Vanessa “We out Becky as being two faced. It’s f**ked up to play both sides. Its a rat in my book.”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 10-17-27-769

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10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Steve comments to Shelli that his toothache is still bothering him. Steve says that his goal is to not pull a Victoria. (BB16 Victoria passed out in the bathroom stall due to a pain of her wisdom tooth) Steve heads back to bed. Vanessa joins Shelli in the bathroom. Vanessa tells Shelli she wants to talk to them today. I will fill you in completely. Shelli asks what happened? Vanessa says its a really long story.. I’ll fill you in later. I have a plan though. I have an idea. Its the only hope. Shelli asks its the only hope for what?! Vanessa says for both of you. Shelli asks is it a plan for next week? Vanessa says yes, and based on being bullied. Its a terrible situation. Shelli asks are Austin and the twins in on it? Vanessa says they’re being bullied too. I’ll explain later.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 10-21-43-539

10:15am Vanessa talks to Austin. We’re in a terrible situation. I find it really bad. I feel like I am being forced. I call my plan .. its redirect and minimize. First stage of the plan is to redirect in the short term. Redirect a target for this double eviction. It involves .. Shelli & Clay have to out Becky as the traitor she is, as two faced. We just have to give enough ammunition to have another potential target in mind. She (Shelli) needs to have a big blow out with you saying their going after Austin and the twins.. I’m the only one that will. You need to keep me in the house because of this. She needs to convince them of that. To the point that they are more ambivalent to keeping her. And if the votes happen, no one will ever think it was you. Austin asks what do we have a blow up about. Vanessa says no one would ever suspect you would keep her if you have a blow up with her. Austin asks you don’t think Clay would run up and tell them? Austin says or we go along with them and keep Clay .. then we throw the HOH to Steve or Clay or Johnny Mac.. and let one of those three take them out. Vanessa says she woke up to Becky whispering to James last night .. she is the biggest two face. Austin says she was targeting James and Jackie last week.

10:25am Vanessa tells Steve that Becky was up till 6am whispering with James. It woke me up. She is so two faced. So I have a plan to out her and redirect the target. She’s been running and telling Shelli and Clay everything they tell her. She was targeting James and Jackie last week. She is so two faced. It’s completely f**ked up to play both sides. Its a rat in my book. Austin, Steve and Vanessa head into the cabana room. Vanessa says we can’t do anything about this weeks vote. But to keep Shelli she could have a fight with Austin. Steve leaves because it looks too suspicious. Austin asks are we that adamant about not being able to trust Clay? Vanessa says no but how do we test it. They talk about feeling Clay out today. Austin says I think the most important thing is the Becky thing but how do we say we didn’t know about it all week. Vanessa says I did say it, I just didn’t say her name. Vanessa says that Becky is loyal to the whole f**king house. That’s the definition of a floater. Its so two faced what she is doing right now I can’t even take it. Austin asks what if James confronts her and she spills sh*t. Vanessa says she doesn’t have anything. Austin says okay let the Wednesday scampering begin.. They head back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 10-29-20-449

10:50am – 11:10am Shelli tells Clay she doesn’t want to deal with this sh*t. James acts like he runs this sh*t. Vanessa tells them that she trusts them 100%. Obviously its very complicated the whole voting thing. The plan involves two steps that have to happen. Becky was up until 6:10am whispering to James. For 1 hour I heard them whispering. They were 100% talking game and then she came scampering back to bed. Its making my blood boil the extent to which she is playing both sides. Shelli says so we expose her now? Vanessa says you have to. Shelli says cool. Vanessa says You have to redirect the target to her for next week. Just f**king be honest. It involved the truth. She wanted to make an alliance before and we didn’t do it. She thought of the name “The Generals”. Her target was James, she said it before the HOH. She wanted Jackie out. She has everyone in her back pocket. She has the whole f**king house on her side. She is a hardcore floater. Vanessa says that James asked me to vote to keep you and I said that Clay asked me to keep Shelli. I don’t owe him (James) anything. James asked are you going to have trouble getting out the other one next week. The whole house is on board with it and we’ll have a problem if you don’t. Shelli asks when do we expose her? Vanessa says today. The second part of the plan is that you both need to maintain (fake fight) that Austin is your number 1 target. We have to smoke screen who ever stays that you’re going to work with Austin. Why are we letting them blow up everything we had for one week of their HOH. Austin and the twins are being bullied. Next week which ever one of you stays will go up next to the real target and the votes will be Steve, Me, Johnny Mac, and the twins. Clay asks why? Vanessa says to keep you. Why would we not. Clay asks why would we not put up both of them? One of them is going home. If one wins, we put up the other? Vanessa says because it maintains the smoke screen. Shelli says not if we expose Becky’s game. Vanessa says I can’t handle it any more. Vanessa starts crying over having to make a choice between who to vote out. Vanessa says you (Clay) asked me to make that promise (to vote him out to keep Shelli) and I going to keep that. I am praying for a reset and both of you stay. Vanessa says that Becky is the biggest two face ever! We need a target for next week so that’s the plan. Shelli asks why does it have to be a secret who we’re working with. Vanessa says she thinks people have made deals not to put them up. Shelli asks why do people act so scared to change. Deals are a joke in this house. Clay says its 3 against 8 ..if we leave Becky out of it. Why are we trying to hide. It doesn’t make any sense. Everyone gets so scared and run to power. Vanessa says I want the twins to win .. I think they’ll do what I want them to do. I really think this Becky thing needs to happen. Shelli says that just makes me mad that when we threw Austin under the bus .. we should have just done Becky. Shelli says I don’t understand why people think James runs this house ..he doesn’t have any power any more. He’s not the puppet master.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 10-53-03-050

