Big Brother Storm watch “this is what Big Brother is all about”

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Throughout the night the players get Storm Updates. This will be for the POV competition later on Saturday. “stay tuned throughout the night for details” they are to remember details from the storm updates.

3:25am Jessica and Cody sleeping everyone studying.

4:23am Christmas and Elena
Christmas – I hate f*ing memorization.. I f*ing hate it.. Dominic came in calm and quiet with scattered storms..
Xmas says she much older and never went to college so she’s not use to these fast tips. “I hated High school”

xmas starts to tear up “it upsets me a little bit”
Xmas – I need a little bit of quiet because it just takes a second
Xmas- I didn’t mean to snap at Kevin.. You cannot give it to me I need to work for it
Elena – you were just on Medicine and it’s f*ing your brain
Xmas whimpers that her head is “So foggy”

4:17am Alex and Raven.
Alex – we can hardly get away from her..
Raven – I love her to death but
Alex – we need to just take a break until it happens
Raven – I agree
Raven – I wanted to tell her Christmas you compete
Alex – This is why when everybody was arguing the Jillian .. this is why I wanted to keep her..
Alex – Christmas with a broken foot I don’t know what you are going to be able to do and it’s coming back up because you are super aggressive and it’s rubbing us all the wrong way

Raven – we have other people we need to get out
Raven starts talking about final 8 knocking Christmas out
Alex – You, Matt, Me, Jason, Paul
Alex – 5..
Raven – I like that, that would be a really good final 5.
They add JOsh, Christmas and Kevin as the other 3 to make up their Final 8 and Final 5 .

4:24am This is a BB Storm watch update

BB Meteorologist are stunned by the discovery of a hidden storm in the area. Computer models reveal that BB star Ramses was originally tucked away north of Hotter lake cosplaying as a dust devil.

Despite BB storm Ramses delivering lighting Meteorologist still insist that it’s not lit

BB storm Ramses is a young storm with a barometric pressure of 30.01..
meteorologist are in awe of the fact that BB storm Ramses has not just 1 eye but 4 eyes. BB Storm Ramses sudden exit left many residents Stunned and befeuddled.
Stay tuned to the BB weather channel still your only choice for weather news.

5:34am For the last hour houseguests have been reviewing the storm watch.

Cody and Jessica are sleeping.

5:36am Josh and Christmas
Josh says it seems like he provoking Mark and Cody. “They told me not to do that.. it’s more respectably if he walks out”

Josh about Mark – He came to me and apologized .. he said you made me crack .. you cracked me
Christmas – the other day he threw hot sauce in your face.. Not f*ing cool
Xmas says Marks apology was game, “he’s got a good heart.. but he’s also a Bully”

Josh says he’s looking like a A$$hole and a douche because he’s been f*ing with mark and he’s not that type of person
Christmas – you’re not a a$$hole and a douche if he throws hot sauce in your face and physically gets in your face, like touches you..
Josh – I lost it on Cody.. I really can’t stand that sh1t
Xmas – you need to start separating game “pretty soon you’ll be putting people up you don’t want to put up.. you’ll have to start looking at their game.. who has better game who has worse game.
Xmas – who is going to be easier to beat who is going to be harder top beat and you’ll need to take out the people that are harder to beat
Xmas – that haven’t had your back, that have lied to you and that will throw you under the bus first.

5:51am Christmas and Jessica
Christmas – Can I do anything for you …
Jessica silent
Christmas – you want to tell me to f* off..
Jessica silent
Christmas – Towel..
Jessica walks away..

5:52am BB Storm update.. “Fast changing weather conditions are breaking out in the immediate BB area”

Kevin grumbles because it’s his first night out of the have nots bed and he doesn’t even get a chance to sleep in it.

Paul – I believe this should be the last one
Christmas – when do we get this thing started
Alex – probably 8

BB storm Ramses has created a trough causing a severe downpour of costumes and comic book. the downpour is expected to end within 24 hours
BB storm Ramses and strata cumulus cloud returning to it’s low lying nature

Meanwhile BBstorm Dominique is dissipating.. The heavens parted and the aurora Borealis was briefly seen.

Meteorologist are saying BB storm Cameron is gone and completely forgotten

reports also say that BB storm Jillian has left the area and is headed back towards Las Vegas

We can now Confirm that BBstorm Dominique is travelling 24 miles per hour back towards teh nations capital stay tuned to the BB weather channel we’re not going any where.

