“Another grab a$$ week.. sucking.. pulling d1*k.. tootoos on”

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4:44pm Paul and Mark (Kevin listening to music Alex in the bathroom)
Paul tells him he trusts Cody more than Jessica right now. Cody is trying to play a different game and Jessica is bent on some vendetta .

Paul says he hopes Elena is not freaking out.. Their loyalty to him will show this week.
Paul – who was it that told you to play today
Mark – you did.. And I appreciate it..
Paul – you got to take risks.

Paul – dude you’re safe you’re good.. You’ll be interested in my gameplay this week
Mark – I’m excited..

Mark leaves..
Kevin asks whos’ going up
Paul – Elena and the Tiger
Alex – Matt is a cowards
Paul – hes’ a pussy
Kevin – he’s a coward..

They start talking about how Matt goes around saying he wants Raven to win and he just wants to make it to jury.

4:55pm Jason and Kevin
Kevin is worried about the vote getting split and Jason going home.
Kevin doesn’t want Alex going up that is one of their votes. Points out that Josh likes Elena.
Jason – I know.. you’re going to have to talk to Paul
Kevin – I will

Jason – this is the thing.. Alex is a f*ing idiot .. she’s like I’ll do it
Kevin – WHY.. you understand there’s only 8 votes .. two voted for two, two voted for two and two voted for 2.. there’s only 2 people left they control the board.

Paul joins them.
Jason is concerned with Alex going up
Paul – just relax.. keep your head screwed on
Paul leaves..
Kevin says he’ll go to Christmas right now and tell her if Jason and Alex are on the block singlet do not vote those mother f*ers out..

5:06pm Kevin and Jason
They want Raven and Matt on the block because they are pathetic.

Kevin starts complaining about Raven and what she said to him in the kitchen. When he retells he impersonates her accent.
“Kevi do you get to eat tonight..”
Kevin – and I said yup.. I went to talk to them again.. yup tonight
“She was like Ohh i’ll make you anything.. are you sure it’s tonight”
Kevin – Listen man are you fucking crazy
“She said Paul you better nominate three people”
Kevin – that’s how much she thinks she runs thing.. why is it her business the people he nominates give them till Sunday man.. give them tonight and tomorrow
Jason – shut your f*ing trap.. Because you can’t be a havenot
Kevin – that’s my point man .. and now when they see the nominations and neither one of them are nominess..

Kevin – Another grab ass week.. sucking.. pulling d1ck.. tootoos on.. while we’re sitting there like this don’t send Jason home.. c’mon guys don’t send him home
Kevin – I’m telling you please.. if you win HO put them up on the block.. They’ll be like

“Ravi.. do you want some of that tomorrow you’re on the f*ing block”

5:25pm Elena and Mark
Elena – today when I go on the block Don’t Touch me..
Elena – sometimes when I am pissed I don’t like to be touched.. Some people don’t like cheese..

5:28pm Josh and mark
josh is saying he’s just messing with Mark because it’s A TV show
Josh – you pulled the same thing on Dom and me
Josh goes on about hos Mark never talked to him last week because Mark knew he was going home.
Mark reminds him how Josh started the day yesterday

Mark saying he made a mistake with how he treated Cody and Dom in the early weeks.
Josh – you should have given her a huge
Mark – she wouldn’t let me

Josh – I’m completely let down by you.. Cody walked through that door and your demeanor changed..
Mark starts raising his voice says that Josh threw the Mayo and Ketchup on him then called him out in front of the entire hose.

JOsh says it’s not only the pickle juice it’s other things about mark.. it’s things he’s said and his character.
Mark – Dom was like a f*ing sister to me.. yo know how much it hurt for me to vote her out..
Josh – Don’t be such a douchebag.. you’re playing this roll of a douchebag.. you’re coming off as a douchebag.. you’re a funny guy stop the douchebag look.. you’re not a douchebay.. (LOL)

Josh – I’m not a builly but if ou f* with me I’ll burn you’re f*ing bed.. you’re not a douchebag ..
Josh – I’m going to continue torturing you.. I’m going to hide your protein…
mark – why
Josh – it’s therapy for me..

