HOH Part One Results! “Congratulations on Final 3 Amigos!”

Christmas – that went on longer than an hour. Good job! Paul – good job to you too. I am telling you if that went on much longer, I was out. Not by choice. Christmas – but it didn’t. If it was Kevin, he would have said he threw it. Christmas – Kevin would have been out in three minutes. Josh – I would have beat Kevin. Paul – Love you guys, that was awesome. Josh – do we (Josh & Christmas) compete tomorrow? Paul – no you compete Saturday. Congratulations on final 3 amigos. I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else. Josh – you want to know something. I didn’t know if I would make it this far but I always knew you two would make it far.

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Big Brother 19 Final 4 Eviction “The Puppet Master”

Here we go Folks the final 4 eviction episode. Tomorrow is a special Friday episode where we’ll find out who wins the first of three part final HOH. Following that is the much awaited Season finale on the 20th. We’ll keep updating but with just 3 people in the house don’t expect some major game to go down.

Make sure to vote for America’s Favourite Player. Choice the person you liked the best. From what I’ve been told you need an active CBS all access account for your vote to count. I have an active CBS all access account and was only able to vote 20 times for my selected houseguest. Let us know in the comments who you are voting for and why.

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“My plan is to take Josh all the way to the end.” – Paul

Paul – Well ladies and gentlemen, Hello! Hi! I made it! A few things, this season was super difficult. I enjoyed the fact that I was forced to play a different game. It pushed me to be… I had to be strategic. There was no other option. I couldn’t play the same game I played last year for many reasons. One, everyone already knew my game play. Two – I couldn’t constantly be in survival mode. What I mean by that is last year I was on the block so many times I had to be in survival more. I constantly had to think about 10 steps ahead. If somebody nipped me, it was already too late. If somebody caught me, it was already too late. I could never be caught. I always had to be steps ahead. I had people do my dirty work.

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Kevin “I obviously know what I’m doing. We’ll see if I’m in the top four.”

Kevin – its really hard to navigate these waters man. The competitions are nothing. The best competitors are gone. The physical competitors are Cody, Jason, Jessica wasn’t bad, Mark, Alex .. and basically all of them are gone. Josh, me and Alex haven’t won any physical competitions. You can’t call me no floater. I’ve been fighting my whole life. I have a lot of nice outfits and costumes for you to choose from. I can’t wait to get home. These last 17 days have been the hardest days ever. I wasn’t taken off the block today by the power of veto.. which is fine and we’re going up for live eviction. I have no idea when. I love you guys. I obviously know what I’m doing.

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“you know what’s sad? in 10 days I won’t be next to you guys like this”

1:40 Paul, Xmas and Josh

Paul is telling them that Alex thinks Paul will use the veto and Xmas will go home.
JOSh – I’m drained
Paul – when I drop that Bomb on her you have to be firm..

Paul – stop thinking about jury votes stop thinking about jury.. 7 jury members are already gone.. they’ve all been talking they’ve all been comparing notes it doesn’t matter anymore..
Paul says nobody is onto them yet.
JOsh – I think Whistle caught f*ing wind..
Paul – that’s the beauty of sending Kevin out next week.. he has no time in Jury..
Paul – the only person that can f* us is raven

They go into a talk about jury votes..
Josh doesn’t think MAtt will vote for him
Xmas says Matt was “so impressed with Josh’s progress”

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Josh “He [Paul] is forcing me to turn on him. He is forcing me to take him out!”

Do I look like its f**king stupid written on my f**king forehead? And F**king Christmas thinks I don’t know how to connect the f**King dots?!?! Such a smart person that she is.. she doesn’t see things clear as day? What the f**k am I Jesus Christ? I’m not Jesus Christ. I don’t have super powers. I’m not stupid! I am not naive. I don’t buy bullsh*t! Don’t feed me bullsh*t when all I give you is the dead honest truth. You know if I don’t make it to three and I don’t make it to two.. I don’t give a flying f**k at this point because I have not turned on anybody. And he is forcing me to turn on him. He is forcing me to take him out. He is forcing me to take a shot at him!

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POWer Of Veto Competition Results! “Potty mouth?! For sure my mom is pissed!”

2pm – 6:40pm Paul has the veto around his neck. The veto competition was the BB Comics comp. Paul – Potty mouth?! For sure my mom is pissed!! I feel like you guys cussed way more than me this year. Josh – I am pissed how I f**ked up on Mark’s. Paul – you’re stupid you should have done everything except for Mark and then hit the buzzer, switched it, hit the buzzer one after another. Josh – that’s what I did at the end.

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“Kevin is a old man perv That’s a misogynist pig … he’s talking about whether or not him or jason would bang me in jury”

Big BRother Spoilers 11:59pm HOH Xmas and Josh

I don’t Study with Paul.. he doesn’t win with anyone
They agree Kevin needs to win it but if he’s got no chance….
Josh – should I throw the veto –
Xmas – no we gun for it… If Kevin comes off you put me up… it’ll be a 2-0 vote it won’t be a split decisions.. you put me up and say I’m one of the weak competitors.
Xmas – just Alex can’t anybody else but Alex, Best case scenario is Kevin
X – you have to put me up
J – I don’t want to put you guys up
X – we’re in a win win situation
J – so I would rather gun for it, Keep noms the same and you guys vote out Alex..

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