Paul – Hey Jess.. why not put a muzzle on your f*ing dog because all he does is bark

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1:27pm Paul and the gang are talking about Cody and Jessica and how they want to try and get Jessica to not use the Hex.
Paul says He has the HOH and Veto all they have is a hex that if she uses it she’s gone and if she doesn’t use it he’s gone, “So why do they have us by the nuts”

1:33pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica says she can only imagine the Speech Paul is giving right now about them to the troops.
Jessica – I wonder if Matt and raven are going to allow him to use them as tools.

Jessica – will we take out some heads before we’re out the door..

Matt says if they want them to not use the Hex harassing them all week will not help
Josh says he’s convinced Jessica is using the Hex
Matt – put them in your shoes… we are not in a bad situation here..
Matt – we all have each other’s back … they have 2 people over there 1 of them is going home and 1 of them nobody in this house gives a shit about.
Matt wants them to try to get Jessica to not use the Hex.

Xmas says the best thing to do is give Jessica what she wanted time with Cody.

1:50pm Josh is back at it..

1:54pm HOH Matt, Paul and Raven
Paul doesn’t care if she doesn’t use the Hex, he’s certain that Jessica is using the Hex.
Paul wants to make Cody blow up again. He’s thinking that is the only way they can get Jessica to not use the Hex.

Paul calls Cody a piece of sh1t and he’s going to get a rise out of him, “Use coward.. you’re not a man.. and Jason wants to question his military.. why are you covering up your dog tags if you are not proud”
Matt doesn’t sound convinced this is the best thing to do.
Paul goes on about how he’s got the power this week.

Paul now bringing up that Cody called trans people “Tr@nnies”
Christmas has joins them she’s on board with riling Cody up.
Paul says Jason is ready to push Cody far with the dog tags comment.
Matt still not convinced he’s thinking they need to try and get the Hex not used.
Paul says Jessica blew up on Raven for no reason she’s just looking for a reason to get mad and say she’s using the hex.
Paul going off that he has the power this week, “WE need to pivot dude… ”

Paul says don’t touch Jessica
Christmas – be super nice to Jess…
Paul – sh1t on Cody..
Paul – i’m going to get him to crack and once he cracks i’m going to say so Jess this is who you are protecting
Christmas says the only reason COdy is standing by her is because he has nobody else. She is throwing away her chance to get to Jury for him.. (LOL ohh no not Jury)
Paul going on and on about getting Cody to Crack, “An aggressive piece of sh1t”
Paul says the 2 people that won’t say anything is mark and Elena but everyone else will.. “Let them stand out fight the house fight”
Paul – I got him to crack.. that was the last time Jessica and Cody got in a fight

Matt’s now on board but wants them all on the same plan..
Josh joins them.. they start to plan how they will get Cody to Crack.

Paul – Hey Jess.. why not put a muzzle on your f*ing dog because all he does is bark
xmas – the biggest thing that will get him excited is he can’t fight his own fight and Jess is keeping him in check
Paul – damn bro i thought you could speak for yourself but you need your girl to stand up for you, shows what kinda man you are..
Xmas – you need to think of different ways to say it..
Paul – listen you little f*ing bully.. back the f* down.. we need him to get aggressive and show his f*ing colours..
Xmas – if he gets up say what are you going to do.. what can you do .. why don’t you call Jess because she fights everyone for you
Xmas mentions how if Jessica and Cody get in a fight Cody will isolate himself they can penetrate that.
Paul – hey bro did that girl put ta Muzzle on you…

2:18pm HOH Matt, Raven and Christmas
Matt is telling her it sounds great to harass people but it’s not really a great thing for them to do. This is something they do as a last ditch plan.
Matt says Josh is riled up and Paul is really good at getting the house to go after someone “we are putting people in danger and that’s not cool”

Xmas says she didn’t come here to harass people for 4 days.. but..

