Paul tells Josh what he’s doing “We’re putting Cody and Jessica up, we send Jessica out”

7:05pm Paul and his slaves (Minions) busting their nuts over winning HOH.

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7:00pm Cody and Jessica sad because they’re lost and have to win 2 competitions to survive.

7:19pm Mark and Alex
Alex – now there’s time to pick a side.. what side are you one..
Mark – your side..
Alex – prove it
Mark – how..
they meet up with Josh
Mark to Alex – yo think I wanted Cody and Jessica to win
Alex – YES
Alex – multiple people saying you want me out..
Alex – when you’re hanging out with me it makes me very nervous
Alex freaking out.. bringing up stuff from the week Christmas was on the block..
Josh – I don’t think you guys have to do this.. just chill out..

Alex – you are always talking to Jess and Cody..
Mark apologizes that he didn’t “take her Back” with the cat ears.

Alex says he’s a flip flopper and that is why he has a problem
Jason walks by tells them they should go play chess..

(alex keeps on him for awhile. I stopped listening.. )

7:17pm Josh, Paul and kevin
Paul says mark and Elena are shitting their pants.. They high five..
Josh – they’re shitting there pants..
Paul tells him what he’s going to do..
Paul – “we’re all playing in the safety competition”
Paul – we’re putting Cody and Jessica up”
Paul – we send Jessica out
Josh and Paul fist pump..

Josh tells Kevin he can play in the “safety competition” if he wants but he’s safe either way.

Goddamn Christmas .. ( i take back all things i said 😉 )

7:54pm APSR Kevin and Josh
Josh – Meat balls
Kevin Meat balls
Simon – Meat balls
Justin – Meat balls
Andrew – meatballs
Chris – Meatballs

Josh – Cody doesn’t even look at me now..
Kevin – Jecisce. Cody, Matt, Raven , we’re doown to 56 left..
Josh – next week you, Paul, Jason and Alex..
Kevin – that was the best thing that could have happened tonight.

7:56pm Jessica pointing oujt how Pual basically runs this game and anybody that goes against him is evicted..
She mentions how everyone in the house is a follower.
Jessica – it’s interesting to see the evicted of putting one vet into the house
Cody – a bunch of groupies.. he knows everything when it comes up.. you can’t say that’s not an advantage..

8:04pm Storage Room Josh and Elena
Josh – can you put something else on
Elena – what would you like me to put on
Josh – something else.. (did you pay to have her come up to your hotel room?)
Josh – My sweater .. or Mark’s over sized sweater
Elena – would that make you feel a little more comfortable
Josh – yes

Elena says it’s been brought to her attention that Alex is saying that Mark and Elena weren’t celebrating Pauls’ HOH
JOsh says he was really excited to get a letter from his mom.. He knows Mark was too and thinks Mark was upset because of that.
Elena – I have no idea I didn’t notice
Elena says she’s irritated that Alex came to him to imply she felt a certain way.

Josh and Elena.. Josh is asking her why he voted against him over Ramses..
Elena says she thought the house was voting that way.

8:29pm Jessica says now that Paul won HOH she knows she’ll be the target. Tells Cody she’ll watch him on the live feeds every night at 9:30
Cody says if he wins the veto they’ll all expect him to use it on her. What he’ll tell them “We’ve been talking and there’s no pathway to 500 thousand dollars for us.. none.. ”
Cody – so we’ve decided that I will stay in the house and I am going to try and take out every single one of you f*er’s that I can.. and I am going to stripe 500 thousand dollars from each one of yo that tormented her during this entire time here..
Cody – everyone of of them.. part of that f*ing circus is going to say f* .. maybe I’ll look at MATT and RAven ..
Jess – burn the house down.

8:40pm Paul and Elena
Paul tells her both Jessica and Cody are going up and they are all going to fight for “that safety”

Cody and Jessica
Jess – the only people I didn’t want to win HOH is Alex, raven and Josh..

8:49pm Josh tells matt and raven that Jessica/Cody are going up but he wants Elena and mark to “shit their pants”
They high five Josh.. JOsh feels accepted

8:52pm Xmas – I really need my medicine…

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josh hoh

see what i mean josh cant make hos own decision paul show know


YA because Josh has never had ANY beef with Jessica or Cody, Had Paul not been there, Josh would’ve targeted anyone other than Jessica and Cody!


Josh has had beef with Jessica and Cody. Cody really treated him badly before he was evicted the first time. Jessica has had her moments. Josh wanted Cody out the first time, he was evicted and wanted Jessica to go after him


ROFL did the name FACEPALM not clue you in on the sarcasm?


It doesn’t matter who Josh has problems with. If Master Paul told Josh to put up Jason and Matt he would. He is just Pauls puppet.


Ummm yeah he has! Dude pay attention!!!! Jessica n Cody were “bullies” (since this is the popular word for this season) towards Josh and the “outsiders!” Where have you been? Even though I was rooting for these two! Jessica and Cody are getting what they deserve. I feel bad because I actually like Cody! I wish they would sent Jessica home first!

