“The Untouchables” Alliance: Jojo jokes that Joe looking at her so much …you can’t touch this!

12:50pm Up in the HOH room, Jojo, Shane, Ashley and Willie are talking. Ashley says that she doesn’t trust Janelle. She says that Wil told her he is voting out Kara. Willie says that we have to get out Frank. Willie tells Ashley to vote Frank out, no one will know who votes for who. Ashley says that right now I am playing both sides and I don’t want to do that. Willie says the ain’t going to think you did it, they will think Wil did it. They talk about how Janelle was working with us, then Dan and now she is trying to work with Mike. Ashley says that she doesn’t want you guys to think I am playing both sides. They all agree that they don’t. Ashley says that you guys are the only ones that care about me. Willie says that they aren’t going to know who voted Frank out. They won’t know who it was, it could be Ian, Wil or Jenn. Jojo says there is no way they will know. Ashley says that she doesn’t trust Joe at all! They say that last night he was really happy. Ashley says yeah get that shit eating grin off your face. Willie says I understand your situation do what you’re doing, you are nessessary to this alliance. Ashley says Frank hasn’t even said one word to me. Willie says watch about 30 minutes before the live show Mike will sprint to you or Jojo …a weak player … well not a weak player but a girl… and try and threaten you or convince you to vote Kara out. Just don’t let him sway you. Shane says just tell them you are voting Kara out …tell them whatever you need to tell them.

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Big Brother 14: Wil says Janelle is so fake. Ashley “OMG I thought it was just with me!”

10:50am Joe, Wil and Jenn are in the storage room. They talk about how they are voting for Frank to stay and how they can’t trust Janelle anymore. Kara comes into the storage room. Joe asks her if she is with Willie. Joe says that he is 100% against Willie and I am open about it. Joe asks her if she has a deal with him. Kara says that she doesn’t have a deal with anyone. Wil tells Kara that Willie put you up because he wanted you out, and last night he proved that by saying he wanted you to stay. Kara says that she doesn’t have an alliance or deal with anyone. Joe asks her if she has a one week deal. Kara says yeah but he doesn’t have a vote and he has that deal with everyone. Ashley joins them. Kara leaves. Joe asks Ashley if she is 100% voting to keep Frank. She says yeah. Joe says good because we need your vote. Jenn goes to get Ian. Ian comes in and Joe tells them that their alliance name is Diversity. (Joe, Jenn, Wil, Ian, Ashley) I say diversity because we are all diverse people from different walks of life. Joe reaffirms that they are all voting out Kara this week. He tells them that they all need to stick together till the final 6. He tells them that he wants them all to meet everyday for 5 minutes or less. Our diverse group needs to stick together. He repeats that Kara has to go home this week. We can ride this alliance to the final 6. They end the meeting and leave the storage room.
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Big Brother 14 Ashley says that she just found out that girls have a separate pee hole.

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7:20am Mike is up and sitting out in the backyard talking to himself. He says that Frank had the votes to stay. He says that he didn’t like Wil’s behavior. They are such amatures up here. They’re a bunch of sick-o-fant sheep. Mike says that he has got to send Willie back to those hot a$$ Louisiana docks. He says Dr. Will what up! These people are nuts in here. Mike gives a big shout out to Lance Bass and says sorry I had to lie to you that I was coming on your show last week. As you can see i’m kind of busy. The worst part about this is that even if tomorrow night, you get the HOH it is still going to be hard to get this piece of sh*t out of here. What a bunch of co*k suckers. But as we know this game changes on a dime. You’re gonna have to swallow a lot of pride to deal with these b*tches Boogie. Can you do it? Can you somehow interact with these people and not blow your top everyday? This is where I could really use Dr. Will in here. He was very good at keeping me calm. I don’t know this Willie guy gets under my nerves. Come on Ian, win this thing. Please be something that only requires brain and memory. Then we have a shot. I would pay to see team Britney’s face if Ian won this HOH. I would literally pay cash money to see the look on Willie and Shane’s face. Shane has one chance today to show his loyalty and if he chooses to roll with Willie then he will be stuck with Willie. Ian was the type of kid that Willie would pick on and it would be nice to see Willie’s face if Ian won HOH. Boogie then sits in silence and then goes to work out in the backyard.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Jojo says that Joe stares at her like he is picturing her naked in his head.