6:05am Christmas and Elena
Elena sounds like she really knows it
Christmas looks exhausted – “this is what Big Brother is all about”

6:10am Jason and Kevin
Kevin says if he gets picked for veto he’ll throw it to Jason.
Kevin – I’m telling you she said she ain’t playing (Jessica)
Jason – I don’t care
Kevin – what happens.. I don’t understand whats happening..
Kevin – if she uses that thing (hex) do we start over
Jason – no.. if anything it’ll just be a dud week..

6:33am Another Storm watch

BB weather History centre reports records have been smashed by the odd weather phenomenon that struck the BB area

BB storm Jillian will go down having destroyed the most slop every in a 24 hours period

BB storm Ramses stayed under the dopler radar for the most consecutive hours

BB storm Dominique goes on record for the most collapses under atmospheric pressure and BB storm Cameron set the record for being the quickest weather event in history

The hydrometer Barely registered any water vapour content.. thanks for sticking with the BB weather channel.

7:36am everyone now sleeping

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Night of the Living Dead House Guests! Great idea Production to bring in one veteran to run the house. Most hgs don’t even develop a game plan and do nothing.

Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

The whole house should have just slept in. Jessica will use the hex and this week will be for nothing. Not a JODY fan but I do like that at least there is a couple of people not worshiping Paul’s A$$. Where the h*ll do they get these sheep people that only care about how many twitter followers they’ll get instead of PLAYING THE GAME!
All the d*mn people in this country that would fight for 500.000 and these people play like the prize is a wal-mart gift card. MEATBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!


It wouldn’t be so bad but seriously, Cody took his game and just beat the crap out of it like it was trying to kill his grandma. I don’t remember anyone so ill equipped for this show. He may have had a better shot on Survivor where his military skills would at least help him contribute and earn some staying points.


Cody on Survivor, Yes!

Jazmin Rice

Yeah and when did “making jury” become the ultimate prize?


They (Paul’s minions) believe the winner of BB will be selected from among the HGs that make it to the Jury House!


When Elena said she quit her job to go into the BB House, my jaw dropped. That is so irresponsible. She even said she didn’t have a place to live when she goes home. That is why they want to make it to jury, to get paid. CBS introduces the HGs as having respectable and responsible lives before they go into the house, then we find out the truth. remember Andy said he was college professor and the college said he was let go a couple year prior of entering the house.


I think that they jury house shouldn’t be a “reward”. For most of them with the stipend making it to jury is a paid vacation that they’ll never experience again. I don’t know what the solution is, other than making jury no fun. Maybe jury boot camp. Or at least not the fabulous house that they currently get.

the Finger

Jess still worshiping Paul’s ass with her fingers?


Or Cody’s butt with her foot? :-((


Agreed this season is worse than BB16

Spartacus Jackson

Well well…have you forgotten about season 15 of Big Brother??? That was a national firestorm of controversy…

Resist the Twist

Nothing will ever rival how lame BB16 was, not even this season with Paul and his mindless minion sheeple

ian Terry Fan

The Nerd Herd season six was the worst with Andy the Red Rat season 15 being almost as bad.

This season with ahole Paul is in the running for worst ever.


It was


Season 9 was the worst for me.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

The season Maggie was on takes top honours for being the most boring and having the most undeserving winner. Both seasons James was on I lost interest as really don’t like him at all. He never even played in BB18 just followed Natalie around the entire show and begged for AFP. What a loser. I’m quite confident we’ve seen the last of him on TV.

Tired of Josh

Hopefully we have seen enough bullying from Josh instigated by the house. True colors are apparent. Sad this is what is entertainment in a society trying to fight against bullying. I hope this season can get to some game play and alliances. Josh is going to get himself hurt and if he escapes a fist in the face then that just shows the restraint Mark and Cody have.

Jonah Hex

See ya Thursday, houseguests.

We'll be right back

Team Elena and Mark! Lets go! steamroll this house all the way to final two!!!


You must be family. Mark and Elena…really

Eat my shit from my asshole

Yeah because only family members can like them out of all the millions of viewers. Great logic dumbass .