Mark says outside the game he hopes they can be chill inside the game “F* you”

6:02pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica says Paul better pray nobody takes her out before she gets power again because he’ll be in trouble.

6:13pm Raven and Matt
Matt – I don’t know as much about this game as you do.. is there scenarios where you get a choosing you and a person are safe for this long
Raven – no
Raven says Paul’s temptation was pretty crazy, “the first thing they do is the biggest”
Matt doesn’t thin Jessica has the amount of power she’s boasting.
They start to speculate what Jessica’s ability really is..

Matt – Does Jessica have any allegiances other than Cody
Raven – Mark… Elena
Matt – I dunno
Raven – Elena is playing both sides
Matt – Great Ramses went home.. GREAT
Raven is saying maybe Elena going home this week is best..

Matt says he would rather Cody and Jessica in the house than Elena
Raven – she’s being a b1tch

Matt – for our game it’s better for Elena to go home..
Raven – I agree

They kiss..

6:23pm Feeds go to Pound Puppies.. Must be nominations.

Jessica and Cody nominated

7:22pm Feeds come back..
Cody tells Matt to not bullshit Jessica he knew what Jessica was going to do

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7:25pm Jessica, Paul and Cody
They are telling Paul his HOH means nothing now.
Paul – lower your voice
Cody – don’t tell her to lower her f*ing voice..
Paul – calm down dude..
Cody – you treat those f*er’s like they’re
Paul – I can tell Jessica to Lower her Voice..
Cody – you cannot tell Jessica to lower your F8ing voice..
Paul – Cody back out.. leave this room
Cody – F* you Paul.. F* you Paul..
Paul – leave this room
Cody – F* you Paul what are you going to do about it
Paul – nothing leave this room
Cody – F* you paul… gosh you’re a loser
Paul – you’re a emotional pu$$y… leave this room
Cody – F* you paul
Paul – get out of my face and leave this room
Cody – F* you paul what the f* are you going to do about it..
Paul – nothing.. go outside and be a kid about it..
Paul – Grow up

Now after Cody leaves.. Paul starts yelling..

Paul – Grow Up KID
Cody – that’s right grab the spot light you’re a showman
Paul – Grow Up..

7:28pm Paul starts showboating in front of everyone..

Cry baby.. you were in the military .. his personality sucks..
Paul – Apparently I treat you all like Dogs down here..
Paul – don’t get in my face dude..
Paul – don’t be a baby.. it’s a game..
Paul calls Cody a Baby

Josh starts chanting that Cody is a Joke, “f*ing douchebag..”
Mark jumps in..
JOsh – you want to come for me I’ll f*ing shit on you..

JOsh – F* Both of you you both suck .. America see you are a follower ..
Josh – I walk around here , you guys are laughing at me.. F* both of you .. you both suck
Josh – you got caught up in the mix for being a follower at 26 years old
Josh – you need to hide behind another man to protect you.. I don’t need anyone to protect me
Mark – Protect me from what
JOsh – Why insert yourself.. I don’t like Cody.. cody doesn’t like me
Mark says Josh is talking shit about Cody and he’s 3 rooms away so yeah he’s going to say something.
Josh – I have said it to his face Mark and I’ve said it to yours too..
JOsh you’re a follower.. I tried to play nice with you and then you started sh1tting all over yourself.

Paul – that’s ridiculous.. dude.. it’s a game..
Paul – I don’t need to go to Jail on a TV show.. (LOL sure)
Paul – Swing and Self Evict please do.. F* you ..

Paul – how many psych tests does someone have to pass to get on this show.. This is f*ing ridiculous
Paul – we’re playing a game if you can’t put a lid on your emotions you don’t deserve to be here.