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1am Joe, Frank, Wil, and Janelle are in the kitchen talking about Willie. Frank says that Willie is just too much of a wannabe manipulator. Joe asks who figured that one out? Janelle says he did (pointing at Wil). Wil says that he is normally a good judge of people, and was so shocked when he started being so nice to him. When I’d go in a room he would go HEHEHE! He was doing that to mock me. He had me fooled for a second. And then I was blood honest. Frank says you got to be with the people you work with. Frank says that’s what I told him out side, and he said don’t talk to me! Willie comes down from the HOH room and heads outside. Joe comments on this being so awkward. I hate it. Frank says the last thing I want is a fu*king tie. Wil asks a what? Joe says a tie, because then Willie gets to send him out. Frank says that he would pull his fu*king hair out. Janelle asks Frank what he would do? Frank says I would be like, alright, eat your fu*king fruit loops! Joe says that he wants to send him home to run someone elses life, stop trying to run 12 of our lives. They comment on how Britney and Willie flirt with each other and its weird. The conversation changes to talking about Mike. Frank says that Mike wanted to be up talking game tonight but that he’s been in bed for an hour. Janelle says that he’s been in bed this whole game so far. Janelle laughs about how Willie is so egotistical and said that he was the biggest threat in this game.

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Big Brother 14 First FIGHT “I never said no nothing about a homosexual”

9:43pm HOH Ashley, Britney, Willie
Ashley: “this house is ridiculous.. Stories are getting twisted”
Britney: “This entire House is downstairs against you.. Frank was telling everyone that you were making fun of Wil’s voice”
Who the fuck said that.. Britney: “Frank”. Willie gets up to talk to Frank but Britney stops him.

Ashley: “Everyone is twisting words down there like crazy”
Britney: “The coaches are trying to get rid of you because they think you are casuung trouble”
Britney: “EVERYONE is downstairs talking about you and Frank is starting it all”
Willie: “He’s gone this week”

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‘Big Brother 14’ Willie is Worried about Shane: “He’s so focused on pu$$y right now his mind is off the game”

7:37pm Aracde Room Jojo and Frank She’ll give Frank her vote but she needs to know that things are good between her and him she doesn’t want any sneaky shit going on with Boogie.
Frank: “I’ve been trying to get on this show for 3 years i’m not going to play someone elses game.. This is my game i’m playing it my way”
jojo tells him that he’s got her vote.
Willie joins them
Willie doesn’t think they have the votes, Frank asks if it’s Shane. Willie isn’t worried about Shane. Frank doesn’t get it if he’s not worried about Shane who is he worried about. Frank: “I don’t know” JOJO: “You better not be worried about me”
Frank: “Do you feel good about Shane”
Willie: “I don’t know dude”
Frank: “I trust Jojo, Jenn and Ian”
Willie: “I trust JoJO with my kids life”
Willie: “This is what makes me nervous about Shane.. I told him that no one better switch up their vote this week.. Shane looked back at me and said How would you know who did it though” Jojo says she heard it to.
Willie: “everyone is saying I Mad dogged joe but I’m not mad dogging joe.. He’s the one that started all that shit up in the HOH today”
Willie points out that the coaches have been talking about the joining the game since day one and now they act like it’s something horrible and ridiculous to discuss but it wasn’t horrible when Britney, Janelle and Dan talked about it in the backyard. Willie mentions that Britney and Janelle talked about getting dropped back into the game for a hour while he was pretending to sleep.

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‘Big Brother Spoilers’ The Diversity Alliance 2 country boys and a homosexual

6:27pm Hot tub Frank and Boogie
Frank is positive that he has the votes to stay counts Jenn, Ian and all of Janelle’s team. Frank has talked to Joe and Joe is wanting to put willie up if he wins HOH this week.
Boogie: “That would be great take the blood of our hands”
Frank mentions that Willie has been talking dirt about Joe, Frank thinks Willie has a 1 week deal with everyone in the house.
Boogie: “He’s trying too hard” (Willie)
Frank is positive that Willie is lying to him, he’s sure Willie has been lying to almost everyone in the house for the past 3 days. Boogie tells him that Willie is Imploding and to be doing it week one is crazy
Frank talks about his alliance with Joe and Wil, Joe is calling it diversity alliance , “Me and him country boys and a homosexual”
Jenn joins them
Jenn wonders why Willie would do what he did..
Frank: “he’s lying to my face.. he’s lost control”
Boogie:he’s trying to live up to some family name” Frank and Jenn agree
Frank tells them that Willie hasn’t been making much sense lately he’s talking about these alliances and side deals that don’t work.
Boogie: “He speaks in more riddles than Jim Carrey as the riddler”
Boogie: “Our group out of the three are the tightest in the house.. the more of Willie’s craziness and paranoia causes fracturing in the other groups GREAT”
Frank and Jenn Agree.. Frank leaves.

