James “Shelli’s got to go! I kinda want to rattle her cage and be like look you’re going home!”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 01-30-58-370

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12:05am – 12:50am Havenot room – Julia tells Vanessa that she had nothing to stay about Clay in her goodbye speech to him. Julia says that she said her goodbye speech was I’m going to miss your morning coffee and that’s the extent I know about you. Julia says I just hope we all vote to keep Shelli. Like I hope Austin does if Liz is. He should vote that way too. Even Steve was thinking everyone is going to go after Shelli if she stays. Vanessa says that Steve thinks its better to keep Shelli. Julia says I think Liz wants to keep Shelli for sure. We not only gave her our word. That girl has protected us. Clay hasn’t done anything for me. Vanessa says why would we even do that just to help James’s game. Julia says James.. I don’t owe anything to him. Vanessa says shortman. Julia says f**king Napoleon. Vanessa leaves. Liz and Austin join Julia. Liz tells Austin that Vanessa is scared that Austin will keep Clay and that Clay will turn on him and deny all the things that you made him swear. Like about the Judas. Austin says but if we keep Shelli it will just confirm to them that we’re working with them. Why would we do that after she threw me under the bus? Either way we just have to trust Clay. Do you want to go against everyone right now? Liz says lets talk to Clay. Austin says Shelli’s going to the diary room.. Go talk to Clay. Steve joins them. Liz and Julia leave. Steve convinces Austin the keeping Shelli is better because she will be a bigger target. Steve says you need to protect Liz. Steve says that Clay has much better relationships with them. Steve asks who do you want out next? Austin says James or Jackie. Steve asks who will make that happen Clay or Shelli? Austin says Shelli. Liz comes back and says that Clay told her the decision was up to them but that this has been Shelli’s dream forever. He is basically throwing in the towel. Liz says we need him to tell other people that. Steve says no you dont! Steve asks Austin did you you promise your vote. Austin says we said we were on board but we can change it if we have reservations. Steve asks Liz did you promise your vote. Liz says we agreed to it. Steve asks did you promise your vote? Liz says no. Steve asks did Clay ever apologize to you for throwing your name under the bus. Austin says no. He said going forward he isn’t coming after us. Liz says we’re just worried if anyone else wins they’re going to take it out on us. Steve says no they’re going to take it out on Shelli. Vanessa joins them. Liz explains what Clay said. Austin says he doesn’t know what to do. Vanessa says just be a man and tell James. Its like going in for a kiss. Julia agrees lets tell James tomorrow after the HOH lockdown.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 01-02-51-308
1am – 1:35am Bathroom – I just wanted out of fairness to tell you what I know because I said I would. Meg, Jackie and Becky are voting to keep you (Clay). The girls (Twins) told me they’re voting to keep Shelli along with me. They said that you’re their sorority sister and would have felt .. after everything to get them in the house making sure they always matched up and everything .. they would have felt really disloyal. And I think they got pressured even worse than me so they were very .. they were scared and everyone has been saying bullied and it does feel like bullying. I think they’re even going to tell James tonight. Shelli says they don’t need to tell him. Vanessa says I think they don’t want James to be blindsided again. Shelli and Clay say who cares. Shelli says he blindsided us!! Tomorrow he’s not in charge any more. Vanessa says I don’t know about Johnny Mac. I don’t know about Steve. Clay says that he knows how Johnny Mac is voting. Shelli asks who? Clay nods his head towards Shelli. Vanessa says that they’re (Jackie, Meg, Becky) surrounding Austin and the twins and pressuring them so that we can’t talk to them. Shelli asks ddi you ask Johnny tonight? Clay says this was a long time ago. Vanessa says it looks like it will be close and not the blow out James thought it would be. Vanessa leaves. Shelli tells Clay I told you, you could talk to him about voting for you. I don’t want you to have to do that (Tell Johnny to vote for Shelli to stay) Clay tells Shelli that she has a better shot. You’re better at the comps coming up. You’ve wanted this way longer. You should be here. Shelli says that if she wins next week she is going to come out guns a blazing. Clay says besides if you win I win. Shelli says that’s right. Clay says I told the twins the same thing. (Vote to keep Shelli) Shelli asks you did? I don’t know what to say. Shelli says you don’t know how bad I want to turn that key and his (James) face pop up. I wish I could turn both keys and his face pop up. Double whammy!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 02-02-29-729

1:50am Bathroom – Austin says there is so much pressure to go the other way. Austin asks you don’t want to be here? Clay says I do but. Austin asks why does James want you to stay so bad? Clay says because Shelli is a bigger threat. Shelli is good at this game and she is going to win this double eviction. Clays says that the twins, Johnny mac and Vanessa are all voting to keep Shelli. The numbers are good. I’m telling you she is going to stay. Its a wrap! You need to stay with that 5. Austin says I just hate to see you go. Clay says it is what it is, One of us has to go. Clay says she’s wanted this for so long. I’m not going to take this from her. Clay asks Austin if he will promise to vote to keep Shelli. Austin says I will. I just don’t want to blindside James. Clay says he doesn’t care about you. Shelli stays she is going to win and send his little a$$ home. Austin says its done. Its good. Austin tells Clay good luck. Clay and Austin hug. Clay says I’ll see you outside of here.

