Jessica – “I’m going to use the temptation.. .. this is the only person I trust in this house”

3:40pm Bathroom Paul, Elena, Christmas
Paul – Bully the Bully out of this house..
Christmas and Paul go back to plotting how to get Cody to crack.

Paul going back to retelling his story about when Cody raised his voice in the HOH. (Please note Paul is cycling through about half doz talking points about Cody.. he keeps repeating this in every conversation.)
Paul – He’s a dog that can only bark..
Josh joins them asks them if they are being protrayed as the bullies.
Paul – F* no
Josh – then why did she get the Hex..
JOsh wonders if they are teh bad guys..

Paul says Cody has a little man complex..
Christmas says the only reason why Cody is in the house is to prove to himself he can do something else else with his life

Paul now calling Cody out for making Raven cry earlier today. (he told Raven to cry.. OMG)
Paul now saying that Cody isn’t a man.. he can only say things behind peoples back and not to their face.
Paul – he’s too afraid to say it to people’s face..

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3:48pm Matt and Christmas are going to chat later everything is cool…

3:51pm JOsh talking to the Camera justifying what he’s doing to Cody.. Josh says he’s not a bully he goes after bullies and sticks up for the people being bullied.

4:04pm Kevin, Elena, Josh
Paul comes in … Kevi kevi kevi.. we’re beginning physiological warfare.. you gotta stop
Kevin – what am I doing now.. being too smart.. being too nice .. to who? everybody?
Paul – no you can be nice to us
Paul – we have a bully and we have someone standing up to a bully .. Quit humoring the conversation
Kevin – me..
Paul – I’m just saying..

4:08pm Elena, Josh, Kevin and JOsh
Jason tells Josh he doesn’t like the 10 vs 1 and doesn’t care for the unnecessary confrontation.

4:11pm Paul is asking Jessica why Chaos has erupted..
Paul thought Cody was being aggressive and Raven was crying because of that.
Jessica – that’s funny..
Paul – everyone is uncomfortable with him..
Jessica- he had zero part in it.

Cody comes in.
Jessica tells him the line has been crossed with what is going on with the house against them.
Paul says that is the game.
Paul is claiming that he has told Josh to stop what he’s doing, “If there’s anyone that has said pump the brakes It’s me.. it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it.. “

Jessica – people in this house are allowing Josh to attack people because they have not been attacked by Josh..
Jessica says she’s been attacked by Josh and she’ll stand up to him when he’s attacking someone else.
Jessica- I don’t like the way this game is being played
Jessica asks Paul to stop the personal attacks. You have power in this house. You use that power when you want to
Paul – I’m am only one person.. you are accusing of doing and having things that are contradictory

Jessica says Paul has the power, “You are playing a great game bravo to you.. ”
Jessica says Paul has power in this game because he’s a vet and people come to him seeking approval

Jessica asks Paul if he appreciates it when people get personal with him
Paul says no
Jessica – ok

Paul – you put up Ramses that was a great move.. so we sent him home
Paul says she made a promise to everyone in this house except for Ramses and Josh.. “that’s no more a promise”
Jessica – why’s that.
Jessica explains she can only nominate two people so made a deal with everyone but the two people.
Jessica – I kept my word
Paul – that’s a strange deal.. that’s cutting a deal for the whole house..

Jessica – I’m going to use the temptation.. .. this is the only person I trust in this house..
Jessica – I don’t need to whispers and sneak around this house
Paul – nether do I

Paul – I don’t appreciate my name getting tossed out behind my back
Jessica – when
Paul – 9 people are lying..
Jessica – I don’t speak to 2/3 of this house.. so maybe that 9 number doesn’t work..
Paul says those 9 people either heard or over heard.

Paul – I never push my own agenda onto people
Jessica – he made 1 decision week 2 there’s been people that have lied every week for 5 weeks..

Jessica mentions that everyone wants to point at one person to make the time easier.
Jessica says once Cody and her are gone Paul will be the target.
Paul knows that..

Paul – I never pointed a target at you
Jessica -0 I know my name has come out of your mouth
Paul denies it
Jessica – I’m not completely ignorant in this house.. and I’m not the only person that gets information

Paul says everyone is saying that COdy made Raven cry
Jessica says it’s comical what everyone is doing.

4:34pm Paul leaves.. go to the kitchen where Josh, Matt and Alex are eating.
Paul says she’s using the Hex .. Cody was quiet.
Paul is concerned that she told him people are telling her conversations they’ve had with him.

4:35pm Paul tells them the Hex is being used.. tells them that someone is telling Jessica information about Paul.
Goes on to say Jessica called them all liars.
Paul – we’re all playing a disgusting game and she’s standing up for what she believes is right.. so what she believes is right is standing up against a bully and a coward..
Paul – I’m making his life miserable this week.. none of you are guaranteed a spot in Jury because of what she’s doing..
Paul – she’s standing up for a bully and a coward.. I tried guys sorry for letting you down this week..

Paul calls Cody a puppy says Jessica did all the talking..
Paul – Hey Josh.. turn it up to a 30.. Pots and everything..

4:40pm Paul and Raven
Paul asks raven is the only reason she against COdy is because that is what the house wants.
Paul – she twisting your words around.. the hex is being used..
Paul says Jessica is now his enemy.
Paul – if you back me up that would be cool.

4:45pm Josh, Cody and Jessica
Josh says he was guaranteed Jury and now he’s not he’s upset.
Jessica – why don’t you go out and get your own safety babe..
Josh – your personality sucks..
Cody leaves..
Jessica – josh what are you doing.. what are you doing..

The motivational speaker that’s there to inspire, help and be a resource for people along with Paul listening in opening the door a couple times.
Paul keeps opening the door.. asks Josh if he told Josh to do this.
Josh says no.

Josh tells her he’s going to make Cody’s time a living hell in here.
Jessica – leave me alone Josh.
Josh tells her everyone loves her..
Jessica – that doesn’t work on me.. when Cody wasn’t in this house I was on the block and I would have gone if Dom didn’t have her melt down..

Josh – he’s going to get hell from me..

4:54pm Everyone Riled up against Cody and Jessica..
Paul won’t shut up..
Cody is a coward.. a child.. a bully….
Paul talks them into confronting Cody as a group..

They’re all excited to be on Paul team and Yell at Cody..

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223 thoughts on “Jessica – “I’m going to use the temptation.. .. this is the only person I trust in this house”

  1. If anyone is on the fence about getting the feeds,
    The house is in flames and the feeds are gold!!!!!!
    The entire house is fighting with Jess.

