Big Brother 14 Confirmed Summer 2012 and Application and rules outlined


We’ve just survived a Season of BIG BROTHER and CBS has announced that BIG BROTHER 14 is a go for summer 2012. Thought Big Brother 13 Sucked? we’ll it kinda did but according to the TV ratings it rocked which is good news it means CBS is keeping our favorite show around.

Big Brother Ratings

This summer’s edition of BIG BROTHER delivered its largest audience and highest adult 18-49 ratings since 2004 with year-to-year increases of +4% in viewers (8.11m from 7.80m), +11% in adults 18-49 (3.1/09 from 2.8/09), +4% in adults 18-34 (2.5/09 from 2.4/08) and +12% in adults 25-54 (3.7/10 from 3.3/09).

BIG BROTHER also saw growth online as’s BIG BROTHER website was up +18% from last summer, while subscribers to CBS and RealNetwork’s 24/7 live streaming video feeds are up +10%. BIG BROTHER also saw robust social media growth, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, while on cable, BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK, on SHOWTIME 2 is up +8%. CBS PRESS RELEASE

Think you can do better than Adam, Kalia or Dani? then send your Big Brother 14 application form in and go to a open audition

Big Brother Auditions

This year we’ll find out about the open auditions mid March, Lat year it was March 18th. Robyn Kass has tweeted on March 9th that the dates will be known within the next 2 weeks.

Big Brother 14 Eligibility Requirements

PDF Download

Big Brother 14 Application

PDF Download

No need to send in a paper application form, they have set us up with a online application process.

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BB King

BB 13 wasn’t that bad, it was better than BB 12 that’s for sure. But it was pretty obvious that this season was rigged. I hope BB 13 did not replace All Stars though.


yea, the problem with the season is mixing vets and newbies forces people to divide into alliance right away and having superfans on the show makes it boring. after dani and jeff left it was pretty bad after that. i just skim through the episodes.


When Dick left it changed everything… the whole dynamic was altered and we missed out big time… Jeff & Dani evicted same night sent shockwaves of depression through North America …..(Stupid Clown Shoe)….. This season could’ve been much more but it was never rigged…. it was modified but there was no cheating… everyone had a shot…. the newbies blew it since they had the numbers 8-5 after Dick left…. You have to stay true to your Alliance especially early on….

VA Vet

Changing the rules in the middle of the game in order to create a different outcome is “RIGGING”.

Your ID is quite appropriate.


I think the next “all stars” should be the 1st person evicted from the previous 13 BB seasons and one new person.


I wonder which 3rd grader helped Jordan fill out her application. πŸ™‚

Zingbot Fan

A third grader who likes hanging out with a beautiful girl worth half a million.



Jeff or Rachel

Zingbot Fan

Jeff scored 25K for the fan favorite and it should be pointed out that when Evel Dick left the house all of the Vets were ready to give up except Jeff. He was the backbone of the Vets alliance and the only one of the vets who said we can still win this. Without Jeff none of the vets had a chance to win this game.

bbfan, lol

I thought it was a Great Season, me and how many others! Just let the Ratings talk! Go Rachel!
Wish the winers would get over it! We are over their crying!

Zingbot Fan

I thought it was a good season too. I’m not a Rachel fan but I have to admit that she is a great player and she deserved the win. I think that Janelle is the best player to never win the game so far and Rachel reminded me of her especially when her back was to the wall and she had to win.

Midwest Fan

Favoritism – “Big” Jeff had it, Big Time, for BB13.
Jeff had worked for a CBS subsidiary company and mentioned on BB13 his future
employment with CBS. He made it sound like he was still under some contractual
obligation to the company and couldn’t appear on BB publicity events without permission
and or affiliation with the corporation.

Also noted in the rules – CBS can change requirements at any time.
What a bunch of hooey!!!!


As in your saying, it seems obvious that favoritism didn’t help Jeff much in the BB house. However, that favoritism did help much in promoting Jeff’s image, and got him win the America’s favorite BB player prize. BTW, I am a canadian, and I did vote for him.


I’m looking forward of BB14 Allstars 2. WTF, Bring back past favorite HG’s!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, good luck of everything!!!!!!


Yo Captain, why don’t you try out of Big Brother?


Because Captain isn’t Captain of his own, you know, yet! Zing!

I guess the cat lovers loved the right person! Zing!

All the J/J haters can are really hating now that Jeff made more than 2nd pace skank Porsche now aren’t they! Zing!