JOsh – You are a f*ing coward just like him so don’t f*ing talk to me.. straight the f* up
Mark – I’m the coward.. what are you talking about
Josh – stand up for your damn self, stop looking after someone else that doesn’t have your back
Josh – get out of here I’m done with these meatballs..
Josh calls him out for not defending Dom.. “that’s who you should had their back”
Josh – you didn’t defend her you defend someone that is getting into people’s faces..
Josh – You’re a JOke.. You’re a f*ing Joke.. A Joke..
Josh – You’re a big fat f*ing Bully.. you’re sh1t..
Mark – I’m a bully..
Josh – f** that

Jason – it’s all been said .. .
Kevin tries to calm him doen..
Josh – I should shit on you on national television ..

Josh – you flip flopper.. how does that feel.. you flip flopper..
Josh – both of you suck clearly..

JOsh – Cody came in here and you switched..
JOsh – Get the f* outta here you f*ing joke.. don’t size me up

Josh keeps at it and holy shit… .
Mark – get the pans outta my f*ing face..

8:00pm Mark says Josh flinched.. “It was worth it.. when I rasied that pan and he flinched like the B1tch he is.. Elena doesn’t say sh1t.. f* that Elena”
Cody – Paul’s always a last word guy

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i worry bout mark safety and house consquence right know


I am the furthest one from a Mark fan, but I have to give him credit, cause I would never have the restraint that he has, it is not bad enough that you have Josh on you 24/7 but If you pay attention to the others, they encourage it by laughing in Marks face! Scripted or not, I am pretty sure I would be in Jail over all that! IMO
Also I re-watched the video of Jody and Paul in the HOH when Jody lost it, Simon, or anybody that might have caught this too (which would explain the reason that they lost it, to which Paul neglected to tell the others downstairs) but as soon as they enter the HOH room, I am positive I heard Paul say I know I promised you two I would not put you up this week, BUT ! It is by no means an excuse for their behaviour but it does shed a little light on why they were pissed!


Why doesn’t anyone every suggest both Raven and Matt go up?? It’s like they have special privileges from Charles Manson…oops, I meant Paul, lol… These idiots are going to let Raven and Paul get to the final 2 because they can’t go against the cult leader and no one wants to nominate a dying houseguest. Pleeeezzzzz….


they are not a threat, why waste an HOH

the lie that is raven

This game is getting good. All that mma talk the gnome throws out there…he would get folded up and his neck snapped. Glad he getting roasted and told about his insecure self. Jody all day baby!!! Imagine sitting in between Mark and that meatball Josh on a plane. We call that stuck between a rock and a soft place.


Matt and Raven… Please Just Shut up!!

Paul is overrated

That picture of Raven and her grandfather kissing is sickening.




Jason has such a dirty mouth. I get some bad vibes from him.

Jason's potty mouth (rolling my eyes)

He may have a potty mouth, but he’s not a bully like some of the other dicks in this game.


That’s not all that was dirty…look how many times he had chlamydia and bragged about it!!


He IS a tad crazy

Judgmental Judy

Seriously, they ALL have a dirty mouth lol.

Ravens smelly twat

Mark and Elena are my favorite couple this season.


I wanna vomit…


Do Matt and Raven ever leave the kitchen. These two are worthless. Ive been watching this Elena character on the feeds for some time now. If I was Mark I would run in the opposite direction from this woman at warp speed. Among other things her hang ups are really strange. The whole touching thing should be a red light for any man.

BB Juicy Blast

Let’s face it, Raven and Matt are the 2 that I would want to take to final 3. I would not even want to use them as pawns, They have done nothing. But honestly, why is there talk about putting anyone up other than Cody and Jessica? There is no reason to use pawns if they are your REAL target. Worst case you flush the safety, bets case one goes home.

But of course, Paul the returning player is production’s bitch, so he was told to keep Cody and Jessica so there would actually be a show this season, since no one else is even making an effort.

