Nomination Results “You’re a bad mother f*er.. she’s a bad mother f*er “

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Nominations are Jessica and Dominique

5:10pm Xmas and Matt
Xmas asks what the vote was
Matt – 7-3

Xmas – what was the voting sequence..
Matt – I went last.. Jessica went first..

Matt says how pissed he is that there was people other than Jessica that voted out Ramses.
Matt says he was happy to see Cody go.
Matt – I haven’t been able to wrap my brain around any of it honestly…
Xmas asks about the Dom show that caused all this drama she’s heard about.

Matt says that Dom “dug into” ramses sexuality more than Matt was comfortable with.

Boys2men adds that Dom asked Cody a bunch of questions that made Matt feel uncomfortable. Matt mentions how Cody said that 2 people knew about his decision to backdoor Paul/Xmas.

5:22pm Jessica and Jason
Jessica tells him that she’s full expecting to go on the block tonight.

6:30pm Nominations Results. Jessica and Dominique are nominated for eviction.

6:33pm Christmas tells them that Cody only told her that stuff the morning she left for surgery to stir the pot. She asked him and that’s what he said.

6:33pm Ramses and Jessica
Ramses says he tried to keep her off the block.
Jessica says she was prepared for it, “That’s fine.. No big deal”
Jessica says she’s going to go hard for the veto.
Ramses – do it

6:43pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin so we’re getting Dom out
Jason says Ramses and Josh are the two most flippy floppy pieces of sh1t
Josh joins them.
Kevin says after this week if Dom goes they can get one more out from that side then they are the majority.
Josh – the lines are drawn.

6:48pm Paul and Jason
Paul – everyone is shitting their pants..

6:51pm Matt, Mark, Elena, Xmas and raven
Talking about how as long as Jessica doesn’t win veto and there’s not a temptation in play they have the votes to get her out it’ll be 7-4.

6:56pm bathroom Paul, raven, Mat, Mark and Elena.
Mark – she f*ing lied to my face (xmas)
Mark says Xmas told him that Cody never told her names.

7:04pm Dom and Matt
Dom tells him that Matt and Raven knew she was going up. Dom says Matt’s face was so nonchalant it makes her sick.
Mark – I’m done with Matt and Raven
Dom says her side betrayed her.
mark says he’s close to Jason he’ll talk to him and alex and see where the conversation goes.
Dom – I’m up
Mark – but you’re not going home.. there’s veto.

7:10pm Elena and Matt
Boyz2men – I do trust Mark, I don’t trust him to conduct himself properly.
Elena – same
Matt says mark is a good guy he just isn’t good with his word or his emotions.
Matt – I’ll stick with him as long as I can
Elena – Mark is a good guy he can be trusted..

7:13pm Paul and Xmas
Paul – did you vote Ramses out
Xmas – Yes
Paul – don’t tell people I know about the temptations.. I’ve been telling people I have no f*ing idea.
7:21pm Christmas tells them there’s been some concern about her well being.
Xmas – I had the opportunity to go home, I didn’t want to.
Feeds flip to the HOH

7:19pm Mark and Dom
Dom says the black person is always targeted early in Big Brother.

7:23pm HOH Kevin, Alex and Jason
talking about Dom being the target this week.
Kevin – why did they turn on Dom
Alex explains Cody outed them it was Mark and Dom that knew about Cody backdooring Paul.

Kevin – you want to put Mark up
Alex – yes
Kevin – You’re a bad mother f*er.. she’s a bad mother f*er I’m afraid to leave her side.
Alex says Mark was Cody’s ride or die. Mark had lied.

Kevin – I’ll work on Christmas.. i’ll let her smell my cologne
Alex – right now everyone is onboard
Kevin – we’ll find out at the vote

7:31pm Mark and Alex HOH
Mark – do I need to worry about things being said about me
Mark says Cody was his ride or die.
Mark says he told Cody he had his back 100% looked him in the eyes like a man.
Mark says he didn’t know what Cody had planned.

Mark says there’s not chance he was one of the votes against Ramses.
Mark says it was Christmas that voted out Ramses, “what about Matt and Raven”
Alex says she swore on raven’s pacemaker and Matt swore on the Catholic religion.
Alex says she went to bat for mark this week.

Mark says he’s been through a lot in his life and he can’t open up to many people in the house. Says he’s had a few things in common with Dom, “i’m emotional.. she’s there for me.. her and me have a good emotional connection.. she’s there for me.. that’s me and Dom”

Alex more or less says Dom is the target this week.

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Impractical Joker

waste of an HOH! cmon cody get back in that house and stir the chyt up


Cody wont stir the pot as long as his girlfriend is in the house. Get her out then see the Cody we saw on day 1.