Rachel haters, She came back to win! That was her real sin! What cha got to say now! Zing!

Good luck on your wedding this week end Rachel and Brendon!

By the way Julie,(MS. CBS) you suck to make people get up at 8:30 to see you hand off the check and not do it then announce your going to have her on The Talk which no one watches anymore since you screwed Leah Remini and then wait till the very last but Sara got you when you tried to call the game a tie and before you could get it out of your mouth she said, ‘it doesn’t matter who won, Rachel, we’re giving you a honeymoon to Aruba!” GO SARA!!!!!


Do not believe hearsay. Hearsay are like tabloids.


His ESL classes weren’t finished yet?

Not a PHD student

rating are up probably because of the crazy cat people and trailor park communities. This season was in my opinion was lame, it cetainly does hold anything to what BB10 was. Thee was a fight evey week and who can’t foget Jerry falling into the pool…..classic!!!!!!!!


The ratings the first 8 years were better. The rating this season are just good this compared to the last 4 seasons. It’s because of all the ‘crazy cat ladies’ that love to watch JJ lay around and ‘be cute’.


Many great moments this year, Rachel crying in the bushes was good but Jeff begging before eviction was the high light of the year.

Midwest Fan

That was one of my most favorite moments ……….


In the Vietnamese calendar, this was the Year of the Cat. In BB, this was the year of the cat-lady. The worst of humanity, spewing endless heaps of hate all over the message boards. Their baseless gossip should have made them look foolish, but there was always another cat-lady confirming their hateful, oddball messages. This made them believe that they are grounded in reality, when they were all living in some fantasy land. They are not only filled with hate, but they take pride in joining the lynch mob, which makes them vulnerable cult members and dangerous to society.

They have shown that they can’t handle Big Brother. In fact, their TVs should be permanently tuned to the Disney channel, so as not to upset them. Their insanity will end up influencing and possibly destroying the franchise that they love to hate the most. It won’t matter to them. A hater is always going to find something to hate. The only people it will hurt are those that actually like the game.

Maybe this year was a blessing, because, now, in real life, I can totally spot them, where before, I didn’t even notice them. They are the ones wearing the WWJJD bracelets. I’m so happy, that I am not one of them, but it is scary, that, seemingly, the cat-ladies outnumber the good. Have a final Big Gulp cat-ladies, and here’ a Snickers too. That was a long two months of hate. Sit back and relax. You’ve earned it.

And one more thing. No more Jeff and Jordan ever, ever, ever!!!

Not a PHD student

I like the cut of your jib RS. I think you have come up with a million dollar idea. I say we sell the WWJJD bracelets. Not only that, we can double the profits by selling WWJJD cat collars. We’d be millionairs in less then 3 weeks. Simon you are more then welcome to come in as a partner as well


hahaha, awesome idea. We’d be crazy cat-ladies not to. CBS might be a roadblock, but they definately would sell.


Please welcome our Big Brother Hall of Fame inductees Class of 2011:
-Eddie McGee (Big Brother 1)
-The Chilltown Alliance (Big Brother 2 & 7)
-Jerry MacDonald (Big Brother 10)
-Amy Crews Ouellette (Big Brother 3)
-Julie Chen (Big Brother Host)
-Arnold Shapiro (Former Big Brother executive producer)
-Kaysar Ridha (Big Brother 6 & 7)
-Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother 6 & 7)
Congrats Big Brother Hall of famers Class of 2011

Not a PHD student

seriously, you need to stop sniffing douche bags Jeff underware that you stole from highschool gym class.

I hope you keep the same name next year, oh wait if you do that you will not be able to claim to know another cast member


Not a PHD student, I totally agreed with you:
Not a PHD student says:
September 17, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Squabble seriously, you need to stop sniffing douche bags Dani’s panties & lingrie that you stole from Dani’s apartment.

I hope you keep the same name next year, oh wait if you do that you will not be able to claim to know another cast member

That’s sick Squabble!!! I wouldn’t go near her apartment. Her Dad will be pissed if crazy fan like you can be a stalker!!!! Trust me your really sick. Not a PHD student told me that you need to stop sniff Dani’s panties.