Xmas – I am here to be a f*ing resource for people to find their inner strength and move on.. that’s what I cam here for
Xmas – Cody is a constant threat with him and Jessica in the house it’s dangerous.. they are going to keep Mark and Elena on a short leash that is 4 people..
Matt – moving forward lets try not to get to this point.. this is not good for anybody..
Matt – I’m going to do whatever to help this plan but this is f*ing unnecessary

Christmas is arguing it is necessary for them to harass Cody for the next 4 days.
Xmas – he’s made it necessary..
Matt – we are trying to get a man who has killed people to crack that is f*ing stupid..
Matt – are you going to feel great if Josh get’s punch in the face… can you justify that if Josh gets punched in the face…
Matt – whats it going to take .. have someone get knocked out..
Xmas is getting pissed “Why are you arguing me.. I’m on the same page.. ”

Matt leaves “Ok Christmas.. ”
Raven – we don’t want anybody to get hurt
Christmas yelling at raven “Why are you lecturing me… Don’t lecture me when I agree 100%.. have him go lecture every body … BACK THE F*CK off my a$$.. he may have killed people but I can rip people’s souls just as easy… Back the F*** off..
Raven – calm down.. we are on your team.. we saved you remember..

2:32pm Matt and Raven
Matt – she will not get another word outta me (Xmas)
Matt doesn’t talk to people when they use that type of tone with him.
Matt – I’ll sit there and make her f*ing cry
Raven – I Completely understand where you are coming from.. we do not need another enemy right now
Matt – I’m cool.. don’t worry.. nobody is going to speak to me like that.. I don’t know who she thinks she is..
Raven – I agree..

Matt talking about how enthusiastic Christmas was about cracking them.
Matt – it’s not a good look
Matt doesn’t know why Christmas blows up lie that he’s going to assume it’s from the drugs.
Matt says JOsh is his friend he doesn’t want to see him with blood all over the place.

Matt says the reason he walked out like that is..
Matt – I looked her in the eyes and I could tell she was high as a f*ing kite..

Raven says when Jessica was getting pissed at her she wanted to yell at Jessica about telling everyone she hid Alex’s cat ears.

2:51pm Josh is trying to rile Cody up
Josh – Last time I checked, Jessica had a muzzle around your mouth and now you cant talk to nobody
Josh – COdy you are boring me to death..
They start to make out to distract them from Josh’s trash talk..

Josh – You attacked me personally Cody.. I’m not going to attack you personally because i’m a bigger man than you I’m going to f* with you till you self evict.. go pull the handle..

2:57pm Mark and Jason
Jason – it’s not cool man.. feels uncomfortable..
Mark agrees says it’s not a good look
Mark says he hates seeing what is going on but as long as the target is off his back.
Jason – I know…
Mark – this is killing me right now..
Jason says Cody acts really aggressive but then never talks.
Jason – like stomping around.. it’s weird..

3:18pm Kevin and Mark
Kevin says some people won’t like what Josh is doing. Kevin isn’t going to be part of it.
Kevin says that people are urging Josh on and when it comes to it those people will turn around and say “It was Josh”
(Xmas and Paul have been urging him)

3:30pm Raven crying because she doesn’t like to see people fight..

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Omg. Who is the bully. Paul is the bone losing it. He is a sore loser. If forthrightly someone then Paul needs to be evicted also. He instigated other whole thing. Cody served our country and now they are questioning him. Really. I I am about done with big brother letting this happen. Someone gets hurt I guess lawyers can become involved.


Paul is so focused on Cody he says he doesn’t get personal but just cause Cody put him on the block the very first week he’s been personal ever sense and all the people who let Paul rule the game are idiots play your own game Cody serve the country they should all have a little respect bunch of idiots I’m sure there’s a reason his dog tags are covered they should be salute and I’m not harassing him and Josh is an idiot he makes me not even want to watch the show big brother pick better people next year


The reason his tags are covered is because it has his social security number on them!! There F*****g idiots!!

Bolt Uprite.

Soldiers tape their tags so they don’t clink together and make metallic noises (battle rattle) and reveal their positions to the enemy.

Jennifer Marie is a c*nt

Its stupid to wear your dog tags after discharge from the military. My one friend wore them only when he was out chasing women. My brother put them up when came back home. Cody is an idiot.