Elena is certainly “rolling” . Her saggy tits, trout mouth, hunched back and her many rolls will be out the door soon. If she can fit through it.

Spartacus Jackson

She has extreme levels of low self esteem. Everything on her is from the results of plastic surgery.

Slim Jim

She is a female humpty dumpty! She gonna be a huge old hillbilly soon!


Don’t worry about Jessica’s Temptation ruining a whole week of Paul’s HOH…as soon as she says she’s using it, BB will come up with a sudden double eviction so that the temptation didn’t count and Cody gets evicted anyway.

Capt. Obvious

Riiiiight, because everything production has done so far is to get Cody outta the house………


It looks like BB production will not be happy this season until an actual fist fight breaks out. Tension was high so let’s play a game where nobody gets any sleep just to ramp up the tension!!!!

livin' in the real world

Will be the shortest two-hit fight in history. Cody hits Paul. Paul hits the ground. The end.

Lala Knows Best

And Cody goes home…win win!


Cody hits Josh, he stumbles and hits Mark, he falls and lands on Jess. Cody OUT.
Finally we have our final 8. E Z – P Z


So true. BB used to be about competitions and strategies and stabbing people quietly in the back. This year it’s about ganging up on one person, bulling them, torturing them until they attack you or self evict because they are afraid to compete. Before maybe one person would throw the game to someone now their all throwing the game. Some on every competition. I think they should curb the showmances by having a season of all men and one with all girls. I would love to see their faces when they relize there is no one of the opposite sex in the house. Also maybe a season of just old people cuz thats the only way they can make it to the end. Kevin is different I think he could make it but Paul is throwing him off.

Eileen Dover

I would absolutely love to see an LGBT only Big Brother. Completely and totally insane!

Aunt Richard

You forgot Q! Josh can be the “Q”. Somehthing aint right about that that whiny old Baby Huey!!!


Have we gone from stabbing people in the back to ACTUALLY STABBING people?
BB19 – Gladiator edition

The Great Paradox

CBS production, promoting the very issues facing America today, what a paradox! This year the house guests don’t bother me, its Big Brother and their promoting of bullying by actually allowing and building up Josh’s persona. Finally it looks like Big Brother stepped in yesterday and told Josh to quit it, CBS knew they took their creative monster too far.

If anything CBS production is killing themselves and losing viewers due to their own negligence.


For me it is also the HG and CBS. They follow Paul like his is the Apostle Paul, hanging on every word he says. All because he has played before.

Aunt Nazeeba's hairy wart

All media sites are referring to Paul as the loud mouth GNOME.
What’s up with that ink on his lil chest? That is the worst chap I have ever seen.
Gnome has got baby size nips.

Aunt Nazeeba's hairy wart

Josh needs a fist. That would made the season!!! He has been the most obnoxious blubbery btich since princess Frankie!


Josh needs a bottle or to be breastfed whichever his mother is apparently still doing.

Mother's Milk

He doesn’t talk like that due to a bottle. It’s straight from the nipple.


Big brother over the top was worst than that. I was very surprised they let it happen. And now again. What a bad publicity for how a society should work. Sad.


If the HGs being harassed/bullied were:

2 black, Asian, Hispanic or ME men by a muscular white man,


2 white men by an overweight, mentally-challenger man-child of PR descent,

This violent and hostile behavior would NEVER BEEN INITIATED, CONDONED,
or ENCOURAGED by the other HGs and CBS!

Homey Clause

Christmas would beat the rest of Jessica’s hair out from her bald head if she acted that way in real life. Jessica acting mad at Christmas for lying to her – what about mistakenly listening to Cody time and time again? Cody’s advise is so wrong time after time – reminds me of how Democrats and the Press were so wrong about Trump winning (and they continue to be wrong). I hope the cameras catch Jessica once again listening to Cody – he’ll be wrong again and she’ll try and take it out on someone else. I wonder if Cody even realizes how dumb he is and how little knowledge he has of human behavior? Everybody is after Cody and Jessica and he told Jessica not to make any bad moves so as not to make the house mad???? We’ll, the following week they are put back up on the block. Cody should tell Jessica not to do well in the POV competition so as not to make the house mad 🙂


I think you’re wrong about Cody’s influence on Jessica’s game play the last little while. But, I don’t have the feeds so this is only based on these posts and others’ comments. But, I think Cody in fact WAS wanting to make bolder moves (put Paul up) then Jessica wanted because rightly, Jessica knew she wouldn’t have the votes, so decided to go for something “safer” where she was made to feel assured she had the votes to evict Josh. My read on things is that Jessica has (as she herself said) been the brains and Cody has been the “beauty”/braun. Jessica was blaming herself for being “stupid” and trusting the “other side” to evict Josh. She wasn’t blaming Cody, so why are you? Just curious.