Billy bully blah blah

This fandom has the shortest damn memory I swear. Do ppl not remember Megan???? And as far as Josh goes…Cody said when he gets out he’s going to tell everyone Josh is a sexual predator. So….cody and Jess are getting what they deserve.

Helga Fry

NOBODY deserves the kind of Bullying that went on in this house regardless.


Realist, if you pay close attention which you didn’t, Cody nominated Paul because he didn’t want any of his ‘supposed’ team mates to know ahead of time so they had plausible deniability. This is a form of protecting them so they don’t have to lie to other HGs. The problem that blew up Cody’s plan was Paul had the protection hex, otherwise there is a good chance Paul would have been gone and he would have been respected in the house.
Cody’s plan didn’t include enough communication because he could have told his team mates that he was going to make a bold move but he didn’t want to give them details because he wants them all not to lie about if they knew about it.


How did I know this post was gonna start with, “Paul tells Josh…”


Two weeks of boring big brother.

And then another six weeks of watching pussy play these fools.

Sadly big brother is losing its lustre


I will not let my kids watch big brother this season. How can they let Paul bully Cody and talking about his experience as a marine. Paul has no respect to thousands of people who lost their loved ones even to the war veterans who fought for our nations. I hope someone will sue him after the game. He’s a resist disgusting human being.


THANK YOU! We dont need your spawn watching. Please stop watching also and continue living in your fantasy world!

Hoppity Hoopity

You’re a bad person for that comment. Someone important in your life never had high expectations for you.




Anonymous, you are quite an ass. Poster child for Regressive Abortion Rights!


You want someone to “sue” him. STFU! Cody is a total fucking DB that thinks he can get his way. When did everyone become such pussies? Yes, we are thankful he served but the dude is a troll.


You can not sue just because you don’t like someone’s opinion. You must have a valid legal argument and proven damages. Please don’t expose your kids to frivolous lawsuits, that is the grown up form of bullying.


I cannot believe the way people are throwing around the word “bully”. Its completely ridiculous to call any of it bullying. These people are on a reality show, trying to win 500,000 dollars. This requires manipulating, fighting, being fake, being nice, being obnoxious…but in no way is anyone on this show being BULLIED!!!

The troll

I guaranty that that production will throw Jess and Cody a billion life lines this week. Ya ok how is Cody gonna win hoh every week to take everyone out. He’s a loser. And Jess is dumb shownancing a loser. She’s such a tramp. She even said she wanted to find a guy to use in the bb house. I encourage ppl to slut shame her for the skank she is


Even if Paul wasn’t their I know that Cody and Jessica would be his targets. Jessica and Cody made it personal when she told him that he didn’t deserve to be here like he was trash. Cody was no better about he conducted himself either. Cody is 32 year old that has been in military and has seen the world. Josh is a 23 year old that has been sheltered most of his life by his Mom. I don’t have no empathy for Cody or Jessica because they started a lot of this stuff.


Xmas Opiods Bottle Says:
Swallow all of my contents. I am good for your game. Paul told me that this was a wise move for us.

Fierce but Disappointed

I’m salty with you Simon. I have such a hard time even listening to Paul. He reminds us of the fake Santa in The Santa Clause 2. And as my husband said tonight, once you see him that way you can’t see him any other way. I so badly wanted Cody to win that HOH.

Tiny dictator please go home

Monkey Boy pulled out the win in a crapshoot. A great victory for half wits and floaters everywhere. The only thing that can save this season is a miracle comeback by jody. Barring that, I’ll be watching something more interesting in a few days, like the grass growing. These people make my skin crawl.


I’m done watching. For the show to let these people bully a veteran that put his life on the line for his country. These zombies that don’t have a clue of what it means to be a vet. Exactly what’s wrong with the world today. No respect.

SPED teacher

I hope their bosses and the Vet community is watching g and they will be held accountable for what they have done. I really think that Josh has some intellectual problems for sure, and to have him on the show is shameless.

The Mooch

Those HG’s have jobs? Good luck with that one.
Paul is starting a line of intersex clothes, Josh can sell pancakes at Unstable Mabel’s, Elena will be promoting self floating devises, Raven can work at a haunted house screeching, Matt may be hired at, Christmas will teach chair yoga for the geriatrics VA hospitals, Mark will be best work at a birthing center for dogs, Kevin working for AAPR promoting hair trends for baldies, Jessica is suited for Hair Club for women. Kevin has a real job and seems to enjoy it. Cody needs a room full of puppies.


It’s Scary Moochie! Why aren’t you still around bullying the Washington swamp creatures! I guess now you have time to focus on the bb19 Paul-monsters.


Exactly! I’m done watching. I get physically ill watching the entire house act like bullies! The weak ones (Kevin, Matt, Elena, Mark) who sit on the sidelines and don’t step up to the bullies are just as guilty. Christmas, Paul, Alex, Raven, and Josh are ugly human beings. I hope to never see anyone of them again. I will check these spoilers to see who wins. My DVR is no longer taping BB19 and I won’t be watching this bullying bunch of assholes.


