Big Brother 14 Online Application


BB14 Online Application

Looks like the site active today, this will enable BB14 hopefuls a easy application process. Gone is the need to fill out and mail a lengthy application form with casting Video. The entire Casting Process can now be done online, here is the link

Features of this site includes Applicaiton, FAQ, Tips on how to make a Great Video, Eligibility Requirements, Open Casting Calls, and a step by step easy to use Application procedure. If you’ve ever filled out a Application you know it sucks, lucky for everyone the Big Brother 14 Application process can be completed in 4 easy steps.

How To Apply To Big Brother

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Make a video (tips).

Step 2 – Save a current picture of yourself, and video to your computer, so they are ready when you apply online.

Step 3 – Completely fill out the online application and upload your video and picture here.

Step 4 – We’ll email you if we want to move forward in the casting process with you.

The deadline is set for May 12, 2012. Callbacks will be held during May and June 2012. If you don’t hear back your unfortunately screwed for getting on BB14.

Looks like Big Brother Casting has finally caught up with technology!

Good Luck to All Applicants!!


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Simon, How many people audition for Big Brother? Hopefully, probably tons of applicants!

Frank Granda jr.

Squabble, it is YOUR poor use of the English language that I’m worried about. Your sentence should have read ‘The only thing worse than YOUR use and understanding’……NOT, ‘The only thing worse than YOU use’ lol Did you pick up your speech from The Bronx NY?…….AND as for A KIOSK?? I’ve never seen one around. My store 10 years ago when I used to live in Florida was a 4000 sq. Ft. Brick building on the intersection of an upscale neighborhood. All the old store pics are all over the Internet. I closed the store out of choice due to Internet movie streaming and bigger career offers on the West Coast. But, thanks for your DEEP interest in my life. However, I’m still NOT going to marry you, I’m so sorry :(


The only chance of CBS Production would select applicants to call backs is to not ask about the criminal charges.

BB King
BB King

Squabble, Frank and Captain, why do you three have a persistent and desperate need to respond to each other? I am beginning to think all three of you guys enjoy internet sado-masochism and humiliation. If so don’t cry to Simon like you guys do when feelings are hurt, lines are crossed and it gets dirty and personal.

We (meaning Simon and I) have told you three to move on several times and not resurrect this feud continuously. All three of you did not heed our advice and must now suffer the repercussions of your hostile actions.

So I am going to say once again. If all three of you want peace on this blog and don’t have anything nice to say to each other or cannot discuss BB or other relevant subjects in a civilized and friendly manner it’s best not to say anything to each other.

So here are the suggestions I offer for all three of you individually.

Squabble: You have said several times that you don’t like Frank and you don’t care for his opinion. Yet you are demonstrating the complete opposite by following him around from thread to thread and responding to a lot of things he says, even things he addresses to me personally and things that don’t involve you.

Captain: Same thing. Please don’t get yourself involved in discussions that don’t involve you. If you do decide to get involved try not to rewrite people’s posts and/or blame others. This is bound to create enemies and heaven knows that there are too many people on this blog who don’t like you. You don’t need more.
hatred coming towards you.

Frank: Please develop a thick skin and learn to ignore provocation. Also if you do decide to attack people don’t use bigoted language to do so. Your posts are filled with anti-Mormon and anti-gay sentiment. It makes you seem like a hate-monger and people are more likely to identify you as the villain even when you don’t start a fight.

If all of you read this through, I thank you for your patience and I want you all to know that I am not picking sides. I just want a compromise and peace.

Frank Granda jr.

BbKing, I honestly appreciate your overview and input on the issue. However, MY policy is VERY well known here. I NEVER pick a fight and NEVER start one. I mind my own business and make Big Brother related thread comments. UNLESS SOMEONE ATTACKS ME FROM LEFT FEILD FIRST….. Then, I respond with MORE VENOM, MORE CRUELTY, MORE VILE DEPRAVITY, and MORE POLITICALLY INCORRECT HOSTILITY than practically anyone else in the blog universe. The lesson learned is that I’M a really nice guy, but PLEASE DO NOT F**K with ME. I will NOT TOLERATE IT. Period.


BB KING what repercussions must I face? We (meaning Simon and I) are you implying that this is your site or you are the moderator?
I don’t need your invitation to post a comment, whether it is directed at you or not everyone can comment on any post they would like.
I also am not trying to be rude but follow your own advise and either ignore them, don’t read the post or refrain from replying.

BB King
BB King

The repercussions I was referring to is that now all three of you guys will be humiliated again, your mothers defamed and your religion/ethnicity/race/whatever degraded. That’s why I stated it seems all three of you enjoy internet sado-masochism. It’s all fun and games until a certain line is crossed and that line will be crossed, because I’ve seen these fights before on this site.

Secondly, I never said I am the moderator. However, Simon specifically said that he doesn’t want such content and this feud on his site. I was repeating his words to remind you guys that let’s just move on and end this feud. It’s not that hard to do.

Anyway what I specifically addressed to you was that you told me that you don’t care for Frank’s opinion. But commenting on a lot of what he says even things he addresses to me or that don’t mention your name demonstrates the exact opposite. You do care for his opinion and his opinion gets you fired up.

I think you perceived this as an attack on you. It wasn’t. It was just advice, take it or leave it. You know I came to your defense several times on this blog. Even when everyone else was against you (like that comment on Jeff and rape victims) I spoke up supporting you.

I cannot stop you if you wish to continue this feud. Just know that peace is achieved through compromise not through continuous aggression.


I didn’t take it as an attack, just really didn’t care for your advice.


BBKing…What are you talking about? We just being more supportive and matter of fact that I just want to have everyone supportive and especially squabble who comment on NOT A PHD Student opinions. I just being more supportive. That’s all. I just agree on something. We never have the fight or something! I just want to have a opinion straight across!

courtney williams

Do you think I have a chance, I turn 21 years old on July 7, 2012…


The only way that the age limit is 19 years old. However, It would be impossible that a 19 or 20 year old will win Big Brother!