Shelli “I just want to say send me home! Like f**k it! Why am I getting targeted? I truly do not deserve it!”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

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12:50am – 1:10am Shelli talks to Vanessa in the bedroom. Shelli says in a minute I want the 6 of us to get together and talk because I really want to let you know the things I have in my heart and the way I’m feeling. I feel like a lot of things are dishonest and I just want to feel like things are reciprocated. Vanessa says that James asked if I would be on board with Steve and I said yes, its obvious I’m very close with Shelli & CLay. I said I was fine, it would be the optimal scenario. Shelli asks do you think they’re considering it? Vanessa says yes, why else would they ask me that. Shelli says that’s good to hear. Shelli says she’s just annoyed because some people are saying one thing and then going up there and saying something totally different. Vanessa says what I just said is verbatim. Shelli talks about how she doesn’t feel Austin and the twins are reciprocating how they helped them out last week. Vanessa says she was talking to James and planted the seed.. you know it sucks that we keep throwing these grenades back and forth and these floaters are going to get right to the end. I planed that seed so hopefully he takes that. SHelli says Austin never gives us information. Shelli says I just feel bad, I keep crying. Shelli starts to cry. Obviously I want to save Clay and me but I don’t want to hurt someone as sweet as him. It just makes me feel like a bad person but you have to be selfish in this game and that’s why its so hard. I wish there was someone in this house that I really hated. Vanessa says it would be so much easier. If I did win HOH I don’t know anybody in this house that I would want to put up. Clay comes back and says that James was outside talking to Steve. He wouldn’t spoil our plan would he? Vanessa says he could, why wouldn’t he. To get the numbers.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 01-23-12-637
12:50am – 12:55am James tells Steve that he needs to talk to him outside. James heads outside and Steve follows soon after. They sit on the backyard couches. James says Steve I just want you to know here… some people have brought it to my attention to try to get you out of the house this week. Steve says okay. James says of course you know I have the veto and I have that option to .. Ummm.. the only thing I ask is I told them that Steve hasn’t done anything to me and I really don’t feel right because you haven’t done anything to me. Steve says no I haven’t. James says I don’t know what your thoughts are if you would ever throw my up as a nominee or target me. Steve says I wouldn’t, my target is another place right now. James says yeah I figured that, but I just wanted to let you know that two people came to me and wanted me to put you up as a nominee tomorrow. Steve asks if I were to guess who those two people were, would my guess be right?? James says I won’t throw any names out. Steve says I’m not asking for a name. If I were to guess because there’s an obvious 2 people to guess would that guess be correct? James says yes. I’m giving you this information to reciprocate trust back when you win HOH. If I were to do it, they would probably have the influence to swing to vote to get you out. Steve says probably. James says but I have the power to stop it, which is why I am pulling you aside. And letting you know because this could end your game before jury. I am taking you to jury, I’m not going to backdoor you. Just please don’t go tell them that I told you this information. If I keep you safe just keep me safe 1 week if you win HOH. Steve says I can do that and will keep it a secret. James and Steve shake on it. James notice that Clay just saw them talking and gets nervous.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 01-33-18-615

1:10am Bathroom – Austin and James talk. James says if this sh*t goes through, Clay is going to be sh*tting at first. Pissed! Austin says I know and that might make him not mentally prepare for the HOH. James says or he might be like I need to win this sh*t and defend the honour of my girl. Austin says I need to too. James says if he does get me out next week, you know who he’s coming for next. Austin says don’t worry I know. James says this season is about throwing grenades at one another. Straight for the jugulars. I think they like that though. James says I’m no homo but ..(James then points out a blond hair in Austin’s beard.)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 02-13-17-322

Johnny Mac asks we probably still want to remain low. Steve says yes. Steve says I don’t think that has happened before where someone has made a deal with the whole house and then went back on it the next day. Johnny says he tried and amost won the HOH. Steve asks why? Johnny says because you said we should try to win it. Steve says you’re doing it because of me, thank you. Johnny says I think we’re good until the showmances are gone. Steve says this is why I always said I didn’t want to be in a showmance. johnny says James said he would keep me safe I wouldn’t go on the block. Steve says he just reconfirmed that with me. So he’s telling everyone the same deal. Johnny says I did something stupid. I told Jackie and Meg if I had won HOH I would nominate them. Steve asks why would you tell them that? Johnny says everyone is saying Shelli and Clay are behind all this stuff.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 02-35-40-282

Clay tells Shelli there’s nothing more we can do. Whatever happens, happens. Shelli heads into the havenot room with Shelli. Austin says that he tried to James to put up Steve. He says that James said why are we throwing grenades at each other because the floaters are going to float to the end. Right now he is probably set on keeping it because he doesn’t want more blood on his hands. Liz says we played the Steve thing up. Shelli says we should talk game more together. Shelli tells Austin and Liz that there is no way James would put them up. Austin says watching you guys getting broken up kills me. It could have been me and Liz last week. Shelli says us here in the game is better for you guys. Shelli tells Liz and Austin everything she’s done for them. Austin says that James is considering it. Shelli says you would have been gone last week so please don’t let one of us be gone this week. Shelli leaves. Vanessa joins them. Vanessa says having them (Clay and Shelli) is good for us because they’ve been loyal to us. And having another couple in here is better for you. On the other side Steve has no one and they’re very charismatic and can win. Vanessa leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 03-14-30-550
1:30am – 2:30am Cabana room – Clay and Meg are talking. Clay talks about how Steve isn’t a floater. We put trust in people that were playing every side. Clay says we would ride or die with ya’ll. We can’t trust Austin and the twins they are so wishy washy. Meg says I’m worried James is in too deep with all this stuff. Clay says this could work out best for James. We would be indebted to you guys. We would ride or die with ya’ll! Clay asks who would be mad if he does this? Meg says I don’t know, you don’t know where everyone stands. Clays says if you don’t win HOH next week… one of the two of you are going up. We could help you. Meg says I know how James is once he puts a plan in action, he sticks to it. Clay says if ya’ll help us we will repay that x 10! Shelli joins them. Shelli says I want to spill out everything to you so bad. Meg says you shouldn’t be talking to me, you should be talking to him. I know you think I have influence over him and I do but not when it comes to him making decisions that go against his word. Shelli says you’re acting like you don’t want to hear the real reasons why things happened. Meg says because you keep saying you don’t want to tell me. I don’t want you to go back on something that you don’t believe in. I don’t like to play dirty like that either. Clay asks Shelli do you want to talk to James again? It seems like its a done deal. Shelli says what we’re saying and presenting to ya’ll is such a golden ticket. I’m just so tired, I just want to say send me home! Its so stupid! Like f**k it! WHY am I getting targeted!? I’ve been so loyal and nice to people. I’m getting targeted, why, why do I deserve that. I truly do not deserve it!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 02-14-32-777