You’re right BROWNDOG. Kevin is a mature adult with a family, talks like the rest of the Guttermouths. Raven never stops eating, Elena can’t stop admiring herself. Xmas
and Alex total Bitches.Jason bet his wife is proud of him, great example for his little boy.
Josh no Brain, then we have Paul waste of skin. He is just a sick human being. I know it’s just a game, but there are lines you just don’t cross.

We're all adults here

Look I get it, it sucks that they brought up Cody’s service and said nasty things about it. It really does! To say you’re done watching is being a little melodramatic though. Unfortunately we live in a world where people say nasty things and treat people like garbage. Everyone in the house dishes it out, some more than others. This is how it works in there, and out in the real world too. Let’s grow thicker skin. If it is unbearable to you then by all means stop watching. Hopefully you just got caught up in the moment and will stick around. The cool thing is that it’s only a week you have to get through and then things could turn around and someone you like will be HOH.


In the real world at least you can escape – in bb it’s a stress trap which causes far more anxiety. Bullying & extreme harassment should not be exempt from serious consequences just because there’s $500k on the line. CBC should not be allowed to ignore real laws


Omg….are you serious?……then maybe you should just watch something else….what a wuss


They respect the fact he’s a verb and thank him but it’s not an excuse to be Dink. Just cause he serves he’s allowed to rape and pillage the enemy.


Wth are u talking about? That sounds pretty insulting to all vets unless you have info specifically for Cody. And I doubt that bb would allow him to be on the show if that was true.
This is bb. And no one has the right to purposely bully or/and organize a pack of bullys until someone cracks. Especially when there’s no where to go to get away from it.

BBB-Big Brother fan

Can people just stop with the “This is the worse season ever” and “I’m done watching”. It really gets old. Just don’t watch if you don’t like it. Threatening not to watch really means nothing. The overall ratings is what actually matters – not a bunch of threats. Either watch or don’t.
Comments for entertainment are enjoyable. Name calling and personal attacks are not.
Constructive criticism or actual suggestions could be helpful to production if they read this site.
Thank you for considering MY comments.


Yes Father we have sinned.
People have invested time into the show, are very disappointed, have their opinions, and have to vent.


Unless you are a Nielsen household nobody knows what you are watching. Nobody. Not watching as a protest is just silly, no one will know but you.

Saying you aren’t watching as an opinion comment is fine but in the long run it is meaningless since CBS is getting good numbers this season. That’s what they go by.


So disappointed that they brought Paul back. Paul is a bully and CBS should not have allowed him to degrade Cody in any way. Because of people like Cody who have fought for our freedom he should be treated with respect. When are these zombies going to wake up and vote Paul out. Paul is a disgusting human being, and I hate watching the show with him on it.


And what about what Cody did to Megan??? She was a Veteran too!


I think Alex did more to Megan by screaming at her than Cody did.

Welcome to my world

I am with all that think Josh is a cry baby bully. As much bullying going on in the world, the producers need to get josh out of the house. Paul is just a bad for egging him on. The housemates should be ashamed of their actions in not helping stop this. Cody is a vet. They all know he is not allowed to hit anyone. Don’t think I can stomach any more of the actions on Big Brother. Reading most of the comments, others don’t like it either. Big Brother just lost a big fan of the program. Soooooooo sad.


Bye bye

the Q

Worst season ever. Paul’s summer vacation


Agreed. Josh is a clown/ goon follower. With no skill once so ever. He’s a bully straight up. He bullied Megan for no reason at all. Big Brother should remove his crazy bullying self from the game. It’s too much. Big brother has always had bullies but this is too far!!! Kick josh and Paul off the show for extreme bullying !!!!


Me too Simon, me too 🙁


My saltiness is at heart attack level. I can feel my blood vessels stiffening.and you are much too young to suffer.

Seems the diabolical Paul plans are in full effect. *sigh

“Paul tells him what he’s going to do…” That about sums up this season, eh?

This week is going to be slow and painful.

I need a saline flush. Fast!


So agree simon! This will be another productive week in at my house…. I’ll be watching paint dry and possibly a flower growing, before I watch another week of the hyper Gnome running around excercising his dictatorship.

Buster Cherry

Simon,we love it because we know “Simon”says the right things,but we also love it when Dawg”gives it :Dawg Fashion”!


Glad to see you back in the game Simon but did you have to become another minion with Justin, Andrew and Chris? Come on. Shake things up. Simon for the win.

Joe Kerr

I totally agree with you. As soon as that happened, I knew what was coming (as most of us did.)

My god…I would almost rather see Frankie on my TV over Josh. And that is low for me.

We're all adults here

Frankie???? Hahaha! Hell no, he’s the absolute worst!

Joe Kerr

Lol I said almost…


Best case for Jody is if one of them wins temptation comp and the other wins veto. I’d love to see that happen, so that Josh would have to send one of the minions home. After all, on the week he was prancing around in Alex’s HOH robe, he did say he’d put Mark and Matt up if he won HOH.


If all the star align to keep Jody.
1. One of them wins temptation safety
2. The other is not originally put on the block.
3. Either one wins pov and doesn’t use it.
3. The Jody without safety wins pov and saves Mark.