11:10am Shelli says to Clay if I go home and find that you were pretending to be on James’s side I will be sick! He is a disgusting little man. It makes me sick! The way he runs around and farts on people and the disgusting things he says about women. He is nasty! Nasty little man!! I am not impressed.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 11-25-57-669

11:30am Liz and Vanessa get ready in the bathroom. Clay makes breakfast.. Shelli tells Clay .. the rat (Becky) and the snake (James). I really can’t imagine being friends with him after this place. Clay says that Vanessa know that Becky would throw her under the bus but I don’t know if Becky would throw us under then bus. Shelli says we’re the ones putting our a$$ on the line. Clay says I don’t know any more. Shelli says I think we need to talk to Becky before exposing her. Saying we know she is playing both sides. Vanessa is right if we say that to Becky she has nothing on us so she can’t run to James and say anything.

11:50am – 12:25pm Bathroom – Vanessa, Shelli and Clay are talking. Shelli asks do you know for sure who you heard last night was James voice. Vanessa says you can’t mistake that voice. Johnny mac joins them. Shelli asks Johnny are you afraid of James? Johnny says no. Shelli says he is being a bully and I don’t understand why people are scared of him. Johnny says there are other people I would like to take out first. Shelli asks who? Johnny says Jackie. I’m not scared of him and that’s why he’s not my number 1. Johnny says I know you can’t go after him. Vanessa says I can go after him. That deal was only a one week thing. Shelli says they’re not going to be in power next week or for double eviction. We shouldn’t go along with their plan. Vanessa says we need a plan to redirect. The remaining one of them (Shelli & Clay) is going to be the next target and you or I will go up next to them. I want to get them (James, Meg, Jackie) off that kick. Shelli says when it comes to the double eviction why does everyone need to follow through with what they want. Vanessa says I am not going to be bullied. I’m going to do what is statistically best in my interest. The problem is convincing the other fools its the right thing to do. Vanessa says if anyone should be scared it should be me because she’ll put me up. Shelli tells Vanessa about her thought to first go to Becky and confront her about all the stuff they have on her. Vanessa wonders if she should talk to Becky first. Shelli says that she would put up Meg with James because people would vote out James over her. Vanessa says she would put up Steve with his permission. Shelli says no, people would vote Steve out. Vanessa says which ever one of you stays you are on board with making a final 5 with Austin & the twins. (Vanessa, (Clay or Shelli), Austin, Julia and Liz) Clay says yes as long as they don’t float to the other side again. Vanessa says Austin and the twins will not vote you out (next week). Clay says I don’t believe that. Vanessa says they’re on board. They’re not stupid. Vanessa says James’s biggest argument against you staying is that he is convinced you can’t win an HOH. Shelli has won HOHs but it doesn’t mean you can’t! Clay says all I want you to do is make sure Austin and the twins are on board and will not put us up. Vanessa says they’re already on board. Shelli says that he (James) is making false promises and empty deals. What does anybody else owe him? Nothing at all! They discuss putting up James and Jackie on the block and if one of them comes off put up Meg. Vanessa asks is it better to redirect to Becky or get her on board. Clay says get her on board. Shelli says people would be dumb to vote us out (next week). Everyone knows its better to keep a bigger target in the game.

Julia actually spilled the protein powder not Julia.

12:50pm – 1:10pm Vanessa, Julia and Johnny are in the kitchen chatting about random things. Julia tells Vanessa not to tell Austin I spilled the protein powder. Clay and Shelli are in the bathroom. Shelli’s cleaning.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 12-50-03-369

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Ugh. Vanessa please STOP! Her and her plans… I have been Team Vanessa all the way, but she’s getting out of control.

