so rigged for Cody…….

  44. Production has finally gone completely “Orwellian” in control of this game.They are truly living up to the role of “Big Brother”. Suppress the will of the people and promote those that are the chosen ones(Cody/Jess-keeper of the hex). Guesses as to the next HOH?

  45. It’s going to quickly turn into

    Cody & Jessica
    Mark & Elana
    Matt & Raven

    Against the supposed floaters


    And some how the supposed floaters will absolutely be unable to recognize that they need to break up the couples and get picked off 1 by 1.

    Cody coming back in and establishing another showmance team is going to ruin this season.

    It’s much better with individuals scheming, teaming, back stabbing, playing both sides, etc than it is to watch couples laying in bed all day as they pick off the next supposed floater.

  46. I love it!! Just the little bit of Cameron tonight was enough for me. Dom had no game. Jillian was going to work with elaina? So glad it was Cody!! Think he will play different. Cody remembers how he got evicted. Cody, was the best choice for entertainment value. If jess did win hoh put up raven and Elena make some popcorn and watch the scramble. Raven needs to go. Every season we have that couple that cuddles right to the end and don’t play. This will give Cody a chance to realign. The house chances every week … the best seasons.

  47. I get that both Paul and Cody are arrogant but there’s just something about Cody that makes me feel he’s like this in real life. Looks down at people and considers others beneath him. He’s neither an officer nor a gentleman!

  48. Oooooo, Jessica won HOH. Interesting week ahead, but we’re going to see things we won’t ever unsee, so brace yourselves.

  49. We’ve seen this all before. It’s a repeat of the first week. Rewind /repeat.
    A predictable, boring outcome.

  50. With Jessica winning HOH, Paul immunity up. Cody can play in the next HOH. It’s going to be an incredible two weeks. I think Paul does not go home this week because too many people need him there to take on Cody. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

  51. RIGGED! That maze had a big silver ball….Paul should’ve either asked Julie if he and Cody could trade mazes before they started OR got down on all fours to find the magnets under it. Did anyone notice how Cody got to use the same maze (Blue) that he beat the other 3 battle-back people on? Yeah, I know the maze was different, but to me, it seemed like whenever Cody’s ball got anywhere near one of the holes, the silver ball kind of moved away from it. The hitting of the billboards was rigged too (just make it so 1 or 2 of Cam’s boards doesn’t fall-GLUED SHUT), but that’s just my opinion. Production wants good television, and Jessica winning the vote for that last temptation (yeah, right!) started the ball rolling for getting Cody and Jess back together to bring more drama. I do love watching the show, but this may be my last year because it’s just getting too obvious that the winner is determined by production.

  52. Regarding Cody not everybody have over the top personalities ,some people are just naturally like this. I also think having been in the military has something to do with it also. I have liked him from the beginning even though he didn’t have a good grasp of the game at first he did have good instincts when it came to Paul.

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