    1. The feeds are priceless today. Def as good as Friday nights I think it was when everything got crazy with mark and josh. This is awesome. I’m sorry but I think jess and Cody have it coming and I hope they get jess out first just to see how Cody handles it. Wow raven stepped up big time but jess really did throw everyone under the bus!!! Regardless of what side people are on. The feeds are fantastic. And in terms of psychological part of the game. The geoup against Cody and Jessica is hilarious and they’re doing pretty good with the psychological warfare!!!

      1. They are acting like a group of toddlers told they can’t have ice cream. This isn’t warfare this is stupidity at its finest. If they had stuck to being nice, jess might’ve not used the hex. Now they’ve made her stubborn.

      2. IMO, anyone in this house that gets crap from someone else has it coming, except a few people such as Kevin and Jason who have left people alone. At the same time though, that doesn’t mean that they should get it for no reason. I can’t stand Cody or Jessica but this is ridiculous. I just hope that the truth comes out that Paul and Christmas were behind this mess because ALL people involved need to be held responsible, not just Josh

        1. I don’t have the technical skills to do this, but someone who does needs to start a petition addressed to Les Moonves and ask him if he is even watching this awful fiasco. I would sign it. Little man syndrome Paul has gone too far and needs to be checked immediately.

        2. I could not believe what I just read. The house has become LORD OF THE FLIES! But I have to say it does my heart good to see that the majority of the comments are against this disgusting behavior. I thank all of you for standing up to bulling of any kind. Its good to know there are people still out there like you. Oh, and to BB WTF!!!

      3. Jessica was disgusting last night when she was describing her 2 fingered sex technique. She is s slut and trash!

      4. This is just getting disgusting. I was a Paul fan. But seriously, if he calls him a coward, child and a bully one more time… says the guy rallying the house to torment them. It’s not being a bully if the other person doesn’t feel defenseless, but the goading and prodding and directing to harass and torment is gross. There’s a reason Matt and Kevin don’t feel right about this – it’s wrong!

      5. Since when is it good to bully anyone, Really.. We teach our children not to do this game or no game.. What’s wrong with u?

      6. This is really sick I can’t believe people are actually cheering on bullying, with all the horror stories about bullying, how would you feel if these two people were your children.

      7. No sympathy for Jess and Cody. After they the treated everyone with their holier than thou attitude and attacked Josh after Cody’s HOH ended. No sympathy. You reap what you sow. They made their bed. Cody targeted Paul and Christmas without telling his alliance and they lost trust in him after that. Isolating themselves for weeks doesn’t help either.

        1. WTF is wrong with you? There’s a difference between putting someone on the block and all this gang up on Cody and Jess stupidness. Just because Cody has zero social skills and won’t kiss Pauls ass does not make him a bully. I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again, what has Cody or Jessica done to bully anyone?

        2. His alliance wanted Alex and Jason out. Cody throw the veto to Alex to save her. His alliance said put Jason up theyh want him put. He kept his group in the dark about getting Paul out. Paul was safe so Xmas was next. So why do Alex and Jason hate him so much? It’s a game it got blown up in his face. He was angry that people lied to him as anyone would be. Right now it’s a game and it is the whole house against 2. Very uncalled for to play dirty as he’ll when you know you are going to evict them to out.

    2. What do you people expect production to do? Do you really think they should call Paul, Josh & everyone else to the DR & scold them for being mean to Cody & Jessica? If someone gets physical, then they will follow the rules & kick ’em out. Cody made it clear since the first day that he was the alpha male and the tribe didn’t like his attitude or actions, so they revolted. Jess made her deal with the devil when she hooked up with and supported this arrogant pig, so she’s toast. Paul is an incredibly smart, cunning, and witty player who has the ability to form a large alliance. Cody & Jess don’t have the social skills or personalities to excel at this game. That’s on them. I LOVE watching Josh beat the pots & pans with his loud circus tune!!

      1. Well it looks like that is exactly what happened. Paul/Josh were called into DR and told if violence escalades then both parties go….and now with someone using a bull horn to send the bullies a message that America loves Jess….perfect!

        1. Now her head will Be big… Not everyone loves her and This Canadian sure doesn’t! She is no different then the catty girls who have come before her… she has talked so much crap about other people but now we should cry for her.. no thanks.

      2. YESS!! Someone who gets it. I swear half the people who post on here do not actually watch the game, have just started or don’t actually get it! This Isn’t My little pony. People are meant to lie, manipulate etc…

      3. But everything Cody did was game. He never antagonized Josh or Paul. He simply didn’t want to speak to them when he was angry or frustrated. They refused that approach and have been choosing to be confrontational with Cody. Cody is doin his best to stay out of the confrontations, as evidence by his lack of talking when Paul was addressing jessica in the room, and Paul even manages to twist that around and say Cody is a puppy who can’t stand up for himself. So which is it Paul, he’s a shy puppy who refuses to defend his manhood? Or is he the confrontational bully you keep pegging him as? Rediculous. When all is said done, what did we really expect from Paul, he’s an only child, form a wealthy family. He’s been rich his whole life, Codys an enlisted military man who fought for pennies on the dollar to protect our countries freedom so people like Paul could have a voice, self bullshit Tshirts and participate in TV shows that won’t be remembered 100 years from now. This group of crazy millenials has everything ass backwards. We can’t call CBS, or talk to the HGs, but we sure as hell can fill the forums and message boards for them, so whenever they get out, they can hunt through these and see the kind of douchebags they were being. They may fool each other, they don’t fool us.

        1. Bravo skydiver.l You hit it on the head. Paul transfers his insecurities to saying Cody is a bully, etc. But we all know that Paul is the rich, overpampered, self-absorbed, nasty bully. Please someone, get him out.

    3. If this triggers a surge in signups then why would production stop this since they’re making more money even if someone gets hurt. I say boycot the feeds!
      Otherwise production will allow the vicious pack attack to continue. Bunch of animals following the lead dog.

    4. On lock down.
      —Someone with a megaphone is yelling.
      I heard America and Bully.
      Every time a hg talks about it, they cut the feeds to the fish.
      Josh, Paul, Christmas and Alex have all been called to the DR.
      Looks like production has stepped in.
      But Paul will not stop!
      Cody is living in Paul’s head rent free right now.
      It’s truly insane.

    5. Why are people okay with Cody calling Josh a pussy, a bitch, etc., but people are mad at Josh for clanging pans? People seriously have BB amnesia. House guests have berated other houseguests EVERY single season. I defy anyone to name me a season where that didn’t happen…..guess what you can’t.