I like that “modified” this means not rigged ,no cheating, ya ok. This season was boring because of the HG. Ratings were good because we like the show and keep hoping for some change. I hope they hire new staff to do the casting for BB14 cause let’s face this staff sucked at their job


One after the other, the favorites CBS “rigged for” were gone one after the other: Brendon, Dani, Jeff, Jordon. So, it now comes down to Rachel and Porsche. CBS, please make sure you put some distasteful individuals on your cast; otherwise, I would called it a “rig” anyway.

bbfan, lol

Rachel = BB13 deserved Winner
Brendon= BB13 Winners Fiance
Jeff= BB13 Fan Favorite Hands Down
Jordan= Fan Favorites Girlfriend (hopefully wife someday)
Danielle= Evil Puppetier (That LOST in many ways)
Porshe = D’s Puppet
Kalia= D’s Puppet #1
Adam= Dillusional….
Anyone else….I didn’t notice….




Lawon= Kalia’s idiot! ( remember him! LOL!


Overall the season was not as good as previous years but CBS did a good job of making the episodes watchable due to the twists and rigging the game (Pandora’s box and ff) BUT afterdark was not watchable! They need to give more alcohol and have 21-30 years olds because they like to party.


simon, i was wondering what you thought about Danielle saying after Dick left that she doesn’t have a partner. having couples in the house was an automatic vote for that person in the jury and no way to change it and it gave an advantage to the existing couple.

Bubbly Pie

I turn 21 in March ahhh, I wish you didn’t have to be 21 upon application. Ill be 21 next summer and isn’t that what counts?


That should work! Apply!!!! All they can do is say no! Dani turned 21 in the house!!!!

Bubbly Pie

haha ur right!


yea, dani wasn’t the first one to go into the house under 21 michelle from season 4. it says it on the application i believe that they can waive requirement but you have to be very likeable. cbs has done it for other shows too. i remember reading a long time ago that dani said she applied other seasons before season 8 and they really liked her a lot but couldn’t get on b/c of her age. i think as long as you turn 21 before or early on the show it be ok. it’s mostly b/c they give alcohol on the show to hgs but again you have to be really likeable for them to waive that requirement.

Uncle Cool

The winds of shit really blew this season into the shit abyss.


Too bad TPB are gone. It was a great show.

Uncle Cool

TPB was a great show.


vets need to be on allstars years and newbies on new yrs, mixing them together is always a mistake. this years couple angle was doomed from srart people play too personal from the start. made it a ugly season, anyway my 1st yr year on website. thanks for your hard work, you made this season 10times better

Uncle Cool

The requirements say you must be in excellent physical and mental health…

What a crock.


I’ll be 21 in October, but college is going to take up most of my time for the next 2-3 years. If BB15 is an allstars one, expect my application for BB16 or 17. πŸ˜€

Monique Miller

I would like to see a BB where instead of all stars, the first 2 or 3 HG evicted from the last seasons battle it out or maybe the first evicted guest from every season battle it out…..being we didn’t have much time at all to get to any of the first couple of houeguest….

Zingbot Fan

I would like to see them have one less juror and give America a vote for the winner at finals.


I just read the Eligibility Requirements for BB and I must say what a joke. I could shorten the requirements greatly. All it should read is ‘Females must look good in a bikini, and men must look good without a shirt. Must have the capability to act and be convincing to an audience. All others need not apply.’ It is horrible that you have to be eye candy in order to have a chance to win $500,000. Beauty is totally in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, not many that have been in the BB house were attractive. My standards are much higher, but then I would also allow people who are interesting but not necessarily attractive have a chance to be a HG. Gillian’s Island was a very high rated long running program, and it wasnt the females that kept those ratings high. It was Gillian that did; stupid, funny, unpredictable Gillian. With BB, BB producers and staff must create interesting competitions and challenges for the HG in order to make it more appealing for the viewing audience, regardless of how the HG look. The more hostile the environment, the higher the ratings. People want to see controversy. Without it, its boring. So with that being said, IF BB has an AllStar series, I truly hope that Shelly is invited back. She did add spice to it. And, as much as I am not a Dani fan, I wish she would be invited back as well. I do not want to see BR or JJ again, but if they do come back, I most certainly will watch. I dont care what format BB presents I shall continue to watch. I have my preferences, we all do, but I wont punish myself by not watching it because BB chooses to do something I dont approve of. BB if you read this site, consider inviting Russell from Survivor. πŸ™‚
Simon, thank you so much for providing this site. As I stated in a prior post, if I am still on the face of this planet next year and am capable of financially assisting I will. It is all in the GOOD LORD’S Hands. I wish good health, happiness, and prosperity to all.


I agree, but I’m afraid that you will be seeing more actors and models, not less. Who else would put up with cat-lady hate? For actors and models, whether you’re loved or hated, it still counts as popularity. No one else needs their place of employment flooded with calls, spewing hate. The cat-ladies ruined it for everyone.


