Big Brother 17 Week 6 Nomination Results “Vanessa, our alliance is over”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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SHelli and Clay nominated

3:54pm Clay and Shelli
Shelli – he’s a piece of shit (James?)
Shelli – here’s what we’re going to do we gotta get Austin up and come clean to Meg
Shelli – we know that James is easy to be persuaded.
Shelli is going to try to shift the target onto Austin.
Shelli says they were waiting to talk to James and production called the nominations points out how convenient that was.
Vanessa joins them.. Everyone is pissed.
Shelli says she doesn’t trust Austin for a second says austin went up stairs and threw them all under the bus “You are putting Austin way higher than you should be.,.. LOOK at me.. I’m going to do whatever the hell I can, Vanessa the alliance is over”
Vanessa – In doing that you are going to hurt my game and your own game
Clay says it was her decision to put up Jason and now they are on the block.

Vanessa – MY DECISION.. This was OURS if you insinuate it was mine that is f***d up, you want to start a fight with me fine.. that’s fu*ked up

Vanessa – it was all fuck**g three of us.. you are going to take your most loyal person and turn against them.

Vanessa storms off.
Shelli says she needs to make sure Vanessa is not pissed at them they need to win POV.

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4:13pm James, Shelli and Clay
James defends his reasoning why they are nominated.
James tells them they had an alliance with Jason and they vote him out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 16-16-52-226_jpg

4:14pm backyard
Vanessa says it was Clay and Shelli’s to lie about the blind Side
JAckie – Shit .. you blind side me and I can’t ask you questions/… Like I’m sorry.. like cmon

4:16pm Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa – they are going to blow up our whole game.. that’s why I got in a huge fight
Vanessa – f****g mother f****er f****g disloyal F****ers
Vanessa – I know you would never do that and I would never f****g do that
Austin – no never, even last week when I was on ice
Austin – I say deny it all as lies.. there’s four of us and two of them
Austin – Deny to the grave
Vanessa – i’m down.. you down
Austin – it’s all lies I say we do it, why not? why try to explain to people
Austin – Lets do it
Vanessa – ok
Austin – I’ll tell the twins
Vanessa – wait until they are alone

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 16-27-19-689_jpg

4:28pm Vanessa, Liz, Austin, Julia
Julia says Clay and Shelli are ruthless
Vanessa says Shelli and Clay talked her into wanting to put Asutin up.
Vanessa instructs them DENY DENY DENY everything.
Vanessa is super pissed at Shelli says that Shelli actually said last week she didn’t’ want Jason to go, ‘That’s what she f**** sad”
Vanessa – Deny
Austin – to the grave

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 17-03-02-549_jpg
4:43pm Hammock room Shelli, Clay and james
James says he’s not cut any final 4 deals
Clay says they haven’t either
Clay is claiming him and Shelli haven’t brought up a final 2 deal.

Sheli – denies any final 4 with Meg/Jason
James – they’re was just talk about it
Shelli says they just talked about it it was never agreed upon
Clay claims with a straight face they’ve never been making deals no final 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s, “there’s been no information we withheld to you”

Shelli says they thought James was a person good on his word when he made the deal with them on the wall she thought he was going to do it.
Shelli – you’re doing the same disloyalty to us that you are blaming on us doing
Shelli explains that what they did to him is so tiny and that is so tiny

Shelli – you are pretty much sending us home
Clay – or sending us home before jury which is just as bad
Shelli says they will not vote for James if they get to Jury and he’s the one that put them in jury. .
Clay – we already said we’ll target Austin and the twins we want them out
Clay says they want to work with James and build upon their foundation of trust