Will be interesting how much of this constant pushing on Cody production will put in the wed/Thur show. And how they’ll spin it to make Paul look like the victim and Cody look crazy because you know that’s what they’ll do. Thy been trying to make Cody look crazy all season.

Cody vs Cody

Ahem…CODY has ben making CODY look crazy all season. I sincerely think he’s mental.


“crazy why? for immediately assessing that Paul was the biggest threat to them all?”


1000%….Lawyer up definitely…..seems like CBS’ attorneys would be giving them insight right now

Kitty's mom

I’m surprised production is encouraging the bullying of another person, especially when so many young people watch the show and then bully others. I understand it’s a game and people want to play, but don’t bully or harass someone just for the sole purpose of breaking them. It’s wrong and what message does this send to any young person on the verge of suicide because of bullying and harassment.


I can’t believe someone would actually think its acceptable to question any military personnel who has served. These people are willling to make the ultimate sacrifice for their counry, whether you like them personally or not, they deserve the utmost respect. Some lines should not be crossed when playing this game. Unbelievable.

Homey Clause

Hey Simon and Dawg
I noticed there is’t much written about for Christmas and Matt. Is it you don’t like them (just kidding), the cameras are not recording their talks, they don’t talk much or is it that you publish only a percentage of what is said. Just curious……


Not a Cody lover , they wont break him the Military do alot worse than that in boot camp , I know I went through boot camp in the Cdn Military 11 weeks seen people cry , puke and everything else. Don’t know why Cody keeps his dogtags taped together like that .I would be letting mine hang freely .


THEY are questioning his military service and you don’t find that disgusting ?


Keep It Cool, Cody

I’m thinking the exact same. I am outraged by this behavior towards one of our own military veterans! The REAL Vet here is Cody. Not the spoiled LA kid who was annoying us last year.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. Cody may be better suited to an appearance on Survivor as opposed to Big Brother; however, he is a human being and a veteran. As such, he deserves our respect as we cannot truly understand an individual’s behavior unless we have walked in their respective shoes. It is sickening to hear Paul, Christmas, and so forth discuss different ways to disparage Cody’s character in order to provoke him to retaliate or, worse, self evict. While I have never rooted for Paul or Cody, I do genuinely feel Paul and his “followers” are crossing the line here. Added to that, Josh may end up seriously injured as a result of his menacing behavior. Matt, Kevin, and Mark acknowledge this behavior is entirely unacceptable. Let’s hope the other HGs will come to this conclusion as well before BB takes a tragic turn. Cody, thank you so much for your service to our country!!


I do not think Cody will punch Josh at all as much as he cant stand the twat. If Cody is going to go out swinging he will go for the gnome and show what a little man child he really is or even make the move to punch Paul to watch him flinch


If he has issues and probably does because of his time at war, he should not be participating. It is as simple as that. Nobody should have to tip toe around him. This isn’t the Disney channel. And any violence that may or may not occur because of somebody’s words is not something to condone. Josh is banging Pots lol I’ve heard and seen much worse… its laughable.


No one suggests tiptoeing, you would break after 10 minutes, of course it’s laughable to you, it is happening to someone else. By reading your post, I wonder, you do not watch much? How about watching the live feeds and see the true whole story. Simon and Dawg do an awesome job, and omthsnk them.. but cannot put down everything that occurs, no matter how they try. Get a free trial, and watch a few days, not nit picked YouTube videos of fans showong Paul’s one sided great gameplay and Cody’s resting face, and rarely raised voice. Because if that is tiptoeing, I’m truly a ballerina. If he speaks, he’s a bully, if not, he’s crazy and unsociable. No win here. You’re saying that someone’s constant banging and chanting to you, calling your name, etc.., wouldn’t bother you , now thst is really laughable.


Well stated.

Sir Loin of Beef

Production is probably making him tape them together.

What the dogs tags represent might “trigger” the other fleece-covered snowflakes!


They simply may jingle in the mic.


Things may have changed over 20 years but my hubby and dada dog tags had their ss# listed


Probably because they clang against his mic. That’s what I’ve been thinking.


It’s a military thing, for noise control. He is just trained that way and has yet to undo them. I know a lot of military members that do that, if I still wore my dog tags I would too..


