Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 5 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Such a fun season to watch! Seriously there was more drama last week than we’ve had in a month from past seasons. Another vet returns another vet damages their image with the fans. Same went for Big Brother Canada super favorite Neda on BBCAN5.  It’s that social media fame I guess…   Anyways. I’m loving this season..  see! I don’t call every season a Kraken season! With that said I’ll probably call this a Kraken season based on the CBS edit.. tonight.. 😉


Here’s how it all went down

Ramses was evicted by a vote of 7 to 3. The Inked and Evicted Head of Household competition was played and Paul pulled out win number 2.  Your boy, Friendship.. pissed.. never cared.

The Temptation Competition.

Alex, Jason, Mark, Matt  danced in the Bowlerina Temptation Competition. Jessica and Cody at this point they were playing up Jessica having the Hex safety. Mark won meaning he is safe from being nominated this week. Jason came in last meaning he’s the third nominations.


Paul didn’t believe that Jessica’s temptation (HEX) is as powerful as she has said (rightfully so) . Paul Nominates Cody and Jessica to expire her power. Cody and Jessica confront Paul in the HOH after the nominations and get in his face. Cody tells Paul to f* off.. things get heated. Paul tells Cody to leave, once Cody is down the stairs Paul jumps out starting to showboat.. Doesn’t take long for Josh to get involved with the pots and pans against Mark..  it was awesome

The Angle Paul and his minions were going to play is to get Jessica to keep her temptation (HEX) and take Cody as a lose. Saying things like everyone in the house wants Cody gone he’s rubbing everyone the wrong way and is pulling Jessica down. We all love you but we hate Cody is what they said. They want to cut a deal with Jessica to save the Hex for herself.


Power of Veto

The Veto was BB Storm Watch. Through the night they would get weather updates about evicted houseguests being storms ravaging the country. Cody and Jessica don’t bother staying up and studying. The rest of the house listens and study’s intently. Paul wins the Power of Veto after a hard night of work with his minions. The plan is to use the Veto on Jason.

During the Power of Veto Ceremony Jason had some Choice words for Jessica and Cody. Apparently he complimented  Jessica then shit on Cody in the same breath. Something that Pissed Jessica off to the nth degree. Post Ceremony, Jessica walks in on Jason, Kevin and Raven chatting about the veto. While they were talking game prior at the moment Jessica walks in on them they are discussing the metal composition of the Veto medallion. Jason notices that Jessica is near and tries to signal Kevin and Raven to watch what they say. Jessica see this and Fight number 1 begins between Jessica and Raven.

I am using the Hex Paul

Jessica tells Paul she plans on using the Hex to save her and Cody. Jessica says the house has been against them since Cody was HOH week 1. They tells her without COdy everyone in the house wouldn’t have a problem with her yet the one week Cody was gone she was on the block. Jessica doesn’t believe Paul wouldn’t take her out next week with Cody gone.  She points out to Paul that the house is yelling at them for stuff that happen week 1 while there’s people in the house that lie every week and get away with it. Having failed to try and convince her to not use the Hex Paul rallies his minions in the HOH for a change of plan.



The Plan to get Cody to Crack..

Paul’s plan is simple, it’s similar to what he’s employed on BB18 and with Dominique on BB19. He wants Cody to crack so he either a) loses his cool (AKA strikes someone) and gets removed from the game b) quits the game c) gets in such a fight with Jessica that she doesn’t use the hex on him. The group works themselves into a frenzy

I went through to collect some quotes from these conversations.. They’re selected quotes to show you the lengths Paul and Christmas were going to go to get Cody to “CracK”. It didn’t manifest this way when the blow up did happen but it was close.  Get the live feeds and you can go back to rewatch all this.. It takes about 3 hours.. I know I’ve done it twice.  4 things to keep in mind, 1) Cody was a prick to Josh even though the sex predator rumors were kinda started by Raven, Still a prick  2) Cody’s social game is very very very very poor.. 4) Matt was pretty much the only one to try and stop this, rewatching this made me realize this.  4) It’s big brother so everything inside the house is emotionally amplifies.. (And outside with some of us)

