“The Untouchables” Alliance: Jojo jokes that Joe looking at her so much …you can’t touch this!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22


12:50pm Up in the HOH room, Jojo, Shane, Ashley and Willie are talking. Ashley says that she doesn’t trust Janelle. She says that Wil told her he is voting out Kara. Willie says that we have to get out Frank. Willie tells Ashley to vote Frank out, no one will know who votes for who. Ashley says that right now I am playing both sides and I don’t want to do that. Willie says the ain’t going to think you did it, they will think Wil did it. They talk about how Janelle was working with us, then Dan and now she is trying to work with Mike. Ashley says that she doesn’t want you guys to think I am playing both sides. They all agree that they don’t. Ashley says that you guys are the only ones that care about me. Willie says that they aren’t going to know who voted Frank out. They won’t know who it was, it could be Ian, Wil or Jenn. Jojo says there is no way they will know. Ashley says that she doesn’t trust Joe at all! They say that last night he was really happy. Ashley says yeah get that shit eating grin off your face. Willie says I understand your situation do what you’re doing, you are nessessary to this alliance. Ashley says Frank hasn’t even said one word to me. Willie says watch about 30 minutes before the live show Mike will sprint to you or Jojo …a weak player … well not a weak player but a girl… and try and threaten you or convince you to vote Kara out. Just don’t let him sway you. Shane says just tell them you are voting Kara out …tell them whatever you need to tell them.


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1:30pm Ashley says that Joe told me if they see me up hear I am dead to them. They tell her not to worry he is in the pool now. Willie says that we will be good next week if we win. Shane says we just can’t let Ian, Joe, or Jenn win. They talk about how they think Frank is good, but he ain’t. They all all talk about wanting to redo their goodbye messages. Jojo says “you thought you were good, but you’re a$$ is gone!” Ashley says that she can’t even talk to Joe, he is a trouble maker. Willie says we just got to stick to the game plan. Frank blew up yesterday and what I did was a mistake. Willie says that if the coaches do come in she will join us. Willie says you know how hard it is to trust people in this game, but I trust everyone of you. Ashley, Jojo and Shane agree and say that they trust each other too. They talk about how they have been together since day one. Ashley says if the coaches do come into the game we vote everyone of them out. They talk about how they gave Frank 2 chances and he screwed himself. Willie says we got 40% of the people in this house, and they have 60% for 3 groups. Willie asks Shane if they need to worry about Danielle. Shane says no, I got that. Willie says that he is going to lay back the next couple days. Willie thinks they may need to go get rid of Wil. They agree that if anyone says anything just come to us and ask us. Willie says that if we have to add someone to this group, they aren’t really a part of the group we will get need of them when we need too. Ashley says that Wil brought up a good point with Janelle, why would you leave your 7 month old baby just for $70 grand after taxes .. she is here for the $500,000. Her husband owns a company, she doesn’t need the $70 grand. Ashley says hopefully there is a double eviction when the coaches come in so that we can evict their a$$es. Two of them won the $500,000 already. They talk about what their alliance name should be, “the untouchables”. Jojo jokes that Joe looking at her so much …you can’t touch this! Willie says that he made a mistake not believing people telling him not to trust Frank. They break up the conversation and head downstairs.


1:35pm Britney and Danielle are laying out by the pool talking about ex-boyfriends.

2:05pm Meanwhile in the kicks room, Kara and Frank are talking about the votes. Kara asks Frank if he know what going to happen. Frank says no. He tells her that he isn’t even campaigning against her, he is just campaigning for votes. Joe joins them. Kara leaves to go shower. Frank says that he is a little worried about Ashley, she has been spending a lot of time up there. Joe says what if she didn’t vote our way. Frank says it would be a 4-4 vote… and Willie would make the decision. Joe says FU*K! Frank says that he told Janelle and she is going to keep her away from Willie today. Joe says that he will talk to her too. Frank wonders if he should sit down with her and get to know her more …because Willie has spent way more time with her. Joe says if she goes the other way she is dead! She is basically cashing her ticket out of this house. I don’t want to have to say that to her but maybe I will have to tell her that as an intimidation factor. Joe says that he just doesn’t want Ashley upstairs and if she went up there after our meeting ..that scares me. Frank says well maybe she was just try to hide it. Joe says but I told her not to go up there any more. Frank says well Janelle is gonna work on her and I think she listens to her. Joe says that he thinks Ashley is just too scared to tell them .. remember she said she was too scared to collect money from clients ..that tells me her personality.. (Big Brother cut the feeds)