      1. I swear its because he’s a vet… He is no better than anyone because of it. Is this an American thing? Just curious, I respect The People who have fought for my country but only if they as a human deserve it. I do not treat them as though they are God.

  2. This is not strategic game play… This is a bunch of toddlers holding their breath until they get their way. The average age of houseguests is older this year but it’s sure hard to tell in actions.

    1. I can’t believe Big Brother is honestky allowing it @ this point. It’s complete bullying & attacking to try to cause physical contact.
      It’s not a bullying game & that’s all they are doing…there is NO game play besides that.
      Paul is mad his HOH is no good so he has unleashed the flying monkeys. I have no respect for him.

      1. It is a game!! And first of all Cody and Jess are getting what they deserved , if you can’t take it then don’t dish it out!!!

        1. Why do they deserve it . Is it because Cody dared to put Paul on the block or is because he dared to tell him about his self or maybe it’s because he refuses to kiss pauls ass like everybody else in that house. Just because you don’t like someone’s personality is no reason for them to be attacked in this way.

      2. Didn’t production warn Josh to stop trying to cause a physical altercation with Mark?
        Why would it be ok to do it to Cody? Have they call Josh into the diary room?

      3. You must of missed Evel Dick’s season then. That was the most brutal I’ve ever seen in any season. Look it up on youtube.Paul and everyone dont even come close to the shit Dick pulled. And everyone loves him for it. So spare me the bullying BS. Thank you for your service Cody, but you made your bed when you lied to your alliance and took a shot at Paul and Christmas.

        1. I have watched the feeds since day one. Cody was name calling etc. said some insensitive comments…however in comparison it’s nowhere near the crude things the others have said. The lies and escalation of what Cody said or did have been so distorted its ridiculous. That’s the game but there have to be some limits. This is out of control now. Horrible and so hateful. The house is trying to justify their behavior. Their justification is all based on lies. The game has to have some boundaries right? What’s the line? When is it too much? To me it was devastating to watch.

    2. I cannot remember a season where I couldn’t find someone to root for. I don’t like Jess and Cody, but this gang attack makes me hate the rest of them. I think Matt, Mark and Jason now this isn’t right. But the played along. I used to like Kevin: no more.

      I hate Cody. But man if someone serves they deserve a little respect.

      I don’t like any of them

  3. As disgusting and horrible as this week has been I think the upside will be Paul pushing too far. Jason ,Kevin, and Matt already are starting to question him . It may take another week or two but I can see people ready to turn on him.

      1. I hope Paul gets what he wants. That is for Cody to whip his a$$ and then Cody gets thrown out! Is that not what Paul’s says he is trying to do? Get Cody to break? He wants Josh to get hurt. Something tells me it’s going to happen. Josh is a dumb kid and doesn’t know any better. Paul does and hopefully he’s on the receiving end.

    1. Not sure they will ever turn on Paul. They are too far gone. These people spearheaded by Paul and Christmas have lost all control. They have no integrity and lost forever in my book. I know it’s a game but it’s so disturbing it it’s giving me a headache and I’m sick to my stomach. Horrible Hateful. Raven is twisted. Not sure how they will look themselves in the mirror ever again.

    2. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Are you part of anti fa fa? Is harassment fair if you don’t like someone or what they believe? Where is your civility? Vote Cody or Jess out, whatever. But the rest of house, save Kevin, are really pond scum. Cody made bad decisions in week 2 and Paul had the hex, but we know who the real bullies are in this house.

    3. That would be great, but then, they would have to win something and play without Paul’s guidance, and they so far haven’t showed enough initiative for that. As for Matt, he definitely doesn’t want to step out. Already agrees to send Alex for Cody, laughing about and gossiping about mocking him.
      Only hope for them would be, Elena and Mark, and who knows there. Love a rally with Mark, Elena, (both on the fringe and not treated right either), and Kev & Josh, (sans Alex, she is as bad as the rest, telling lies).

  4. Live Feeds —
    The entire house is melting down and picking on Jody.
    It’s actually painful to watch.
    Production needs to stop this!!
    The entire house has ganged up on them.

    1. This is production gold. They’re not going to stop this. I bet there’s people in there telling them to do this crap because it’s great for tv. I can’t stop watching the feeds. Every time I do I miss something awesome! It’s fantastic and super entertaining today

  5. I cannot believe josh is allowed to bully and run around singing when no one else is allowed. Come on CBS this isn’t right allowing the bullying

    1. Someone should start a twitter hashtag and get that trending so cbs will hopefully respond. This is disgusting. I’ve pretty much stopped watching the shows.

      1. I don’t watch movies for blood and violence. If that happens to be part of the movie, and it fits in with a good, well-written plot, that’s fine, I have no problem with it. However, if it’s all blood and violence, with no redeeming qualities, I’m not going to watch, and I’m not a baby or a snowflake for not enjoying it. Same thing goes with Big Brother. I prefer to watch smart, crafty, game players.. intrigue… plotting.. surprises. This is NOT that. This is a bunch of gorilla’s beating their chests and howling at a couple of outcasts and flinging their poo at them. How is that entertaining? I guess for some people it is, but I just don’t get it.

    2. Even if Cody attacked Paul he can defend himself. He has studied some kinda of karate stuff but can’t remember the name of it.

    1. Terrorizing and such verbal aggression. It really is sickening! Enough. I am not a cryer but watching the ganging up and hate made me cry. I had to shut it off. I felt disgusting watching it and feeling helpless. Too much . BB just reached an all time low. Nothing enjoyable or entertaining watching a abuse or a horrific car accident and this was close.

  6. Im disgusted with BB Production this year. To allow these passive aggressive idiots to torment Cody with memories of his military past. Wth??? That’s real life, guys. Cody may not be the best with his social game but to sit idly by and watch them ridicule and back him into a corner hoping and praying he cracks…this show is pathetic. As are the people running it. I used to love watching the social dynamics in BB. But this year has been nothing but a bunch of morons led by the Hitleresque Paul try to tear down a man. One single man….not an alliance of many but one single man… get your s*#t together, BB.

    1. If anyone does find a comment section or phone number for CBS please post!! I would love to write in and ask them exactly what they are doing with their message this year…..This is NOT entertainment and yes I realize the show is scripted, that is why I am even more pissed, CBS production is promoting and allowing this to be broadcast sending the message that bulling is okay!

      1. I went on cbs comment page and they have a space to comment and I think a phone number. I never comment but this has gone too far.

        1. thank you, can’t wait to call them. they won’t care but, I’ll feel better knowing I didn’t stand by and let them think this is entertainment. Paul, Ravan & Christmas should be penalized in some way, Josh is a child and even he knows it’s wrong.

