Big Brother Spoilers Veto Ceremony results “They don’t grovel”

12:05pm Paul used the Power of Veto on Jason
Paul is trashing Cody for not giving a speech during the veto ceremony.
Josh – part of this show is giving a speech.. you don’t give a speech you don’t participate and you don’t get personality than what are you doing here
Paul =- that’s what I’ve been asking
Paul – you’ve got more chances than everyone..

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12:11pm Christmas and Paul
Christmas says she’s started distancing herself from Alex..
Xmas – we can turn on the b1tch cattiness
Paul asks her if her military friends act like Cody
Christmas says they would if they knew they were going home, “They don’t grovel”
Xmas – how are you doing
Paul – great not a worry in the world..
Xmas – I can’t tell if she’s going to use it or not..

12:20pm Paul of course was trained to Knife box not only knife fight..

12:30pm Jessica and Cody
Cody mentions how Paul likes being the centre of attention.
Jessica says Paul didn’t like her speech because it out did him.

Jessica says there’s an alliance of 6 and alliance of 4 and 2 floaters.
Jessica says she’s going to win HOH and put up Raven/Alex with the POV played on Alex Paul goes up next to Raven.
Jessica – Paul and raven on the block house decides..

Jessica – I want to take out the competitors.. I’ll go after Paul then Alex..
Jessica says everyone except for Christmas will be in the next temptation challenge.

12:46pm Raven and Jessica
Jessica is pissed at Raven “When I walk into a room and I see Jason go like this (to his Veto) and you all change the subject.. ”
Jessica – when you’re asking me to do something to stab someone in the back on Thursday that doesn’t make me feel comfortable
Raven – no no no no
Jessica- it looks really bad
Raven – no we were talking about the veto
Jessica- the last thing yo should want right now is for me to feel
Raven – Look me in the eyes right now
Jessica- Raven you looked me in the eyes about Thursday saying that your were going
Raven – WE changed that last minute..

Jessica – I don’t care.
Jessica – raven.. we need a second because that really pissed me off..

Raven – I’m sorry.. ..

12:50pm Raven, Cody and Jessica
Raven explaining they were talking about how heavy the Veto was she wants Jessica to believe her she loves Jessica.
Jessica says every person in the house has lied to her so game wise she doesn’t believe Raven.
Raven – I have no power this week I have no say so I’m not conspiring anything.. I love everyone in the house..
Jessica- can I have the room …
Raven – I love both of you …

Jessica says Raven was parked between Kevin and Jason and they were whispering when they saw her the conversation changed she say it in the mirrors reflection
Jessica – I’m sure you say alot behind closed doors Raven.. now she’s going to go to Paul and Paul is going to panic some more.. watching Paul squirm all week
Jessica – if he thought he could convince us to use the hex.. he’ll try really hard now…
Jessica – I think she likes I’ve never lied to you… YOU f*ing lied to my face about Thursday…

Jason comes in says Raven is crying and is blaming it him.
Cody – Jason when have I ever gone against you.. what was up with that speech..

Cody – I never thought you would jump on a side of the house.. I thought you were independent.. Why are you sticking with the house
Jason – it has to be

Kevin comes in and tells them nobody was talking about Jessica..

1:15pm Raven and Jessica..
Can you please put yourself in my shows.. when I walk into the a room everyone is whispering trying to get me to not use the hex.. people act like I have leprosy in this house
Raven – I don’t…
Jessica points out they’ve been the target of the house since the get go

Jessica brings up Jason complimenting her then shitting on Cody in the same sentence.
Raven goes on about how she loves everyone in the house
Jessica- I’m being attacked by everyone in the house.. now I’m looking like the evil person because you are crying.. I’m just defending myself because nobody else is..
Jessica tells her to stop crying
Raven says she can’t “I have two hearts”

1:15pm Storage room Alex and Jason
Jason giving a retell
Alex – they (Cody/Jessica) made raven cry
Jason – Paul told Raven to cry, It’s all f*ing bullsh1t..

