“These people are smart, we need to step it up and take a shot at Matt or Mark.. “

12:50am Ramses, Kevin, Jason
Joking around. Talking about porkies the movie. Jason says he has all three.

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12:54am Dom and Paul
Dom is saying something is about to blow up
Paul says some people of their own are acting a little bizarre.
Dom says she doesn’t trust Elena because of the deal she made on the wall.
Paul – her temperament has changed 180 degrees..
Paul asks if she’s talked to mark
Dom – no

Raven joins them.. Says Alex pulled her and Matt into the APSR and she told them that she trusted them.
Raven – she said she’s putting up Jessica.. She can’t stand the girl..
Raven adds that Alex wouldn’t tell her the second nominee she wants to know who voted out Ramses that will be the second person.
Raven – she did drop Mark’s name..

Dom says she hopes Christmas comes back tomorrow..
Paul hopes she comes back to get their side fired up again.

Raven thinks Alex is putting up Josh and Jessica.. (LOL)
Dom chimes in that putting up Josh and Jessica would be a good idea..
Paul – JOSH! He goddamn fell like a flapjack on a frying pan (LOL what)
Dom – I know what I sense.. Something is up..

Paul – apparently Ramses had a conversation with Jessica… what was it about
Nobody knows Oh my god
Paul tells them Jessica, Ramses and Jason are working together.

12:55am Mark and Elena
Elena says if Christmas is the one causing the trouble in their group (Voting out Ramses) Elena is fine with them sending her home. Mark is worried about tomorrow because of COdy throwing his name out.
Elena tells Mark that other than Mark Paul is her best friend in the house.
Mark – I love Paul

1:10am Alex gets her HOH room ….

Alex gets a coke… (During the HOH she was yelling how she wanted a coke)

1:31am Elena and Alex
Do yo have a target or two in mind.. I figured you wanted Jessica out

Alex says someone has been rocking their alliance.. so she wants to figure out the Ramses votes first.
Alex thinks the votes against Ramses were Dom, Christmas and Jessica.
Elena says someone had told her that Kevin may have been the Ramses vote.
Alex was thinking that too..
Alex says Christmas isn’t looking so good right now. She wants to wait to talk to her. Elena agrees. Elena says Mark feels “Sketched out” from what Cody did

Elena – Mark stayed the loyalist to him..
Elena says Mark felt betrayed by Cody and feel specially bad last night

Alex says he’s more worried about the person in their group that is flipping than Jessica and Ramses.
Alex – I know it’s not you, not me not Paul
Alex – Paul swears it’s not Kevin.. and he trust him

They confirm the deal and what they will let the rest of the players know. Elena doesn’t get nominated and she doesn’t get Backdoored. Elena doesn’t want the rest of the people in the house to know Elena asks for safety for other people. She doesn’t want to get blamed for someone going home.

1:38am Paul, Matt and Raven
Paul says they are not on the other sides radar right now.. Dom and Mark are on the radar
Paul – we’re fine.. but our group is not..
Paul tells them that he keeps hearing Marks name.

1:51am Josh and Jason
Josh wants him to know that regardless of what Alex does he has their back. Wants them to know just 2 more weeks till Jury then they should take the shot.
Jason – we have to take out those mother f***rs right now
Josh – I don’t trust Mark, Raven, Elena or Matt.. they’re all sneaky
Jason and Josh agree Paul talks to everyone.
Jason – he’s up there right now chumming it up.. he’s been talking to everyone..
Josh – I want to work with you guys.. moving forward..
Jason says everyone on the other side want to get Josh’s a$$ out..
Josh – they were trying backdoor me
Jason – no they were after me.. Christmas hates my guts
Jason says he’s tarting to really not trust Raven she’s sneaky.

Josh – These people are smart, we need to step it up and take a shot at Matt or Mark..

2:06am Paul, Raven, Mark and Matt
Talking about Christmas still playing the game with a buggered foot. Paul said he thought he was having a one on one with her and he suggested she leave the game to let her foot heal and she looked at him like death.
Paul – again a unfortunate accident.. but you chose to ride a human being
Boys2men – that has been hit in the head by a bull

2:10am HOH Paul, Elena and Alex
Alex asks who had hid her ears.
Paul doesn’t know says it might have been someone else.
Alex says she is being told it was someone else.
Elena says she doesn’t know 100% but if she would put money on it it wold be Jessica.
Paul says he doesn’t know.
Alex thinks someone (jess) is trying to frame someone else.
Alex says Dom, MArk and Christmas are the red flags. Adds that Jessica as of right now is on the block.
Paul – how do we feel about Ramses
Alex – I’m more concerned about someone who is causing Bullsh1t we don’t need right now
Paul – what if Ramses was ion on it.. He didn’t seem that freaked out.