My guess is to cover his ss#


Question… I vaguely remember so please correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Megan in the military and Cody berated her? Granted, I think she lies about something but everyone does it’s big brother, but I don’t remember the outpouring of military support for her here on the boards. . Gamewise, I don’t think Cody is cut out for this game, maybe amazing race but not big brother. I think Jess should dump him in the game and pair off with Mark and Elena. Paul’s group is splintering and she will be able to get a group together. #TeamKevin

Bunny Flop

She was navy. Idk how it is now but when my dad was alive ( he was career Marine) there was much love between those two services.

Bunny Flop

Correction. Not much love. I miss typed


Did Cody attack her service? or just didnt like her? I thought she was treated poorly by everyone

Judgmental Judy

I was a little late getting back on this board this season, so maybe it was discussed here. But I was so upset the way Josh targeted Megan out of the blue; then Cody blurted out he just didn’t like her (harsh & unnecessary); and Jessica DID repeatedly call Alex Pao Pao behind her back, which could easily have been misheard by Megan as “Panda”. That said, this has been a MESSY season so far!


I believe that she told everyone in the house that she was a “dog walker.”


Because they make a aweful noise on the mic


Could be his and his brothers who passed away in 2011. BB needs to stop Josh and PAUL! This is unexceptable even for big brother, remember crazy Amanda and McCrae. Ugh


The sound of the dog tags hanging freely might interfere with the Mic.


I’m assuming because his social is in the tags and with the live feeds on and crazy who needs their social out for the world.
If you recall on the preinterview they had a black bar across his social

Johnny cage

Hell yea!!!! The showmances are back on. Jasons gonna cave. These despicable humans are gone. Life is great

So dumb

This has turned absolutely pathetic…this is all they can do…pick on two people, and purposely try to push them to the point of hitting someone? What the hell happened. Paul started off playing with a strategy, but as soon as he can’t control people, the only strategy he can think of is harassing them? I actually feel bad for jess and Cody..they have never been rude or purposely picked or anyone..the only time they are rude is when they are being attacker first…which has been all season. I give them serious props for putting up with this group of idiots, and NOT punching anyone out as of yet


Seriously enough with the antongonizing, something doesn’t go your way so you throw tantrums and try to piss him off so much he hits somebody ! What kind of game play is that ?!! How can all these people not grow a conscious and actually start feeling bad for what they are doing ! This is sickening !!


and mark being to scared to stand up for his friend because he’s afraid he might be getting it again, this is grade school on the wrong side of the tracks all over again. i am glad that i was never afraid to stand up for the underdog.


this house is becoming an environment that is hostile and quite frankly scary. The aggressiveness to try and make someone go nuts isn’t GAME its pathetic… Paul was great last year but this years Paul needs to be evicted, not enjoying him at all anymore. It would be nice to see him get his righteous ass booted out at let the newbies reset the game


What I can’t wait to see is how much of his bulling will air on TV. Public opinion for him wil spiral downward, nobody can stand a bully !!

Bunny Flop

This is exactly how he played last year. His m/o is to isolate someone with ridicule, humiliate, taunt, until someone cracks. He has been like this since day one.

Sir Loin of Beef

That says a lot about Paul. Paul is using against Cody one of the (politic) rules out of Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals.” Alinsky, was a community organizer and a Communist.
Many notable Democratic politicians are “followers” of this Communist “cult-like leader” Alinsky.

I believe the rule Paul is applying tonight is “Find a Target, Isolate It, Frame It and something about humiliate, attack his character . . .. them.

They do things to attack and shred their target’s character and capabilities like make a big issue out the smallest offense, misspoken words, past-present job loss their target may have committed/said, rinse-wash-repeat. Even when all these “social infractions” have been explain/debunked, they ignore the facts and the truth.