The house guests get put on an indoor lock down. In the arcade room, Joe, Wil and Jenn are talking. Joe is concerned about Ashley being upstairs. Wil says don’t worry about it she is good with us, she is just working it. Joe says good because we are screwed if she screws us. Jenn comment on how she got some bad news from the diary room. Kara asks her if everything is okay at home. Jenn says yeah, I am just losing out on a lot being in here. I just hope things work out well at the end and I win.
2:35pm In the kitchen, Danielle talks about how her 21 year old brother takes a shower in the dark. They all tell her that he is playing with himself. Daneille says EWWW GROSS! Jojo says oh don’t act like you’ve never done that in the shower. Danielle says she hasn’t. Jojo says yeah right like the shower head or a vibrator.
Joe and Frank are in the kicks room talking. Frank says that he doesn’t see Britney winning a coaches challenge. Joe says you never know, it could be Q&A. Dan come in and the conversation ends. Joe then tells Frank to continue. Frank says if Dan wins coaches challenge then we put up Shane and Willie. Dan smiles. They ask Dan if they are up on the block they can’t vote right. Dan says yeah.


2:45pm – 3pm Back in the arcade room, Britney and Kara are looking at the carnival game. They mention that the lights are no longer flashing. Kara says maybe there will be something in one of the balls and we try and get it. Kara and Danielle are now doing their hair and make-up in the bathroom. The others are napping and making food in the kitchen. Ian and Ashley are in the have-not room talking. Ian says that he is looking out for her. He tells her not to worry about the meeting this morning, we should just play along with it. We are in good with both sides. Ashley says I keep getting confused because it keeps changing who we are voting out. I am voting to keep Frank. Ashley tells Ian that Joe needs to calm the fu*k down.


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3:30pm Bedroom Boogie and Frank
highlights of the conversation
Boogie explains to Frank that he’s thinking Ashley is siding with wil, Boogie heard wil says there will be a big surprise this Thursday. Frank isn’t sure
Boogie: “I f*cking hate this B!tch she wants to get down this summer” (Talking about Janelle)

3:45pm Cam 3-4 Arcade room Joe and Janelle
Joe: “the house is feeling like Willie, Danielle, Kara, JoJO and Shane are teaming up”
Joe: “Willie is thinking that he has 5 votes”
Joe explains how Frank is positive that Jenn and Ian are voting for him and so is Wil and himself. The only swing vote is AShley.
Janelle: “Why don’t we bring Ashley in here hash it out”
Joe: “cause I don’t know of if we can trust her”
Janelle is confused she didn’t think Ashley will do this, she was always under the impression that Ashley was with them.
Joe isn’t sure he’s leaning towards Ashley being against them he’s hearing things in the house. Joe is certain that Willie has a one week deal with Dan but after that he think Dan will be open.
Janelle: “Willie has a one week deal with everyone in the house”
Joe lets out a big sigh: “They totally think they have ash.. I dunno Janelle”
Janelle: “they do?”
Joe: “I was swimming with Dan and he’s confident.. I mean 100% confident”
Janelle: “Dan is cocky that is how he plays”
Joe: “we’re screwed.. we’re dead they have the votes”
Joe: “If that’s the case we’re cooked we can’t make a move becuase we’ve gone from one side of the house to the other”
Janelle: “Ashley knows better”
Joe: “I think she’s going to play the stupid card.. she’ll walk into the vote and vote to evict Frank then claim she made a mistake was confused” (LOL)

4:52pm Feeds are on fish for the past 40 minutes something is up in the BB house

5:02pm Trivia

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Untouchable alliance, maybe either best or worst. We don’t know who the Untouchable alliance are?