        1. Thank you for the link, a message has been sent asking and wondering where the responsibility falls with CBS condoning a message of bullying!

      2. Lol the show is not in any way scripted espescially the live feeds. The catchy DR tag lines are sometimes but the show is 100% real and thats why CBS puts the disclaimer in front of the live feeds to basically watch at your own risk because you may see things you dont agree with and its not Cbs’s fault. These ppl are filmed live 24 7!

    2. I agree whole heartedly! This is just plain ridiculous! This man fought for your country and you are treating him this way! Christmas and Paul are the worst people to ever be on this show!

      1. Megan fought for our country as well…where was her support when she was “bullied”. Christmas was contracted to aid our troops…why is her service to this country being overlooked? I guess you guys just want to defend the men who served our country…regardless of whether he needs your help or not. No one is physically hurting him and he doesn’t have the emotional range to be hurt by this so-called “bullying” that’s going on in the house. If this was all going on in a real world setting I could appreciate you all coming to someone’s aide…but this is just a game, it’s really not as big of a deal as you all are making it out to be.

  7. For someone who keeps calling Cody a child, a bully, a coward, and whatever else…. Paul is just all of those things. Practically every criticism about Cody has been proved true about Paul.

  8. This is disgusting! I am appalled BB is allowing this. I can’t believe everyone is going along with this and not standing up to Paul, Josh and Xmas. A bunch of cowards thinking this is okay. Anyone have a phone number to complain to CBS?

    1. Please share the number if you get one. This disgusting and should not be allowed. I can see Paul being ejected tthe rest of the children will run to their beds to hide

    2. Don’t get your panties in a wad,where in the world is it written that this show or any other show has to be politically correct? That is why television sets have many channels to watch as well as on/off buttons. If you do not like what you see,do not look at it!

    1. I don’t care about Cody as a game player. Still don’t know why Jessica got that hex because I still say the most popular was Kevin or Alex at the time. Production gave that to her. BB should have never let Cody back in the game .

  9. This isn’t right. When 2 shirts is making the most sense and I’m genuinely feeling sorry for Cody and Jess and hope they take the high road, something is wrong. Paul is on a power trip and it’s a slippery slope right out of that house.

  10. I feel so sad right now. I feel like crying how every one is making Cody and Jessica day so miserable. I’m so mad @ josh right now. I am a Hispanic woman, and I’m very very sad how josh is acting. So sad and disappointed. Please America let’s give Cody and Jessica a special diamond of veto . Seriously I feel so sad right now. All of them are acting like high school punks. I was bullied my whole school year. So so so sad I am right now.

    1. Me too…This is a new low… And what a dumb women this Xmas is…I wish she could watch when Paul was telling Jason they should just send her ass to jury so she can take her meds.
      And Kevin is being part of this?? OMGGGGGGG

    2. Production already gave Jessica the hex, & let Cody practice in the maze competition before the taped show. Jody already got enough handed to them by production. ?

      1. Yeah, and Paul had the whole last season to practice, got 3 weeks of safety that got handed to him, had all of the houseguests hand him their tickets so he could win HOH. BTW, AMERICA gave Jess the hex, so that ought to say something about who the fans are liking!!

        1. AMERICA don’t actually vote for shxt unless it’s what the Have Nots get to eat for the week. All powers that effect the game is given by Production. Yes that includes Paul temptation, EVERYBODY who watches the show know Vets get protected the 1st few weeks, if it’s not a powers it’s DR manipulation. That’s why I think Cody might no have watched the show as much, he would’ve knows not to go after a vet too soon.

        2. I still say America didn’t give her the hex. The first two went to most popular in game which was Paul and then Christmas . The next two who was most popular in line were Kevin and Alex. So I still say and unless BB can show me the voting polls they use like the Show The Voice does when you want to keep one of the singers by voting then I will believe Jessica was voted to really get it and not handed to her because she threatened to leave the show.

    1. Stop the personal attacks…follows that with a personal attack of “Paul sucks” – seems legit.

  11. Yeah, I like Paul but he’s taking this too far. Big brother is cracking him already. He needs to
    chill. He took that confrontation with Cody too personal. He should’ve just laughed it off and moved on.

  12. This type of gameplay is absolutely disgusting. Paul is deliberately and with malice inflaming the situation. He’s acting like a 2 year old who when things don’t go his way, throws a tantrum. Xmas should be ashamed of herself.

  13. My gosh this is almost the most disgusting group I have ever seen. Paul talking about Cody being a bully….he is the bully. Paul saying Cody has little man syndrome…..LMAO speaks for itself. Everything Paul accuses Cody of is all Paul’s personal traits. I hope Mark Cody or Jess gets HOH. Josh had a second of common sense realizing they may be the bad guys…..YES YOU ARE and daily you are getting more hated! Stop being used Josh you appear to have a tad bit of sense just get those neurons in your brain to connect!

    1. Paul told Josh that Josh would for sure be voted Americas Favorite Player acting like he is! Josh is so stupid to believe it!! I hope Jessica and Cody can hold their heads up high and stand the course and make it through this stronger than ever. I hope they stay and win HOH’s and turn the house upside down!!

  14. What the f@@@ is wrong with Paul?? What the f@@@ is wrong with everyone else that doesn’t think what they’re doing is wrong??

    1. It’s really amazing to see how easily Christmas and the others have gone along with this behavior. What kind of people are they that they see nothing wrong with this?

      I’ve never dropped out of watching a season early on before, but I couldn’t possibly watch once Cody & Jess are gone. I hate the rest of these people!

    2. This is Pauls only claim to fame and now this is failing for him….why to go…first blackface comment and now attacking a war vet……boy your life outside of the house is going be just fantastic….couldnt have happened to a better (cough) guy

      1. I actually went to bat for Paul with the whole blackface episode and said it was blown out of proportion, well all that has changed and I no longer will cheer on Paul and hopes the rathe he is on in that house comes back onto him 10 fold once he gets out of that house. Paul just put himself in Raven territory when he gets out of that house.

        To think I actually love Paul coming back, now I wish hoards of fans write into CBS and Paul is the first ever house guest evicted by fans!

    3. People like Paul are always threatened by people like Cody. Look at Paul, he overcompensates for his insecurities with outlandish outfits, numerous tattoos, and his hipster facial hair and haircut. Cody is who he is and has always been straightforward about it. He doesn’t grovel or seek Paul’s approval and this has pushed Paul over the edge. Every other single member of the cast has bowed to kiss his ring except Cody and Jessica and THAT is why he hates them. It’s personal for him.