Clay tells Liz that Shelli wanted this way longer than I have. Make sure Austin votes to keep her. You all need to stick together. James doesn’t care about ya’ll. He only cares about Meg and Jackie. Clay says Shelli is going to win the next HOH comp. I’m telling you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 02-26-29-841

2am Bathroom – Austin and Liz are talking about Clay telling them to keep Shelli. Liz is crying about how he’s willing to do that for her. Vanessa joins them. Austin says he told me to vote him out. We have a plan to tell James mid day. We tell him that Clay came to us late last night. The votes aren’t there. Johnny Mac is doing it. Vanessa says Johnny Mac is voting the other way. He just told me. Austin says Johnny mac is voting to evict Clay. Vanessa says that’s what I thought but I just talked to him and he was doing what the house was. I said the house doesn’t want that. You need to vote what is good for your game. Vanessa says Steve’s doing it, we’re doing it. Vanessa says its a lock no changing our minds. I’m going to go tell Johnny Mac.

2:10am Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that the vote is going to be close but whatever will be, will be. She tells him that he needs to win an HOH. She says that she was told specific information about someone coming after him and will tell him tomorrow at the latest. Its the first time I’ve ever heard someone talk bad about you. Its going to get dicey this week. We need to turn sh*t around. Johnny says okay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 02-12-35-242

2:40pm – 4am HOH room – James says that he is about to scream at Shelli like what the f**k are you doing!! Go the F**K HOME! Jackie asks and what the f**k is up with Vanessa is she working with us or not. That was all f**king bullsh*t. James says if Vanessa was campaigning for Shelli to stay then she is working with her point, period, blank!! Jackie says exactly!! She’s not campaigning for her to stay so she can vote her out next week. She’s done! Remember I asked you that? She stalled like a motherf**ker! James asks who said that she (Vanessa) was campaigning to keep her? (Shelli) Meg says Johnny Mac and Steve. Jackie says the twins were like Clay is being a bit*h. He’s being so mean, we need to get him out! I was like so what?! NO this is all bullsh*t. They’re f**King bullsh*tting! No, they cannot switch on you! James says its f**ked up if they do! Jackie says so f**ked up. James says I’m going to be like .. I could have put ya’ll up!! I could have put you up Austin, I could have put liz up, I could have f**king put Julia up. Jackie says now they’re going to work with her. She’s the one that said all that sh*t! James says I said this was probably going to happen in my diary room. James says if I had used that veto on him .. it would have been Shelli going home 150%! Jackie says and Vanessa is so worried about being backdoored.. you should have backdoored that bit*h!!

James says I should have thrown her a$$ up this week. Jackie says if I win .. Vanessa & Liz Bam BAM!! Put those motherf**kers on the block!! Becky joins them. She tells them Clay is in the hammock room with Steve now. Meg says sh*t!! Becky says Steve is the swing vote. We have a huge benefit. We have Johnny and he will talk to Steve last minute. What the f**k is Vanessa telling Shelli and Clay? Becky says everything. Meg tells James if you blow up they will vote for her to stay. Jackie says Vanessa is such a little… James says c**t! If ya’ll win please drop the axe on her! Jackie says even if Shelli stays I want Vanessa out first. James says and don’t be nice about it when you put her up either. Say something that hits her in the gut! Meg says we need to win tomorrow. Jackie says we f**ked up her whole came. She’s taking it harder than Clelli. James says Shelli’s got to go! I kinda want to rattle Shelli’s cage though and just be like look at her and say Shelli you’re not staying. Meg says no stop!! Jackie says you shouldn’t have told her she was going home to begin with but I guess it would have gotten to her. Jackie we look like a$$holes. I don’t want to be a villain. Meg says we’re not!
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These ppl new 2 wake up to Vanessa, she is playing all of them, but much too hard. Her game might be exposed soon. If Shelli figures it out 1st she’s going to regret saving her. James putting up Clelli was a game move, Shelli putting up James will be personal, Vanessa is going to survive a few more weeks or more because of this. Liz, Julie,and Austin are floaters with the numbers. Clay thinks he’s on a dating game, and I think Shelli is using that to her advantage. Shell I staying might be for better entertainment, that house is about to EXPLOAD, “duck, shots are about to be fired”…


I actually don’t think Vanessa game’s is all that great. I mean if they other side (James, etc) never wins HOH she’ll look smart I guess. But I would argue she was in better standing prior to her big push for Shelli to stay. She virtually has created a situation where Clelli took all the blame for Jason. The other side (James, etc) were then willing to work with her, so she basically had her side and Jame’s not coming after her. Now, she has essentially drawn a line. I’m no genius but it feels like Van just wants her way and if she doesn’t get it, she keeps going after it incessantly at almost any cost.