Paul says he’s hearing Paul’s name all over the house.
Elena says if Mark is the one f*ing around she’ll be the one to send him out.

Elena says if she was HOh and given the information she has about Christmas and if Christmas wasn’t in the house to defend herself… “There’s a really good chance that… I’m not saying I would put her up but… I would have a hard time not.. ”

Elena thinks Raven is going to get the Temptation.

2:32pm Paul and Elena HOH with Alex in the bathroom.
Paul is warning her that most of the house is thinking something is up with Mark
Elena – I’m worried people are jumping at something….
Paul says that could be the case..

2:33am Alex and Paul
Paul says Dom and mark are up to some sh1t and the reason they want Christmas out so bad is because Christmas is onto them.
Paul is saying Ramses and Jessica as nominees. Says Ramses is a snake.
Paul says Dom uses her talk show to pull information from people.
Alex says if they Elena on board they can put Mark up
Paul – or do we put Dom up
Alex – and backdoor mark
Alex says Ramses is trying to get her to keep Jessica and Kevin said it’s another vote.
Paul says he trust raven and Matt and they are both very skeptical what Dom and Mark are up to. Paul says Raven and Matt would be on board with them.

Paul says Mark isn’t designed for competitions and he’s got a hurt finger, “I think Dom’s the best move”

Alex says she could get the votes to evict Dom. And if she comes off the block they put up Mark.
Paul says Mark and Dom are up to something. He’s good with that plan.

After Paul leaves.. Alex looks at the camera and asks America for the den of temptations tomorrow.

2:41am Paul, Elena, Matt and Raven
Paul says she’s not budging, Alex doesn’t want Ramses up and she told Paul that Ramses is campaigning to keep Jessica off the block. Paul says there’s something going on and it’s because of Cody dropping names.
Elena asks if Mark is gong up
Paul – I don’t know.. she can’t drop names.. I honestly don’t know

2:47am Meatballs
Josh – I wanted to talk to yo because I know everybody in this house wants me out..
Josh – after Jillian you don’t trust me.. Everything I told you about getting to Jury is true..
Josh – I see hoe this game is going and I’m not liking it..
Alex – what do you see Josh
Josh – it’s obvious we’re outnumbered
Josh – I’m telling you I f*ing have your back.. I have never once thrown your name under the rug
Josh – if we don’t make a move..
JOsh says he heard Ramses had a deal with Cody to not use the Veto.
Alex – who said that
Josh everyone.. (AKA the other side)
Josh – I wanted to cheer for you guys but when I cheer for you guys they’ll see. .
Josh – if you or Jason didn’t win one of us 3 would’ve end up on the block
JSoh – if we don’t take action now we’re going to be f*ed..
Josh points out that the other side is talking to Alex at 3 in the morning. “People are working overtime”
Alex – we need to shut our lips.. do not talk to Jessica do not bring her on board…
Alex – I know Ramses is going to come up here and spin his bullshit I know he’s lying..

Jason – I’ll tell you who’s giving me crazy eyes… Dominique..
Josh – I don’t trust Matt.. I don’t trust Mark..

3:00pm Alex and Jason
Alex says Jessica has got to go on the block.
Alex says Ramses is a little b1tch liar.

Ramses joins them.
Alex – Ramses you’re not my target

Ramses tells Alex that Raven hates her guts.
They agree that Raven is really fake.

Alex – once the noms are announced I’ll need you guys to rally behind my vote.

Ramses leaves..

3:09am Alex and Jason
Alex says her targets is Dom. the votes are , Jason, Kevin, Ramses, Paul, Matt and Raven.
Jason says that is sketchy.
Alex says if Dom comes down the target is mark
Jason says why not put up Matt/Raven and Dom
Alex – because right now they are talking.
Jason – I’m with you
Alex – we have the numbers Paul is going to back us

Alex says she wants to take Jason to the final 4. Adds that Paul has to come with them. Paul knows how to play the game and he will protect them. (Good god kill me now)

3:28am Mark and Alex
Alex asks him who he thinks flips.
Mark says he’s having trust issues with the house because of what Cody did. Mark wanted Cody out more than anyone because of that.
Mark is assuming it was Christmas and Jessica. Adds that he really likes jason.. Tells her if he gets power next week her and Jason are off his radar completely.
Mark has no idea who the third vote was.