Canadian Kevin

GETTING? She’s been batshit crazy for a week now.
And before that, she was changing her mind like the wind changes direction.

She’s playing a great game – but i think the cost might be her sanity. Whatever of it is left.


I don’t know if she cares, but she will come out of BB to a surprise of being hated by a lot of people. She’s a bully and a crazed hypocritical b-ch.


Hey Vanessa you want to talk about Becky being a rat LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Did you not seek out Jeff, the Dark Moon Alliance and vote out Jason. But now you want to act like Becky committed the crime of the century. Yes she is a rat but so ARE YOU. Then she has the nerve to talk about James/Meg/Jackie BULLYING people WTF are you talking about. YOU are the bully James last night in the big pow wow told people to vote what is best for them but verbalized he would prefer Shelli to go how is that bullying? This self righteous manic witch needs to GO!!! Jackie really needs to win this HOH she would put her ass straight on the block.

Big Sister

To someone in LA–Airplane banner please: Van lies like a rug! Someone said that there couldn’t be anymore airplanes, but that isn’t true since one flew over last week.


I think a MAJOR difference between Becky and Vanessa is that V is actually VERY loyal to certain people, and is only playing BB and trying to stay on the good side of the others. She doesn’t give out very damaging information but makes it seem like she is giving something to protect herself.

On the other hand, Becky is being sneaky and being buddy buddy and sharing info with both sides and is not totally loyal to either group, just to whoever is in power for the week. She is “closest” with Jmac and Jackie, and yet she was fine getting Jackie out and I don’t think she would hesitate to cut Jmac.

Totally different ways of playing. But Becky is definitely the RATTIER of the two.


Vanessa isn’t loyal to anyone but herself. And that’s fine because she’s playing Big Brother. What isn’t fine is that she truly believes she’s a loyal person; that’s pure insanity! She was willing to get rid of Austin on a whim, and then created a whole spectacle to save him. She has planted seeds about splitting up Clay and Shelli, and she’d cut Liz, Julia, or Steve in a heartbeat if it would hurt her game.


Anyone defending Van’s vile, disgusting, bullying ways is as disturbed as she is. Says alot about a person’s character to defend her actions. Dan was crafty, scheming, smart,told lies-respected his game. These idiot puppets are buying her bullshit! Van has made it clear with her own words & actions to their faces, she only has her own agenda at heart,yet the only one slightly questioning it is Clay. Clay of all people.

He has never trusted her because he knows first hand how she operates. Unfortunately,Shelli can convince him to think her way, which is totally a Van puppet. I just brought up in a previous post that I wanted Becky caught,but for Van, the psychotic bitch to have nerve to call Becky out for what she has done this entire game,as well as stating James is a bully is sick, because I truly feel she believes her own bag of crazy-scary!
This chic is constantly forcing her agenda non-stop on her group. Yes,its her game play but I despise a hypocrite, & find it alarming how it does not raise concern to her group. I would love if someone set up a kickstarter project to send a banner calling out Van. I swear to donate! Now more than ever,I hope Jackie wins & backdoors Van!


What is up with Vanessa? She wants to get anyone out who talks to James? I think Van has flown over the crazy nest. She and Shelli were on a power trip for 4 weeks, in fact she is still on one. They think Jameis on a power trip because he wants Shelli out? Question will Allison Grodner save Shelli and Van? I think the game would really good minus the cryer and the crazy one.
Not a very twisty season.


I don’t know why she is a fan of so much unnecessary drama. Scheming is one thing but these twisted,complicated plots serve no purpose whatsoever.


You could get the entire cast for next year’s BB from the voices in Vanessa’s head.


Can someone please explain to me how outing becky right now will help shelli? What if Becky wins HOH? What if JMac wins HOH? James cant win HOH, he is just a vote. Why today?


Ok so whoever stays between Shelli or Clay(def Van is leading the group to keep Shelli) was supposed to be put up next week to get rid of “Clelli” completely. Van wanted to figure out how to keep themselves(it’s all b.s. but keep Van,Austin, twins, Jackie,Meg,&James) safe, not put up, back door etc each other during double eviction. They(Jackie,Meg,James) wanted out Shelli this week, but get clay out during double eviction. The thing is Van wants Shelli around to win comps, target James, & get further in game.
If they start drama now,to get the ball rolling for whoever wins HOH, to consider Becky the ultimate backstabber by bringing up Becky betrayed both groups,she would be the target next week, because everyone would want her out for betraying both groups,& Shelli would get to stay(which is Vans agenda). The reason Van is doing this is because when Jackie asked her point blank in front of the group meeting, what diff it makes if they get shelli out this week or next? Van says keeping shelli around would benefit because she is a bigger target in the the house & it’s better to have bigger target around in house.
Plus Jackie said will you ever be able to put Shelli up come next week? Van says yes. She doesn’t want to look like a liar to the group, especially since she said she is looking out for them all to avoid Double eviction, therefore Becky is the redirect & ultimately keeps Shelli. That is my view.


