Big Brother 14 Ashley says that she just found out that girls have a separate pee hole.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22


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7:20am Mike is up and sitting out in the backyard talking to himself. He says that Frank had the votes to stay. He says that he didn’t like Wil’s behavior. They are such amatures up here. They’re a bunch of sick-o-fant sheep. Mike says that he has got to send Willie back to those hot a$$ Louisiana docks. He says Dr. Will what up! These people are nuts in here. Mike gives a big shout out to Lance Bass and says sorry I had to lie to you that I was coming on your show last week. As you can see i’m kind of busy. The worst part about this is that even if tomorrow night, you get the HOH it is still going to be hard to get this piece of sh*t out of here. What a bunch of co*k suckers. But as we know this game changes on a dime. You’re gonna have to swallow a lot of pride to deal with these b*tches Boogie. Can you do it? Can you somehow interact with these people and not blow your top everyday? This is where I could really use Dr. Will in here. He was very good at keeping me calm. I don’t know this Willie guy gets under my nerves. Come on Ian, win this thing. Please be something that only requires brain and memory. Then we have a shot. I would pay to see team Britney’s face if Ian won this HOH. I would literally pay cash money to see the look on Willie and Shane’s face. Shane has one chance today to show his loyalty and if he chooses to roll with Willie then he will be stuck with Willie. Ian was the type of kid that Willie would pick on and it would be nice to see Willie’s face if Ian won HOH. Boogie then sits in silence and then goes to work out in the backyard.


9:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Frank and Boogie are out in the backyard. Frank tells mike that right now he thinks he has the votes. He says that he talked to Ashley and she said he had her vote. Mike says that it seems like Frank is doing a good good by himself and that whenever he gets involved his reputation gets brought up. Frank says that Janelle seems really receptive to the whole thing especially when you’re not around. Frank says that he will talk to Joe some more. Mike and Frank talk about Ashley. Mike calls her dopey. Mike says that you can’t really count on her, she talked about how she was afraid to ask for the money when she did spray tans. So I think she might just be saying what both sides wants to hear. Frank says that Shane said he is going to talk to Britney about whether or not he should separate himself from Willie because he’s a cancer.

9:25am Wil and Joe are talking in the arcade room. Joe says if we went Kara then you have Ian and Jenn who will never trust you again. So that puts up with 5 major enemies, we can’t go into week 2 with 5 enemies. Wil and Joe both say that they never told Kara she had their votes, only if she had the votes would they vote for her. Wil says that he is going to go with Joe and vote for Frank to stay. Joe and Wil talk about how much Janelle wants Boogie out. Joe and Wil discuss the coaches enterig the game and the contracts they signed. Joe says that they only way a contract would we invalid would be if they offered them less money. They can offer them more money.
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9:40am Jojo and Ian are outside on the couch talking. Jojo talks about taking advantage of using the HOH bed for the next couple days while she can. She tells him he needs to win this week and if he does she and Ashley will be up there with him. Ian tells her yeah she and Ashley could stay up there. Jojo says they could all fit in the bed. Ian says as long as Ashley is next to him that’s all he cares. Willie joins them. He tells them that he got rid of a lot of stress last night, even though he didn’t want it to go down like that.


Kara and Danielle are talking in the hammock. Kara talks about how Frank is still campaigning hard. Kara says that she prayed hard the other day and that her prayers got answered. Danielle tells Kara that Janelle told her that her team is going to vote with the majority. Kara and Danielle head inside. Meanwhile, Wil and Ashley are in the bathroom talking. Wil says if we vote for Kara we are going to piss off Ian. Kara and Danielle walk in and the conversation stops. Big Brother then calls for an out door lock down. All the house guests head out into the backyard. Ashley tells the others that she just found out that girls have a separate pee hole. Frank says that he doesn’t want to hear that right now.