Mark says he truly likes Dom it woldn’t have been her that voted Ramses. mark thinks it’s just someone trying to stir the pot. it makes no sense.
Mark asks if Jessica is still the target.
Alex – yes.
Mark says if she keeps him safe he’ll keep Jason and Alex safe next week.
Mark – Please talk to Dom.. because she would not have done that (Vote Ramses).. Cody threw her name under the bus..
Alex – I don’t trust Ramses.. even xmas told me stuff about him
Mark – I just think logical and simple
Mark – I told Jason because I loved Jason since day one.. I voted Cody
Mark says he stuck his neck out for Cody he told Cody for his gameplay he had to go with the house.
Mark says he likes xmas as a person.

Alex asks them why did they want to keep xmas so bad with her broken foot.
Mark – can I speak between me and you
Alex – yeah
Mark – I don’t
Mark says his side isn’t happy with him for sticking his neck out for Cody so he’s not in a position..
Mark – I’m a very loyal person

3:43am Alex, Raven and Elena
Elena is warning against they put someone from inside their group up it might cause waves.
Elena says they all know the agenda is to get Jessica out or get Ramses out.

Elena says she will have a hard time voting someone out in their group unless she knows they voted Rasmes out.
Elena leaves to “pee”
Alex says she’s been praying every single day for Raven.,
Alex says people have told her that she hide her cat ears..
Raven – I did not hide your cat ears…

Raven says she knows it wasn’t Elena that voted Rames and she knows it wasn’t Matt because she would cut his balls off.
Raven – I have 2 terminal disease and a pacemaker why would I hide someone’s cat ears.
Alex – I’m 30 I want to play big Brother not play i’m baysiting you because your boyfriends gone.

3:50am Elena and Paul
Elena say the person that voted out Rames could be in their group or they could be outside the group.
Paul – I’m telling you after this week the group is done… I’m telling you now it will crumble Because once Christmas comes back into the loop it’s a f*ing sh1t show

Paul – if we don’t play our cards right we are going to sink
Paul says everyone on the other side is making the points about Dom and Mark.
Paul tells him Mark is sinking his boat with his emotions.

Paul – Dom is going up tomorrow.. Which I think is really going to happen
Elena – I do to..

Paul – What is your understanding of Mark and Dom’s relationship…
Elena – I don’t know
Paul – do we start asking questions, again you said she has a understanding of it. How?
Elena – Jesus.. She says the lord told her.
Paul – if the heat continues I might have to abandon ship
Elena – can I abandon with you

4:08am Paul and Alex
Alex thinks the votes against Ramses were Dom and Christmas. (and Jessica)
Paul says Dom is up to no good.

Paul says she has Kevin, Jason, Rames, Him, Josh vote.
Alex says if DOm pulls herself off Christmas is going up
Paul adds he’ll get Elena, “She doesn’t like mark and Her (dom) close”
Paul says Raven, Matt, Josh, Jason, Elena will have her back next week.

4:26am Alex tells the live feeders she’s going to try and get Dom out this week.

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Feeds tonight are lit. Cody’s plan definitely worked ….the paranoia in the house, the “group” is starting to crack and the attention has def shifted from Jessica. BTW I found out from his ex’s twitter that Cody was in the intelligence department in the military.


That’s true about Cody. From what I read he was a nuclear systems analysis and was in several military academies graduating top in his class. Regardless what a lot of people say about Cody. He’s very intelligent.


no one is saying hes stupid – he’s just an asshat


Not to make excuses for him but part of military training is dehumanizing the enemy …that being said this is BB not the battlefield, but he probably can’t help himself, it seems to me his millitary experience is a huge part of who he is. It’s what he’s proud to be associated with. During the Dom talk show, he was very vague about his current 9-5, he seemed annoyed by the question. But then he’s almost always annoyed. Regardless he’s an interesting character and far from a follower, I can’t say that about the rest of these people.

sunny dee

the job title with ‘analyst’ is military/CIA code for spy stuff. I thought everyone knew that if they watch any Jack Ryan movies lol

people can be book smart and still be people/social skills dumb. and BB is at least 1/3 social skills game.


Actually analyst covers a wide range of fields. Some are simple such as photo analysts who just look at photos and make reports about movements others can be much more involved and get into really crazy clearance levels. Most of the time it has nothing to do with spy stuff.


Cody can be intelligent while still being socially ignorant and awkward. That’s why he’s gone.