7/31 1:24 CAM 3 Storage room the minions with Paul
Jason will say to Cody – I don’t think your names are on those dog tags.. I don’t think you were in the marines.. (there’s tape on his dogtags)
Paul – I’m going to drive him Bananas
Xmas – It’s going to be a good day
Paul – gameplay initiated I’m going to make Cody crack..
Paul – I got all the power.. Why are we cowering.. If she uses it (Hex) she’s gone and if she doesn’t use it He’s gone..
Alex – let’s start some trouble let’s start calling out people
Xmas – lets get crazy

7/31 1:29pm CAm 3 
Paul – Josh pots and Pans.. this is Big Brother.. Just because you are worried about his feelings I don’t give a fuck.. I won HOH I won POV..
Matt – this is not a big deal everybody needs to relax..
Paul- I’m not pumping the brakes on my gameplay.. Social experience.. It’s a social game..
Paul – if he’s so cocky he’s got nothing to say I’ll make him say something
Matt – Jess is doing nothing more than sticking up for her man all you Alpha females would have done the same.
Paul – aggressiveness and Bullying is something I don’t stand for..

7/31 1:46pm Pretty much everyone sans Cody and Jessica 
Paul – if Cody BLOWS up she won’t use it because she won’t want that attention be near her game..
Paul – so I ain’t going to pump the breaks
Paul – and if she uses it great she goes home and we get to keep him hear and torture him
Paul – Last I checked I’m the one with power
Paul – he needs to be aggressive and she won’t use it
7/31 1:48:36pm Xmas “Let’s start questioning his military.. He’ll take that SO personally”
Paul – Jason, Bring up his military.. He’ll flip, me and Josh will jump in, he’ll crack

1:53pm 7/31 cam3 HOH Matt, Paul and raven
Paul – if we can make him blow up again for his own good and for the own good of herself she’s going to f*ing not use it (HEX) so he can go in peace.
Paul – she’s going to use it.. The only way she DOESN’T, if we get a rise outta hommie and him staying is no longer good for his safety (Hommie = cody)
Paul – which means.. Get him to crack, even if she does use it then we have a cracked Cody in the house
Paul – I have the f*ing power.. You have the temptation … I HAVE THE POWER
Matt – you (Paul) are the only person in this house that can get a rise outta Cody
1:56pm 7/31 Paul – there’s certain words you gotta use.. Coward, You’re not a man.
Paul – And Jason wants to question his military Because he’s like why are you duck taping those dog tags if you’re so proud . .(ohh for f* sakes)
Matt – when you get fired up like that everyone else does to (Matt wants them to cool down)
Paul – and that’s the point

1:58pm 7/31 Cam 3 HOH Paul, Matt, Raven, Christmas
Paul – She’s already uncomfortable, She will use that HEX right.. If that’s the case what is the one thing she didn’t want?
Paul – Was for Cody to crack.. When was the one time she got genuinely upset? when Cody reacted the way he did.
Paul – So in order for us to have any chance of her really not using it is to put him in such an uncomfortable spot so that either he wants to leave or he gets aggressive and he gets kicked outta this house by default
Paul – and guess what? Josh has done it before.. I’ve done it before and I know Cowboy can make it happen again
Xmas – do you think he’s willing to push him that far
Paul – he’s willing to push him that far
Paul – if i’m going to do it I need the back from each and every one of you
Paul – if we start, no more pu$$y footing around.. we need to boot strap and f*ing put Cody in his spot
Xmas – what’s the strategy are we going to infiltrate  every room that he’s in
Paul – don’t touch Jessica, leave her outta this.. but make references.. like “that’s the piece of sh1t you wanna protect”
Paul – Mental warfare guys this is a social game
Paul – we gotta get them to crack, that is the way she won’t use it
7/31 2:06:35pm Paul – if she see him get VIOLENT, Childish and aggressive, you think she wants to protect that in front of America
Paul – the only time him and Jess got in a fight is when he cracked.. and I got him to crack.. I’ll get him to crack again
Xmas – whats the strategy.. I doubt Pots and pans will cut it.. Jason needs to have a one on one Conversation with him.. Slow to boil
7/31 2:10:00pm cam 3 xmas – he’ll isolate himself and if he isolates himself we need to penetrate that
Paul – Pots and Pans aren’t going to cut it what will.. Hey Cody I thought you were rough and tough.. but you have your girl do all the talking for you”