The Untouchable alliance doesn’t even know who’s in the Untouchable alliance.


i like the way ashley is playing kinda reminds me of dr.will

im intrested in knowing what side is gonna pick !


I think from now on they should refer to the coaches as “c’oaches” which is short for cockroaches. The vets always seem like cockroaches, you just can’t seem to get rid of the,.


There are so many alliances and side deals going on, my head is swirling! They wasted no time this year with the backstabbing and rumours. It will take a little more time I think before things settle down and each persons role in the house becomes better defined. But then again with the way this season has shot out of the gate, we may have a whole season of total chaos. I love BB!


with all this crazyness , sure makes my day look and feel boring … i dont know about the other viewers but my head feels like i have had one too many .. dont know whats up and down …. they keep changing their minds…lol… loving it … Willie was right with his comment early in the game .. ( someone will be swinging from the rafters before this is over and done with .) hint hint BOOGERS …LOL


Haha I’ts true everone has an alliance with everyone, but lines will be drawn after the vote

Beyonce fan

Let’s se if janelle can get to asshley lol.


Krista, Monica, and Hardy on Season 2 called themselves the untouchables. She said in her talk with Julie in the HOH room we call ourselves UT, untouchables.


at 22:15 she says it


I just realized that Kara is Kara Monaco, the Playboy Playmate. You can see her shaved vagina if you google her.


I’m not too ashamed to admit it, I googled her after reading your post and WOW, she makes an amazing Playboy Bunny, but she is a pretty lame BB player. I mean after the blow out Willie and Frank had she should have been all over the place campaining for votes. She’s not shy enough to gear down and show us the goods but she is too shy to be an effective BB player. Too bad.


(Minus Joe)


I totally agreed! What up with different alliance scrambling back and forth? At first, they form a 6 alliance and now they broke apart!


Yeah this season for sure is wild and fun watching…still i am skepticle of shane and ashley..thursday we will surley see who side everyone is really one..enough with the bullshit Go team willie!!!!


I still cannot see the fight from last night on flashback? I am going to July 17, at 10:15PM and nothing?


This site’s time is 3 hours back for me (NYC) so I get the fight at 1:15am (7/18). Try changing time.


Keep watching, it happens in the next 10-20 minutes from that time.


You have to flash it back depending on what time zone you are in. For me, I am in central so I had to flash back to 12:15am instead of 10:15pm because that’s when it would have happened, my time.


me too ..the we will be right back screen comes up.. i cant stand joe


You have to adjust for your local time. 1:15 am for east coast, etc


The guys on here are going to love that pic of Britney. lol I’m just curious, where is Mike Boogie? He seems to be on a sleeping vacation.


Kalia would not know what who to eliminate this season but she would probably follow around Janie and try to seduce Shane or Frank or maybe even Willie, heck even Ian. Shelly would fit in so well. PT would have been regulated week 1…oh wait, he was on his season too. Adam would have been sent home in that first HOH.


Joe and Willie are kind of blending into the same person.


I don’t care who but I want someone to get Jojo out before jury, pleassssse I cannot stand it.


Jojo need to go, she’s a hot mess.


HoJo is just unnecessarily mean to Danielle. What a catty broad.


HOJO, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is becoming so confusing! I need the episodes to see where everyone’s heads are truly at. Haha. But this is definitely shaping up to be a great season! Has there ever been this much chaos/turmoil/gameplay in the 1st week?


Definitely not that I can remember.


There is a new alliance or deal in pretty much every post. This is crazy town. Ashley has me baffled, I think she’s just going along with whoever happens to be talking to her at the time and she seems like she’s down no matter who she talks to. It’s going to be interesting to find how she ends up voting since each side of the house thinks they have her locked down. The shit’s going to hit the fan Thursday big-time.


We need to see some diary rooms!


Why did Janelle leave her baby? I can’t imagine it!!