Paul keeping kevin under the radar about the mystery vote because he ordered him to do it..Lol. . Also big time throwing Mark and Dom under the bus ,so much for friendship, not that I’m complaining. I think Paul is bored he’s turning this into a social experiment. He’s realized this people are dumb anyway


Dom hope you fulfilled the ‘purpose’ you were sent for because it looks like your days are numbered . we know Elena won’t allow Mark to be put up as much she’s acting all badass about evicting him herself.


Elena has finally realized she’s in the big brother house , okay. Someone wake up the guy with grey hair and blue shirt. Seriously Matt and raven have an annoying safety blanket wrapped around them. I like them both but it irks me when someone in the house feels too safe. Also Elena, you’re not getting the temptation, ever! and Paul didn’t really do a funny DR about you.


What does Ravens illness have to do with hiding Alex’s cat ears?


Right on saying if she that “sick” how would big b let her in the house and she talks and talks and talks about it. Btw she is caddy and said shitty things about Alex and Jessica this sweet innocent game she plays I hooe ppl as thru it


She’s making it seem like she’s living her final days, so annoying. She’s basically Jordan with a twist…this is not hospice this is big brother.


I’m tired of hearing about Raven’s illness. I feel bad for her but she had to remind Alex that she would not hide her cat ears because she’s terminal. What? Hate Paul but he’s really playing well right now. Not a Jessica fan but the look’s Christmas was giving to her and Cody when they tried to make up were nasty. She needs to go. Andrew for the win!


Ravens “terminal”illness is getting old.this is not a charity drive for a hypacondriac


Don’t come between Alex and her cowboy. Love the way she’s not entertaining any Jason bashing. And she doesn’t even want any of his parts, lol. That’s loyalty. Even Elena isn’t as loyal to her petting buddy Mark.


So, Jason gets to continue being a have not because he chose the wrong key. Will Matt also have to be a have not for another week because he snacked?
It’s already begun… the it would look bad to nominate Christmas because she can’t defend herself or compete in challenges talk. It was her choice to continue in the game, and the production team says they won’t alter the competitions for her, why should the other house guests? Maybe she can return to the house with more mascara to have a tear stain battle with Raven for the America’s favorite houseguest charity sweepstakes.
Considering the nominees were at a disadvantage because they couldn’t campaign to Christmas on the final night or the day of eviction, a case could be made that production has already changed the rules of the game in allowing her to vote.
One final thought…. hidden cat ears and missing coke? That’s going to be in any way, shape or form a part of the storyline development this week? Really? excuse me i’ve gone momentarily blind in an eye roll mishap.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

This show is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Ahhhh! You just made me realize why Raven keeps bringing up her disease and foot non-stop… She is vying/playing the sympathy card for America’s Fave HG… She’ll probably win; Christmas will be furious, (as Paul).


Has there ever been a more stupid pair than Alex and Jason?
Seriously her smug attitude thinking she’s right about everything, while being wrong about everything is driving me nuts.
I’m going to be seriously sad if Mark goes. Despite not seeming bright, he seems to have good instincts in this game. He knows Kevin and Xmas were the hinkey votes and he realized getting Xmas out was the best thing to do (before he realized he didn’t have the votes).
Therefore, I think he will be the first to be on to Paul…I think Paul senses that which is why he is throwing Mark’s name out there.
How does Elena out of everybody not see this when Paul is trying to put blame on Mark in HOH with Alex?!?!?! Why the hell is she so stupid and it doesn’t set off a red flag that Paul is throwing Mark’s name out on a vote she knows he didn’t make.
Paul is so above these people partly because of his high status due to his safety and partly because of his experience. After all, last year Paul was a blind sheep for the first half of the game. I don’t know why production thinks we want to be annoyed by someone controlling the game for 3 months…this is ridiculous.


the couples definitely seem more likely to turn on paul before the outsiders. hate that the outsiders don’t see how he’s clearly playing both sides and not worth keeping (though for now breaking up the couples is a bigger priority for them).


okay ramses need to be honest about his game with alex so she can trust him and again and paul is pissing me off like he did last season he is gonna get close to someone try to take to the final but he will make to jury house right now he sprinkling his friendship dust all over the house


paul is pissing me off he doing what he did last season spreading his friendship dust all over and ramses needs to be honest with alex so she can trust him again


paul needs to stop spreading that friendship dust


Why? He’s playing big brother.

Friendship Dust

People that complain about how house guests choose to play the game are hilarious. Just face it, the house guests are playing the way “you would like in your own egoic mind”….so hence they can’t play the game. It hysterical listening to complainers, never happy with friendship!

