Big Brother 17 Week 6 Power of Veto Results “I’m Pretty sure they want Shelli out”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-04-59-273_jpg

James won the Power of Veto
Clay won a trip to Ireland for 2
Shelli got a punishment she has to perform sword routine for 24 hours
Vanessa is attached to jackie
Becky won a cash prize
James got converse running shoes

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4:08pm Hammock room Austin and Jmac
Austin is hoping Clay and Shelli don’t go up to the HOH and start bashing all of them. Jmac doesn’t think they will.
Austin – One of them is staying
Jmac – true
Austin – I’m Pretty sure they want Shelli out
Jmac – Because she’s won more

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-20-49-685_jpg

Clay tells Vanessa he wants Shelli to stay over him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-24-04-946_jpg

4:23pm jmac sad He was close to Shelli and Clay

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-24-45-946_jpg

4:23pm Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa fills him in on Clay saying he wants Shelli to stay.
She saying it’s making her cry it’s so sad that Clay is throwing his game away.
Austin – WOW

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-29-57-384_jpg

4:27pm Becky, James, Jackie

Becky tells james they will split the 5000 she won during the POV.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-35-54-728_jpg

4:30pm Jmac and Vanessa Bathroom
Jmac tells her he was crying in the hammock room first time in the house.
Jamc says they have to kill it from here.. “You did the best you could though”
Jmac leaves… Shelli comes in
Vanessa tells her Clay is going around telling people to keep shelli
Shelli – why is he doing that
Vanessa – he said you have a better chance to win and I agree
Clay comes by
Shelli – my knight in shining armour
Vanessa – you are the biggest romantic good hearted man I have met in my entire life
Vanessa starts to cry, Clay holds Shelli “It’s OK just the rest of the weeK”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-36-06-729_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 16-47-47-957_jpg

4:42pm James and Jackie
Making plans for the next couple weeks. They want Shelli out this week and Steve out next. After that they get Clay out. (WOW the twins and Austin aren’t even mentioned 2 weeks deep)
James says worst case if Clay win HOH next week they put one of them up against a twin.
James doesn’t think Vanessa will put them up next week he’s made deals with her and he thinks she’ll honour them.
Jackie says Vanessa came to her and wanted to start a little group together so they could survive the double eviction.
Jackie – I was like you f****g b1tch we had one (Sometimes you gotta love Jackie)

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4:50pm James and Austin Storage room
James – I’m a straight shooter man if it’s going down it’s going down and i’ll tell you
James makes up some reasons why he went back on the deal he made with Shelli during the HOH endurance.
Austin says it means a lot to him that JAmes is being straight up with him.
James- I got your back man
Austin – I like Meg I like you we have fun together

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 17-21-02-688_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 17-19-22-692_jpg

5:09pm Clay and Shelli
Clay say they have to get Austin or the twins up
Shelli – we’re going to have to play dirty

Clay about James – he lied to our face and put us up on the block
Shelli can’t believe James has gone back on his word so publicly. Shelli says no one has ever gone back on a deal like that when the deal was so public.
Shelli – I would never make a promise I couldn’t keep

they agree they won’t go against Vanessa or John. They’re thinking they need to just go up to james and Ask him what they can do to stay,.
Shelli doesn’t want to get Steve nominated. Clay tells her they have to be selfish at times.

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Beast mode Asian cowboy!!!!

Don’t think he will be swayed to change noms. He seems pretty set on things. Now it will just be how ppl vote…. Lol. Can’t wait to see Shelly self destruct.


I hope James gets wind of Clay being voted out and uses the veto on him and puts Vanessa up. That would Yuri ‘s be awesome!!


He’s already said he would put up a twin to force the other twin and Austin to vote out Shelli, if he had to put up a replacement. But now he doesn’t have to worry about that….