The problem with that whole plan of Jessica’s was that she decided to once again stay up in bed with Cody in the HOH room all week locking the door. What is THAT all about? This isn’t the Hilton. You should always be around the house, talking to people, gauging the climate of the house, and actively working on the votes. I don’t understand how Jess and Cody have any fans bc they aren’t playing this game, the get momentary power, make moms, the sleep/have sex/plan their future children’s names/and trash talk the whole week. They can do that from home. Their gameplay is just so bad, and maybe it’s not their fault, maybe they just don’t know the ins and outs of this game… but they did make the same exact same twice in a three week period. Fool me once… fool me twice. This game isn’t for them but I wish them (and their futures children) well.

Puddin Pie

HOH should never allow any one to share their bed, bathroom, or food.
They wanna have sex, let them do it outside under the pool table on a plastic sheet.


nah, christmas is hobbled, Jessica can stick and move. I say Jessica wins.


Christmas, one leg, one crutch, one punch. Jess, nap time.


Yet Cody is a Libtard. Amazing.


I didn’t even read the rest of your comment as soon as you mentioned that orange troll. Quit bringing politics into everything.


Xmas is a latent lesbian and a useless crippled waste. She has an unfair advantage in that because of her mangles hoof, she gets an out from competing in A LOT of IMPORTANT competitions!

HERE’s AN IDEA: If she can’t compete in any or all competitions in a given week – she shouldn’t get to vote in that week’s live eviction!

If not, she should self evict and take Craven the Attention Whore.

Ravin, another useless sack of flesh! According to her, because of a case of terminal gastro-parasites, she could crook at any minute!

In the meantime, BB19 has erected for her in the BY by the pool table, a 5 foot height/wide Death Watch Clock, that counts down, by the second, the amount of time she may have left to live in 2017!

Come to think of it, her boyfriend Matt can do with them as well. Lately, he doesn’t have much of a pulse or interest in playing this game either!


The best thing that could happen is for Jess not to use the Hex and let her think they are sending Cody home but send her home instead. That way the hex would never be used and they can send her home the next week.


And that way, they would still have Cody to compete and deal with? …. NO. Send Cody home as soon as you have the chance.


She would have to be really stupid to trust them with that

Aunt Nazeeba's hairy wart

What show is she watching?


If BB production wants to save face now…then they will have to let the whole #Friendship and focus on Paul die ASAP…let him go before jury..cut your losses!
The last HOH was tailor made for him…not to mention 3 weeks he had of safety etc..
Maybe some sort of good game play can happen when he is gone and not the focus of the show…its the only way in my eyes that I will respect BB Production again.
He is to blame just as much for all the Bullying, Harrassment & Intimidation that is going on right now!


How is a comp that they do every single year tailor made for a specific person? That doesn’t even make sense. They all saw the same thing, all got to study it. Anyone could’ve won. Not everyone spent as much time studying (Cody), no ones fault but his own, just like all of his game play.

Paul's Blind Mice

As soon as Paul was confronted he went bonkers trying to throw Cody out of the room. Then acted in charge yelling and saying Cody was out of control. Come on.. then the whole house encourages Josh and no one steps in while Mark got bombarded for 30 minutes straight. Then Mark gets in trouble because he got fed up and pulled the pots n pans from Josh??? Give me break. Who are the real bullies and who has the gang mentality? Jessica and Cody?


Seriously, did you even watch the feeds? I’m not a fan of Bullying, but think most are trying to get Camera Time for their future, which sadly has become the focus of this game and really has ruined it, but Cody’s got a real problem, and I mean he really needs some help. His anger for a guy he watched on TV last year and only has known for a short time was scary. Even when he talked to Jessica later and said his name his head almost exploded saying he “HATED” him and clinched his teeth. He told Jessica he is exactly the same outside, he has no friends and isolates himself and acts like he did with Paul almost daily, even telling Jessica he calls people Loser’s all the time at home, and says he’s happy with his life being that way, that is truly sad.