Today – they are using it in the BB house on Cody by calling into question (based on false or no evidence, lies) Cody’s military background/service. They don’t care if he did or didn’t! They don’t care about the truth, because their’s is based on “lies!” See how much the HGs are getting off on (bearing false witness) against Cody – the taunting and harassing. Its like they’ve become possess. Their characters have changed. They’re not even questioning whether what they are doing is right or wrong. They justify every reason NOT TOO away because supposedly Cody bullied everyone the day he enter the house and again when he returned. They are all using as a collective group a (one) hive mind mentality. “The means justifies the ends.”

Not interested or trying to start a political discussion: The main stream media and the Democratic Party have been using this tactic against Trump since he announced his run for President in 2015. They continue to use this tactic, relentlessly today, thinking they can take down Pres. Trump.

Google this book and Alinksy – it will tell you a lot about the fans/followers of this man’s Communist beiefs


Vic was great. Prior to Vic, Paul was baking muffins and a proud member of P&P

Queen Cersei

When/if Cody does finally blow up, I want Josh, Paul and Christmas to remember that they were INTENTIONALLY trying to provoke him…production should “accidentally” turn off the cameras and let Cody kick Paul’s @$$ for a few seconds for this ridiculous plan, the feeds would be hilarious when they’re back on!


Christmas is a pile of dog sh!t. Boyz2men finally started talking some sense. Paul is a pu$$y that can’t do it himself. I hate Paul but he’s played the best game up until now with help from his groupies. This might be the thing that turns them against him. I doubt it


Paul’s little minions are bullies too, they laugh and encourage Josh to act an ass. As soon as anyone says something to Josh his little sissy ass starts crying. I can’t stand a bully like Josh! I liked Paul last year and thought he should have won, but this year Big Brother game him an advantage with those first 3 weeks. Just cut him the check already and reset without him!

Concerned at productions motives

Big Brother producers, production or whoever can talk to those children inside that house need to tell them they are not a good examples of mature adults. I understand this is a social experiment of some sort but lordy reading what has been going on, Josh and Paul trying to instigate a physical altercation is uncalled for. I would think the show should be held accountable for seeing this being planned, encouraged and motivated by several cast members. This started out as a form of innocent entertainment but now it is crossing the line.

The Great Paradox

Well said and something CBS should seriously consider in the paradoxical messages it sends via Big Brother. All this tells me is CBS would rather have ratings then send a self responsible message to its audience. In this day and age of mindlessness, CBS produces a show that only contributes to the ignorance and mindlessness of self responsibility.


They should be VERY worried — “An accessory must generally have knowledge that a crime is being, or will be committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way. The assistance to the criminal may be of any type, including emotional or financial assistance as well as physical assistance or concealment.” Besides this, it is horrid that they enable the humiliation and harrassment of anothe person. That is not gameplay, and it is NOT entertainment.


This is disgusting. I thought Josh was called into the DR and told he can’t provoke anyone. What happened to that? This is terrible. Matt and Jason and Kevin should speak up and tell these guys to knock it off. Enough is enough. It isn’t a good look and it’s so wrong. If Paul wants to do this nonsense, that’s one thing, but using Josh is cowardly. And Christmas shouldn’t encourage this either. What is wrong with them? Production should step in again. Drama for good TV and what is happening now are two different things. They need to smarten up. They’re turning off a lot of fans.


This is the first time this season I agree with Matt. Intentionally attempting to open a persons war wounds for the benefit of your “game” is vile. Jason, Paul, Xmas and Josh, go to Hell.

Comply OR DIE!

This is now the second time Matt has questioned Paul’s “advice”. I’m just waiting for him to pop up on Paul’s hit list.

Resist the Twist

Really hard to watch Paul mow over these people. Paul who beat 15 of 16 Players last year and really should have won the 500K . It is a HUGE advantage to be playing the second time around

Veterans should be in a season with other veterans only.

I gotta get on #TeamKevin this season. He is by far the best option out there. I really dislike the creep Paul has become.And the sooner Josh gets booted, the better


I’m only assuming that he keeps his tags covered because he doesn’t want the cameras picking up his SSN and broadcasting it. Pretty smart on his part.

Bunny Flop

He was a sniper. They are taped for noise reduction. They are taught to tape their tags.

Jennifer Marie is a c*nt

Wonder how many infidels he killed?


Absolutely Disgusting


This season might become BB9 levels of ugly soon.


