Big Brother Spoilers – Dan: “When we get dropped in .. the real fun Begins”

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10:25pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Dan Dan and Boogie are comparing notes. Pretty much talking what they tried last week and what worked for them. (This is a really cool conversation if you have flashback)
Dan saying that the night before the vote Ashley was saying she was voting to save Kara.
Boogie: “shes one of those whoever talks to her last gets her vote.. there’s a couple of those in this game”
Dan asks him if Boogie would of done anything differently these last couple days. Boogie says no.
Boogie explains how this morning Frank farted near or on Jenn and she completely freaked out. “Oh my god imagine losing a vote for that.. on a swing Vote” Dan laughs asks him if Jenn is cool with it now. Boogie says yes. They talk about their players. Both of them think Jenn is play a fantastic game. Boogie asks Dan not to play up Jenn in the game with the other players. Boogie thinks Danielle is doing well, “Danielle is burrowed in so I say”. Dan agrees he likes where she is right now. Boogie isn’t sure about Ian thinks he’s the weak link in his team. Boogie: “Once people start to notice that they are running out of targets this 6 Is going to go crazy” (Janelle’s group and Boogies)

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frank about Dan “That m*tha f***ker can’t be trusted”

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8:25pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank Dan tells him he’s getting worried about the coaches competition tomorrow. He thinks that Britney will trade Willie for Danielle. Dan starts to explain to Frank the advantage of keeping Danielle around. He points out that all the other players in the house carry baggage with them but Danielle she’s on her own and is a vote.
Janelle joins them, they fill her what they are thinking, Janelle is worried to about the possibility of Britney trading Willie for Wil. Frank goes on about the coaches competition being a endurance challenge and if it is tiny people like Dan and Britney have a good chance to win it. Dan says if it requires leverage than Brintey has the advantage over him but if it’s a regular endurance where you “Just stand up there” then he’ll stay up all F****g day and night.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Britney’s team Sinking, Willie: “Trade me save the team”

7:18pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room
Basically talking about Willie being a sinking ship and Shane should think about jumping ship to keep himself safe. Britney tells him that Willie has royally messed all their games up. She tries to talk to him and get him to keep his move shut but nothing seem to work.
Shane: “Ashley absolultey Fucked us”
Britney: “She had to do what she thought was best for her game.. it’s really uncomfortable for me how everyone is saying they hate Willie and he’s on my team”
Brintey: “Of course you are going to have to go talk to Frank.. and you are going to tell him that you had to vote for Kara because that was his teams wishes.. try and build up that you are loyal”
Joe pokes his head in the room.. they ask him for some time.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Kara Vs Frank Live Eviction and HOH WINNER Results

Here we are folks the First Live Eviction and the Second HOH for Big Brother 14. It’s been probably one of most crazy first weeks I can remember on the Feeds. If the feeds are like this all summer this season will go down in History. How the swing vote is going to go is anyone guess but the other votes are pretty set in stone.
Speculated Vote results
Ian, Jenn, Joe and Wil vote to keep Frank
JoJO, Shane, Danielle vote to Kepp Kara

The Swing Vote

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Britney says she didn’t announce changing her name but the psychos figured it out.

1:10pm Janelle and Britney are talking in the HOH bathroom. Britney says that she is a little worried about next week but that she can only lose one team member. She says that she is trying to keep a positive attitude about it. Britney tells Janelle that Willie is really emotional and that she tried to tell him to calm down. She says that he goes crazy the moment he hears someone saying something about him. Janelle agrees. Janelle says that she doesn’t think any of the coaches have control over their players. Boogie comes into the bathroom to pee. Britney and Janelle tell him that he is the third person they have listened to pee. Britney jokes that the next competition will be determining each other by how they pee. Boogie stays in the bathroom after and they discuss how the have-nots will be picked. Britney asks if the coaches are still in a no slop alliance. Boogie asks what if we were included in being picked as have-nots. Britney says yeah. Boogie says oh yeah. Big Brother keeps cutting the feeds in and out.

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Willie says I am going to be the first person to knock someone out in this house.

10:45am Willie, Kara, and Jojo are in the storage room talking. Kara tells them that Ashley said this morning that she doesn’t know who she is voting for, when just last night she told me I have her vote. Jojo says that she is going start going crazy and start throwing sh*t. Willie asks Kara if Ashley told her she was safe yesterday. Kara says yeah and then now this morning she isn’t sure. Willie talks about how last night he saw Wil hugging Ashley 100 times yesterday. Willie tells her not to give up …that its her life …usually the last person to talk to someone before the vote gets the vote.

10:55am Willie confronts Ashley in the kicks room. Willie asks her if she is voting for Frank to stay. Ashley says that she doesn’t know. Ashley says that Frank told me that you said that you had me eating out of the palm of your hands. Willie says that he is going to knock someone the fu*k out in a second. They are lying. Ashley says that Willie is taking Jojo to the final two. Willie says that he isn’t, he never gave her a final two deal. Ashley says that she is mad at Willie for leaking that they were working together. Willie tells Ashley that if you don’t vote out Frank, then this is over for you …you will not win this game.