Pinocchio Obama

I do think Vanessa has a lot of game but she is playing hard and everyone sees it which makes her a big target. Several people are really laying low and keeping targets off of themselves. Sometimes I see Johnny, Meg, Julia, Becky and Steve and think the under the radar strategy may get them far in this game.


Steve will vote to keep Clay as a way to cause mistrust among Freaks and Geeks by blaming Austin


all this flip flopping was interesting the first couple of days. now it’s just stupid as fuck. Just vote out Shelli, she’s the bigger target for both sides. Come on.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

The house will vote out Clay. We are in for another boring week, unless Jackie wins the next HOH.

Pinocchio Obama

This will be a huge HOH this week with the way the house is split and whoever wins HOH is in a position to break a tie with their vote.

If I was James I would be nervous this week after making his big move. The odds of his size winning HOH is pretty slim.


Shelli has to go. And the Twins can zip it with this “sorority sister” crap and “oh Shelli saved us” GMAFB. Shelli did what was best for HER game and that was keeping the twins around so she had #’s. Meanwhile she was playing the other side.

I’m so Team Jackie she has Vanessa’s number and knows they should have straight up back doored her this week. If there is any justice in this game…lol Jackie will win the next HOH b/c she will have Vanessa as Target #1!!!


Vanessa should have gotten rid of Jackie instead of Jason last week and said that its because she just wanted to get rid of the Amazing Race pair (ie knew that Jackie was mad at her for Jeff). It would have caused a lot less damage, plus Jason liked her more than Jackie ever will.

Waitress in Fla

It will be interesting to see whose game explodes tonight when Steve wins HOH. Run,run,run,run,run,run,run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steve is Vanessa’s minion, he will do what she tells him to do.


Tantrum much? James and Jackie. They broke up Clelli. If James was so dead set on Shelli he should have used the veto. His hindsight is 20/20 for sure. Which is why he will end up perving in jury with that hideous visor. Shelli and Van detractors, you can’t say that they were this vicious when they were HOH (b*tch, c**nt?) and they had the strategy to make sure their targets left by putting them up next to a likeable pawn. No need to threaten and think about blowing up on those not voting their way. And not one of them even joked about going up to the person’s face and gloating “you are going home. Game over for you!” James is a little man Napoleon and Jackie is the b*tch.

James and his stupid visor

I hate James and the “outsiders”. They are terrible at this game. How can you root for people who are so friggin naive as to what is going on? Here’s hope Shelli stays and takes out that chauvinistic pervert. His language and his attitude towards women is disgusting. This is the season of women. You need to go little man.


Exactly. Napoleons got to go.


lol.. How short your memory is… Do the names Jeff and Da ring any bells? They talked shit about them non-stop!

And the season of women? Give that sexist crap a rest… Reverse sexism is every bit as bad dispicable………


Lmmfao at Jackie, Becky, James and Meg. Those four have absolutely NO shot to win this game! Zero!

Jackie and her “fuck and fuckin” every five secs. She is so friggin’ clueless and has done nothing and acts like she a bad ass in this game. Jackie you are the joke of the season along with Becky.

James is a little tike who thinks he a tough guy. James thinks he a big player in this game. Nessa bitch slaps this little fool out the door soon. Good luck with your daughter James. You can tell your daughter that “Daddy was in a house with the GOAT of Big Brother players.

Awww poor Meg. This one I won’t feel bad either when Vanessa sends her out the door. Poor little girl just doesn’t realize that life nor a game with money on the line is Candy Canes and Cherry sodas.

Scoreboard haters. Vanessa got this! You still mad or nah? Lmmfao!


FREE!!! Vanessa’s one man band and head of her fan club. How the hell are you? I still like your favorite girl but she is working up to blowing her mind soon. She asked production for some medical smoke so she can calm the f*ck down 🙂

Jody H

I like Vanessa. But I thought she was smarter than this. She could have done this without putting such a huge target on her back. HOWEVER, if her side wins she can take out the other side and then it all resets anyway because now they have to turn on each other. I would love to see a Vanessa Steve final 2.