Aunt Nazeeba

Paul reminds me of this annoying hairy bearded gnome in my front yard. Butchie even pees on it!


Alex “who hid my cat ears?” Who gives a fk. If you are still bitter about that and actually thinking of using it against Jess in the game. Gtfoh. She doesn’t like Jess because of that and that she thinks Jess thought she/Alex hit on Cody. I’m losing respect for Alex fast. She also is saying to Jason oh “we can’t stir up other side too much right now. We will get them all out later” Famous last words.

Raven Mark Matt and Elena get off hook this week? Give me a F’in break you fool Alex. When Paul chops your head off. Take your rabbit ears and dnt let the door hit u in the ass.

Mark to Alex “I really like Jason” Oh ya think? Alex is HOH and suddely Orangutan loves her closest ally. Smh

Come back now please Cody and Alex will freak cuz of her dumb move not to bring Jess in.

And one more thing. Alex is running around implying she after whoever is rocking the votes/Kevin. Ok last nail in your coffin if you keep letting other side use you and try and lose Kevin as well. Jason and Kevin tighter than you think Alex. Jason and you alone are not getting to F2. Get over yourself. Wake up and play this fucking game.

K Alex rant over. She better make me happier soon or I’m cutting her off totally:)


Make yourself happy first

If you base your happiness off of another persons decisions then you are going to be one unhappy person. Why don’t you get happy first and not rely on other people to make you happy!


Alex wants to make a big move by targeting Dom. lol


And they’ll end up voting Jessica off, if she is still on the block.. Alex needs to get over her emotional obsession with Jessica; she can be picked up so easily and be loyal… Surprised Paul hasn’t capitalized on that… until/unless Cody comes back… Numbers, when you are HOH, so it doesn’t screw you next week…


She will be really stupid to take Dominique out. …Is Dom even in the house?? OLo


Who’s Dominique?

Impractical Joker

wasted HOH

if Jessica or Dom is voted out !

Christmas should NOT be there she shouldve been pulled from the game when she broke her foot sorry cant compete cant play. Bring back cameron and cody!


Since I have no clue where to begin in this cluster of a game, let me begin by offering a huge, heartfelt congratulations to Dawg and his lovely wife on their new addition to the family. And a hearty handshake to the baby’s Uncle Simon.

On to the game…..the HOH comp was interesting. I was especially impressed with Dom, Elena, and Jason. I thought Dom would have beaten Josh down and for Jason and Elena to be amongst the last 3 standing…I never saw that coming. I am a little disappointed in Alex winning HOH though. She talks a big game but is about to waste her HOH by nominating at least one person (Jessica) who is a number for her. Sadly, she is yet another Paul groupie who will keep the showmances (and Paul) safe another week.

I know Jason does not have a lot of fans, but I like how he is willing to go rogue. He isn’t even trying to make big moves, but moves that can cause damage. I like the idea of a Jason, Ramses, Jessica, and Cody (if they let him back in the house) alliance. They don’t mind getting their hands bloody. If Paul and the Showmances can be fractured, they will more than likely pick up a couple more folks.

I do not like Christmas or Raven….something about them rubs me the wrong way. Mark and Josh can go as well. Kevin….it strikes me as odd that all the houseguests want to discuss the jinky votes in depth EXCEPT Kevin, and no one has really picked up on it other than Alex, Jason, and Ramses.

I was giving my votes for the temptation to Alex but switching my vote. Thinking Jessica or Jason. Ramses is also an option.


I changed my vote too – Now I am voting for Jessica.

I completely agree with you about Christmas and Raven. My first impression of Raven was not good and she has yet to change it. As for Christmas……she is to full of herself for me to like. When she was talking to Jessica, she acted like she was so much better than everyone else. Because they didn’t fawn over her when she broke her ankle she took that as a personal attack…..WTF?!?! Anyways….at this point I don’t know who I want to win.


Spartacus Jackson

Great observation! In regards to Christmas and Raven I know why. It’s their sense of entitlement and they are getting a free ride so far in this game.


Agree with you. Give the temptation to Jessica. I don’t think Alex comprehended the respect and loyalty Cody had for her. (Jaded when he put her up) Nor does she see the true allies she could have. Ramses for instance is someone I think can be trusted. He’s a bit awkward but honest. I’m disappointed with her aligning with Paul.


remember Cody he put her up because she straight up said she would target the showmances.. So she is putting up Dom???