Shelli tells him this is bad timing splitting them up before Jury.
Clay – Austin is the head of the snake to send jayson home
James – the whole house is protecting him
Clay – what
James – somebody kept him off the block.. he was the original back door plan
Clay – ya you’re right .
James – everything was flip floppy last week.. i guess someone drew a line in the sand..
James says they all got together as a group and decided to put Jason up and he was left out.. they all were left out.
Clay says they trust Vanessa but it’s not their place to tell the house what she is doing it’s her move to tell the house. “We’re not going to tell the rest of the house her decision, it’s not our place”
James – you have more loyalty with vanessa then you have with us
Shelli – you went against MAJOR WORD .. that’s the facts right now
James – it’s already been done you can be pissed and hold grudges it’s spilt milk
Shelli – is there any chance trying to figure something out to work with you
James – if the house is willing to do it i‘m willing to do it.. with that being said i feel like y’all have some work to do and that’s my fair assumption
Jaems – my job has been down i’m going to back out of the scenes.. if they want to do it i’m on board with it.
James leaves Shelli says the things he said near the end wasn’t so great .

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the coreys

Did you guys catch shelli say that it was convenient for production to start the nomination ceremony when they was going to talk to james?

Implying they wanted to prevent that to get them on the block lol.

If anything production would of tried to help you fools. Love it.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Shelli is just mad because Vashelay (Vanessa/Shelli/Clay) is about to be disbanded. James nominated Shelli & Clay?! It is like winning the lottery, you know it could happen…but you never think it really will.

Big Jacket

It’s about time someone uses the front door to evict the target. Thank God that the BOB is done with this week. James has so many options if someone does use the veto——> Vanessa. If someone like Steve or John want to use the veto, you tell them then their best friend is going up instead…so do you really want to use it?

Canadian Kevin

I’m loving James right now.
After that conversation with Clay and Shelli?

Loving him.

Suzy Q

Team Outsiders!!!! Time to go balls to the walls!


YES!!! Thank you James…I’m glad you two are up…I hope you go home bitch..cry cry cry all you want, your outta here buck tooth ….nobody wants to talk you, silence what happens when you enter a room, not good for you old bird…..

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I love how that six-person alliance went from six strong to four against two. If Shelli or Clay do not win that veto, the nominations will stay the same and one of them will go home. I love how Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia have agreed to distance themselves from Shelli & Clay. Under their breath, they chant “Deny…to the grave”. I love it! If Jackie wins HOH next week, I hope she continues to dismantle that group.

Big Sister

My thoughts exactly!! I am glad Jackie is available to play next Thursday because she will be vastly better than James or Meg at a True/False or Before/After kind of game. Since it it is a double eviction, they won’t have time for a time-consuming competition. Doing a happy dance at this turn of events!!!!! I was ready to stop watching.
Also, what “empirical evidence” can Julie show to prove that BOB was fan favorite??

TorontoVegan (the real one)

@ Big Sister:

In response to your request for proof that BOB was a fan favourite:

CBS polled all the Big Brother fans ON THE PRODUCTION TEAM, and there was overwhelming support for keeping the BOB aspect of the game…especially since it meant everyone got paid overtime when building the BOB comp set took longer than usual.

In response to your excitement about Jackie being able to play in the next HOH:

I’m with you! If Jackie AND James win HOH on double eviction night…wow…just…wow. I hate to call Meg out, but she really isn’t pulling her weight in the James/Meg/Jackie alliance. All that energy that Meg exerts relaying information to Clay and Shelly would be better spent trying to win HOH & Veto comps. I will be disappointed if she somehow manages to make it to the final 2.


i am just shocked that he put them both up on the block like that. last time i read him talking, he was putting up two other people in order to backdoor one of them. that’s nuts.

nuts in a good way. Go James.

It seems a little soon to turn on each other, but heck, shelli you can NOT start backpeddling around Vanessa. But at the same time, shlay was absolutely right, there was no good reason to put up one of their numbers to be backdoored (austin). vanessa was the one who eliminated other good alternatives for whatever reasons, which left them with Jason or Meg. If shlay would just admit that they were in the room while it was being thrown around, they can still say they didn’t want jason to go. that is still the truth, but it doesn’t change the facts: if they didn’t want jason to leave, they could have saved him easily by voting for him to stay. they didn’t, which only proves to the James/Jackie/meg that they are lying about not knowing, not discussing, not working with vanessa to come up with a plan that didn’t involve putting up austin, etc etc etc.

shelli, you screwed up. Ya shudda stayed on the wall


Karma is a bitch. Shelli take of Audrey and Day and now she going home. James is hero of this week.