2:30am – 3am Clay and Shelli head up to the landing outside the HOH room. Shelli asks what are we even going to say? Clay says this is so f**ked up! Clay says I want to tell James if Meg doesn’t win HOH this next week he is going on the block. Shelli says we need to breathe and not go in there mad. Clay says we have nothing to lose. He’s not going to use it anyways. I just think he needs to know more information. Shelli and Clay head downstairs to lay in bed to cool off. Meg asks them if they talked to James. Shelli says no because we didn’t want while we so heated because then the person that stays would have to deal with the aftermath. Meg leaves. Johnny Mac comes over. They ask him if James talked to him about if he would vote out Steve if he went up. Johnny Mac says no. Johnny leaves to go think about things. Shelli tells Clay she thinks Johnny was lying. She says but if you think about it he doesn’t owe us anything. Steve comes by. Clay asks did James talk to you? Steve says just that if he doesn’t put me up then I wouldn’t put him up. Austin joins them. Shelli tells him it would really help if he went up to the HOH room. Vanessa says don’t use names, just say floater. Austin says I’ll just say its better to have big targets in here over having a floater.

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143 thoughts on “Shelli “I just want to say send me home! Like f**k it! Why am I getting targeted? I truly do not deserve it!”

  1. Shelli as a person is not looking good. At this point it’s not even about the money anymore. She’s delusional and the double standard is crazy. It’s as if everyone is beneath her and should bow to her. Entitlement much?

    1. Amazes me how some people think their God’s gift. I’m not sure what Clelli is thinking but they aren’t as adorable as they think they are. I’d pay handsomely to get an idea ofhow they think they’re being perceived by the public. Def no Jeff & Jordan

      1. How in the world has Vanessa escaped this week??? She’s sent 2 of their friends home but has somehow not been talked about. Yes, it is a good game move getting out Shelli and breaking up a “power couple” (Cough, cough Clay sucks) but Vanessa is a HOH beast and whose gonna go against her next week when James can’t play. Meg and Jackie?? Puhlease. They are gonna so regret not chopping her head off.

        1. People are missing the point. Clay and Shelli are on the block because they tried to play both sides of the house, not because of their role in the Jason eviction. Gees, everyone knows Vanessa put Jason up. For Pete’s sake, it was done in public at a veto meeting.

          1. I agree don’t even know why they are bringing up the Jason thing anymore. They were nominated bc they are hypocritical and untrustworthy and disloyal, they smile to your face and stab you in the back the minute you turn around, and bc they act as a unit their effect in the house in intensified and makes them dangerous to everyone’s game. Listen that’s how they chose to play and it worked for a while but being nominated and evicted is another part of the game they are going to have to live with. Has nothing to do with Jason, their conspiratorial role in his eviction simply enlightened people to what was really going on.

            1. If James keeps the noms as is, the twins will be in the driver’s seat next week. Austin is their obedient dog. They can make a 6 with JamesJackieMeg. and pick off the rats and floaters. Or they can rebuild 6 cents, by adding a penny to the remaining nickel. They should be able to TAKE CONTROL either way. Hope they are smart enough to see this. I want to see them put a dog collar on Austin.

        2. Also the reason J/J&M are upset with C/S about the Jason thing is because Meg actually went to them and asked them for their vote to keep Jason and instead of initally saying to her that they had already given the word to Becky and didn’t want to go back on that, they lied to her face and to Jason’s so that they could try and set Jackie up.

    2. The hubris is astounding!

      James was almost there about Vanessa – but then pulled back. What a tease! I want to see Vanessa up against shelli, who cares if Clay is pissed. Fuck him! (Not literally, despite his recent coming out.. )

      1. Totally agree. They(James,Jackie,&Meg) have pointed out Van has been wheeling & dealing with everyone & has had her hand in the decisions, when sending people home. It would be a huge ballsy move to put Van up, & take Clay down. Side by side those two vipers would go for the jugular. Shelli is already paranoid about Van because Clay constantly is doubting her. It would be quite the show to see them both side by side on the block. I just don’t see James going that hard to make that happen but damn it would be one hell of a showdown & interesting to see what secrets James could get them to divulge when their ass is on the line!

      2. James wasn’t almost there, Jackie almost had him there:

        Jackie: “If they (Shelli and Clay) don’t go home .. then Vanessa has to go home! James says WHOA! Jackie says if you leave them in here then they are a 3. Vanessa also withheld all that information from us too. Austin we can worry about later…you could send Vanessa home.” (so true)

        But James doesn’t have the foresight to see: “James says Vanessa that would mean I break another dang deal in this house…she’s going to win again too…I’ll look like a pu$$y if I change my nominations…” (If she is gone, what the hell difference does it make if she wins again).

        And of course cluess ass Meg cosigns: “…its just too risky putting someone else up.”

        I am starting to respect Jackie as a gamer. Maybe if she hadn’t relied on the lay-low for Jeff strategy, she would be in a much better position in the game.

    3. Shellie and Clay are so loyal…that is unless your name is Austin or you have a twin in the house! What hypocrites! They are both so pathetic!

    4. omg. Shelli “why do I deserve to go home!?”
      Umm. It’s called Big Brother.
      If you don’t win HOH you DESERVE to be nominated.
      If you don’t win VETO you DESERVE to go home.
      It’s literally that simple. That’s how the GAME works.

  2. So sick of Shelli pulling the whoah’s me card all day long. You have done it to every single person that has gone home or has been on the block! So suck it up! I really hope we see James pull Clay off and put Vanessa up as replacement because I think Shelli has a better chance of going home with that scenario.

  3. Shelli talks about things not being fair yet she’s targeting Steve as if he “deserves” it. She’s mad that Austin and the twins don’t go to bat for her, while at a point before things got really bad for them she wanted austin and Twins nominated by Jeff. She also acts that the decision to save Austin and send off Jason was totally selfless. Clelli only look out for themselves. It’s just sick.