Shelly vs Liz
Shelly gets voted out by: Jackie, Meg, Austin and Julia
Liz gets voted out by: Vanessa, Steve, Johnny, Becky and Clay

I think he needs to put up Vanessa, can’t keep Clay up there


For all you delusional people who just jumped on the James bandwagon and think he’s a hero. He’s a Zero, and just blew any chance he had to win BB. You don’t make deals in front of the house and then break them with no intention of keeping your word. Your word is all the credit you have in BB, once that’s gone, so are you. No one from this point on can trust James’s word, he’s a proven liar, and they don’t last long in the BB house. Oh, I know people lie, but you don’t do it in front of witnesses. He’s dead meat to everyone but the brainless. . . . Meg, and Jackie.


All of them are liars in one way or another. It is big brother…


Pretty sure Jennifer pulled a similar stunt with Kaysar … Made a deal during endurance with him and he ended up going home that week ….


On premise, I agree with you.

Now my understanding of the comp was that Shelli made a deal for James to NOT BACKdoor either Clay or herself. I may have misunderstood. If I didn’t misunderstand and it was a “not to backdoor” deal, them he is technically still OK. He didn’t backdoor either of them – he gave them both a good chance of getting themselves off the block.

Sorry to say but I don’t see any lying or backstabbing here IF my understanding is correct. Not that lying and backstabbing is in anyway either uncommon or unexpected in BB

Chill Town

This must be your first year watching BB also. We aka Chill Town made deals with everyone (publicly and privately) and went back on every one of them in both our seasons and won both BB2 & BB7. It’s BB, a game based on lying, deciet and backstabbing. This honor and loyalty crap is garbage, you win this game by accepting every deal and honoring none. James made the first big move in the last 3 seasons. He’d be respected more if he took down lifeless boring Clay and put up strung out Vanessa with Monster Chompers. That would make their alliance go to full civil war. Who can love an alliance of 7 people self destruct and go to civil war with each other? Well I sure can!


Seems that you are very biased. Wasn’t it Shelly, Clay and Vanessa that pulled the other side in, “shook hands on the Austin deal”. Oh, you must have forgotten that. Oh, and then Shelly and Clay lied about careful about pointing fingers.


James is our best hero this week. Woohooo. Thank you BB God. Now you need to stick to the plan please. Do not let them influence your game, James. From a super fan in Vietnam

Pot Kettle Black

Mike, you are right! James is my hero too! Shelli and Clay are so smug and arrogant…can’t wait to see how they like it this week. Now it’s getting good!

Team Edward

JMac is crying in the rainbow room. That’s really sad to see. Man this week is soooo worth the 5.99


He shouldn’t. They used him as a pawn and even asked not to use the veto on himself. Pure selfishness on ClayShe part.


Rat Johnny and Rat Becky have been moles for Shelli/Clay and have a F4 with them. They follow Shelli/Clay orders and say what they are told to say and report back to them. I defended Becky all season but I hate rat bastards so they are now on the bottom of my list.


I didn’t realize JMAC was that attached to Clelli..these are the same duo that made you jeopardize your game by throwing comps. Clelli really has these people misted. Seriously JMAC,James did this house a favor, him included. Clelli would have no prob sending JMAC home. Honestly baffled by that. I give Clelli credit for playing both sides of the house,fake as can be,but that is why the others(besides James,Jackie,&Meg) tell them info like loyal minions-stupid. As James stated,Clay best marry/have kids with her etc., because if they don’t end up together what a waste of an opportunity!


Ii think JMac is closer to Clay – another good reason for Shelli to go – the boys can buddy up; I’m not sure he’d work solo with Shelli. Maybe.




Bye shelli


Clay is telling everyone to keep Shelli, although he’s doing so to gain sympathy votes because he truly believes he and Shelli will stay. If James keeps Clay and Shelli up, Shelli will stay. The only way Shelli will go is if James puts Johnny up in clays spot.