Past that a while ago

Concerned at productions motives

Why is production continuing to let Paul, Josh and a few others set a tone for violence? Producers and production should be held accountable if and altercation does occur. I can’t believe they are allowing the pressure cooker atmosphere in the house at the encouragement of a veteran player. I understand it’s a game but this has turned from an enjoyable reality tv show into a pathetic display of so called adulthood.


time put muzzle on paul know!

Paul is loony

Next thing you know, Paul will start ordering his minions to snuff out Cody and Jessica. Paul needs psychological help asap!

Impractical Joker

Pauls a dick.

Kevin knows it
Matt senses it
the rest are clueless
Ideally the hex works thursday nigh no one goes home paul is ineligible to play in the HOH jess or cody win and come the following thursday Paul is voted out and doesnt get to be in the Jury


That would be awesome!
Fingers crossed ????


From your mouth to God’s ear … Afraid they’d be scared without Paul, never have enough sense to vote him out. He’d be dragging Raven across the stage hanging onto his leg, makeup running. Alex crying, my Friend!!!! ??

Lack Of Self Awareness

People have been saying this cast is the worst in BB history, I would just like to say this cast has the least self awareness of any Big Brother.

~The “bully” group talks about how they hate bullying, meanwhile they plan to bully someone.
~Alex blew up at Megan for uttering the word “panda” (which Megan misheard) and yet Alex calls Jessica nappy-heaired bitch and is the most foul mouthed person in that house this year
~Josh talks about how everyone disrespects him, yet Josh has no self respect so how can others respect him?
~Christmas for a motivational speaker is one of the most egotistical people (right next to Paul) in the house, goes around thinking she is above everyone and has no idea what self responsibility is. What motivational speaker leads the charge into bullying someone?
~Raven goes on a TV show completely oblivious to herself and she plays up her illness, says she could die any minute, throws up 10+ times a day and can’t eat much, guess she forgot she is on video 24/7
~Paul plays the game to get annoy someone so much they crack and start swinging, this is about the worst game strategy I’ve ever heard on Big Bro and just shows the type of guy Paul truly is, that being a coward.

This season most the house guests have absolutely zero self awareness and it shows just coming on a tv show to “follow” Paul and in return try to get “followers” on Instagram.


Perfectly said. This blog was hard to read on so many levels. I am a high school teacher and have watched students get isolated and bullied. They do start to break, cut themselves, do drugs and/or commit suicide. This is sickening to watch right now. Paul and Christmas are intentionally trying to “crack” a vet that has been under more stress and pressure than any of them. Cody will laugh at them unless they start on Jessica, then who knows. If CBS allows this mentality to go on at a high level of comfortableness than shame on them. They should have stepped in with BB 15 got bad and I hope CBS learned to not let the viewing public down.
Looks like Matt and Raven may be jumping ship to the “outsiders.” yay for that


I agree with all you said, except about Matt and Raven jumping ships to the outsiders? There is no way she would do that, she is too stuck to Paul’s leg. Matt and Raven are the most sorry people there. Raven has lied, horribly, and talks with the nastiness mouth on others. She talks down about Jess and Cody having sex, but she is having sex with Matt, and the thing with Matt and the after towel with bodily fluids in the kitchen, too gross. Yet they go ape crap over an egg shell. They have no desire to play to win, maybe in the end.
Mark & Elena, yes! I think they are good ppl and do not like this. I hope they are biding their time until they can help , because they see the writing on the wall. Those who makes waves, go away, hit in stealth as long as is possible. The house is all reporting to Paul. Had high hopes for Kev and yes,
Jason.. but they believe in Alex, and Alex in Paul. Cody did what he could for her, but she’d rather ride in the yacht with Paul instead of peddle comfortably in a lush paddle boat, having fun competing and knocking these clowns off, with Cody, Jess, Elena, Mark. Jason and Kev, ( well, Kev will stay in the middle, Jason too, sad). That would be a more fair house. Paul always has another lined up.
They cry about not making Jury, well..earn it. Paul is appalled they may make it. I’m appalled he thinks others deserve it over them. Why should Jess and Cody give up their spot. They’ve earned it more than most there. Really hope they make it. And hope they Cody’s, Jess, win HOH next week. And veto, too. Mark & Elena if they can take the heat, if not, they’re going home anyway. The writing has been on the wall a long time for them, because still they think.