    1. to be fair. shelli wasnt the HOH who decided to put jason up. if shelli really wanted to stay, she wouldve put vanessa in front of the bus, not austin. austin isnt a real threat, james wants to take out big targets not some random ones. i wonder what will happen when james goes to austin with all the information they have about “Judas”.

  4. James cannot put up Vanessa because he made a deal with her for safety until final 7. He believes she will keep it.
    Clay and Shelli can dish it out but they sure can’t take it.

  5. Clearly he does not give a shit about you two wanting to bone one another in the jury house. They played every side for 6 weeks, got caught, and have an obvious final 2. If Shelli threw that HOH a month ago, the Domino effect of them being here would not have happened.

  6. I LOVE THAT James told Steve.!!! YES!!! Maybe now things will change with Steve being a loyal puppy dog to Clayhole. So, so, smart of James. I’m loving this! James will keep the noms the same and I’m glad to see that Austin and the twins are lying to C&S about what is being said between James and them. Not sure who they’ll vote out. It’s Becky that really has me perplexed. Sneaky little B.

    1. Come on. Steve is ride or die with Vanessa until final two. He has no intention of working with a side of the house that has constantly belittled him since day one.

    2. If James,Meg,& Jackie were smart & thought about things(I realize we get to see what they don’t) most of their game talk is around shady,snitch Becky. I can’t wait until she gets caught & called out on her back stabbing, snitch, smack talk! Steve is more loyal to Van,& has been her rat minion. The fact James came to Steve about Clelli wanting to put him up should be an eye opener,but Steve is so naive that it may not fully register.

    3. Why do you think that the house would keep Vanessa over Shelli? Seems like Shelli plays the hg pretty well and I don’t think Steve would ever vote against her, He has a huge CRUSH on her or else sees her as a mother figure.

  7. Poor Shelli. Desparation setting in so it’s now time for some fake tears and fake emotion. Man, she is sickening. She is perfect for the corporate arena. Perhaps she should go to work for one of the big 4.

  8. the thought finally hit and stuck. they haven’t had the pov ceremony yet.
    if noms stay the same there are four more days of shelli’s delusional cries of innocence sweetness and light to be transcribed.
    Simon and Dawg, i’m so sorry.

  9. All Clay/Shellie had to do was throw Becky under the bus.
    But all they have done is got the whole house pissed off at them
    Shellie is acting like a little Spoiled Brat … wish they could both go home Thursday
    At this point whoever stays has no trust left in their original alliance …
    They didn’t just burn those bridges but nuked em
    They drew a line when they agreed to keep Austin and vote out Jason
    It’s their own lies that got them where they are … Ignorant players!

    1. If Clay and Shelli threw Becky UTB, James wouldn’t have believed. James was doubting Becky because Clay and Shelli did not throw her UTB. They aren’t throwing her UTB cause after having a meltdown in which they regretted keeping her, they suddenly decided they really trusted her.

      1. Shellie/Clay had a strong alliance … 7 solid people
        Meg and Jackie were already looking for the “Rat”
        James says give me someone … Here’s the Rat … Becky
        Plus Becky is a couple with JM so James would be breaking a couple up
        Funny thing is … Austin and Liz were going on the block till Shellie/Clay
        opened their big mouths and dug their own grave deeper … They should of just shut up!
        Now they have blown up their whole alliance and whoever stays will be alone
        No one trust them at all now

    2. james isnt stupid, even if beckie is a rat/snitch, she isnt winning any HOH’s, wasnt involved in getting jason out and she’s not a big target. james wouldn’t take shelli/clay down to put beckie up, its just not a smart game move.

  10. JohnnyMac seems to not be filled in fully by people cause if he was I think he would be on the good side instead of shelli’s. Not by what he says in the game but by his DR sessions- he agreed many times to be a pawn, throw comps and stuff, not because he wants to, but to survive, always under shel’s thumb née’ Van. too. He needs to be filled in so he will vote the oppressor out (off with her head!). BTW loved his bio with the family/dental office– wanted more!

  11. They had their chance last week to go on one side of the fence or the other because if you stay in the middle of the road, YOU GET RUN OVER!

  12. While Shelli or Vanessa were in power its all lolypops and rainbows and we own this house and was loving every minute of putting people on the block and putting pawns up so they could back door who their true targets were. Now someone has the power and going right for them and they can’t handle it. Well little Missy he at least gave you a chance to save yourself.
    And I ask why should James do anything for her. If she won the hoh James and Jackie would have been their targets while meg being their backup if one got off the block.
    For once you were played and not getting your way poor baby.

  13. I have to say my estimation of James’ game play has went way up this week. So happy to see him following thru with his ‘big move’. This is what Big Brother is supposed to be, unexpected moves. I just hope Austin and the twins don’t burn him in the vote. Distinct possibility.

  14. I know he said he isn’t, but part of me is scared that there is a little chance Clelli will get in his ear and convincing him to use it…

  15. WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MEG? she basically ran to shelli and clay and told them what they needed to do to get james to change his mind. now its looking like james might seriously shift targets to austin. yes it gets one of the 6th sense out but the most useless one. then sheeli and clay get to stay and watch them target james next week

    also..johnny is useless. he just keeps proving how ignorant he is and what a blind follower of clay and shelli he is. im hoping people are starting to open their eyes to him.

    1. This game changes every freaking hour! I cannot believe James “Balls Out” and “Straight Shooter” self is going back on his plan!!!!! This is insane!!!! So if he saves them and next week they vote his ass out, we’ll all be shaking our heads! TOLD YA SO idiot!!!

    2. MEG IS THE WORST PERSON TO BE ALIGNED WITH. i can see now why jason kept talking to everyone about everything, probably one of megs brilliant ideas. MEG is a HUGE detriment to james small alliance. i wish james could build trust with someone else other than her, but i think its too little too late for that.

      1. Meg IS loyal. She’s just dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to the game.
        I can see why someone who actually knows the game would want her on their team as long as she kept her mouth shut.

        1. MEG’s train of thought is actually hindering james alliance though, jackie on the other hand, has better hindsight just with the whole vanessa thing. jackie should be james #1 go to person NOT MEG. personally, i would not want meg on my team, she isnt really helping them, ESPECIALLY with her idiotic ideas and tribulations on the other side. she thinks shelli is the mastermind/puppetmaster of the whole ordeal, SHE ISNT.

