“I’m excited for you to use the hex.. they’re scared shitless.. they really want jury that bad.. they crave it that bad “

Alright people this was the a very insane 3 hours on the feeds. Get the feeds if you want to go back to watch. I went through what just happened twice.. enjoy..
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5:03pm Jessica fighting with Alex..
Paul – Jess you want to come out and answer some questions.. Ohh you actually want to come out and play the game.
Alex – we saved you
Jess – how did you save me ..
Alex – everyone wanted you out
Jessica – Alex you nominated me.. How am I supposed to trust someone …
Alex – it was 10 to zero
Jess – because dom had a meltdown..
Alex – no no, I told you you were safe..
Jess – me being on the block is safe.. OK
Alex – everyone here wanted you to go home
Jess – it was 10 to zero
Alex – dom
Jess – Dom had a MELTDOWN and not I would have gone home

Jess – I don’t owe you anything for putting me on the block..
Jess – you gambled my safety..
Paul jumps in and calls Jessica a liar..
Jess – how am I a liar..
Josh says Cody has a “Muscle” one
Paul – it’s a Muzzle
Paul – Cody’s too sacred to talk you have to talk for him..
Matt brings up that Cody wanted to keep Alex and Jason around so they can use Alex and jason to take out Raven and Jessica.. (week 1)
Jessica – is that a question.. It was week 1..

Alex jumps in asks Jessica who hide her ears..
Alex – did you not say that Raven hid them and dumped out my soda.
Jessica – I was on the block you think I was trusting anyone.. She just said every single person in this house wanted me out
Jessica – that includes you..


Raven – you LIE
Raven starts calling Jessica a b1tch..
Jessica yells back..
Raven – you like a$$holes so much because you like to talk out of yours..
Cody comes out and takes Jessica away to the Hammock..
Raven – You can’t handle the heat get out of the mother f*ing kitchen..
Raven – you didn’t throw me under the bus you threw me under the train..

Paul rallies them to run after Cody and Jessica to make sure they don’t take a mental break but nobody follows..


5:10pm Alex starts yelling at Mark saying he knew where the cat ears were hidden how did he know where they were.

Mark – cause I was looking for them..
Alex – don’t pretend you didn’t know
Mark – don’t throw me into this Alex..

Alex – you’re a liar..
Mark – wait you think I know about hiding them..
Alex says Mark told her he wanted to work with her that is why he wasn’t put on the block over Dominique… Since she’s won the HOH he hasn’t talked to her.

Paul says none of them are guaranteed safety now because of that piece of shi1t Cody and Jessica are the ones responsible.. (these people are really stupid if this argument actually works on them.)
Paul – I did what I did to keep you guys in Jury..

Paul tells them to all go outside and start barking because they are all his dogs. (sarcastically because that what cody says they are like to Paul)
Nobody follows Paul so he backs down..

Paul and Josh being idiots dancing around singing their circus song. (this used to be funny)

5:11pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica- god I hate being the centre of attention..

5:12pm Paul and Josh dancing around..
Josh – welcome to Big BRother
Alex – Liar
Josh – Cody is such a big man he uses words like disgusting..
Josh is screaming that Cody has little mad syndrome..
Raven screaming again.. “Woof woof woof”
Paul – you are all my dogs..
Paul screaming that Cody is chicken shit…

Raven screaming that Jessica threw her under the train..
Paul – all my dogs are barking
Raven – woof woof woof mother f*ing woof..
Alex – you’re a disgrace to marines. (fuck serious Alex?)
Paul – I’m playing a psychological game and you guys are all my dogs..
Paul – the 2 people that run and hide are sitting on a hammock.

Raven claims that she’s always had jessica’s back
Raven and Alex go on about Jessica throwing raven under the bus when Alex was HOH.

Josh says Cody’s got no personality and it sucks
Josh – you’re outfits sucks
Josh – everything about you sucks.. nobody likes you ..
Josh – you grown baby.. .
Paul – he’s not a stand up guy he can’t stand up to anything
Josh – you’re girl has to fight your war for you and you can’t say a word
Raven – he wanted me out of the game and to use Jason and Alex.. are you shitting me..
Paul keeps up calls Cody chicken shit for the hundredth time..

Paul saying that Jessica screwed them all over Jury to keep the “shitiest person” in the house out..
Paul called into the Diary room.. (thank god)

5:19pm Josh screaming but nobody else is once Paul goes..

5:19pm Cody and Jessica Hammock
Cody – I’m excited for you to use the hex.. they’re scared shitless.. they really want jury that bad.. they crave it that bad
Jessica – it’s f*ing 8 thoudand dollars get a job ..

Josh keeps howling MEATBALL MEATBALL
Josh – a week of hell until you go home you big MEATBALL
Josh – I’m going to make your life a hell until you walk out those doors BUDDY

They get no reaction..
Jessica says when they go back to watch the first few weeks the person she use to talk shit about Alex and the other girls was Raven.

5:21pm Jessica telling Cody that this is the same thing Paul did with Dominique .. And she snapped.

Paul comes back says he was told not to incite violence, “No talking about self exciting and no fighting words.”
Paul now screaming that Jessica was the one that started all Dom’s lies..
Paul – guys do I psychologically play you guys..
Alex – COdy is a LIAR..

5:31pm Mark and Elena

Mark pointing out how pathetic everyone is now that they are in a group coming at him.

Josh pissed because at one point Cody called him disgusting.. you can hear him in the background yelling about it.
Alex calls Jessica insecure..
Paul tells Christmas to say something about Jessica not getting 10grand for Jury bot her boyfriend is.
Xmas – why is she not getting to Jury..

Paul declares Jessica target number one..
Xmas – that’s a expensive date
Raven says his (cody) girlfriend dropped the american flag on the bathroom floor.. they should bring that up.

Xmas – it’s on the bathroom floor the American flag
Xmas – Cody _ have a serious question .. I don’t understand ..
feed cut..
when we’re back ..

Alex – what kinda American marines leaves the flag on the floor like trash (not a fan of what these people are doing to Cody and Jessica and I’m not even American.. it’s fucked up)
Alex – what would the marines say about that
Christmas – no..
Alex – I know other marines that would have something to say about that
xmas – I hope you are worth 500K dollars to Jessica, that’s an expensive date.
Alex – I hope our price for freedom is worth that man (wtf )
Paul – I’ll go ahead and pick the american flag off the bathroom floor where it doesn’t belong (what bravery.. what sacrifice..)
raven – and hang it up where it belongs
Paul – And I did enlist in the military
Christmas – I just don’t kow any marine

Paul goes into the bathroom .. at least i’m a proud American because this is how you treat the flag on the dirty bathroom floor what a shame..

Paul comes back.. don’t worry I picked up the American flag
Alex – like a true American..
Paul – that’s her item we’re not allowed to touch it.. but I also don’t like our country’s flag to be disrespected.
xmas – true
raven – true
Paul – I got my stripes right here.. and I got an american eagle tattooed across my stomach..
xmas going on that Jessica has to tame Cody so he doesn’t blow his lide..
Paul – that muzzle is on real tight..
Christmas – she’s making sure he doesn’t blow his f*ing lid.. He betrays he lies.. He talks shit..
Alex says Jessica doesn’t want cody to talk because she’ll get caught in another lie.

Raven kinda outta nowhere.. “I have 2 diseases and that’s what I want to do with my life.. ”
Raven calling Jessica out for shoving her fingers in people a$$holes. (this is true)

5:47pm Raven calling Jessica out for saying that she liked Cody because how how b1g his d1ck swung when wearing the silk underwear.

Raven – yeah you remember that don’t cha…..
Jessica and Cody are laughing
Cody – thanks.. marines everywhere are hi fiving..

5:50pm Jessica and Cody Hammock (you can hear raven, Alex and Christmas berate Jessica in the distance)
Cody – I’ll tell you what.. we got a pretty good fighting force just us two.. I like your odds..