RS, it’s not the cat ladies that ruined it for everyone. It’s the mentally deranged that caused the problem. I am middle aged, not a beauty, and definitely not in shape, and happy to admit I own a cat. I would NEVER think of doing such a thing because of a television game show. There are some sick individuals on the face of this planet. Too bad there isn’t a sign branded on their forehead identifying them. Actually, what I have witnessed in my life are beautiful women critiquing other beautiful women. Women who are not beautiful physically know they are not and know that if they did critique the beautiful ones the first thing that would be said to them is ‘your jealous’. The beautiful are on a level playing field and in order to elevate themselves they point out flaws and imperfections of their equals. Believe me, they do it much more than the so called ‘cat ladies’. Well, anyways- that is how it works in my crowd.


Aww, I can tell you’re a really sweet person and I love cats and dogs.

I’m not sure who first coined the phrase, but I first heard it from James Rhine describing his crazy haters. It’s been used by Big Brother fans for a while now. The ‘cat-lady’ is an archetype. A ‘cat-lady’ can be male or female and can own zero through many cats (although it’s usually on the high side). I would go on describing them, but the long and the short of it is, cat-lady = hater. We’ve all seen their posts. The Cat-Lady Gazette describes them best.


ughhhhhhh why do you have to be 21??? like how did dani get on her season being 20?


She blew the producers cos she’s a fuk’n tramp!!!!!!!!!


well i remember reading back then (after season 8 finish) that she applied for the show for previous season(s) and didn’t get in b/c of her age but they really liked her. anyways she wasn’t the first person to be allowed in the house under 21. michelle from season 4 was under 21 too and i believe that happened on survivor too. anyways, in the application it says the producers can waive the requirement as long as they are 18 and over. so you don’t have to be 21 to get on the show just really likeable but i do think they won’t take anyone under 20.


the only reason they have the 21 rule is b/c they give them alcohol and you can’t give underage people alcohol especially if something bad happens.


As far as attractiveness goes, they had quite a few people who weren’t all that attractive but still managed to be on the show. Enzo, Jerry, Ronnie, Adam, etc…

As far as you young’uns complaining about not being 21, I think the reason is because they provide the HG’s with alcohol. They don’t want to be responsible for underagers having access to alcohol. They probably realized that mistake in Dani’s season.

On a somewhat side note, I still have no idea how those idiots in BB11 couldn’t figure out Natalie wasn’t at least 21, despite her saying she wasn’t, when she was drinking alcohol. Duh!

On a super side note, if Brendon and Rachel did indeed get married, it’s bitter sweet for me. Congrats to Rachel, you deserved to win, but I still say with heavy sighs you could have probably done better (before I get the stupid replies I did last time for saying this, let me be clear, just bc Brendon is “good looking” and going to be a doctor, doesn’t mean he’s right for Rachel) However, Rachel, if you do see this, I wish you the best of luck in everything and I was rooting for you.

For those of you who didn’t know/see it and who put Natalie down on season 11 for being ugly, etc…She’s smoking hot in her wedding dress, when she married her idiot:

More about her wedding:

I need to figure out how to find a Natalie/Rachel of my own πŸ™


first season, thought it was solid. Im not a hardcore fan so i didn’t understand the Adam-hate, i thought he played a good game. Don’t understand all the jeff and jordan love either. I am told it is some kind of “cat lady” that likes these people? I don’t get the Dani-hate either, i thought she was the most interesting character on the show.


One of the rules of eligibility form: You must be in EXCELLENT Physical and Mental condition… How in the world did Adam, Kalia and Rachel manage to get through?

courtney williams



I know I felt bad for Adam, he’d be panting after every challenge. Did you see him after the big brother mix comp?!

I assume you’re saying how did Rachel get through the MENTAL health requirement.

Okay seriously I think a lot of that drama we saw was fake or at least intentionally exaggerated. Even some HGs called her crying fake like dick lol.

I think she acted that way knowing it’s what the producers like and what gets them back.

I also feel this way bc brenchel got another deal to do bold and the beautiful this October just as they did last year. Rachel knows what behavior stands out and gets them opportunities.

But I’ve been wondering since i heard it mentiOnes on the show or live feeds… Does she really have a shrink bc of the bad reputation she got and it being hard on her to deal with!


This season sucked and was rigged. Whoever can’t see that I really feel sorry for you because you are a target for plenty of shysters’.