Alex – “we’ll move into their collective and we’ll annihilate them”

8:47pm Jessica adjusting to a cody-less Big Brother game.

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8:49pm Alex in the storage room

Alex – I’m about to make a really HUGE move

8:51pm Ramses and Kevin
Ramses says he doesn’t care if Kevin voted for him
Kevin – In my opinion just let it go man..

Alex – those votes.. Who voted for you rames
Ramses – I have some speculations but we can talk about it when you get your room
Alex says she’s calling everyone upstairs privately and they will chat.
Alex tells Kevin and Ramses the deal she made with Elena.
Alex – she would be safe and people she wants safe will be safe (Aka Mark)
Ramses – did she specify or just in general
Alex – just in general. I told her we’ll talk
They count the Have nots. It’s the first 4 players to drop.
Christmas, Josh, Mark, Raven, Ramess where the order and since Raven has the have nots pass it’ll be
Christmas, JOhs, Mark and Jason.

8:59pm Jason and Kevin
Kevin – Elena was going down she shouldn’t have made a deal;..
Jason – I was shaking..
Kevin – I can beat mark man to man.. You saw him I can beat him
Alex joins them. ASks them who they voted for. Jason says he voted out Cody.
Alex says she’s sticking to the plan she’s putting up Jessica and ?

Kevin how come I didn’t get a f*ing hug

Mark comes up. Alex says he’s safe this week. Alex leaves..

9:02pm Alex and Matt
Alex says matt, Jason and Elena are the only people she’s trusting right now

Alex says Christmas does not like Jason at all.
Raven joins them.
Alex says Jason 100% did not vote for Ramses he swore on his son.
Alex isn’t sure about Christmas, Dom and Mark.
Alex thinks it’s Christmas because she had joked about it earlier.
Alex – we might have to flip the plan.. We might have to keep Jessica and take out someone on our side..

Matt and Raven says they trust her.

9:10pm Paul and Dom
Dom thinks it was Christmas that voted for Rasmes

Mark comes by. Paul says Cody told him Mark and Dom were the people that came to him about putting Christmas up.

They try to figure out where the Ramses votes go. They sound confident it was Christmas, Jessica and unknown. Mark thinks it was Josh or Kevin. Paul makes a big deal about how Kevin wouldn’t do that to him.

9:19pm Jason and Kevin
Jason – I’m going to tell her to put up Matt and Dominique
Kevin – that would be so cool.. tonight can we have some drinks
Jason – you can have it
Kevin – I will never vote against yo and Alex, and I like Paul too.. I won’t vote against you 3. rth

Kevin – lets go have a good time.. Good job man … real good job
Kevin mention how excited he was that jason almost one the HOH. Kevin was thinking “I can sleep up there”

9:23pm Alex and Jason
Alex – we can’t do Matt.. he trusts us..
Jason – Christmas and Dominique
Ramses comes joins them says Dominique and Jessica.
Jason tells her putting up Jessica would not be smart.
Ramses leaves Kevin joins them.. .

They start telling Alex don’t waste her nomination with Jessica. She can’t win competitions.
Kevin tells her he will never vote against Alex, Jason and Paul.
Alex – I’m not scared..
Alex – Jessica has to be on the block tomorrow.. we can backdoor someone that’s fine but Jessica has to be on the block tomorrow.
Jason – Christmas..
Jason – I don’t want you to put Jessica up god damn it dude
Alex keeps says they need to put Jessica up.
Jason – You’re the HOH
Alex – next week I can’t compete.. if yo f* the house right now me and you will be on the block next week.
Alex – I need to convince them that there is a rat in the group.. we need to move into the group we are becoming the group.. I’m saving you trust me.. The more we’re in the group and the more they trust me and you we can attack them later.. We know one of them in their group flipped.. this is our chance to move in their groups and become protected..

Alex tells him she can explain this all again when they are in private. Jason understands but he doesn’t like it.
Alex warns him that the entire house is starting to try to blame Jason on voting for Ramses.
Alex – this is what will clear your name and they will trust you we’ll move into their collective and we’ll annihilate them

9:33pm Storage room Jason, Paul and Alex
They all agree that Christmas voted for Ramses as well as Jessica.

Jason says they should put Dominique and Christmas on the block
Paul – look she’s HOH..

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Team Alex

My girl Alex is here to play!!!


Jason is so annoying omg, if you want to nominate, win the HOH yourself!


He`s so chicken….he wants 2 women on the block….gotta grow some balls

Alex should take Mark out…or she should realize what a sneaky liar Kevin is and send him packing


Why hasn’t anyone mentioned putting up Josh?