6:17pm Josh is accusing them of putting Vaseline on the bed.. “Don’t touch my sh1t cause can get ugly quick”
Josh threatens the he will spray ketchup and mustard all over their beds.
Josh – don’t put Vaseline on my bed cause you are going to clean it..
Jess – we did not do that..
Josh – alright..

(The Vaseline was from the prank they pulled on Cody by placing Vaseline on the door knob.. apparently some got on Josh’s sheets.. .wouldn’t have been the first time)

6:53pm Josh, Jason, Paul Kevin and Alex
Paul is telling them what they can and can’t do.. (only Josh and maybe Alex will actually do anything. Jason and Kevin have stayed out of this. Jason even has expressed distaste for the ganging up)
Paul – we can keep taking jabs at him don’t get me wrong..
Paul – no violence.. no telling them to quit, shit like that
Paul – and let’s not f* with their personal sh1t.. Vaseline.. that’s funny as sh1t
Josh laughs
Paul – pots and pans early in the morning..
Paul the decaf coffee is hilarious
Paul wants them try and get Jessica to not use the hex
Paul – lets not provoke a fight..
Josh – they told me to stop
Paul – whatever they told you is what they told you
Paul – we can continue.. no empathy.. no empathy

7:10pm Elena tells Paul she’s putting Cody and Jessica up if she wins HOH.
Paul says he’s doing the same.

7:39pm Not even close to snapping..

7:43pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica – I’m sorry.. I just couldn’t take the whispers anymore…
Cody – that’s OK, you exposed everyone on national television.

8:50pm Trying to figure out ways to get Jessica and Cody out becuase the regular mechanics of the game won’t allow it this week.

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254 thoughts on ““I’m excited for you to use the hex.. they’re scared shitless.. they really want jury that bad.. they crave it that bad “

      1. I am appalled, saddened and disgusted by the behaviors of Paul, Josh, Raven and Alex. CBS needs to show their mob mentality without edits on the next episode and show a psa right after about anti-bullying. WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO CODY AND JESSICA IS WRONG! This is a game show and they are being personally attacked, day and night, on a game show! Alex is so vile for saying those things about Cody’s military background. At some point the bullying needs to stop! THIS BEHAVIOR IS NOT OKAY! Provoking is bullying… something Paul does not seem to understand. The pots and pans…the coffee pranks… it’s just not funny. Please Big Brother, save Cody and Jessica. For Paul, Josh, Raven and Alex to not know how malicious they are being is so sad.

      2. Scum bags that act like they are acting American by being little Nazis is a cornerstone of the left in this country. Just vote Cody out but what these houseguests ( I use that term loosely) is truly a typical leftist Nazi tactic.
        If you understand how Nazis truly took over you know history. If you think these people’s tactics are right, Sig Heil!

    1. ::Singing:: “Started from the bottom now we’re here!

      P.S- OBB fam please write to CBS/Big brother and stop this. It’s disgusting. I did.

      Proud of Cody and Jess!

      1. Boy o’ boy!
        It seems the house has almost become as disgusting and venomous as the people on these comment boards…. almost.

    2. Paul afe: 24
      Josh age: 23
      Simply immature and have alot of growing up to do. They’ll be upset with themselves a decade from now.
      Paul knows he’s gonna be evicted soon and only using his “dogs” to try to prolong his stay. As of last week cody was the bad egg, as of today, Paul’s exit will restore order in the house. Hope everyone can learn a valuable lesson from this.. how quickly things can turn in life.

      1. 23 is too old to have immaturity as an excuse. Josh also blew up at the blue haired girl (megan?) at the first HOH. He may have a part that’s screwed on wrong.

    3. She sucks, so does Cody. Both terrible players. I hope they’re both out in the next two weeks. She was the original mean girl.He was the first “bully”.

      1. Thank you seams like everyone has forgotten that. HOWEVER, that is no excuse to lower yourself to their standards. Which two bad days the house verse three weeks of Cody outburst and bullying does not change my entire view of Cody and Jessica’s mean girl comments.

  1. It isn’t even an actual american flag. It’s just a flag themed blanket or sarong. And another thing. FUCK RAVEN. Fucking follower coward bitch!

    1. Paul told the herd it was an American flag, so without any thought what so ever the herd just believes what Paul says. Like the true hero Paul is, he managed to go through a risky and scary battle field (the house kitchen) to save the American flag, meanwhile there are real men out on a battle field dodging bullets…..but Paul and minions are the real heroes for saving that flag.

      Can someone please muzzle Alex, she is making herself look so foolish with all these marine comments.

      1. Did gnome actually say he enlisted?? Ok so did he get to basic? did he even pass testing to get into basic and graduate and if so which branch and where was he stationed and where did he serve? yea…. didnt think so. Does he have a CIB … no douchbag does not

            1. It’s an aptitude test needed to get into the military. It helps determine 1) eligibility and 2) what jobs in the military are available to you based on your scores.

              1. Anonymous do the rankings seem right the ones creating the drama are higher is this the casual CBS viewer voting?

            2. Really? How do you know this. If true…. Bwahhhahaaahahaaaaahhhhhaaaahahaha
              To pass you only need 31/100. (lmao)

      2. Alex is a nasty evil little troll. Alex Raven and Christmas are made for each other. Let’s see how they handle the consequences when this is all over. The truth of who they really are had been revealed.

      1. You’d have to be anonymous. You’re as lame as Raven. 2 illnesses my ass. That sweet southern girl routine went right out the door and suddenly classless, piece of trash was ushered in. I can’t believe Matt would stay with a girl like that.

        1. It’s the handies and the sex right in front of the camera. Check it out on YouTube several of their sessions are posted.

          1. I believe Matt gets a free pass. I mean according to Raven, she could transition any day! What is Matt going to do…..wait?

          1. I would say Jess owns her relationship with Cody. Raven has sex, but acts like the Virgin Mary.. she lies on Josh peeking on her in shower, HID Alex’s ears and poured her Coke out, as well has talked about everyone on here. She is jealous of anyone taking a moment from her. She is Trash. Just because you hide and lie, clearly that makes it fine. So you hold Raven up? Haha.
            I believe Cody and Jess will be together after the show, but either way, they are NOW, no matter who tries to entice them with money, JURY (is that Heaven?!), or mental torture.
            SO, I call Jess a woman with her boyfriend. I have other cameras views to avoid the sex. I bet you do, too.. check into that.

    2. Yeah and Paul Puss farts in his American Flag boxer shorts that he prances around in…..He needs a swift quick in the a$$

    3. Raven should take her “Walking Dead” azz back to Arkansas!

      Dissing a man military service? He fought for your right to be a scamming azz lil beeoch!

      Remember “A coward dies a thousand deaths.. a SOLDIER dies but once”!!

  2. Alex and Xmas are so jealous and bitter because they are the only 2 women in the house that aren’t in a showmance because nobody likes their manly faces/personalities

    1. No. I think Cody likes Alex. He talked about that early on and this upset Jessica. Jessica wanted to use the veto and nominate Alex but Cody talked her out of it.

      1. when it comes to alex and jessica, it has always been jessica livid with rage that cody liked alex at all, and even talked to her. she’s the only one who has been jealous of the other females in the house, everyone else is absolutely ok with where they are

        there is a reason she was staying last on the ranking grid, it was her nasty catty behaviour.

    2. Wow! Are you watching the same show?!! So I’m assuming that you think because two girls who have decided they don’t need to cling to a man automatically makes them ugly. And all you “Jessica” supporters think it’s attractive for a girl to act the way she’s been acting towards Cody on national tv knowing that his daughter may or may not be watching. Jessica is obviously not shy about having sex with strange men (she has known Cody for less than two months) on tv knowing he has a daughter and an ex watching. Y’all are freaks!!! And Jessica can’t beat Alex. And Christmas almost beat Jessica with a cast on her foot. So all is good…

      1. “Christmas almost beat Jessica”…..but she didn’t, not sure when almost counts for something??