No more Cody please

Temptation is coming that will give someone change to block a booted player from returning and I’m hoping it gets played and instead the punishment is bringing someone else in.

God if Cody comes back in this game. It will be miserable. He should bow out gracefully and go get the mental help he needs for his aggression.


7:05pm Dom, “unfortunate thing about bb, for some apparent reason, someone always comes for the black person. it never fails”

That is completely false! not accurate in the slightest!

So everyone in BB has been a racist?

Dom, youre racist, race baiting moron, ..What never fails in BB is a black person always playing the race card!


i like Dom, i think shes hot and she was playing the game great in a great position.
I always worried about her and Mark “playing chess” yet not moving a single chess piece!

Shes a threat, and with her interview show, she smacked a beehive with a stick!
She messed up ,
Dom is being targeted because shes a great player, not because of her “race”

When is this self-victimization cycle going to end? Always playing the race card, it’s exhausting!

Dom speaking the truth

Dom is speaking the truth, they do go for the black people first. Its very rare that they don’t, no matter how that black person plays the game.

Captain Crunch

I had high hopes for Alex when she won HOH and idc how she tries to justify this but targeting Dom is a weak move. She did all that talking about getting rid of the couples and making a big move and her big move is getting Dom out? Dom is at the bottom of the totem pole the only person lower than her is ramses and unless Alex is gonna backdoor Mark or Matt this will be a wasted HOH imo.


Dawg had a baby Girl…

sunny dee

congrats. awesome news


Yay! Congrats to Dawg and his wife; and to you too , uncle Simon.


Awwww…How wonderful! Congratulations to Daddy Dawg & Uncle Simon!


Awe congrats!! My grandmother’s birthday was July 14 and she was a beautiful sweet southern lady. Great birthday. 🙂


Congratulations!!!!!!! Sweet Baby Girl. Beautiful Blessing

Smitten Kitten

Congratulations Dawg & Momma!
Their sweet little angel is a fellow Cancer, yay!
Those born under the sign of Cancer are good people. They’re kind, considerate, giving & compassionate.
Cancer’s have a true passion for life.
Most of all, family is everything to a Cancer. 🙂

Polyester hair

New rule: if you’re too mentally or physically incapacitated to be present for a significant even in the BB house (veto ceremony, HoH vote, competition), you’re out of the game.

sunny dee

no reason they coudn’t have scheduled the surgery for late monday, she would have been present for veto ceremony and easily back by thursday. they chose to do it late wednesday guaranteed a 50/50 chance she would not be able to get back in time for mid day thursday. blame BB not xmas for that screw up


Surgeons have schedules too and maybe that was the first available date a specialist had open for surgery.


Simon did you catch xmas asking Paul if he remembered the order people voted bc she knew something.

sunny dee

she’s trying not to get caught, that’s all. i think we all know production knows how the votes go and calls people up according to have it show up in a more dramatic way


Yep, saw that also. I think she knew the vote tally before her turn on the phone, because she was asking the order and the first three votes went to Ramses. Wait to go PRODUCTION give her information she’s not entitled to.


it would seem they didn’t mute the call after her vote and christmas heard chenbot say the vote count of 3-0-0 after she placed her vote, before the commercial break.
technical error that christmas should be called to the diary room and told to desist from using for strategic purposes. The same as production halts feeds and tells houseguests to disregard the things the inevitable screamers on the other side of the wall say when they yell into the back yard every summer.

Uncle Teddy

Good move, Alex

Lame Target

Dom? Really? Whoa, what a big, dangerous move. At least she’s got God on her side.

Hi it's Ramses

Hey Dom, I never used that cop out when I was targeted. Instead of using the “race card” can she maybe take responsibility for her questions she was asking in her interview show? How about not attacking Ramses like it was some Interrogation and then acting smog to Ramses when he replied to your questions. Dom has a “god” complex thinking only she is allowed to play Big Brother and others can’t play their own way?? Dom was my favourite at the start….. Yet true colours shine when faced with a little adversity.


and it’s official, alex sucks at this game. not surprised. pretty clear her strategy was coast on comp wins and suck at the social aspects, but i was hoping that meant sucking cody-style, making a big move without the foresight to stay safe next week rather than playing into the other side’s hands and helping them evict jessica.


please, please, please Simon. It’s Christmas, not Xmas. Very disrespectful to her and Christ. Thanks!


Oh, Jesus.

Just my opinion

This is not the place to discuss religion. Just my opinion, but I feel it should be spelled Christmas when you are speaking of Christmas. When it is used as a persons name, it becomes just that. Not disrespectful to shorten to Xmas. Not to start an argument, jmo.

Capt Obvious

How about Santa Claus-mas?
Or tooth fairy-mas?
Or unicorn-mas?


Actually it’s not. Do some research online. Also, you’d probably be interested to know that the peace sign is actually a demonic symbol.