Vanessa’s idea doesn’t make any sense. There is no point in starting drama before the eviction. Creating chaos isn’t going to help anyone.


I didn’t expect them to catch her, and I certainly didn’t expect it to happen this fast. I like how interesting this got, because now it feels like several sides to the house.


What a hypocrite!!!! Van is the biggest two face in the house. Shes the biggest liar. Shes the biggest bully-only bully really.
She is everything she claims to hate.
What a joke. I cant wait to see her head explode when she is exposed. Its going to be lonely for van van.


Van isn’t two faced at all. She is pretty easy to read. She’s the only person working really hard to keep 6th sense together. She’s going crazy trying to hold it together when nobody else is trying to keep it together. Van’s enemies are Becky and Jackie. Anything she can do to make their games harder, the better. what sucks is that Van and Shelli have to keep winning to keep Austin and the Twins on their side. They do float to power and are very weak.


Two faced? You may not like her, but I don’t think she’s been very two faced. Not like Becky lol

loves becky

Oh no you didn’t


Becky has zero game. I’m still confused how she even made it on this show. I read that it was because they found her on instagram, and thought because she was outdoorsy (hiking, etc.) they thought she would be good at comps. Now it appears they regret that, she admits herself she’s called in the DR less than any other HG lol

She better grab that life vest because looks like shes getting called out now for being such a rat. Haha!


Vanessa is a tweeker.
She has done to much meth.
I truly believe this. Of course not in the house illegal drugs are being used. But she’s taking something in the DR “legit” thats got her spun out. Sadly I’ve seen this shit before in my neighborhood and family members. tendencies and mannerisms are apparent through my eyes and ears.


She also looks at least ten years older than she is. I was shocked to see that she’s only 32.


Only 32!?! Wow, does look much older


Vanessa may be out of control on many levels but no one should state someone is on meth as a statement of fact. That’s a terrible accusation to make about someone regardless of how you feel about them or the game they are playing. I think she is acting bat shit crazy but I am saying that as an observation. I like her game better than anyone else’s in the house. (That isnt saying much tho-definetly grading on a curve this year!) Her biggest f…up (and Clelli’s) was jumping the gun and deciding to take out her closest ally (Austin) based on something stupid and getting most of the house on board before even having a conversation with him. Fyi: that’s my opinion and different from accusing someone on an open forum of using meth.


Here we go AGAIN with Vanessa’s fake fights strategy hahahaha. Vanaenae is playing too hard all I see is Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa and ultimately it will cause you your game and get evicted. This house is unpredictable, it only takes ONE person to expose you and its GAME OVER. careful now lol

Like...I'm Jackie

When…oh when are they going to figure Vanessa out! Gees Louise people! Wake the F up!


I am so sick of Vanessa. I wish she would just STFU. If she does not calm down her brain is going to explode before the end of the summer.

without a doubt

vanessa’s the best bb player ever … lady be working



BB17 fan

Vanessa is the best player…!!!! But people root for the underdogs. Jackie, James, Meg and Clay are kinda dumb. I do admire James for having balls but it doesn’t take away from his disgusting behavior towards women in the house. I know I will get thumbs down but I think people are jealous that Vanessa is the Boss..!!


1. Love watching floaters call out others as floaters.
2. Shelli… most sanctimonious houseguest I’ve ever seen.. please go away.


Vanessa doesn’t know when to…I hate shelli I wish she’d just go away…why can’t they just vote her out…and vanessa next.

Who cares

What I don’t understand is how people leave replies on how they hate a houseguest. Maybe you don’t like how they are playing the game but really you “hate” them. Actually none of them are playing a good game and they all play vindictively. Their strategies suck but then again, if any one of us were fortunate enough to enter the BB house, we could lose it and play the same way.


Vanessa is doing TOO MUCH!!! 1 week of her gameplay is almost equivalent to a whole series of strategizing

Ian's lament

She is so ADD. Wish they could just her something like a rubix cube to keep her occupied.