        1. This. I like how everyone is bashing. Because he made a move? Week F’ING 1?!

          He didn’t tell anyone. Okay, bad move. The hate from that house and people approve?! Wow. Not a Cody fan, but jesus…just insult his mom while you’re at it. Dude went to war, fought for freedom and gets dogged about.his time there because of a bad game move.

          F Paul, F that stupid crybaby Josh…this really turned me off from the show. I’ll watch, but it’s not must see for me anymore. If I miss an episode *shrug*. And that’s from someone who watched from day one.

          1. I know what you are talking about it is just disgusting to watch. This show is getting way out of hand. Check this off my to do list.

            1. Do you have any idea how much weight that put on her other foot? Also balancing would have been even more difficult because you rely on your core for balance and as much as I don’t like Xmas I think she did a great job with that comp.
              I knew when Paul walked through the door it wasn’t going to be a good season, knowing that Josh is so gullible and watching him play him like a puppet and see Josh using some of Paul’s mannerisms has been a total turn off for me. I think we all know that Jessica did not get the halting hex from America’s vote that is just CBS trying to save an otherwise boring season. Bringing Cody back was inevitable. I am hoping that in the end it comes down to Kevin and Jason as final 2. This looks like my last season of Big Brother unless they get some intelligent, “adults” to play this game instead of some empty headed, half naked, foul mouthed bullies. I don’t even like my 20 something grandchildren watching how these people react with others. This is what our world has come to. When even military service is made fun of. (not a Cody fan either)

      2. You’re not judgemental at all. I may agree that the romance was way too fast, but there is nothing you can say to justify the actions of Alex, Christmas, Raven, Paul, and Josh. Nothing. Gang mentality at it’s best. Unless of course, you yourself are mental. Hmmmm. . . . . . .

        1. I’m lol…Im mental? It’s not rocket science. But I will spell it out for you Jessica groupies who worship the ground she walks on, apparently. When I said, “cling to a man,” I meant have sex with them the first week on national tv in front of mom watching, (in Jessica’s fairy tale story) her future step daughter watching, and whoever else. Maybe this is normal in your everyday lives but not in mine. I think Jessica is gross and sadly insecure. And yeah it does count that Christmas almost beat her. It means that she is weak. Why do you think Cody doesn’t take up for her? Because he knows she’s cuckooo!!! And I never said that all the bullying was okay or justifying it. What did Alex or Christmas do or say that was so wrong? Alex called her out. It wasn’t in a deragotory manner. And to compare someone who does nothing but put make up on for hours (Jessica) to Christmas and Alex who are apparently jealous!??Jealous of what exactly?

          1. Funny how you judge only Jessica, a woman, for having sex. Who cares?!?! Her body, her freedom to do what she wants. Sex shaming women is disturbing and excluding the fact that there was an actual a man involved in the sexual act is ignorant. Whenever I read these kind-of comments, I wonder…..does the judgement come from your own projection OR lack of a healthy sex life yourself?

      3. I don’t think either of the girls are ugly but saying they didn’t need to cling to a man was a bit of a stretch they’re clearly two of Paul’s biggest sheep even Elena and Matt stayed out of that attack but those 2 were right there behind him and his puppy raven

      4. Exactly. But please do not forget, Cody is participating in the daily sex with Jessica too – he didn’t resist knowing who was watching.
        Jessica keeps saying that she has an image to uphold and conducts herself accordingly. But she had sex on night #2 with a guy she just met (and waiting until night #2 only because Cody tried to get with Raven on night #1 and she rejected him). And in most of her conversations – all she discusses is buttholes, positions and dick. And fingering people in the ass thinking it’s funny.
        Can’t stand Jessica or Cody.

      5. Agreed Realist. Not to mention she hasn’t told him that she use to work as an escort in Boston. He has every right to know that especially having a daughter. She has every right to do what she chooses without judgement but he also has every right to know who he brings around his child.
        The gang mentality was awful today but Jessica was not totally innocent either. And by No means am I sticking up for psycho Raven bc I don’t like her either but Jessica tried to intimidate her and pick a fight bc she was the weakest of the three she thought were talking about her.
        I do like that some of them chose not to participate in the bulling. Good for them.
        And I actually semi like Cody so I hope he stays as long as they get his gf out I think he may have potential.

      6. It’s Codys daughter, not Jessica’s. He should be the role model and none of them can say a sentence without using the f bomb multiple times. So immature

      7. Truth is… Alex, Xmas and Raven are very ugly. Ever since the first episode of this season aired, I havent been able to watch the show without thinking about how ugly Alex is, especially when she smiles/laughs. Asian women are beautiful but she is absolutely unbearable to watch. She is so hard on the eyes i have to look away when she is on the tv. When i think of Raven, i think of Baby Jane from the movie Whatever happened to Baby Jane. Her face looks like it is melting with or without makeup and she is way too old to be wearing 2 buns on the top of her head. She actually looks very scary. Xmas looks like buck toothed bunny with premature wrinkles. I would suggest that she stay out of the sun and use good quality anti-wrinkle skincare.

        1. I find it ironic that so many commenters here are bashing the houseguest looks, have come up with nicknames (i.e. Gnome), and yet are on here crying about bullying and the houseguest being mean. When in fact, people here are doing the exact same thing. Lol The reality is most of you are no different than they are and have zero room to talk. Zero.

      8. Honestly stfu because you soind dumb. There’s no time stamp on when you can have sex with someone. You can sleep with someone the first date or a year after. And i highly doubt that his 5 year old is up watching Big Brother feeds. They don’t put sex on the tv. Raven and Matt had sex as well, so why not call them out. Stop being an uptight granny. And is she supposed to care about the ex watching? Why? SHE’S HIS EX. Maybe you need to go a d have sex. Because you sound like such a hater

        1. Juliana, first of all I think you really need to keep up with this thread. Because the reason why I even talked about Jessica’s very open sexual habits was because some “Jessica groupie” stated that Christmas and Alex are jealous of Jessica because they are not in a showmance. Are you following along? Because this is important for you to understand. While you sit there and say that I’m being an uptight granny and I need to go have sex, you need to know that I’m in my mid 30’s and well I don’t have to explain my sex life to you. But I will let my husband know that you think I should have sex. And I will tell you that some women still have standards and values. Like there should be a proper place and “time stamp” on when you should have sex with someone you just met. And his ex is Cody’s daughter’s mother. Someone that Jessica will eventually have to deal with for the rest of her life as long as her master plan to get Cody to marry her pans out. So yeah she should care. And did I ever take up for Raven or say that Cody wasn’t having sex too. Don’t put words in my mouth. I was just looking for an explanation as to what exactly does Jessica have that Alex and Christmas does not??? Since apparently these girls are so jealous of Jessica?? Anyone?

    3. Because being in a ‘showmance’ should be every women’s goal .. Also, that doesn’t validate you it shows more weakness

    4. Anonymous?? Too lazy to even make up a screen name? Lame!
      Alex and Christmas are two strong women who don’t need some lame assed man. Look at the sad showmances we have this year:
      Cody & Jessica – Losers ! & 2, lets screw under the covers, they’ll turn off the cameras
      Matt & Raven – Mr I only have one shirt and lick all the bowls, together with the scam artist
      Mark & Elena – The lap dog and the I don’t need to wear a bra darling

      If Alex and Christmas did want to start a showmance, which men are left in the house? Paul? Jason? Josh? Kevin!? Maybe Mark since it looks like Elena dumped him. There has to be a reason why they haven’t hooked up.

      In spite of her guns, Christmas has the best body in the house, one that looks 100% natural.

  3. The Jessica love is pathetic by some people. She’s been a below average player at best, has isolated herself and has lied to others, just like everyone else. EVERY season of big brother there is people berating others, fighting, etc. Some of you all act like this is the first time in the history of BB that some houseguests were universally disliked by the rest of the house. Get over it. Its a damn t.v. game show.