This is a rabid pack mentality. There is something mentally wrong with Paul, Christmas and Josh and all of them. I am not a Cody fan but good lord no human deserves this! They are like a gang vent on torturing another human being! Raven and Jason started this mess! Jaaon’s wife should be so ashamed of her husband! Christmas and Paul acting like they are the victims when in reality they are bullies!!!


I completely agree, Lola. I just made the comment that they remind me of Lord of the Flies.


King Paul

The Mooch

That bearded gnome needs to have his face clocked. He wont tell all that crap to Cody’s face.
Instead he’ll use that brainless baby huey bully to do his bitch work.
This has gotten to be a real HATE group of cult like members. Nice job BB. This is not even fun to watch or read anymore.

allison grodner

This season is for my crush. I put on his friend Raven an brainless players to take my sexy guy in the end, like Survivor Redemption Island was for Boston Rob. Big brother 19 is for MY Paul. Oooooh Paul.


Jess most certainly did pick on and hararass someone the first girl who left meghan I believe her name is. So I think she is gonna get what she deserves as for Cody not a fan but the guy di serve our country and to say stuff about that is disgusting > Its a game

allison grodner

Paul winner


Mommy said poor Paul gets mistaken for a terrorist… It’s not a mistake mother.

Jennifer Marie is a c*nt

Leave the contestant’s mother out of this, ass hat.


Their desire to torture Cody until he cracks is despicable.


I feel very uneasy and uncomfortable.. This is really crossing the line.


Trash! Paul Christmas Josh! And for Jason to want to push Cody by questioning his military background is so disrespectful. What a bunch of disrespectful bullies! Trash!!! for them to tell Josh to do what he is doing… putting him and someone in chances of getting a fight. Is out of control. this is bulling 100%.


How far is BB going to let this go? Will they let it get to the point that Cody cracks? He is trained to kill someone with his bare hands, and if Josh gets in his face, who knows. This is pitiful. Paul makes me sick, and the minions who are going along with this make me sick as well. I hope BB is happy. This is pretty much an all time low for this show.


You dont understand the military yes they are trained to kill… appropriate times….in war and in defense not offense. If anything most can control themselves from physically lashing out unless they are physically threatened themselves. Know this first hand.


I am about to be done watching Big Brother. This has gotten out of control. Paul, Christmas , and Josh should be ashamed of their behavior. And the others should be ashamed for not stopping it.


So sickening! I was ok with Paul, although he is annoying, but was doing a stellar job at BB. Now he’s showing a very ugly side and I take it back – he is NOT a good gamer if he has to resort to bullying!!! PAUL AND JOSH are the bullies.


Paul is the most detestable, disgusting, foul little critter! Never cared.

I See Floaters Everywhere

Why the f*&k aren’t any of the “men” in this house telling Josh to shut up. Kevin, Matt and Mark have all said they don’t agree with what Paul is telling Josh to do but they don’t want to go against Paul. They need to man up because they’re ass kissing is seriously getting embarrassing.


Yea that is what I don’t get. Why Kevin, Jason, Mark and even Matt are not telling Paul hey man we are not doing that, and Josh STFU and don’t do Paul’s bidding. My little bit of respect for X-mas is slipping with her nutting up and condoning ganging up on Cody. Raven is just a baby and even she knows better. She does talk like a sailor on leave, damn I thought I said the F word too much but holy fu*k this girl takes the cake. I give her a lot of credit though she moves pretty good for a corpse

What Men?

If there was a man in there they would put a stop to this extremely childish “game play”. The sad thing though is if one of them did speak up Master Paul would tell the minions to outcast them into isolation….and the sad thing is they will listen.

Regardless if there was anyone with self dignity in there, they would shut the bullies down and call them out on live feeds….one can dream….Come on Matt make your presence felt!