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Mike Boogie plans to call Kara out for living at the Playboy mansion

7:50am Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Britney and Jojo head down stairs. Willie collects the rest of his things and heads down as well. Britney and Jojo get into Mike’s bed and go back to sleep. Willie plays the game in the arcade room for a bit and eventually takes Mike’s spot in his bed when he gets up.
9:15am – 9:40am Mike sits at the kitchen table doing his routine talk with the live feeds. Mike says big day today, I hope you have enjoyed this on the live feeds this week this has been quite the week one. Things are most likely very interesting in here tonight and I mean that in a good way. I think my man Ian is about to step into the spot light. As you may have seen the protégé the kid has a photographic memory. Whether or not he can summon his powers in a clutch we will see, tune in tonight to find out. I just have to not put too much pressure on him today. I guarantee Jojo isn’t known for her memory skills. Boogie then hears voices talking and gets up to go take a look. He gets closer to the living room and can tell that it’s Frank and someone else.

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Big Brother Breaking News Special Report. “The Cat Burglar was Caught Red Handed”

12:45am Ian and Dan are talking. Ian says that he is going to keep his promise to my team. Dan says and that is why you are here for experience and not to win. You would be the least likely person to change the vote but you are a smart guy and know that already.

1am Jojo and Willie are up in the HOH room. Willie says that even if Danielle wins HOH he doesn’t think Dan would want to put their team up. JoJo says she is really stressed right now. Willie says that he thinks someone might be coming back into the game. He says that he isn’t sure that Big Brother is planning on all 4 coaches entering the game. He says that he thinks there will be too many people and not enough days left, maybe the coaches will have a competition and the winner gets to re-enter. JoJo says ome times I feel like they want certain people to win. Willie says that he agrees and says that is why the game is a crap shoot.

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Big Brother 14 Ashley Plays the House, Frank :”You and me are kindred Spirits “

9:49pm Cam 1-2 Bedroom Ashley and Frank

Ashley wants to make sure he’s got her Back because tomorrow is a big day and she thinks she’ll be in the centre of it all.
Ashley says she doesn’t want to play both sides.. she told Willie and JoJO that she doesn’t want to work with them any more. Ashley says it’s over between her and Jojo/Willie
Frank: “next week Danielle will flip”
Ashley: “I don’t know Danielle is up Shane’s ass”
Frank: “no no she’s going to flip”
Frank: “You and me are kindred Spirits… ”
Ashley: “Ya I feel that you get it.. i know they all think i’m stupid but i’m not”
Wil joins them tells them that Kara told him that she’s going to put up Joe if she wins HOH.
She made that comment that “ohh you’re my friend I need you now more than ever.. oh please you can’t be that close with someone after 12 days”
Ashley says that after she told JoJO and Willie that she’s done working with them they were telling her that the other side thinks she’s stupid and trying to convince her to stay with them. Ashley adds that she doesn’t want to turn her back on her team.

Ashley says that JoJo is going to freak out with her so they have to protect her. Frank: “you know when they saw we’re calling you dumb they think you’re dumb” Ashley: “I know i’m not a idiot” Ashley says that she would be stupid if she stuck around with
Kara comes in.. “Oh do you want me to leave” Frank: “NO NO it’s aight.. i’m just hustling for votes Kara”

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Britney Throws it Down “Every time you’re talking to Dan I’m having a heart-attack YOU GOTTA BE QUIET”

8:37pm Cam 3-4 HOH Britney and Willie (if you have the feeds flash back to this it’s Really good)
Subscription Link 3 day trial Britney is PISSED at Willie for running his mouth off to Dan. During his conversation with Dan Willie mentioned that anyone can flip at the last moment. Britney feels like willie is giving dan little bits of information every-time he talks to Dan and it’s going to screw them in the end.
Brintey: “DO NOT TELL DAN ONE MORE WORD THAN YOU HAVE TO..You’re so overconfident.. YOU GOTTA KEEP SHUT.. you know what happened Janelle turned this whole house against you.. Wil and Joe HATE you HATE you HATE you.. Every time you’re talking to Dan I’m having a heat-attack”

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Big Brother 14 – Boogie’s trying to rally the players against Willie “This guy is a homophobic bully”

6:13pm CAm 1-2 Boogie and Janelle They are talking about Willie being able to sway Ashley over to his side. Boogie calls the other people in the house idiots, Janelle thinks the house is completely stupid. Janelle wants to know where Ian’s head is because he watches the game. Boogie: “Ian is just happy to be here.. He never talks game to me” boogie continues about how Ian would be down for going against Willie.
Boogie: “It will awesome if Wil or Ian win HOH”
Janelle: “Or Joe to.. it would be good”

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