I wouldn’t want Paul in the jury because he would decide who the winner is and tell everyone who to vote for.


I hope things calm down a bit for the day. It’s been really interesting psychology the last couple of days. All the HGs are feeling exhausted – not just because of the storm watch – but because of the chaos Josh and Paul have been inflicting..and with which Alex and Xmas especially participated. First, it’s Josh doing the double finger flip to the cameras, then Xmas, then Raven. They’re all feeding off and being impacted by the chaos and it’s maddening for me because it’s all Paul-created. I don’t feel for Xmas being exhausted in the least – maybe she should have tried to contain Josh (as she’s he’s self-appointed mother-mentor figure) rather than egging him on.

I’m curious about Jessica being silent with Xmas in the bathroom because they recently had a bit of a heart-to-heart, but I think that might be Jessica’s exhaustion “speaking” too. I feel for the girl. I also noticed (and wonder if others have as well) that the comments board have been reflecting what’s happening in the house, i.e., more “hate” talk, more name-calling, just a lot of vile commentary and language. I’m not sure if that’s due to more “Josh fans” finding this site (?). The “hate” comments sound like they’re written by younger-minded people (?) I don’t know, but I hope it returns to more game-play discussion and less bottom-of-the-well crap.


Yes, when Christmas & Jessica had that talk, and then Elena, I was screaming at the Screen. Why don’t you girls team up and turn on the rest, your all at the bottom. DO SOMETHING! But then, she climbed right back in bed with Cody, when he clearly told her he is the same outside the house and couldn’t be the kind of BF she was asking him, and her low self esteem didn’t even listen, and to top it off she has been complaining about everyone lying, yet she later in bed told Cody and big fat lie, What??? I think they will look back at a missed opportunity.

Lou Skunt

Cody would kill Paul in a fight. I love how Paul immediately started talking shit once Cody was out of the room and heading down the stairs. And then got even more louder once he had all his minions around him protecting him. Paul is a pussy and only talks tough to women. Dominique, Big Meech, Bridgette etc.


Paul is gay. It was pretty obvious last season. Between his tight shorts and wearing feminine clothing…….DAH!!


And so are you. Good luck hiding it from yourself.

The Great Paradox

I really think the whole “gang mentality” in Big Brother is really losing people this year, I know Im getting sick of seeing it. CBS production hypes up these house guests and builds these house guests into characters and have gone to far themselves in a sense almost promoting bulling allowing Josh to be a complete moron to Mark/Cody, like they want something to escalate to produce more ratings. I don’t know for me personally watching this season has really turned me off, not because of the house guests but rather CBS production and all the paradoxical story lines they make.

This season is a great example of how people will just willingly “follow” people, not just in this game but in life in general. To just blindly follow someone is the most harmful thing one can do, to not “think” for oneself just leads to the “herd” mentality, This season it seems the house guests just all “do what their told” by Paul. It creates a great paradox because a person that just does what they are told to do, is the biggest danger to themselves.


Perfectly said this! It is no longer a game, more like follow the leader and if you step out, the HG will desolate you.
I am finding it really hard to watch, really hard to find any of the show, feeds or blogs entertain-able.


I agree also. Not one of these sheep have even spoken a word of getting rid of Paul. Everyone of them want to go to the end with him. I was hoping maybe Alex and Xmas would come together with Jason and create a new group. Something but no. Let’s all play Paul says.. The bullying is unwatchable. Josh needs to go. None of this makes good TV.

You can't handle the truth

You have described the concept that was brought forth in the novel”1984″ by George Orwell. “Big Brother” ,as characterized in this book, is exactly what people on this forum are referring to as “production”. “Production” is “Big Brother”! They are supposed to manipulate and deceive and to twist reality. Without”Big Brother’ influencing the game,it may as well be called”a group of people in close quarters trying to adapt to external influences”. Orwell for the win!


Listening to Elena Kardashian talk to Marky-Mark on AD is making my ears bleed.


The only way to get these so called minions to play their own game and get out from under Paul’s so called influence is to get Cody out of the house.

Cody is a common target that they all hate and they will obviously be sided together to get rid of him.