I feel like JoJo is just a follower behind Willie and Shane. If I got a hundred dollars for every time she’s said I been down for you since day 1, I’d probably have a couple grand. All she seems worried about is talking about people and making endless promises that she’s going to fight her heart out.

Her head is just too big for me. I think she needs to actually win some comps before claiming she’s the strongest girl in the house. Especially, when she’s in the presence of Janelle.


oooh they are playing a secret game. hmm what could it be


Looks like Boogie is going down. Janelle & Brit have told Dan about him….not sure if Boogie is playing the game smart. I hope they don’t send Frank home……it will make it more interesting …..competitive if he stays in the house. This season seems a bit slow.


A bit slow? What are you watching? More has happened in the first week this season than the first 3 weeks of any of the last few seasons. It’s just chaos in this house.


If you only had the live feeds LOL


Right. I don’t have the live feeds. I think it would be more interesting (for me) if each player was playing for themselves. Without the feeds it looks like Janelle and Brit are using their players as puppet dolls….just pull the strings. No one is really thinking for themselves.


Plus I think last season the chaos surrounded around getting Rachael out of the house I’ll see what happens on Thursday….I want something to jump off that makes the coaches mouths hang open …..something like somebody….anybody going against a coach and using their own brain and judgement.


it’s all out chaos in the house


Avatar ideas for this season:

Jojo = Snooki (or Enzo?)
Sean= Tom Cruise (duh) or maybe a mashup of Nick/Hayden
Willie= Russell
Wil= Sebasitan Back of Skid Row
Janelle= Jessica Rabbit
Boogie= creepy-ass Isaac from “Children of the Corn.”
Dan= Woody from “Toy Story.”
Kara=Playboy Bunny logo
Ian=Steve Albini (looks JUST like him), but few would get that, so I’d say Bill Nye.
Jodi=evicted, so…I dunno
Ashley, Brit, Jenn, Danielle = I dunno yet.


I mean “Shane” not Sean and I meant Bach, not Back.


I take a few back.

Boogie should be either a Punch doll or Mac Tonight.

Ian should be Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory.

Carol & Steve

Ian is definitely Carl from Phineas & Ferb! We’ve called Frank Shaggy since day one – keep looking for scooby doo. 🙂


Joe as Shelly hahaha

Thats a great list!


M.C. I half agree and disagree..
Ian=Carl of Phineas & Ferb
Joe=Roger Clemens
Kara=Allison Pill
Just look at these picture. Does Ian looks like Carl of Phineas & Ferb? Please reply to me.


Carl…HAHAHAHA! WAY too perfect! Didn’t think of that! YES!


Ian is Milhouse in our circle…


lol @ joe=shelly


I thought Sebastian too, for Wil. haha! I still call Britney, Pazuzu from her season’s avatar. Good list. Janelle’s like some big blonde amazon goddess.


Pazuzu from the Exorcist? HAHAHA! Brit’s all married and acting like a den mother now. They need to use a pic of Martha Stewart. Evil and domestic.


M.C. Here are the avatars for Houseguest
Shane:Tom Cruise or Matthew Fox
Ian:Carl of Phineas & Ferb
Ashley:Porsche 2.0 or Kelly Carlson
Danielle:Jordan 2.0
Joe:Roger Clemens
Frank:Shaun White
Kara:Allison Pill
Jenn:Rosie Perez or Lydia 2.0
Jodi:Kalia 2.0


Ashley=Porsche 2.0! HAHAHA!


Kara’s gotta stay a Playboy Bunny logo,cuz all those blondes look alike. The only thing funnier is if they used a picture of Hugh Hefner! HAHAHAHA!


M.C. I’ll be honest to you! Here is the avatar
-Frank:Shaun White (Snowboarder)
-Shane:Tom Cruise or Matthew Fox
-Joe:Roger Clemens
-Ian:Carl of Phineas & Ferb
-Ashley:Porsche 2.0 or Kelly Carlson
-Danielle:Jordan 2.0 or Kate Ziegler (Swimmer)
-Kara (Allison Pill)
Simon what you think? I’m not fighting. I’m trying to be honest!