Not sure if Christmas’s temptation is still in effect, but if it is, one of Jody might have to be on the block just so they can play veto.


Not if xmas is picked to play veto before jody is picked


Haha Simon, I’m f*ing salty to. Another week of Paul’s big mouth controlling everyone. So pissed.


Yeah, I think I am done watching for the season. I didn’t mind the game Paul was playing, I actually was thinking he deserved the win, but CBS gives such an unrealistic view of what is going on, why watch? Paul lost all my respect with the anti vet rhetoric and ganging up. Dislike Cody all you want, but to question his service is disgusting. I’ll just come back here for the real picture of what is happening. Thanks guys!


Good, your comments were actually funnier when you were impartial. Go home and drink more of Cody and Jessica’s kool aid.




Thank you big brother. I’m done watching this stupid dumb show, this show is a joke is not even funny anymore. So good bye for good. Paul is very sick in the head. I know ho to read people face, and believe me he need mental help. I’m not mad or dissatisfied what happened tonight. I’m glad josh won. I’m just so so sick how Paul is playing all those dumb ass. Sorry for my language. (Bye for good)

Your dumb

Bye don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


Bye felicia


Says the person who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”


Who are you talking too? LMAO


Have some jack boots…


Calling out incorrect spelling or grammar as a debate tactic, especially in a comment forum, is so BORING.

Karen S

It’s You’re.


Am I not seeing some comments? Who said your instead of you’re?


wow, you’d get rocked in a scavenger hunt. you can’t see the erroneous ‘YOUR DUMB’?!?!


I’m so disgusted with this season. I’ve quit watching the show. These people are idiots. They can’t think for themselves


See ya


I am so freaking over Paul running the game. Geeez, he’s already telling everyone exactly what they are going to do this week. These damn minions are so stupid. CBS cast these idiots so Paul would look like a genius and hand him the money.


lemme take a wild guess….Jess and Cody are gonna continue for another week strategically game planning while laying on the bed together.

sunny dee

they act so hard done by, while doing nothing at all to further their own positions. even mark and elena are on shakey ground but are still making an effort. no one is ‘bullying’ them or attacking, they chose a side and it turns out it was the wrong one . cody set all this in motion from his own HOH double dealing his own alliance, its simply karma. you tell someone you are working with them, then double cross two of those people while blindsiding 5 others. and completely failed in his attempts anyway.

whatever paul is doing is succeeding, more power to him. many of us will be glad to see the arrogant lie in bed duo gone. just as we wanted to see nicole and corey gone, and praised the day when amanda and mcrae finally peeled themselves out of that filthy pit of a bed and left


exactly, those 2 crapweasels could actually garner sympathy if they weren’t so arrogant. Cody is trying to suppress his rage as any control freak is forced to do with no leverage. Jessica makes my skin crawl. Those posing, pouty faces (arrogance, narcissism); how she clings on to her crutch, I mean ‘to her man’ (insecure, pathetic); and she’s a classic pseudo-intellect who has no clue that she has no clue. Anybody who’s a Jessica fan has jello-brain.


Boy does this comment surprise me. Never saw you as a pro bully person and frankly I’m very disappointed. Shame Shame
Addressing week 1 and the Cody HOH. It was pretty typical for a newbie in power. It very rarely goes well. They spend to much time in the HOH room. And hooking up is typical as well. Why do any of you expect great HOH play from a newbie 1st up? We all have seen enough seasons to know better and so have you. Poor Cody added to his own grief by trying to backdoor Paul for sure. Let’s not forget the garden Gnome was a fan fav early getting the temp.
Production only partially screwed Cody. As a newbie he didn’t count votes. Bet production in the DR put Cody up to the backdoor? Yeh that’s a definite possibility. Speaking of AG tonight’s HOH comp being a crap shot is the worse timing and the worst possible result. For the viewers a Josh HOH is sure to be a train wreck. Much like the season of racism prod wants the bullying as you do Sunny. Folks like you turn my stomach. There is no resemblance between McRae and Amanda and Jody accept both couples like sex……. Who’d of thunk it? Frankly disgraceful and disingenuous to compare the 2 as you did in your comment. A marine who served 4 tours is nothing like those 2 and dishonouring those who risk the ultimate sacrifice like your treacherous comment. Let the man leave the game and hopefully find peace. He is far from the only vet carrying issues back to the real world. Maybe a little kindness and respect from the trolls is to much to ask. Enjoy your 2 holidays a year but don’t pretend to be patriots. Hope you trolls find the door hitting your azz on the way out!!!
I fear this week will really begin the spiral of lower ratings. Lucky Julie has Les to sleep with or I’d guess that BB19 would be the last for the brand. No way to stop what’s coming next. Josh and his Paul friends are going to bully these 2 for the next couple of weeks. Production won’t stop what’s about to happen.
As for Jody they aren’t terrible people just a little sex happy. LOL Like almost all HG’s they are flawed. Need that to get on the show basically. The bullying Sunny supports I find repugnant. The buyback should be post jury and maybe 3 people max. This early buy back just a waste of time IMHO.
From the trolls with “see ya” here, to all the folks saying they’re done with the season it’s a pretty sad state of affairs.
At it’s best BB is our summer guilty pleasure. There is very little fun left in a season I saw as pretty entertaining early on. I truely liked the temp concept and think it has potential. But even good ideas can be ruined by production.
Still no fav this season. At this point maybe a “nut” or a ‘Bostonian” can save the season. I have the envelope not sure I can put any hundreds in it. 😛


They’re trying to stay under the radar and not trigger any more bullying from Paul’s mob.


