Big Brother AllStar Jessie Godderz Wins at FWE Goes T*pless

Jessie Godderz After his Win at FWE no limits

Jessie Godderz, Big Brother superstar and OVW Pro Wrestler career has taken off. He’s renewed his contract with TNA IMPACT Wrestling and will début on SPIKE TV later this year. and has just come off a win at FWE no limits.

Heres a excerpt from Jessie’s Blog last month
My developmental contract with SPIKE TV’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling was indeed renewed and it is an absolute honor for me to be with this prestigious promotion for many, many years to come.

If things work out with TNA Jessie could be the most successful Big Brother alumnus, not bad for one of the most disliked players in the last 4 years. Not only has Jessie entered the Big Brother House for 2 seasons he’s been a guest for the Pandora’s Box Twist for the last 2 season, the last 4 season of Big Brother has had a Mr Pectacular in it.. AG loves her Gofferz. If it wasn’t for his TNA contract I would bet this July’s Big Brother Spoilers will have this this guy in it this July.

TMZ Catches Jessie on Sunday at LaGuardia Airport as he was returning from the FWE no limits event. This was his début with FWE on Saturday in Manhattan. During this event he was matched up with Jay Santana where he defeated him via a devastating pin.

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Upcoming Wrestling/Body Building Appearances

Jessie has tweeted that he is featured in a slew of upcoming Wrestling/Body Building magazines.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine (Mid March)
Planet Muscle Magazine (end of March)
Exercise & Health Magazine (end of March)
Men’s Workout magazine “FLEX YOUR PECS…Weightroom Drills for a POWER PACKED CHEST!”(February Edition)
MuscleSport Magazine (out now)

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7 thoughts on “Big Brother AllStar Jessie Godderz Wins at FWE Goes T*pless

  1. The only time I like Jessie is when he comes back as the “bad,” in Pandora’s Box. Then he is really funny and entertaining. Otherwise no. In all honesty I will say this though, Jessie was about to win BB11 but America screwed him over with the coup d’etat. He had the best alliance and could win HOH during the physical comps, Ronnie could compensate for the mental comps as could Chima.

    1. I agree that he was about to win until the twist, I think he and Russel were the best competitors that year.
      Jesse’s alliance was really strong but lacking in personality.

    2. That’s really sad that Jessie should won Big Brother 11 but got SCREWED! Well, Jessie shouldn’t be a wrestler. He should go back to Big Brother House Once again! Beside, he needs another chance of winning it!

    3. The ONLY time I liked Jessie was when he came back as the gorilla and kept making that ‘Jessie Sound’ (yeeep! yeeep!) he was also amusing torturing Rachel by trying to make her take all those absurd clothes & toys with his pictures, while all the other houseguests were outside having a shopping spree. But, as for being on BB himself, he was a LOST CAUSE. He did very little except EAT & SLEEP, much like Kahlia did. Natalie would have to run over and wake him up to whisper what was going on inside the house, since he never knew or cared to find out for himself. Like I said, A LOST CAUSE!


  3. If only Vince McMahon would sign him to WWE instead of Dixie Carter TNA! Jessie would be in the WWE! Like Raw or Smackdown!

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