    1. Shes a terrible player, and she just sunk her game, she will be out next! And theres no way Cody will stick around in Jury without her!

    2. And don’t forget this tidbit: Paul was literally Robbed of the win last season. He played superbly & got screwed by production’s pick, Nicole, who did nothing but lie in bed whining about what a good person she was….ugh. Paul was strategic then & has been srategic again (well, ok, a bit nutty on provoking), but, this is Big Brother, after all. Go, Paul!

      1. Paul is nothing but a liar! He is also a Backstabber! Do you not remember last season all the crap that he pulled and things he said to people and promises he made? He is doing the same thing this time and what is so sad is that all these new people are going to let him win! They need to get him out. I do not care for Paul and his actions..l I think Cody and Jessica are treating each other with respect and they are using kind words to each other and really are not the one starting the conflicts. My only disappointment with Cody and Jessica is they are using the F word and the house. I do not feel that language is necessary.not happening . Josh is an absolute annoying person. The only reason they are keeping Josh round is because he will not be able to win anything.

    3. All of these people are nuts! It is getting out of control. I agree with you about Jessica. Cody and Jessica act like they are superior, and better than everyone else, they are NOT! Last night she was on the live feeds holding her two fingers in the air, talking about sticking them up someone’s butt! I’m sorry, but they are all just as bad as each other! She’s gross and arrogant! Cody was talking about them having kids and making superior stock. PLEASE! Paul needs to calm down, they are all losing it!

    4. I don’t care for the crazy screening at people but seriously Jessica is not deserving so much love…her big fake tits and skanky behavior get her the support. Again I don’t agree with the childish behavior but Jessica is a very shallow girl and is only here for a modeling career and I cannot understand her being #1 in the poll! BB can we please cast regular people and have the original game back!!!!

      1. I don’t even care for Jessica, but anyone with eyes can see that her chest is real, you simpleton.

        Here’s a little anatomy lesson for you, If they jiggle when she walks they’re real, if they’re hard as a rock you’re looking at Elena.

  4. This is getting a little bit too lowest common denominatory for me. It was funny when Paul was in on the joke that this game (and reality TV in general) is one big exercise in absurdity, but he seems to have developed a God complex, and his disciples have helped him turn this into a clown show. I mean, I expect more leadership from knife boxers. Or maybe I don’t because that’s not a real thing.

    1. I can not believe that no one has snapped out of their fog holy shit everyone stop following that Bin Laden look alike he is 5 ft. bully and has the iq of an ant come on guys play your own game let him go on his own and he will be gone in a week

    1. Well When you demand a meeting with the “mob” and make them all agree to a deal of 2 weeks of safety and to target Alex, then do a complete 180 on the deal, then ya the “mob” is gonna be pissed!

        1. the “mob” didn’t come up with the deal. Jessica did!
          The “mob” telling her what she wants to hear is BB and also irrelevant to Jessica doing a complete 180 on the agreement a day later!

          1. This is circular thinking. So Jessica should honour a deal that didn’t truly exist (?) From the outset, she said she’d “consider it” when Paul pulled the group together. That meeting happened and Jessica considered and said no because she couldn’t trust anybody. She knew the deal was smoke. So, no 180.

            1. you dont even know what your talking about!

              SHE made an agreement that SHE came up with.
              SHE wanted them all in the room,
              SHE wanted them all to promise her they would give her 2 weeks of safety.
              SHE wanted them to promise they would target Alex.
              SHE left the meeting with everyone in agreement.
              SHE did a 180 on the agreement a day later.
              SHE didnt know the deal was bogus, (even Elena and Mark thought it was real)
              SHE didnt tell Cody about it
              SHE should expect them to be angry after going back on the agreement.
              SHE should be able to handle people yelling at her, or SHE shouldnt have signed up to be on a game show!

            2. @JJ TOWIN,
              people make false deals, and lie and break deals. When people break deals, people get mad.
              Have you never watched Big Brother before?

              1. You’re replying to the wrong post. I don’t think Jessica did a “180”, especially BECAUSE I think it’s fine to not follow through on deals. And I don’t read this one as ever being a deal.

    2. We are seeing this type of behaviour everyday on the news. Seems perfectly acceptable for some reason and it says alot about the younger generation and those who condone it. *cough* CBS. I thought I’ve seen it all but this summary of events left me absolutely appalled.

  5. No fan of Cody and Jessica’s but these people are ridiculous! Paul is an idiot, everyone else is following him around like his dogs (Jessica and Cody nailed that on the head). I hope one of those two win HOH and place Paul and Raven or Alex on the block. Paul goes home. Wishful thinking because everyone would just vote Raven or Alex out. I used to like Christmas but she needs to grow a brain and get off of Paul’s coattails. Alex and Raven are ridiculously trying to be Paul’s number one lap dog. Josh no words can describe how awful that man child acts. Matt is just an idiot who can not think for himself. Come on people I know this is BB but play the game like past seasons and don’t try and bully your way through.

    1. Seriously. Since when is berating someone til they quit the game a strategy? It’s killing Paul to know that no one is going home on his HOH. The HGs are supposed to be evicted. Trying to get someone to quit is lame.

    2. I think Cody’s words (watched this on Youtube) were “You treat them like dogs” (criticizing Paul, not the HGs) and Paul has spun it to Cody calling them dogs. This is all just stoooopid pre-school, lowest common denominator crap. Paul, Raven, Josh, and Xmas are just detestable in this game. Alex now too. I’m glad Kevin and Jason weren’t directly involved and wonder if Jason will dump Alex now. I hope so.

    3. It would be super interesting (and awesome) if paul goes home next week. The rest of the house would be scrambling and we’d actually get to see who is cut out to play this game and who isn’t.

  6. I seriously hate Paul and his minions more then the awful BB15 Gang, this season has dissolved into a really horrible experience for not only Jess and Cody but for us BB fans and viewers. No one can’t deny this is straight up bullying and gang mentality. It’s just awful.

  7. Seriously, call your local bookstore and complain about the bully Xmas and have them pull her book and boycott her fitness centers. She is just as guilty as Paul in all of this.

    1. So what am I calling and saying exactly? “Hello, I am watching a television show in which an author of one of the books you sell is not being nice, she also has a broken foot and is scooting around flirting with and old guy on said t.v. show. I demand her books be taken off your shelves.”. Ok, I think that sounds like something I’m willing to do with my life.

  8. Elena fuck you. She’s putting up Jody if she’s HOH? What the fuck did they ever do to you?! Fuck you! Go suck Pauls balls some more

    1. Elana came on the show to further her entertainment career. She quit her job as 3rd or fourth voice on a nationally syndicated morning radio show. Elana just wants to stick around for the exposure. She is trying to fix her game so she is going to Pail for help and Paul is just stringing her along as his next target.

  9. As a Marine, not disgusted with Cody as a Marine. The Corps shits on you everyday and these fools are nothing. Not to shit on other branches but Marines have certain actiOns and don’t lump all military together. Don’t act you know what someone joins for, because I promise you every marine doesn’t join the toughest branch for Shits and giggles. Semper Fi

  10. Go Cody and Jess! Cody is calm as can be, the others are acting like fools on national television! Now for Kevin and Jason to get a backbone. Put those clowns out with the bulls! Clowns=Paul, Josh, Alex, Raven and Xmas. Until just now, I didn’t realize how nasty ughly Raven is. Paul, Josh, Raven, Alex and Xmas need Karma to bite them in the butt!

  11. Paul, Raven, Christmas and Josh are disgusting! If they ad jobs when they went in the house, betting they will not when they get out! Codybhas made mistakes and social game is awful but they do not deserve the rabid vicious gang bullying!! IT is not gameplay it is sick! Would not want to be Paul, Christmas, Raven or Josh when they get out of that house because it is not going to be pretty!! They deserve all the hate that is coming their way and it is going to be from all sides!