  15. AG is tryna get Cody to say something back so she can use it on the live show. She won’t show any of them provoking it. Jess is one hell of woman. Stay focused and win that hoh. I think Mark and Jason and possibly Kevin will turn the tide if they win. It’s not hard to see that Paula, testosterone blondie, and diaper meatball josh are in a really bad spot in this game. They’re using an any means necessary approach. Keep drowning suckers. I’m gonna watch you till the life leaves your eyes

  16. Paul really seems like he is overplaying it here. Might wake some of these puppets out of his mist and realize they don’t want all this confrontation and bullying and that it’s coming from Paul not Cody.

  17. I have not been a fan of Jody since day 1 but this is actually awful. For them to poke and prod Cody about his military past is pretty disgusting. I am really surprised BB has not stepped in and told Paul, Xmas, and Josh off for trying to start a fight.

    1. I lost all my respect for Xmas as well.. what a looser this woman is. Jessica even kept her safe last week and tried to make amens with her.

      1. Wow this coming from a motivational speaker! Not only did she f her foot but chances are, who would hire her now to be a motivational speaker? I bet she will blame it on the mess, of course she will. Disgusting.

        1. Hope her employees quite in embarrassment. And What parent would send their child to Raven’s dance studio after this? Actually feel sorry for Matt. He’ll drop her fast upon meeting her mother. Only word for Alex is trash. I had high hopes for her early on but she’s disgusting. Can only hope Paul’s association with CBS is finally terminated after ruining this season.

    2. This is what we try to teach are kids not to do to people that was a attack to all soldiers about that American flag I have no use for them .the only thing Cody did to them was weak one put Paul on the block jess had done nothing she deserves a medal I could not have let people talk to me like that

    3. It’s not really all that disgusting. Anyone can lie about their past or occupation in that house. They do not know with 100 percent certainty that he is a marine so they should question it all they like. We are on the outside and can google the truth but asking them to take someone’s word for it in the BB house is a little ridiculous.

  18. This game is a becoming a shit show, but I love the fact that Paul is intimidated by jess and cody’s game that he needs a team to defeat them. I love how they are handling themselves, and have the hex to ensure their safety. They should be the only ones qualified to win the game. Fuck you Paul.

  19. I hope America joins me in either voting for Cody or Jessica for America’s Favorite Player. Way to go CBS. Racism, bullying..what’s next? Quality production right there. NOT.

    1. Cody does not need to be in this game. This type of environment is not good for someone that could possibly have ptsd.

    2. If That actually happens you are all cray… lol They suck at the game!!! Cody has zero personality and Jessica talks about sex 90% of the time but you feel sorry for them because they made horrible game moves and are getting called out for the shit they’ve done. If you were actually watching the show from the start you’d remember that Cody and Jess lead the way with the Josh bashing. Just to name one…Oh thats ok right? .. Are ya’ll but hurt cause he’s a vet. Because if that’s why you are getting so emotional over this, you need to reassess… I can name several showmancess people hated on the show and fans alike and were always at the bottom and I didn’t see anyone crying over them on here…

  20. GnomeBeard is going to get a hard awakening. Cody hasn’t done anything to deserve this. Except go against that tiny minded gnome. I think small man syndrome fits Paul to a tee.

  21. Lol at Paul rehersing what he’ll “say” to Cody. Now go try say it to his face and dont wet your pants.

    Paul behind codys back- codys a coward, all bark, talks behind my back
    Paul in codys face- im only 1 person, its them, i never talk behind your back….wets pants.

    Who has small mans complex?

  22. No sympathy for Jessica and Cody. They ostracized themselves and turned on everyone so no one should be surprised that those people are going to ostracize them right back and call them out for it. Did Jessica really think making deals with everyone when she was hoh was a good idea? And Cody betraying people who were in his alliance? I do feel bad for Jessica but she should’ve smartened up like Elena and slowed it down with the guy ruining her game. This is a game. Focus on that. It’s not a dating show. I hope she goes first because of that alone. She had a chance to save herself this week by getting Cody out which lets be frank is best for him and she knows it which is why she keeps asking him. He’s going to snap and everyone knows it and if I was playing for half a million dollars and saw someone unstable in my way I would absolutely push them to snap. It’s a game. And this game is awesome today!!!

    1. Facts. Once I saw what Jody did to Josh after they couldn’t get their way, after Cody went against his alliance & they rightfully returned the favor, I don’t feel bad for what’s happening to Jody.

      1. Agree! Everyone on here is upset with the way Jess and Cody are being treated. I guess they forgot what Cody said to Megan and how Jess went off on Megan to make her self evict. They did this to themselves. Now I’m not saying what the rest of the house is doing is right, but Jess and Cody are not innocent by no means. Everyone in the house has been mean and nasty but Kevin.

    2. You do not need to like them or hate them, I am most certainly not a Cody or Jess fan, but NOBODY deserves this treatment~ In a day were bullying is so predominant BB is glorifying it! Speaks volumes to me about the people who say they deserve it! (justsayin)

      1. Exactly, including josh and Meghan who were treated horribly by Mr. Cody dearest and his ‘Gilfriend’ ……Lest We forget.

    3. Nice to see some people on here not crying about what is currently happening. I have to get off this page right now because it makes me laugh how people are so quick to get angry over this now but when Cody and Jess were treating people poorly all was ok in the world?

  23. Xmas: “I am here to be a f*ing resource for people to find their inner strength”. THEN, goes on to say she “could rip out peoples’ souls”. Reading this gave me an honest-to-goodness laugh, something Xmas has NEVER inspired before. What a maroon (*Bugs Bunny voice*).

    1. I wrote this before reading to the end of the post, and am definitely not laughing now. I am interested to know how Kevin and Jason are participating in this. Any specifics?

  24. Paul, my baby. America don’t need to love you! This minions are just for u! Let’s get the prize that Nicole stole for u

  25. I want CBS phone number! Does anyone have it? This is ridiculous!!! If Jessica and Cody leave, there is no damn way I am watching anymore of this. Paul is a freaking idiot and a coward and so are his little groupies! I hope Jessica and Cody stay, use the hex, win HOH, and get Paul the hell out of there!!!

    1. I found this on CBS.COM. had to do some searching. Big Brother was under his name so I wrote to him concerning my discuss with Paul. There were also phone numbers but I couldn’t find it again. I’m an Air Force vet and apauled.

  26. I had to turn off the feeds for the first time in all the years I’ve been watching. Just can’t watch that.

  27. That Paul is so enraged when he has a “whole house vs 2 advantage” in addition to all the advantages Production has given him makes no sense.