7/31 2:10:10pm cam 3 Paul to Josh “When you say you’re girl has you on a leash, those kinda words.. when you say you’re girl becuase you are too much of a pu$$y to stand up for yourself you need your girl to do it. He will f*ing flip a load and I’ll jump and be like whats up pro Hey Jess why don’t you put a muzzle on your f*ing dog.. because all he does is bark
xmas – the best thing that will get him excited is the fact he can’t fight his own fight and Jess is keeping him in check

Paul – goddamn bro I thought you could speak for yourself but you have your girl standing up for you shows what kinda man you are
Xmas – don’t say the same thing over and over again he’ll block that out you need to think about different ways to reiterate what you are telling him
7/31 2:11pm Paul cam 3 Paul – we need him to get aggressive to show his true f*ing colours because he’s a f*ing bully
xmas – if he gets up say what are you going to do, what can you do.. say why don’t you call Jess because she fights everything for you
Paul – you gotta laugh in front of his f*ing face that will get him mad
Xmas – the most powerful thing you can do is be cool and calm and not have anything he says bother you and it actually entertains you
Paul – he can’t swing he can’t do anything to you, if he does this (motions a push on the shoulder) he’s out of this game

Raven – I’m here for my disease and I’m here for my mom (Good fuck added this to remind you folks)

Paul and Josh leave.. as the door closes Christmas says “F*ing bullies I hate them” (ZOMG)

After all this

Matt suggests to Christmas this may not be the best thing for them to do. It’s not a good look. Matt says to her “what’s it going to take.. Someone to get knocked out” Christmas freaks out on him for lecturing her. In one breath she says how she’s on the show to be an inspiration and a resource for people in the next breath she’s coaching Josh how to get Cody to break by isolating him and bringing up his military service. (its pretty funny to watch how dark Christmas is)

The Blow up

(They never got Cody) The Blow up started with the majority of the house in the kitchen and Jess/Cody in that APSR. They started calling Jessica out to “ask you some questions”  When she finally showed herself to address what they were saying..

Jessica takes on the house KABOOM

Alex, Josh, Raven, Paul, Christmas were essentially the people that participated  in the blow up against Jessica/Cody. They bring up all the lies From the past weeks that have involved Jessica. Jess/Cody have been involved in a lot so everything is is brought up in perfect Big Brother Fashion. Alex and Raven seem hung up on the cat ears. Jessica is hung up on Alex putting her up. Raven completely flies off the handle.  Alex freaks out at Jessica and Mark.

Jess and Cody retreat to the Hammock where the entire house follows them outside. Paul, Raven, Josh, Christmas and Alex continue yelling things at Cody and Jessica. Everyone else lingers around.

You’ll need to read the post to get the full effect.. Military record, P4n1s size, clothing style, personality, American flag  etc etc.. they throw everything they got at Cody. Cody doesn’t flinch . During all of this,  out of Paul, Raven, Josh, Christmas and Alex only  Josh mentions “Hey maybe we’re being portrayed as the bad guys” They did give Jessica the Hex after all.. Paul tells him “F* NO” Christmas reminds him that Cody called him a sexual predator and threaten to tell everyone on the outside.

In the end someone screamed over the backyard fence that America Loves Jessica and Paul is a Bully (or something to that effect) . Paul, Raven and Christmas begun cluing in that maybe what they did wasn’t kosher with the most fans and maybe they went too far. So begins the group trying to justify their actions on Big Brother After Dark etc..