      1. This wasn’t suppose to be here. Comments are messing up tonight. So sorry above

        Question-What did the bull horn say? “I heard America loves Jess!!” and Paul????

        1. What was said outside was “America loves Jess Paul is the bully”. I wonder which house guest heard it though since production kept giving fishes when they brought it up. Jess you needed a sign and there it is.

      1. I don’t know if Lola saw this, but I remember replying to one of her comments the other day where she was upset about the bullying. I can’t say I saw every comment, but I don’t remember her supporting Josh’s behavior.

  12. Enjoy your time in the BB house Raven, cause your time is coming when you have to step foot out in the real world soon and answer a few questions of your own!

      1. I didn’t even think about that but you’re right. If she were my daughter’s teacher I would rip her out so fast.

  13. Eww at christmas and raven… not mentioning alex, she is an ‘eco journalist’ or st outside of the house. Not much better than megan’s dog walking career!

  14. I applaud both Cody and Jessica for their demeanor during the disgusting behavior of Paul, Josh, Raven, Christmas and Alex.
    Looks like the real fools are those five, good job on proving your TRUE character. Actions have consequences! Trust me KARMA awaits….just wait till you are back in the “Real ” world.
    I pity your families and what they will endure because of you actions.

    1. For everyone whinng about all this, just remember how boring some of the recent seasons have been..wah, there is actually something to watch this time, boo-hoo. The two people being “bullied” are superficial, arrogant scumbags who completely deserve it. I’m enjoying every second, personally. PS- Paul will get his eventually too.

    1. Totally agree he is a disgusting piece of shit. What’s with BB bringing back people like him and Jason for online BB. Hopefully same thing happens to Paul as it did to Jason. NO WIN.

  15. Saying “It’s just a game” doesn’t make it ok to trash Cody and his service for our country. In no circumstance is that ok. Alex should be ashamed.

  16. This shit is HILARIOUS. Cody f**ked their chances to win week 1. If Jessica won, production would have to help out way more then then they did for Rachel season 13. 2 unplanned Pandora’s Boxes instead of just one, 3 Diamond POVs. I wanna see Jody faces when they get out & watches the season & realize KEVIN is the reason Paul is in the hous**

    1. kevin buzzed in first. fun fact. cody buzzed in but failed. you can see on ep. 1 a green light over kevin and red lights over five others, including cody.

  17. These people are disgusting. Paul, the ring master, and production not stopping this madness. It just goes to show how mindless people are, and what the love of money will do to people. But for all these people to be led by something like Paul is mind boggling to say the least. I really hope they don’t walk out, that would give that gang of bullies what they want, AND I hope Jess or Cody gets HOH and let them start turning on each other to see who goes home. BB/CBS has stooped to a new low, sending a message that this kind of behavior (bullying) is okay.

    1. The comment section is on fire because people deep down don’t like to be lied to and strung along, much like CBS is doing with their paradoxical messages of condoning gang mentality and bullying. Much like yourself I would just tell people this is a game, but this is no longer a game it has turned into a contradicting message from CBS/BB.

      1. Well CBS does lean a certain direction and bet dollars to doughnuts they find it amusing watching a bunch of shit for brains taunting a marine. CBS how low can you go?

      2. hey Mentally delusional call the bully police because paul put vaseline on a door knob and shouted some mean words to someone across the backyard, Josh, raven, alex and xmas chimed in too.

        it only lasted a few minutes but it made cody and jessica cry. oh wait no they didnt cry like when they made josh and raven cry.

        paul is a big meany

  18. Paul thinks the coffee prank is hilarious?
    Paul has an eagle on his chest so he’s a real American?!
    Paul thinks he’s coming off as the good guy?
    No doubt Josh has held one in his mouth.
    Raven is trailer trash. Holy crap she is one dirty skank.
    Paul would crap himself if Cody confronted him. Paul is what 5’5″ 140?!
    Alex….look at me look at me!

  19. This is really getting out of hand and I’m afraid that someone will get hurt (mentally and physically).

  20. And Alix? What a disappointment. I thought she was smarter than this. She was one of my faves in the first couple of weeks, but after her HOH and total submission to Paul (Papa Smurf turned Gargamel) and then whatever she is doing tonight- disappointed is all I can say.

  21. Attacking a veterans of a foreign war actually 2 foreign wars is a lowlife thing to do and when this gets out in the media and vets groups find out….gonna be hell for these house guests. You can attack them for game play but not someones military career not just a Marine but he was also in the Air Force for pete’s sake. I am happy that Jessica was able to expose these fools for who they are and they will feel this for a very long time outside the house in their real lives. Good luck with that

    1. Thank you Cody for your service….but this is a t.v. show game. His service doesn’t give him the right to slide by in this game, and it doesn’t give him a pass for turning his back on his alliance week 1 and attacking Josh, calling him a bitch and a pussy.

      1. I don’t think anyone thinks Cody should slide by because of his military service he do however has a right to play the game just like everyone else. I have never heard Cody say he wanted to slide by he has always said he wanted to compete. Paul is just mad because he couldn’t talk Jessica into using the hex so now him and the rest are Just showing their ignorance because cant get his way. If anything he is the one who thinks he should just slide through because he is the vet.

  22. This mob mentality and the weak characters of many of these contestants, and having one of them win is what should cancel this season.

    Seeing Paul, Raven, Josh, Elena go (Alex is joining that group), is what will make this season bearable to watch again.

    I hope CBS portrays today’s antics for what they are and not try to cut it up for the general viewership. Imagine it’s cut to make Paul and everyone look funny?

  23. Its funny how people talk about the mob mentality…yet you Jody lickers are mobbing up on Paul and the rest of them….ironic now isn’t it.

  24. I honestly don’t understand how any one could cheer for Paul at this point. He is so afraid of Cody its ridiculous 10 vs 2 odds in the next hoh aren’t good enough for him no he needs to be a pussy and try to make him quit or hit him because he is so terrified. Please for the for the love of god Jess or Cody win next hoh and put him up with his little dog raven.

    1. You’re absolutely right, but then again just look at him! If I would be a hideous, mean spirited, closeted midget, I would be afraid of someone like Cody too. Paul was a big pussy last year, this year he’s an even bigger dick. And then the kettle calling the pot black when he says Cody is the bully???

      This bullying has to stop Grodner, I really liked this show in the past when they had real characters as contestants, but these entitlement ridden Millennials with their constant bullying is just sickening. Trashing Cody’s military record – fuck you all, where were you when it was time to serve?

      Sorry but never trust a man with short legs, his brain’s too near his asshole.

  25. How pathetic! They should just cancel this season because jury is so important they feel the need to belittle and bully a couple people who pose a “threat” to such a big alliance (if that’s what you want to call it). Unbelievable. Also raven SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT YOUR “DISEASES”. Maybe concert are on playing the role of a dying/sick person instead of being a fucking bitch.

      1. Raven is got to be the worst girl in the house. For all the posters dissing Jessica at least she plays and can win stuff. Raven is just an annoying loudmouth lying bitch and the biggest skank in the house. She switches personalities between a young innocent girl and a friken ho at the drop of a hat.

  26. This is like some University experiment about how easy it is for a cult leader to turn ordinary citizens into a raving lunatic mob or murderous cult.

    And I don’t think Raven thought her insult about Cody having the biggest junk through. Doubt he was bothered by that one.

  27. Excited to see what happens after Jessica uses the hex. It’s always gonna be Jody against Paul. I predict Jason will float on over to flip the house after this next hoh. I’d like to see everyone start playing the game after this hex is over. I don’t like the bullying crap, Josh is being used and may have a mental breakdown after its over, because he just doesn’t see it. Let the fireworks begin.

  28. I agree Paul, Christmas, Josh, Raven are going to have a horrible time when they get out of this house and the richly deserve all the hell Karma that is coming their way! The others are going to also get their fair share of hell also for their actions to Jess and Cody and especially mocking his military service. I hope the Karma is swift and painful as in lost jobs, etc. They do not realize what hell they have probably brought their entire families unfortunately!!