Get over yourself!

Jesus H. Christ

Get over it.

Oh For Christ's- mas Sake

Everyone on this site shortens and abbreviates the players names.
It took me a couple posts to figure out that ‘Dom’ was a chick.
However, it only took me a minute to figure out who Andrew was …



Chi (letter), the Greek letter (uppercase ?, lowercase ?);
Chi Rho, the monogram for Christ formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters chi and rho (??) of the Greek word “???????” (CHRistos)


What happened to that big talk about putting the showmances up ? The only thing that will make this HOH not a waste is if she backdoors Matt or Mark other than that if the Two nominees don’t win the Nominations will be the same, and it’s still open for jessica to go this week and if Cody comes back he’ll go after Alex for sending Jessica Home. Paul is the difference maker this week because he’ll tell his fanboys who to vote for this week and has Christmas and Kevin ( to an extent) by the thumb .


Paul planned out the next few weeks last week and Alex is just doing it and she didn’t even know what his plan was…no way in h*ll the vote out dom if everything stays the same. Paul knows there’s a battle back and wants to make sure Jess is gone so both her and Cody won’t be in house if he wins the comp. so basically Paul is going to be the “HOH” for the next several weeks even if he doesn’t win the hoh comp! #lemmings


Paul is still running the show! Alex is just following orders. Paul was upset about Dom and the Cody interview so seeds planted. He very well may start something for Jess to go. Either way it will be Paul’s wish


Yes, they are absolute sheep. It’s sad.


Seriously if Paul gets rid of all the people who have the potential to realize what he’s up to (Mark, Dom, Ramses, Jason, Jessica and at this point Cameron or Cody) then can he run his way to win?
Elena and Alex are super loyal to Paul and have REALLY bad game intuition.
Matt and Raven don’t seem to want to strategize other than when someone asks for their input usually, Paul or Elena.
Kevin will never convince anyone of anything as long as he’s the funny/old man of the house.
Christmas is loyal to Paul, but even if she realizes Paul is a master manipulator (I think she could realize this), in truth he has been covering for her for 2 weeks and not giving up her secrets. He could easily put the blame on her for one of the votes to clear Kevin but is insisting it’s Mark and Dom. In truth he probably sees himself beating her or Kevin in the end so he’s not even a bad person for her to work with for now.
Josh is fine as long as you pretend to be his friend when he wins HOH. I could see Josh wanting to be part of the cool kids with Paul and being easily manipulated by him.
I HOPE Ramses wins HOH and puts up Paul with Raven to stir shit up. Paul won’t look good campaigning against the girl who will use the money to prolong her life ( wouldn’t blame him for fighting but just stating what I think).


I think they should BD Mark. He whines a little too much for a macho guy. He’s obviously paranoid that they will think he was in on Codys plan to BD Paul. If Paul wouldn’t have been able to pull himself off, Mark would still be working with Cody. They would have found a way to atleast try to gain enough votes to get Paul out. Leaving Cody high and dry in that scenario means he was not his Ride or Die. He’s unreliable and dishonest. That makes him a traitor. He’s going wherever the power is. He’s not a tough guy, he’s a follower. Cody was right. Paul and Cody are the only alpha males. They are going to coast Paul all the way to 500k. I love Paul as much as the next guy. But if I was in the house, better believe I would’ve taken the first shot too. It’s just hard when the whole house is obsessed wth him to gain enough traction to vote him out.


mark’s too popular to be backdoored after alex’s terrible noms. dom or jess would go over mark. only people she can backdoor atm are people on her side of the house. shame she didn’t realize how bad a move putting jess on the block was.


She weakening the “big boys”. Mark isn’t emotionally attached to Elena, but he is deeply attached to Dom. Take her out, see his true colors come out and watch Elena flail. If Jess or Dom come down, she’ll do what she said and take down Jess to put up Matt or Mark. She’s going for the showmances. She took Cody’s advice and is going after their “girls”. I have faith in Alex!


Kevin: “I’ll work on Christmas.. i’ll let her smell my cologne.”
FUNNIEST person in the house. He has the best and most ridiculous one liners.


I still don’t understand how getting any member of the too comfortable alpha alliance out of the house is a wasted hoh. Maybe it’s not the grand slam move that usually gets the hoh responsible evicted a week later, but getting out somebody that isn’t on your side and is a number against you: how is that a wasted hoh?


Problem is Alex thinks she has the votes to get Dom out but reality Dom is the pawn and Alex doesn’t know she’s being lied to by Paul and his worshippers.


given the propensity for hinky votes, the jealousy issue between Elena and Dom, the mistrust between Christmas and Dom, and the fact that Paul’s immunity ends this week, yes there is a chance that Dom stays. There is an equal chance one or more of those people break ranks and Dom goes.