Cody is being ganged up on because he is a complete ass wipe to everyone in the house.

There is absolutely no chance differing opinions about who to target can happen as long as a single point of hatred is still in the house.

So give it up Cody lovers. If you want the house to stop with this single mindset, Cody has to go.

Paul needs to go

No Paul needs to go!!!!!

Aunt Nazeeba's hairy wart

Send the gnome home!

Paul's Vagina

I disagree. They have ALL been up Paul’s arse from the second he walked through that door. Every single one of them except Cody. Even when they still loved Cody and were in an alliance with him at the beginning, they were still fan girling over Paul like a bunch of middle schoolers. They will continue to do this long after Cody’s gone. They are idiots.

the Finger

Is Jess still fingering the hairy gnome hole?


Hmmm we saw the house when Cody left. Paul created enemies. The others struck. So go follow Paul like the rest of the house guests. The rest of house can actually see what’s going on.


No after cody goes then the house wants mark Jessica then Elena the house will not stop being one sided


So your solution to the herd is to get rid of the one person who isn’t afraid to form his own opinion and make is own choices….intelligent thinking. Sounds like you belong in the herd!


R u dumb or what?? Paul has to go

Spartacus Jackson

Jessica is no Janelle., she’s too concerned with being liked inside the house and from the outside world. Well honey why did you accept the offer to come on Big Brother…you troll. It’s 500,000 dollars on the line.

And yeah., Cody and Mark would whoop the $hit out of Paul and Josh on the outside and they know they can get away with that passive aggressive/provoking behavior because they know production (CBS) will protect them.

Kudos to Mark for not taking a swing at Josh and knocking the everlasting $hit out of him for banging pots and pans in his face.

Lol! Y’all saw Josh flinch like the bitch he is. Freaking coward.


Thanks, Josh. I’ve had that stupid song stuck in my head all last night and this morning. Crap.


I think that they (CBS) thinks Paul got robbed last year so they hand picked the majority that had little BB knowledge. So the storyline is supposed to be this back and forth with one other alpha all while they can make sure Paul wins. Sucks but I really think that is the case…
As for Jessica, I already didn’t like her and then again she decides to be a B**** for no reason whatsoever. She and Christmas seemed to have a great talk and then she snubs her like that?! I can’t stand ppl like that. So self absorbed they think it’s ok just to be an a$$ when they are in a bad mood or mad about something else. She is a spoiled little brat with an overinflated ego.

Impractical Joker

How different this game wouldve been if Paul had not been involved?
Cameron probably would still be in it
chances are Xmas and alex would not be


It really bugs me when people ( Christmas, Josh ) say Mark’s apology isn’t real. That it’s just part of the game. Really, why would Mark come apologize to Josh when Josh berated him and Mark in front of the entire House, yelling and screaming, smashing pots and pats in Marks face. What does Mark have to gain with a fake apology? Surely not friendship at this point. Mark was doing it for his own dignity and self worth.
Bullies are the ones that never apologize and laugh at apologies. Because they know that is a sign of weakness !! Exactly what Josh and Christmas are doing.
I feel sorry for Mark in a way. He said he got big through weight training because he was always bullied as a kid. But he still carries those scars today. He still feels he has to apologize for others actions. He still sheds a lot of tears.
Elena takes advantage of him in that House as well as Paul. Bunch of Cowards the whole lot of them !!!!


I agree with some of what you said. But, think back, Mark bullied Josh over and over….going so far as throwing pickle juice and hot sauce in Joshs’ face..if that isn’t bullying I don’t know what is, including all the names and rude things he said to Josh. Yes, I think josh is a bully too as is Elana, Jess, Cody, Matt, Christmas, Jason, Raven, Alex they all have done it at times. Its the season of bullies. Even Kevin has been one, calling Josh ‘the blob’ but everyone (majority of ppl posting) seems to let him slide. I personally think Kevin is scattered and hope they get him out soon…they can’t all be missing what he is doing. I believe Jason has said things about it a few times..but the other HGs don’t want to hear it. Sometimes saying sorry just isn’t enough. I am NO fan of Josh at all, but I can understand why he has said some of the things he has to Cody and Mark – not that that’s an excuse as there is no excuse for most of the crap Josh has done. I think Josh will be in for a rude awakening when he comes out of the house. His parents didn’t do him any justice in the way they raised him. I don’t know when he will ever grow up and act like an adult instead of an immature little man.


