Big Brother 19 Week 5 Top Animated Gifs

Every week we go through our list of Gifs and pick the juiciest 10 for your viewing pleasure. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts (@BigBspoilers) and most times they make their way to our facebook.

This was a drama HEAVY week with multiple blow ups on Monday. Our Gif library benefited greatly πŸ™‚

  • Jason showing us Ole’s ball size
  • Finally a shot of the airplanes that fascinate Jason and Kevin so much
  • Epic Jessica taking on the entire house
  • Raven getting heated with Jessica talking about Cody’s d1ck size
  • Matt and Raven flour fight in the shower
  • Cody gets Vaseline wiped on his door
  • Matt shows us a Summary of his game

I went way over 10 with this one..




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And people saying jess & cody only sit in there room and are not trying? I think they know every person is brainwashed by paul, jess has tried and been backstabbed how many times?? Be real…. If they did go and talk/try to make deals the BB fans would be calling them idiots for trusting them! Granted yes cody does awful social skills and jess is sticking it out with him but i dont think if they were anybody else they could convince this group of sheep followers to ever turn on paul. They have 0 mind of there own and allow paul to talk down to them like there stupid, common we see mind control and know that he’s got these ppl on lock. This attention has def gotten to pauls head and he’s become 100000x more full of himself and its these idiots causing his ego to be so big Lol you suck big brother casting!!!


The better one is Matt licking his bowls with his finger. There’s lots of those around.


Who’s the comedian Simon or Dawg cause the summary of Matt’s game is hilarious


This is Paul game for now. I don’t see Paul or Alex winning this game. Other HG (not all) will wake up soon and start playing the game for themselves. Well I hope this happens.


Wow I finally just watched the “jessica vs the whole house video” and i can’t believe how many followers/spineless losers they casted this season! Love or hate Jessica you gotta give this girl credit?!! She stands alone and looks 1000x tougher than all of them combined with speaking her mind and than being strong enough to sit there and act unfazed by a bunch of barking dogs! She DID NOT have a man to back her like a lot of woman do. Whether she’s trying to keep cody calm or he just wouldn’t stand up to them since all of them were ganging up on ONLY her, its a very admirable quality that she’s showing! To not be a follower, speak your mind but also carry on and act like a lady. Pops girl, you held your own!!!!! P.s raven shut the fuck up, your only yapping because Paul told his dogs to bark!!!


I can’t stand Jessica or Cody ! I hope someone else wins that HOH beside them . I would love to see Jason , Christmas or Kevin win it


As we say in the South, bless Raven’s little old heart(s). Both of ’em!


Cody was unimpressed with that Vaseline prank, lol.

Simon, on a scale of 1 to Krakken, how drunk will you be this week if the minions keep the power tonight?


Without Victor as a buffer and shield, Paul’s ego and nasty side is front and center.


Did anyone see the sly look Cody gave to the camera while he was hugging Jessica after begging for her forgiveness during the CBS prime time broadcast? It was almost as if he was indicating that he fooled her again.

I really don’t know about that guy- he is very strange- creepy. He causes total body shudders. Jessica seems more at ease and personable without him and without him, she stands a chance to win this game. With him, she is a target


I hope jessica or cody win HOH tonight


Who do you all think Cody or Jessica would put up if one of them won HOH?


Well Rambo has been saved twice now, let’s see how many more times this guy will be saved to keep this feud going

Someone with balls

I WAS on Paul’s side, no more.. I can’t stand bullies, nor their followers.


So happy Josh won HOH love it! How Jessica and Cody talked so personally about him saying he didn’t deserve to be their like he was trash . I love it I hope one can f them goes home .


Look on Cody’s face priceless (pissed look) Made me so happy inside .