Canadian Kevin

Hmm, She’s a pretty good floater, eh, going back and forth?

They all want to put up a floater – Vanessa is going back and forth pretty well this week.


child you’re funny talking about jackie being clueless, as if jackie was meg. jackie and james are grown ass people, they can curse as much as they want. they dont need someone to filter them. dont like what they’re saying? simple, dont read it.

and vanessa might be screwing her self over by saving shelli. shelli is for sure NOT taking vanessa to the final 2, its only a matter of time when shelli wins HOH and backdoors vanessa. keeping a strong player might be a double edge sword.

Red headed pimply parrot

Looks like Shelli is staying, but I think by some chance if Shelli gets voted out Meg AND Becky are going to be all over Clay!

Shelli's Acting Career

Saturday morning local TV…Shelli: So come on down and see us. We got some great low mileage cars with NO MONEY DOWN!!! What’s next. Whatcha drivin there, Big Billy Bob?

Big Billy Bob

I got a 2012 Subaru Forester with all the fixins, Shelli! It’s got ice cold air! Stick your head in here and see how cold it is!!


I was shocked to see Meg move in on Clay. I hope we get to see more!!!!!!!

Red headed pimply parrot

Also, James is a vile human. Thank you, that is all.

Red headed pimply parrot

Come on thumbs downers, do you hear how this disgusting pig talks about women? I am no feminist but calling people cun*s, talking about having 2 girls to fu*k at a time, (yeah right) and that woman squirting at him (gag) turns him on. That’s enough to make him vile to me.


I agree. If some little Napoleon ass called me the “c” word, he’d get slapped in the mouth. Big tough man calling a female that. What a disgusting little pig.


I hope no one caves to James’s power trip. I would vote to keep Shelli simply because it is pissing him off so much. If he wanted to make a big move he has to face the big consequences. He has made himself target #1. He has misread the house and unless Jackie wins HOH he is SOL. Really don’t know what Becky would do. I hope James isn’t counting on Meg. Can’t wait for tonight’s show.


I don’t think James is power-tripping.
He made his target and wishes known to the house and then told everyone to vote the way that was best for their game.
Austin and the Pussycats, along with Vanessa agreed to honor his wishes and vote the target out.
NOW, they are flip-flopping, saying f*uck him and telling everyone that will listen James is a bully.
Please tell me WHO is power tripping? Vanessa, that’s who!
Because James would not allow Vanessa to control his HOH, she is going to control the votes. Doesn’t matter, breaking up any duo goes in the plus column.
Vanessa has a problem and need some help.
Becky seems to have chosen a side and would love to see her or Jackie put up Vanessa and Julia with Liz as replacement nominee. Would like to see Steve with Vanessa on the block but Steve would be the one to go home.


The only way to get flip flopping, hypocrite,greenie beanie wearing,shit talking,bully Van out is to put her up with a twin. Becky,Meg,def Jackie,James,Austin,& other twin(depending if it’s Liz or Julia) will boot her ass out-game over! That is the only way she will go & hope that will come during double eviction!

Canadian Kevin

I can’t wait for Vanessa’s game to completel come apart – IF Jackie wins. I hope Jackie wins this week – the other side had 4 weeks – i hope James, Meg and Jackie get the same opportunity (ok, James and Jackie since i’m not sure that Meg can win anything, except a social game, and i’m not sure where Becky – therefore, JMac’s loyalties lay).

I like that bit at the end with Steve; if he’s mad enough, he might decided to send Shelli home. I’m hoping he does – i’m also hoping JMac is working with Becky and they’ll both send Shelli home this week.

Then Vanessa up next week – i would love for it to work out that way.


FINALLY!! The line has been drawn.. again! These are the dumbest players ever.

Canadian Kevin

We do say that every year, however.

It’s easy for us, seeing what everyone else is saying. In the house they don’t have that benefit.

However, when they’re given information, and STILL don’t act on it, then your title suits ’em.

The problem is when to believe, and when not to (when you’re inside the house)


James can rattle Shelli’s cage all he wants. She is not voting. It will just make him look mean, controlling and unstable thus guaranteeing him a free pass to jury. At this point no one side can claim broken promises because they are all guilty.

Board Shorts

Vanessa needs to go away! Bully this, bully that. She’s the only one in someone’s face every 5 minutes. Man, and those twins are so indecisive it’s driving me nuts! Let’s vote for Shelli, well no, lets vote for Clay…nope wait. Maybe Shelli. I’m kind of rooting for a Jackie/Meg/Becky HOH win. Next week will be REALLY good if that happens.