  29. I don’t agree with what they’re doing it’s just silly and stupid and below the belt .but with all the hate on the site about Paul I think if this was happening to Paul you all would think it was hilarious. Jessica would not even have to use the Hex this week if they would of participated in the two competitions this week and they didn’t even try . I find their lack of gameplay this week just as ridiculous as what’s going on right now she could’ve kept that Hex if she would’ve tried this week Cody try to play in the bowling game and she didn’t let him she or he could’ve played in that and won it and then they could’ve studied for the power of veto and won that so I have no sympathy for them it’s ridiculous .

  30. I’m getting concerned for Jess and Cody’s safety, that mob could turn into a lynch mob real fast. They have gone so far past the line, they are unrecognizable from the people that entered the house. They are saying things that they will not be able to unsay.

  31. Raven, I really? want to bitch slap her. Paul, can we say Jim Jones ???? I feel for Josh, because he feels he’s at the big people’s table but, no. Really, some sorry f-ing people this year. Yes there’s been some crazy times, but a lot hurts my heart. JMO

    1. A couple of nights ago they were talking about Jonestown saying how that’s how “drinking the koolaide” started. I was laughing so hard they don’t even know they are drinking Paul’s koolaide!

  32. Cody has completely had Alex’s back in this game…even when she wasn’t reciprocating. How can you attack the guy like that?? And he’s so willing to be her ally too.

  33. You can go to cbs.com/feedback to send CBS an e-mail about all of this. I told them I’m considering pulling my All Access subscription if they don’t control BB production better. Reality TV has become a cesspool.

  34. Alex – no no, I told you you were safe..
    “Jess – me being on the block is safe.. OK!”


    She didn’t falter once, unlike the “F**k and Chuck” girls Alex, Craven and Just-One-Big-Mess!

  35. I think I got more of a laugh from you people then I did from the house. It’s easy to b**** behind a computer screen. Stop watching the lives feed if you are so angry at the house guest. Geez!

  36. Paul says he shouldn’t be portrayed as a bully just because Cody/Jessica victimized themselves under his HOH.

    Sounds as if Paul has mistakenly drank his own Kool Aid. Or taken some of Christmas meds.

  37. The reason why Cody will NOT break is NOT because he was in the military, it is because he knows he is SAFE. He knows that Jessica has the hex and the POWER is in Jessica and Cody’s hands. So Paul and his side our simply wasting their time.

    The Smart move was putting the two of them up ( Jody) because it forces her to show her cards in regards to the Hex.

    Listen I dont buy all you people on here crying about Paul being a bully and the house being gang mob mentality, anyone who watched evil dick work his powers especially on Jen that year was absolutely brutal. The torment that girl went through was far far worse then what they are doing to Cody.

    Cody, outside of physical challenges, is a horrible horrible absolutely awful big brother player. Its not because he was a marine either. Plenty of marines do not behave in that fashion. He needs to open up and play or he will end up out.

    There is no extra money for playing with loyalty, honesty, and integrity, if you win that way great but as we have seen in every season of big brother there are 1000s of ways for people to win the green. However you get there is not better then the next. There are no style points for winning big brother, you win you win, you lose you lose.

  38. Explain to me how this kind of mob mentality will help any of these people get respect when they leave the house? Talk about immaturity!! Why would anyone want to hire someone like Paul or Christmas or alex or josh or raven or matt or even elana? Paul is a pathological liar and he says it’s for game. You see the real personalities of these people. I remember how past house guests lost jobs, etc. because of “game” personalities. I remember one who ended up in jail because of a house lies.

    1. Once again there are no style points for winning. Big Brother you win any way you can.

      I do not believe for one second that the outside world takes crazy game play and being a jerk off seriously on BIg Brother. What the outside world takes serious is bigotry, racism, and discrimination (aka GinaMarie and Aaryn ). Those are the people who lost their jobs. Certainly that is NOT what is going on in the house right now.

      The outside world loves the chaos in the house, and all the mind games, backstabbing, lying, cat fighting, every year this happens in some form or fashion in Big Brother.

      Once again what happen to Jen by Evil Dick or what happen to Alyssa by Amanda was 10 times worse then this. You talk about gang mentality Alyssa was tortured and was completely on her own in her final weeks.

      No one on the outside will hold anything against these players for how they are acting on the inside, BUT NO QUESTION if they are racist, bigoted, or discriminant it wont be tolerated by the outside world, NOR SHOULD IT BE.

      1. Its always funny when a hypocrite tries to defend their type of “hate” as being ok. None of the examples you provided are remotely close to the offensiveness and bullying going on this season.

    2. Bigotry and racism are NEVER an accepted behavior but bullying does have the same outcome and should also never be accepted or tolerated. As far as losing your lively hood…well let’s see what happens to someone like josh and his antics with the pans vs. Kevin and his ability to stay away from it. Look at the ratings and obviously being a genuine adult looks alot better and will definitell get better feed back. The public does watch this and images ARE formed about these people.

  39. I have watched for many, many seasons I didn’t like Paul last time and I hate him even more this season. Dom hit on the nose he is a SNAKE I don’t know why they brought him back. I can’t understand how BB can stand by and let this bullying go one what does this do for the kids that watch this show, I thought we teach our kids that it’s not how to act. I know this is a game but come on BB this is unacceptable. I feel bad for Josh family to see him act like this and Paul’s too. If they were all my kids I would disowned them. Another thing Xmas should not be in the show she cannot compete, she is just collecting a paycheck, any other show she would have been out. I used to like her in the beginning but now she is as low as Paul.

  40. I hope CBS actually airs some of this nonsense, but I don’t they will show Paul, Raven and xmas in a bad light. Only people that read spoilers and watch the feeds will really know how crazy they have been. Sucks because I want them to get crushed with boos when they leave. I also hope some of the old vets comment on how horrible these people are and how they were on Paul’s dangus all season.

  41. Questioning their patriotism? His Marine status? Calling them out for lying (welcome to BB)? Josh can’t even complete a sentence correctly and Raven is a clown. I’m thoroughly disgusted by the ones screaming at Jody – was NOT a fan of them, his social game has sucked and hers not much better. But their self control is to be commended and I hope they knock out a few of these punks before they go to jury. Not even sure who I’m cheering for now. Mark? Maybe Jason of Kevin? Or even Jessica if she can go Janelle on their asses. Paul came back for the $500,000 & more celebrity/fan base. I hope he kisses that goodbye.

  42. Wow. I can’t stand Cody and Jessica but is way out of line. Really disappointing to see these people act like horrid bullies. A few people getting into a fight is one thing but a whole group of people ganging up incessantly on two people that don’t really have any way to get away from them…not cool. I really liked Paul but leading people to do this is not ok. : /

  43. Wow. I really liked Paul but this was low. It’s not in the spirit of the game…it’s uncalled for and Cody is right..they were exposed on national tv. Kudos to them for remaining calm. I’m not American but thank you Cody for your services.

    1. I’m not – Xmas a recovering addict who is now back on oxy’s.
      For her own well-being, she should have been sent home.
      Instead, she’s still there, high as a kite and making horrible life decisions.
      It’s actually very sad to watch her fall from grace.

  44. I’m not sure whether these people believe what they are saying is true, or whether they’re just saying shit to bully Jess and Cody. This is truly despicable.

    1. if they cant handle people yelling at them, they shouldnt have signed up for this game show, because this is what BB is all about

  45. I don’t watch movies for blood and violence. If that happens to be part of the movie, and it fits in with a good, well-written plot, that’s fine, I have no problem with it. However, if it’s all blood and violence, with no redeeming qualities, I’m not going to watch, and I’m not a baby or a snowflake for not enjoying it. Same thing goes with Big Brother. I prefer to watch smart, crafty, game players.. intrigue… plotting.. surprises. This is NOT that. This is a bunch of gorilla’s beating their chests and howling at a couple of outcasts and flinging their poo at them. How is that entertaining? I guess for some people it is, but I just don’t get it. Hoping things get more interesting and less mean-spirited soon.