I don’t like Jessica but until Cody came back in she was a least trying. She was trying to reiterate herself back into game with HG but she is back to her old ways. Cody is not a sociable person and so Jessica let herself be dragged down to that level . It would have been a much better game if either Dominique or Cameron had come back in instead of Cody.


Cody is not sociable to people he doesn’t trust. In the first week he was sociable to those he trusted. Being a Marine (info provided on a ‘need to know’ basis) he made a slight mistake by not providing his alliance with more info about trying to get Paul out. He was trying to make sure Paul would not get a heads up. That’s probably his military training that such maneuvers require secrecy as much as possible. He is also staying out of the line of fire by not engaging with the mobsters. And hoping by doing so that Paul and his minions will move on to another target. Cody’s personality provides an interesting dynamic in the house. I like it instead of all the fake niceness to each other in the mob from these ‘sociable’ Paul-ass kissers. If they’re so good with their social skills why can’t they draw Cody out? Why are none of them ‘trying’?


What are they supposed to do??? You can only stay in the hammock for so long. ( then they will be accused of hogging it! )
No one will talk to them, with exception of Mark. ( the others are too afraid too…Paul’s minions! )
Kevin is my biggest disappointment! To my knowledge, he has not asked the minions, to tone it down. ( which makes him one too; mind you, a sly one. )


Let’s gooooo!!!


Way to show your bias there

Club H.O.H

Mic drop!


Just because he calls the race doesn’t mean he can’t pick a horse.


He’s not a judge…there is nothing saying he’s even supposed to be unbiased. I doubt Simon and Dawg would still be doing this if they didn’t have strong feelings about Big Brother.


Christmas looks like runover shit in a bag.
Alex is officially losing her mind.
Not a Josh fan at all, but glad he will get a letter from home.
Mark needs to go. The flip flopping is ridiculous.
Come on, Cody and Jess!! #stopjosh


Simon I’m not sure I understand that last Christmas comment. It was under a picture of Paul and some guy I didn’t recognize. Dude looks like a hooker with all that make up!


I was confused! Thanks for the updates!


Could it be the same “lady” that Danny Bonaduce punched in the face years ago after propositioning “her”?

Alex really sucks

Close is only good with hand grenades … probably my favorite line this season. Thanks Cody for reminding us that 2nd place still means you are a loser.


It’s going to be a very long week! I don’t care that josh won because that was a regular big brother comp and he won fair and square. What I’m dreading is having to hear Paul another week. He just seems to be the focal point of the show and the live feeds. He’s annoying as hell to me.


Congrats Paul on winning HOH! I mean, he did it twice in a row! Unbelievable feat of strength!

Well, his latino whipping dog did the work for him… still counts though right?


Will Paul sleep in the HoH bed with Josh, or will Josh have to sleep on the couch?…

Door mat

Josh will have to go out and watch the door. Lol


PROBABLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut your cunthole

I hope Josh wins the whole thing.


If Jess and Cody were smart, they could end the Meatball Party by and lie about Paul’s fries. Surely, Jess is fan enough to remember that from last year lol.

Capt. Obvious

They’re not.


Mark and Alex have the least interesting arguments ever.

bb fans josh

bb fans feel bout rating this week right josh being hoh


Paul is evil but his followers are idiots. This season sucks. Someone needs to send Caleb in there to help Cody. Cody should be respected for his service no matter what!


Jody-you can do it!!!


I loved Christmas in that movie “Monster”.


Since.on you been drinking the Kraken? Haha


Damn auto correct


Simon you been drinking the Kraken? Haha


This is the worst season to date and I thought nothing could get worse than Bb17. I still am mildly entertained though! If you truly except how terrible these people are you starts to become sad funny. For me it’s like going to Wal-Mart after 10pm.


If you’re rating seasons by how terrible the people in the house are, no cast will ever top the blatant racists in BB15. Let’s not ever forget or diminish how disgusting and despicable those people were.

We're all adults here

You’re absolutely right, Danny!!

Bunny Flop

Simon, Dawg, all you others, it’s been great. Can’t take any more from GnomeBeard. Bunny Flop out.

You really think Paul will win??? Will not happen!!

The love for Jody is baffling. lol one is a zero personality psychopath and the other is spiteful and hateful. Go against the grain I guess. Rooting for Kevin, alex or hell, even mr pots and pans!


Say what you want but it’s the realist relationship I’ve ever seen in the house and that is including Jeff and Jordan. There is chemistry there. Also Jessica is one of the prettiest girls that actually doesn’t act like a dimwit, of all time and Cody is very easy on the eyes. Good looking couple, hope they last.