    3. However by Meg doing that, James just got a TON of information that he can now use to completely turn Austin and the twins against clay/shelli and gain their trust and pull them in more to their side! As soon as Austin funds out how far they are going to throw him under the bus is a sure deal that him and his twins will vote out shelli

      1. you forget the head of the sixth sense alliance is still there. vanessa will 100% repair this, replace whom ever goes home between shelli/clay and have steve join them or a random floater. just for her game, it would be more beneficial to keep the sixth sense going against meg/james/jackie. the other people in the house are floaters galore.

        even if james does tell austin he knows about “judas”, it will be useless because vanessa can communicate and control the situation much better than anyone else, hence sixth sense not going away until the head is cut off(vanessa). at this point, it is very unlikely of that happening even if shelli is gone this week. I BLAME MEG.

  16. Shelli and Clay keep trying to negotiate with James by attempting to trade information with him. If James is smart [and it looks like he is! Yay!], he’ll give up nothing at all, but lure the both of them with the vague notion that he’ll use the veto in return for them coming clean. And hey, most of Shelli wants to spill it; it’s just her loyalty with Vanessa holding it up. Will she trash Vanessa to save their skin?

    If they throw Vanessa under the bus to save their own skins, James could STILL keep them both on the block, but also use the veto ceremony to let the whole house know what Clay and Shelli have told them about their alliance, thus getting either Shelli or Clay out, and at the same time destroying any trust the other had with their former alliance. Nobody will want to work the remaining pair of the duo.

    James is super savvy. He might figure it out. :)

    1. How can shelli throw Vanessa under the bus? The whole house including James know that Vanessa nominated Jason like week and that she’s close with Clelli. There’s no new information there, unless they expose the sixth sense, but that would expose themselves too. I guess they could say Vanessa was targeted James, but I think even James knows that and that’s why he accepted Vanessa’s protection deal.
      The only new information that they have yet to expose is that Becky is a rat floater who warned them about being nominated before it happened. I seriously think that’s their only shot. I’m really enjoying clelli’s attempts at staying in the game. I appreciate ppl playing the game, even if it’s messy as hell.

      1. They also didn’t disclose that it was Vanessa who started the ball rolling on, and thus was ultimately responsible for, Jason’s eviction.

        If you recall everyone was on board with getting Austin out. Vanessa proposed to the group that Liz be told about it in advance. Both Jackie and Shelli said No because they believed Liz would go back and tell Austin and that’s exactly what happened. This gave Austin the opportunity to beg for his life and ultimately Vanessa took it to Clay and Shelli.

        If Vanessa had not said anything, the vote out Austin plan would have went off without a hitch. This was ultimately a game move for Vanessa because she was trying to win favor with the twins (by disclosing Austin’s sell out Julia plans) and ultimately to make Austin forever indebted to her.

        She was ultimately responsible for the move and it doesn’t look like it come back to bite her.

    2. the bad thing about keeping both shelli and clay up together is that clay will probably get sent home. clay hasnt really won anything, where as vanessa+shelli together, they will steamroll the house. plus like jackie said, vanessa withheld a TON of information from them. it would be smart to put vanessa up on the block. alas MEG has to open her GIANT mouth and say its not good for them to put vanessa up because of the deal james has with her.

      vanessa and shelli are working together, they arent with james/jackie/megtard, they got nothing to lose by putting vanessa up. I hate meg so much, she’s like the equivalent of family guy’s meg. you just want to tell her every time, SHUT UP MEG!

  17. If she would just own all that she did in the game and can understand why James is doing what he us doing is just good game. She should just go to James and say well played you got me before I could get you.
    But I will say even though I don’t care for her poor me this week I will always feel greatful to shelli for being the one to get Audrey out of the house. The house is 1000% better since she left.

  18. just keep the noms the same.
    James has impressed me so much. Small dude but he came to play.

    Shelli is a spoiled piece of trash. someone removed the gold spoon in her mouth and now she doesn’t want to play.

    1. James is in trouble next week. Meg or Jackie need to win HOH or POV to save him, not seeing it happen. Five against 2 to win HOH. We are about to see the last of James. He went back on his word on the HOH competition and it will be used against him. Every time he makes a deal and all I see is him going back on a deal.

      1. He’s definitely in trouble going forward. (Nut) Meg is basically useless with no stamina and no sound reasoning skills, nor will she win any competition that matters. Jackie MIGHT win. Unfortunately MIGHT is not enough to keep James safe. Becky/Johnny/Steve are all under the spell of the Vanessa and/or Clay/Shelli so no hope there. Same could be said of Austin and the twins (they’ll nominate whomever is best for Vanessa’s game).

        Since the other side of the house is so fond of backdooring people, he better hope he at least gets a chance to play in the the next veto comps.

      2. Agree that any James word is now nil in the house. I always thought public deals made during endurance comps were pretty much sacred. As Steve also said I don’t think it has ever been done, to go back on that type of deal. James doing this will affect all future deals like this in seasons to come.

    1. Jackie brought up that point exactly to James. Last week Steve was thrown out as a nom/back door option, but Van & crew didn’t take the bait. Van desperately wants Steve in the final 2. She will steer people away from that idea & has before. Clelli bringing up getting rid of floaters is a too lil to late idea, & seriously hope James will stay strong & not be persuaded. Go James!

  19. Shelly is in survival mode..shes a fighter and the way she is acting is exactly what i would expect of her…everyone complained when they thought jason was going to just lay down and not fight and then cheered when he finally did but said it was too little too late…shelly has been fighting to stay the whole time and props to her for completing that sword task like a champ… I dont care if she stays or goes but id rather watch her play the game than someone like meg or steve or those twins and austin. If clay or shelly has to go id rather it be clay. Shelly and vanessa could run this to the end if they teamed up together.

    1. I like Shelli that Shellie and Vanessa both are strong women players who are both smart in their own way.Shelli is definitely a good competitor. I wish they were on last year’s season. But I can’t stand Shelli’s entitled attitude in the game. She’s too self-righteous. I could even look over that if she didn’t carry it over to the audience in the DR or if she owned her game play tactics. And her audacity to ask James to save she, Clay, and John was reason enough to be put on the block So I hope she gets sent home based off her self righteous attitude that she has even when she’s not fighting to stay . There are different ways to play to the game and it’s about making it to the end anyway. So if she gets sent home over the more useless ones than so be it. And of course she is going to finish the challenge. What else is she doing besides being there to play and ride Clay’s jock?She’s playing the game and the challenge is part of it.Shelli has a good chance of staying so I wouldn’t expect her to not complete it and go against her own self interest.

