Big Brother Spoilers Josh’s Pots and Pan attack “this is why people get knocked the f* out”

Big Brother Spoilers 10:31am cam 4 Josh grabs the pots.. Start banging them.. (off camera) Goes to the have nots room to “terrorize” Mark.
Josh – I just woke Mark up with pots and pans.. I’m going to raise hell today .. he looks at me like he was going to kill me.

Josh – did he not hear the alarm go off this morning.. MARK WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP
Josh – Mark did you not hear the alarm this morning.. WAKE UP WAKE UP 7 hours of HELL buddy….

JOsh also goes after Elena.. then comes back and says stay in bed, “You know i’m just f*ing with you”

Mark hides in the ASPR for safety..

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Jessica- “It’s so funny that Paul is the leader of both sides of the house”

Big Brother Spoilers 5:10pm Jessica and Cody HOH
Jessica has told COdy that kevin told her the house may be flipping.
Jessica – I knew the second I didn’t use that Veto that they would flip the vote
Cody – who’s doing it
Jessica – My assumption is Paul but he didn’t give me names
Cody – F*ing Paul
Jess – Paul is keeping Elena in the dark for this one.. He’s trying to rally the other side of the house..
Jess – the only votes I trust tomorrow are your’s and Elena’s
Jessica – I am not going to sleep tonight I’m going to interrupt every conversation..
Jess – I knew this was going to happen I said it several f*ing times..

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“Don’t piss me off this is my HOH and I’m telling you to vote out Josh”

Big Brother Spoilers 1:00pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica tells him that Josh sprayed flour on Jason while he was in the shower and Jason was pissed.

They head up to the HOH.
Cody says that Mark, Elena and Paul are in a “Huge” alliance. Explain his conversation with Mark in the kitchen.
“Just as long as it’s not me, Elena and Paul we got your Back”

Cody – I don’t like any of them.. you take one out there’s still 2 left.. they are the biggest threats in the house they’ll come after me
Cody wants to make the first move.
Jessica – you still want to take out Paul

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Jessica “Something similar to my dream happened, so no lying can occur [about the hex]”

Jessica – if you don’t win HOH.. Cody – I’m going to talk to that person immediately. Jessica – lets say Matt wins and he puts you and Alex on the block next to each other and I have to use the hex right then and there. So what does that reset mean. What would that mean? Would that null and void that second eviction? Or would we go back into the backyard and immediately play that HOH comp? Cody – ah… Jess I wouldn’t worry about it. Jessica – we have to be prepared for all situations. Cody – alright, situation is whoever gets HOH .. we be like hey we got this … HOH means nothing if you use it on us.

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“I hate to say it she’s (Raven) using that for sympathy, all the time” -Kevin

Big Brother Spoilers 2:39pm Kevin and Paul
Paul says before Jessica comes COdy, Mark, Elena, or Cody, Elena, Mark.
Kevin – I’m with ya .. how about the other two
Paul says Elena is stronger than mark, without Elena Mark is a lost puppy.
Paul – without Cody Jessica is a lost puppy
Kevin – Without Raven Matt’s a lost puppy
Paul – you gotta take out the strong ones first
Paul tells him Raven does better than Matt in competitions.
Paul – without Cody Jessica is nothing
Kevin – bit time.. not even nothing she’s putting her finger up your a$$h***
Paul – Yup
Kevin – sexual harassment yo know
Paul – I said that mulitple times
Kevin – if you put it up her a$$ you know what would happen.. she would play and play until someone took it seriously

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“I have a lot of respect for you, You’re Strong, it’s unfortunate how things ended up in this house”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:39pm Jessica and Josh Kitchen
Josh – Seeing those pictures from home and seeing where you come from.. I see the strength.. I know why you’re so strong I have a lot of respect for you and it’s unfortunate how things ended up in this house
Josh and Jessica
Josh – I see the person you are I see the heart.. And the fight and why you do it.. That letter was nice
Josh says her mom knows she’s as strong as f*
Jessica – I appreciate that thank you
JOsh – keep being strong
Jessica – thank you

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“I just have this dream Josh walks out that door and there’s a flurry of boos.. I’ll just Bask in it”

Big Brother Spoilers 11:22am Ramses and Cody
Cody asks him if he’s been talking to people to figure out where their heads are at.
Ramses says he has been he hasn’t spoke to Paul yet he was going to..

Ramses says they may keep Josh to get Cody.
Cody says if they keep Josh he won’t be able to trust anyone in the house.

Cody – I just have this dream Josh walks out that door and theirs flurry of boos.. I’ll just Bask in it(lays back like he’s soaking it in)
Cody – my body will be filled with JOy.. satisfaction..

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Kevin “What if they [Cody & Jess] have a temptation like what you got? Could she protect him?” Paul “nope”

Josh – I just wanted to take a minute to send a quick message to my family. I can’t stop thinking about them. I love you. Just know that your boy is strong. Nothing can phase me, nothing can break me. Your boys the man. Your boy is strong minded. Your boy can get through anything. Danny, my brother I miss you like crazy. I think about you all the time and your crazy one liners and other sh*t that you say to me all the time. Family, I miss you like crazy. Just know that no matter what you see in this house, I am doing great. I’m doing really good. Just know that I am doing really good and everything is going good no matter what you see.

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Power Of Veto Results! “That’s the second power of veto comp you threw!”

The live feeds return. HOH room – Jessica is holding the power of veto. Jessica – that’s the second power of veto comp you threw.

In the kitchen – Paul you guys are lucky. Paul, Raven and Kevin head into the storage room. Paul – as long as she doesn’t use it, we’re golden.

Havenot room Josh talks to the cameras. Josh – I hope the house keeps their word with me. BB blindside baby!

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Jessica “I know that there are bigger targets in the house but I need him out first so that I can pursue them.”

Jessica – I don’t know this but I am going to go off a hunch … are you not exactly thrilled with nominations? Alex – No. Jessica – you’re not happy with them? Alex – no. Jessica – I had a feeling you weren’t and so I want to explain why I did what I did. You feel like you can manipulate Josh’s vote but from experience I know he is too much of a wild card to be controlled. The problem with Josh being in the house is that he distracts me. He distracts me from competitions, he distracts me from ceremonies that we have in the house. He is a constant distraction and he’s throwing off my game. He might not be a huge target because he’s not a big competitor.

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