    It is also incredible how much of a pack of dogs mentality he has instilled in his minions.

    This is the first season I have disliked everyone but 2 people. I even liked Kevin, Christmas & Alex until they became sheep for Paul. Screw this season after Cody & Jessica are gone.

    1. So at this point production has finally stepped in, and yet Paul is still pushing his agenda to harass Jody.

      I am willing to bet we see Paul ecouraging his puppets to continue harass Jody, but he himself will saperate himself from it. Hoping to blame others for this terrible debacle.

  28. I am not fan of Cody and Jessica, I hate their arrogance and mean girl BS. However I have never liked Paul and this is exactly why, this is disgusting, I want Jason to take a stand, he and Alex (and Kevin) are my favorites and I want them to be better than this.

  29. Josh has a moment of insight: “Are we the bad guys?” JOSH has a moment of insight?!? What fresh hell of an upside-down world is this? Xmas in a soul-ripping-out fury (making Cody look like a Boy Scout), and now JOSH’s…insight? I am absolutely entertained! (Seriously, I am.)

    1. Xmas, that horny all cougar needs to go to a FN detox!
      She so FN wasted on Oxy’s she’s ready to start “speaking in tongues!
      What do these brain-wash, hive-mind loser think?
      One thing’s for sure, there’s is definitely NO coming back from this tomorrow!

      If anything, which at this point isn’t much – it’s nice NOT seeing Matt getting any screen time. His cowardice is saving his ass tonight – for sure!

      Bye-bye Kevin – “Pray to God that through your unrepentant actions today, that you’ve NOT brought a pocks upon your soul, (the City of Boston) or your house!”

  30. Ironic how Paul wants Cody to crack not realizing he’s the one that has officially cracked. This cast is pathetic.. You don’t bully someone into your demands. Jess was actually considering not to use hex.

  31. What’s funny is that the game play of Paul and his Others have made this season only watchable to see Cody and Jess win. If by chance they are both eliminated, who wants to watch the rest of this house?

    I was Team Kevin, but even watch him be a bystander to what is being done to Cody and Jess, and now helping Paul after saying he didn’t agree with it, c’mon man, you were supposed to be the one teaching others about being a gentleman and how to treat others. Now he’s just another number.

    What people will do for money and their 15 minutes.

  32. I totally agree with all of the posters here. This is truly disgusting to watch and production needs to get off its asses and put an end to this. THEY are inciting a riot, so to speak, and that is unlawful. Heaven forbid should Cody flip out and hurt someone over this, production should, and will be held responsible for allowing this deplorable behavior.

  33. These people are a bunch of bullies and people that think is okay or think is funny are as well. Why does Paul need the whole loserville followers to back him up? It’s because he’s half the man Cody is. Actually he’s half he man Jess is – and she’s a woman. Dislike Paul, Josh and Raven the most followed by xmas . They should be booed on their way out.

  34. The entire house is a bunch of kids vs two adults. Not a fan of Cody and Jessica, but they are taking abuse that is gone way too far! Attacking his military record? Fuck them, they are half the man/woman Cody is!

    As for Raven, hope that “disease” takes her sooner than later. Can’t stand that nasty bitch.

  35. This is sickening and Paul, Christmas, Raven and Josh are going to have a hard lesson to learn when they get out of the house! Their actions I the house of behaving like rabid dogs ganging up to Bly someone will not go unnoticed by many and if any of the have jobs expect them all to have termination notices waiting for them! They are disgusting exams of a human being!

  36. Jesus, are these people on drugs? I’m watching Jess and Cody talk about walking off the show and honestly I can’t say I blame them. This whole situation has gotten so out of hand and I’m genuinely surprised that nothing has been done to stop this BS because someone is going to get hurt. And what the hell are they so pissed about that they think justifies their behavior? Jess using her hex? Jesus Christ, they’re just two people! And that’s what makes this even more gross, the majority of the house endlessly harassing 2 people.

    Jess and Cody aren’t my favorite people but they don’t deserve this level of BS.

  37. At this point the only reason Cody is not letting jess use the hex is because he doesn’t want to leave jess by herself, he’s so checked out. Cody, jess is telling you she wants to walk so you can talk her out of it, not encourage it.

  38. CAN’T wait until RAVEN YOUTUBES HERSELF AFTER THE SHOW!! She’ll see the hilariously well done & amazing video titled ‘RAVEN EXPOSED PARTY! BB19’ or st & cry because it has almost 100k viewe at this point thus far :)))))) Exposing her for fake godundme charities so she & her mother can purchase more vehicles & diamond necklaces. GROSS!!!!

    Watch it now :D!!

  39. I hope with everything I have that CBS shows airs this, if it wasn’t for feeds and this site I would have no idea what a piece of crap Paul is !! People watching the show deserves to know !! I don’t understand how provoking a fight is ok, but even touching someone in anger will get you kicked out !! Total bullshit

  40. I haven’t commented on OBB, but this season is a damn joke. Let’s bang pots and pans against a vet? Paul, Mr Meathead Josh & Miss (obviously a Miss) Meathead Christmas are the pieces of garbage that made others in school suicidal b/c of bullying. Fuck this season. I can’t watch it, it makes ME suicidal. And I ain’t the suicidal type! Paul will probably come in 2nd place again, get his comeupance, bang his broads, cuz he’s a piece of shit. And in all honesty, I can’t believe everyone loves Cody/Jess, only simply b/c they’re considered the “beautiful” people. So sad to see. Sad!

  41. Missed the chaos. Last thing I heard was swirtchng the containers for the regular & decaf coffee. Things must be normalizing (at least for the day). If Jess uses her temptation then I think next week will e a double eviction

  42. For anyone who disagrees with the way certain house guests are being bullied with hopes of getting people to use violence please call CBS at 212-975-4321 and complain. I will also go after sponsers. Hurt them with money. This is so wrong. Hope a lot of you agree and call CBS with a complaint.

  43. Can one of Paul’s minions please wake up to the fact that Paul (Big Brother royalty in his own mind) has 2 FAILED HOH’s. He sent Cody home, fully knowing a buy back was happening, Cody came back. He nominates Jess/Cody knowing Jess has a temptation. And Paul played Big Brother last year?? Could have fooled me with his game play this year.

  44. CBS Headquarters in NY is 1 212 975 4321 for anyone that would like to blow up their phones!! SHare with everyone you know! Paul,Christmas, Josh and Raven are vile! Share with all veteran organizations as well!!!