  20. Even though I do not like poor me attitude that Shelli is giving us this week….I will always be greatful to her for getting Audrey out of the house. The house is 1000% better since she left the house and enjoying this season now

    1. Sorry for the double post about Audrey here. I thought my first post did not go through. Ignore this post and carry on… :)

  21. so let me get this straight? vanessa says it sucks that the floaters are going straight to the end? well no sh*t, vanessa/shelli are the ones not targeting them in the first place. and now that the big players are up, they’re upset about it? these people are complete hypocritical morons.

    is it just me or does this season have more floaters than any other season? maybe not floaters, but useless gameless players? clay, meg, jmac, jeff, beckie, audrey, and steve of all people i thought wouldve been smart, fooled me. i will cry if meg is sitting in that final 2 chair.

  22. Would of loved to see Steve confront Shelli and Clay about them throwing him under the bus in front of James. They would of looked like a deer in headlights.

  23. i hope Jackie learns that she can’t leave James alone, she needs to camp in the HOH and get Meg under control since she almost fucked this week up

  24. So Shelli doesn’t deserve to be there? Boofuckinhoo – STFU. All she’s worried about is not getting jury money; she could give a rat’s ass if Clay is there or not. Somebody’s gotta go and I hope to God it’s her.

  25. Starting to really like Jackie’s instincts. So Shelli and Clay throw Austin under the bus. James is starting to take the bait, and Jackie says they knew all this stuff about Austin last week and yet they send Jason home and now they want Austin out? That means that the six of them truly are working together and if Clay/Shelli don’t go, Vanessa needs to.

    Basically she’s telling James to take down Clay and throw Vanessa on the block. One of the two heads of the alliance gets chopped. Jackie plays too much on emotion, but her instincts in the game are right on.

    1. I am going to propose marriage to Jackie for her dead on observation! (From a heterosexual woman)
      SO glad James knew to bring Jackie up.
      Listening to Meg, the whole house will be in jury.

  26. I want to the SLAP the hell out of Meg right now. And OMG people are you kidding me? Clayhole’s and Smelli’s deal is only for James. It doesn’t extend to Meg and Jackie. It’s not like C&S will suddenly start working with them. If James falls for this absurd “deal” then at the VERY LEAST I hope he removes Clayhole. This way we can see if Liz and Julia will save Austin or not. UUUUUGGGGHGHGHHGHGHG!!! This show is crazy!!!

  27. “If they (Shelli and Clay) don’t go home .. then Vanessa has to go home!” JACKIE MY HOME GIRL. i love her, probably the smartest B in the house, she got some balls.

    1. It would not surprise me if she did have a big hairy set! She looks more manly than Audrey IMO :)
      I like her game play but I can’t get past her Kardashian wanna be fake boobs, fake lashes, fake hair, probably like the Kartrashians even a fake but!

      Anyway that is my opinion but like as*holes we all have one :)

      Season is shaping up rather nicely no matter who you are pulling for. Constant drama in the near future.

  28. Oh my goodness Shelli and clay almost pulled it off and got Austin put on the block!!!!! Must say that was the most brilliant move they could have tried. It doesn’t look like it will work but man watch the chips fly now that the other side has all the goods on Austin and Vanessa. Gets better and better

  29. My problem is that the underdogs are moving strictly on emotion and not enough on strategy. I’m surprised none of them have mentioned their survival long term in the house. If they have truly figured out the other alliance, then they should focus on breaking the ALLIANCE up. While it’s nice that Shelli or Clay leaves this week (AND i bet it’s Clay), the underdogs did nothing to place themselves in a power position.

  30. why does meg have to be there all the time with james instead of jackie? James needs to listen to jackie and put vanessa up against shelli. then the truth will all be revealed 100%, if the noms stay the same shelli could potentially stay and the sixth sense will go unscathed because the head(vanessa) is still alive without a scar. vanessa will falter once she is in the hot seat.

  31. Wow….Simon and Dawg……great coverage of the overnight conversations! I am exhausted after reading all of it but not as much as you guys after delivering it to us! THANK YOU…..I’m hitting your “tip jar” this morning.

  32. f*** you, shelli! I didn’t like her before but now seeing her ugly cry and so desperate just because she doesn’t wanna separate from clay makes me want to jump through the screen and bitchslap her. Austin will not win hoh, James! Shelli will and she will go back on her deal simply because ‘you broke your promise.’ Don’t do it, dude!!!!!!!!! Come on veto ceromony, this needs to be set in stone asap!

  33. Veto ceremony better happen soon before James makes the wrong decision and Jacquie better stay at his side. She is the voice of reason. Hopefully they know now, that Audrey was telling them the truth. Don’t know how they didn’t figure this out a long time ago. Their side was never used for Battle of the Block(only Clay because he thought he was going to win it), that group always in the HOH room,knockout competitions*(should of been clear that the people they chose to knockout), saving Austin, voting on Thursday always went their way. If they don’t see the writing on the wall now, they never will.

  34. James, don’t listen to them!!!! You better keep the noms the same because they’ll come back with a vengeance next week. It amazes me how they can dish it but they can’t take it! He better get them out now b/c they’ll be so bitter regardless if they stay or go.

  35. I think Steve should put up Vanessa and take down Clay. That way Austin and the twins will vote Shelli out (Cause they owe Vanessa for saving them last week) and then Jackie and Meg will vote for Shelli as well. They only need 5 votes. He can just tell Vanessa he’s putting her up but she is not the target, that by putting her up that is the only way he can make sure Shelli goes home. I think it’s too much of a risk leaving votes the same – It’s hard to tell where JMac, Becky and Steve’s heads and who they would vote for and then if by some miracle Shelli stays and Vanessa goes then oh well – As least a strong player is gone.

  36. Keep hoping that, after POV ceremony, Clay threatens to go “Evil Dick” on them unless they keep Shelli. And then does.

    1. Clay go crazy a la Evel Dick? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You’ve GOT to be kidding – what’s he going to do, stomp his feet and wave his arms around like a 3 year old having a tantrum? Evel Dick could reduce those two brats to tears with one withering look.