  46. Maybe I missed something but why does everyone hate Cody so much? Is it still because of week one and taking a shot at Paul? I think it’s crazy that the house wants to gang up on Jody but once they are gone they might just find themselves being attacked. It’s already happened to one of them (Dom). I’m assume Mark and Elayna will be next….. I do feel bad for Cody and Jess. I did lose a lot of respect for Alex tonight which sucks because I was hoping she would wake up and take out Paul. But now I want both of them to go down in flames but I hate the stupid floter (Raven and Matt especially). Oh and when did jury become the new half a million dollars? P.S. Mad respect for Cody serving this county! Unfortunately, I don’t see a Brendan and Rachel miracle this season. No underdog come up…..

  47. Simon,
    God Bless you for keeping up with all the BS that has been happening in the House this evening. And ALL the posts in response to the BS. Where would we be without you and Dawg! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!
    You guys rock!

  48. hey, did y’all know, Raven is sick? She’s got like a hundred diseases. Apparently a bunch of them are named after her. Ravenitis, ravenosis, raven’s complaint, ravenoma

  49. Considering the number of house morons that say they didn’t come to win, they just came for the opportunities and promotion? Gee, we’re going to be listening to a day or so of whiny ass soliloquies about how they aren’t mean or bullies in an attempt to regain the public support they think they’ve had.
    I hate using the word bully. It’s overused season after season. This was mob mentality crap. Instigators, harrassers, and the silently complicit extras to round out the numbers.
    How long before Paul whines he’s not an asshat to the camera? How long before Raven tries to play innocent victim with a terminal disease or three? How long before Christmas starts blaming the pain meds? How long before Josh cries about Josh crying because someone was mean to Josh after Josh instigated someone being mean to Josh? Less time than Cameron was initially in the house? oh. Ok.

  50. I just want to see what responses everyone has….

    …based on the rules of the game, what would you do if the house was always in your face making it hell for you? (my first is response is a punch in the face, that would obviously get me kicked out, but I couldn’t see sitting there and trying to ignore for a few days…especially when the people talk tough but all hide within each other and behind objects with their arms crossed. Even Paul, if the group won’t join then he won’t continue and who looks like a big bitch when he actually does talk to Cody and tries to give the impression to everyone else that he is tough.)

    I wish the next HOH would feature a male and female winner, and to win they would have to win a boxing match.

    1. I envision Cody and Jess pulling a “Full Metal Jacket sock awakening” on some of these houseguests.

      If you want to mentally break someone, you should be prepared and willing to fall to any of the consequences.

      Paul and Josh are the kinds of people who talk a big game, pick the fight and then sue for money. It is BB, Raven isn’t the only scammer in this house.

  51. Aaaaaaaand this is why BBCAN >BBUS. It’s almost painful to watch them cannibalize their own…
    Also, call me old fashioned, but there isn’t even one alliance team name this season? That’s classic BB! It’s like they aren’t even trying… sigh…

  52. I love how right when paul got called to the diary room Alex Raven and Christmas stopped yelling insults. What pathetic people. And they have the nerves to say jess has Cody on a leash. Um it looks like to me paul has you guys on a leash. And Cody and jess are the only ones who actually realize it.

  53. I want Jody to take Paul out next week, but would be interesting to watch what will happen when Paul turn on one of his puppets. I would love if he turns first on Matt and Raven.

  54. How can CBS And BIG BROTHER let the severe brutal attacks continue. Im very discussed. Paul is being the number 1 bully. Christmas is a bitch. Raven and Matt can’t do anything with out Paul’s approval. And the sex is gross. Elena and Mark are dumb. Alex’s comments about the military are horrible. And Josh is the worst player on BBC EVER. HE IS A TERRIBLE PERSON

  55. I agree Cody has no game but at least he is not a snake like Paul or followers of Paul like the others. I pray Kevin dont weaken and play into this. I have no doubt nor Cody, Jess or mark have a chance so i hope the only other one with any decency (Kevin) does

  56. When will everyone abandon Ralph’s tribe to join Jack? And when Simon is killed because they mistake him for the beast ……… oh wait wrong story.

    Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.
    William Golding, Lord of the Flies

    Unfoortunately, I’m not surprised by the gang mentality from some. Also not surprised that Jason and Kevin are staying out of it. Josh, Alex, Raven and Paul are quite immature. I’m not sure why Xmas would participate. Either she is that shallow and immature or she isn’t sure what her game strategy should be since her injury. I imagine she was counting on being a class moetition beast and that was taken away from her.

    Would love to see Jason and Kevin rally Elena, Mark, Matt to join Jess and Cody to take out Paul and the rest of his minions. After that, clip Cody and Jessica and hope that jason and Kevin make F2.

  57. People need to realize that PAUL is the curse from the first temptation! How are they not seeing that he plants all the seeds and how he orchestrated all the fights in this house? This season is getting worse than the 15th and it’s painful to watch.
    Team Jody all the way, Paul and his brainwashed minions can suck on a big dick.
    Speaking of dick, Raven’s comment about Cody wasn’t even an insult.

  58. I seem to remember evil dick was pretty bad. It seems these people recover when they get out of the house. I think like in bb Canada they should give them a hint in how they are being portrayed. Bb should have a week just before jury for the 2 worst misbehaved and they are on the block. I dislike this game play, I’ve always said the last show, just after the votes are cast to have bb show some clips of their behaviour. CBS somehow needs to protray unexceptable behaviour still keeping their concept of the program. Cody and jess won’t make it. It’s a matter of time before josh, raven & Xmas are in this position. The 4 fillers are lowest on Paul’s totem. Karma

  59. I wonder, since Paul was brought in on a curse, could using the hex get him out? Maybe that’s why he keeps stirring pot.

  60. I’m not a Jody fan, he may have an abrasive personality, I don’t like what he has said about LGBT community but I would NEVER demean his service to our country. These fucking sheep have no idea what he has been through. Seeing Paul continue to rile everyone up even when Jody went outside to let things cool down was disgusting, these fucking sheep following his every order is beyond pathetic. The best thing that can happen is for Jody to win HOH and somehow convince these sheep to get rid of him. It will be interesting to see the dynamic in the house completely flip if they do.

    1. What did Cody say about LGBTQ? Paul said Cody used the word tranny. who knows, but i haven’t heard anything.

  61. Taking bets on any of these scenarios:

    • CBS will circumnavigate around this situation, and broadcast will ignore it completely, because Paul is the second coming of Christ.

    • CBS shows it, but minimizes Pauls part in it, and pins the blame on his goons.

    • Julie is forced to publically admonish the whole lot of them on National TV, and somehow, it’s still Cody and Jessica’s fault.

    • BB revokes Paul’s ability to compete for HOH for the rest of the game, but won’t save Cody and Jessica.

    • Paul is removed from the game entirely, as he’s still provoking violence, even if it’s technically not.

    • Cody or Jessica leave voluntarily, as this really is beyond the pale of what any human should go through on a game show.

    • Regardless of the outcome at the finale, Paul gets the ever-loving shit beaten out of him by a mob of vets and very angry soccer moms with American flag decals on their cars.