Grodner Hearts Paul

They’re better than the other showmance: The other 9 players’ lips & Paul’s ass.


i agree.. there’s a lot of hate on jess but i think she carries herself pretty well.. she is obviously intelligent.. she backed a risky horse and is paying for it.. but besides all that she is a special girl… best stare down in BB history.. i relived some bad personal moments thru poor cody’s eyes.. terrifying.


sorry Yawn, but you officially have jello brain. Jessica is beyond awful, sorry that you can’t recognize that

Blonde enigma

Seriously?! What about her comments about wanting to grab Alex by the hair and drown her?! Jessica’s artificial parts may be attractive but her heart and soul sure aren’t.


Are you an idiot? Alex has called Jessica more names than Jess ever called her. Slut for one, prostitute and much much more.


She was kidding about Alex. And Jessica is all real.


How “real” their relationship is, means nothing when they suck this bad at the game.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Most of us don’t really love Jody. They are actually dumb players. We just respect them for being the only ones to oppose Paul. Could never respect any of the other players now because they rolled over and became servants for Paul.

The season won’t have any drama when they’re gone because no one will oppose him. He will just control the large group as it kicks out members 1 at a time based on whatever “evidence” Paul frames them with (like Ramses and the 25K).

At least Jody fights back. That will be missed when it is gone.


Cody was screwed from day one when he had to nominate 4 people in the first week. Seems a little fishy that Paul is given the safety for the first 3 weeks. These people make me sick with the disrespect for someone’s service to their country, Paul has the nerve to call him a coward when he isn’t around. He better hope he never runs into Cody outside the house.


yeah, only likable thing about jody is their targeting paul, but they couldn’t even do that right. replacing ramses with paul would have been awesome. and then what’s this targeting alex? like i absolutely think if they had won alex and paul should have been the noms as alex is the only person who i think can get more votes to stay than paul at this point, but to say alex is the target? no. target paul.


right on, if Jessica was a pop star, she’d be the worst influence ever with all of her shitbag traits

CBS should not have put a player who came in second from a previous season ! I feel like America is being played by the network. This is worst season to date . Paul does not deserve to be on this show. Bullying is wrong and has caused a lot of issues in America. Now the network is making a profit with it and should be ashamed . My household is done watching , I just hope Paul don’t win.


I’m so glad this season is weeding out people like you.
Best season ever!!


If that delusional logic was sound.. Rachel who won season 13 didn’t deserve the win because came in 9TH in season 12. Rachel won she because played the game, & if Paul wins, it’s because he played the game. Sorry Jody fans, but it’s impossible to win Big Brother by playing it in bed isolating your selves from the social aspect of the game. This is Big Brother not the Bavhelor/Bachelorette aka a Dating Game. I feel bad for the way Jody has been treated (it was funny for a minute but got lame quick), but I as a bb fan cannot forget their terrible gameplay that is the main reason they’re in this position, they CHOSE to be there after week 1.


rachel won due to production meddling and a cast of fans voting favorites. easily my least favorite winner. porche should have won that season but shelly had her head up her ass.


7:54pm APSR Kevin and Josh
Josh – Meat balls
Kevin Meat balls
Simon – Meat balls
Justin – Meat balls
Andrew – meatballs
Chris – Meatballs


Also, I’m so over Alex. That girl is getting too big for her britches and the arguing with Mark is so stupid. This running around the house to threaten people with “what side are you on!!?!?” is incredibly stupid. I want one person in there to point out that it’s taking the whole house to get 2 people out. For gods sake, can Jessica get through to Josh that Paul is using the house already and doesn’t care about them at all, already? Ugh. I just want something different!


Josh is disgusting to watch. Paul- josh go get the pots and pans and turn it to a 30. This guy has no balls. Give him a week in power (but please cut down his DR time). He has nothing to contribute. I can’t wait until he’s not in power and he has an epic meltdown. Hoping karma speeds up for this idiot and gets what he deserves.


Soooooooooo pissed how Paul came out smelling like a rose on the CBS show tonight! His actions/ugly behavior & true colors where edited out for his & productions benefit! None of his rallying of the troops (aka his minions) to bully others or poor conduct was shown! Not cool production! Not chill at all!
Oh & who does Alex think she is? Ummm excuse you! Who the f_ _ _k you talking too?! Mark needs to grow a pair or switch his VA Jay Jay for her Sac! Ijs!
On a side note…… I hope after the show ends & Christmas Joy goes over to hug Kevin’s wife, she gives Christmas a “Bye Felisha!” #getthehe!!outofhere #teamKevin


Kevin is a grown man, and she treats him like a father. Don’t be an idiot!!! Kevin has not done anything inappropriate and neither has she. If anything, Raven was the one that kissed Kevin on the lips today. Why not call her names too. Get real, Jess and Cody are screwing 3 times a day in the other room and this is the crap you choose to bring up?


What’s wrong with screwing? I wold be doing the same

We're all adults here

Ummm, remember McCrae and Amanda? She always had yeast infections from all their screwing. Ewww, that’s one thing wrong with screwing.