Agree with you 100% So disappointed in Alex. She seems to have a vendetta against Jess and talking about Jess flipping – like she stayed loyal to Cody – if she wanna gonna flip, she would have done it long ago. Jess wants revenge against the other side and meanwhile Alex is trying to make her an enemy.
Dom – Alex’s big move is Dom? Dom is already on the outside and not really playing the game. If her alliance is so okay with her being up, that should be a clue for you. Tell Dom all her alliance threw her under the bus in due time and go after bigger fish. Jeez Alex – I had high hopes when you won but if you had no intention of getting blood in your hands or working to gain the trust of people without a group, you should have not even bothered.
Jason is growing on me – I wish him or Jess had won to wreak some havoc on the house. Voting for Jess to win the next temptation.


I cannot stand Josh, and as much as I dislike Cody I want to see him walk back in the house just to see the look on Josh’s face. I hope Josh goes out on Cody’s HoH. Also, Alex is a strong player, getting rid of Dom, who is basically a floater, seems like a weak move. Someone really needs to take Paul out, because at this point it’s Paul and Kevin (who is a complete sneak) are unbeatable.


First off, I thought Alex was going to be a good player. Now I see. Boy what a poop show. Has she not watched this show? If she saw Paul’s season, she would know not to trust his “friendship.” He plays both sides against the middle. And everyone thinks they are good. And Keven is an older version of him. I know it’s easy to sit outside and see the BS but given what you know about Paul. He always throws shade on those he wants you to get out and anyone he “thinks” is ok they are working for/with him. Alex should also realize that Jessica (yes would be the safe choice) is alone and the first group to win her over will get her allegiance. She is talking bad against those who probably have her back. And seem to be trying to align with those who wanted her out, Unless she is doing heck of a snow job she’s going to be going home soon,

And what is the deal with the ears and the Coke? Who is behind all of that?

it’s Marks own fault that everyone thinks he’s shady. My grandma always said that a hit pig will squeal. If he would have done like Keven (who’s face almost gave himself away) and kept his mouth shut. There would have been little connecting him to Cody’s statement. The other side was not even close to knowing what was going on….they were off. He outed himself. Should have played dumb. (He’s good at that.)

I agree with a lot of you that thinks Paul’s game is running circles around these guys and it was almost unfair to bring him back. And like or love him Cody was the only one with the cojones to take him on. He just got routed by the Power. Had that of gone differently it would have been a whole new game.

Uncle Teddy

He called the shit poop!


Kevin is a less charming version of Enzo (BB12) who will do absolutely nothing but make wisecracks and float close to the end before getting voted out.

Not sure why Paul is so adamant about getting Dom nominated though. She really isn’t even in the game. On the feeds at night you never see her. Basically, she’s a non-threat to everybody except Elena (because of her crush on Mark).

I was glad to see Alex won HOH,but it looks like she’ll waste it. She’s pulling a James and aligning herself with the bin of misfit toys that can’t/won’t win anything (Ramses/Kevin) which she’lll pay for later.

Team Andrew

I had high hopes for Alex winning HOH. Of all people, her target is Dom?! What a waste!

The Game

Paul is a pain in the butt sometimes but he is entertaining so I don’t want him to go and besides he’s the smartest in the house this is a dumb cast this year I feel super bad for xmas she had it all She’s toast know I can’t stand Raven she’s super fake I feel bad for her disease and her debt but it doesn’t entitle her to win the game she should do a go fund me Cody could go far if he didn’t let his ego get in his way smh Alex could go far but she makes the mistake of still trying to work with Jason who has brain damage.. poor guy and she seems she is starting to fall a little under Paul’s spell I don’t like Kevin he talks to much trash and is being Paul’s stooge I hope Cameron can get pass Cody to come back to add an interesting dynamic to the game Bc Cody already said he will do the same thing smh so he learned nothing Cameron wasn’t in long enough for me to see what he is about but as things stand now Paul is in control with Alex being the next dangerous for winning Cody will come back and go right back out probably if xmas didn’t ride Whistle nut she might have been in final 4 this season started off promising but went to hell in a couple days and then Cody ruined everything else from there funny thing is he smart enough to know better but his ego got in the way

Aunt Nazeeba

paul is as entertaining as my old man biting his toenails instead of using the wire cutters.