I think the only thing that will make shelli walk out that door on thursday is if James takes Clay down and puts Vanessa up. Votes to evict Shelli would be Austin, Liz, Julia, Jackie, Meg and Steve. Votes to evict Shelli would be clay, Jmack and Becky. Shel vs Jmack votes to evict JMack Van, Clay, Steve Austin Liz and Julia votes to evict Shelli Becky, Meg and Jackie. I’ve tried different people on the block. It always comes back to the house following Van because she has more minions and they will vote however the queen commands. James need to take down clay and slap Van in that chair

The Hammer

NO, no, no..take down Clay and put up one of the twins. The other twin and Austin will vote against Shelli and she will be done-zo.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I think it will be Clay who is evicted this week, but James should still consider it a small victory. His alliance has finally managed to break up one of the couples.


Really? I think Shell will only have Vanessa’s and Steve’s votes. Clay is better than Shelli for everyone else’s game.

BB Drafter

James is the man! Goodbye 1/2 of Shlay.

Happy Dance!!

Oh happy day, oh happy day….. Now do NOT get suckered in by Vanessa’s fast talk. Take Clay down, put up Liz, and seal the deal!!!


indeed, only way to be sure shelli goes. clay goes otherwise.


Taking Cay down may be Clay’s play. In a “smart and playing” mind, Clay may think if the house thinks he is being a “knight in shining armer” for Shelli, he will be taken down and leave Shelli up there alone. Anything to get himself down. But, that is probably not Clay’s play because he doesn’t think like that.
The conversation at 5:09 between Clay and Shelli real?? They think highly of themselves. Sheli has lied to the house about taking Audrey out weeks ago, she lied about not knowing about Jason being put up and lying to herself now. They sound like the girls in Mean Girls when they were saying they were fat in front of the mirror.


yeah, if clay was sincere about this i think he wouldn’t be doing this until after the veto ceremony. right now they want to make sure it gets used and probably try to throw steve or better yet jmac and becky under the bus. would love becky to get thrown up on the block and go out for all the asinine snitching she’s been doing. would serve her right.


This is BB, your not suppose to give away your game! Everyone is coming down on Clay/Shellie, but has everyone forgotten how awful the other side of the house was? How they treated Steve? What they called people? What a pig James is? They’re mean spirited bullies, and Meg, Jackie, James, and Jason ALL treated people like poorly.


I don’t think so. If Liz is on the block she wlll get Julia, Austin, Meg and Jackie. Vanessa, Clay, Becky, Steve and JMac will vote to keep Shelli. If James really wants Shelli out, the only move is take Clay down and replace with Vanessa: Liz, Austin, Julia, Jackie, Meg and Steve vote to keep Vanessa, Clay, JMac and Becky keep Shelli.


i’m not convinced vanessa would vote to keep liz over shelli, keeping tight with the trio of liz/julia/austin is probably better than the duo of clay/shelli. but i could be wrong. she’d be the swing and the vote would be close.

vanessa vs. shelli would be entertaining watching the two throw each other under the bus, but i think you’re assessment is right that shelli would go 6-3.

Castle Guard Shelli

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out girl! Good job James, finally a successful week.


This is awesome! Clellie will start outing the rest of the Sixth Sense now to save themselves. Vanessa’s cover is history! I love it! Sparks will fly!


Uhh, why would they do that?? They are just as much a part of the alliance as Vanessa, and ONE of them will be staying…. That makes no sense.

another name

so. vanessa has to be attached to someone.
who is this more of a punishment for?


Thank you Gawd, Thank you!!!!! Your gone Shelli, your gone!!!!!! I hope Jason is reading this and laughing his ass off you Trash Box!!!!!!!!


Shelli is not gone. Pay attention.


Sadly,I don’t see Shelli leaving. Van rules the others & will have them keep Shelli to go after James. Van’s minions will take in the mist,& Shelli will remain here. I wanted her gone badly but hope James does not cave, which would shock me if he did,but at least break up Clelli. James has made the best game move so far this season! He has my vote for the biggest balls/game play wise by far-congrats James!