Kevin is incredibly shady but he isn’t a threat to Alex’s game at all.

Chilltown 2.0

Alexxxxxx why would you put Jess up??? That means if she is up there on Thursday she goes home and thats a waste!!! Bring her in… Alex, Jason, Ramses, Kevin, Jess for now and take the f”kkin shot. If Alex is afraid to piss of the “house” she deserves nothing but shame this week, but I’m hopeful.

Get Xmas up there (she should be out of the game) and literally anyone else from that side. Whether you like Cody is irrelevant, but I want him back in the house to make big moves. Then Paul is outta safety too??? That would be so dope.

For once listen to Jason !!!! Lezzz get it girl!


Alex needs to win the temptation so she can control evictions for at least two weeks!

Jimmy 64

Hey Simon and Dawg I’ve got an assignment for you .
Over the 19 big brother seasons how many times has a man won
the HOH and how many times has a woman won HOH ?

Capt Obvious

LOL! That’s like asking over the last year, how many times did the sun rise from the east vs. how many times did it rise from the west?
Get outta here!!!


They’re busy enough… Dawg’s about to have a baby.


ugh, kinda knew alex would blow her hoh. xmas and jessica? talk about a wasted hoh.

raven 100% should be on the block. she’s the biggest pawn in the history of big brother and people need to start realizing that (and hopefully sending her home when a plan blows up). i think putting matt up next to her will help the rest of the house realize that quicker.

BB Fan from chicken george season

BB Canada only lasted five seasons cause of all the friken production interference. Watch out American producers people are getting tired of all this crap. Don’t see this having maybe one season left.


So happy there is a battle back! I hope Cody gets back in the game!
Please alex don’t nominate Jessica!
Also I wonder what Julie meant when she said the house might be able to stop the returning houseguest

So anyway...

Well I was more impressed with Cody tonight then I have been. I don’t know why he doesn’t show that side of him all the time. So if Cody comes back I don’t think I can handle them secluding themselves again and making out the whole time they need to get out there and socialize.


I agree – I couldn’t STAND Cody just because he acted so rude and cocky – but his interview with Julie Chen after he got voted off – I thought the exact same thing – like I wish he would have acted more like that in the house. I teared up from the look on his face when she told him he had a chance to go back!

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I agree. Not a big Cody fan, but I liked him a little more in the interview with Julie. He really has Paul pegged.


I wonder if turning down the temptation will stop the return. We know it won’t be turned down though.

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

Yep, I think the unleashed “curse” will be that an evicted houseguest comes back. And we all know, as does production, that no one will turn down the temptation. In the past when it was called “Pandora’s Box” they always opened it when they had the chance.This year is no different. Looks like Cody could be coming back in just as Paul’s safety is expiring – what a nice coincidence. Unless Cameron can knock off Cody in the battle back competition LOL


Alex could end up an all time favorite at this rate. #DestroyFromWithin

Capt Obvious

Ohhh yeah!!
Everyone was waiting for Alex to win HOH and TOTALLY flip the script in the house.
She says in the storage room she’s gonna make a BIG move.
And what is her BIG move, you ask!?!?
Go with what the house wants and put up Jessica & also Christmas who can’t walk…
Yeah, she’s ALLLLLLLLL that, right?
Destroy from within… Give me a break.
That’s called tucking your big bad teeth under your quivering, all-talk lips.

Spartacus Jackson

Lol! So true.


So funny…they don’t know it was Kevin, that voted against Ramses! Lol


Kevin is a shady italian mofo.. I like it.


Jason has been kicked in the head by angry bulls a few times too many. As dumb as a cow pie and as annoying as shit on your shoes.
In an odd way, Cody redeemed himself today. Hope he returns to the game.
Dom is as mysterious as a ghost, What on earth is her occupation? What on earth is a Government Engineer? Where does she disappear to? She only surfaces when she plays her pretend Host-Interviewer job. A clever ploy it is to interview all of the house guests and annoyingly self-serving. I suspect she’s angling for some sort of tv interviewer or commentator job when she gets out. Cunning little thing. And as the unofficial House Interviewer, no one will have the chance to interview her. I also suspect it’s part of her game play to stir up and expose house shit during these mock interviews and evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of her house mates. In the early days I had a lot of respect for Dom but sadly, that has evaporated into nothing more than a vapor. Hope she is nominated this week.
Alex is a pistol. I love her independence and ability to think for herself. She’s that fish that swims in a direction of her own choosing.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

If she does what the house wants, she is more like a lemming.