FFS, I would have rather seen Josh win HOH. At least it would be exciting. The way this week is shaping up it will be Elena going home and then next week either Cody & Jess win HOH or she uses the Hex.

Cody and Jessica are also stupid not to have played in the temptation comp. At least one of them may have been safe this week, and still had the veto as a chance to save the 2nd and extend the hex to next week.

Add me to the fire Grodner petition. Every season is more lame than the last. It’s uncanny how they keep finding a cast that’s more pathetic than the previous season.


she has to play the hex this week or one of them is going home

These idiots

Jessica and Cody were nominated.

Cody Is A Robot

Cause he can’t get Cody and Jessica out the next two weeks due to the curse…pay attention!!!


Once the temptation is used this week, Jess and Cody aren’t safe next week. Pay attention!!!!

Let's go alliance NoOne?!

No one is an alliance this season?! no BS. Paul is running this shit. Paul BS! I hate him. So happy there is a shift in power weekly if not it would be Paul and the cult show.


I didn’t like Paul last and I dislike him even more this year!! I can’t believe how people are hanging on ever word he says!! He’s a liar!!!


he is playing the game well


He really is! I’m a fan.


im no fan of Paul but he is playing the best game. It isnt his fault there are massive lemmings in this house and the are following him. I still hope he doesnt get too far and my guess is whomever gets him out will probably win

Jess Addict

Paul is not playing the game well. He just knows the answers to the test, giving him a significant advantage over these morons. The true evidence of his game play was last year when he was on equal footing like everyone else. He sucked and was perpetually at the bottom of the pecking order (both in and out of the house). I would get a 100 too if I had the answers to the test.


At this point, Paul deserves to win this game, and (IMHO) he shouldn’t have been playing in the first place.

I really hope next season BB decides to give the HG’s a level playing field….All Vets OR NO VETS!

BB Fan

If BB wants vets back they should have a All-Stars season like they did in BB7 the newbies and vets act is getting old So far we’ve had three season that we’re like that BB14,18, and 19.


Or at least don’t give the vet the first three weeks safe.

Wasting Time

Josh is a crybaby who would run from Mark, or just about anyone – in real life. These people get behind him, giving him false courage. I bet his family is cringing at him. Mark has had a rough life, losing his Mom, being bullied.. he is unsure of “people” being there, his social game is bad, he has feels for Elena.. I can get that. He wasn’t being the dick they make him out to be. Josh has jumped onto all the girls, except Raven, those inside and outside the house, until Paul put that hound on the Mark trail. Elena is not as bad as ppl make her out to be. I still think she is above Christmas Raven or Alex. Alex had potential, she is stupid and I’d laugh if she went home. Best move for Paul, as she is a hard one to get out, is get her out now, he still has numbers and she put herself up, not playing safe- not playing smart. Numbers is ALL that matters in the end.
Raven and Matt are the worst. Lowest of anyone in the house. Fake azz all the way. Go home Boys to Men and Gypsy. Tired of watching Matt clean off his sperm with kitchen towel, and proceed to clean counter, dishes, and lay it in floor, and continue to use it.
By the way, Paul & Raven knew each other, or met and talked “BB Friendship”, according to a pic and comments on instagram. Then, 3 weeks safety right off bat for Paul. Come on!
Holding out hope for Kevin!! Be the G man I still feel you are. Wake up Jason, if possible. Glad Kev didn’t sheep and that he told Jess. I’d love that team, with Jason. Paul should feel some heat, along with Raven & Matt. At least a game. Or pay Paul now. Yes, I know it is long. Waaah!


This season is a whole lot of nothing.
Josh is trying his best to be the agitator like Zach was in BB16, only worse. Meanwhiile the rest of them are basically giving Paul the game. Every week he’s controlling who goes home. It’ll be too late before any of them even realize he should’ve been dealt with the moment his protection expired.