Jason explains that Kevin was dropping Jessica’s name and Jason knew Jessica was close by so he was pointing at her direction so Kevin would shutup. (This is exactly what Jessica saw)
Jason – see saw it in the mirror..

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Yes! Yes! Jessica! I love this song about plan Nomination. GIVE US WHAT WE WANT! Your public is hungry!


Does this site have a virus or something

Kid Rock

Who did Paul put on the block to replace Jason?


Now why didn’t you do that last week when you had HOH Jessica?? Glad she is getting a little smarter now at least!


throwing her game away is smart?


get ready for another day of comments bitching about Paul, smh


And another day of comments bitching about comments bitching about Paul…


how is that comment bitching about comments bitching about Paul?


ya didnt think so!

Jennifer Marie is a c*nt

Yup, it’s going to be Paul this and Paul that blah blah blah…Paul is the only one playing the game it seems. You can’t blame him for having the ability to convince others to work with him. And in what world can Jessica be considered a great player like these Jody fans think. She’s stupid. She evicted Ramsey’s in her HOH lol


Boy is Paul’s short guy ego going to be crushed come Thursday when Cody doesn’t go home! Also Paul you would no how a service member acts bc you’re to big of a pu$$y to enlist!


Wth? Is it a new rule that someone has to serve in the military to be on big brother? Honestly no one cares if they’ve been in the military. If they have, great, thanks for their service. If not, that’s fine too. Stop acting like it matters in the world of big brother. It doesn’t, at all….


If it didn’t matter than why did Paul ask xmas the question? He’s trying to paint some picture of Cody to everyone in the house so they hate him even more and the house is dumb enough to believe Paul.


They gotta wait right before the vote to use Production’s Hex? You ain’t gotta give a speech do you? I wouldn’t, bitch I’m on the block I ain’t got shit to say, but if I stay & win HOH, run ugly?


If Jessica don’t win HOH, she better win that POV. Production can’t save you this time, with another power or a buy back.


Same can be said for Paul


At what point do the houseguests realize what a great resume/reason to win BB Paul is building and finally decide to get rid of him?


Paul is a creep!!


Not really. Only two maybe three people would vote him out at this point. They don’t have the numbers. But it would pretty much be unanimous against Cody or Jessica. Also Jessica is completely off on the numbers. I don’t understand how she hasn’t noticed Elana hasn’t been around them much for 2 days. Why she’s still grouping them as a “four” makes no sense. I thought she was more perceptive than that. And the two she’s referring to aren’t really on the outside at all. She still doesn’t see it.

Then again you have to get out of a room and socialize more to get a read on the house.


The difference is Paul has the numbers. Cody/Jess are on their own.


I’m sure he would try like hell to win the veto… but I doubt his minions would vote him out.

Wasted Time

Production save her? What a joke. Paul basically got 4 weeks free, safe, no problem. The group is ga-ga for Paul’s friendship..(?Never cared), and YOU think production saved Jess?? Haha. People wanted Jess to have the temptation, because she was the only hope left playing, and voted for it. YES!!
I’m glad Cody won Battle Back too, because everyone else is just following. Go Cody, Go Jess. Paul lost last year on his own, and will still be the loser of BB18, no matter how he has cried all this season 19 about it. ohh.. But he’s not there to win? How stupid are these mutts? Even Jason, and Kevin – who is old well old enough to see what is happening, gravel at his feet, how pathetic for grown men. With kids. I’d be so ashamed of my money is worth your name. How much will they love Paul him when he treats them the same? Live by the bully, die by the bully.

Jennifer Marie is a c*nt

Jessica says she’s going to do this and says she’s going to do that however she’s just spend your day with Cody and not working unlike Paul who spends all his day working. She’ll be a evicted here before too long with Cody because they’re not very good at this game.