Vanessa plan will not work because becky is not in the block and I dont think jackie and james will believe them


I think that James will believe Van, for sure. He always pokes and pokes and pokes until he finds out who threw his name under the bus. James is very sensitive to anyone who puts his name on blast. No matter what Van does, it will never sway Jackie one inch. Jackie is very rigid. But James is pretty level headed and he will hear that Becky is after him and playing both sides. But honestly, I don’t know how it matters in the long run. Van’s biggest problem is that Austin and the twins aren’t her foot solders.


Yes she did and is still a bitch


in a late night conversation after the nominations James already said he was getting the feeling Becky tipped off Clay and Shelli about nominations. He looked to his master strategist Meg who said she thought it was more likely that Clay and Shelli figured it out on their own. Then dog with a bone Jackie said I bet it was Vanessa.
It’s a running pattern. James says something, Meg thinks nobody is playing the game and nobody has alliances, Jackie says Vanessa. In every meeting of the minds.


For the love of God…!
You are killing me! #tears
master strategist, dog with a bone, every night…hahahahahahaha!
It’s the BB remake of Groundhog Day!


Of course she’s not on the block, they’re talking about NEXT WEEK Meg.


Something got out (forget what) that was said when only the 4 were in the HOH this last week, James really seemed concerned at the time as to how that happened. I think he will realize it was Becky if Vanessa’s plan goes through.


I like Vanessa, but she is getting harder and harder to watch because I don’t think she fully appreciates the subtlety aspect of BB. I think that she thinks that always having some masterplan will assure her that she stays ahead of the curve, but that shit can quickly backfire. I feel like she’s definitely going to be target #1 for double eviction if the other side of the house wins.


She’s already on the hit list.. Being on the enemy’s radar this early as an aggressive power player, she has a very high chance of not making it to the end. The target deflections and numbers may help her for awhile, but there are still quite a number of evictions to survive. James and company may not have a total handle on her game, but they know that she’s not to be trusted and that she will play any angle possible.


Notice how all of Vanessa’s big plans entail somebody else carrying them out. Shelli needs to call out Becky, Austin has to have a blowout with Shelli ect…
After everything I just heard her say there is only one thing left to say to the other house guest and that is back away slowly.

BB ever

Veneesa is going too far!
She is too complicated and addicted into setting ppl up. I think it will bite her sooner or later.

I would love Little James than her


Good Lord! Why all the elaborate schemes and fake fights?!! Just f-ing vote the way you want!! James is a little, pathetic, horny boy who has no power anymore. It’s a bunch of sheep in that house… I can’t stand it! I feel very sad for this generation if this is an example of what’s out there now. Austin makes me throw up in my mouth. I miss men being real men!

I survived last seasons BB

Thumbs up if You would love to put a muzzle on Vanessa’s BIG mouth…Playing the game is one thing, just random rants of a medicated madperson is another

Donna Summer on Vanessa

She works hard for the money.

vanessa land

Everyone is right, Vanessa STFU already! I think she needs better meds…she’s getting crazier than Audrey..I wish shelli would just go away…and James, even though he makes bold moves, he needs to get a little bit smarter…he certainly doesn’t know how to read people at all.


how did this comment got approved?
I am no Vanessa fan, but “she needs better meds” ..what a stupid thing to say


I think there’s a very narrow list of no-nos for comments. A comment would need to be pretty offensive or hateful to get tossed. Hyperbole is fine especially when the player is coming across as crazy with her overly complicated plans and strategies.


Because censorship sucks. Everyone has the right to read ideas, no matter if they conform to your ideology or not! Do you feel the minds of those who read *Vanessa’s land’s* ideas are not capable of seeing the falsity? Would these poor mindless people be led astray forever to become immoral and indecent? Common, exercise your discretion, tattle tale.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh Vanessa, you’re so easy! And your 98234704 words/minute is tiring the hell out of us… + false strategics = GET VANESSA OUT!

Zack attack take over!

Vanessa had no idea what being bullied means? Are you kidding me? She is tweaking out. Her alliance is going to realize she is crazy and then she will be the one packing. Jackie is on to her so I am hoping for a Jackie HOH and a Vanessa to be blindsided.

Deals mean nothing in that house. The entire house agreed to James to vote out Shelli.




I see why you’re upset, but the puppets can’t take their heads out until their controller does it for them.


Becky the lovely @-;—-


Jeezuz-H-Christ…does this woman sleep?


Vanessa is the devil

Lemon balls

Vanessa is being vile and disgusting. I know this is big brother, no rules, but to preach loyalty, trust and friendship and than turn around and go against every principal she stands for, every ounce of decency is utterly disgusting. This goes beyond the game itself. This is bullying to the max. She is a disgrace to the game.