  37. Got the feeds and never went to sleep. James, Jackie, and Meg are KILLING it right now. This is insane. They have everything figured out except that knew about the twins since week two. James about put up Vanessa too. Haha Please let them stay longer.

  38. Black chick got eliminated the two homos got eliminated good ol white boy and girl chilling in HOH for weeks let this midget Asian run this shit babbbbbbbbay!

  39. I already knew that Jackie was smart, but James has gone up in my estimation 100%. He is not just the “good ole boy” from the backwoods he appeared to be earlier. I wonder though if Vanessa will take the information Shelli gave her and retell it to Austin. I am unclear what her intentions are with Austin, or is she willing to try and go to the end with the remaining member of Clay/Shelli. I hope Austin is sincere about going with James at this point, and comes clean with him about his previous actions once hearing he was thrown under the bus. The twins are liking the other side of the house at this point and it could be a viable joining to get out some of the floaters in the house. Once the POV is over, someone should go to James and tell him about Becky’s defection to the other side along with JohnnyMac. That should give them all targets for the double eviction. Vanessa through this week so far has been silent because of her punishment, but her antics will probably escalate now that the punishment is over, and she certainly doesn’t like being in the dark this week at all. She better be very, very careful with the lies she constantly spreads, because she doesn’t know the other side has her pegged.

  40. Somebody must of paid the electricity bill! Their light bulbs are finally on………….but Meg is only 15 watts.

  41. I like that James is planting seeds of possible leverage and protection. Because the odds are definitely against him especially if Jackie doesn’t win HOH. Meg is dead weight. She doesn’t even have spot on perceptions.There are way too many people to deal with and what makes it difficult is in the way they think and view others in the game. And that includes people like Johnny Mac who was basically used as a pawn when he could have said he wasn’t going to throw it. The very fact that he thought he had to say yes is and indication that he wasn’t in their core group and that he was a disposable risk for them. He’s says amusing stuff when he’s not doing his dumbed down for the audience DR bit. But I don’t get all the fan fare him. Laying low is fine but he wasn’t laying that low when he’s throwing comps and then going to the DR deflecting any responsibility and blaming the other person for playing bad. And I won’t even start with Becky.

  42. The REAL power couple here is Vanessa and Shelly. Clay is the errand boy. I wish James could see this.

      1. thats the thing, clay staying on the block is a HUGE IF shelli goes home, hence not really splitting up the power couple van+shelli.

  43. When Jackie said that Vanessa should go home this week, I got all excited inside. Thinking it might actually happen that James would use the veto on Clay and put up Vanessa. That would hands down be the best move of the season. But I guess I have to settle for Shelli and Clay up on the block come Thursday. James you only have 2 moves right now: Use the veto on Clay and put up Vanessa or don’t use it and keep the noms the same. Anything else would ruin this HoH reign.

    1. Good gosh, BB 101 is break up couples (or triples). How is sending out Vanessa over any of Austin, twins, clay, Shelli a power move? And no one has pledged James anything except a vote out of the house, as he’ll learn Thurs.

  44. and a liar. She keeps saying she had nothing to do with Jason going home when in fact her & clay were the only ones who advocated to keep Austin and were the ones who suggested that Jason go on the block. They aren’t loyal to anyone but each other which was blatantly clear with that Dark Moon “alliance” and now they are throwing other people in their “alliance” out to James as possible replacement nominees. THIS IS BIG BROTHER!!! stop crying about people lying to you and then lying to them about not ever lying! like F**K grow up and start playing the game and stop crying about how people have “done you wrong” and don’t care about you. It’s a game…the only person that is going to care about you is YOU! well in Shelli’s case her puppy Clay also. If Shelli really wanted to stay then she should go to James and tell him that Vanessa was the one who put Jason up and got him out of the house because she is working with Austin & the twins and that Vanessa is more loyal to them then anyone else in the house & that she is lying when she says otherwise. Blow her game up! Who cares if it is “playing dirty” this is Big Brother! that’s the point. Or blow Johnny Macs game up! I know everyone loves him but throw him under the bus! tell James he was throwing comps for them. Do something other then cry.

    1. There is a part of me that thinks that “Dark Moon” was not about getting Austin out for them…. it was about saving Becky. Then The twins and Austin started talking about saving Austin and getting Becky out. Gears shifted and they showt Jackie and James names out. Vanessa would NOT put up Jackie because she gave her word… that is when Jason got thrown out.
      Jason was the biggest threat to Shelli and Clay because of Da’Vonne also Clay and Shelli have been working with JMac and Becky for weeks… Two very strong players. I thisnk they thought they could use 6th sense until jury then when it got down to 4 vs. 4… flip to Shelli, Clay, JMac and Becky… who are all stronger players than Vanessa, Liz, Julia and Austin. Vanessa is a brilliant strategist… but how much of her wins have been her winning and JMac throwing it and others throwing it? There i a Secret third side of the House… partly Jason as the target hit them the hardest because they got caught in a lie.

      1. It’s not even about the Dark Moon “Alliance” for me, it just drives me mental that she is legitimately crying about the fact that people lied to her and betrayed her and oh she has never done that to anyone. It’s not like she is even faking it, she is ACTUALLY upset that god forbid anyone would dare lie to her. Does she get the concept of Big Brother? I would understand it if it was an act to get people to feel sorry for her to keep her but it’s not, which just makes her pathetic

  45. First time I have ever stayed up all night watching the feeds. Wondering what’s socially redeeming about watching so much BB? Ha! I am fascinated to see where things are going to go after this. Can Vanessa hang on? The thing I like about her play is that she doesn’t lie so much as she spins everything to her advantage. James already knew what Clelli told them about her because she was pretty straight with him about it. Clelli came off so secretive and shady ..until the end. I think their only hope was to spill everything and drop their allegiance to 6th Sense right then and there and pledge it to James.

    1. Getting stuck to Jackie was like the best possible thing that could have happened this week for Vanessa. Big Brother couldn’t have given her a better gift.

      If Jackie had been able to work with James more yesterday, she might have been able to figure out that Vanessa was really the lynchpin of the opposing alliance, and together they might have decided to target her. Whereas Meg is useless in any conversation about strategy and James was just overwhelmed with information.

      Taking that punishment might have saved Vanessa’s game this week.

  46. Not saying they’re innocent in all this, but I love how everyone is so quick to call Clelli out on playing both sides of the house when creepy Austin and his nasty rat tail beard have been doing it for far longer.
    Jackie needs to take some model and calm tf down.