I’ll check in occasionally,but for the most part, I’m done with this season.


Can Xmas’s temptation allow her to replace a nominee in the upcoming POV? If so, I can see Paul asking her to replace Cody so he can not compete. I hope so because I want to see the WTF look on Paul’s face when Jessica uses her temptation, and in the process makes Xmas’s temptation worthless.


She can only replace one whose chip was pulled to play, sorry.

sunny dee

josh flies off the handle but at least he has real remorse for what he says when he does. unlike the other 2 or 3, mark/cody/jessica who continue to try to justify their words. he does go overboard tho and even kevin can’t really reel him in. on the other hand a couple of HGs (alex for example) love it, as you can tell from her expression and action.

i am pretty sure paul will ask xmas to use her power, i am also pretty sure it expires soon so this might be the last chance. if not, next week would be.


Christmas can only use it to replace a chip pulled. With Jason on the block, that only leaves 2 chips.


But she ends up using the Halting Hex temptation. She can’t hold it over them for weeks like it’s actual safety. She halts one eviction. It won’t be a waste to get it out of the way.


Oh Crap….I was hoping he wouldn’t put them both up. I really wanted this week to work out where Jessica didn’t have to use her temptation. But I guess if she is gong to use it it’s good to use it on Paul’s week. Oh and I can’t believe Mark won a comp.


Well Paul decided to flush the temptation, so this week is a waste. But I guess we niw get to see what really happens….Is it a reset or just a wasted week?


I like Josh Way more than Raven and Matt… enough said


just like kevin 25k win paul came in andf kevin had throw comp!know we mark safey what consquence going to be right know?simon


translation please




Jessica and Cody are suchhhh pouty brats! If they claimed to “be safe for weeks” to the house why are they SO pissed off…..clearly the house can’t trust them now. Just dug themselves deeper!

I’m almost annoyed seeing them go from being on top of the world and being rude/bullying people to being really bitter and spiteful.


They are pissed because they thought by saying they had the temptation, they would be safe this week then use it in the last week. But I wouldn’t allow it and Paul made a smart move to flush it even though it’s a wasted week. Next week, no one is safe and we can really see how the tables turn and picking sides.


look at thre biiger picture paul wastes hoh on thoses 2!


It’s not wasted. The temptation will be used, yes it’s halts the eviction but next week everyone is in jeopardy as no one will be safe….except for the temptation curse winner and HOH.


It is wasted. They could have gotten 2 out in 2 weeks. now they will only get 1.

Fruit Loop Dingus

How are they bullies???? Paul is the bully the way he makes a person in the house become isolated right before eviction. Josh the way he keeps baiting someone to do something it is not like they can leave and go to another place. Everyone has a breaking point. If we sat here and poked at you at some point your going to snap and do something. Just because Paul is not large in stature does not mean he is not a bully that is how he is playing the game with a gang mentality. If your not in the cool crowd then your looked down and made fun of. Wake up and see that Paul has taken BBto a whole new low in gamesmanship and then hides behind the point that it is just a game and a TV show.


That is a ridiculous observation Are you watching and listening to the ENTIRE house. Are you hearing Josh are you listening to Paul as he controls everyone. Give me a break and Codys the biggest bully in the house? Did you hear Paul’s as he ran down to all his groupies..sickening


Random question. Would anyone be interested in an off-season US celebrity BB? I see in the UK another season starts and is the front page of the papers in the UK.


production just wont let Paul get his target out of the house, 2 hoh’s wasted,smh


I’m sorry everyone but at this point it needs to be all Kevin. If this guy doesn’t win I’m going to be pissed. HOV, HO, To Toos, grab a$$ and suckin d!ck? I could listen to him all night. Best thing to happen to BB in a long time! Well done Simon!


what wasted hoh that was


Paul is stupid just like everyone else


And what makes it even more hilarious is that he was told flat out that if he put those two up, he would be wasting his HOH! Even though he does not believe they have that power, I would never have taken the risk!