Vanessa is playing her strategy to win the game. I get that completely. What I don’t get is why the others ( both sides) can’t see through her. She has proven she is a comp threat…..she has spun around on her own obviously not on JJ&M side. Has pushed the floaters to be pawns and throw comps and yet these people don’t get it. SMH….amazing.


You spin me round, right round, right round, like Vanessa baby

Walt Kowalski

Hahaha! Now I want to watch “The Wedding Singer”


That’s funny…… now I’ve got that song stuck in my head.


yes v is playing to win. however in this stage of the game you cannot yet win it, but you can certainly loose the game. she makes the right moves but goes about it in such a wrong way. besides she is a hypocrite. ”if you lie to me, you are done”. yet she lies all she wants. this is BB. you dont need a single reason or justification to do anything. just do it. dont make everything so complicated. it wil only bite you in the a**

Lemon balls

Love her or hate her, That’s not stategy, that’s being a bully.. She did it to Jeff , she bullied the house to vote him out and that’s as good as she is .. A bully. She might win cause of it.


Vanessa is total cray! I hope all her antics bite her in the a$$ soon!


You know…i used to really like Vanessa but she is getting on my damn nerves. Hypocrite much….


Geez, I need to see Vanessa on the block with one of her besties. She has never been in immediate danger and I am interested to see how she would handle it. I don’t think outing Becky is going to help at all. James has very few options in the game, he has Jackie, but Meg is like an albatross around his neck. He needs allies, and this could push Becky to his side because she won’t be able to ride the middle anymore. This is good because Becky and Jackie are the only ones that aren’t buying Vanessa’s mist.

Shelli really isn’t a very tactful person, and Clay is even worse. I think this can blow up in their face, but if it does, it would be Clelli and Austin that get blown up, while Vanessa looks like she had nothing to do with any of it. Becky is close to JMac, if she is being attacked, he might rethink his connection to Clelli and the only place left for him to go is to keep clay and work with James. The only people that benefit from the fake fight with Austin and the outing of Becky are Vanessa, Steve and Clay. It can turn out really badly for Austwins and Shelli. What Austwins aren’t seeing is that if they vote Shelli out, there is a really good possibility that they can pin their 3 votes on Becky, Steve and JMac. Why can’t they all see that Vanessa’s plans never involve her sticking her neck out, that they all willingly stick their neck out for her, when the only person that benefits is Vanessa. And she talks about James being a bully, what a joke!


i dont get why they didn’t just focus on what becky did (before noms were done), telling them that james was putting them up, in the first place, instead of telling on austin. that never made any sense anyway, the only thing they really needed to tell was that they were the ones reminding vanessa that austin is on her side, and there are 3 of them. and they didn’t do that, they just continued to backpeddle on that whole topic.

it is surprising to me sometimes that people get so blinded they don’t see that other kinds of relationships are going on all around them. but hey, if all you do is sit in bed or in a hammock side by side with each other and never separate, this is what happens. everyone else around you is hanging out with other people. james and austin don’t have any real animosity with each other, just as james and steve don/t james and steve are always pranking each other, which to me means, the last person you suggest to james to put up for eviction is steve of all people.

he was not happy about the fact clay and shelli knew they were being put up. jackie wasn’t happy that they knew. they blamed vanessa, but becky was also in the room at the same time. and again, they didn’t ask vanessa if she did tell them, so she has no way of saying no she didn’t, so they can continue to blame her. they didn’t ask shelli and clay after noms and after veto who told them, they just continue to blame and assume. instead, after noms and before veto, all shelli and clay had to do was say, you know, becky came down and told us what you were going to do.

The Truth

Shelli and Clay didn’t know they were definitely going up.

They were told that James was considering putting one or both up. But when James made the final decision between 6-7 on Friday morning, Becky was in the room and never told Shelli and Clay that they were indeed going up.

That’s why an hour before the noms meeting that they said that they believed James would keep his word and that two others would go up.

Being cornered makes people do silly things.

I didn’t have a problem with Vanessa until now! Now she, Shelli, and Clay are upset because they no longer have the power this week and whining that James walks around like he runs the house. Pathetic really, that’s all their alliance has been doing all this time and of course it’s fun when it’s you and annoying when it’s someone else. They’ve been playing both sides until it exploded on their faces with Jason.

The biggest floater is Meg for sure. She’s been nowhere near close on winning a single competition. Then, there’s also Steve, can’t remember him being close to winning, wait I think he’s won BOB but still can’t remember if he won riding his partner’s coat tail.

Oh, Vanessa! Just stop already. I think you’re starting to give yourself a grave if you go through with this. Let these former allies; Shelli and Clay get booted. Don’t try to save them, I hope you’re not really trying to save either one. This is BB suicide!