Jason was a weak ass player


this people i just cant. jmac is already crying because clay told him to vote for shelli to stay. clay is heavily campaigning to go home. i hope james finds out and takes him off the block and puts up vanessa. van and shelli are the biggest targets. they each won 2 HOH, and they both always close to winning them. james has to put up vanessa, clay going home seems like a waste, he isnt a threat like van and shelli are.


Hmmm. Interesting. But I couldn’t stand even the faintest chance of ClaShe cuddling for 6 more weeks.


It might not be strategy to try to save Shelli but James might just bite and put up Austwins lol That would be cherry.

and the 6th person evicted from Big brother 17 is...



oh boy!


Best case scenario that James won the Power of Veto. Then there will be no changes in the nominations unless Vanessa and minions start to act up and James gets wind of her trying to save Shelli. I realize she wants Shelli in the game, but with a double eviction coming up, she is really taking her chances here. The other side knows she is the leader and would be responsible for rallying the troops. Can Austin and the twins not see the writing on the wall here. Vanessa wants to go to final 3 at least with Shelli. They both will become targets in short order if this happens.


james veto and HOH will be useless unless a HUGE player goes home. Clay isnt a threat, shelli and vanessa are the biggest players in the house at the moment. how can u trust a side that has been in complete power for 4 weeks straight? HOW!?

AKA Twistin' for the win!

There’s the “upset” I was looking for!!!!! Yay James!!!!! I really hope he gets wind of Vanessa’s plan and puts her ass up. If Shelly plays it right she could get Vanessa put up instead of Clay and the house might cut Vanessa loose. Either one can go because their alliance is def injured either way.

James is kicken’ ass and takin’ names this week! Woot woot!!!!!

Main Main

Way to go James!! I love it.


James is my hero!!!!! Hoh and Pov all in the same week, WOW!!!!!! If he would take Clay off and put up Vanessa next to Shelli, it would be perfect. One can only hope…….


James should call Van to the HOH room and say: I really want Shelli gone and I know you will work against that, so to get us both working for the same goal , I’m gonna take Clay down and put you up. If you will promise to protect me, Jackie and Meg for 1 week, I can get them to vote to keep you. We should work together to clear out the floaters and rats, then go on with the game. Deal? Van would take the deal.


Now put Liz or Vanessa up and take clay down to assure Shelli goes home!!!!!


Liz is the much better choice for a replacement nom. Vanessa would never go home this early and making her have to vote is much better strategy for James.

James is a monster

James is a comp beast! If he can align with a mental player he could get into the top 5 easily


I’m not being rude but I don’t understand why everyone likes John so much. He hasn’t really done much and the fact that him a and basic Becky ratted on the other side of the house to Shelli and Clay. I don’t really see the appeal besides him being kinda funny.


Purely personality. He never strategizes just laughs goofily. He doesn’t even have thoughtful observations (at least Steve does). I like him though but he isn’t quite Dan, Dr Will or Janelle.


Lost respect for JMAC game wise/not thinking in terms of his game play, when he cried about Clelli. How do you feel bad about 2 people who have jeopardized your game? How are they friends/having your back? Pathetic! I have said he is the dark horse they don’t see coming but may have been premature in that statement( the fact he is not playing the game/thinking long term). He is playing other people’s game & that sucks. Damn JMAC, hope you & Becky wake up! Austin & the twins need to branch off from Van too. They are lambs for the slaughter if not!


I so agree. He talks like money is VERY important to him ( don’t get me wrong, it’s important for all of us but not obsessively so). He worries about women being gold diggers. I don’t know but I bet he’s a cheap bastard and what ever lucky lady ends up with him will never hear the end of how HE makes all the money and HE will decide how it is spent, while she is stuck home raising his creepy little children at HIS insistence.