I wouldn’t call what Paul is doing working…more like panicking

Sir Loin of Beef

He gonna do masonry work around the BB house.

All week he’ll be busy “shitting bricks!”


You can’t work with people who don’t want to work with you.




Jess I agree Raven vs Paul would be a great vote.
However the house will vote out who ever loses the nomination temptation if the veto is used on Alex, so you can try and backdoor paul. It would have to be paul and raven original nominees and hope the nomination temptee wins the veto and takes themselves off the block


Paul shouldn’t have used the veto. Promised Jess and Cody they all would vote out Jason, then they could blindside them and vote out Jess!!


He told Jessica he was going to use it on Jason otherwise it would look bad.


I am not a fan of Jody but I have to admit that the GIF is so cute of them!


They got manipulated in believing the house was behind them on getting Paul out. That back fired !
They got manipulated into keeping Ramsey on the block, which if they would have pulled him off Pauls side would be minus one, and they would have gotten an ally in Ramsey, which was worthless in comps. but at least he was a vote !
So if they manipulate her into NOT using the hex, I bet they will vote her out not Cody because she holds the power of the hex not Cody, and If they are that stupid and trust Paul’s minions again, she absolutely deserves to be voted off. Seriously, where do they find these people !!


If this happens Ill fold for the season. Im for JC final two but if she goes trusting the house again then no just … no.


Simon – does it seem like Jessica is or isn’t planning on using the Hex this week?



Finally Jessica is waking up! Paul and Raven on the bloc would be GOLD. And I wouldn’t mind if Alex was there too.


WTH Jessica??? This fight with Raven is made up. If she was mad at what Jason did with the veto…why pick a fight with the weaker Raven? Why wouldn’t she start a fight with Jason? Aaah yes…she’s creating the excuse to put Raven on the block if Jessica wins HOH.

Can’t wait till Cody’s gone. Want to see more competition between the houseguests.

Kevin FTW!


I could say the same thing about paul


Scummy Tummy (Matt,Raven) need to be put up next.


Simon,Dawg, Just want to thank you again on an amazing job covering BB this year !! I love the little jabs you throw in, and the still shots have been Outstanding !!


Simon, if they gave this group a cat, who do you think would take care of it?


Andrew would…


They are a bunch of a$$holes! Just admit you are a POS Raven and move on. Where was Boyz at? Scraping the bottom of his metal bowl? I can’t stand most of this house but they are fun to watch. Top 3:


There’s no doubt in my pitiful mind that Jessica will use the hex this week. I think she was just toying with Paul when she offered up the plan of not using it. No way is she risking the chance of not having Cody in jury. Not only for “romance” but he’s a definite vote for her should she make it to final 2. By teasing Paul (and us) with possibility of not using it, she’s also creating some suspense. Can’t wait to see the Gnome’s face on Thursday!!


Finally a girl in he house, that isn’t playing, Paul’s game. I love that she is putting doubt in his mind, since that is exactly what he did to them when he had the house go against them twice! Seeing Jessica playing like this, really rekindles my spark of interest in the game. This may not be Paul’s game after all.


Judging by the way he was talking today, if she doesn’t use it I don’t think it’ll be a shocker. He called her not using it “a long shot” so I’m not sure he believes she will.

Karen S.

If this is a reset, Jessica couldn’t play in the HOH only Cody.

Sir Loin of Beef

Right, but it’s NOT a reset or a “do over.”
Only the EVICTION of either of the 2 HGs Paul nominated while HOH is CANCELLED OUT. Nothing else.
Therefore, everyone BUT Paul CAN compete for HOH.


This is correct. Jessica should use the hex to keep both her and Cody in and desperately hope one of them wins HoH. If anyone else wins it, they can’t do much. Mark and Elena would not shake up the house too much. Josh would be one nom and maybe Christmas to reduce the number of PoV players. Josh goes then and nothing changes. So Cody and Jessica have to win to throw a wrench in the plans. If that happens, next week could be interesting. Or Jessica could let Paul decides who goes like last time.