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Big Brother 14 – Coaches Discuss Willie’s Game Play “Classic over play.. too hard too fast”

3:27pm Backyard Dan, Jojo, Janelle and Boogie They’re talking about the seasons of Big Brother they had been on. Janelle explains that when she came back to host a competition during Big Brother 8 and Eric Stein said something nasty about her

Dan: “I predict in the next 20 hours someone is going to snap”
janelle: “Some of thes people are not too bright”
Boogie: “no no it’s good I would love a good throw down”
Boogie: “I want to hear a take from Jojo she’s the least fitlered”
Boogie: “I love how there is an allaince to get us out of the game.. what are you talking about”
Dan: “Apparently i’m the smoothest talker in the house”
Janelle: “The good news is when our players leave we get to go home no jury house”
Dan: “Does the jury house suck?” … Feeds cut
They are having a laugh about Willie’s revolt against the coaches.
Janelle laughs: “All the coaches have to leave the house.. don’t they understand that they’ll need to go as well”
Boogie: “This is crazy paranoia .. Defcon 10 level paranoia.. “

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Joe says the fu*king minute his HOH is over, I’m drawing a line!

12:30pm In the Kicks room, Frank and Joe are talking. Frank tells Joe that he isn’t sure he should tell him this, cuz I don’t want you to run to Willie but I don’t know if I can trust him. Joe says that he can’t either. Frank says that he would rather go right after him next week, or maybe go after someone who is real close to him. Frank says that he really likes how you and I are have a getting along right now. Joe tells Frank that Willie told him that he is telling people that he wants the votes to be mixed so that that no one will know how the votes fell. Joe says that way you would have to come after us because you wouldn’t know who voted you out, that way he is safe. Frank is pissed because Willie has been telling him it will be a clean sweep. Frank asks who do you think we can get to vote with us. Joe says Jenn, me, you, Wil and Ashley. Joe says if you fu*k around with Willie now after this then we are done. Frank says if we can get someone else on our team to win and get the blood on their hands. Joe says he will work on Wil and Ashley. Joe will work on Ian and Jenn. Frank says that we can’t come out about the alliance until after Thursday. Joe says yeah I know.

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Big-Brother-14-live-feeds-july -17-1056am

Big Brother 14 Joe says big brother gave them the name, I don’t need a coach.

10am Britney heads up to the HOH room to talk to Willie. Britney tells Willie that he is making people uncomfortable. Willie says that he isn’t. Willie and Britney go into the bathroom to talk. Britney tells Willie that she is not going down for this because people are going to think it came from me. Willie says that it didn’t come from you, I walked in on Frank and Boogie talking about the numbers. Britney says why don’t we just play the game that we know we have. Mike doesn’t even think it’s going to happen anyways even if it was now it won’t because there is so much talk about it. Britney says that if someone comes up to me and asks me about it I will say that I heard it from you and you heard it from Frank. Willie says fine. Britney heads back down stairs.

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Big Brother 14 AUDIO LEAK What Big Brother Doesn’t Want You to Hear!

7:45am Mike is out on the backyard couch drinking an iced coffee. Willie comes out to join him. Mike asks him if he was up late. Willie says yeah. Mike asks with who? Willie says a few people here and there. Willie says that something ain’t right in this house. Mike says like what did something crazy happen last night? Willie says no, just things I see don’t make sense. Mike you don’t mean us do you? Willie says no, we’re good. Mike says he sees Britney and Janelle spend more time up there. Mike tells Willie to try and break up the foursome because they are going to be your strongest competition. Willie asks Mike what he should do if he were him. Mike says to have a few alliances, one main one and then a few extra ones just in case to get their votes. I think you’ve set yourself up pretty nicely to get out of the first week unscathed.
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Britney says she is about to crap her pants ..the coaches are about to enter the game!

12:20am Wil and Willie are out in the backyard talking about how it would have been a totally different game with the coaches. Willie says that its been tough for him having to put up two good people. Will says that he can’t talk game right now. Joe comes out and sits down with them. Joe says that everyone just needs to stop talking because the other side is trying to start stuff and we just need to calm down and do what we need to do. Joe talks about how Frank fu*ked him. Willie says that we will be fine. Willie heads inside. Wil tells Joe that he doesn’t trust Willie. Joe says that he doesn’t trust him either. Wil says that they shouldn’t tell Janelle everything and that the coaches are playing their own game. Joe says lets trust them until they screw us and then we’ll float the other direction. Joe says they are weeks away from not trusting Janelle. Joe says that they need to stay under the radar, let them fight it out. Joe says that he has alliances all over. Janelle joins them and tells them her talk with Dan. She says that she told him that it doesn’t look good for Kara. She says that for Danielle to be safe she needs to win HOH. Janelle says that Dan is shocked that Frank isn’t the one going this week. Janelle asked are these people stupid? Janelle says leaving Frank in the game is a dumb move. Joe says yeah but we need to do it, we are listening to too much sh*t. Stop listening to Dan and Boogie.

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