I have been waiting for this Karma /drama to go down! Hell yes-redemption is here, please let it go down as planned. I waited for Van & Shelli(one catty chic) to turn on each other. Clelli is only out for themselves & had no prob betraying others-karma is sweet!


Sorry Johnnie Mac…… if there was only 1 choice in the pole rather than 3 James would run away with it. We have some real BB player up in the HOH. Lets see if he can add to Meg and Jackie with new alliance members. It’s not just what you leave. Just tell Clelli it was Van not Austin lol


The 6th sense alliance just showed how weak they are. All it took was for the other side to win 1 hoh for them to scramble and go against each other. The only reason they were “good at all” was cause they had power every week. A strong alliance doesn’t crumble when they have power. Good job James. Hope to see shelli or clay go.

The Hammer

Boy, no doubt. That outfit folded like a cheap beach chair as soon as things got the least bit difficult. Reminds me of the infamous Moving Company.


James needs to get his side of the house to lounge in his room 24/7! Kick those 6th sense ‘britches’ out!!! So James, Meg, Jackie, JMac and Becky, move it on up! Then will see where Van and the three headed twins will fall? The line is drawn in the sand! Bring it on like Donkey Kong!


Best move ever. Good job James.


This is AWESOME!!! By far the best it has been in years!!

FearTheWalkingDead Aug. 23

I’m loving every second of this drama. Please let the madness continue through the night.


Ummm, where’s Becky?

AKA Twistin' for the win!

IKR???? Where is the rat? Lmaooooo


Totally agree! Best. Move. EVER! And it was only able to happen because BoB no longer exists! Whoo hoo!!! I knew Shelli would crumble the second she felt any heat. She couldn’t stop smiling and talking about how much she loved Big Brother when things were going her way. And James is a piece of $hit? Right…because Shelli has never gone back on her word, right? They started this mess with not keeping to their word, and now they know exactly what it feels like. Cannot wait to see Sunday’s episode!!!

TorontoVegan (the real one)

If Shelli won the veto, do you think she would ever pull a Marcellas (Big Brother US – Season 3) and use the veto to save Clay?


no chance in Hell.
The showmance is a production created farce from the get go. Two money/fame hungry narcissists that were put into the house with the assignment of getting into a showmance in order to meet a production standard. That’s why they don’t actually kiss, and seem to have absolutely no chemistry.
They’ve both had the idea of cutting each other before final two. That’s why they’ve tried to have a relationship with the leaning tower of meg, or floater john. Sure they’d like to go to final 2 when they’re together. When they’re alone with other people, not so much.


Leaning tower of Meg, lol. I like her and I know she’s got arthritis. But that’s funny

Sunset on Maui

One of them (Clay-Shelli) is going out……what’s going to be interesting is if Clay stays and he reveals he’s gay. Depends on whether he needs a male or female to further his game. As Seinfeld says “not that there’s anthing wrong with that” ….. but it will only prove what a shallow piece of shi$ the guy is. BTW, did he bring any shirts with him….?


No way. Shelli wouldn’t jeopardize her game for Clay. She wants him around, but not that badly. Her reasoning is just beyond me. What they did was tiny compared to what James did? How? They gave their word and went back on it. It will be soooo interesting to see how the rest of the week plays out! Finally, we have a week of good ol’ Big Brother back!

Foreal tho

Sh.t just got real for clelli! Lol


“We have to deny deny deny”. SHUT UP AUSTIN!!!!
I hope they backdoor your ass! Creep, stop rubbing on people!
Ain’t nobody wanna sleep with you pervert!
Shave your face you hippie!


I do not wonder why you are anonymous …. I like you, but I do not wonder.


:/ hmmm….i see

anonymous (the real one)

laughing so hard I think I peed

Shelli's Fill In the Blank (the real one)

I laughed 90% on that one.



Nelson Muntz

Ha Ha!