For once I agree with Shelli (boy she looks extra ugly in that screenshot I almost lost my lunch!)

James is one nasty, nasty, little man

Vanessa again trying to cast as many shadows as she can in other directions. Yes she is a bit nutty but it is plain to see she is trying to make bigger targets then herself so no matter who wins HOH this week Vanessa is not top priority on their radar. Getting Jackie, James and Meg pissed at Becky. (She did sit in the HOH with them and then ran right to Shelli and Clay to tell them they were the target) make them think that Austin is gunning for Shelli or Clay and that they are gunning for Austin and the twins………………………… It sure keeps her name and Steve’s name lower on the hit list when the new HOH is making decisions. I wish she would chill out once in a while though and not try to control all of the angles at once. Like someone else just said it only takes once for people to connect the dots and realize Vanessa has been involved in every eviction and pulling the strings. She can over play it get busted and booted just as easily as she thinks she can cast shadows and doubt on everyone else. She is a nut but I still think she is the favorite to win. If they get rid of Jackie and James it is all over. At least we have plenty of drama and things to talk about this season. Last season we knew by now who the winner was


Vanessa’s problem is that she has no power this week , so now she needs to control who goes home. Either way she’s losing a person but she has to keep pushing her agenda, and now it’s gonna cost her. Cause she has completely exposed her game. Oh and another fake fight FFS




I see Vanessa is always thinking way far ahead and these idiots are letting her do it. She was HOH last week and made it very clear if they could convince Shelli and Clay to save Austin than she would put up Jayson. She speaks to everyone. Last week or this week she made some comment to James that someone isn’t their friend. Notice how she will never give names, well James will remember that comment and Vanessa telling him it was Becky will make it more believable, especially if Shelli and Clay confirm it. Vanessa is always working on deflecting the target from herself and have someone else in front of her. She is working the angles to also keep her alliance safe. IF Becky wins the HOH this could back on the block. Also, voting out Clay, going against James …. who will blame, not Vanessa but Austin. Shit this girl has it figured out. Too bad the other side is just to dumb is see the big picture. Everyone is playing the game for her and they don’t see it.


If Van gets put on the block she will go Full Tilt.


” Vanessa says I want the twins to win .. I think they’ll do what I want them to do”

WTF ?? this bitch needs to be stopped.


WTF, Vanessa? Seriously, W.T.F.?
First, accusing someone is a pretty serious accusation and to do so against the ONE HOH who is telling EVERYONE to vote the way they want so it’s best for their game?
Guess Jackie’s making the DE deal conditional is James being a bully? And even making the deal conditional is cool IF you are planning to stick to your word versus blowing smoke up people’s asses.
As for making Becky a target…the size of the balls it takes to make the statements coming out of your mouth regarding that…no words.
Oh, Shellie asking why folks are so afraid to change….it’s happening RIGHT NOW in the game and you and your allies are not handling it very well. At all. And spare us all your moral judgments against the person who had the guts and decency to stab you in the front of your back, unlike every alliance member you have who are keeping over Clay because you make the better meat shield.
So hoping to see a Vanessa versus Liz eviction soon!


She seems to have a very type A personality. She has to make plans and contingency plans and they have to be elaborate. I think Vanessa is stuck on the idea that no one can know any of them are working together. That’s why the fake fight with Jeff and now she’s planning a fake fight between Austin and Shelli.

The craziest thing is just how much it’s working! Meg thinks Vanessa is alone, Austin is the brains behind the twins, Clay is leaning more to them than Vanessa. James still trusts Vanessa. Steve?! Why is Steve on anyone’s radar?! We know he’s with Vanessa but the rest of the house sees any connections as tenuous.

At least Jackie is throwing Vanessa’s name out there…hopefully Jackie will win and put up one of the trio and Vanessa. See how fast they throw each other under then. If Vanessa goes up it’ll get really crazy.


Vanessa is so scared she will go double eviction she’s freaking out trying to find other targets because she knows that people will be on to her by then heck their already on to her. She’s very focused on getting Johnny Mac and Becky out she has been planting seeds about Johnny for awhile now! I hope people vote her out soon!


Im not a van fan but come on people if van shuts her trap then what else will be good to watch. Once van is gone all you people will start crying how boring the show is. Some people just have no clue. Do you want a boring show or som entertainment.

Just a player

LOL! You gotta admit… or hate Vanessa……she sure does keep things interesting!


Vanessa’s strategy of ‘planting seeds’ is so lame and cowardly. She needs to be planted, outside the BB house. I hope she gets the boot soon.


Vanessa and Liz on the block would be so interesting!