“Jason – no they were after me.. Christmas hates my guts” Understandable. Y’all horsing around broke her foot. Man if one more person gets hurt in a non-competition, this season is cursed. LOL

Spartacus Jackson

Alex you are on the verge of blowing your HOH!!! Your pride and ego is the only thing that is making you put Jessica on the block. Jessica is no threat to your game. How are these idiots so inclined to listen to Paul? It’s mind boggling. So Elena is ready to cut ties with Christmas, Paul is ready to clip Mark/Dominique and Kevin is the real rat BASTERD of the season so far., he’s the one who voted out Jillian and Ramses and Alex stupid a$$ just won’t just do a simple process of elimination to flush out who really voted for whom. Alex is all talk. All that tough girl bull crap is for the cameras. You would be stupid to nominate Jessica, if you really want a shot at winning this game. Paul and Kevin are really running this game so far….let go of your pride Alex and put up Raven and Dominique. You wanted some attention Dominique with that BS “Talk Show” you were conducting…guess what sweetheart…you got it. You were sitting pretty until you pulled that crap.


ALEX – target and evict Mark, Dom or Matt … any one of them will do. Preferably Dom so Cody will have an easier time with the battle back comp.

Spartacus Jackson

Who’s going to take a shot guys? Who’s going to take the SHOT??? Paul, Kevin and Christmas are my odds favorite to go to the FINAL 3. Why because nobody’s going to take the shot. Lol! Christmas has the sympathy card, Kevin playing both sides and nobody is using their brains to decipher that he’s that RAT and for consistently odd reason these houseguests want to keep Paul around in the house. So as of right now unless Cody wins the battle back to take a shot at the above mentioned. Paul, Kevin and Christmas for FINAL 3. You heard/read it first here. WHO’S GOING TO TAKE THE SHOT?!?!?!?!?! The answer is: NOBODY!!!!!! Lol! These trolls…smh


Andrew will…God save the Andrew!


Really…..Alex’s BIG MOVE is Dom? Come on Alex, wake up. I thought that you were playing this game. Getting out Dom or Jessica is a waste of HOH. I haven’t cared for Alex from the beginning. I’m not really sure what all the hype is about her, I don’t see it.

I think the smart game play here is since Paul is safe go after someone that he is really close with, ie: Raven or Matt. Try to weaken him for when he can be put up on the block. At first I was thinking that Christmas should go but now, since she is staying in the house to recovery, I’m thinking that it would probably be a good idea to keep her a little longer. I’m thinking there won’t be to many challenges she can do while recovering and if she makes it to final 2, who would give her the win when she really hasn’t done anything. I don’t know, just a thought.

Also, I hope Cody comes back. That would make for good TV.


Alex said she was targeting couples last week. What the heck Alex! Stick to the plan! Lol


If Jessica is on the block, she will be the one to go home. Wasted HOH, and it is going to seriously muck up the battle back. Alex is wasting her HOH at this point. Helen all over again.


Yes, Helen the “go with the house puppet”! Since then no one goes sideways. I want a REALLY BIG BLINDSIDE!


Come on Alex just nominate Mark and Dom, you have the perfect excuse that wouldn’t upset the whole house.
You just have to say your the reason christmas went on the block and my friend jillian was voted out because of it

Not the Real Kevin

Ok, this season has been back and forth (sort of like Paul). Honestly, it’s still early and this BS battle back they have planned, is just going to throw another wrench in the game. Production is going to rig it for Cody to get back in the house, and it seems like they’ve already put the order out to keep Jessica in the game for just that purpose. They literally want to light a match and just watch the house burn, which I’m 100% on board with, because it makes for great TV. However, more than the showmances and even more than Jessica I’d love for them to send Josh home for no other reason then he’s annoying and as Jess pointed out nothing more than a puppet. What really irritates me is his voice and rambling, the kid sounds like Andre the Giant in the Princess Bride “…anybody want a peanut”. He talks big $#!* but he sucks at everything so he’ll never be a factor.



HB Ninja's girl

OMG, yes he sounds just like him…kinda looks like him too. Josh is a bully yet he seems to shed the most tears out of anyone in the house!

Fruit Loop Dingus

Still some of the best game being played is by Andrew!!! Nobody has considered him for nomination. He has been a chameleon hiding in plain sight.
ANDREW for the win!!

Aunt Nazeeba

Aint no Andrew this season! What’s wrong with you?

Team Andrew

He’s there. He’s just THAT good at staying out of the drama.


This year sucks as well because I dont like when past people are brought back them america gives him 3 weeks of protection thats no fair.

The Sucky Show

You don’t have to watch it you know! You can complain and make yourself a victim or simply not watch, it really is your choice…but please stop making victim noises and complaints, especially when you have a choice to watch or not! Complaining about your own choices you make, make you a victim to your own choices!