Nelson Muntz (the real one)

I said Ha Ha


Its over, Sixth Sense Alliance is dead


As much as I like this move by James, I have a feeling something is going to happen to allow both of them to get off the block. It’s been a while since the BB takeover has happened. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I won’t be getting excited until after the veto or maybe even the eviction. Production has something brewing.

production says

Even a rewind would not put the alliance back the way it was. They turned on each other faster than rabid animals

Shelli's Crown of Hair

There’s all ready one too many up in here. They may both have to go.

In the tune of:
Public Enemy’s Megablast – POV TakeOvertwist -Featuring DJ NESSA on the turntables
Oh Please oh please oh please
Get Shelli to shave her head
Oh Please oh please oh please
Get Shelli to shave her head
Oh Please oh please oh please
Get Shelli to shave her head
Oh Please oh please oh please
Get Shelli to shave her head

I got some homeboys who is out on the block
They sells mo crack than they sell fish at the dock
They runs to every car, thinkin’ They’s a star
They gets their product snatched by some people in a car

The car pulls off as they hangs onto the side
Of the car that is in motion, gets they product took a ride
They tried to sell a demon for a thirty dollar bill
Fake gold plate on the back, no frills

Fake Hawaiian suit, scratched up knees
In the fridgerator, bread, water, cheese
An antique fork, how long will it last?
We’ll see in twelve minutes when they put on blast



I have nothing more intelligent to say then HELLLLL YEAH! WAHOO! go james go!

Sizzling Wok

James unleashed himself… and they now know the wrath of his spring roll.


OMG this is BB Heaven… This is the most fun on the feeds that I’ve seen in years. It is some old school BB fun…. thank you James. As a fan sometimes it regrettable that this is the stuff we love…. but I love a good power flip… most fun on the feeds I have had in years. What do you think Simon and Dawg?


LOL way to go James!!! I hope one of the two get the axe!

Poor Chelli...


Thor's Hammer

I think my hammer must have landed in the BB House!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay this is sweet! Let the alliance cramping, it’s about time. Bye shelli or clay, idc mwahahahahah


Big move!! Loving it!


Wow they blew up at the one person who knows them best (and can leak everything motormouth style (but won’t yet)) 5 mins after getting nominated. Dumb move. They already lost Vanessa after that and had started losing her after she felt the Jason stress.

I hope Clay goes because he is so smug thinking he can get Meg, Jackie, Becky to love them through him.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I was so excited I haven’t even read the post yet!!!!!!!!!! wooiioooooo hoooooooo!!!!

James you ROCK!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, they must’ve dropped! Now remember James, you don’t want Vanessa winning the veto. If someone other than her uses it, she goes up! I think I’d have an aneurysm if he put up Steve or even Austin and I’d have to reascend your nuts again.


i don’t think Vanessa will use the Veto even if she wins. She doesn’t need to anger the house more after Jason. I don’t know if she would play to win except to protect herself.


Totally agree. Vanessa is smart, she has to break up that couple at some point anyway. She’ll win it and then she can look Shelli right in the eye and feed her the same bullshit line she(Shelli) always uses, “it’s what the house wants” and then keeps the veto for herself. Hey Shelli, bye bitch




Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I was so afraid he was going to chicken out putting them up. Oh man, please let the fighting and backstabbing begin lmao! It was totally shelli agreeing with Liz to save austin. I hope vanessa blows them up!

Canadian Kevin

Fucking AWESOME!!!


Yay! Oh happy day!

Bunny Slipper

I. am. so. HAPPY! ????????????????????????????????????????????????


As a fan of big brother,I must give James kudos to this move–It is the best and biggest “alliance shifting” move of the season so far.I only hope Jackie,James and others(especially Vanessa and Steve) come to see that Becky is cat-fishing.


Good for you, James!!! I have mad respect for you!!! Now make sure Vanessa is the replacement nominee; and chill out with your over-sexed behavior, and you’ll be golden!!!!!


James is my BB hero!!!!!!!!!
I hope that neither Clay nor Shelli win the POV and the noms stay the same. I would love to hear how Shelli and Clay would campaign.