  45. I’m no fan of Cody’s, but this display by Paul and his minions is just plain embarrassing. Not mean, not vicious, but ridiculous, unflattering, embarrassing. All the theatrics and phony outrage is just falling flat and they are looking like idiots.

  46. Hey production what the he'll you can rig comps and give away fake advantages but you can't control a house full of jerks. Do something! says:

    Jesus I straight up hate Cody and Jessica but after the last couple hours of watching feeds I’m about to start rooting for them. How can all these people who didn’t like Codys aggression and attitude do 10x what he ever did and think it’s justified because he acted bad first. Bullying is bullying even if the other person did it first. And Jessica man I dislike her because the way she acts isny my cup of tea but what the others are doing to her is just so so wrong because really she never did anything horrible to anyone else besides maybe raise her voice.

    Also I can’t believe Kevin, who is a parent of a basketball team full of kids, could be ok with that bullying. Like what if that had been one of your kids dude? … And don’t get me started on the other players, I mean all Paul has to say is let’s kick it up a notch to annoy them and the entire house goes insane doing his bidding and high diving each other and thinking they are doing something great.

    Like I was loving this season so far but this is just way over the top and is turning into a nightmare. Production seriously needs to do something.

    1. Bullying kids and bullying two adults on a game show are two veeery different scenarios. In the real world I’m sure Kevin would not let children get bullied. It’s apples and oranges…quit acting like it’s the same thing.

  47. I have to give Jody credit, if I were in their position I would have left the house already. I still don’t like them, but I definitely feel bad for them. This is beyond unacceptable. I just really, really hope that Josh uses his realization that they are the bullies and stops this nonsense! Probably won’t happen, but that is my last hope that this shit will end

  48. Call your local bookstore and tell them to pull Xmas book for her badass bullying. To heck with CBS call your local Barnes and Noble. She is just as bad as Paul!!!!

  49. This season is hard to watch. I didn’t like it when Josh attacked Meghan and then Cody went after her.

    I think BB should end. It has run its course. They should never allow an evicted guest to battle back and they should never allow a guest from a previous season to return a following year.

  50. im surprised so many are up in arms, this is BB haven’t you guys ever watched it before? remember Amanda and Aaryn? did they stop it before? its a game and a tv show.

    1. I’m actually not surprised, as a society we are feed to accept all others and to stand up against bullying and here we have CBS a media outlet promoting and condoning this kind of mentality. Society constantly changes and yes while Amanda and Aaryn (in 2013) went all off the handle, this whole gang mentality and bullying in 2017 doesn’t fly.

      CBS sending contradicting message won’t fly

  51. Jess needs to stop referring to the HoH room as “our room” . such entitlement is why people dislike Jody. However, what’s happening to them today is unacceptable

    1. Its too bad OBB doesn’t have an extension or app on this forum that would allow posters (me) to “throat punch” annoying obnoxious comments like the a$$hat above! JK

  52. Call CBS and complain, this is not acceptable!
    Repost, share this number and let them hear your voice

  53. Also, can we give Elena and Mark “the Doofus” a trophies for ultimate floaters all time? Jesus… the asskissing to Paul…

    1. Won’t they be surprised when they’re the next set of people Paul or his minions put up after they get Cody and Jessica out the door! All the asskissing to Paul will have gotten them nothing!!

  54. Seriously production needs to stop this cause this is not fair and it’s not fun to watch anymore and if Cody and Jess walk out this game will be trash… I’m going to stick to the real CBS show survivor not this BS big brother allowing crap like this.

  55. it’s funny to me how all the people posting comments on this thread forget all the horrible things Cody said when he was HOH. Do I agree with the things beings said about his military experience? No! However, everyone is so quick to blame Paul for everything. Everyone in this house is responsible for their actions. They are all adults! BB is loving all this controversy. You can’t tell me that didn’t know this was going to happen. Every comment has been so negative on this thread against Paul. Aren’t we just given BB what they want? Also, the comments on here against Paul, Xmas, Cody and Jessica all just as bad as what’s going on in the house. If we want BB to do something about it then we need to act like adults as well.

  56. It’s getting hard to watch. Is this what our future generation is like? Coming from a vetted family, Paul better watch out on the outside. Marine’s are hard core.

  57. This has to be the worst season of BB that has ever been aired. Absolutely disgusting. In hard times that we are going through this is not what we need to see right now. This is beyond game play, never before has there been this kind of torment in the house.
    Kudos to Mark for not punching Josh in the face yet.

  58. Funniest thing I heard on live feeds ever….

    Josh telling Christmas/Paul/Elena and Mark that Jessica plays a “victim”.

    Oh my god I nearly pissed myself at Josh mentioning another player plays a victim. This coming from the biggest victim in BB history. Josh, Mr I can bang pots and pans, call you meatball and other personal attacks but tell me I dont deserve to be in the game and I will run and cry in my bed. Now that is live feed GOLD!

  59. Cody and Jessica aren’t going anywhere now. Production will make sure they stay and win. Cody /Jessica will for sure win the next HOH. Weren’t people saying that this stuff is scripted?

  60. Please production talk to Jess & Cody and do not let them give up. They will go down in BB history if they would just get their heads back into the game. Paul’s minions will need a new leader cause somebody after tonight has to see that Paul has too many alliances and needs to go.

  61. Jessica was on the hammock with Cody asking for a “sign”. Someone with a bull horn then yells outside the house that America loves Jess….

    I would say she got her sign!

    Thank god someone took it upon themselves to go send a message to that house!! Well done bullhorn person!

  62. I do not understand how anyone who is a big brother GAME fan is could not enjoy and appreciate Paul’s game play. Firstly, Everyone who says they want Cody in to get Paul out is absolutely ridiculous because he will not be voted out any time soon.Cody does not have the numbers and never will have the smarts to gather them, not even Jessica can pull that off. Secondly, Cody’s attempt at playing the game that first week backfired not only because Paul Had the Temptation reward but he failed to see nobody would have even voted him out at that point. That is BAD gameplay. I have zero respect for his game and I’m not interested in watching the bachelor so the faster he leaves the less I have to watch him grab ass and hear about his future life with his ‘Girlfriend’ … WHAT THE FUCK! .. Josh is entertaining, and his play is also a big brother do so don’t cry over it. Mark is a dud. Elena has her moments of good game. Alex is also playing the game and is doing a B- Job at the moment.. Kevin is the MAN! I’m not a fan of Raven, she screams and plays around too much, she’s doing shit. Matt is well Matt. I think Jason has the potential to go far and its cool to see him trying. I’m actually enjoying this season.