My Thoughts

It’s Big Brother at it’s best..





Results from the show

Jessica unleashes the halting Hex.. Jessica and Cody are now safe to play the game, Her Halting Hex power is now gone.

Paul is not eligible to compete in the Head of Household.. This competition becomes Big Brother Horror Week

Matt is First up = 6
Alex = 2
Mark = 15
Jason = 15
Cody = 21
xmas = 21
Elena = 13
Jessica = 2
Josh = 23
Raven = 13
Kevin = 6

HOH Winner is Josh

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The edits make Jess look stupid..


she is!!!!


Well there ya have CBS didn’t show anything close to what was really said! Not one thing about the military bashing of Cody Nothing! Shame on CBS. Now Josh wins. Done. I’m going to go throw up. Good night.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Simon, they should have showed exactly what you posted. Anything else is dishonest. The CBS show looked like Paul did the editing himself.


nikki g way better then paul a


The editing is making Jessica look stupid as hell..


That’s not editing…
She IS stupid as hell…


Fake, cheap, plastic Grande wannabe…


What are you stupid? Look again those are not plastic!


I would rather see Devin, Victoria, and Christine from BB16 and get rid of Paul, Raven, and Xmas.


canada is best on eveything, even on big brother hahahaha
shit season, congrats paul

Judgmental Judy

Thanks for the summary and all the updates! Watching tonight’s show now.


Thanks for this rundown Simon! It reignited my hate for paul all over again lol/


I didn’t think it made him look that much like hero. Was the part they showed from the 2nd time? I thought they went after Cody before the whole Jess/Raven thing


Great!!! They saved all the drama for tonight!!! Let’s see how it is edited!!!


Sooo Cody lied to Jess. I’m sure that’s going to go over well when they get out of the house.


Only if she is self-centered


It isn’t going to matter.


So far CBS is making Paul look like an MVP…’s sickening.

I’m fed up with the way BB made it the Paul show!!


wow they look the minos look really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course nothing of Paul and Xmas hoping for Cody to snap and strike someone….


Nor did they show that Paul told Raven to cry and he sent out Jason to announce the crying just in case her phony tears have turned into white noise. I too have GP it’s a serious embarrassing disease but Big Brother is not a charity house. She gives those suffering with it a bad name.


Of course they aren’t going to show them,attacking his military background. They had to hedge their bets. They didn’t want Paul to look too bad but they had to show some of it to try and avoid backlash from brushing the harassment under the rug.


Big brother should be ashamed of allowing this bullying to go on. Guess they didn’t require a mental stability exam seeing that Josh Xmas Raven Paul Alex are on this show. Xmas and raven want to come across as little innocent motivational people meanwhile back in the real world they are evil bully’s with no respect for someone that put his life on the line to serve his country and keep us safe. Absolutely disgusting considering the state of the world. I do not watch tv to see this horrible behavior. It’s basically the Paul show. Not friendship. So sick of him. No longer watching


Josh should be pulled off show and have harassment charges pressed on him. Big liability issue here Big Brother hope someone doesn’t commit suicide Cody isn’t the only one being harrassed. Josh has taken shots at all the evicted players plus Megan who chose to take herself out


They didn’t show Cody blowing snot rockets telling Jess to wear shoes or him using the American flag as a floor mat either.

The Beef

That’s a BS lie made up by Paul and the sheep (the American flag as a floor mat). That “flag” is Jessica’s pool sarong, and no more a “flag” than the “flag” underwear Paul wears that I’m sure he carefully tri-folds before placing it carefully in the dirty clothes bag. Just goes to show how far they were reaching to try and find something to insult them with.