I know using the word “bully” is annoying, but Jackie, James and Meg absolutely do want the house to vote their way. If they don’t vote Shelli out, Jackie has threatened to back off the “deal” to nominate floaters. The thing is, neither side is planning to actually nominate floaters, so all sides are playing dirty, I love it!!
What I don’t like is James calling Jackie a c*nt and Jackie constantly calling Vanessa a b*tch. That is kind of bullying (just not to their face). It’s definitely personal, and not game. Vanessa may be all over the place, but at least she’s always thinking game, not making personal attacks.


HUH??? At least SHE’S (Van) not making personal attacks? LOL


steeeve!!! I love your comment. I can not wait today’s eviction. wow

Yo Yo Yo

Now I want to see Steve win……he is finally thinking. Wish he didn’t align so tightly with Vanessa. She is using him as her Victoria.


Don’t tell me James isn’t on a fucking power trip. The house can vote how they want James. Vanessa made no fucking deals without about that. James is an ass hat.

Chill out vanessa

Vanessa did make a deal to James. She said she would vote how he wanted her to vote if he didn’t put her up. Plus she also made a deal to keep him and another person safe.


You mean like the deal napoleon made on the wall to shelli? I don’t think anyone can use the whole “you made a deal” line anymore. That’s long gone out the window now.


u need to go back to when james won HOH. Vanessa DID in fact made a deal with james MEG was also there when said DEAL was made. hence meg constantly reminding james about why NOT to put up vanessa to “honor” their deal. vanessa seems to have completely forgotten about the deal with james and so have you(or you probably didnt read/watch live feeds.)


Actually I do watch the feeds. But apparently you’re missing the point. DEALS NO LONGER MATTER. according to James as well. Guess you forget he made a deal in front of the entire house with shelli, then went 100% against it. Therefore deals are now irrelevant by both sides.

Red-eyed feeder

Wow let’s hope Steve backstabs Clay by keeping him there!


Clay, What a waste of a show.

Canadian Kevin

Also, last nights episode showed Shelli stating how she and clay “deserved” to be in the game.

The sense of entitlement is astounding.

And Vanessa saying that flipping the vote for a blindside is just payback for the moms completely ignores what happened with Jason.

She is nuts. I am glad she has FINALLY been figured out!

Jackie sucks

Jackie tries to be such a bad a**. She can’t make a sentence without using the word suck a d*ck, or f’ ing cu*t or f’ ing bitch. She thinks she is too cool. The only reason Jackie won the 1/2 HOH was because James threw it. Jackie probably can’t even win an HOH. I hope she goes out after Clay..!!


I am so happy someone else feels that way. I cannot stand her and the words she is using. Like Jackie stood up for Jeff who called her easy. All she is wishing for her fellow houseguests is for them to choke on d**cks and calling them the C word. It’s despicable. Jackie newsflash: some people have brains and do not need to go sucking d**cks to get ahead in life unlike your disgusting face. I hope she is next to go. And also, if you guys were smarter you would have put up an actual pawn as opposed to two targets up there. BB101. I have never seen such sore winners.

Team Edward

Every time I read an update the houseguest safe changing their minds about who to vote out. I think this is how it will break down.

Austin- Shelli
Twins- split
iMac- clay

A lil toooo late, James

Only during the wee hours of eviction day did James realizes he should have put up Vanessa as replacement nom.

:: DUH ::


In his defense, James had to make a choice in a tough call. That choice was to trust Vanessa that she would help vote out Shelli. It only became a poor choice for him this morning. He should have known, maybe, but it looked (to me at least) that Vanessa was going to follow through. I think she’s target #1 next week regardless of who wins…unless it’s herself or Shelli…and maybe even Shelli might put her up.


Oh James… “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda!”!!!!!! OMG this is just sad to watch them go down. We know Meg will not win and we know even if the 5th sense doesn’t win, JMac, Steve, or Becky will not go for the jugulars. They’ll take the easy way out and get rid of J/J/M. Vanessa is the new Amanda!


Jackie has a very dark side, and not an interesting one, just a bitter one….she constantly harps on the past and can be vile at times. I get it you hate Vanessa, but you need to think strategically, not emotionally.


People seriously need to see Jackie on AR before saying anything positive about her. I know BB and AR have very few shared viewers but she is becoming exactly the person she showed on TV before she was eliminated on the race.

Team Edward

Oops post got cut off. Basically I was saying that Austin is being misted big time by Vanessa. It is good that James and Jackie figured this out but isn’t it a little too late? I mean, if Austin votes to keep Shelli, he is sealing his own fate, and I think the twins are going to split their vote.