I’m wondering if Alex’s ultimate wish is to have Mark out like she told Kevin. That would mean breaking the deal with Elena, but that’s not an obstacle in my book. I’d rather it be Raven or Christmas because it hurts Paul’s game too.

Mister Poopy Pants

I hope someone takes one of Paul’s stupid friendship muffins and shoves it right in his stupid fucking face!!!


Ok Cody….still mad you got evicted?


i think someone needs their pants changed


I see this easily flipping back and Jessica going home at least then Alex will know she’s a dumb ass and got played and play for herself instead of doing what Paul says


Anybody know why there’s no bbad tonight?


Maybe they are getting rid of Xmas!



Backseat Driver

I think this is when they’re filming the episode with somebody getting back in the house?


No, that’s next week after the next eviction!


They are competing in POV tonight. So no afterdark


With the buy back if they don’t get rid of Jessica this season will suck. Literally and figuratively.. if Cody comes back and she’s still in the house they will suck face all day and I for one don’t want to see that! Plus Cody said if he came back he would team up with Paul which would mean Jessica would be kept safe by the both of them for probably many weeks. UGH. Jessica needs to go so we can get Cody back and see if he can redeem himself. If not then I’m only team Andrew from here on out.


Veto players are picked already? on a Friday night. Three hours after nominations?
What’s this new fresh hell?
Alex, Dom, Jess along with Christmas, Jason, Kevin? With eyeroll Paul hosting (because production can’t have a week where he doesn’t get 50 d/r segments to over saturate our gag reflexes)?

Ms Chris

I think secretly Alex would be fine with Jessica leaving. I don’t really think there is such a thing as a wasted HOH. All but one has to go at some point and I’ve seen lots of ppl that were considered an easy out make it to the end and win…


VETO playing rite now?


What’s with this alpha/beta nonsense?
Who says stupid things like that unless you’re one insecure human being.
Get out of here!
Who are you trying to convince others or yourself?
To top it off-
Cody tells his child, “don’t be a beta.”
What if the poor kid doesn’t live up to his expectations of what the jerk perceives is an ALPHA…
Really? Give me a break.
I don’t give a darn about what Cody might have seen or done in his time in military.
If anything, shouldn’t that make you more sensitive to the plight of the human condition?
If cody does come back
I hope it’s fair and square, and
Not because that’s what some fans may want. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a new face. Cameron got a raw deal.

Diaper Baby Josh

Dom- “The black person is always targeted early in Big Brother.” Here we go with more playing the victim. Dom, people do not want you out because you are black, no one cares about skin color, they are trying to get rid of you because they think you stirred the pot and because you are low in their group power rankings.


Using Xmas is in no way disrespectful to Jesus. Stop using Jesus as a excuse to be a ignorant bafoon.


Just wish bb would put more minorities in the house then the normal 14 white people and the rest minorities its time for a change since the u.s is so diverse now. I think it would be interesting to see a house full of africans,asians,indians,and middle eastern americans. Gives it a different view on how mixed and great are country is. And by no means im i racists i lvu my white brothers and sisters too, it just would be nice to see the real melting pot of this great country shown on a tv show like this especially in BBUS! IMOP just saying!! no disrespect to anyone it was just my thoughts from watching BB from all over the world for so long. But anyway come on alex go after bigger targets i would actually love to see cody and jessica fighting each other for the battle back it would make things interesting!! I just hope if he comes back he doesn’t join forces with paul i would like him to still have the same mentality to come back striking out paul on his agenda


Dom, Ramses, Alex and Jessica – That’s four of fourteen plus you should count Paul (Armenian) then five of fourteen. Happy now?


Let not forget JOSH! ugh!


Why are they letting Dom do those shows go back home and do your bible study show, bb make her stop the questions she asks are terrible and uninteresting because it’s all stuff we already know.


Alex didn’t break her word to Elena. Elena could care less about Mark . She’s crazy for Paul. She just uses Mark. She’s already gonna ditch him (Mark) tells Paul not to abandon her, tells Paul she wants to lick him, she’s trash! Mark is crazy for Dom, Dom likes Mark and is always trying to wake him . Why Mark and Elena play the couple role is beyond me .

OJ Simpson's son

Dom is right the black person is always targeted first in BB! It’s an easy vote for them every season….. if you pay attention their name is thrown around immediately… I’ve watched this show for years and this year I said Dom and Ramses don’t stand a chance in hell! They both were targeted early


Common Dom did you actually pull out the race card?? What a crock of bullshit. If the black peoples are always targeted first then why are you, Ramses and Josh still in the house? Andrew, Megan, Jillian and Cody all went before you, all WHITE people. So sick of hearing “it’s because I’m black” when things don’t go a certain way.