I am no fan of Cody, but the behaviour shown tonight was revolting. Everyone involved should be ashamed, including those who didn’t try to intervene in the interest of sanity. I realize this is a reality show and I’m all for nefarious scheming and backstabbing, if it’s well-calculated. But tonight’s episode showed no cunning intrigue, no artful deceit, no conniving intellect or even the most basic flim flam. It was like watching caged monkeys fling poo at each other, only less dignified. I have no idea how Josh could pass the most rudimentary psych test and Paul appears to be completely losing it. The girls are all a grave disappointment with the exception of Jessica (oddly, since I couldn’t stand her at the beginning). This was the most distasteful episode since Aaryn Gries turned into KKK Barbie and started flipping beds over. CBS needs to start casting smarter people and stop worrying about how people look in bathing suits.


In all honesty Josh is still in the house because of Paul, Cody and Jessica are the target for most of the house guests.
Cody had the right idea about getting Paul out of the house but screwed himself over by blind siding his teammates and starting of as an arrogant bully. That being said Josh just takes it to another level and he and anyone else who supports his antics should be hanging their heads in shame. Then again this is big brother so anything goes including bullying racist sexual comments and anything else you can think of so enjoy

Allison Grodner

Paul, my dear. I buy this season just for you! Let’s take Jody and Marlena next. Thesameshirtboy is ready to sit in your side and the season its done! I promisse last year but Davonne just fuck it up a vote.

Ms Chris

Soooooo glad Jessica will finally be leaving! At least I Hope. Once she goes then I’m team Cody to take out Paul all day every day!


Awful episode


Unlike the majority. What the other poster said her husband said. Once you see someone a certain way you can’t see them any other way. That’s how I feel about jess and Cody. The only reason they have changed any part of their behavior is because they are on bottom. They started the game arrogant and mean. And jess with her finger issues everywhere. They were both knocked down and got a good humbling. Which they needed. Cody has said multiple times he pretty much doesn’t have any friends. And doesn’t have a good relationship even with his family. Which tells you he is pretty much the same person as the one who first came into the house. Because of who they were in the beginning. I can’t root for them now. I absolutely hated the drama and nastiness from the rest of the house. Mainly Paul josh Alex and raven. Mark seemed to be the only person that didn’t think it was funny at all. So now I only have a very few I can root for. Guess it’s Kevin. but I am glad that whatever was said to josh worked and he is acting better than he was .


IN my opinion us are all missing the point of Paul and the house. The house is letting Paul control to get the people they want out. He will not win. Be sure of that. As far as the bullying ur are 100% right on that scene,. Big Brother cast these people. Production has alot to do with it for rating. Yes I think that they blew it this season on a whole. So that is my say. Take it or leave it.


People it’s a game!!! Now, let me say in this game I never liked Jody. Mostly Cody, but they could say and do anything they wanted when they had the power and the numbers…now they are victims??? Bye Felicia! Now, for the backyard bully session…nah not the best look for them powers that be. I could have done without that part. At the end of the day, Paul’s social game is sick right now and he is succeeding with what he is doing…point blank period! Do I want him to win, maybe…would I be crushed if he didn’t…nah it’s a game. I’m happy for the last man/woman standing. Bye JODY!!!


100% agree. Codys behavior at the POV and HOH proves he does not want to play the game.


I agree ! Cody is not playing the game, his role play of the weather man was his same old stare . Then he didn’t even give a speech at POV ceremony . He can’t play the game, he needs to leave before jury.


I completely agree.! CBS should be ashamed with their editing of Paul. I watch “after dark” and Paul is constantly bullying and completely lying about everything. Hard to watch the rest of the cast follow him like a lost puppy. First Paul gets three free weeks of play, come on Big Brother. Next time just hand him the money and save money and my time. I’m a big brother fanatic but this entirely set up like no season before. It’s not even that Paul is good, it’s the cast that is terrible. Like all of them. Sad


That picture of Paul with Josh says it all. I’m so over Paul. Something needs to happen or this season is officially going down the crapper.

House of Idiots

Honestly I won’t be too sad to see Cody or Jessica go if one of them does because then some minions will have to turn against Paul when Jody is gone. It might be a slow two weeks but it could pay off in the long run


For all you Paul haters, just be patient. As soon as Jess and Cody are gone the house will wise up and he’ll be gone. Well maybe after Mark and Elena too.


I looked forward to Kevin and Jason’s daily walks. So hilarious and random. They’ve been broken since the sh*t show this week.



Cameron is looking good for that America’s favorite House guest…

I’m sure if folks start now we can make that happen!

Paul's beard

Kevin all the way


Can’t stand to watch Paul. Unfortunately, Josh and his minions will let Paul control the house and make it unbearable to watch anymore. EVICT PAUL


Soooo….To be clear:
In order for Jody to survive another week, one of them has to win he Temptation Challenge and the other has to win the POV.


Yes, but Christmas still has her temptation to play, which takes off a veto player. For example, Jess could win safety and be off the block, but Xmas could replace Cody in the veto comp. There’s a slim chance that Jess could be chosen to play and win the veto, but I’m thinking one of them will be gone this time next week.