Bolt Uprite.

Jason is a kamikaze, with someone else’s HOH. He doesn’t look beyond tomorrow. He should rely on someone who hasn’t been kicked in the head by a bull. If he wants to bring down the wrath of the house on himself with his vengeful choices, then he should wait until he wins HOH. Alex is being smart by spreading the responsibility/blame/motives around so her choices are amenable to the most people and cement herself with others outside her small little clique.


Wait, wait, wait!! Josh took the “Golden Apple” during the first competition of the season and thereby sabotaged his own team. Did he really try to blame Cody for that during the veto ceremony? I know he was rambling at breakneck speed, but I heard him say something to the effect that if it weren’t for his taking the Golden apple, Cody would have gotten rid of him. The only one on Cody’s radar has been Paul. Josh was busy losing his mind before the game was even underway. Is Josh still trying to justify/ explain away something he did before anyone even had a chance to know each other’s names? He almost had a stroke when he was sitting next to Megan and she casually said something about targeting the strong players. It was not a big deal, but it sent him off to the races. More importantly, why would he choose this moment in time to remind everyone of his own shady boots?


You’re forgetting that kevin’s punishment was to ensure his team lost. Josh saved Kevin from pissing off everyone and getting on their radar to go up on the block.

Josh ‘s paranoia was a blessing for Kevin


Ramses and Jess were the targets this week, mostly Ramses.. Alex should have let Elena win….make a deal to not put Jason up as well ( they’d already made that deal on the wall anyway) This way she would have been eligible to compete next HOH. I completely understand her not wanting to make a big move on the “group” because her real allies are not strong enough to protect her next week. Next HOH between her and Cody( if he comes back) one of them could have won, team up and finally let us watch some BB. Can’t stand Jessica but I don’t want her out this week, only for one reason. In the battle back if it comes down to her and Cody, Cody might throw it to her because he feels guilty for ruining her game.


Nominate Dom and Josh. One of them come down, put up Mark.


How is Christmas part of the game still when she isn’t even on the house? They should have made her quit, not given her the choice of playing from outside the house for an undertimined amount of time.


SIMON….baby update please! Is Dawg gonna name him after Andrew? lol


It’s amusing how invisible Kevin manages to be. It is as though the “kids” don’t see him looking over their shoulders, gathering Intel, and doing exactly what is best for his own game. He gives his word about how he will vote and they believe him. LMAO.


I don’t understand the ramsese hate. Why can’t these houseguests respect someone’s game. Going into the house everyone has a strategy and maybe just maybe his was to not throw a comp. He might have used the veto on one of the two nominees to allow Paul to still nominate Cody, this would have allowed him to gain even more trust from them. Respect the kid


Alex has some BS against Jess. Girl shit. But I think she knows it’s best to keep her right now.

You have to get out one of Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena this week or you are a dumb ass.

Alex also no longer trusts Kevin fully. At least right now. He is going to have to regain her full trust and he needs to fill her in why he is doing what he’s doing.


Villain Chin

Someone tell Jessica the way she talks with her hands is way out of style…

especially when she makes her “I’m so confident” pointless points…

and then poses with that pouty face villain chin… yeah, that’s why she can’t just chill and win… because of that villain chin… the villain chin can’t chill & win…

that peace-making attempt with Christmas…? Idiot, entitled Jessica couldn’t figure out how outmatched she was in that dialogue. She thought Christmas was dense when she has no clue how much more intelligent and classy Christmas is than her.

and how lame & transparent is it when she calls Julie ‘gorgeous’…?! her coy agenda is to pry out of the audience… ‘oh no, Jessica… it’s you that’s gorgeous!’ bleeeccchhh!!!

I’ll admit, I was gawking at first sight, but she is so vile that I can’t even stomach her anymore. hey, I just realized I’m not that shallow!!


Kevin pouring it on a little thick. It’s the first time I found him annoying.
I liked him back when he was a family man.
Not this persona he’s putting on.
Like an act.

cody is a goof

jessica is a big SKANK. she totally thinks shes hotter then she is and shes totally gonna start showmancing with someone else now that loser cody is gone. hes such a geek. u can tell by the frowns he does. such a hater. total douche bag. he thinks hes so buff and mack daddy just bc he got to feel that bimbos boob. that hoe bag is a b grade model that goes clubbing for a living. she sleeps with all her clients everynight bc she gets drug dealers to spend money on bottles at the club. just another bottle rat groupie

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Take it down a notch.


All the best to the kid, but is it just me or is Josh this year’s Victoria from BB16?