Best way to evict Paul. Put him up next to Kevin.


Josh is such a psychopath … What a loser!.. What is his obsession with Mark?


Mark threw diluted hot sauce in his eyes not sure what else

Wasting Time

Josh was aggravating Mark before that, and it bugged everyone. He bugged everyone. He went back on EVERY bet that he made, by changing it after or not doing it, but would not quit yapping till people bet with him. Josh is a wuss and knows it, all he has it that mouth, like Paul. Posh= two peas in a pod..both loud, and gotta be center of attention. Paul and him is all mouth no azz. The hot sauce didn’t burn that jerk, watch his actions. Besides, Mark did really feel bad, but if I listened to Josh’s junk talk and DuntDaDududuntda song each time I was shooting, ( which I did on live feeds), & then he cheated -which WAS what he did, I’d want to crack the stick over his head. Paul had Dom up, wanted Mark next..that’s simply the ONLY reason this went on. Hold off on Paul’s koolaid and to at least see that was gravy for him..he milked it. Josh will tell on Paul before it’s over, just like, “you don’t have friendship, I do, we do, you’re alone Mark, go home” ..lol. Meanwhile, Josh doesn’t either. Paul:” Get out you stupid Fu**,, go watch the room”.. Josh turns to go, still utterly alone.


Josh is nuts! I don’t blame Cody for his s frustration with Paul and his robots! Enough! All the house encourages Josh’s behavior. I thinks it’s awful Mark has to take and nobody steps in .. a bunch of coward idiots!!! I’m sick of all of them. Paul talking about Cody hahaa he’s a little bitch that runs down to his little army..hilarious Jason is nothing but a fool… I use to like him now he’s just Alex’s bitch

Are you serious?

Josh? Try again.. Cody is a psychopath, Jessica is a mean girl, and Mark seems to have violent tendencies.


I agree 100%, no 1,000% ah, what the hell, 1,000,000% cuz 100% just isn’t enough for this bunch!

Judgmental Judy

Josh is unbalanced – a psycho path doesn’t flip the hell out and then cry like a baby the next minute. But he does stare without emotion into the cameras as he contemplates slitting everyone’s throat in their sleep. Jessica is definitely a mean girl.


I hope that Jessica or Cody gets Paul out of the house cause I can’t stand him, but I can’t stand Josh even more. What a littleB****. There is something seriously wrong with him mentally. Issues lol. I can’t wait to watch them both leave the house and realize people can’t stand them

Cody Is A Robot

Josh is an agitator in the house. He creates drama, which makes the game fun to watch. I hope he keeps after Mark and Cody.


Bring Shelby, Alex, and Morgan back PLEASE


Josh is TRASH


Great job Paul flush out the temptation so Jessica’s minor lie about what it does can be exposed. She should’ve kept her trap shut & kiss ass to keep her & Cody safe without using the temptation. If Jody had come off their childish bitter pedistal maybe they could’ve made a 1 or 2 week deal with Paul & secretly kept her temptation for a later date. Nobody would suspect a Paul & Jody teamup, but Jody too stuck up.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Then Jody would have become pawns of Paul then who would he have turned on? Paul is a student of Charles Manson I am quickly seeing. If someone sees through Paul he quickly makes them an enemy and turns the house on them. He then gets the house to attack. The he winds up Josh and lets him yap it up because he is so annoying. Paul tells Josh all the time to hang out outside the room and Josh does it. Kid is totally clueless he is getting played I hope someone comforts him when he watches the replays.

Busta Fooligan

I agree with your statement, but you play to win the game and that’s how you win. I couldn’t stand Paul most of last season, but the kid is good. It also doesn’t hurt that he is playing against the practice squad.

Uh no

Paul said it many times and they aren’t stupid. Paul would NEVER make a deal with them..ever, so they did all the could with what they had


Why is Matt still wearing his tutu? I’m starting to think he and Josh deep down are attracted to one another and that’s why Josh is acting that way towards him.