If you are just depending on this site for info you may be missing a few details. Everyone knows Simon is a Jody fan and I find his view partial to the evil duo as Jess described (Jessica & Cody)….that being said it is still the best site for info. Thank you Simon


A show I once enjoyed is now just a bully session…sadly setting these examples..
Sorry this is where you’ve let it go

RIP team Paul

This is ridiculous! Those house guests behaving that way to Cody just because he is little different than others! I’m officially done with teampaul. Was rooting for him until I saw this :/ team Cody all the way !

Judgmental Judy

Watching After Dark & reading this blog, they were WAY more awful than they portrayed on TV and it went on for hours. I still think they showed more than I expected, but it didn’t give a true depiction of what’s went on. I’ve completely flipped, too. Wasn’t for most of the morons & floaters before but thought I appreciated Paul’s game play. Now I DESPISE him. Josh winning HOH is like Paul winning HOH. Hopefully they can get something done competing in the temptation competition.


Despise and appalled at Paul.
He is so annoying. Can’t watch anymore.


This has to be the worst big brother there has ever been. All the bullying, is so pathetic and it’s outright bullying, play the game and back off the bullying who wants to watch this


Total f-ing cover up, showed EVERYTHING Cody did , nothing of Paul, no military bashing or anything !! Total bullshit CBS !


what do you expect from a bunch of Hollywood liberals? they probably hate the military so they weren’t going to be sympathetic to a vet.

Also, let’s not forget there is a movement underway in California to succeed from the United States.


Just keeping it real here, but are we at all surprised? Cbs is a part of the fake news cycle so why not totally misdirect the audience as to the actual reality of a reality tv show….


REading this makes me almost sick as it did watching it happen! I was not a huge Jody fan but the cowardice and malice that lead dog Paul and his minions did just makes you sick! Mob mentality should never be allowed and BB should of shut that down immediately.

Zeus and Perseus

Has the Kraken been released? If so, has it been vanquished?


I wish I had some Kraken:-( have a shot for me Simon


l cannot belive the bullying that is going on great way to show a teenager to behave the show is forever turn off in our house and will be getting more to do the same this is the worst behaviour l have ever seen. In 54 years sick

Amanda wasabiggerbullythan Paul

To be fair, you shouldn’t be using a reality television show to teach your teenager how to behave. Not really CBS’s job to raise your kid.


Excuse me. Nobody said that they were letting CBS raise their kids. Bullying should Not be allowed on any television station. That is the fault of BB and CBS NOT THE PARENT. The parent did the right thing and turned BB off.


FAKE. Big brother has become a joke. It’s all rigged. American didn’t vote for Jessica to get the last temptation. NO WAY. Can use say rigged.


I voted for her!!


Congratulations on being part of the “majority” of america’s vote. So fake.

The Beef

So did I. Nine votes a day.


So true. It is sad to think that CBS believes the big brother fan base is so stupid that we would believe the rest of America actually voted for Jessica.

Not going to lie – I will probably still watch as long as I can take it, but just know it is like WWE now. Fake to the point of being tacky, but a form of cheap entertainment.


Jessica is loved by many! I’m rooting for her and Cody!!! Jessica got a big name maid for herself in LA!! She knows some prettt big people so believe me she was getting lots of votes !!


FAKE. Big brother has become a joke. It’s all rigged. American didn’t vote for Jessica to get the last temptation. NO WAY. Can use say rigged.

josh hoh



i mdw it come double elimination 2 week


I hope someone new wins HoH and a new storyline occurs other than The Cody/Paul storyline


It still is Paul HOH. He is the sheep master and josh is one of the bigger sheep he controls

josh hoh

horro week josh smashing pans fun week i bet hoh

Zombie Rob

I want my leg back!

josh hoh

callled it josh hoh


You mean Paul gets his 3rd HOH


you mean Paul gets his 3rd HOH


This season is going to waste quick!


Soooooo……..what were the results? Did she use the hex? How did everyone react?


Skipping this week for my own sanity.

Josh HOH

Okay now Josh is HOH. Targeting Cody or Jessica?


Well that HOH was… unexpected

Loved it

Beat episode in years!! And Josh dancing around in a tutu was funny as hell!