5-4 Shelli goes home I am guessing. Vanessa also knows her game is crumbling, and I think it will make her press to hard to win th HOH. Would be great to see James’ side win again, but my money is on one of the twins. They are head strong and would not take any crap from anyone. Def put up who they wanted.



Better Than Last Year

Way to go Steve! You surprised me! But they need JMac or Judas vote.
C’mon James………figure it out…………talk to Jmac.
Vanessa’s the REAL bully but you need to scare Austin as much as she does.


Austin was right voting out Clay is drawing the line in the sand. This is going to backfire on Vanessa and she is the target. Love it!


The only problem with that is vanessa has the numbers if she gets put up. James, Jackie and Meg are seriously outnumbered.


You put Vanessa up versus a Twin to further fracture the Sixth Sense alliance.
Even if Van stays (she has already lost two votes with Austin and Julia), you have weakened the trio of Austin, Liz and Julia and shown Vanessa who is loyal to her, drawing yet another line.


I agree. If the other side wins HOH, they should put up Vanessa and Liz. If one of them is removed via the Veto, then put up Julia (preferably) or Autism as worst case scenario. I would love to see Liz go just to see how Julia would handle Autism. Plus with Liz in jury house, Autism will be begging to be voted out. The HGs have to start targeting the twins and Autism, This treat that they are 3 votes against who ever evicts them is weak. If 3 different HOH’s evict one each they would all have someone different to vote against. And if 2 of those HOH’s make it to the final, they have to vote someone.


All this talk of bullying is starting irritate me. Granted, I don’t watch the feeds (thank God for this blog!)but I’ve seen James telling hg to vote for who they feel is best for their game and stating his reasons for voting Shelli out. How is that bullying? He’s the most forthcoming hoh yet. Their crew has done way worse. Ugg, the hypocrisy! Lies and backstabbing is a big part of bb. They are whiny little brats throwing a fit because they aren’t in control. Shows a lot about who they are in the real world. I want Shell gone, but frankly I just want this vote over. The flip flopping is making me sick. Oh wait…that happens EVERYTHING WEEK.

Suzy Q

OMG…this week has been incredible!!!! Loved seeing the game changing with the Senseless Six! It would be smart to evict Sobbing Shelli, because if she doesn’t leave, she will come back with a vengeance and we all know she will target James and Jackie/Meg. If Clueless Clay stay, I would love to see who he would start the next showmance with so that they can carry his a$$. I think Vanessa is starting to get messy with her game play. She was playing it safe until this week. As for Steve, wow, he is starting to come into play, would love to see him as HOH, and see if he would make bold moves or “just what the house wants” moves. Please this is BB, lets get blood everywhere and not play nice, who wants to win!!!


I hope shelli appreciates all the work Vanessa is doing to keep her in the game because shes really putting a target on her back this week




I definitely have a new respect for Steve. Hope he can help turn this around.


So you think Steve is so pissed at Clay that he will vote to keep him?

Modesty Blaise

Oh Steve, Clay lied to you? Really? Will this possibly make you think who else is lying to you, using you? Someone like, oh…Vanessa??


Steve is the man. Austin is a punk little boy. I hope Liz breaks Austins heart before jury. Only way I root for the twins.

Zack attack take over

I cannot stand Vanessa anymore. She is crazy. I really liked her in the beginning. I hoping for a Jackie HOH. That would be interesting.


It seems to me that Vanessa is the head bully, Shelli is the Assistant head bully. Clay is just Shelli’s servant. He does as he is told. I hope the HOH comp is something Jackie can win otherwise we have Bully number 1 & 2 running the house again. They will go back to saying you better vote the way I told you too. Absolutely no respect for Vanessa. Sure hope she is not, every thing is my way, in real life. But with all the money she has her minions more than likely do as they are told.
Steve is horrible.


If it is a cursing comp or a di*k licking/swallowing comp Jackie will win it hands down! Other then that I do not see that homely KK wanna be winning anything else.


Eewwwww! That’s going to give me nightmares.


Yeah I don’t know what the fuck you’ve been watching but Vanessa never “bullies” people to sway them. She offers her arguments but always respects what her allies are saying if they disagree. Shelli has swayed her in the opposite direction many times. Did she bully people to accept her decision to nominate Austin? Seems like Liz and Shay did a lot to persuade her otherwise. She’s given Austwins lots of leeway with this week’s vote, telling them that if they feel like they need to vote out Shelli to stay good with James then she understands. When it looked like that might happen, she then offered an idea about how to handle Clay if he stays that involved putting him up next week as per AUSTIN’S agreement with James (not HER agreement) but then voting to keep Clay which would not violate that agreement strictly speaking.