Worst season of BB in a long time, how anyone can find this entertaiment is beyond me. Paul absolutely sucks the soul out of this show.

Jazmin Rice

Jody should have kept quiet about the temptation, both played in the temptation competition and both played in the POV. Then one might have been safe and one might have won POV, and they could save the hex for later … and no one would know about it. This way they’ve got to use it.


Everyone has talked about some of these houseguests being crazy, but I find Alex is right up there among the craziest in the house. She is super aggressive, punching, hitting and throwing stuff around. Poor Jason is the brunt of most of it. She constantly is trying to punch or hit him in the nuts for her own pleasure. She hates everyone, and appears to be a loose cannon. Between Mark, Cody and Alex it is a wonder none of them have been kicked out yet.


I was thinking the same thing this morning. Why does BB allow Alex (and now Xmas) to hit/ punch Jason? Yes, he’s a big guy and it probably doesn’t hurt him, but he’s not a punching bag. Leave the poor guy alone. I’m also very tired of Alex constantly calling Jason “Dumb Dumb”. Hmmm. . .let’s see who the dumb one is when he’s in final four and Alex is sitting in jury.

Josh's Emotions

CBS production, you best be looking after “your boy” when he is off the show. When Josh goes back home and watches the season and realizes he was nothing but Paul’s lap-dog, that he was the “disposable one” in the herd, and that CBS made him look like a complete idiot on TV…”Your boy’s” self worth will be at zero point and on suicide watch.

The Bus Driver

Josh is too stupid to understand. In school he was so huge and stupid, the school gave him his own short bus. Am sure even Taco Bell wouldnt wanna hire this psychopath


If Jess wins the veto she takes herself down. She would be smart to then not use the hex and let Cody go home. And she would have a free or two week of safety. And without Cody you are more likable and not a threat.

You just met Cody and the chances of you having a longer term relationship is low.


TRUE. But if Cody stays the house would still go after Cody first and then Jessica. And Cody is a “vote” for Jessica, otherwise she would be left alone in the game.


Jess has no chance to win the POV because she slept through the BB storm watch that had all the clues for the POV competition. She will be totally guessing at the answers.


Ad had them prepping for the guest appearance on a daytime soap opera.


If Cody is on the block and Jessica uses her power when she is not then Paul will have still succeeded as HoH. The Paul vs Cody dynamic is the male version of Helen vs Amanda. The 1st couple of hits on both sides miss.


Jess and Cody basically threw in the towel by not studying for POV. This is part of the game. Fight to stay in the game, but nope the moment it doesn’t go your way, you quit.


No they didn’t because Jess is going to use her HH “power” on Thursday night to STOP the live evictions (to either save herself/Cody or both) and erase Paul’s entire week as HOH!

No will be evicted and a new HOH won.

Paul will CAN NOT COMPETE for HOH!


they still threw in the towel. Play the game…fight for the POV and still use the temptation. Show these guys that are following Paul that you want to be there. They are horrible together…one needs to go if the other even wants a chance to win.


They were both exhausted: Josh not being evicted, being nominated when Jess thought letting them know about the hex would focus the light elsewhere so Paul wouldn’t “waste” his HOH, pots and pans and the zoo-like antics. Plus, their own issues after talking with Paul. They were there for part of the storm thing, but probably had a hard time being in the room with all that combined crazy. Plus, they’re safe with the Hex. So weighing all that…a quiet few hours of sleep while the rest stay up? An easy choice in my book.


Do you guys think that the Veto comp will be a memory puzzle game with a physical component to it?



Don’t know if it is my old computer acting up but I have to scroll through 50,000 adverts to get the current update or comments. So frustrating.


Mark being a victim??? Give me a break. Mark didn’t mean it when he apologized.
And nobody liked cody because he was an asshole. Victim noises, betas , not answering when asked a question.
All of them have been jerks at one time or another. Cody / mat are grown they can handle themselves without resorting to violence. No one is a victim there.
Everyone’s tired and things will blow over. That’s big brother.


I think it’s BS that production is making all of the challenges memory or non-physical… so that Christmas can compete. I wish they would do a team physical challenge and let Paul get stuck with Christmas, Josh and Raven on his team.