Loved it

I watched the episode where Cody and Jessica DIDN’T win HOH.

House of Idiots

Well I mean the sooner Jody goes the sooner some of Paul’s minions would have to turn against him


Go meat ball!!

Josh as hoh wtheck are we going to watch this week

Man this week is going to be crazy Josh in power is going to be the craziest thing all season and that’s saying a lot

Dick Trickle

I think you meant to say Paul, not Josh

Grodner Hearts Paul

Let me spoil the crazy week for you.

JOSH: Who should I put up, Master?
PAUL: Cody & Jessica.
JOSH: Yes, Master.

Cody & Jessica go on the block.

House of Idiots

It’s not like Josh has a personal grudge against Cody or anything…

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

The bullying against Jessica and Cody was pathetic. I seriously hate the type of human being Raven is. She is extremely ugly on the inside.


Which makes her repulsive physically IMO


Josh HOH…time to go get Krakken @_@


brava is the feminine form so lol


It was Zach Posen who said it. One of my favorite shows, as well. I miss Michael Kors, though.

Eric wenb

Well guess PAUL won HOH again (basically)!?!? Gonna be a crazy week with JOSH .

Same Ol Same Ol

It will be the SAME week as last week. Ugh! So over these people.


A great week on the feeds and a wasted HOH week for Paul.

Production loves Paul vs. Cody vs. Jessica, with a little bit of Josh and Raven sprinkled in.

Can’t wait to see what is “won” by Paul or Cody or Jessica to keep the craziness going…


I am beyond disappointed that baby huey got HOH.
Paul in control again


Nothing about all the evil Vet shots at Cody …. CBS your a bunch of cowards and shame on your coverage of this past week houseguests.


When Cody and Jessica moved to the hammock I found the show, for the first time ever, to be unwatchable. I flicked the channel. I hope that behavior is not exhibited again.


The house got lucky it was a crapshoot. To bad it wasnt the comp were they run on the slippery glass and pour the liquid in the bucket. Cody woulda won that easy. The feeeds would have been amazing.


I am truly disappointed in BB this week. They portrayed Paul and his minions in a good light and did not show any of their bullying. I gave BB production the benefit of the doubt this week and figured they would show Pauls true colors but they did not. Both sides of the house have their faults and made mistakes but when you get 10 against 2 and try to get that person to quit by mentally breaking them down that is fucked up. Then justify what they are doing after production told them they were being portrayed wrong. The tape on his dog tags hides his Social Security Number dumbasses.


CBS is getting savaged on twitter. lots of people not happy with their favoritism of midget boy Paul and allowing a gang of weak, utter morons to attack a Marine war veteran in the hopes he has PTSD and snaps? know what it takes to be a f’ing Marine? Winning BB will NEVER amount to being a war veteran or a Marine. Sad little people.


CBS deserves all the criticism it is getting on twitter. How dare they support the bullying of a war veteran! How dare they cover up what really happened! Shame on you CBS!

Kevin will win

The bullying here still doesn’t compare to the bullying done by Amanda and her season.


Finished watching this season! Sickens me how BB is making Paul look innocent! HOPE KARMA BITES HIM IN THE BUTT Along with the others when he gets out of the house!


I actually thought they made him look like and ass and a charles manson clone. No military talk really pisses me off…this season isnt worth it anymore…i would be embarrassed as hell to be related to gnome josh xmas alex and jason and the 2 pieces of trailer trash…


In a world where bullying is causing kids to commit suicide, CBS should not be promoting this on public tv. CBS is saying that bullying is fine.

Jean Brenn

Completely agree!


The American voters said bullying is OK.


So Paul is still HOH, well I see where this is going, cuz Josh will do
Pauls bidding. uggghhh! I can’t anymore.


Congrats Paul on another HOH win. We all know Paul has Josh and his balls on a leash. Jessica and Cody for the Temptation competition and POV win!! Then, of course, Mark will go home.