  62. These feed have been incredible to watch over the last 48 hrs. So much has happened that has been vile and disgusting at the same time.
    Paul has now entered the realm of The Mad King !
    Christmas is so stoned, she can’t even form complete sentences half the time or it takes he 30 seconds to think of something to say !
    Josh is willing to do just about anything – I think if there was a few bunnies in the House you would probably find them in a pot boiling the next morning for Jess and Cody !
    Raven says she now has 2 hearts ( to Jess ), This girl keeps pulling illnesses out of ASS !!
    Alex she’s just a bitch !! Why wouldn’t you get mad at the other’s for wanting to evict you not just Jess ? But of course it was all for show and tell at Paul’s bidding !
    Elena is the wicked witch, she will turn on everyone – which is why I like the way she is playing so far – She is telling Paul what he wants to hear ! ( But would she do it ?? )
    Kevin , Matt , and Jason looks like their tongues have all been ripped out – Come on guys step up to the plate before you get left behind in this game !!!
    Cody and Jess – Hoping one of them wins HoH after the Hex has been used this Week. I want to see Christmas PANIC, because Paul will be the first person to throw her and MATT under the bus !!!

  63. Like most reasonable people and posters, I too am disgusted by the actions of Paul and his minions. They are all cowards without the mob behind them. When Jess cornered Raven, Raven showed her true coward colors. She couldn’t apologize and tell Jess she loved her enough. Her posture changed when the mob was there. Alex stormed back to the room to confront Cody, but would not do that to Jess. Jess would rip her a new one and show how much more class she has. The one lost opportunity for Jody — Jess decided not to accept Paul’s deal, she should have exposed it to Alex and that side of the house. Paul is obsessed with the hex because he wants to be the one that gets Cody out. Sorry Paul. You lost this one and you are getting sloppy.

  64. CBS THIS IS NOT HOW BB IS PLAYED!! As a diehard fan, like most of the posters here, I am digusted that this immature and mean-spirited behavior has not been stopped completely! I am speaking with no bias towards any part of the house! WHY IS THIS “GAME PLAY” ACCEPTABLE?!?! Whether you’re team Jody or team Paul+minions, THEIR BEHAVIOR IS NOT WHAT BB IS ABOUT!!! I’m sure when this goes to air it will be heavily edited to look like all the yelling and personal attacks are relevant.. CBS I hope you read the feedback and take into consideration how your loyal viewers are reacting (if nothing else)!

  65. I was a marine for 8 years. I was an adrenaline junkie and I loved the action. Was my life in danger at times? Sure, but I kind of got a thrill out of it at that age. I made life long friends. My wife and daughter have insurance and benefits. I get discounts all over the place. I wasn’t paid a butt load of money but I came out with a trade skill and now I have a great paying job. Without the military I’d be working at Walmart or something because I didn’t do too well in high school. My point is, I didn’t “sacrifice” anything to serve my country. I wanted to do it and so I did. People say “thank you for serving” or “I respect your service” and that’s all well and good but you really don’t have to kiss our asses. Some of us are assholes…I know cause I’m friends with some of them, lol. Doctors and nurses serve this country by saving lives, scientists serve this country by trying to find cures for diseases, teachers serve this country by educating our young…we are ALL serving our country in one way or another. Yes, in some ways I fought for your freedoms…but not your freedom to try and get these people fired from their jobs, or their books pulled off shelves, or your right to threaten violence on these people or their families. You are all getting way to worked up over this. Cody is a marine…he can handle a few people yelling stuff in his direction. Jessica is a big girl…she can take it as well as she can dish it. If you don’t like what certain house guests are doing just don’t root for them. Please don’t take this hatred off the show into their real lives.

    1. I agree with you ‘Voice’. I don’t agree with some of the house guests using Cody’s service as a way to attack him. A) Not gunna work on a military man but more importantly b) those attackers look like a jack***. Too bad CBS won’t show those parts..

  66. I feel bad for family members of Paul, Josh, Raven and Alex. It must be embarrassing to see your loved one acting like that. I was not a fan of how Cody behaved or what he said in the first few weeks either. Are they not secure in their own skin or abilities to have to stoop so low? This acting out has nothing to do with HOH or Veto compeitions. There is no competition for who can make themself look like the biggest idiot so why do they continue to do so. This behavior in the last few hours is redicouls, pathetic and childish. Family members please write in your letters for HOH to GROW THE HECK UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE FOOLS!

  67. Special hello and thank you to Simon and Dawg. We all appreciate the effort and endless hours you both put into this site every season. We’d be lost without you! Much love.

  68. Mark speaking truth tonight, like he said the whole house attacking two people is not a good look. The amount of childish behavior this season is baffling.

  69. Trying to manipulate people into doing what you want them to do is part of the game but this is going too far now. What Paul is orchestrating and what the majority of them are doing is way beyond good game play. I am disgusted by what is being allowed to go on in that house.

    1. big brother really needs to do something, i have watched your show every season and never seen people act like this, i think they need to have the people that are bullying cody and jessica to apologize to them this is really disgusting the way they are acting.

  70. I think people forget that this is a GAME that people willingly and volunteer to do of their own volition. What do you people think BIG BROTHER is? It’s not barney and friend’s where everyone has manners and get’s a turn and sharing is for caring. It’s supposed to be this way. It’s supposed to be mental manipulation and competition warfare. Anyone going into this house should be fully aware of that. I have no sympathy for anyone.

    And by the way, this happens every single season Big group goes after small group. You can complain about about the reasons all you want, but that’s the point of the game. Trying to get people to go against every single other person, except you. Did fans forget this? People are reacting to Paul and other players personally instead of based solely on game play. That says more about the people than it does about the players in the game.

  71. The way Paul handled this was totally wrong but Cody has no social skills and Jessica’s behavior has just been plain nasty. She handled this hex situation very badly by trying to manipulate safety. She became paranoid with everyone, became very defensive in an angry manner which caused all this. Had she been a nice girl and kept her fingers to herself I might have some respect for her

  72. The “mob mentality” in this comment section is no different (if not worse) then the “mob mentality” in the house. At least the ones in the house are “playing a game”. Seriously, some of these comments are more disturbing then the comments made yesterday on the live feeds. I have no side “game” wise…

  73. So, production interfered by calling them into diary room to stop the madness. So on BB after dark, all you hear is how they were only calling out Jody for lying and bullying, you didn’t see the mob. If you don’t watch live feeds you don’t realize what really just happened. My guess is CBS shows Cody blow up and then skip to Paul saying how dangerous Cody is. All of them laying around and worshipping Paul as he spins it his way.

  74. I don’t understand the people behind Paul. They do not play for their own win. All of the play for Paul win the 500. Are they not see this?
    I am not agree with everything Cody said but they are dogs follow the “master” who will win in the end. Good for Paul but bad for all of them losers.

  75. Paul has risen beyond Rachael Reilly hatred status for me. I disliked him last year, hate him this year.

    I am irritated that CBS didn’t show the arguments (pre, during, post) in their entirety. They made an example out of Aaryn for her ignorant racist comments. They should do no less with Paul, Josh and Christ for bullying (clear textbook example of the behavior) and spitting in the face of a military veteran (verbally as it were). Using someone’s service in the military in a way that will be perceived as an insult unfortunately is a common practice among the so called enlightened citizens of the world who would never volunteer to defend anyone, let alone their country and don’t even know what the word sacrifice truly means. Just say thank you then stfu. Keep the military out cha mouth! There may only be a few million of us (vets, deps, brats) yet we are stronger than any of you spoiled rotten children. There is no protection for you, from us when the cameras stop rolling. Bet!

  76. The odd thing is that CBS never shows the actual vote count…Did Jessica really win or do they produce the show by putting up who they think will draw the most drama…I cannot see America voting for Jessica….

    I do not know why Matt and Cody are even on this show…In all the seasons I have never seen introverts used. They just do not make good TV..As for Cody being a marine, he shows not the integrity that is grilled into them…Also enjoyed the cracks about the two fingers and prostrate, and Jessica thinking she is pregnant….

    Besides Cody having the constant blank look –the kid has some mental issues…I doubt either Jessica or Cody will have a job waiting after their behavior. And if Jessica who is social were to do something stupid like marry or move in with Cody his having no friends and liking to be alone will drive her nuts or he will hit someone and then she will leave…I thought she was a lot smarter than to get emotionally tied up in this game….

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