Vanessa does a lot of game talk and offers lots of ideas to her allies. They respect her mind and therefore she’s able to persuade them often. But when they disagree or have reservations she always takes their opinion into consideration.


vanessa doesnt bully people? Did u forget about jeff? and all her talk about making fake fights just to put weaker people up because they werent with her? or to defend her ally? if thats not a bully to you….. go read a dictionary, for that is the word vanessa is, A BULLY.


“With all her money”

And there you have some of the reason the haters hate Vanessa. Successful people are hated by miserable in their own lives jealous people.

And now Vanessa is owning this game. And rather than enjoying watching a entertaining game player at the game they love…they choose to stay miserable and spew hate her.

When you haters watch the confetti fall on Vanessa’s head on finale night I hope you can allow yourself a smile. Cuz you were witness to the greatest player this game has ever seen.

#Nessa counting cash as haters hate

AKA Twistin'...

There you go again in your presumptuous way, trying to analyze and define why people post what they post. News flash for you – people, including you, are entitled to express their opinions and should be able to do that without someone like you accusing them of being miserable, having miserable lives or “hating” on someone. Honestly – from your posts – I can see why you like Vanessa so much. We don’t have to like Vanessa, her style, the way she looks, the way she talks, the way she plays the game, the fact that she’s a lesbian, that she has money and on…and on…and on. We can like or dislike any single thing we chose too….and express our like or dislike if we choose to. In case you didn’t know this, now you know.

If you are coming on this page to bash other people’s opinions, you are in the wrong place. Please…just stop. Get a grip on your emotions and let people be people and say (type) what they want to.

We don’t like Vanessa, and I don’t like you. Get over it… and yes…your bashing deserves a “call out” because for every 5 posts you make, you throw at least one in there to serve as a reminder that you are an ass. No need to reply…I dropped the mic already.



Min O'Pause

And a lightbulb goes on…..but is it too late?


I love Steve little conversation with the cameras!


It’s all about who wins HoH tonight. I’m over the whole who’s going home Shelli or Clay thing. I kinda want to see Becky, Steve or JohnnyMac win it. Just to finally see them do something. But who am I kidding? They may be living in the BB house but mentally (as far as winning comps) they’re still residing in Throw It City.


I am not sure any of those 3 will try to win. They can sit back and let the 2 sides fight it out and save themselves to play in the next HOH.

Pinocchio Obama

Speaking of throwing it how about that effort by Becky on the last shot of the Veto Competition. LMAO.


Making someone stay that wants to leave would be epic. Clay can be a wus on somebody else’s time. PLAY THIS GAME LIKE A MAN!


I really hope Jackie wins HOH and put up Vanessa and Liz. If one of them comes off the block I hope she puts up Shelli (if she stays). Regardless I hope Vanessa goes home next week, but I really don’t think Production will let that happen considering she keeps things going on in the house and with so much game left they may feel it’s boring without her and Shelli. I just hope Shelli goes home to take some wind out of Vanessa’s sail. I’m tired of hearing the word bully come out of her mouth when she’s the biggest bully. Austin and the twins are going to regret keeping Shelli if they do because yes she may be gunning for James but her next target is going to be Austin. They’re going to try and take him or the twins out during double eviction because the longer they keep him in the house that’s three solid votes and it’s just the two of them Vanessa and Shelli with Vanessa having a side deal with everyone so it’s going to be better for them to get rid of Austin and make it two two with the twins and Shelli and Vanessa


Sooo.Vanessa is going to tell JMac that ‘someone’ is throwing his name out there and Becky has already told him that ‘someone’ is Vanessa. Hmmm. Steve is onto Clelli throwing him out for renom. Hmmmm. Steve is covering fot the ‘odd’ vote with Vanessa by insisting she needs to vote to keep Shelli. I like it.


Shelli has crocodile tears, so fake! What an actress! Man, if you’re so sad, be sad, but you don’t have to force a cry face… ugh she’s so phony.


I dont understand… You people want to keep one of the strongest players for a meat shield? She is the one that fought for the twins to stay. Then she fights for Austin to save him before Jury. She (thinks) she single handedly made Fraustwinstein, the most powerful trio in the house AND jury… She thinks Fraustwinstein should blindside them, and create enemies they didn’t have, for her? Sounds like a Vanessa strategy. I am surprised Austin has showed as much backbone as he has with this. Its so disappointing not to take out a strong player when you have the opportunity, you have to go against her sometime, as there is only 1 fucking winner!

AKA Twistin'...

OMG. I just can’t stand the suspense. I’m ready for the vote already! I’m tired of the Austin and the pussycats. They have ZERO loyalty to anyone and flip-flop like the weather without a single thought of their own. So easily persuaded by each conversation that comes their way.