Perhaps one day a few Marines follow Paul home. Brothers in arms isnt only during active duty and theater of war, it lasts a very very long time. These people are so moronic they dont understand the ramifications they will face for attacking a US war veteran on his military service. They are vile group of people and if hopefully Jessica uses her hex and turns things around and pulls in some people who are disgusted by this behavior and they finally go after Paul, Josh, Xmas and Alex

Karen is a c*nt

Sooooo…words neessitate following someone like Paul home and beating him or killing him? Are you out of your mind? Moron…


I am shocked you are not cast for this season….u would fit right in. What a tool


Websters dictionary… helps sweetie


Wait she didn’t say Panda?


Omg!! Never wrote a comment before. Been watching BB forever. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve been reading the feeds & I don’t understand why they are bullying Cody to no end. When will they come to their senses and get rid of Paul. Can’t stand him this season.


Congrats on first post, and welcome! They seem to be playing with blinders on, so I am not holding out too much hope for Paul and his mob!


Raven is obnoxious. Plain and simple.


Cost likely had his dog tags taped together so the noise of them clinking isn’t constantly picked up by the mic. Production probably asked him to do it.


Slop does not agree with Christmas… plus the drugs. Glad to see some of them expressing their own opinion.




Paul is an a$Hole, pathetic and ignorant fool. This is game and he’s a sore loser that wants to instigate violence like is okay. What a humongous jerk!!

Little Man Syndrome

I have never been a huge fan of Cody or Jess, but this is ridiculous. Paul’s cult followers have done everything he’s told them to, yet I haven’t hated Paul for it, but rather the cult members for being such idiots and having no backbone or desire to play their own games. HOWEVER, I am disgusted with his latest plan! I realize this is Big Brother and they’re not going to sit around singing Kumbaya, but ordering a massive verbal assault on a US veteran is despicable! It clearly shows Paul has run out of options so he’s stooping to this childish, dangerous, disrespectful tactic. Christmas is just as guilty and has shown a very ugly side of herself too many times, and the way they use Josh is painful to watch. He’s a hothead with a limited vocabulary, but I’m not sure he’s playing with a full deck. Hats off to Matt who has finally showed some balls in saying this plan is f*d up! Kudos to Jason and Kevin for being decent human beings, as well. Of course Raven has somehow made all of this commotion about her so she can cry on camera, since we all know ONE of her fake personas is a delicate southern bell. BARF!!! I really hope that Jess uses the hex and she or Cody wins HOH so they can stick around and really drop a bomb in the cult compound. Thank God for Kevin! He’s the only one worth watching!!!


Christmas can come back to North Carolina…..home of Ft. Bragg, 82nd Airborne, Special Forces and Delta and lets see how much she is greeted and loved….good going idiot

I don't mind Cody

I don’t have any more respect for the ones sitting back watching whats happening


Why do they keep bringing back vets,bb is going to have to step in and cut this nonsense out before someone gets hurt,when Cody and Jessica go then I will done watching,will not watch the Paul big brother show.


And all of a sudden Matt is likeable.


Alex is annoying. shes all talk.


Paul now sounds like Ollie and Chima. “I was the HOH!!!!”


Paul…despicable. Questioning Cody’s service to our country smh! Deserved to win your season. Deserves to be evicted this season.


Watching the feeds, this is the 3rd or 4th time that Paul has brought up Cody saying this: “Paul now bringing up that Cody called trans people Tr@nnies” …. Why does he feel the need to say this over and over again? To remind us, the viewers? To reinforce that viewers should hate him? This is the same thing he does when he is talking to housemates about other housemates. I wish he would STFU..


I think ppl need to voice to cbs that this has got to stop! Big brother is about a game that requires social and physical and yes you can lie and backstab but to terrorize someone just for personal gain is horrible.
There are ppl who have committed suicide or hurt themselves because others have bullied them or taunted them. This needs to stop!!!!! I have never in all the history of BB have seen a whole house of ppl attack a person this way.

Had Enough

If any of these HG’s have ever served their country they would know taping your dog tags is normal to keep them from making noise! I hope Karma eventually gets Paul for his disrespectful bulling tactics that are shameful.