    JMac, keep doing what you’re doing-FTW.

  47. Vanessa pulled a Derrick. She wants Clay and Shelli to think they are friends but she will let them hang with rope she provided. Straight G!

  48. Yawn…wake me when one of these peasants is any challenge to Vanessa.

    She just chillin’ right now watchin’ these kids play tiddly winks.

    Shelli often asks Vanessa. “Oh shit did I screw up?” Nessa like put me on Survivor least the lack of food thing would pose a little challenge.

    1. other than jackie, i would actually agree. i can not believe vanessa took out jackie’s ally and meg ally(jeff and jason) AND SHE IS STILL NOT ON THE BLOCK. you’d have to be dumb as bricks to let vanessa go free. vanessa should thank meg, meg is the best ally she can hope for james/jackie to have.

  49. I wa just thinking Vanessa and Shelli mostly won those HoH’s because people threw those HoH’s just like Shelli would have been HoH this week if she did’t jump off that wall. I really think her motivation was that she thought her deal with James would cover her and Clay and James would target Vanessa and Austin getting out with no blood on her hands & sh can play in the HoH. Vanessa isn’t much of a physical threat & the biggest mental threat is overlooked completely.

    It is obvious Becky is the one who went to Shelli and Clay…. but what happens in the House is peoples paranoia takes over and they became so focussed on some trivial things they never see what they should have been looking out for. Example: Saving Austin was NOT so much about saving Austin for Shelli and Clay it was all about saving Becky for them. Austin would have gone home against Becky, but that would expose Shelly and Clay to the 6th sense…. I think that is why Shelli seized the moment to keep Austin and the 6th sense and Becky… by putting Jason or Jackie (btw… Jason going up was all Shelli… Justin could not come up with a good justification to Vanessa.) Shell and Clay are just pissed because they are o the block.

    Now this why I say that sometimes focusing on the trivial you never see the real threat coming at you… I thisnk James hit on it completely by accident. The biggest threats in the house are NOT Jackie, Meg and James…. not by a long shott… OMG no. The biggest threats are NOT Vanessa, Austin, Julia and Liz… other thann Vanessa they are all pretty harmless. The biggest threat in the House to 75% of the Houses game is Shelli, Clay, Johnny Mac and Becky…. that is deadly and I think benefiting and suffering from other players myopia.

    I James flip flops and decides to go with getting Austin out… that secret third side of the house is going to come out. Shell says all of the time theyr are tiers of loyalty… the rest of the house does not know it is three tiers. That house better get Shelli out or they will not see it coming… because I don’t think Clay can play without Shelli. If Shelli stays, the rest of the house will view Shelli as weakened target and go for other ones… she could really do damage with Becky and Johnny Mac especially come Double Evictions. I hope people make the right move and get out the real thereat in the House… albeit accidentally.

  50. The only way Clelli both can stay this week would be the throw Vanessa under the Bus get her on the block and vote her out which clearly they are refusing to do. I’m not sure how she is getting away with it but if they don’t get her out soon she will walk to the 500k prize easily!

  51. If Clay and Shelli really wanted to stay in the house together they would out the sixth sense….I know I would. At this point they have nothing to lose in doing so. Play the game.

  52. Shelli acting like an entitled spoiled Brat mirrors to a T what Rachel did, but the difference is Rachel got what she wanted with her temper tantrums.
    , because she brought the show ratings.

  53. I could watch and drool over Clay all day (and all night!) but dang he was so obnoxious on last night’s show after getting nominated, suggesting that he was playing an honest game and hoped that others would too. GMAFB you and your girl friend/beard have been playing anything but an honest game and your hypocrisy and double standards make you look awful.

    The best thing to come out of this week is watching them all try to save themselves without throwing their own alliance under the bus but then getting so desperate that they do just that.

    Oh and Clay when you get to go to Germany whatever you do don’t bring Shell with you. The place is full of hot guys that will be all over you. You will have the time of your life. If you need a tour guide just ask.

  54. From watching the live feeds, the first visit Clay and Shelli had with James, they did not mention Steve. They just said a ‘floater’. James mentioned Steve. When Clay and Shelli left the HOH room, James turned to Meg and said ‘they wouldn’t come off anybody’s name, would they’. James himself is saying Clay and Shelli dropped Steves name. Which is a way to gain Steves trust. I am not a Shelli fan. I think she had her eyes set on Clay the minute she seen him and feel she had a plan when she walked in and Clay fit into that plan.

  55. John is still the top favorite because his social game and his strategy are still on point.
    1. His strategy was to be pawn when the BOB was still in effect so that he had 2 chances to save himself. In addition he continues building trusts with other houseguests who are afraid of being on the block. They still put him on the block anyway whether he agreed or not. But by his agreement to be on the block made other houseguests go easy on him and shifted the target off him.
    2. His strategy is successful. Now nobody wants use him as a pawn anymore because they feel bad about it. The house is divided, they all know who are their enemies. So pawn is not needed anymore. This leads to John to be under radar.
    3. His social game is on point. Who targets John right now? Nobody. Clay/Vanessa/Twins/Austin/Steve are busy to target James/Meg/Jackie/Becky and vice versa. Everybody trusts John. Every time they nominate a person , they have to explain to him a reason. They go and tell him everything even when it is late but John never shares with anyone anything that is not benefit him.
    4. Right now Steve, Becky and Clay wants take John to final 2. That are many. Even Meg and Jackie will not take James to final 2. So John’s strategy is working.
    5. Nobody thinks John is throwing comps and they all think John is weak in comps even though he won 3 comps so far. That is another successful strategy.
    6. Other houseguests form a big alliance and they are all broken. When John is not in any big alliance but they still trust him more than their alliance members.
    7. His goal is coming to place. He survived first eviction, He got to the jury this week and he is still under radar.
    8. One big thing is nobody knows John’s direction is when he is in power, Everybody thinks John will not target them. Everybody thinks they are safe if John is in power. John does not share his target to others when he is not in power yet.
    9. At this point, nobody can manipulate John yet. John always agree to whatever they said and whatever they did. That way John has never piss off anyone and they still love him for it.
    10. John is playing the game with less dirty, more hearted, more loyal and more honest compared to other houseguests
    11. One last important thing is he does not stress out about the game even though he still needs money for his debt. He enjoys playing it. He kept his mouth shut when he does not have any power. He is still cool if someone puts him on the block.
    12. He is FUNNY AS HELL.