I really done get why Vanessa is making all these “plans” and why it has to be so complicated. Just vote for who you want to stay and who cares if some people in the house aren’t happy about it. They are already going after he next regardless. It’s just stupid to me how confusing and complicated she’s making it. Seems pretty simple to me.
And ya they should out Becky because it’s the truth she’s playing both sides and needs to go.


Vanessa graduated valedictorian from her high school. Attended Duke and graduated in two and a half years, which is crazy. She attended Law school at the University of Miami. I didn’t know all of this!


On one site it says Vanessa has a twin brother, on another site it says she has a twin sister, so any guess as to
which one is her twin????


I’m watching the feeds and Shelli is continuing her personal vitriol of James. It’s disgusting, she’s called him “little man” at least 15 times, calls him a gross disgusting farter, and she has really hit an all time low personal blow. Clays face tells me that he is getting a little peek into Shellis true colors. (Ok one can hope)
I haven’t heard many personal,attacks by any of these HG, but this is low.
Someone posted last night about Shelli being the mean girl two faced high-schooler, at the time I thumb down it, but now it’s looking like she IS nothing but a mean girl, spoiled brat…..


Just figuring that out. I knew that when she put Day on the block.


Vanessa is smart thinking about getting out the people that are the most loyal to Shelli out. (Becky/jmac) vanessa knows that the twins/ Austin are for sure loyal to her. She is right to create other targets other than her main alliance. Vanessa makes me nervous but I think she will be alright.

another name

is Vanessa going overboard again? yes.
is outing Becky a good idea for Vanessa’s game? yes.
is outing Becky a good idea for freaks/geeks or 6sense (whichever)? yes. It puts someone else in the crosshairs for next week besides john and steve, and gives a reason for voting out the floater instead of the clelli target next week if one of them wins the HOH. It lessens the numbers on the Think Tank’s side if they regain power.
why is Clay truly resistant? because he wants to keep his options open outside of the 6th sense with their john and becky sideline.
why is Shelli truly resistant? because she has convinced herself she’s never done anything shady in the game, and starting a fake fight would be shady.
It’s good for Vanessa’s game. In Vanessa’s mind that’s good enough reason. I truly think she doesn’t understand why the monkeys aren’t dancing already. Back at the mansion maid butler and chauffeur dance every time she claps.
As a move, it does make sense for Vanessa.
weird, a few days ago everyone was calling for Becky’s head as a ratsnitchtraitor. How else did everyone think she’d be found out? Super-sleuth Meg?

V Must Go!!

if vanessa talks about manufacturing another fake fight, I will scream! I will go nuts! stop with the fake fights!!!!!


If Becky truly has two faces, as Vanessa suggests…
Then why in the hell would she have that ugly mug on?


Vanessa’s style is The Power of Intimidation. It can work for some
people but in her case, she is mentally cracking from her high wired
cocktail of Adderall which she has admitted that she takes. She probaly
also takes a downer to help her sleep & calm down. That combo is going
to make her turn into a pyschotic mess. Her powers of intimidation will
just go down the tubes as I predict a full blown Courtney Love style
meltdown. She is taking all the pleasure out of watching the feeds .
Jackie taking her out will hands down be the most satisfying eviction of
the season!!! GET VANESSA OUT!!!

V Must Go!!

oh and might I add that shelli/clay/vanessa had no problem with becky playing both sides when she was bringing them information….

Ash J Williams

“I made you a promise to vote you out and I am sticking to that”<<<—–Erm…I think its okay to break the promise if I am the one asking?. I understand how people like Vanessa's game but I don't like how she is calling everyone else out every time she makes a deal. Austintwins make me sick now. Two little puppets and the giant manchild have such a big part in the jury now. I don't see how the hell they can even trust Austin after all the stupid things he has done. Yet, they don't trust Jmac? WTF.
If they keep Clay, which I hope they do. He will just blend back in and someone will be the target instead of him because I think he will lay low. If they keep Shelli, she will win HOH and be on the rampage and they will deserve it. Yes Austin, I can see Shelli working with you after you vote out her man……Uhuh.
Vanessa is also a little snitch like she keeps calling Becky. Who I could take or leave but shes not too bad. *shrugs*

Vanessa n johnny mac LOW, VERY2 LOW on the totem pole

Sucha big let down, with another one of her new invented strategies.. That 2 step is sooo ludicrous.. I can see the plan going down the drain.

I was rooting for vanessa and johnny mac to win at the beginning, NOT now, NOT anymore. They go both go to jury for all i care.

Johnny mac is a twat, and vanessa is a twit. Both twit and twat can leave now.