It is insanity to use it on Cody right now. I could understand it if the numbers were lower just to many others that are against you still in the house.


She would be using it on both her and Cody. That dastardly Paul may try to get Jessica out this week, so she better save herself; saving Cody would just be a bonus.


don’t see how saving Cody is a bonus

Nobody likes fakers

Funniest bucket of bulls**t all season: “Paul trained to Knife box not only knife fight.. ” Wow, how fn funny is that ? The little gnome midget with a knife would have too much to handle vs. Jess, Xmas or Alex with a hairpin ! Paul, you idiot, …EVERYBODY can read a newspaper through fake tough guys ! …You won’t come out of your Mom’s basement for 3 months just to make sure you don’t run into Cody, right “tough guy”?

Sir Loin of Beef

I thought he said he was trained on how to open a box with a knife.

I just assume he was bragging (when doesn’t he) about his current job as a stock boy at “Hefty’s Hide-A-Way’s!”


Not using the hex? Take her out, take out the hex. Mess with Cody for the week and he will crumble. Pretty simple. Sorry I’m a Paul believer!!!


Paul believers and fans are such fucking SNOWFLAKES!!! Waaaaaaaa go cry
yourself in a corner and keep fooling yourself. America is tired of this shriveled
up small dick egotistical annoying jazz hands troll. His day will come soon &
we cannot wait.


The only whiney “snowflake” I see is you. You’re the only one I see crying about it.


Apparently all you Jody lovers forgot how they treated everyone and acted around the house when THEY were in power. This show/game is all make believe…..the houseguests are not like this in real life (the game changes behavior). We see things on the feeds the HG’s are not privy to… just watch and enjoy and quit taking everything soooooo serious.


They did NOT treat people to the extent they are being treated and bullied. The LIVE feed is showing the true picture. People who don’t have the LIVE feed tend to think this is all funny. But those watching and reading about the LIVE feeds know that the “group” is out of control.

Chilltown AKA the best alliance in BB history

I’m hoping Jessica wises up and use the hex this week because if she doesn’t use the hex this week she’s going home , and i hope she realizes this because if she really thinks Cody is going home over her than she deserves to be voted out if Cody is still in the game who is he gonna have Mark? But that’s two people vs the house Cody isn’t gonna have numbers and Frankly no one wants to work with him .


Me too. That power needs to be flushed.

Judgmental Judy

If not flushed, at least challenged. I have no attitude towards Paul for using whatever (or whomever) he can in the game. Jody has made many mistakes in the game so you can’t really change that now. But you can nod your head, smile, and execute your own strategy realizing they will all cut you as soon as they can. Win every competition you can and give him a run for his money.


Listening to Paul and his minions talk about how they’re going to “break” Cody and get him to leave makes me want to puke! These idiots haven’t done squat in the game and are now going to pounce on the 2 people that have had backbone against Paul. Surprisingly, Boyz2Shirts is talking some of the most sense of the village idiots on trying to get the gang to calm down. Unfortunately, they’re not listening to him and are following Paul.


They did the same thing to Elisa on her season when she was wise to McCranda. But really production allowing this to be the Paul show is getting old and boring. I’ve heard of running the house but this is ridiculous. He literally tells everyone what to do and they do it. Insane.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I know. I’ve never seen a cast of sheep like this. If anyone even has an idea they say “let’s run it by Paul.” None of them have any self respect and are acknowledging him as their boss. It’s like they think they will share some of his prize money when he wins. Are they unaware that he is the only one on Team Paul who is building a resume?

I think Production gave him too big of an advantage with the 8 friendship bracelets and 4 weeks of safety to start the game.