So what changed with Janelle? I thought she was pushing to keep Kara rather than Frank which was what mainly caused the fracture between her and Britney, now that Willie want’s Frank out she suddenly wants to keep him? I can’t keep up with these people, they practically change their votes in the span of a conversation.


That’s where i’m lost at, where did Britney and Janelle get disconnected at. Simon, Dawg or anyone, which post set off their demise with each other… I HAVE TO READ THAT, Thanks.
I’ve been following this site for 3 yrs thanks so much for spending the time , writing out the feeds.


From what I noticed, it wasn’t a break between Janelle and Britney, but rather between Janelle and Willie. Willie does not follow Britney. Britney follows Willie. The Janelle/Britney teams’ alliance agreed to vote Frank out, but all of a sudden Willie made a deal with Frank to keep him there and that’s where it all started. Soon after that, Willie saw Janelle chat with Dan and got all paranoid that coaches are a threat to the players. It’s all on Willie, not Janelle and not on Britney.


JoJo is the female Enzo.


I hated Carrot Top (Frank) for a lil’ while and after hearing “APREECH” on tv, I want him to go and have Willie send his @ss home from the hopeful tie-breaker vote


‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’


Is it me or does it feel like this game is going WAY toooooooo fast? Don’t get me wrong guys I love what’s going on lots of game is being played but it is literally only the 2nd episode? Lol I feel like having the coaches there is kind of forcing the newbies hands a bit. I mean I don’t honestly think Willie wanted to put up Frank (I have not watched an episode of “After Dark” yet so I could be out the loop). To me Willie putting up Frank was sort of a big move in a way, I thought he could of nominated two people without putting a bigger target on his back. Like I said I have not been watching After Dark so I’m not too sure which way the house is leaning whether it is in favor of Kara or Frank. I just feel like the addition of the coaches is forcing the newbies hands and they’re kind of dictating their game so far. Then again it’s only week 1!


I think Ashley REALLY is tied into (alligned with) Willie and JoJo. I think that aliance is for real tight–we’ll see.

And if that IS the case, it’s just a matter of time before Ian comes tagging along also. It is logic versus penis.

IMO, looking at Ian and listening to him, I am of the opinion, that if Ashley shows him so much as a small nip-slip, Ian will do whatEVER Ashely says. Ashley may hold the ultimate key to ALL of Ian’s decisions this season. Does she realize that?


At the end of the episode tonight (Wednesday night), the announcer said “Turn in tomorrow when the houseguests unite against the coaches”, what do you think that means? Just that they are starting to rebel against the coaches, or that the coaches will now start playing?


I think it will be a competition
Maybe the secret game ?

bbfan14 g

Frank is leaving for sure because Ashley is telling Willies side everything and telling Joe and them absolutely nothing. Shes voting to keep Kara. Joe is an idiot about intimidating Ashley…………no one is scared of him, he has NO power in the house and created possibly the worst alliance ever, the strongest person in that alliance who isn’t on the block is Wil and he doesn’t even trust his coach, let alone his team.

Carol & Steve

Hey Simon!

Just letting you know that Steve & I sent you a small donation via paypal. Wish it could be more – maybe next time. 🙂 We appreciate all you & Dawg do keeping us updated. I swear between reading your updates & watching BBAD my head is spinning!


Thanks! much appreciated

Jo Jo's big head

Jo Jo sure has a big head and thinks she’s the shit.
I actually think she is the least attractive one in the house.
It is always the sixes who think they are the tens.

Brown eyes

HELP guys… to commenting….just read ya’alls comments. Did Willie really make comments relating to Wil being gay and talk in a girly voice and flop his hands around..I missed it durn it????


Hey Simon, Dawg and all the familar and new faces here , first chance I have had to post this year although been follwoing on the mobile app….get it folks it is superhandy to check out what the hell these nutbars are doing .. and i have to say watching these goofy bastards this year has made up for a couple of lackluster years.. but as I said good to be back and as always Keep up the good work Lads .. you do a fantastic job and thanks for the app rocks .


Hey Boilermaker, Glad you like the app. Great to see you back!