10:20am – 10:35am Britney and Shane are laying out on the hammock together. Shane asks Britney who she thinks will win this game. Britney says that you were my first pick so obviously you. I think Jojo has a good chance too, but its harder for girls to win this thing. Shane asks Britney to tell him any thing that could help him, he wants to hear what she thinks. He says that I am playing my own game but its in your best interest for me to win. Britney says that Joe is burning his own bridge, he is making deals all over the place. Shane agrees. Britney talks about how she laid down last night and then woke up hearing Willie made a gay slur. So I asked Frank and he said no he was just mocking Wil. They talk about the votes. Shane says that he thinks Joe is going to vote out Frank. Shane says that Ian and Jenn want Frank to stay. Britney says that she thinks she can get Dan to work with them. She says that she thinks Janelle is going to work with Boogie. Shane tells Britney how Danielle is like a lost puppy, she even watched me eat last night. It was so weird. Britney tells Shane that he needs to start studying and counting things in the house. Big Brother calls an end to the lock down. Britney tells Shane that the other day she saw two guys standing up pointing into the yard. She says they were pointing at a certain part of the yard and she says the Q&A is always on the other part of the yard. She says that also a little piece of paper baggie fell on her and the only other time she saw that was when they had the ski competition and it was the snow.


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Red Lampshade

It’s not necessarily in Ian and Jenn’s best interests for Frank to stay. If he goes, then they increase their odds of being safe should Mike win another Coaches Competition


its too risky to go and lose the trust of your coach this early in the game…


shit its not looking good for willie…but hantz almost always prevail in this type of game so this is actually his element


Can’t stand joe fake azz he needs to go home. He started all this shit with willy, I think willy needs to stay around for at least 3 more wks for the entertainment factor, and why the hell did big brother put Ian in this house, he is such a waste of space there.


I wish this season had better players I havent found anyone I liked 🙁


So Simon, who’s going home?


I haven’t watched the feeds this morning.. I start at 3:00pm and with this group it changes every 30 minutes


yesterday was a bad day for willie he just needs to keep his head up …. frank needs to go


Did anyone else notice that yesterday 3 different times, Dan said ” In the next 24 hours, somethings gonna blow up” and then it did? Very interesting…..He called it like he had something to do with it!


Is it okay to talk about Willie today or will I be ganged up on by the Brit fans?


Keras going home. Ashley and Wil had a convo in the hammock this morning and I’d definitely say those two are for sure against Kera.


If I was Kera, I would go to Ash and Wil to form a seven ppl alliance. A-Willie,Shane,Jojo,Ash,Wil, Kera and Dani. Leaving B-Joe,Ian,Jenn. If alliance B- wins next ,obviously Willie or Shane goes. A plus for Ash/Wil.. If A Alliance wins evict Joe, then Ash, Wil, Kera and Dani will force Ian or Jenn with choice of eviction or joining them and split from Britts team and take them out. Final 4 pact of Dani, Kera, Ash, and Wil. Benefit of keeping Wille short term would be leaving a huge target in the game everyone whats out. Frank, no benefits other than making top 6 at best. IDK If this a flawed strategy?


I think Ashley will make it far in this game, she’s definitely getting underestimated.


From the way it all looks, after catching up with everything, it really does look like Kara is going home. The blow up that happened in the backyard worked to Frank’s advantage because now everyone sees how Willie will get if something gets under his skin and no one wants to live around someone who blows up all the time. Simon, you called it though, this house switched and sways with the wind. I still think though that Frank is going to stay and it seems like quite a few people are wanting Ian to win this week, would be an interesting switch in power. Plus, for everyone thinking Ian doesn’t got game, he is playing the best one right now…he is laying low, he isn’t pissing people off, and he is slowly building relationships in the house. I am not for one particular player right now, just interested in how the game goes. Nothing is dull this season, that is the only certainty right now.


I was thinking the same thing about Ian, I think Joe’s game is very similar to Shelly’s from last season but he has just started to soon. The girls all like Ian, because they think he is the cute nerdy kid, who is just there for the fun social experience and the guys all don’t mind him because they don’t see him as a threat in any way, on top of the fact that no one has had a problem with him since day 1 and he has a decent relationship with everyone in the house, I think right now Ian has the best game hands down.


I just started watching the feeds yesterday, and I am so confused about Ashley…Does anyone know who she is voting for?


I don’t have a clue.. but I haven’t seen the feeds this morning.


Wow Jojo said that to Ian? First she is whoring herself out to Willie and now to Ian. Ian doesn’t even care about her. He’s so into Ashley.

I agree with Boogie. Ian would make everyone shit their pants if he won HOH.


I’d be happy to show Ashley around her body and identify all of her holes.