Soon Cody & Jessica will be overwhelmed by the numbers, then there will be no game left as no one will oppose Paul. He will frame a different target each week and turn the house against them and they will follow his orders and evict whoever he tells them to until the end.


You are so right, the end of BB19


So you want production to intervene? Saying production is “allowing it” sounds like you want them to put a stop to it.


Raven is so fake it actually hurts to watch


if the Hex is used, and Jess goes out next (before jury), Theres no way Cody would stick around.


won’t happen…if the hex is used, Cody will win HOH then they are good for another week and both can go to Jury.


The best thing the house can do is vote out Jessica…
Paul won’t have to keep his promise AND
The house doesn’t have to worry about her power ?


thing is…. you have Cody to worry about.. and he will win.. why risk it?
for me… if i were cody.. they all need to be scared…. bc he will win… and they know he will


The bullies in HoH room are all saying they hate bullies. Hypocrites.

Raven's Ego

Raven: “Jessica said really bad things about me”….

Just wait till you are out of that Big Brother house Raven……that self imposed world of pain is coming.

Anti Paul Puppet

Yes Cody is an a$$hole for sure. He is a terrible bb player. But watching what Paul and his puppets are planning is truly sickening. I have lost all respect for anybody participating in this plan.


Thank you, AHEM!


It is painful to watch Elena try to sound intelligent and use BIG words that are obviously outside of her usual vocabulary. Then after hearing the long painful story she has to go tell the same thing over and over. Production having Jess & Paul jerk us around about the hex but I will be surprised if she doesn’t use it and she would then be surprised when they vote her and her hex out.

Talking Down My Christmas Decorations

What is up with Christmas? She is showing her true colours of jealousy and hatred, thinks she is never wrong and no one better dare second guess her or she will get all up in your face. Treats Jason like shit because she jumped on his back and wont take an ounce of self responsibility for her broken foot.

I get the feeling Christmas is very upset and pissed no one wanted to get into a showmance with her. I cheered for Christmas most of the season but the last few weeks she really is showing her true colours and it all adds up why no guy wanted to be involved in a showmance.


HA! She looks like she tries with Kevin.


I totally feel that too! She always had to put herself up under some guy, married or not, to get comfort, smh.


If Jess wins HOH this week and puts Raven on the block, I am definitely going to Costco to stock up on popcorn. “I love everyone in this house” won’t keep her in the house and off the radar forever.


Enough with the “2 hearts” bullshit. Get a job and stop scamming people for money on Kickstarter.




Proof that she uses her “ailment” to help her game !! Total set up by Paul for her to cry, and then throw’s out the she has ” two hearts” , why did that even need to be brought up ????

Sir Loin of Beef

Well, sorry. Having 2 hearts still doesn’t make up for having “s*it for brain!”


She has a job…she owns a dance studio…they make a decent living!

Ambien Called

Can we just give Ambien to the house guest, put them in a coma until season finale then wake them up and tell them that no on is the winner this year, it was just all a big joke on the house guests.

Team Paul

So many Paul haters! Apparently he needs his ass kicked b/c he doesn’t like a guy that was a marine. If Cody was a farmer, would it be ok? Its amazing how people hate on the guy that has the most control of the game. He wasn’t given it, his social game gets the followers. Jessica acts like a spoiled brat, so if it is a reset, then she will also have that “look” on her face when she can’t compete. Its only a matter of time before Jody is evicted. Her suck attacks about ppl lying to her won’t get any new team Jody members. Cody and Paul are the top dogs, of course they won’t like each other.

Team Anyone But Paul

Sorry dude, didn’t even read your post, the, “Team Paul” was enough…

Pauls Ego

Any house guest that plays the game to get hit so he can run to production and yell “threat” is playing some “snowflake” version of Big Brother, especially when this person goes around talking about how tough he is and how many people he punches in the face outside the house.


the hex is not a reset. It just halts the eviction, which means no one leaves and she can compete for HOH, but Paul can’t.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Actually, he was given it. The Friendship bracelets and 4 weeks of safety to start the game, plus most of the house were already fans of his from a previous season. No player has ever played with this kind of advantage before and I hope no one ever does again.

