“Are you all going to be DUDS and let Paul run the show for Season 19, that’s your season”

Big Brother Spoilers 9:30am Kitchen Jason and Cody
Cody – you and me should have been out of this game way f*ing early and we’re still here..
They laugh.
Cody – you know how much their shitting there pants right now..
Cody – holy sh1t Jessica won the HOH look at who can play next week, Alex, Jason, and I
Cody points out how poor the other side is at competitions.
Cody is worried if it’s a “chance” competition though.
Cody whispers to him he thought Josh was a outsider but now he’s realizing he’s just a puppet for the other side of the house
Cody – Kevin is still solid on your side?
Jason – yeah

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Jessica “If you want to see me n@k*d the burping and farting won’t be happening”

Cody – I’m just happy to see you. Jessica – I want to watch Kevin’s show and then come up here and go to sleep. Cody – when’s that? Jessica – 9pm. Jessica – lets go downstairs for a little bit, be social and do our due diligence. Cody – okay. Jessica – and then I’ll be yours for the rest of the night. Cody – f**k DEAL! Cody burps. Jessica – you realize when we’re in the outside world the romance comes back and this (his mouth) gets sown up. You’re getting a pass just because you’re on slop. Jessica – if you want to see me naked the burping and farting won’t be happening.

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Paul “If Jess sticks her finger in my @$$ one more time, I am going to make a scene of it.”

Raven tells Ramses – Matt is a really good kisser. Ramses – GOOD! OH MY GOD! (Meanwhile Ramses is blowing up a condom) Did you guys kiss in the bathroom? Raven – no. Ramses – because you guys came out like.. Raven – have you seen him?! Ramses – he’s… he’s … yeah! Raven – I get really flustered when I’m around him. Ramses – he’s gorgeous! Raven – his eye’s are so pretty. He’s so sweet. Raven talks about a very aggressive kiss. Ramses – but was it good? Raven – really good. I thought he would be a sweet kisser .. but he’s aggressive.

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Elena “I told Mark to throw pickle juice & hot sauce in Josh’s face. I honestly thought it was funny.”

8pm Backyard. Jason, Alex, Paul, Christmas and Kevin.
Jason says Josh is sleeping. Its because he crashed his own brain today. He overloaded it. Now he’s going to be like my family’s going to hate me because I over reacted. Alex – I wonder if the think he is right or if they’re like holy sh*t he’s losing his mind. You know what I mean, are they sitting there justifying it. Paul – I think he’s been babied his whole life and now that his mom isn’t here. Christmas – you can tell about how he puts his stuff away. Kevin – that’s the thing he doesn’t put his stuff away. Christmas – exactly.

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“They’re [production] going to hate me saying this.. they’re like puppet-masters controlling everything”

Matt – I know there have been some really wild seasons of Big Brother but I feel like in terms of the first 4 weeks this has to be up there. Ramses – It has to be the wildest. It has to be because this is insane. People going to sleep at 7am strategizing right after veto week 3… is this week 3 or 4? Matt – there have been 3 evictions. Ramses – but wasn’t there an extra week? Kevin – you have to count Cameron. Kevin – that’s what I was saying why is everyone so crazy when there has only been 3 evictions? 3 evictions but one ran away.

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Big Brother 19 Week 2 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Big Brother Spoilers Week 2

Groan… (not a Kraken Groan though)

Not the most exciting week. Everything Paul said he was going to do he was able to accomplish, no real surprises. Remember the BIG PLAN he had last week? He touted that Big Plan and asked people to throw the HOH to him. Many houseguests complied, a lot of them wanted Cody out anyways. At times it felt like 1/2 the house was playing for the chance to give Paul a back rub while the other 1/2 is playing to jury so that they can watch Raven win. There’s Hope!  Just look at the top two players in our Houseguest Ranker.

Here is how the week panned out.

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Cody – “wait until you hear what I’m f*ing saying out there..”

Big Brother Spoilers 2:19pm Cody and Kevin
Talking about how bad new music is nowadays, it’s the same 4 words over and over. They talk about how much they like the Beach Boys…

Cody says when he goes back to Dallas he’s only got 1 good friends “that I trust” and that friend is gone so he’ll be solo for awhile.
Kevin asks if he’ll be going back to work soon.
Cody is going to wait to see what opportunities open up
Kevin – you got nice teeth you’ll be fine.. (LOL)
Jason – they’re going to scream their a$$eas off when you go out they’re

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Jess “I hope this doesn’t turn into world war 3 again. Whenever I give Cody the freedom it backfires.”

Jessica – I hope this doesn’t turn into world war 3 again. Elena – what? Jessica – This interview. Whenever I give Cody the freedom to do something it always backfires. Like every time .. so I’m a little nervous. Elena – maybe cross your fingers. Say a prayer and your toes. Jessica – we’ll see how this goes. Elena – I’m interested. Jessica – I’m very nervous and about to s**t my pants. Elena – I wouldn’t recommend it. Jessica – I find it quite enjoyable, its like a facial for you butt. He’s going to have to clean it if I do. That seems fair.

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Raven falls down the HOH stairs “Her foot is bleeding.. GUYS WE NEED Medic”

Big Brother 19 Spoilers 1:55pm Josh lost a bet on a pool game and now has to drink a cup of pickle juice ev ery day for a week. This is day 2.
Josh – For the rest of my life I never want to see a pickle
Josh says the pickle juice has given him a demon in his stomach.
Josh says the pickle juice makes him constipated and gives him cold sweats.

2:56pm Feeds come back after 30 minutes of fish .. Everyone in the HOH except for Paul and Kevin who are downstairs. Paul is making some foot. Kevin is putting his bag away..

Kevin asks if that’s dog food.
Paul – it’s dessert ..
Paul tries it “wow I think that will be f*ing good”

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Jessica “No one buys your reasoning, if anything it solidified the fact that you hid something.”

Alex – until we know what’s going on with him (Kevin).. don’t tell him who we’re putting up. He is acting really weird and really paranoid. It’s not him, he’s acting paranoid. He’s acting weird! You know what like .. he’s acting like one of those mobsters before they rat on someone or flip. That’s not him .. he was like who are you voting for?! He is not like that. You said its in the past but we can’t tell if he lied straight to our face .. and he (Kevin) was actually the one that flipped and he (Ramses) was not. Jason – f**k. Alex – because he’s been talking to Mark, he’s been talking to Paul.

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“The reason Paul and I get along.. we’ve met each other, he was like Dude I was so happy”

Big Brother 19 Spoilers

RAven – I have one secret I’ve been keeping ..
Raven – in March… the reason PAul and I kinda get along.. because we met each other
Raven says the reason why her and Paul get along is they met each other before.
Matt – OH REALLY! That’s Awesome!
Raven thinks if that comes out in the house it might not go over well.
Raven says it was leaked there’s a picture of Paul and her in her instagram.

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