Do you mean Mark? I agree. I think Josh is attracted to him.

Judgmental Judy

So, THAT went well…


I actually feel bad for Mark. Mark was just standing up for Cody since Cody wasn’t in the room to defend himself, I respect that.
I would say Josh is a hypocrite, but I think he’s simply delusional. Josh is the actual bully of the house, not Mark. And Josh is just as much, if not more of a follower since he’s Paul’s lap dog and does whatever he is told.
I so badly want to see Paul and Josh on the block together. Josh thinks Paul has his back, but has no idea that he’s being completely used and the second Paul doesn’t need him anymore, he’s gone.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I don’t get it Josh says he is the bigger man but Josh scratched on the eight ball. Then wanted to Weasel out of the bet. Oh wait Josh is still going after anyone that Paul tells him to. Why did Josh get involved in the dispute with Cody? So that means it wasn’t Josh’s fight. I think it is funny now how Xmas is now getting in on the spool Josh up train.
Cody did screw up tonight and should have just laughed it all off . I still wish Jessica uses the halting hex for entertainment purposes and keeps Cody in the house. Cause let’s be honest next week Mark or Jessica are going home. If he needs a replacement it will be Elana. At this point I think Paul is running such a smooth game that he could probably convince a HoH to self evict on a live show on Thursday.
i am still not a Paul fan but a fan of how he has taken over the house since he could go home every week cause he is playing against the house as a Vet.


Omg the live feeds are so crazy tonight. Mark and Cody have such anger management problems and josh is so annoying but it’s friggin hysterical. I mean he is hilarious. Like an annoying lil brother and I loathed him from the beginning. Now elenas practically dumping mark. Cody and Jessica are fighting because they’re plan to lie about the hex being good for weeks is coming out and they know they’re going home next week if they don’t win. It’s amazing. The feeds are the best they’ve ever been tonight! Can’t turn it off!!!! And Paul is playing a flawless game. Whether people like it or not. He’s got everyone exactly where he needs them and is setting himself up for the win which he almost had last year. Can’t wait to see the rest of this week

I wanna watch live feeds

Thanks for the live feed update,I can’t get the live feeds here in Canada.

Raven bad stomach

Holycrap Elena is SO ANNOYING! The way she is talking to Mark right now is pathetic and nuts! She is more mental than Josh. Ultimate floater!


This season is starting to get good. Much better than the one house, one vote crap from recent seasons. I hope they show some of this flare up on the cable show.


🙂 Josh & Frankie Grande would have been fun in the same season~~

Paul is a P&$$Y

I love how Paul is giving people real life advice when he lives of his mommy and daddy’s trust fund. What a loser! Cody would stomp his face in. The guy has served our country, that’s more than Paul can every do!


Paul needs to go, his ego is way to big and I am sick of hearing him say people are stupid or idiots.


I find it funny that Paul is telling Cody to grow up and F you blah blah then he runs down the stairs (like a child who just got yelled at ) to be with all his little clone wind up brats. Hello Pot meet kettle:) too funny he looked like a child then you have tough guy Josh spouting off like a loony tune…and the house is oblivious to the fact they aren’t even playing the game.


Coming soon to a court near the BB house…. assault charges. I will be shocked if there is not a physical fight before eviction night. Fans love drama but this house is now officially out of control and hard to watch.


Best case scenario to save this HOH: whomever wins the veto uses it to pull Jessica off the block. It forces Jess to decide whether or not to waste the temptation on Cody. If she does, great, it’s neutralized. If she doesn’t (which would be the smart choice to save it for herself), then they vote Cody out.


The videos of the Paul Cody Jess fight and the Josh Mark fight are hilarious!