  63. I guess everyone here has forgotten the way Cody treated Megan and Josh the first week. Jessica and Alex yelling at Megan….Jess and Cody are not innocent. They were not nice. The whole house is not nice but now you want production to step in?!?!?! Poor Megan had Cody tell her he didn’t like her when he didn’t know her. Megan misheard Jess say something about Alex and as a friend thought Alex should know, instead of talking to her they attached her. I don’t feel sorry for anyone in that house. They all deserve what they are getting!!!

  64. when Raven said to Jessica that she didn’t want her on the block until Jessica threw her under the train….
    did anyone else think damn, she can’t be trying to out train story bb17 Becky.

  65. CBS must be getting bombarded with calls because I called the 333 575 2345 number and told them had a complaint with the gang bullying that was happening on Big Brother online and they hung up on me!!They must be getting angry over the number of calls! I called the number 1 212 975 4321 number to complain in NY but they are closed until the morning!

    1. They hung up on you because you are stupid enough to call about it. This happens every season on big brother! EVERY SEASON people get berated and in arguments! The fact that you took time to call CBS makes you a joke. Don’t watch if you don’t like it.

    2. Just stop watching if you don’t like it. Every single person in that house deserves wha they get. Jess and Cody started it first week and everyone turned on them for it. Now that they are out numbered people complain. Get over it. They did it to themselves. You don’t like it, stop watching the live feeds.

    3. Sorry about that. Hung up because you called to b**** about a live feed that you have to pay to watch. You don’t like it, stop watching. Maybe next time call with something good and to tell me you have no life and are worried about the people who signed up for this.
      CBS B**** Line

  66. Watching Alex try to school Jason, Josh, & Jevin on the events of each day that they have been there is funny

    1. And sadly a FN waste of time! Especially for the pr version of Gilbert Grape! He’s doesn’t even know how to FN read yet much less memorize dates and times!

      Having “false memories” about someone supposedly “disrespecting him,” well that’s different!

      He’s probably a FN “idiot savante” who’s a genius at staying within the lines of his favorite Baby Huey and Little Lotta coloring books!

  67. What they are doing is completely wrong. It’s super disturbing to watch. The bulling and ganging up is getting serious. This is so disgusting.

  68. Well. This may not be a popular opinion, but based on how Cody and Jessica behaved from day 1, if they were on top at the moment, they would be belittling josh and others as they did before. Codys arrogance would be out of control just as it was before. Not saying that anything that’s going on is right by any means. I just do not see Cody and jess as victims. I see karma for the way they came in acting. Again. Not that it’s right. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Matt hasn’t done much at all gamewise really but staying under the radar. Which looks like it could definitely be the best strategy in this house. But his maturity makes me like him more than anyone at this point. Kevin seems to be up there too. But him being older, And having children puts him above the level of most of them.

  69. I know disclaimers and consents are signed before this show, but there has got to be a loophole to take this emotional abuse to another level. Everyone says this is a game, but this is not gameplay. And if, by chance, someone does lose it in the house and gets hurt, who will be accountable then? Who will be considered bystanders or accomplices? This is like a BB version of Carrie. Talk about drinking the laced Kool-Aid! Josh is being pimped beyond belief. He thinks he is doing something significant, but he is only embarrassing himself.

  70. Seriously CBS come one production need to go in and talk with the HG this is out of line the use of words towards 2 people is not fair at all this is not entertainment…. this is very ugly to watch come please step in and please don’t allow for Cody and Jessica to walk out then this show will be horrible

  71. I’m really curious to see how this gets aired this week. If they make it look like Paul isn’t the one rallying everyone to attack them. Then I’m going to be pissed. I can’t wait for people like Paul, josh, and Xmas to get out of the house and read what people have said about them. They think America loves them..I only wish we could watch them when they find out how hated they were!

  72. Jessica number 1 in the ranking grid for the first time today. Two weeks ago she was consistently at the bottom. What a turnaround.

  73. Jason doubts Cody’s military service.

    Which is cute because no one doubts Jason career as a rodeo clown. After all, he’s a clown in the house too.

  74. If you’ve ever wondered how a cult is born, look no further than the ideal leader, Paul.

    I’ve been in shock these past few days because I’ve had a hard time with what I am seeing and hearing in the BB house. The game play has gotten downright despicable. I am completely disgusted by Paul, Christmas, and Raven. I was already turned off to Josh, Alex, and Jason. While I understand Elena wants independence from Mark, I don’t like the way Elena is treating him, which was all planted and encouraged by Paul.

    I like that Matt is disagreeing with some of the ugly plotting by Paul and his bootlickers, but I just can’t understand why these HGs can’t see the big picture and think for themselves. They’re happily hypnotized and willingly serving Paul’s every wicked whim. I honestly feel like the CIA (The Men in Black) needs to recruit Paul for his insane mind control abilities. I’m just completely astounded. I can’t even give these HG’s an honest ranking anymore. Character, humility and dignity have hit an all time low in exchange for false-fame and possible fortune.

    I’m still hoping Thursday brings me something to hold on to. *sigh

  75. CBS PAY ATTENTION to this feedback! The majority of your loyal fan base takes time to watch and comment on this show/feed/all things BB because we love this show! This season has gone off the f**ing rails in terms of TRUE BB GAME PLAY and (with Paul at the helm) become an immature, mean-spirited and shallow “game” of “torture.” Provoking ANYONE by constant teasing, annoying noises, or whatever you want to call it, until they react IS NOT GAME PLAY! It is not the least bit entertaining and it is spiraling into a sh*tshow (for the audience and house guests alike)! Please like if you agree!!!

  76. CBS PAY ATTENTION to this feedback! The majority of your loyal fan base takes time to watch and comment on this show/feed/all things BB because we love this show! This season has gone off the f**ing rails in terms of TRUE BB GAME PLAY and (with Paul at the helm) become an immature, mean-spirited and shallow “game” of “torture.” Provoking ANYONE by constant teasing, annoying noises, or whatever you want to call it, until they react IS NOT GAME PLAY! It is not the least bit entertaining and it is spiraling into a sh*tshow (for the audience and house guests alike)! Please like if you agree!!!

  77. Paul needs to be gone. He is a POS for egging on this harassment. Really CBS… your cool with this gang behavior? A all time low on Big Brother!

  78. the only thing I didnt like about Cody at first was I found him blank and kind of a sexist.. I was glad Paul got the first temptation.. man was I wrong.. I cant stand Paul now, and Josh is the person I most want gone.. I think Josh was the first bully… He bullies Megan right off the hop..

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