James, get your peeps up in that room 24/7 In ‘HANG’. You, Jackie, Meg, and pull JMac and Becky up there too. This will draw a line in the sand to see where Van and the Three Headed Monster want to be??HANG PEEPS , H


Finally! It’s nice to see one of the power couples in the hot seat. It’s funny how terrible they think James is when all they’ve been doing is lying and going back on their words. If you’re prepared to play with fire, you better be prepared to get burned.

I already knew it was going to be a stupid move on Vanessa (and Shlay’s) part to BD Jason. They set themselves up nice with the other side of the house and could have taken Austin and the Twins out (which would have been just as well).

Glad to see the SS alliance crumbling. Proud of James for making a power move. Jury has almost begun and he’s already earned himself a spot there.

But dang why is everyone in that house still running their mouths? Backy and JMac told Clay about James’s plans. Did Becky, JMac, and Steve really think they could ride the SS alliances CoatTails and seriously go up against six people?


Becky and JMac will be target #3 and 4 after Shelli and Clay. Run Rats Run!!!!


LMAO!!! Awesome comment Cheese! Becky, Jmac, and Steve are amateurs compared to Andy’s Rat Floating. Andy, among many other people on BB15, was horrible on a personal level, but his gameplay was near flawless. Few have had a social game as strong as Andy’s (practically nobody compared serious notes on the guy), and he didn’t even go up on the block until week 9 (as a non target).


Yeah! This is the best!

No BOTB No Chelli...

We got our show back!!!
James you are the man!!

double d

James is my leader for favorite player

Big Jacket

James for President. Restoring good ‘ole America BB values!


NOW we gotta show!!!!!!


I would love to see Clay and Shelli’s faces if Vanessa won POV and kept them on dem nom chairs!

I’m still disappointed in Johnny and Becky for being snitches, and stopping this moment from being even more beautiful, but still, it’s beautiful either way.


TBH honest I love that they snitched…. and they were still blindsided. OMG it gave time for Shelli’s paraoia to go into overdrive it’ all too good.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Vanessa winning the veto + calling out Shelli & Clay during the veto ceremony + choosing not to use the veto = priceless!


Now, let’s see it continue!!! (fingers crossed)

No BOTB No Chelli...

The world is happy… ding dong the witch is dead!!


I have waited to comment bc this has been an interesting season to wait and see how it unfolds. And the first few weeks are inconsequential IMO. Now it’s game on.
What an arrogant HG Sheila is, she deserves to be on the block and have the sh!t eating grin wiped off that beaver face of hers. Good for James, now stick with the plan and make our day.


James just made the biggest move of the summer so far. Way to stick to you guns buddy. So happy he didn’t bitch out of the noms!

Meg is Hot

I could not agree more.BIGGEST move so far of the summer. GRENADE!!


Hey Clay and Shelli you can dish it out but when it happens to
you James is a piece of shit. Well it’s your turn now. And now
you turn on your alliance well that will make the rest of the house happy.


James is the man! About time Shelly and clay have to fight to stay in the game. So tired of them thinking they run the show. Bye bye Shelly 🙂 better go lay on the couch and snuggle your days are numbered!!!


I knew I liked James for a reason!


James should be in Great Shape. It doesn’t matter who wins POV. Who ever comes off Vanessa should be the replacement and James kills that TRIO~~Of course would be better if Shelli or Clay leaves because he kills a DUO & a TRIO!! Great job James. You had the GUTS !!

Not Vanessa

If he needs a replacement nom it needs to be Liz. Julia and Austin will vote to save her and so either Clay or Shelli would go. I hope Clay leaves, he is less hated than Shelli and I’m not sure how strong Shelli will be without him.


If one of them comes off and Vanessa can go up then she goes up next to either Shelli or Clay. That way no matter what you are getting out a heavy hitter. Liz/Julia/Austin is a target you can easily crush on the double eviction night as they are obvious targets.

the coreys

Best scenario is the noes stay the same.

Second best is see if someone in the 6th alliance wins and uses it, thus making James put up another one of theirs (be great if it’s vanessa )and watch shit hit the fan cause it’ll show who in the 6th alliance is loyal to who within the alliance.