She can only replace a chip that is pulled not one of the noms.

raven's fake disease

i really hate how production downplayed the arguments. Paul is a joke. I couldn’t stand him last session and he’s worse this season. I wasn’t a fan of Jody but have changed due to my dislike of Gnome. Maven have DONE absolutely nothing and can sit there and judge Cody’s game play. Marlena both are flip floppers. Josh and Alex need to STFU – Alex $2 cat ears, get over it. So hoping either Kevin or Jason win. What a waste of a season on these puppets.

2 Cents

Its kinda hard to feel sorry for Jessica she had mutiple chances to make some connections and try to flip the house but she choose to be a btch to potential allies. Also she choose a showmance with the worst social player who doesn’t have the ability to take advantage of any situation! Can’t really feel sorry for Jody!… As far as Paul, I actually Like him as a player. Do i think he has the best persnality? No, but I think he is a good player…. Hes doing well this season for totally different reasons than the last though..his temptation advantage along with hoh win while being safe allowed him to dictate the house and they cant see how big of a threat he is now because the target isnt on them..My biggest dissapointed is Alex. I thought she had a mind of her own and maybe she would realize she’s just helping Paul win but I still have hope after Jody, Mark and Elana is out they’ll either band together and realize they need to get Paul out or pick each other off…. Right now im rooting for either Jason or Kevin. I think Kevin and Jason have the biggest potential of going against Paul. Jason’s PoV speech was hillarious BTW lol!!


Paul and his lap dog in control again. Time for a week off.


I really do NOT understand the love for Cody in the polls he is a awful BB player.

I mean he has won a few comps & he was admirable for totally ignoring everything this past week but that actually HURT him and Jess more then it helped.

That is when they should have started to play BIG BROTHER. That is when you suck it up and you start to talk to people and you do what you have to do to SURVIVE. If that means sucking Paul’s ass then do it, If that means opening up to players in the house that have show you NO RESPECT then give it a shot.

Please being PROUD and HAVING DIGNITY doesn’t always get you the cash and certainly when all is said and done NO ONE ONE IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD is going to GIVE A CRAP unless you use like RACIAL or DISCRIMINATIVE Terms that become polarizing topics.

Jess also messed up showing her hand and letting her EGO get in the way when Paul won HOH last time. Why in gods name would she mention anything about the HEX or what it can do. Just let it lie and see what happens and maybe that way you or they could have engaged in GAME talk and maybe leveraged it into making a game move and maybe that could lead to a PAUL or XMAS exit 3 or 4 rounds from now.

They have Chess up there for a reason. Any good chess player is thinking 5 10 15 moves ahead and what can possible happen if this or that. I think taking the high road was bad game play.

I still think they should open up and try and do something to maybe shock another big player. Paul can talk JOSH into anything and if they could work with him they can set him up down the road and stay in the game for now.

Please Cody and Jess start playing the game.


Cody tried to play the game but that idiot magic 3 week immunity power given to midget boy Paula fucked it up. He came out swinging but CBS ruined it. Can you imagine having a plan to get out the biggest threat only to have that taken away? I would be so pissed.

I think he did the right thing laying low during the shit storm.


Yes, this is a game. Don’t just give up. Cody not giving a POV speach said a lot. You’re still in the house, now is time to start dropping hints about other players and getting into their heads. But Cody and Jess will stay in bed and not even try. There is more than just winning comps to this game. You can hate Paul, but he’s playing the game.


We all know those speeches are pointless. The veto holder already knows what he/she is going to do at that point. Clearly he wasn’t going to take Cody or Jess off the block, so why bother?


Because it’s part of the game he signed up for!


Bull. Giving a speech is not a BB rule, it is an option, an “opportunity”… Not giving a speech says quite a bit. It is NOT “disrespecting” the game. Such ridiculous indignation. Oh, almost forgot: Bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, bullying, …. Bull.


Never said it was a rule…said they signed up to play a game…which sitting with bugged out eyes is not game pay! He has no personality for this.


That creep Kevin is floating by hoping Paul and the others pick each other off and then it’s just him and Paul. He’s delusional enough to think he can win the money. No one likes a floater old man. Get real. I hate Paul with a passion but he at least plays the game. You, what have you done? NADA and I don’t expect that to change. You are riding Paul’s coattails and letting him do all the dirty work! Fucking bum.


Kevin is doing something right…usually the oldest is targeted first. Everyone likes him and his jokes are funny.


haha all the fat singles/divorcees down voted


Never mind about Josh’s HOH. It’s just a continuation of Paul’s HOH.
The “party” will truly begin when KEVIN emerges like a dark, foggy shadow that even Paul never saw coming. He has no enemies, he’s funny, and he never shows his hand. He quietly drifts from clique to clique, gathering Intel, and, no matter what he promises or simply agrees to do, he consistently does exactly whatever he thinks will best serve his own interests. He may be the only houseguest who could shine a light on Paul’s manipulations and actually get those dummies to listen. I can’t wait to see how he will reveal himself. At some point, he will HAVE to SELECT some allies. And I’d like to think he’s too smart to allow Paul into that mix.


I’m glad Josh won. Hope he does put up Cody and Jessica.