Big Brother 19 Week 3 Top Animated Gifs

Every week we go through our list of Gifs and pick the juiciest 10 for your viewing pleasure. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts (@BigBspoilers) and most times they make their way to our facebook.

This week there was some great ones..

  • Josh getting hot sauce thrown in his face by wreck it Ralph
  • Christmas working out like a beast with a cast
  • After all the Drama Josh still is gangster
  • And what collection wouldn’t be complete without someone trying to body slam Jessica nad her boob falls out.
  • Alex going complete beast mode during the Head of Household Wall Endurance

It was a Fun week! hope y’all had fun on the blog. thanks again!

Honorable mention (Not a gif but give it a listen.. )

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THUMBS UP for the gifs.


It may not be a gif, but my favorite is Kevin telling Elena where to “get it down, put it down”.

My favorite gif is Josh dancing with himself. I think we all know a “Josh”. There is something completely endearing about his lack of experience, wisdom, and judgment.


That Raven gif is hot, those red curls are awesome….

electric episode

Mark, Josh, and Kevin have earned the stipend this week. Dom handled her own


Me too – did that noise really come out of her? Sounds like a teradactyl-dolphin robot.


Jason is growing on me. Funny dude. I like when him and Kevin are hanging out having their chats.


Chenbot killing em in those jeans


I think it was the first time she has ever worn jeans on the show! I just wish she would have worn pumps.


Simon, Jessica got on the kitchen counter and spread her ch33ks monday night at aout 11pm, during the @$$ bleaching convo.

how did you miss that


I can’t keep track of Jason’s teeth.


When Mark and Josh were playing pool, there was a bra with HUGE cups hanging on something in the background–drying, I guess. That bra should win something. I would say it was Elena’s, but I’m not sure she has a bra. It may have been a bathing suit top, but it looked like a bra.