  56. If vanessa is supposed to be a good poker player. How can she not see that she is being used and walked over/on by shelli?

    1. Who’s to say she doesn’t see what’s going on? She’s sticking to the old “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” proverb, biding her time and biting her tongue. If Vanessa turns on either one of them, it’ll be like the hounds of Hell were released. I’ll have a bottle wine ready…

    2. How do you know she doesn’t? At this point they are all playing each other. Doing what is best for them first and their allies second

  57. Thank god people are playing big brother this year. Last year was a total joke and there were no big moves at all,At least this year people are making big moves right out of the gate. This is how Big Brother should be played.

  58. Its funny watching people like Shelli and Clay get into showmances and then complain when they are put up together. If you are into each other and want to hang out that’s fine, but you’re there to play a game for half a million dollars, why in the world you would want to put an unnecessarily huuuge target on yourself is beyond me.

    I guess if I were in her shoes I might not be able to contain myself either and would want to be hanging on to the boytoy 24/7 but for the sake of your own game play just wait until you’re out of the house to ride the stallion. If the two of them had kept their distance, hung out together a lone a bit or just slept together at night they might not be seen as a couple which automatically makes them a big target. They are virtually inseparable and her making the deal with James to include only Clay was yet another blatant statement that they are together no matter what.

    Liz has (unintentionally) handled Austin pretty spot on in that regard. Its easier because she’s not into him but she has used his creepy crush on her to keep him in her pocket while making the others know that they are not a couple and therefore keeping heat off them as a couple.

  59. If James keeps noms the same today he’ll be at the top of my favorite players this season. Shelli pulled at all his heart strings and said a lot of the right things, but this is the best game move.

  60. I think Vanessa sees what Shelli/Clay are doing, but knows Shelli trusts her more than Clay does at this point. She feels that Clay has lost trust in her, so she wants Shelli to stay over Clay. Does she trust Shelli? NO!!! Vanessa trusts only one person, and that is Steve. She has his trust 100% right now, and unless she does something awful to him, he will remain loyal. She does not want to get rid of Austin or the twins at this point, but if they decide to go with James (which they might) unless Vanessa comes clean about Shelli/Clay throwing Austin under the bus, Vanessa could be in a bad spot. James, Meg and Jackie already have her pegged and if Austin, Liz and Julia go with James, I see her gone in a few weeks time, and even as early as the double eviction. The best thing she could do at this point to keep Shelli or Clay loyal is to out Becky and Johnny/Mac to James after the POV ceremony and put them under the microscope for next week and herself out of the limelight.

  61. What gets me is that the Shady duo seems to think loyalty is key to staying (which they’ve not been respectively) only to Vanessa who at this point if they really wanted to stay they would be using the trolley car to run her over to get further in the game. So at this point their game play sucks and that is why one of them, hopefully Shelli, will be going home. It’s pretty much slim to none that you can remain totally loyal and win this game. At some point you have to do what you have to to get ahead. And I still think James should take down Clay and put Vanessa up to make sure Shelli goes home. If anything, without James having to come out and say it, Shelli would have a small chance to stay if she wants it bad enough. And he could always tell V that he’s only doing it to ensure Shelli goes, so he’d be covering his rear with her. Either way it would be a win win getting one of those two out bc they ARE the biggest threats.

  62. James after the veto ceremony should confront Shelli and Clay in front of everybody that they wanted Steve or Austin to be put up on the block. He has nothing to lose and will take off the target off of himself this week. If he tells Austin this later in the game then I think Austin won’t believe him.It would be better if he does it right away and if he finds out Vanessa knew about it James might gain him to go on his side.

  63. I can NOT stand when people on this show make up lame crap like “I just want to make it to jury to get some extra money” or “I’m here for the experience” or “I’m here so I can become famous” or worst of all “I can be a vote for you in jury”. COME ON! The response to anyone that says bs like that should be “I’ll go hold the front door open so you can leave now, cause if you’re not here to win the game you shouldn’t be here at all.”

    The fact that anyone falls for garbage lines like that is sad.

  64. “James says find out Clay and Shelli are actually Brother and sister… Jackie says I was just going to say that! Meg says eeewww!! James says havent you noticed how bad they try to not kiss each other! They kind of look a like.”

    LOL…So Funny….They see it too.
    Why don’t Clelli kiss…everyone knows they are together. Why is kissing such a no no to Shelli?
    And Austin and Liz don’t kiss (saw one quick one) either. Weird showmances this year.

    At least now we know why Shelli gets so upset to be seen on camera without makeup on!

  65. How bad did Shelli look during that nomination ceremony on last night’s episode bitching out James before it was even over? She can dish it out but she can’t take it.

  66. So Shelli and Clay just threw the entire class under the school bus. Then Shelli runs to Vanessa and says oh I feel so awful and guilty and terrible that I just threw them under the school bus. They didn’t directly throw Vanessa under the bus, but indirectly with their false claims of innocence and process of elimination, they did.
    I can see the tears now in the accompanying d/r. ‘It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I feel so horrible about this. sniff sniff. I just hope that once it all sinks in and I’ve gotten over this tragedy, that we can all move forward together.’ Like she was a victim.
    Shelli has had tantrums about people not clearing things or discussing things with her before they do them how many times?
    I know a lot of people are going to be saying finally Vanessa has been uncovered for the snake she is. That may be a fair assessment. i’m not sure. What makes me feel dirty when I think about the situation is this: Shelli just chucked people under the bus, then looked to one of them for sympathy. It bothers me and i’m not sure why. It’s just more of her victim portrayal while still holding the bloody knife in her hands. I thought I was used to it. Guess I was wrong.
    In regard to James Jackie and Meg finally piecing together everything they were already told two weeks ago and thinking they’ve discovered the earth is round: really? What took you so long.

  67. Listen up, James! Take Clayhole off the block and backdoor Vanessa!! Let it be Smelli vs Loch Nessa and see the cat fur fly!!!!!!!

  68. James needs to tell Austin and the twins how Shelli threw them under the bus long before Thursday. That way it’ll be a sure thing that Shelli goes home and they can start building a relationship with Austin and the twins. Right now it’s Meg and Jackie against the house on Thursday. So they need all the allies they can get.

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