Wasted Time

Agree, the Team Paul thing was enough of a flag, but I’ll bite. Team Paul doesn’t read /watch enough to even know Jess CAN compete in the HOH if she uses the Hex , that is bad. Put down the koolaid glass and ask mommy to make you a cheese sandwich or something. I don’t care who it was..farmer, waitress, whatever.. lying on ppl and bullying them is NOT OK. BULLYING JOSH, by pushing him to do these things, is wrong, as well. Why is insecure Christmas is backing Paul in this, telling Josh his parents think it’s great!? She’s a mentor, for WHAT? NO they aren’t proud, IF they care for and love him, No they don’t. He looks like a blubber mouth fool. Then Paul tells him to get the “*F* out and stfu, Josh.. “several times, several rooms. Think about it, Paul is freaking- so is Alex- so is Raven, Josh, Christmas, Matt.. the ones talking about it are the scared ones. Cody and Jess doesn’t need the air time. Enjoy your Koolaid, TP.. but sincerely I AM for anyone but Paul, or his silly followers. GO JODY!! Loving the show Alex and Raven is doing, crying.p in the ASPR room, haha. They talked themselves into it. Wahhhh


I thought this temptation was a dud but it’s making for great live feeds. Thanks Simon you guys do a great job.

mrs w

If Paul ended up against Raven next week, would he actually get voted out? I know at the start everyone said Raven should win because of her disease, but now everyone loves Paul… I could easily see Kevin, Alex, Jason and Josh voting Raven out over Paul. Maybe even Christmas, Mark and Elena.

Ravens exboyfriend

“I have two hearts” wtf is this??


King Paul in he HOH barking orders for them to terrorize Cody force him to swing and get evicted! And he just sits in his HOH room and does not partake in it because he wants to keep his hands clean! And they are excited and on board thinking this is a great idea! Paul knows that BB will eventually step in so he wants no part of that, Josh has had one warning about this so second one could be eviction but Paul don’t care! Its just a game he will say! Shows (a) just how scare he is of those two and (b)just how low he will stoop!


There is no way that BB would put someone in the house who was going to drop dead any second, The lawsuit would be astronomical, not to mention the damage to the CBS brand. AG is stupid, but not quite that stupid. However, Raven is in a house with “village idiots”, who fortunately for her, do not have a functioning brain between them. This has to be the worst cast ever!! Stupidity and Nastiness reign supreme!! I wish their was a HEX that we could exchange this cast for one that was a mixed of past cast members.

Judgmental Judy

I honestly don’t know who I want in the finals, in the jury, etc. My mind changes as the season goes. As time moves on if players like Jason & Kevin reveal they are working towards the long game and not blindly following someone till they get the boot, then that’s great. Anyone who plays hard and tries to recalculate their game as they go when they’ve messed up their game (like Mark, Elena, Jessica & even Cody), that’s fine. I’ve not been on the “Bash Raven Train” but on After Dark last night, I saw the light. It was so contrived as she talked into the cameras with her full on southern accent, but in the hot tub talking quietly, no accent. Then the Baby Powder/Shower/Shampoo fight with Matt in the bathroom… she was BEGGING him to go into the Diary Room so they’d get some special camera time, him naked in a towel covered with baby power and her drenched in water and shampoo. It was so fake and obvious she was hamming. And that scream! No wonder Elena had a splitting headache.

Liza Jane

Tonight I witnessed the Jessica and Cody show. The hole show was geared toward them. Their POV try was so much easier then the other contestants, no flying blow ups., etc. The most camera shots in the house were of the two, Jessica and Cody, talking, etc. Come on CBS this makes the show look fake. Or…is it fake? I am beginning to think so. What a shame to ruin a good thing.