This has totally been worth the wait, to see these punks swallow their own medicine.

Straight Shooter

Never knew I could like James so much! Finally a big move!

Yo Yo Yo

Ha- Shelli and Clay are getting a taste of their own medicine now and they can’t handle it. They are finally nominated to be on the block and they are so miserable about it.
I hope Clay goes home this week. He just doesn’t seem to do anything other than follow Shelli’s directions.


i was thinking the same way. Does Clay hear himself when he talks. He is attempting the art of double-talk and isn’t very good at it. At least Vanessa is taking the situation with dignity. Heard her say on the feeds “I made a miscalculation”


Finally!!! Someone makes a big move in the house and of all people, it was the shortest one, haha. Go figure! You are the man, James!!!!


Omg. This is so awesome.
In 1 move the alliance has fallen apart and are going at each other.
So beautiful


Finally, i have something to get excited about. I did not like James but he won me over with this move.


Ahhhh. I’m just going to enjoy this as long as I can. I won’t even think about the POV and/or any Production twists that might save one or both of the Ken and Barbie set. Talk about pay back,even if it is short lived!


Boom!! This week there will be a girl leaving. I remember a comment James had made about the boys being the girls’ minions. Hopefully it is Shelli or Van!!


so true!!! Love it when people PLAY THE GAME instead of being scared sheep. One of the best moves in a long time.

Side note: hoping shelli goes bc she’s just so weird and kindof mean!


Hahahaha I love this. I had a sneaking suspicion that the minute Vanessa and Shelli were not in power and came under fire that they would instantly start throwing each other under the bus. They can all claim that they are “loyal as hell” but really when the bullets start flying they aren’t there for each other. Their “tiers of loyalty” is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in Big Brother. And you want to know the funniest thing about all of this? Austin is just sitting back while Vanessa and Shelli/Clay throw mud at each other. He’s probably loving this right now since all 3 of them were really close to slitting his throat last week. He gets to watch the two most paranoid players in the house go absolutely mental because they aren’t in power now. LOL. This has been a great season so far, and James winning HOH was one of the best things that could have happened in terms of making the game more exciting. There might have been some lines drawn in the sand last week, but you can take out the rake and wipe it clean. They’re will definitely be new sets of allegiances in the house forming because BEEP BEEP the Mac truck is coming LOL.


Awww poor Rachel and Brendan Error Shell I and Clay. U just mad ur not in control of the game anymore. #welcome to big brother


Wanting to get a power couple out of the house makes sense. BUT, it makes more sense to get Liz out! Getting Liz out breaks up Austin/Liz & Liz/Julia! I would have enjoyed watching Austin’s face as Liz left before jury. Plus, I can not believe Vanessa is not on everyones radar. She is a smart/strong player. I for one hope Shelli wins POV and Liz or Austin goes up and home!


Nope… Vanessa is a person people WANT to work with… a closed couple like Scaylli and Austin and the twins leaves NO wiggle room. They know that.
Listen an HoH can only take out one person a pair is easier to break up than a trio. To break up a trio you really need back to back power on double eviction night… send Liz to jury and Austin will follow…. he might even throw it to James/ Meg/ Jackie to insure that. There are two big beak ups that need to occur and this is just the first one.

Honestly the best thing for Clay right now is Shelli go’s home. He will land on his feet and he will always have Meg, Liz or Julia to comfort him…. (OK Liz or Meg.). He can go back to being a bro and skate to jury.


Understand. But, I can not stand Liz. Her comment in goodbye speech to Jason was nasty! All her, Julia and Austin talk about is getting noticed and making it to jury to further odds of being recognized. Not to mention, I am tired of thier voices. Although, what you stated makes sense, I still would prefer Shelli or Clay win POV, and Liz goes up and home. Or if not Liz, I would be not be sad if it happened to be Austin or Vanessa. Vanessa stresses honesty, and yet she can not be trusted with her word. The whole 6th sense was a weak joke. None in it could be trusted and stand in unity when the going gets tough – they scatter instead of coming together for plan B…