Holy Mo, that’s quite a leap.

Duante Amorculo (@DuanCulo)

you are a TERRIBLE read of people. how can you look at john’s personality and think he would shove anything in a woman’s face. stop regurgitating your life story and using it to cast aspersions unto john because someone did that to you. john looks like the type that would worship and even cower to his lady, he wouldn’t ever shove that in her face or try to stop her from working. good grief that was arguably the least insightful look at someone’s personality on BB i’ve ever seen! you are so off it’s asinine.


you are just the worst. your comment is so way of base it isn’t even funny. john is a wimp, there’s no way he would ever dare speak down to his lady.


I am so happy! I do not like showmances on this show. Anyone who allows them to continue week after week are idiots. Thanks James for being smart and winning POV so your nominations can stay the same. Though, unfortunately, I think Shelli will stay, splitting them up is perfect!

Yo Yo YO

All I can say is “Yay.” Just to change things up.
With that said, I actually wanted Shelli to win in the beginning. And I still like her game play and strategy…..Clay doesn’t really have a sharp mind like Shelli. So I hope Clay goes this week. Otherwise I’m afraid it will be very boring in the weeks to come.

Thor's Hammer

No No No Shelli is a control freak


Well Clay was already “comforted” by Meg so if Clay stays we’ll see if he prefers Meg’s comfort or Julia’s because you know Julia wants a meat shield like Liz Ho has.


Oh Yeah Oh Yeah you go James!!!!

Love a country boy!!

Way to go James!!

Canadian Bacon

All right James! Now take Clay down, Put Vanessa up! Unleash CHAOS!!!


@canadian bacon
I’m hoping something clicks in James brain also to take down Clay, put up Vanessa, so that she and Shelley have to campaign against each other which causes the S6 alliance to expose themselves because the members will have to choose sides. And hopefully it will cause the “others” to run scattering to James/Meg/Jackie for an alliance. But I just don’t think James has it in him to do it . But you never know with him. James has been pleasantly surprising me this past couple of days. Who woulda thunk it!


big ups to james for finally putting shlay on the block for the sole reason of booting their ass out the door.. no hidden agenda no weak ass backdoor no excuses..

clay is way better off without shelli.. stop acting like such a douchy mommas boy and spend your time and energy trying to win the money..

van needs to toughen up and channel her inner janelle.. stop acting so scared shitless and make people scared shitless of you.. she could easily win this game if she plays her cards right..


James with the back to back victories. Unbelievable. Now he can leave the nominees the same (50-50 who goes I’m leaning towards Clay) or use the veto and take Clay off and replace him with Vanessa (Which will guarantee that Shelli goes home).

canadian Kevin

I’m glad James won, but after the pow wow with Austin and the twins, i wish he’d backdoor Vanessa.

But that is easy to say when you’re watching from the outside.

Just have to hope that SOMEONE points out to everyone that Shellis multiple wins mean no one is beating her in final 2. Better to take the shot while they can


Feeds are going to be too good now! Clelli is absolutely fucked and one of these crybabies is going
Home! Not anyone’s fault but your own u Dipshits!




You go James!!! Gotta love him right now!!

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Way to go, James!

It's going down!

James is the MAN!!!! He tore it up this week!!!! Now all he needs to do is take Clay down put Vanessa up as insurance that Shelli goes home!!! Really hope he figures that out, I don’t want the fun to end!!!


Yes! Let’s just hope they can keep the votes to take Shelli out!


If I were James, I would use the veto on Clay and then nominate Liz in his place. This would force Vanessa to choose between C/S and the Austwins seeing as she would likely be the swing vote. (Meg, Jackie, Austin, and Julia voting to evict Shelli and Becky, JM, Steve, and Clay voting to evict Liz). Vanessa would likely implode and regardless if Liz/Shelli goes home I think it would shift the target a little bit off of James/Meg/Jackie. I think that if this doesn’t happen, after this week the house will still continue to pick them off unless they keep winning competitions..


ohh Shelli, I foresee you going, unless James is pulling a sneaky snake move and will really blindside someone, Vanessa would be ok by me.


omg if james blindsides vanessa i will IMPLODE. BEST. MOVE. EVER.