The only Bully I see in that House right now is Josh, and the people like Paul telling him to TARGET Cody and Mark every chance he gets. But now it’s getting out of control. You can see Mark and Cody clearly trying to bite their tongues when it comes to Josh but he keeps going at them and won’t stop his tirade. Like someone said before nothing more than a Gang Mentality in that House at this point, and Josh reaps what he sows from here on out. You could see Alex laughing in the background ( I use to like her – Now I think she’s just a Bitch ) and I can’t stand Paul anymore. Yes Paul is playing the game but I can’t stand that everyone is following him like a bunch of sheep.
I am just waiting for Paul to go tell Matt to jump off a bridge and Matt’s response ” Sure, which one ? ” It’s ludicrous in that House !

Judgmental Judy

But if Paul can get people to follow him like blind sheep, does that make him the horrible player or THEM the horrible players? He’s going with what works. They are the idiots that aren’t thinking for themselves. He was on the bottom of the rung last season when he and Victor “joined forces” with Jozea. He morphed himself into Cody’s #1 Bro (hours of mind numbing dialog that made me want to puke), then all the way to Final 2. That cast got Veteran Frank out quickly. If Cody & Jessica hadn’t been such asses, maybe they could have kept an alliance but they’ve continued to show their ugly sides when they don’t get their way. Well, Cody shows an ugly side even when he IS getting his way.

Paul's hurt p*ssy

Paul and Josh are cut from the same cloth, coddled little b**ches that play victim then act all big when they are standing behind a group of people.

Paul's a b*tch

Paul and Josh are cut from the same cloth, coddled little b**ches that play victim then act all big when they are standing behind a group of people.


Honestly, production needs to check Josh too….his antics were funny initially but enough is enough. Does he think he is proving a point or being a badass? He doesn’t realize he is being pimped and his housemates think he is an idiot. Mark started this, but really this too much. This season is a great example of showmances gone wrong, even. Matt and Raven….that is such a farce. Paul is too arrogant but he is the only one playing the game and pimps everyone else in the process. I would like to see Kevin the final 2 and maybe Elena if she steps up but it does not seem like a priority to her. She just wants exposure apparently.


Okay, let me get this straight: Paul stays cool and authoritative UNTIL Cody leaves the room. Once Paul is out of striking distance, THEN he gets in Cody’s face…from a distance. THEN, Josh sees his boss, Paul, throwing a tantrum, so in a monkey-see-monkey-do mentality, loses it AGAIN, for no reason. I am no fan of Mark (absolutely no fan), but others are letting Mark take the brunt of the monster they’ve created.

Others are saying that Jessica and Cody should have gone to Paul to work out a deal. That would never happen – neither would trust each other – with good reason, and that would put Jessica and Cody in a vulnerable position to Paul…again. So, cancel that suggestion. Others are calling this a wasted HOH for Paul. If so, then great – whatever impacts his game negatively I’m all for. I think when Jessica and Cody sit back and think about this more, they will fully realize that them both being on the block this week is the 2nd best scenario for them – they get to maximize the hex’s power and the playing field for HOH is open to them both. Nothing lost and another week of safety gained. I think they will now have Elena and Mark on “their side” (Elena now being worried about her status with Paul) and I think Kevin might work more closely with them now, and bring along Jason, who surely is getting tired of being on Paul’s sidelines. Alex will stay with Paul, but I don’t see that as a huge loss for Jason’s game at this point. I can’t even think about Matt and Raven – they both irritate me that much. Kevin, Jason and Jessica in that order for my F3.


I missed half of it is Cody done with jess

Big booty

Will somebody please put Elena on slop already


Wow !! Get the popcorn ready ladies and gentlemen. We have us a show tonight !!!


Josh is hysterical. Most action I’ve seen in the house practictly all season.

Another Anonymous

OMG this is better than Gone With The Wind!

My opinion

Paul has been the best among all…he knows how to play his game real well. He wants to expose all Jessica’s lie about the hex and i’m freaking happy about that. I hate Jessica and Cody, I can’t wait to see them leave. Assholes