A call was put into the wa-wa-wambulance. There are many butthurt fans each and every year that will only complain and whine about everything going on in the house. My question is why do people say the season sucks, get all emotional/moody then keep watching it. People’s own egos are their own worst enemies

Butters Mom

Alex doesnt seem to be focused on a player coming back at all while discussing her plan. If she did give that some thought, she might consider that Cody would be more likely to work with her if he comes back if she kept Jessica safe. Then again, in her mind, she might think she has a better shot of working with Cody if Jessica is gone, but I dont think that would be true if she is the one who sends Jessica out. I had higher hopes for Alex than this. She is trying to last longer by not drawing a distinct line in the sand, but Im losing respect for her because she isnt drawing that line. Raven throwing out that she has 2 terminal diseases while discussing hiding cat ears makes me even less sympathetic towards her. Get the gimps out. Put up Raven and Christmas or backdoor Matt. Let Paul get rid of Mark and Dom. They are on his radar already any way. I will be pissed if Cody comes back in and works with Paul and lets him make it to the end. Between the 2 of them, they could run that house though.


I really want to go and bury those cats ears in the backyard right now – Who the HELL cares ?! If you need that as a reason to nominate someone this Week then you don’t deserve to be HoH. ( And I love Alex )
Ugh, if you couldn’t see it before it was very obvious last night on the feeds, what a snake Ramses is. He DOES go from room to room and listen in on everyone’s conversations for like 30 seconds, and if it’s something that’s useful he will stay, if not he will leave !!!
I like Mark, but saying I love you to everyone in the House isn’t much of a strategy – Grow some BALLS !!!
Raven – Biggest LIAR in the House. If people think she is getting the Temptation this Week they are sadly mistaken. She doesn’t do anything, except talk to Matt, and he doesn’t do anything either.
Josh – The BLOB haha , Kevin is The Man !!!!
I hope Jessica gets the Temptation this Week. – And Alex actually puts up Dom and Christmas because they are just dead weight in that House !!!


Alex’s braindead idiots. Josh says they were trying to backdoor him, but Paul used the veto to pull him off the block. Jason says, no, they were after me, but he’s never been on the block. There’s a spark there, just not enough of one to ignite a real thought.


How is Josh making the most sense?


Is there anyway we could start having polls again?
It would be good to know whose everyone is considering voting for den of temptation, so we as OBB could get on the same page and put all our votes towards one person and try and impact the game.
As I voted for Alex yesterday, but changed to Jessica today.
I think if people see the poll they will be more inclined to vote one way.


I’ve been voting for Jess all week.


Me too


giving it to Jessica would be a dumb move. Cody’s chances of coming back are pretty good. The 2 need to be separated for either game to move forward. The 2 are horrible together as a pair. As it stands now, Jessica isn’t the target. So, the 2 will soon be back together and stuck to one another. Not good for either one to try and win.


They need to get Jessica out this week. If Cody comes back next week and Jess is still there, it’s going to be the same thing over again like this past week. Alex, think….you are smart, if there is a battle back, its coming soon. You don’t want both Cody and Jess together…one of them is fine as they will fight for themselves to stay in the game. But the 2 together will be bad as they are now BF/GF after 2 weeks….lol


If they vote out Jess – she will be on he battle back against Cody and he will let her win as he knows he screwed her game.


If Jessica was a true girlfriend (after 2 weeks) she would tell him to go back in and take control. She is horrible and now will float her way through.

The Petty House Guest

Each year it seems a house guest or two are extremely petty and do petty things. Raven of all people this year seems to be very childish and petty in her actions of pouring out Alex’s coke and hiding her ears. I find it psychologically interesting that Raven for all she has encountered and been through has that pettiness streak in her to do something so childish as throw out another person’s drinks and hide items.

Bring Back Zac Attack!

Alex, who cares what you said to Elena! Do you know nothing about James?!?!?! BB17 – wall comp, made a deal with Shelly, BOOM Shelly and Clay on the block. BB18 – hand in the air comp, made a deal with what’s her name, Frank’s puppet, and her and Frank on the block. Throw up Elena and Mark!!!


Josh reminds me of big Moose from the Archie comics lol!! “duh-h… these people are smart”


I have a had a busy schedule and haven’t been able to keep up with this board as much as I would like to. This site is awesome and thank you everyone for doing such an awesome job! Can someone tell me what two terminal diseases Raven has? I work in the medical field and am just curious.


Does anyone know why Christmas voted Ramsey?


Smh Alex gonna waste her hoh on dom or Jess Paul Christmas and Showmances are still gonna control the game