Good job James. Now just stick to your guns and don’t be manipulated into doing something stupid.


Clay is an idiot for wanting to throw away his game for Shelli. I hope his family beats the daylights out of him for this. He is worried about a showmance, when he needs to be worried about what’s best for his family. Oh and that trip to Ireland? He needs to take his mom in the real world on that trip, not Shelli. If the house keeps Shelli, they are the fools and they may as well just hand her the check for the $500k. The only way anyone in this game has a chance of winning, is if they get rid of Shelli this week, and get rid of Vanessa next week.


Bahahahaha. Yessssss!!!!!! James has all the power. Plus Smelli has to do some routine for 24 hours. Lol. I bet she is going to be mad that Claytoris won that trip to Europe. LMAO!!!!


This is the best case scenario!


OMG! This is so AWESOME!!!


Personally I have no idea what Clay sees in Shellie…yuck. I so hope James does catch wind of Clay trying to save Shellli and puts up Liz or Vanessa. The more I think about it I think Vanessa would be the best person to put up. Because she’s a fighter and will convince others to vote Shelli out.


yay! james has the pov. bye, clay.


James won POV?



If James really wants Shelli out, he’ll save Clay and put up Liz…Shelli can’t possibly win in that scenario.


Yes she can, but that would mean Vanessa voted Liz out… which will make Austin and Julia crazy and HOPEFULLY join the other side. It would be great drama if he puts up Liz!


i;’ve seen this suggested a couple of times, but really James wants to break up the couple. his preference is shelli, but he’ll take clay, imo. that is the number one reason, and he has already said this, that he doesn’t want noms to change.

If he were dumb enough to take clay down to put someone else with the idea shelli goes home, here is what he has done: given shelli a vote to stay (clay) and taken away a vote for her to go (Liz). that is bad math. it gives vanessa, johnnymac as well a chance to save shelli, so their votes go to her. I would guess steve will vote with vanessa and jm. so now we have vanessa, jm, steve & clay vote for shelli to stay. julia, austin, meg & jackie vote her to go. that seems really risky, if all they needed was one swing vote, which could so easily be becky. and that is what will happen. the only way to eliminate the risk the replacement goes home is to make sure that no one is put up as the replacement. there is no scenario that will guarantee shelli goes home, the only scenarios that help are making sure she loses at least one vote to stay.

here’s what happens if clay and shelli are on the block: the couple is broken up. meg, jackie vote how James wants, and there is no incentive for anyone else to vote against his preference. Austwins will vote out who he wants, because that is a special deal. Vanessa would be wise to get on board with it as well, instead of running around for someone who won’t be in jury, and is ready to throw her under the bus to get out from under the knife.


That’s a fair assessment, but I think Shelli will stay this week. A vote 2-7. I think Vanessa will make a bold move… behind Austin, and he will get blamed for the deal being broken. Its Vanessa’s MO. She like to hide behind people and throws bombs. I dont like her at all. I wish someone would spot her and get rid of shelli and vanessa back to back…

But in saying that, my ultimate dream is all women by F4. I would love to see Vanessa, Shelli, Jackie, and a twin duke it out. Im so torn, great season!


Way to go James it time to show Shelli the door.
Bye bye Shelli unless your boy toy is really that STUPID!!!!


The plan fell into place perfectly, but now Clay us telling people to keep Shelli over him. If that happens, yes you take a big gun out but were I James I pull Clay down, and put Vanessa up to ensure she goes home.




Buh by shelli!


I knew before you…lol
Now there’s gonna be some scrambling….to get Hames to use it….fireworks are commencing