BTW, on a side note – I can’t WAIT for Shelly to see the Meg/Clay rub-down from last night!!!! OMG – Meg is a hootch – under cover!


Did you watch the same show that I did? Clay is the one that initiated the hugging!! Clay is the one that kept rubbing her back!! Clay is the one that is in the “showmance.” Why call Meg names?


Yeah, Clay was totally into it, he was really liking her boobs up against his chest, he pulled her to him and was caressing her back. Meg totally rubbed her boobs against him in a not just friends kind of way and he didn’t resist, he held her tighter. There was more chemistry in that scene than all summer with Shelli. I really want Shelli to leave tonight and find out that the fans don’t like her, that Clelli isn’t the next Jeff and Jordan, and that Meg and Clay had some steamy time while she was in the DR.

Pinocchio Obama

Clay also hung himself with ” Don’t tell anyone.” Dog.

AKA Twistin'...

I saw the same thing you did….BUT…were you listening (reading) to Meg? We already know what Clay is – but learning that Meg is a hootch last night – that’s NEW info! She has had the hots for Clay since the beginning and is hoping Shelly exits so she can have her shot with “her dude”. She has already said she can “NEVER put him up”, not that it’s an issue because, bless her heart, I don’t see her winning anything, but still – that’s very telling. End of the day, Meg is a hootch. It’s ok in the BB house – I mean look at Liz – she’s whoring her self out! 🙂


Forget all the BS with fake fights or outing Becky (that time will come) As much as I like Vanessa it is hard to understand her logic or lack there of sometimes. The line has already been drawn. Why try to hide or pretend to work with the other side? It is what it is. Chances are your group wins HOH this week and you target 2 of their 3 (or 4 adding Becky the rat) If by some miracle Jackie or Meg win then you have to scramble a little bit but it is what it is at this point. I would just say F-you James and F-your “deals” You win we go, we win you go.


Please Austwins evict smelli!


I love Jackie. I love her strong opinions, no bullshit attitude NOW. This is who she should have been on Veto ceremony day or before so they could have backdoored the QUEEN OF DOUBLE STANDARDS. Vannesa’s is a hypocritical, lying, adderrall addicted asshole.

Yes, I DO know this is Big Brother. Yes, I DO know that lying is a part of Big Brother. I just can’t stand that b* or Shelli.


But you are all for a foul mouthed fake ass big talking no action tag along like Jackie? If she is such a bad ass why does she only talk shit behind peoples backs? I would like to see her call Vanessa a b*tch or a c*nt to her face instead of pretending to work together through the DE.

And I am sure you like James the perv (I did like he bold move this week knowing the line was drawn, able to see where he stood and what he needed to do) who I find it hard to root for such a “guy”

With all of that I still don’t hate or as you said “I hate that F’in b*tch!” Holy sh*t take it easy it is just a game show and you do not know any of these people personally enough to get so worked up. Too funny. And if Shelli stays and her or Vanessa win HOH are you going to quit watching the show or do you have a more violent plan like some of the other nuts who think this show is their life!

Sorry rant over! I am just amazed at the people who take the game and the GAME PLAYERS so personal.


Dan, clearly you cannot read. I did not ever say “I hate the f’n b*” Hate is a strong word and I did not use it, my friend. lol semantics, semantics. 😉

And to the other fool who said BB is not for me because I am rooting for Jackie and James the underdogs: I have watched every BB season. Lol last year I was Team Derrick since about week 2. I have been Team ED (Evel Dick), Team Rachel, etc. … whatever floats my boat I guess. That’s the beauty of it- is it not? I can enjoy a show that I am a huge fan of and be on board with who I want to be on board for. You obviously like Vanessa– good for you, buddy! 😀 no ill will or ill words towards you. Bye and thank you!


Also, Dan… I take nothing about the cast personal, sweetheart. 😉 This is a game show and I have my favorites and you have your own. But I do see that it means much more to you. You reply to every comment that is not to your liking by bashing the writer for his or her personal opinions and I do not.

I offer a sincere apology if my words ruffled your feathers. Good day to you! 🙂


We get it, you root for the Underdogs and not the game players. Maybe big brother isn’t the show you should be watching?

I survived last seasons BB

Jackie says and Vanessa is so worried about being backdoored.. you should have backdoored that bit*h!!

Yepp…Exactly !!


Steve has finally broken it down why keeping shelli is smarter for them. Thank yiu


Really hoping that Steve, Becky, and Jmac vote with Jackie and Meg to take out shelli. I don’t dislike her I just hate the way the edit of the show portrays her as America’s sweetheart. She and clay are not the next jeff and Jordan. I fully believe if clay stays he will shift his attention to meg.