Dan Gheesling Book: How to get Cast on Big Brother

Dan Geeshling

Dan Gheesling’s Book is out “How A Normal Guy Got Cast On Reality TV” and his in-depth Step By Step Guide to Getting on Reality TV The first one is free the second one costs some money but is well worth it I highly recommend you give it a look.

If you are thinking about applying to Big Brother 14 or any other major reality TV show Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling has written his story and gives crucial advice on how to do it. I believe this book will become the DE facto guide to the Big Brother Casting Process for regular people (large chested blonde’s and buff model dudes need not read this)

In this book Dan chronicles his multiple attempts to get on Big Brother, the rejections, billions of interviews and finally his methods to get on BB10. The book explains in great detail all the steps in the Big Brother Casting process including emails from casting, interview questions, interview strategies, how to make a audition tape, How to fill out the Big Brother 14 Application form, determining what characters casting wants, detailed 4 day journal of his casting process in LA and much more.

Dan explains that during the casting process he was in a meeting with 20 other potential houseguests He spent this time profiling the other applicants and used this to help him identify his roll on the show he stresses that

“Identifying my role was not obvious but it was imperative in how I adjusted my interviews during the Finals process.”

“Building an enemy persona or “anti me” is great Strategy to boost your storyline during the interviews.”

I’ve heard this from many other houseguests that some years they are looking for a particular set of characters and if you fit that mold than your casted otherwise try again. Dan talks about how to identify what they are looking for and adjust your interviews so you fit that person.

Dan goes in depth about the interview process and how it is one of the if not most important part of the Big Brother Casting Process. He provides a complete list of the most Frequently Asked casting questions and strategies on how to answer them.

One thing I found interesting is when Sydney Leier casting producer was interviewing Dan he asked him who he was going to vote for, I found it unusual they would ask him this type of question. They may not care who he’s voting for they want to see what happens when asked. Dan explains how he answered the question to his advantage calling it the trigger point and explains how can determine your trigger point.

“If she (Hillary Clinton) was elected, I would move out of the country!” I yelled.Sydney must have laughed for 2 minutes straight as I ranted….To say I believed everything I said would be a complete and utter lie…. I found a trigger point and slant on my personality that he liked, and I knew the casting executives would like it too. Determining the trigger point was a vital part of my strategy to get cast on Reality TV”

We’ve been a fan of Dan since we saw him destroy the competition on Big Brother 10. It’s players like this that we need more of. I highly recommend picking this book up if you plan to fill out that BB14 Application.

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I agree we need more BB house guests like him and Janelle, it sucks that people like them come on the show to compete and don’t win. Then Jordan wins by eating cookie dough and hair twirling.


Jordan played a good game whether you want to admit it or not. She wouldn’t have won if she didn’t. Don’t be a hater.


Last season Evel Dick had it right when he said he was the only former winner of BB. He won the game by having a plan and sticking to it.
Jordan didn’t do anything, I’m not sure she knew where she was, sure she is nice but clinging to someone then smiling a lot shouldn’t be enough.
If you think her game was so good I suspect you can’t win any games unless it is solitaire.


me too!
squabble says:
1February 23, 2012 at 11:58 am
I agree we need more BB house guests like him and Janelle, it sucks that people like them come on the show to compete and don’t win. Then Daniele wins by flirting with Nick and Dominic at the same time.
OMG! That’s totally messed up!

BB King
BB King

I was watching Dick at Nite (I hope that’s how he spells it) one time and James from season 6/7 was on. He said with regards to Dan that production cast him because they were going back to basics and needed another Dr. Will. Luckily for Dan he acted like Will acted and presented the same persona and strategy as Will. They cast him right away.

So yes BB is always looking for characters. If you recall, when Jersey Shore was a big hit BB cast Enzo.

Russell himself said that he modeled himself after Dick to get the part.

James and Matt from BB 12 also said that BB cast Adam as a character.

So it all depends on what kind of characters production is looking for.


Ya like when the casted Jordan they wanted someone dumb and boring


I agreed NAME:
You said that:
Name says:
February 23, 2012 at 6:01 pm
Ya like when the casted Daniele they wanted someone hot and flirtious!
That’s would be totally sick! Daniele should not messed around! Beside! Jordan is much smarter than that! Better luck next time!

Frank Granda jr.

The reason Allison Grodner will never fill a BB cast with just intelligent people like Danny Gheesling (although I think an all-intellectual cast would be awesome for a change) is because more than ANYTHING ELSE, CBS & Co. Want DRAMA and EMOTIONAL OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR. Intelligent intellectual people are not usually DRAMATIC or OUTRAGEOUS individuals. So, it will never happen. I STILL maintain that an ALL-STAR season with JUST WINNERS OF THE FULL 1/2 MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE against each other, would be a RATINGS BLOCKBUSTER and a GREAT BB SEASON!


I agree that a winner’s only BB would be a huge hit but with only 12 winners (count Jordan if we have to) who’s the wild card if any?

Frank Granda jr.

The wildcard would be ONE person from one of the past seasons, who was NOT a 1/2 million dollar winner, that is thrown into the mix by surprise during mid-season :-)


Simon, I saw a content and squabble use the w-word. I support women rights. Squabble other hand call women W**** . i just mind my own business.


I think an all star season with all the runners up would be a pretty cool season!!